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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 5, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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>> only on "fox" a disgusting sign of hate and we blurred most of that offensive word but you get the impact, raw a. braceive, ugly, someone rearranged the left areas parentsly as a sick racists prank. good evening, i'm ian page. >> and i'm lucy nolan and authorities are not investigating this as a hate crime. let's get to chris o'connell in coatsville, right now, chris. >> well, lucy, police here in valley township say that sign with the racist message was most likely the work of vandals instead of organized group. and that sign appeared right here behind me at the chester county airport. it has since been taken down and not before causing some outrage in this community. the sign so repulsive and racist we had to mur most of it but there it was the n word
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spelled out for all the world to see on a sign lied together kherter courty geo carlson airport outside of coatsville. >> it's totally not acceptable. >> the neighborhood cannot believe what they're reading. >> what? >> valley township police say someone changed removable letters on the sign to make the offensive message two weeks ago. a passerby noticed and alerted the manager of the airport restaurant that owns the sign before it was removed. a long time airport manager who is african-american tells us he does not think he was target of the racist sign. >> this should not be still happening 2016. we have ignorant people out. there what are you going to do? >> the picture spread over social media is all the chatter at the local nail salon. >> people think they can speak their mind but racism is a sensitive subject. >> police tell fox 29 they have identified three men as persons of interest in the case, but so
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far, no arrests. they are stopping short of calling this a hate crime saying they think the criminal mischief is more vandalism than racism. >> it hurts all of us because we all won. >> james jackson remembers a times a kid where african-americans would noting welcome in this part of town. he's dispointed to say the least. >> it sets us back as a community when we all strive so hard to work together. >> it's horrifying and you could still be over tones that are subtle. but that needs to be rectified. >> and now police tell me they have the names of the men they are looking for, and however they are unable to find them yet. back to you. >> all right, chris, thank you . >> at least four people were rushed to the hospital after a nine car pileup in whitemarsh township. the scene was closed for hours after the crash. it just reopened. sources are telling fox 29 at
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least one person has serious injuries and no word yet on what caused the accident. >> developing news tonight out of the city's overbrook section. right now investigators are working to piece together an early morning police-involved shooting. >> the gunfire killed a man behind the wheel of a mini van. fox 29 has been following the investigation and joins us live outside police headquarters tonight, dave. >> ian investigators tonight gathering evidence and information in the fatal police shooting of 52-year-old richard ferefti and he was a driver of that mini van from of upstate pennsylvania and he hired an attorney and is troubled by the shooting in the meantime, commanders here are questioning the officer's tactics. >> so tactical issues we're concerned about. >> richard ross commenting on the investigation into the early morning fatal shooting of 52-year-old richard feretti behind the wheel of the mini van. >> we have some very sound
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policies in the department we have had for a lot of years relative to the shooting of vehicles and putting yourself in compromising position sgltz commissioner says officers per sued ferrety in the van after a 911 call reporting a suspicious vehicle and in this overbrook neighborhood. the officers boxed feretti's van and approached it on foot who he drove at them. >> all i heard was freeze, stop, pop, pop, pop. >> that's when everything froz froze. >> when we were shocked to see all this action going on. >> feretti's mother told fox 29 we're deeply troubled by what happened and awaiting answer as and he was sitting in his car and they shot him. we're not happy. >> we can do everything we can to get those answers. >> police say one officer fired four shots in the car killing feretti and the commissioner confirmed the officer that shot feretti is the same 19th district officer who returned to duty several weeks ago after being dragged
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down the street in another incident involving a motorist trying to flee police in february. >> and stressing that he did not discharge his weapon in that incident. >> russ, also confirmed he has a prior record for eluding police in new jersey. he says investigators will wrap up their investigation and then forward it to the district attorney. >> they review it and determine whether criminal charges are appropriate. >> and no officers were injured in that incident this case will now be reviewed by the police shooting team. commissioner ross says tonight the officer who fired that fatal shot is now oned mrttive duty. >> thank you. >> we're getting a closer look at the man accused of beating two school police officers in northeast philadelphia. investigators releasing these surveillance pictures earlier today of the three men cops are trying to track down. on monday, authorities say two school officers saw the adults asoughting a student outside northeast high school. when the officers tried to break things up, police say the
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guy started beating the officers and the three ran off on cottman avenue. >> police are warning residents in barnegat township, new jersey, right now to keep their homes and cars locked. they are searching an escaped prisoner arthur buckle. residents sent us this video of helicopters looking for him. he is the maybe that escaped from the psychiatric hospital. call 911 if you see him. >> another returned of rain moving in and live look at ultimate doppler radar shows a whole bunch of ak. this rainy friend it far have over and will end with a bang. so let's get straight to meteorologist kathy orr. >> and that is in eye infect down the shore until 11:00 tonight and spotty showers in the forecast into the overnigh overnight. with the main event is going to be coming over the next 48 hours. right now temperatures in the 40s and 50s. not a height change in temperature or range in temperatures because of that persistent northeasterly wind.
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keeping it cool and keeping it damp and keeping it cloudy. ultimate doppler you see the huge swirl and comma shape signature on the radar this becomes a coastal storm and this means heavy rain and gusty winds before the sun returns. we'll talk about the round of heavy rain. mother's day update, and of course, when we break out of this pattern aunt surn returns. that is in the 7 day i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> search for armed robber in south jersey ends with the supposed victim in jail. state police say 65-year-old michael cohen made the whole thing up. the man told an elaborate stor storey of being held up at gunpoint and gave specific details of the phony suspect as far as meeting with composite sketch artist they figured out quickly his story was bogus. he was charged with filing a false police report. >> big trucks and big attentionch the rally outside city hall attacks of sugary drinks included a convoy of
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trucks. hundreds gathered opposing the tax that would double the price of many drinks, juice, tea, sport drinks and sodas and if will hurt low income families and small businesses. >> it's been 20 years since they invested in the schools and into the parks of this cit city, and you can't do it on the backs of the hardworking citizens of philadelphia. >> city leaders held a public hearing at city hall and listened to comments from philadelphian about their thoughts on the tax proposal. >> bill cosby is trying again to delay hearings in the criminal case while he fights to get the sex assault charges in montgomery county dismissed. the comedians asked the pennsylvania supreme court to review last week's decision by appeals court that upheld the case. cosby is charged with indecent sexual assault over a 2004en count wert former temple university employee. his preliminary hearing is set for may 24.
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state supreme court can decide to hear the appeal and still let the preliminary hearing take place or it could put the hearing on hold and district attorney kevin steel said it's time for the case to move forward. >> and then there was one. ohio governor john kasich suspended presidential campaign today. the only caucus he won was the state of ohio. it came after formal rifle texas senator ted cruz called it quits. he trusts the lord has a plan for sglim as i suspend my campaign today, i have ededwe faith, deeper faith, that the lord will show me the way forward and fulfill the purpose of my life. so donald trump becomes the presumptive nominee and turning to general election he says he has no doubt he will defeat
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former secretary of state hillary clinton. >> turning to the democratic side of the race in preparation for the national convention in south philadelphia city leaders and dnc organizers hosted a community forum tonight to answer any questions residents may have about the big event that is less than 100 days awa away. president obama traveled to flint, michigan today and had a taste of their water to drive home to residents there that the water is safe. the president taking part in a round table discussion with nrinlt community members. flint has been in the national spotlight since increased levels of lead were found in the water supply. today he took a sip of the filtered watters and urged those to use filters for their water. >> a controversial north carolina law that supporters says protects citizens using restrooms and changing rooms and they call it discriminatory against those transgender and the law violates civil right laws today and north carolina
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governor pat mc korey unnoticed that state officials must confirm by monday they will not comply with nor implement house bill 2. department says title ix of the civil rights act is violated which disbars discrimination and education paced on sex and that could lead to north carolina losing hundreds of millions in school funding. >> it has been a little more than a year since a hit-and-run driver left a temple senior fighting for her life. rachel hall was riding her bike near temple campus on diamond street when a car hit her and the impact damaged her brain and she spent the past year in rehab and we have a happy end together story. >> raich sell making big strides including one across the stait stage at temple graduation. let's get out to will sovrnlt you spoke with rachel tonight. >> reporter: i did she had a big night tonight and attempted an athlete recognition ceremony
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she played lacrosse and as you mentioned she will walk the stage for graduation tomorrow. >> it's for real now. >> 23-year-old rachel haul is getting ready for the day she thought would never call. tomorrow she will walk the stage during temple graduation to set of diploma she was supposed to got a year ago. >> i am so excited for tomorrow. >> the day is emotional for her mother kathy as he looks at pictures of her in the cap and gown. >> it's been a life altering journey. this honors student and athlete that was ak sentenced into the police academy in washington d.c., was hit by a car in april of last year. just a few weeks before graduation. the accident left her in a coma unable to walk or talk. >> there's been hard days and there's a bad day. >> rachel spent the past year in therapy determined to walk again. she still is working on balance
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and speech. >> i have to relearn how to eat, talk, walk, most basic things. >> all that with amazingly optimistic attitude. >> being negative won't help me at all why would i be miss rabl over nothing. i should always be positive. >> kathy says her daughter's determination to get her life back is the reason she's making a come back from the brain injury and torn artery that required a stent be placed in her neck. it could have taken her life. >> she's a miracle. >> putting the teen who hit her and kept going out of her mind has been crucial for recovery. >> keep moving forward. no reason to be in the past an anymore. >> and back here live, richel's mom says her medical bills surpassed millions of dollars. if you like to make a donation to a fund set up for rachel or you just simply would like to send her inspirational card on message go to to find out how to do that. >> shawna thank you.
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in health tonight a new report says medical errors are killing hundreds of thousands of americans every year. researchers at johns hopkins found medical errors at hospitals or other healthcare facilities are third cause of leading death behind cancer and heart disease. they're responsible according to report for more than a quarter million deaths a year. you don't have to tell parents of picky eaters how exhausting it is to get kids to eat convenientlyyes and other nutritious foods and a child who has a deadly disease to eat enough. >> joyce evans show us how experts at dupont hospital turned a group of teenagers into chefs who turned food they deposit like into healthy dishes for them and all of us. >> look at this, you cannot tell me this looks good. >> it might taste good. >> but it doesn't look good. >> it looks like a real challenge. >> name one thing that is gluten free that is good. >> try it. >> no. >> trying to get your finnicky
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teen to eat something. >> ew. >> just one thing sglixt really don't like vanilla yogurt. >> anything. >> it says whole grain. >> that's probably nasty. >> remotely healthy. >> quick grocery store run can turn into an awful nightmare. >> mom, none of these look goo good. >> mom gets frustrated she look lake convenientlyable juice. >> she finally has to lay down the law with amaya. >> i had not had this one before. >> get. it just get it. >> her diet is up and down she probably likes ten things. and encouraging her to eat things high any caloric intake is kind of hard. >> you can't tell looking at her, but amaya has sibling cell anemia and spent a lot of time here in the hospital. >> she was unable to walk at times. headaches. she losses a lot of her blood
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volume which will require her to be dehydrated that's another hard thing for teenagers. >> it's inherited blood disorder black pop rations are highly affected. when miss shapeen cells cut off blood flow and oxygen to parts of the body causing severe pain, infection, organ damage, and worse. >> things actually tend to be smaller and thinner than their peers. >> feeling the pain michelle fullmer dietitian needed something to entice sickle cell youngsters to eat more. >> we want to ebb courage high calorie high nutrient food. vitamin a and c their bodies are burning more than their peers. >> i can throw some things in a smoonly and trick her that way. she's a smart girl she knows what i'm doing. >> it was just that kind of blending behind michelle's idea to get her young patients involved in compiling a special recipe book full of foods that
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they like that also give them calories and nutrient they need to keep them healthy and hopefully out of the hospital. and there's amaya right there in the middle. >>, for instance, if the kids will eat a salad making stick nuts on the salad. for sickle cell disease it gives them calorie and folic acid. >> it's almost tricking them so they don't know they're doing better. >> making the book was fun. just learning what i could eat to help my body. >> stuff that is quick and easy. >> you have the oates, nuts, some of these. >> not only do we have the folic acid from those two ingredients but vitamin d in yogurt is important with sickle drel and has been known to decrease sickle cell pain. >> apple it's hard to find a good app. >> picky eater amaya cooking up own goodness using ingredients
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she won't even eat like the chilly. >> i don't like tomatoes and i'm not like big vegetable person. >> there's a lot in there. >> yeah. but it was good. . >> and it's food that keeps her from feeling different from others. >> it kind of makes you feel regular. >> eating something specifically because you have sickle cell disease. they already have to do enough things just because. so the cookbook was on the lines we're like everybody else. >> michelle and the kids are working on the second edition expected out soon. joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> man, that looks delicious if it looks great for you guess what the children's recipe book is free and we posted a lincoln to get yours. >> veterans in camden county got a unique opportunity to job hunt today. fox 29 camden bbnt pavilion for a job fair. veterans active duty military members of the guard and reserve and military spouses were able to meet with
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employers face to face and there were also workshops that focused on interview techniques and resumery writing. >> fox 29 investigates and wants to know why he's coming out of the backdoor of the home of former secretary. he says he was not even there. >> i can ask you why you would be leaving the backdoor of her home? . >> this morning? >> yes, sir. >> i don't think so. >> what do church leaders have to say about this? fox 29 investigates is ahead. >> and new possible clues of what may have killed prince. the mysterious phone call made one day before his death. >> and talk about a be travel of trust an airport working accused of preying on a blind woman he was supposed to be happening and what police say he did while she was in the bathroom and shocking thing he admitd and what were they thinking lovers republican view on top of a bridge and cops spild the
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mood. >> what we were going to do would be awesome. >> all the folks watching and what the folks thought they were doing. >> good evening, everybody, kelly drive paving continues with that uneven surface over the next couple days or so. and a new traffic pattern with all of this roadwork on the blue route northbound between macdade and media swarthmore and south philly coming your way tomorrow and breakfast statement coming to koz my's to celebrate national hoagie day it's hoagies for breakfast. i'll she you tomorrow. it's hoagies for breakfast. i'll she you tomorrow. we kick it off
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>> 49 and pregnant and jackson pregnant and she delayed the second leg of the world tour saying she was going tort stay family with her husband and jackson is telling ebt takenment tonight she's expect and she turns 50 in two weeks. >> a worker tried to help disabled travelers stands accuse of lowest of crimes. stealing from a blind woman. >> incredible. police were booking him and he rawrked, i'm not a good thief this happened at the airport independent st. louis. the 23-year-old man was escorting
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the woman in her wheelchair to the departure gate. he rifled through her bags and took $800. she didn't notice the cash was missing until she got home. >> i'm trustworthy and you can tell by the people that help you who kind of person they ar are. >> it's low. very low. takes a low person to do stuff like that. >> investigators looked through airport surveillance and confirmed the blind woman's assistant was indeed the culprit. major traffic tie-up on a phoenix highway after a driver spotted a couple hanging on top of the bridge, you see them there. 911 got a whole bunch of calls from drivers that were worried the couple was going to jump. turns out the two had something else in mind. and the woman did not mind talking about it. >> spending time with each other,. >> were you having sex. >> we were going to, but no. >> embarrassed? what is going through your
3:24 am
head. >> i think it's pretty awesome you. >> think it's awesome. >> yeah, this is awesome not the traffic stopping but what we were going to do would be awesome. >> yeah. the couple got cited for trespassing and as you can surmise from her interview the woman says she has no regrets. >> a priest in camden dioceses is seen spending hour after hour at the home of his former secretary and why church leaders are investigating him. fox 29 investigates is coming up. >> we may see more caityln jenner than we ever have before for the iconic olympia an that will bear is all possibly in a big photo shoot. >> and one of your character own "empire" bullets fly and which one of the lions family is set standing. >> the former mental hospital will soon be demolished. wheeler grew up roaming grand grounds of this former mental hospital and is devastated it's
3:25 am
being demolished and he shares the exclusive video inside at sigh lump. the exclusive video inside at sigh lump. it was erie, creepy
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>> the dioceses of camden opens an investigation one of its priest after fox 29 investigates races questions about his actions. >> the probe has been underway for nearly three weeks. jeff cole is here and jeff, how did this whole thing get started? >> like a lot of stories we get
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from a tip parishioner of former church urged us to look at where father joel camerilo spends time away from the church. here's what we saw. it's just past 2:00 on the afternoon ever wednesday, april 13 and we're keeping an eye on light green four-door volkswagen tucked behind this multi-story bright yellow home in camden. we sit and watch for about an hour and see a man in tee shirt and ball cap emerge from the back of a van with a female driver and small children, some in catholic school uniforms. and they go in the home. and we return in the early evening and there's the green volkswagen again along with the guy in the cap. this time he's working on a vehicle in back and moving about the yard. why are we looking? because we've seen the vw before parked in the lot of the divine mercy catholic church in vineland, new jersey.
3:29 am
but on this april day the car is tucked behind the back of a home owned by maria rohas rodriguez divorced mother of four. we leave and make a spot check after midnight with a vehicles appear to be parked in the same positions as when we left hours earlier. >> 8:15, april 14. >> it's the next day and the volkswagen is still behind the house where we saw tractor-trailer night before. we watch and wait for just oaf an hour when a man comes out of the backdoor. who is he? the guy in the ball cap. and a catholic priest of the canal den dioceses who jumps into the vw and we see him leave. >> there he goes. >> and our investigation starts here at st. joseph's cathedral in camden an a st. joe's parishioner contacted us about one of the priests. father joel arsigacamerila. the parishioner expressed his
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concern about the relationship with the former church secretary here maria rohas rodriguez. >> last summer he was assigned here to the parish of divine mercy in vineland. it's here where we met with the priest to ask about the interprets of his former parishioner. father how are you? >> okay. >> my name is jeff cole. i'm with fox tv station in philadelphia. >> after watching him drive away from the home of maria rohas rodriguez we headed to the parish of the divine mercy in vineland where he's a priest. >> here comes father joe toll church after being in camden. >> we abriv him and ask a few questions. >> father where were you coming from this morning. >> i'm coming from this mornin morning? >> yeah. >> from camden. >> from camden? >> yes. >> wherein camden, father? >> i was at ferry street.
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>> were you at the home of maria rodriguez this morning. >> no. >> you were not at the home of maria rodriguez south 33 street. >> yes. >> father we saw he leave her home this morning. and i ask you why you would be leaving the backdoor of her home this morning? >> i -- today, this morning? >> yes, sir. >> no, i don't think so. >> in fact, it was him. and it was not the first time we saw him. working off the tip from the parishioner about father canarilo relationship with former church secretary we kept an eye on him. what we saw led the camden dioceses to on that investigates. >> there's a car. >> let's go back to march 9 mid afternoon when we firstnessed a pattern of wednesday, thursday visits. there's father camarilo's vw tucked behind the camden home
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and remains there hours. marie owe arohas rodriguez is also there. >> 6:05 march 9 still at mari maria's house. >> it was behind the house when we locked the next evening. >> father's car still here. >> in the early afternoon we spot him in his vw back at the vineland church. >> the police car is here. >> now it's the next week, wednesday, march 16, early afternoon and there's camarilo's vehicle in the back of the camden house. about 45 minutes later a red van pulls up and rohas rodriguez gets out followed by a small man in a loose fitting tee shirt and baseball cap carrying a young girl into the home. >> may 20, march 17. father joel's car at maria house. >> the police vw is in the same spot the following morning. next time we see it father is at the wheel just before noon sdriving into the lot at divine
3:33 am
mercy. the priest says he's known maria rohas rodriguez for years when she worked at st. st. joseph pro cathedral in camden where he was administrator until reassigned to differ sign mercy in july a move done without any explanation, complained a parishioner, in letter of editor of the "courier-post". dioceses has not appsed our questions about the change. >> well, she was my former secretary. >> uh-huh. >> and it was many years ago when i was working. >> father what is your relationship with this woman? wouldn't that be inappropriate? >> she's not inappropriate she's my friend and has been my friend many, many years. >> do you spend the night with her. >> no. >> the pattern continued several weeks and fox 29 investigates keeps track. march 23 the vw was behind the home and stays hours and after 8:00 the next morning it's still there and we see father
3:34 am
camarilo drive later to vineland church and on easter monday the vw was back behind the house at the dinner hour. we spot check after midnight and the vehicle looks to be just as we last saw it. >> 12:45, march 30. >> it's back in camden two days later and remains there at least until we stop looking at 6 p.m.. the first full week in april and we spot father camarilo in his car. >> april 6, 10:35. >> in camden mid-morning april 6 where it remains throughout the day. we spot check again after midnight and it looked to be in the same location. just after 8:00 the following morning and there's the priest's vw. just after 10:00 and we see him leaving from rohas rodriguez's backdoor. >> thursday april 7 there's father joel leaving maria's house. >> along with april 14 it was
3:35 am
second time we spotted father camarilo use the backdoor to leave her home in the morning. >> 12:45. >> father we have seen you for six weeks. father, do you have an inappropriate relationship? >> no. >> you can't have a relationship with a woman as a priest, crest? >> yes. >> you cannot. >> but i have the right to have friends. >> we showed him the video of the man in the tee shirt and cap. that's you, correct? that's you. >> yes, it's me. >> that's me. >> she's my friend. >> and are you going into the house, that's you? >> yeah, but she's my friend. >> why did you leave -- >> i don't want to tell you. >> you left her home this morning father. >> no. >> i went --. >> i can show you you. >> that's fine whatever. >> we called the die cec of camden top ask what it knew of the relationship brought to our attention by the parishioner and offered to show officials some of our video.
3:36 am
it repeatedly declined and instead released a statement. "i dioceses of camden takes seriously any credible accusation against a priest in response to media interest and father joel camarilo the dioceses is conducting an snreetion the nature of his relationship with an adult female friend. it add, we also respect that priestly relationships with people in their car often evolve into stable, and supportive friendships. these are incrediblely important in the lives of priest, religious and latety and should not be considered at face value scandalous ." >> maria rohas rodriguez did not come to the door when we knocked at her home and has not responded to our request for her to call us. >> listen, these are legitimate questions correct? >> yes, but i have legitimate right to say that she is my friend. >> since we spoke with him,
3:37 am
father camarilo appears to have changed his pattern. we have not seen him or his car parked behind rohas rodriguez's camden home. >> we've seen you leave her home. >> visit right to have friends. i do have rights to have friends. >> what about this morning, what about this morning? why were you there this morning so early? >> no. >> father you were we videotaped you. >> we spoke to father camarilo nearly three weeks ago and we called to ask him what he was doing at the house. he has not returned our phone calls and dioceses has refused to allow us to show them video and when it asks questions it refers us to the statement. >> thank you very much, jess, we will of course continue to follow the stories of a church that continues its investigation and we'll bring you the results as soon as they're released. >> new possible clues about what may have killed prince the mysterious phone call made one
3:38 am
day before his death. >> and a tragedy from one of your favorite character on >> and a tragedy from one of your favorite character on "empire".
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>> she made history coming out transgend erin now she could raise eyebrows from an entirely different reason. she will appear on "sports illustrated" wearing gold medal and american flag and nothing else. >> this would mark the 40th anniversary of decathlon win at the 1976 montreal olympic games and no confirmation yet for jenner's cam. we have new details about the death of music legend prince. >> the day before his death a specialist was called to talk to a grave medical emergency. >> law enforcement officials say investigators are looking into whether prince died from an overdose of painkillers. an official cause of death was not released. during a news conference today an attorney for dr. howard cor
3:42 am
cornfield told reporters dr. dr. cornfield never met or spoke to prince before reps reached out to him help was not able to immediately travel to minnesota so he sent his son andrew to evaluate prince. he went to paisley park the day prince died. when he arrived prince was not available. they went looking for prince. they could not initially find him. they saw the staff representatives apparently found him in an elevator unconscious. one of the staff members started screaming. andrew heard the screams and went to elevator where he saw prince unconscious. >> it could be weeks before the results of prince's autopsy are announced. u.s. attorney's office in dea have joined the investigation. just two more episodes for season two of "empire" and we have your sneak peek at next week's episode.
3:43 am
>> the lion's family attends an award show and tragedy strikes for koongy sgle it's the most beautiful night of her life and all her dreams with coming true and then a gun shot rings out. so, who is shot? well tune in next week at 9 for empire here "fox29". kind of reminds me dallas and who shot j.r.. >> totally hooked. >> you can see a few scattered showers moving our way and the main event will come from this an area of low fresh sewer that turns into a coastal storm of an area of low fresh sewer that turns into a coastal storm of rain and
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>> and welcome back to fox 29 news i'm meteorologist kathy orr you see behind me on market street a hazy or foggy evening across the region. should not cause any problems if you travel early during the morning. high today, 54, winds 9 miles an hour and temperature 51. you cannot see a huge range in temperature because of the persistent easterly flow. cloud cover and damp weather
3:47 am
that sits over us. temperatures will not fall off much tonight. there's one area of low pressure moving along way tomorrow spotty showers and not a wet day. that's the good news. we'll watch this area of low pressure that i keep talking about over the mid-atlantic now and it's going to continue to move offer sure and as it does it will push all this rain back into the region and late tomorrow night and zoo into the day friday and we're talking about a coastal storm feeding moisture on shore an this rain will be heavy at times and key day for this will be on friday. and future forecast, dry conditions during the course of the overnight and during the day tomorrow. spotty showers here on there. that's just about. it practice or any softball games or soccer games tomorrow night no issues with that and it's really late tomorrow night into friday morning and into friday afternoon waves of heavy raining pulled on shore and that will continue through friday nights. overnight tonight drizal around.
3:48 am
cloudy, some spotty fog as well low in the city, 48 suburbs and 46. during the day tomorrow here we go again not much of a change in temperature 59, spotty drizzle, mostly cloudy and breezy winds north, north east at about 10 to 15 miles an hour and temperatures 10 to 15 below normal this time of year and your exclusive fox 297 day forecast friday rainy day and no way out of this one. 50, saturday improving and chance of spotty shower. mother's day looks nice and next week looks great and finally out of this wet pattern. and that's a look at the 7 day forecast. howard. >> kathy, thank you. it's a terrific stanley cup game between maybe the tweingt two games in hockey and phillies finding ways to score two games in hockey and phillies finding ways to score runs and
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>> the phillies as we know very really been getting good pitc pitching and that's the reason they're playing better than .a500 baseball and reality they need pitching every night. let's go to st. louis. they have offense but all on home runs. 2-0 pitch to howard and nobody out. it's a three-run homer erin
3:52 am
they struck out twice tonight. fifth inning herrera line drive over the right field wall puts phillies up. they're on hanging on in the ninth. and pittsburgh, washington, to pittsburgh and penguins are both these teams are terrific. nice shot. nice score by matt cohen. 2-1 pittsburgh in second. late in the second period. nice pass from justin williams former flier to carlson and washington scores 2-2 with minute an a half left in the third period. and that could go to over time. and we're going to a
3:53 am
♪ [ woman on p.a. ] now boarding track 6. ♪ do not leave bags unattended.
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>> love to see his abs you don't have a mid drift shirt on do you? >> no, i don't roll like that. >> he has a different six pack it's bubbly. anyhow. >> dejected.e >> tmz followed by dish nation and then choiceing at noon and
3:56 am
the simpsons. >> bob kelly will have weather and traffic covered all morning long. >> remember your powerball lottery drawing is up
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shouldn't still be happening in 2016. but and there are people out there, so what are you going to do? >> prank or hate crime? we spell out the truth what happened at local airport has many people outraged. >> still on the run, escaped prisoner causing chaos, what parent and student should know about class this is morning. >> overnight fire at a home on north 17th street. we'll tell you what happened to a woman at that home and where she is right now. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, may fifth, also known as cinco de mayo, also known as national hoagie day, of course we have to ask the questions what's your favorite hoggy? use the #fox29goodday to let us glow depend on your mood, right? like on cold wet rainy day you want something hot


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