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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  May 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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philadelphia police commissioner expressing his concern after officer involved shooting claims a man's life. well what he says the department is looking into this morning. >> and, atlantic city you're running out of time. chris christie, calls an emergency meeting at the governor's mansion this morning, that should be interesting. what he's encouraging lawmakers not to do when it comes to atlantic city, financial future. good day everybody, it is 55:00/2016. use the #fox29goodday, to let us know, your favorite hog. >> i so many good ones. >> i am already had a few hog ills, i pick up hoagies on my way in at 3:00 a.m. we had some roast beef, turkey, italian. >> thanks, bob. >> interesting breakfast. >> and we're not finished. >> oh, no, just getting started. >> what's the number today? >> not a four.
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>> a five. >> not a lot of rain but drizzle, and just casino of misty out there this morning, so, temperatures are in the four's, it is still on the cool side. woe don't skee any green in our neighborhood, ultimate doppler, but more on the way looking out to the west, see the low pressure system there. so in philadelphia, right now, 50 degrees, we just had our sunrise, but we don't have any sunshine. 5:56, it was when it was official. and temperatures are mostly in the upper four's, throughout the region. so as you plan your day we have temperatures in the 50's throughout the rest of the morning, in fact, throughout the rest of the day. and we will probably get to high temperature later on around 56, 58 degrees, clouds, drizzle, throughout the rest of the day, overcast, breezy, but your sunset now 8:00 p.m., bob kelly, days getting longer. >> did you get mayo from our hoagie into your keyboard?
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>> clean things up. >> 6:02, we call it on a thursday morning. live look, at another accident, we've had two accident so far on 95, the first one had everything shutdown for about 45 minute. traffic moving again. but within that accident delay, another fender bender happened here. again, this is all south of the blue route, 476, right near i95, and then watch for the new pattern that they are putting into play there, the blue route northbound, right near mcdade. good morning, to moorestown, new jersey, this is main street, still sleeping. wake up. let's go. let's go start knocking on some doors, get folks up and out here, coming into downtown philadelphia, no problems on the vine expressway, the turnpike looking good, 42 no problems, but again, don't have the heavy rain like we did yesterday but had number every accident this morning, all of those on and off-ramps are wet. be careful as you roll out of the driveway on this thursday. mike and alex over to you.
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>> i'm nervous schools will be back open in barnegat new jersey with increased secure tip, playings in the lockdown yesterday. >> it is after prisoner escapes, and search for him continues this morning jen what i are you fleeing. >> a waiting update. expecting press conference later this morning to fill us in on any developments that may have happened over night. so we do know that schools in this area are going to be open today. however, there will be an increased police presence. as long as fugitive, arthur buckle, remains on the loose,'s man who police say escaped from ancora, pschiatric hospital, in the division every bay bayside state prison on tuesday. police want you to pay attention to the markings of a tatoo under buckle's left eye. yesterday, police released a surveillance image after man believed to be buckle at a cvs pharmacy on west bay avenue. here in barnegat, stolen white chevy silver add owe was recovered in the harking -- parking lot, it is believed buck hell been using the silver add owe while man
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remains on the run, local townships have ordered people to shelter in place, keep their homes and their vehicles locked. buckle was at ancora serving sentence for aggravated assault charge, he was up for parole in just a couple of weeks, and public already report also site buckle, as having served several years behind bars, for striking and killing a ten month old baby, when the infant wouldn't stop crying. again awaiting update from police spec that in a little while. also, we will be headed over to local schools in the area to try to talk with some parent, and see if we do pick up on increased police presence later this morning. >> very scary, keep an eye on it, 6:04, woman hospitalized after early morning fire. this started just before 1:00 a.m., home on north 17th street. told the woman has some burns, now in stable condition. no word yet what started this fire. >> well, police commissioner richard ross says the department is looking into very closely the tactics used when officer shot a man in
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overbrook early yesterday morning, delicious nerve ross says officers pursued richard faretti in his van after 911 call came in reported as suspicious vehicle. police say they boxed, walk to up it, that's when they say he drove a.m. them boxings one of the officers against a car, say one officer fire four shots into the windshield killing faretti. confirmed the officer is the same one previously dragged down the street by another driver, trying to run over officers that night. >> we have sounds policies, relative to shooting vehicles, putting yourself in compromising positions. some tactical issues that we're concerned about. >> commissioner ross also told us that foretti the dead man has prior record for allude g police in new jersey, he says investigators will wrap up their investigation then forward it today district attorney, foretti loved ones
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want answers and have hired an attorney themselves. >> his mother released this statement yesterday, saying we are deeply trouble by what happened. we are waiting for answers, he was just sitting in his car, and they shot him. we are not happy. our attorney will be doing further investigation. >> the woman police say kidnapped a baby from the king of prussia mall is expected to be back in court today. authority say she snatched seven week old baby boy from his mother in the mall food court last month. and amber alert issued and police later found her in her trediffryn apartment with the baby. release from the bail -- release from the jail after posting bail. evidence is expected to be present in the this case. >> new jersey lawmakers voting today on another measure to help atlantic city avoid going broke. >> they are running out of time. not without opposition though. specially from governor chris christie. he wants a meeting, steve keeley.
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steve? >> democrat versus democrats at the state house, where the new jersey assembly is scheduled to vote on an alternative atlantic city rescue plan giving local government two more years before the state government takes over, if the locals can't fix their finances. the assembly speaker union member himself in his full-time job back home does not favor the golf none at the state senate president's plan because it would give the state power to just cancel the union contract for police fire and the rest of atlantic city 950 workers. >> so the governor this morning has breakfast meeting at his mansion with the assembly republicans where he'll no doubt urge them to not vote for the alternative plan, instead push for vote only the senate state take over plans, even if it passes, state senator steve sweeney said he is having to put up assembly bill for an involvement and watching all of this trenton bickering, are those 950 atlantic city workers, who have been working
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without any paychecks for a month, and foyly get their first pay tomorrow, for the first time this on the mo, and hopefully, al innings, mike, the paychecks clear, but wonder, all of those workers, will there be any more checks after that, because, senator sweeney said yesterday, he is looked at the finances, he's got his auditors working on it, and atlantic city, he says, will go bankrupt by the end of in ex week. >> ends of next week. like i said, they're running out of time. steve, we'll check back with you, that will be intense meeting in trenton. 6:08. well it, has been little over a year now, since hit-and-run driver left temple senior fighting for her life. she put up good fight. but miraculously today she will walk and get her diploma, walk and do it herself. >> rachael hall will take the stage tonight at temple university graduation to get the diploma she was supposed to get last year. she was write -- riding her bike on diamond street in april of last year, when a car hit her, and it was just a few weeks before her graduation. the impact damaged her brain, leaving her in a coma, then
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rehab the past year. rape he will had to learn to walk and talk all over again, went to rehab five days a we, still in rehab working on balance and speech. but made enough progress that tonight she will be able to walk the stage all by herself. >> it has been hard days, but overall hasn't been too bad, because i just thinking about the next day, because the bad days -- just keep looking forward, never go to the past any more. >> she is a miracle to me, absolutely a miracle. >> and three different ceremonies, rape he will says putting the teen who hit her and kept going out of her mind. rachael said she put the teen out of her mind and been crucial to recovery. sentenced to 11 and a half to 23 month behind bars, he was, plus five years probation. >> all right, back to city hall yesterday afternoon. because it was loud. convoy of trucks used to prove point a rally outside city hall blasting the city's proposed soda tax.
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who organizers say will further the most. >> the days leading to up prince's deathment drugs were found on doctors son at the scene, why his attorney says he should not face any charges.
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spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ knows against the sugary city tax, had a rally outside
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city hall. >> hundreds of protesters gathered late yesterday afternoon, voicing their opposition to the proposed tax that would double the price of many drinks, like juices with sugar in it, some that's, with sugar in it, sport drinks with sugar in it, ansated as with sugar in it. the city says, the tax will generate money for universal pre kay for the kids, those who organized the protest says it will hurt low income families and small businesses, anthem. it has been 20 years, since they invested in the school, into the park of this city. and can't do it on the back. hard working citizens of philadelphia. >> public hearing at city hall, voiced thoughts on the proposed tax. 6:13. >> sioux serio, ladies and gentlemen. >> yes, so, outside we aren't seeing any rain right now but experiencing just drizzle,
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mist, inbetween two weather systems at the moment. this one off shore, going to combine with this one, from the west. and give us much more rain tomorrow. so, avenue feeling, by tomorrow, 24 hours from now, we will be seeing some heavier rain. still you need to wear that waterproof jacket. the rain gear on the kids. something with a hood maybe in case you run into that drizzle. but, at least it is a little better than yesterday. plenty of cloud cover, though, even with the lack of rain, we're still expecting an overcast casino of day, own and high tide is between 7:00 to 7:30, little later for the back for the back bays, why we have coastal flood advisory in effect just for this morning, from yesterday's rain and the bill up of well every day in may so far. and it is the fifth. cinco de mayo. so the future cast has plenty of cloud cover continuing, some showers popping up this afternoon spotty showers today, eases up little bit by the end of the day on friday but then the wrap around
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moisture comes through possibly saturday morning even into early afternoon. by sunday little rain in the morning, just can't get rid of it completely in time for the weekend. but these cool temperatures will get little better by the time we get to saturday, sunday, only 50 degrees in philadelphia, up over's just about everywhere else, winds coming out of the north, will keep us chilly. 71 degrees average temperature, we've been no where near it for the past seven days, yesterday's high was 54, today, if we're lucky, 58 degrees, up ear's again on friday. now, as i said, the temperatures at least get better on saturday and sunday, and we can forecast some sunshine, just not all the time. , showers in the forecast saturday maybe sunday morning warming up to 08 degrees by wednesday of next week. well that's good you. >> know we'll have a party when the sun eventually comes out. good morning, 6:15 thursday
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morning, if the water pressure is not what it normally in southwest philly here is why, go for ride, skyfox over the scene black gold, texas tee, remember that? hillbillies. ♪ >> looks like crews aren't even on the scene here yet. see the water not only gush but look what it has done to the blacktop already. raised the road surface, right off passyunk avenue. this is on their way to the passyunk avenue bridge. chopper see if you can pull out here, again, mess not for just the rush hour, but obviously the road buckled there, as well. and that's the main drag.
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going to the maps. again, 63rd and passyunk avenue coming from drexel hill, passyunk avenue, at 63rd, is right here, before it crosses over what would eventually become the schuylkill river. so stick with the platt bridge, or the girard point double decker bridge, again, once the water department crews get on there, they will have to shut some water off so that could impact the shower pressure this morning. but kids, you still have to brush your teeth. all right? >> left over work crews have been out here, put new patterns that play on the blue route right near 95. we had that earlier accident, that's cleared out, so good to go thereon 95. mt. laurel, 295, near route 73, all of the roads are wet, don't have the wipers on this morning. but, a loft on and off-ramps could still be slippery. had number of accident already there is morning, so just take your time. mass transit looking good. mike and alex over to you.
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>> learning more about the days leading up to the death of prince. an attorney for an addiction specialist says his client was called to help with what prince's representatives called a grave medical emergency. they were really worried about him. >> so doctor howard corn felled, base in the california, was called to meet with prince. he contact add colleague in minnisota his son, andrew, who is a staff member at his recovery center, to meet with prince. so, when prince did not show up to the appointment thursday morning, they went to pacely park to find him. doctor's son is the one who called 911, when prince was found unresponsive. now, andrew, who is not a doctor, but he is premed it, have a small amount of controlled medication on him. his attorney said that he was taken into cuss dowed at the scene, should not be charged. >> people who make a 911 emergency call are to receive immunity for any medications, any controlled substances found in the same, will provide statutory immunities
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to andrew, relating to the medications that were found in his back pack on the scene. >> in his back pack, attorney went ton say no drugs were administered to prince by doctor corn felled, or his son. law enforcement officials say investigators are looking into whether prince died from an overdose of painkillers, especially percoset, u.s. attorney's office and a dea have joined the investigation now up there in minnesota. >> missed by mere hours. >> then to hear about this law the 911 statute, i thought was very interesting, so we'll bring in legal analyst to talk more about this, calling the good samaritan law and really should he be inch all? >> they have great specialists in minnisota don't know why they had to go back to californiament then there was one, and you know who that; ohio governor john kasich ended his run for the presidency leaving donald
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trump as your presumptive. they say presumptive because it has to be official at the convention there. is john case being. donald trump has been devisive figure in the republican party up until this point. you know that. last night, though, the republican national committee chair ranks, not thrilled with donald trump's choice, weighed in on how donald can increase his favorability numbers with the gop. >> going to have a chance to talk about his ideas, and time to heal. these were serious operations, and so, it will take time, the focus will be off of each other, and i think the focus will be on hillary now, and we will expose her for who she is. >> donald trump told fox news last night that he's open to the idea of naming potential cabinet members before the
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convention in july. among the name he said, he didn't even say this, bill o'reilly brought this up as a suggestion and he agreed they were good ideas. you want to hear them? >> he says it might be a wise choice to have new jersey governor chris christie as an attorney general for the united states, and doctor ben carson in charge of health and human services. these were bill o'reilly's ideas. >> because people who donald trump has suggested, they've come forward saying like nicky haley, who is the governor of south carolina all came forward, no, no thank you. there has been three people that he's named. >> yes. >> and all three come forward, ah, i'll pass. >> but again it was bill's idea, and donald trump didn't go against, said those were god people, i'll consider them. >> chris christie willing to stand behind you all those times, why not have him be vice president? >> or attorney general or vice president. no place like home. just ask ryan howard. did he it again, big piece with another big game. this but this is bigger homerun than the night before. but it wasn't enough. we'll show you the end of the
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game, bottom of the ninth for the cardinals, came up big. it is national hoagie day, alex. >> so the eagles, for me, living on bologna with cooper sharp cheese. >> not bad eagles whisker. >> what's an eagles whisker? do the eagles have whiskers? >> oh, yes, did you ever see some of the fans? >> powerball, did anybody win this last night? no? so it will be about half billion dollars on saturday night. oh, i can quit monday. >> you better not. yes, the dashing fellow on the thousand-dollar bill. with 'cash4life', the great game from the pennsylvania lottery, you could win a thousand dollars a day for life! you could buy a new house! or maybe even treat yourself to a trip to the islands. and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life.
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>> finished off sweep of the pirates, going to pittsburgh, a look, now, watch there is john is the pitcher. he can't again the ball out of his glove. but you are awe loud to toss the glove. so drops his glove. and catches jon lester's, cubs win it six-two, all right, saturday, the 142nd running of the kentucky derby, in louisville, kentucky yesterday was the draw for the derby. now, there are 20 horses, in this race. the favorite, my which is, undefeated and winner of the florida additionally run out of the 13 post position really not that good a post. listed at three-one, the morning favorite line. using history, smarty jones won the derby, out that far 13th post, and remember what happened to smarty jones. almost, almost won the triple
6:26 am
crown. that's sport in a minute. and i'm howard eskin. ryan howard, native of st. louis, in st. louis last night. he lovers playing there. bun of many family, friends again there last night. >> in the lou. >> st. louis. >> 's lunatic. was nelly at the game? >> i don't think so. >> ryan had band aid on his chin? >> right here. >> starts with a ch. okay, so we crack a three run homer. want to see it? game three of four game series, watch it. two guys on, kaboom. man it was looking good right here. it was three-nothing. phillies, then it was four-nothing, phillies, right? oh, riding high. seven homeruns for the big piece, phillies hold the lead all the way to the bottom of the ninth. tying run would score on ground ball at the short with the bases loaded. the phillies get the second out in a run down there. but then, winning run came in, watch this, kaboom.
6:27 am
cardinals win in walk off single there. five to four. again they play this afternoon if i want to watch the game, this afternoon in saint lou us. >> 6:27. offensive word spotted on huge sign outside local airport. police insist it is not a hate cream. fine out why. >> police here in barnegat continuing to look for fugitive arthur buckle escaped from prison on tuesday, the latest on the search coming up. bob? >> jenny, good morning, everybody, nasty accident, two separate accidents, on 422, right before you head into king of prussia. plus, we will have the latest on water main break in south philadelphia. when we come right back.
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escaped press nerve watch police are doing to ensure schools safety. >> chris christie calling emergency meeting, this morning, a bill to save atlantic city. the message he is sends to go lawmakers morning, because they'll be broke in about a week. and then, open confrontation over open carry laws. how local dealt with police office here said he was violating his right to car a weapon. >> caring a weapon while jogging. with a did you think about that if you saw somebody jogging down kelly drive with
6:31 am
a holstered gun on their, what would it be their jogging pants? well, it is may fifth, five-five-2016. >> it is sing so die mayo. >> we're talking about hoagies today. >> we'll get into cinco de mayo later. because we will go to i think the mexican consolate. they're our neighbor. in the bourse building. >> but it is national hoagie day. sids us your favorite. do you have use the #fox29goodday. >> that i way we can see it. sounds good. sue, do you have a favorite hoggy? >> well, i'm an italian, so maybe we can go with that italian. >> see? >> all right, bus stop buddy smiling. even though it is still cloudy, and it is still drizzling outside. we don't have the rain, steady rain we had yesterday at this timement but it is still chilly, and it is still drizzling at times, so keep that waterproof coat on today. now, we have a lot of cloud cover coming in off the ocean and eventually we get some more rain. there is some out to the west, there is some off the ocean,
6:32 am
we are kind of inbetween today, with all of these overcast skies, once again, it is a dreary and damp 50 degrees in the city. forty-eight in allentown, 48 in reading, 48 in millville, 46 in wildwood. here is a breakdown of 9:00, clouds and drizzle, 56 degrees, 57 by noon, you see it won't move much this temperature, overcast, kind of breeze think afternoon, spotty showers around. fifty-eight is our high temperature, sunset at 8:00 p.m. so, plan on not needing your shades today. bob kelly? >> that's good. coming up in the next hour or so, i have some real honest to goodness hoagies, coming in from south philadelphia. one of them is named the aunt marge i. we got a name for everyone of the hoagies today. so we have two separate accident here on 422, this is a live look, eastbound, bumper to bumper already head in the toward that king of prussia interchange. so we're tip beingly jammed to begin with, from collegeville
6:33 am
on in. we got two separate accident to squeeze here in toward king of prussia. water main break in south philadelphia, 63rd and passyunk, let's roll some video from skyfox when we pulled up over the scene. look at this puppy, bubble out there, you got the roadway all buckled, water crews aren't even on the scene here yet. there comes one of the septa buses, so they're obviously on somewhat after detour, chris murphy in the news van, and he's on his way, hopefully, not that far from here, so we should be out there in the next 15 minute. but going back to the maps. get ready for detour. stay off of passyunk avenue and use the platt bridge or the girard point double decker bridge to work your way across what would be the schuylkill river there. otherwise, starting to see delays on the schuylkill, no problems on mass transit, and looking good at the airport, mike and alex over to you. >> bob, 6:33. >> police in ocean county continues to search for escaped inmate, they say schools will be back open this morning. >> who knows where this guy is at this point, jenny joyce,
6:34 am
who is in barnegat right now. hey, jenny? >> reporter: good morning, guys, certainly, an uneasy feeling for people who live in this area knowing that there is another day after shelter in place order. while schools are going to be open, we do know that they'll be on high alert with police officers, stationed around town at the different schools making sure student rent safe. scores of police officers still looking for fugitive arthur buckle, man who police say escaped from ancora pschiatric hospital, division every bayside state prison on tuesday. police want you to pay attention to the markings of a tatoo under buckle's left eye. yesterday police released a surround vale end image after man believed to be buckle, at a cvs pharmacy on west bay avenue barnegat. police say a stolen white chevy silver add owe recovered from the parking lot it is believed buckle was use that vehicle while the man remains on the run, local townships keep in place, keep homes and cars lock, police will be at the schools stationed to
6:35 am
ensure the safety of the student. buckle was at ancora serving sentence for aggrivated assault charge. he was up for parole in just a couple of weeks. and public lush report lots also site him as serving several years behind bars for striking and killing a ten month old baby when the infant wouldn't stop crying, where is he now, that's what police obviously hoping to track down and find him as soon as possible. there will be a 11:00 press conference later this morning, to update us, on this case, mike anal next. >> you know he has put some make up over that tear drop, probably shaved his head, something like that, too, scary, 6:35, new jersey lawmakers voting today on another measure to help avoid bankruptcy in atlantic sit. >> i not without opposition from governor chris christie. >> i would love to know who is going to be in this meeting maybe steve knows there in trenton, steve? >> it is all the republicans in the assembly, mike, not everyone, not chris brown, for instance, the assemblyman who
6:36 am
favors the rescue plan, said i won't go to this breakfast, he won't change my mind. have you in the dollars dayton the calendar? it is may fifth. that's just 25 days until memorial day. and just ten days until state senate president steve sweeney says atlantic city has before it goes bankrupt. can you picture the post cards on the boardwalk memorial day weekend? greeting from bankrupt atlantic city. how about the new t-shirt they'll be selling this summer? i went to the casinos and now me and atlantic city broke. or how about that new brochure they'll send out for conventions? hey, plan your convention, in atlantic city, who knows what will happen here next with the government. this is what's going on around the country, bad publicity everywhere. because of all of this bickering here, and trenton. and this morning, at the governor's mansion, those assembly republicans will get christie bowl of lucky charm, meaning he will use his famous charm to urge them to vote no, when they get here to the state house, in late morning, when the full assembly votes
6:37 am
on this alternative atlantic city rescue plan gives the local government two more years to get it financial house in order, even if it passes senate president sweeney said he won't even post the assembly bill up for vote in the senate, because he says christie would just veto it anyway. all of this reminds us of olds expression, fiddle while roam burns. mike you and alex know the had history, but for you non-history buffs, it comes from the old story he played his violin during the great fire in rome which was the year ad64, which was 1,532 years before good day started. >> but i was doing good day nazareth then. >> i remember. >> also they played music as the titanic sing. >> similar what's going on here. >> that would have been april of 1912 you mean like the saline dion song? >> that was later. saline dion was not on the
6:38 am
ship, was she? 6:37s this rate i am or vandalism. racism are saying in a local community, that sign right there, offensive word supported on sign outside after airport, why police insist wealth, probably not a hate crime. that's according to them. the sign is not that big. >> started as normal skype date with their father in the military, but ended up as so much more. see the amazing moment girl at local school for the deaf finds out her dad is back home.
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6:41 am
>> sign has been taken down now but not before causing outrage in a community, and the cops are looking at three dudes. >> so police in chester country investigating a senilism case at chester county's go carlson airport. the letters were rearrange today spell out the n words on the sign, someone passing by noticed the words and alert the the restaurant owner where the sign stands, quickly removed but not fast enough. a picture has been circulating on social media. >> all over social media. >> have shouldn't be still happening in 2016.
6:42 am
>> you can feel the overtones subtle, but it needs to be recollect night. >> police say they have identified three men, as persons of interest so far no arrest haves been made. >> 6:42. >> alex, open confrontation over open carry laws, how local jogger dealt with this police officer, that he says, was violating his right to carry a weapon. this jogger is trying to make a point. >> and the jock pot continues to grow, alex. >> find out will now be up for grabs in the next powerball drawing. mike, buying more? >> i'll buy more, this is saturday night, right? >> sure. >> well, nobody won last night. >> true. >> also, following this breaking news i'm going to call it breaking water main news, 63rd, is this passyunk? or eastwick? east six of third and eastwick near passyunk. our crew is almost there. water crew almost there. haven't seen him yet. national hoagie day, aling.
6:43 am
>> so which one is your favorite? says his favorite is honey turk which horseradish sauce, and ranch on the roll with all of the figuring, that's interesting. >> oh, look. >> i've never seen this before. deep fried italian hoagie coated in ginger ale tempora batter. >> michael owens get your buns over here with one of those. >> yes, tell us what this is. >> i think he makes it. >> really?
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>> 67:46, welcome back, update on breaking news, this water main break here in southwest philadelphia, we got a clarification on the actual intersection, 63rd and eastwick, which is just a block off passyunk. so it is basically of third, between passyunk, and eastwick. this is the intersection eastwick side of 63rd, again, water still bulbs out from underneath what would most likely be a huge water main. look at how it is to has buckled the roadway there, obviously saw a septa bus go
6:47 am
you there there, 63rd, passyunk, eastwick, all leads into the passyunk avenue bridge. there, in southwest philadelphia. now, our own chris murphy headed to the scene there, and we go live to him in a minute that he arrives. but meantime, going to the maps local detours, 63rd, passyunk, the bridge that takes you over the schuylkill river, and then eastwick, you got junk yard in there, i believe, and again, that's an area also, again, one of the main drags, in and out of southwest phillyment so just stick with penrose avenue, or the platt bridge, or the girard point double decker bridge see how that thing develops throughout the rest of the morning rush hour, no word yet from the water department, because, if they have to shut that water off, if that's one of those huge feeder mains, that could certainly impact water pressure in the neighborhoods this morning. now, east on 422, dealing with two separate accidents, this is one of them right here. eastbound right at trooper road. again, right at the bridge
6:48 am
when you come over the schuylkill river there. we are bumper to bumper pretty much royersford all the way in and this is normally a jammed beginning to begin with before you throw an accident in there. so give yourselves some extra time, maybe go for a hoagie on your right in this morning. wouldn't that be good? eating hoagie on a delay headed in on 422? you know i'm hungry. schuylkill expressway running slow, westbound, from city avenue out toward belmont, delays 95 south through the construction zone, but, good news, wipers aren't on this morning, but will not be off for long. hang tight. sue has the forecast coming up in 152nd.
6:49 am
>> a little different every day as well, un settle weather continues, continue this sunday, this, stationary front, has been kind of nearby ever since. we have another system casino of a from the west, that will move south, merge with this off shore storm. and we will probably by this time tomorrow have a lot more rain, heavier rain, we're not seeing any rain right now, but we are getting overcast skies, there is some drizzle out there, every once in a while you might need to use the intermittent windshield wipers, pretty of cloud cover, again, coastal flood advisory for this morning, for the ocean high tide between 7:00 to 7:30, little later than that for the back bays, minor flooding expected, but it will be there. yes, by this afternoon, here you see spotty showers rolling back into the area. nothing real heavy until tomorrow morning, when we get that coastal low pressure system, we could even get rumble every thunder by about 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon friday. so, rainier day tomorrow, than
6:50 am
what we will have today, still gloomy, damp out there. now saturday, started to look little if-ee with the possibility of some showers lingering into the early afternoon, and then little bit of sunshine later. that is the deal. now, we've got 50 degrees in philadelphia, up fourth's throughout the rest of the area. we will get into the 50's, but not that far. 58 degrees today. 57 degrees tomorrow. by saturday, clouds, maybe a shower, showers in the morning, on mothers day, leading to 70 degrees and sunshine in the afternoon. so, that should be your pay off for during all of these gloomy days, then nice warm up, mike and alex, as we get into the middle of next week, could be at 08 by wednesday. >> eighty, i'm into it, totally. i'm also into money because i am a ruthless money grub g man. >> okay, where are you going with this. >> so the powerball jackpot i came in this morning, nobody won it, for some reason i was delighted by that because i didn't win it, i'm glad nobody else d because i am a selfish person. >> hey, it means more might be coming our way, jackpot worth
6:51 am
415 million. >> it will easily i truly believe will make half billion by saturday night. >> so if you decide to take the lump sum where it is now 415 million, you will get $269 million. >> quarter million dollars. >> don't forget watch the lottery live right here on fox 29, it will be saturday night, i would tape for, that stay in, make sure to watch. >> basically 10:59. i watch the whole 10:00 news, boom, wait for. that will all right, gun rights are a hot usual ooh in this count rip, you know that, especially here in philadelphia with the recent violence. >> one man's video on youtube started new conversation about the right to carry in the sit. >> i all right, lauren johnson, i've seen these youtube videos, very interesting, even jogging with a gun in a holster, exposed. >> that's right. james said i shot it from his go pro camera. he was caring his gun, which he says he has a license for. when he get stopped by an officer on patrol. take a look.
6:52 am
>> officer, not doing anything wrong sir. i say i'm not doing anything wrong. that's not true, officers. >> no worries. go pro? >> i know my right. >> good. is that why you have the go pro? want me to stop you? >> i car at this every day. >> do you have a license to carry one? >> i'm not going to answer that question sir. >> stand right there. >> okay. >> see the ex chang happened right there, moody sort of refuses to answer the question about his license to the officer, several other officers then called out, group discusses whether moody has a right to carry. moody says the battery on his go pro runs out about 15 minute after this confrontation, he says officers eventually placed him in handicuffs later found out he does have a license to carry, found in his wallet. he says he was let go. pennsylvania law prohibit people caring gun on public street unless that person is license today car afire arm. this means, moody, legally allowed to carry the gun, even
6:53 am
while he runs, so now the big question mike and alex is that a good idea? >> how do you feel if you see somebody running at you, along kim i drive or whatever. >> i need more information. >> i think so too. even if it is a right, we still is a right to have a feeling about it, right? >> sure. >> feel comfortable, awkward? >> twitter, facebook, lauren? true. let us know what you this. >> i something little more serious than hog us. >> ya. >> all right. but also do hoagies. thanks for that. in fact, if there are attorneys watching, ton of attorneys watch our show, what's actually the legal right when you have a handgun? i know you have a legal permit to car it, can you have it exposed out in the city of philadelphia. >> heartwarming moment for one of the student at the pennsylvania school for the deaf. how routine skype date turned into the surprise of her life. okay, you'll cry. bob. >> good morning, everybody, we
6:54 am
are updating this situation here southwest philadelphia, 63rd and eastwick. with a water main break, not only is it still bubble there, but look at the road buckle. this is 63rd and eastwick. stretch of 63rd and eastwick all the way over to passyunk. chris murphy on his way to the scene we'll have an update whether we come right back.
6:55 am
6:56 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. >> this is good. heartwarming surprise for one of the student at the pennsylvania school for the deaf. >> one of the student there, named amber, has a father in the military. >> yep. >> he made sure they had lunch
6:57 am
together via skype every week at the same time while he was away, i love, that and yesterday dad surprised amber by coming home early, and it started as a normal skype day. then he got up. and this happened. >> hey! >> well, she is so stun, because she is looking into her little computer, and then dad vanishes from the computer screen, and walks into the room. >> oh, my gosh. that's amazing. so wonderful they got to see that every week. >> i know, cool idea. >> all right, listen to there is folks. medical mistakes turning deadly. they're now among the lead leading causes of death in america. let me tell this. first it is cancer. then it is heart disease and medical mistakes number three cause death in this country?
6:58 am
so we got to find out how to fix this. and i am talking this has happened locally. >> and then: a water main break, and it is a big one. >> so this is 53rd and eastwick. and crew on the way, they should be there soon. we'll give you more updates on the situation. >> powering up right now, alex holley. we'll have them right at the break.
6:59 am
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from the fox 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia".


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