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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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let's get right out to fox 29's dawn timmeney live at city hall. >> it's pretty quiet now compared to the way it was three hours ago. it's estimated that a thousand businesses and 13,000 citizens gathered here at city hall to say no to this sugary tax. a huge crowd with one very simple message. >> headlights start making noise send that message to counsel that we are not going to take a third attempt at the soda tax. >> reporter: members of the philadelphians against the grocery tax coalition were certainly making noise outside of city hall. soda distribution trucks with horns honking circling by as hundreds of demonstrators waived signs. >> let's be clear on what the city is proposing. attacks of 3-cents an ounce on any beverage that contains sug sugar. >> reporter: mayor jim kenney proposing the soda tax to help fund universal pre k and other
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programs across the city. the tax is expected to bring in $400 million over five years. but opponents say it will hurt the poor and cripple businesses. >> i don't think the people from my neighborhood are ready to tea pay all these taxes. i don't think -- >> the tax on $5 nebraska cent, 20 pack of juice drinks would be $7 and 20 cents for a new total of $13 and 99 cents. >> boo! >> reporter: frank drives a coca-cola tax for living and he's against what he says is unfair tax. >> it will hurt my job. it will hurt my job definitely. i mean we can drive businesses like coca-cola, pepsi, canada dry, we can't drive them out of the city. >> reporter: now, three city council members were at today's rally and say they will all vote no. jane me blackwell, al taubenberger and council sanchez are again the tack. mayor kenney says if this tax
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does not go through there's no way to fund the expanded pre k and other services for the parks and rec centers in the city. the city council will vote on this measure in june. so we will see how it all goes down then. lucy and iain. >> thank you very much, dawn. a break from the heavy rain for now in your fox 29 weather authority. chief meteorologist scott williams is here. scott, we'll take the break but i'm guessing that means more is right around the corner, right? >> it really is. i mean, we are getting that lull in the action so to speak. don't cancel any plans stepping outdoors right now we have the cloud cover but take look at ultimate doppler getting that break in the rain. but more is headed in our direction by the end of the week. we had some heavier showers even thunderstorms along the shore earlier in the day. but as we expand the view, you can see off to the west a couple of showers trying to move toward the nation's capital but here's that upper level loaf low around the great lakes that will bring the rainfall for the latter part of the week.
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look at the satellite. we're still socked in with the cloud cover across the area and here's that swirl, that will be the system that will bring us more rainfall by friday. but a live look outside of our studios right now. you can see mostly cloudy skies. temperatures are chilly as well. the high only made it up to 54 degrees. temperatures right now 53. those winds have been out of the north and east allowing for some of that cooler air to come in off the ocean. only 49 in wrightstown. 51 millville. 50 degrees right now in pottstown. so if you're planning your evening, headed outdoors maybe to watch a movie or also some of the practice with the kids, we're looking at cloud cover, cloudy and cool, temperatures holding pretty steady in the low 50s. also, there's a coastal flood advisory down the shore during the time of high tide right now through 7:00 o'clock. we'll talk about when all of this nasty weather moves out with that seven day forecast coming up. back to you. >> talk to you then, scott. police opened fire in the city's
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overbrook section 1 man is dead. a lot of questions here. authorities say the driver of a mini van tried to run down officers. let's get straight to fox 29's karen hepp live in overbrook. karen. >> reporter: i want to set the scene where this all happened. we're in overbrook across lancaster avenue very very busy road right here. that's the scene of where the shooting actually occurred and where the officers tried to stop this vehicle. and that is where the driver was hit and then the vehicle rolled all the way down this street on overbrook and crashed right into this whole line of cars. you can see this one is damaged. witnesses say if we take a look this is actually the victim's shoe. police have just identified this victim 52 years old. richard feretti and he is from andreas, pennsylvania. unarmed man driving a mini van was shot and killed by undercover officer in the overbrook section of philadelphia early this morning according to investigators. his mother tells fox 29, we are deeply trouble by what happened. we're waiting for answers. he was just sitting in his car
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and they shot him. we are not happy. our attorney will be doing a further investigation. witnesses say yelling woke them out of their sleep film one, two, three, four i heard the kid yelling i'm stopping, i'm stopping. then pow pow pow pow. just like that. >> i heard a loud boom, so i got up, and i heard freeze, stop, i heard -- three to four shots. >> st. joe's student called 911 to report a suspicious man casing the neighborhood police say. when an undercover unit spotted the vehicle, the driver tried to flee. and that's when the undercover officer felt threatened and fired off four shots according to police. you can see the drive's side window shattered and a bullet hole right near the driver's door. >> protocol is everybody will be interviewed in addition to that we'll look for other witnesses as well. civilian witnesses to see what we can find to see how that matches up with what the officers are saying and again very early in the investigation. i'm not making any judgments about the investigation whether it's good or bad. >> reporter: police directives
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say a moving vehicle alone shall not presumptively constitute a threat that justifies an officer's use of deadly force. both homicide and internal affairs are investigating. after the shooting on overbrook avenue, the mini van continued across lancaster and slammed into a row of parked cars. the district attorney's office is going to be given this case of course they will investigate and the officer involved with the shooting just one plain clothed officer has been put on desk duty right now while this is all being investigated. pending further investigation. that's the latest from overbrook, back inside to you, lucy. >> thank you very much, karen. authorities are investigate another police involved shooting in southwest philadelphia. investigator sauce officer shot a man when he refused to drop a gun and even shot at them. it happened just past 11:00 last night along the 5300 block of grace avenue. no officers are hurt. the man is at the hospital with gunshot wounds to his legs. >> tonight investigation is underway into the suspicious
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death of a man in northeast philadelphia. police found the victim who was in his late 30s outside of a home on the 8100 block of chris penn street this morning. they say he had blunt force trauma on his body and was only wearing underwear. as of yet he has not been identified. >> you decide tonight trump the last republican candidate standing. ohio governor john kasich announced just moments ago he is suspending his campaign leaving trump the presumptive gop nominee. something of a shock since as recently as just a few days ago both ted cruz and governor kasich vowed to stay in the race until the end to deny trump the nomination. kasich won his home state of ohio this campaign season but that was his only victory. our bruce gordon will be covering the republican convention in cleveland this july. live in the newsroom now with the latest. bruce. >> reporter: lucy all that talk about a contested convention, ted cruz and john kasich teaming up to keep the nomination from the billionaire businessman all of it gone like that. when trump scored a blow out win in indiana tuesday.
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bailed out last night that was ted cruz and kasich who you'll recall came to pennsylvania early and had high hopes here, only to finish a disappointing third in the april 26th pa primary. he lost his only hope when the texas senator quit the race. this afternoon kasich thanked his family and his staff. reminisced about the campaign highlights then said goodbye. >> i have always said that the lord has a purpose for me as he has for everyone and as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, deeper faith, that the lord will show me the way forward and fulfill the purpose of my life. >> trump has no love for the man he still calls lying ted but he would consider kasich as a ru running mate. they will of course play out the rest of the primaries but trump is now the presumptive nominee. tasked with the big job of bri
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bringing those cruz and kasich supporters on board to create a united party in cleveland this july. lucy. >> thank you very much bruce. still ahead on fox 29-a powerful local display shining a light on the american prison system. the images at eastern state penetentiary organizers want to you see and why they hope it will lead to change. a special brew with a woman's tough. why female beer makers are going back to basics to create some new beer. howard? trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. ♪ philadelphia eastern state penetentiary has just unveiled brand new exhibit. it's called prisons today questions in the age of mass incarceration. the us has more than 2 million people in prison which is the highest rate of incarceration in the world. organizers hope the exhibit challenges visitors to re-examine the role for some plays in our society. >> conference at the pennsylvania convention center this week has beer lovers
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drooling. to get n the craft brewers conference is the largest gathering for americans craft brewing industry nearly 15,000 brewers and beer professionals pouring into the city for the big event. (laughter). >> nice. >> seven area breweries made a special beer for the event. >> some people like it so much they aren't just drinking they are brewing it. >> it's not just for the guys. fox's jn epstein tells us more and more women are trying out specialty bruce. >> reporter: lisa colburn is your typical beer drinker. >> oatlike really experiment in different styles and different tastes. >> she doesn't just drink the suds see stuff she bruce it, too. >> it is fun much it's fun to develop recipes and try new things and see how they come out and sometimes they do really well. other times not so much. >> reporter: she's one of the many women who made draft beer her business. that's right. women in the craft brewing industry. according to lisa, female brewers are nothing new. >> women go back to the very
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very origins of brewing. the piece tesss were the brewers and men were not loud totter. >> reporter: she's bringing brewing back to its roots encouraging fellow females to dabble in the process, too. >> she's so enthusiastic she has such a passion for craft beer that she brings that everywhere and she glows. report roar lisa the head of the bay area chapter of barley's angels female craft brewing fanatics who share they're knowledge and appreciation with each other. she says the craft beer experience is more about conversation than up tox indication. >> it's not like going out and just drinking to party and get drunk. it's a social thing to do. you go out, you have a beer, you enjoy the beer, you savour it almost like fine dining. >> reporter: lisa
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>> some have been really bad. are you sure you want to do that. >> it sounds good. >> but even if the suds are duds, it's the craft brewing experience that keeps both men and women coming back for another round. jennifer epstein, fox news. >> right now police in barnegat township, new jersey, are telling people to keep their homes and cars locked as they search for escaped prisoner. police are warning residents in the timber second of the township to call 911 if they see anything suspicious. authorities are on the hunt for arthur buckle police just revealed these surveillance pictures they say they show buckle inside a cvs this morning. investigators say he's the man who escaped from ancora
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psychiatric hospital yesterday. earlier police put all schools in barnegat on lock down as they searched for buckle. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. chief meteorologist scott williams we got more rain on the way. >> i know. i don't know where that sun is. >> i'd love to see it again, scott. >> we can blame the block, the omega block. >> here we go with the omega block. we'll see the sunshine it looks like it is going return thankfully in time for mom by the upcoming weekend, but in the meantime, take a look at the pattern across the country. the jet stream it's kind of kinked like the greek letter omega we're stuck in the cool, cloudy and dreary pattern. look at this. rolling the clock through the remainder of the week. so that big dip, that trough, allowing for below average temperatures, clouds and showers across the area. but off to the west, we have that ridge, that's where they're dealing with dry conditions and above average temperatures. so everyone wants to know what does mother's day weekend look like? we're looking ahead and
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it looks like a few leftover showers, some clouds lingering on saturday, 66 degrees but by sunday, warmer, temperatures topping out in the low 70s. right now as we look at the satellite you can see we're still socked in with the cloud cover. but we'll get a little bit of a lull in the action with the rain, the thicker clouds showing showers and thunderstorms that parts of the shore saw earlier out to sea. and then this little swirl off to the west that will bring us the chance for some moderate to heavy rain late tomorrow night into friday. but in the meantime look at those temperatures. 50 in atlantic city. 51 in millville. low 50s in lancaster. 52 right now in allentown. 43 degrees chilly in the pocono moutains upper fours in beach haven. 49 degrees in hammonton. camden checking in at 51. and low 50s as you move toward ocean city, avalon along with wildwood. also, down the shore, this evening, right now through about 7:00 o'clock we're looking at some minor flooding in some of
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those prone areas so some road closures could be possible just keep that in mind due to the high astronomical tide. we'll take you by hour by. once again tonight we're kind of cloudy a little bit of mist and drizzle out there but during the day tomorrow, we're still cloudy and chilly most of the day tomorrow is dry and then watch the clock by 8:00 p.m. we're watching some of those showers move in from the coast. so this system will be moving in from east to west. we call that retrograding and you can see during the day on friday, we're looking at a lot of showers across the area. so here's that coastal storm that will develop right now an area of low pressure moving out to sea. once again tomorrow it's cloudy but a couple of spotty showers early in the day. not until overnight thursday into friday with that coastal low developing to our south giving us better chances for some rain. so temperatures for tonight, in the 40s. cloudy and cool that drizzle around and then tomorrow, a high temperature of 59 degrees. just a few spotty showers arou
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around. the heavier showers moving in once again thursday night into friday friday's high 60 and once again drying out as we move toward the up coming weekend. a couple of leftover showers saturday. but look at those 70s. monday 73 degrees. 71 on tuesday. and near 80 degrees by the middle this same time next week. how about that. >> there you go. >> little bit like may there. >> all right. thank you scott. >> howard? >> okay. a lot going on in may. one of the wildest plays in baseball with the hottest team in baseball and the post positions are in for the kentucky derby. that's this saturday stanley cup playoffs have had great games so far but something we don't normally see in the playoffs. it's a great fight. all that coming up in sports. [ soft music ]
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♪ the phillies play at st. louis tonight after winning one to nothing last night. phillies need a will pitched game every night. they just don't hit ton night it's adam morgan pitching for the phil. now the nationals are hot again. let's go to kansas city. but in kansas city they have the condiment race ketchup mustard and relish. relish goes down for the count. i don't want that relish on my dog. bryce harper has lot of dog in him. his tenth homerun of the year. washington crushes kansas city 13-two. the cubs swept the pirates to pittsburgh.
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john lester the pissed pitcher the ball gets stuck in the webbing of his glove. he's got to toss the glove over. first baseman got rid of his glove. he tosses his glove over. but rizzo the first baseman got rid of his glove so he can't catch it. the cubs sweet the pirates. nba draft lottery less than two weeks away. sixers have the best odds of getting the topic. they earned that because they stunk. they stink. 10 wins. all right. the sixers continue building their practice facility in camden. it will open this fall. the president scott o'neill will do just about anything to build on 10 win season that was beauty this year. but knows detective anything about the lottery. >> we've got a chance for the first, fourth pick, 24 and 26 are locked up. these are players that will make a difference and build a foundation of this franchise. >> i'm glad you had three years to do this. today was the draw for the kentucky derby which runs saturday. 20 horses entered to make the run for the roses.
6:25 pm
favorite night request is undefeat the win err in of the kentucky derby run out of the 13 post position normall normally s not a good post. listed as three-one. smarty jones won the derby out of the 13 post. so just to make people feel happier. normally you'll not see many fights when it comes to stanley cup playoffs but there was a terrific one last night. let's go to st. louis. the blues and dallas. st. louis blues. all right, dallas in white. the blues in blue obviously. ryan receives of the blues cower tis mckenzie of dallas now he win the fight easily. crushes the guy. and he just wants to know that he still loves the dallas stars and they're bench. >> what a sweetheart. >> blowing kisses hockey players they really are beautiful peop people. (laughter). >> they're great golfers. a lot of hockey players are great golfers. >> some of are and some of them just like us. >> iain is not in with you on that one. all right. tonight at 10:00 we've got a story about be trail about trust and airport worker under arrest
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accuseaccusedaccused of preyingd woman he was supposed to be helping. what he's accused of of doing while she was in a bathroom and rather shocking. >> when can we maybe see the sun again. >> it will eventually return. >> okay. >> probably by this weekend. >> that is bold statement on your par. it will eventually return. >> look at that. >> saturday looks good. >> yeah. >> maybe saturday afternoon. okay. >> all right. thank you. sunday looks good, monday, tuesday, wednesday. >> near 80 next week. >> all right. finally. >> good, thank you. >> basically because the omega block we don't need sunblock but that's how the goes. that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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> the untold story. >> the night donald trump met melania. >> he showed up with this beauty but wanted to leave with melania. >> once donald layed eyes on melania, that was it for him. and the woman who says she was socked in the eye by a trump supporter over this rude painting. >> people are saying you are doing this for publicity. then, food bar warning. the suspect accused of spraying mouse poison on the food. >> deborah: what you need to know to stay safe. >> if anything has an off smell, that's one sign that it could have been tampered with. plus, vacation danger alert. >> the vacation thrill that could turn deadly. >> dangerous cliffs and a bar. recipe for disaster? >> you okay? >>


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