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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  May 6, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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road rage on one of our busiest local highways what police say happened and who they want you to be on the look out for this morning. good day, everybody it is may sixth, 2016. chris murphy has the day off. i think sue serio he might have gone home to california to see his mother for mothers day weekend. >> delightful, thrilled to hear that and i have been saying it every time you say the date i remember what i was doing, 19 years ago on this date. >> you became a mother. >> ouch. >> it really hurt but it was worth it, yes, i did, my daughter's birthday toys day. we will game with more of that later on. three out of ten? well, yeah, it is a lot of yuckiness with this rain moving in the area. i think over the next couple of hours this will be the the worst of what we see today heaviest of the rain, anyplace where you see yellow, and dark green, that is where the rain is falling, very heavily, where you are probably seeing
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ponding on the roadways, so we're talking southern delaware n fact mess of the delaware lehigh valley and new we will see area that is just a developed in burlington county, in new jersey. so, you you know, just study, yucky rain, sunrise 5:55. most of us can't remember last time we saw sun. it came out briefly on monday afternoon but we had rain on monday. anyway, temperatures, yeah, remaining in the 50's for most places, 49 in trenton. forty-seven in atlantic city. fifty-one in wilmington delaware. plan on rain on and off all day, bring rain gear with you and make sure it is warm because it will stay in the mid 50's, all day long. that is your planner for friday, bob kelly but brighter days air head, i promise. >> this is the pain before the gain, 5:01, good morning everybody. crews are still out, all night, working on i-95 with the rain slickers on, this is a live look, headlights coming
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northbound on i-95, approaching 476, where cones are still down, and that off ramp still blocked approaching the blue route, 476. again, that is the drill, they are in the process of getting ready to open this all up. if you are leaving the house right now be ready for slow downs and then look out for that new pattern heading north on the blue route, between i-95 and macdade boulevard. here's a live look at route 07 in cherry hill, new jersey just off of 29 five so again, it is another good day to have those good set of wiper blade out the there. watch in all of the work zones at i-95 this heavy rain, that is riding to work with you this morning, it is actually the drainage grates are in those travel lanes. turnpike eastbound vehicle firey just heard is out, but there is a lot of equipment on the scene here eastbound approaching the philadelphia bensalem interchange and expect possible delays a at philly international if you intend to get out of town for mothers day weekend.
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as you just heard for both bob and sue wet weather could mean trouble including flooding for parts of our area a sabina kuriakose just crossing over ben franklin bridge, out and about, what do you see. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. well, we're in our roving truck so we will be able to go back and forth between me and the roadway. lets take a look. we will switch over now. you can see it is pretty dark out here, of course, but the the water from the rain is pooling the on the roadways. now again we are roving in our truck. we just went over the ben franklin bridge. we're heading toward route 130 where steve keeley heard there might be some flooding out there but you can see on these roadways they are still soak with water and the rain is coming down, so the visibility is pretty difficult. we are in the lull. ten minutes ago it was much worse out here. we're expecting to it pick up as we continue on. so this morning as you head into work as you heard bob say you will need american just an umbrella get those glushes on, rain jackets, you might need
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rain pants because it is soaking. we are behind a truck know so you can see that water kicking up from the truck soaking our windshield. they might to have pick up those wipers if we keep up with this truck. we are heading over spoke 20 we heard there might be some flooding there. we will receipt you know asap. if you are heading out take it slow and be careful out there because this rain is coming down hard, lauren. >> be careful, thanks so much for the update. woman taken to the hospital overnight after being attack by a pit bull this happened just after midnight in north philadelphia along the 1200 block on north american street. police shot the dog month. man has had injuries to her legs and arms and that dog did die, a short time later. a frightening case of road rage on the the blue route when a driver pulled out a gun. steve keeley is live with more on this, hi there, steve. >> we're at belmont barracks who are heading this investigation but look at our video we are looking at a blue
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mitsubishi lancer the blue route now with the big bullet hole, right there in the passenger door right below the mirror but right in front seat level, meaning as it went through the door and then into the center console it would have hit the driver, if not nor the for the center console. that driver pulled off, right through west conshohocken. the guy who got shot at got a good look at the shooter, his gun and even his car. shooter called by state police here the the actor. >> victim was in the left lane and the actor was behind the victim, also in the left lane. the actor then enter the middle lane, drew a silver semiautomatic pistol and fired within round at the victim's vehicle and that round, pierced the victim's passenger side door and went straight through the door. the defendant and the victim we believe they do not know each other, we just think it
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was a road rage incident, maybe victim wasn't going fast enough, i don't know, who knows. but, in any case that is in reason to shoot at another motorist in matter what the issue here is. >> reporter: here's what the shooter was driving, a lincoln town drive it looks like the kind a limb/driver would have. dark blue, dark tinted windows and here's the description, you'll notice the very distinctive lincoln town car emblem that we're showing you. state police here at belmount barracks say that is very rare to have that on the front of the lincoln town car. that is on the front hood part of it, right there, and again, we have the sketch of the driver as well, so the guy that got shot at obviously they have had their tinted windows down probably yelling and screaming at each other giving them hand gestures that we all necessity about but none of us remember the left and right turn signals that we learn but we know most common hand gesture driving on the
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road. maybe that is why he got a good look at him and rolled his window down while firing his gun. he looks like he is 40 to 50 years old and he had a dark, baseball hat on with a flat bridge. chances are you don't have that hat on anymore but the carries most distinctive thing f you know someone who has one of those cars, drives one to work, give police a call they are looking for a tip here. >> steve keeley, thanks very much. police in new jersey arrested a man who hid a camera inside a woman's rest room. april 22nd employees at the day sleet a dialysis center in mount laurel called police after discovering it the in the rest room. the device was perfectly position todd record anyone using that rest room on tuesday police arrested david, a long time employee. he is charged with invasion of privacy and tampering of evidence. >> we do know that was an employee rest room. that was not accessible by the public offer customers of the dialysis center. so that should limit the number of victims that we have
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police say they are still trying to figure out how long the cameras was there and how many victims there might still be. prosecutors in montgomery county present evidence the in court yesterday, showing the woman a accused of kidnapping a seven week old baby from the king of prussia mall. lawyers for the state says that the security footage shows cherri amoore leaving the mall with a sir simmons on march 29th. prosecutors say she abduct that infant from the mall food court last march and brought him to the apartment in tredyffrin township. amoore cried during that hearing. she left court, didn't say a war. she have previously told detectives that she suffered a miscarriage, and was distraught over her loss. >> it is open and closed as to what happened. what is not closed is why it happened. >> amoore currently under going counseling. the baby's mother was also in that courtroom yesterday but left when mall surveillance footage was played. amoore will be back in court june between the second. state police on guard in south jersey schools for a
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third day this morning after a quick killer escapes prison and remains on the loose. authorities say 38 year-old arthur buckle has left barnegat area but they remain cautious just in case. law enforcement the continues to keep watch at district schools and other public buildings, buckle has been on the run since tuesday, when he slipped out of the bay side state prison in hammington township, and helicopters, swat teams, search dogs, they are looking every where, including a garden state parkway and the pine land. people live in the area still are encouraged to stay a leather and keep their doors locked. >> there was a certain amount of tension. i did survey my own home when i came home, i came home earlier from work just to get a nature of what was going on. >> it is crazy, any of racking for the whole neighborhood and the town. >> buckle was spotted tuesday morning on surveillance video shopping in a local cvs pharmacy. he had been serving time for aggravated assault and had served a 14 year sentence for killing a baby, he was going to be considered for parole, a
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little later this month. man known as philly jesus breaks his silence following his arrest this week, michael grant was arrested monday night at the apple store on 16th and walnut after refuse to go leave despite being asked multiple times. police say his cross was blocking an oil. grant was charged with defiant trespassing and disorderly conduct. he was released after an arraignment. a facebook post grant writes in part an employee took offense to my clothing and appearance as philly jesus and demanded that i leave based on those ground alone. he went on to say difficult nothing to cause a disruption whatsoever. he also added at no time was therefore mention a cross being an obstruction. had they even asked me to move the cross outside or something like that, i would have simply done so. police say this man stole nearly a million-dollar, from his place of employment in an attempt to live a very lavish lifestyle. you will in the believe what he purchased with the stolen
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money. and the clock is ticking in the atlantic city and there is in relief in sight, when we could see the popular gaming town go bankrupt.
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another rainy day, taking a live look at olde city and
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then on the other side of the screen you can see green lighting up the radar this morning. sue, i think i heard you say it rain every day in may so far. >> indeed, it has and thank you for listening lauren dawn johnson. in fact we told you one week ago how much we need the rain. we ended up with a inly deficit for april of 1.81 inches, so we really haven't really made that up yet, it has been a moist month of may so far. now here in philadelphia we have had an inch and a quarter of rain since sunday so it has been coming in just drips all week long. atlantic city has had quite a bit this month so far but we're getting more and i think these totals will be more impressive by end of the day. you can see dark green, yellow, indicating heavier downpours. we will move in philadelphia a and it is steady, steady, rain, rain, rain. it is yucky. at least you are prepared for it. thanks for watching us. looking down to the south in dover delaware getting soaked this morning.
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bethenny beach, lots of rain. cape may, it is raining there. in allentown that is another area where we see pocket of heavy downpours this morning. so that means ponding on the roadways, and, you need to wear the rain slick tore day. a sweater under it because it is cool outside. maryland rate flooding possible this evening. coastal flood warning in effect where we see dark green in the coastal flood advisory new castle county delaware and gloucester, i'm czar i, salem county in new jersey. ocean high tied are between seven and 9:00 when we are getting heavy rain. when high tide comes again this evening we can expect maryland rate flooding. so what that means is that some road closures could happies specially at the shore points, and you'll to have watch out so you do not hydro plane trying around especially if you are going out tonight. so we could end up with an inch additional to what we just showed you, just today, of rain, temperatures are in the 50's right now, we are expecting to stay in the the 50's today, 54 for a high
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temperature, tomorrow, showers around, mostly in the morning, a few peaks of sunshine though and it gets milder with 66 degrees, we're going for 70 for mothers day, 72 on monday, and sunny, maybe a little bit of rain on tuesday and a pop up then are storm or two on wednesday but bet days in the upper 70's to around 80 degrees, so, we cannot get rid of the rain but it is getting warmer bob kelly. >> you are right just a damp, chilly kind of of mornings. you know what today is? >> what? >> national no pants day. >> that is right you are only seeing me, from here up, we will in the be able to show any of us, yeah, yes. >> what a treat for rest of us. >> i thought these were cute, super man, super heroes. i have the batman on, mike jerrick has under dog, do you remember under dog. no, okay. it is national no pants day by
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the way. here's a live look at i-95 northbound right here near 476, where they finally pick up the cones, and opened up the off ramp there to 476. but, with a new pattern coming into play here just be careful when you use blue route between i-95 and macdade boulevard, through the weekend. otherwise, speeds are lower than normal and will take a little extra time to get there this morning. we are dealing with a heavy, downpour and a steady heavy rain all throughout the morning rush hour here unlike yesterday where it is kind of hit and miss, so speed will be slower than normal which of course will bring us jammos earlier on. eastbound on the pennsylvania turnpike a vehicle fire approaching the philadelphia bensalem interchange. good morning, northeast philadelphia, a live look at i9 five you can see spray coming up off the cars and trucks, sabina showed us out there in the news van. the just watch out in the construction zone, it is always difficult to see the the lane markers and then those drainage grates are
5:18 am
located in the travel way. we are getting heavy rain, water rolling along that right travel lane with you trying to make it in the drain. septa says in problems at the moment, patco, new jersey transit looking good, but just be careful any metal steps or platforms could be slippery, this morning. lauren, back over to you. it has been two weeks since 16 year-old amy joyner francis died inside a wilmington delaware high school bathroom. delaware department of justice confirmed they received mess of the evidence in the hour high investigation. prosecutors will decide what charges if any to file against students involved in the fight that led to her death. you're looking at the face of the delco man whom authorities say was very much into child porn. police arrested 44 year-old john hurst of lansdowne yesterday. he faces 50 counts of possession of child pornography and other felonies. delaware county district attorney says pornography found in his home shows children as young as four years old. in chester county police say a man was stealing checks
5:19 am
from his employers. christian wilson work at a farm in willis town, township, they say farm's owner noticed fraudulent checks being written totaling more than $900,000 this he were written between may of 2014 and february of this year. police say wilson brought two maseratis, a porsche, and a landrover. he is currently in jail. the clock now ticking in the atlantic city, cash strapped city could run out of money in a matter of days and right now there is in relief in sight. state lawmakers have yet to come to an agreement on the bill that will provide shore town some relief. vincent preto canceled a vote yet on a bill that gives atlantic city two years to sort of get back together before a state take over. preto did not have enough support. on the other side governor chris christie wants a plan to move toward a state take over much sooner. >> continuing to kick the can down the road, yes.
5:20 am
not preferred but preferable to the alternative which is writing more checks of the back of the people of the state of new jersey, yeah that is preferable. >> governor christie says atlantic city could be broke in nine days from now. nearly 40,000 verizon workers have been on strike for more than three weeks. as of sunday those employees in longer getting health benefits the through verizon but they can buy cobra out of pocket. contract talks which started 11 months ago have broken down, employees say verizon is refusing to take steps to secure jobs in the u.s. pennsylvania congressman bob brady new trying to mediate the a deal between the two side, verizon currently using 20,000 trained, non-union workers to fill the void of those striking employees. funeral services will take place for former philadelphia police commissioner willie williams. public viewing will be held it in, from 5:00 until 9:00 at baker funeral home on the 2,000 block of north broad street there will be another viewing tomorrow morning with funeral services set to begin at 11:00 a.m. atsion baptist
5:21 am
church. that is on the 3600 block of north broad street. he will be laid to rest at chelten hills cemetery that a afternoon. 5:21. a new bomb shell in the wake of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal what a new report says about coach joe paterno and his involvement in covering up the crime. a 2300-mile relay is rolling through the area this morning, the mission behind those who are carrying the load, bob kelly has more after the break.
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happening today carry the load making it way through philadelphia, the 2300-mile journey dedicated to restoring the true meaning of memorial day. bob kelly is live outside our studios this morning catching up with some of those taking part in this relay, hi there bob. >> good morning, lauren. there is always a lot have walks and runs here in philadelphia but to have a whole group come through philadelphia, we're honored to have folks from carry the led with us this morning. matt, good morning. thanks for stopping here. in front of our studios. toll us about the whole program. >> yes, carry the load is a non-profit organization, we work to restore true meaning of the memorial day. memorial day is a day of mattress sales and barbecues. our mission is to take it back
5:25 am
over for what it is, sacrifice of the men and with men gave their lives to our country. >> you started in boston and this run will go from boston, to dallas, boston to dallas, 29 days. >> twenty-nine days, 2300 miles. we kick off sunday nate at fenway park. had a nice ceremony on the field. and, so, traveled down, through west point, new york and through manhattan and here. >> at the same time you said 23, whole trip is 66. there iser group just like you starting in seattle and will meet new dallas. >> that is right we have a group. this is first year for that relay. they will be traveling from sat toll dallas, 33 days, 4300 . they are in san francisco right new on they are way to dallas. >> you are up the up the streett independent hall. throughout this trip as you go through the towns, some folks jump on, others jump off. >> yes, so we invite the anyone in the community to come out and show their support for our mission. if you are in the area, if you happen to be in the area, go
5:26 am
to carry the and see we are coming through your area, jump on board and travel with us for next 5 miles, two hours and show your support. >> you heard it, get on there, if you see the big tour bus here behind me, i can assure you they only use tour bus for poddy breaks and little cat naps along the way. >> that is right, number one on the bus. >> there you go. >> look up on the web site we will put it seven on our web site f you see these guys, make sure you jump out, give them a wave, honk the horn for good cause they are bringing awareness too. lauren, back inside to you. >> good work that they are doing. still ahead donald is focused on the general election but first he may need to unify the republican party. the list have lawmakers who are not ready to support him. live look at the radar, lot of rain, sue is tracking it all and she will have more at 50:00. ♪
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♪ rain, rain will you please go away. this was the scene along the parkway just moments ago, is there any end in sight? sue serio has your full forecast, bob kelly keeping an eye on those puddles on the road. also this morning bullets
5:30 am
fly on the blue route during a serious case of road rage. how police are getting close to tracking down that shooter. and the penn state coach joe paterno know about jerry sandusky's sex abuse claims as early as 70's. new bomb shell from the philadelphia judge. good day, it is may sixth, 2016, thanks so much for joining us chris murphy has the day off and we are celebrating all of the mothers here on our show today since mothers day is sunday. so send us your pictures so we can put them up, use #fox 29 good day. our very own sue serio became a mother on this day 19 years ago. >> i know, it is hard to believe, it was real convenient because mothers day did come a few days later just like this year but yes, i plan to be quite obnoxious and post many pictures on social media today of my daughter then and now. one is coming on instagram and facebook moments from now. happy birthday nia. we have bus stop budd think morning in the full rain gear, no messing around today, it is
5:31 am
heavy rain, this will probable i be the day when we will see heaviest rain even they we have had rain every day since sunday. temperatures in the 40's, mess in the 50's this morning. we are not going to get out of the 50's. we will see heavy rain moving in. this is coastal storm we told you about yesterday, so it is just adding ocean moisture, to the rain that is already there with the le pressure system. so lots of places will go into further details but you can see just that steady, steady rain nasty out there this morning. 51 degrees, 10 miles an hour wind, 5:55 the official sunrise time, daylight talk because we will in the see sunshine today. fifty-three lancaster. forty-six mount pocono. 47 degrees in atlantic city. fifty in dover delaware. another chilly morning. we may even add a thunderstorm for good measure before the day is through. that is your friday planner. seven day forecast, brighter days ahead, bob kelly.
5:32 am
>> what did we did to mother nature to get her mad. she's really upset, yes, she is, exactly. good morning everybody. 5:32. good morning to you. come on it is friday, live look at broad and spring garden, right there is the example, this is out front with the carry the load tour coming through town and it is a steady, heavy rain, do in the wear your good shoes. it will be a bad hair day. that being said already some delays here on i-95. something is going on right here, everybody coming to a grinding halt here. we will have to move the camera. do you see that right here. this is north bound i-95 approaching academy road. so there is probably an accident or something here ahead of it. we will have move the camera around and check it out but southbound is okay but northbound we have a problem. here's a live look at 295, over in south jersey right here near wood crest station. again, just be careful. we will have have a uponning. it will take you longer to get there today then it did
5:33 am
yesterday. yesterday we had hit and miss. today is a steady rain all through the rush hour. watch for possible delays as well, at philly interest the national, if you inn ten to fly maybe go visit mom for mothers day this weekend. september, patco, new jersey transit, okay for now but watch it all of those platforms could be slippery. >> as bob just said wet weather can mean flooding. sabina you are crossing over bridge into new jersey. where are you now what do you see? >> reporter: all right. now we're on route 130. we just switched off of southbound, and we're heading north bound now, so, right now lets take a look. i have my trusty clicker here. we will switch to the roadway and it is still dark out and this creates a problem because like bob just talk about there is ponding, pooling on the roadways here and you cannot the see it because it is so dark out and rain is coming down heavily. we have wipers going on pretty fast. new we have in the run into any flooding, we have been looking for it, trust me. the right new all we see are
5:34 am
pools on the roadway here and there especially down on those valleys right before you go up the hill on the roadway. that is where we have to watch out because that is where water is all piling up. off to the side of the roadway, when we're pulling in the parking lot earlier and that water just kick right up because it is pooling on the side of the roadway. it kick right up in the side of the car and into our side mirrors too. also, luckily traffic is pretty light the but people out here we are seeing drivers passing slow moving vehicles, and everybody necessary why that is in the a good idea because when you pass something you are kicking up water in their windshield or running into their you are kicking up water in their windshield. that is in the the good for visibility. back out here again you can see route 130 we are hitting some lights. most people taking it pretty slowly. you can see roadways, soaking wet and that traffic picks up and you you can't to be careful because this rain is in the letting up.
5:35 am
>> be careful out there. pennsylvania state police, released a sketch of the man they say shot at a car on the blue route yesterday afternoon. it happened on 476 north bound, in west conshohocken. the authorities say that a man shot at the driver of the blue mitsubishi lancer, bullet went through the car door got lodged in the center console, the driver luckily not hurt. police say shooter was driving a cashing blue lincoln town car, the shooting was as a result of an apparent road rage incident. quick child maine lester jerry sandusky will get an appeals hearing. why granted his request for one yesterday and scheduled it for may 20th. sandusky's attorneys trying to prove claims that prosecutors lied, withheld evidence and leaked secret grand jury information to find more possible assault victims. former penn state assistant fat ball coach is serving as long as 60 years in prison for 45 counts of child sex abuse. also, a bomb shell allegation that the late penn state football coach joe paterno knew about claims of
5:36 am
sandusky's abuse as early as 1976. penn reports insurers in litigation with penn state university claim a boy told paterno sandusky molested him four decades ago. claim is mentioned in a court order by a philadelphia judge. report also claims that assistant coaches saw inappropriate contact between sandusky and other children in the 80's. spokesperson for paterno family says no evidence supports those claims. a employee attack on cam credit in 7-eleven. it happened wednesday night at 11:00 on the 3300 block of aramingo avenue. in the surveillance video watch and you'll see when the guy walks in the story starts attacking the clerk hitting him with the screwdriver. clerk reaches for a because ball bat to defend himself. bat got snatched out of his hand and started to attack him with his own bat. in the end he got way with two packs of cigarettes if you recognize him call police. in bucks county police searching for this man
5:37 am
robbed an acme on new falls road in levittown. he walk in the store pulled out a gun, demanded cash. man took off on a blue, black's white dirt bike. his helmet has bright multi colors feather or flames on the side of it. if you recognize him call the police. next up in sports phillies wrap up their series with the cardinals, last night, good pitching from the start, but could the offense hold up until the even. look outside lots of green on the radar sue serio has your forecast and boss has your roads coming up. ♪
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if morning i'm howard eskin. phillies have had good starting pig, bull pen surprisingly has done a good job but their offense is third worse in scoring rubs in major league baseball. phillies a had that problem again yesterday. lets go to st. louis. pitching was fine. jared eickoff gives up home run here. home run is in the bad but a bomb. 462 feet by brandon moss. one to nothing. seventh inning, with the score two to nothing st. louis and then it is steven biscotti, he doubles down left field line scoring two. it is four to nothing. in the ninth inning phillies man a rally. it is in the enough. it certainly is not enough with this play, steven biscotti makes a great catch in right field. st. louis wins four to nothing. johnny manziel made a place that he will see lots of the
5:41 am
next few years, the courtroom. manziel was asked by the judge to appear in the dallas county courtroom. judge released manziel no bail but judge told johnny free fall no contact with his girl friend which includes no calls, texts or social media. that is sports in a minute. i'm hours eskin. >> serious girl power here. professional softball play monica abbott becomes first woman in u.s. sports history to sign a contract worth 1 million. the one million-dollar deal will be spread over the life of a six year contract with the houston based scrap yard dogs. ab the on the is from santa cruz, she played on the u.s. women's team in the 20 on will olympics in beijing where she won a silver medal there. she threw a perfect game begins netherland. she has been in the league for nine seasons and her fast ball tops out at 77 miles an hour. she doesn't throw like a girl, um. still ahead a monumental looks for college graduates, the challenging, and rachel hall had to overcome before
5:42 am
she got, start that degree. are we go to go bob kelly. >> we are looking live at this jackknife tractor trailer, thinks on i-95, northbound, approaching academy road, police are not even on the the scene yet and that is causing a jammo on a friday morning we will have the rest of the details, sue has got forecast when we come right back. look at 'em!
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>> i love mom. look at that picture. i like that. thank you for send ago this in. who is next. sue serio you became a mother on this day, 19 years ago. >> 197, that is right, i first a lot of people think i was in philadelphia when i had my daughter. she was a baby. she was born in buffalo, new york there she is, first time i laid eyes on her back in the day. look at that. there we are right now. who has changed. >> she has. >> oh, nia, happy birthday. we will see you tomorrow. okay. now we are going to take a look at what is going on here, the thing about this rain is a lot of times you see rain moving from west to east.
5:46 am
that is not the case today. this is an on shore flow with the coastal storm and buckets of rain is expected, because of the added moisture from the ocean. so we will bureau from our severe weather. we do the not have severe weather, we will bureau this little will cone that we usually use for severe weather to she you rain that is starting in kent county, delaware heading toward dover, american marks middletown delaware and newark in delaware as well over the next, you know half an hour or so. you will see pockets of heavy rain moving in moderate flooding expect at times of high tide at the shore and
5:47 am
back bay flooding, following pretty soon after that. mid 50's, our temperature right now. 66 degrees, for tomorrow, and by sunday we should reach 70. we have some sunshine in the afternoon, and, then things warm up even more as we head toward middle of next week. we could get to 80 degrees by wednesday. bob kelly, what do you got. >> hi sue good morning everybody. 5:47. we have a problem on i-95 in northeast philadelphia we have a jackknife tractor trailer, this tractor trailer also involve in the accident but only, the far left lane, left shoulder getting on through. police are not even on the scene here yet. thermos likely stuck in the traffic delay, you get on at cottman you have to work up through construction zone before you get to this. so i-95, northbound, coming to a crawl here, as you approach academy road. here's another look at all of the headlights heading north bound, it is between cottman and academy, on that
5:48 am
northbound side. southbound you still have your typical morning rush her but heading north bound this morning, may want to use the roosevelt boulevard or jump off at cottman avenue and use state road that will take you up past the police academy, the fire academy, old fish hatcheries there and get back on i-95 and head north. watch for possible delays at philly international, not just in philadelphia but up and down the east coast here with this storm coming our way today, and then the travel times on the turnpike, westbound, bensalem over to will valley forge, 42, again, slower than normal and then you have got that heavy downpour riding in to work this morning. lauren back over to you. donald trump says he is focused on the general election and taking on rival hillary clinton but first he has to june any the republican part which ted cruz and john case being suspending their campaigns this week clearing way for trump with you getting backing of g.o.p. leaders will in the come easy. in an interview with cnn,
5:49 am
speaker of the house paul ryan says he does not have trumpes back just yet. >> will you support him. >> well, to be perfectly candid with you jake, i'm just not the ready to do that at this point. i hepp to though. i want to but i think what is required is that we group file this party. >> ryan is not len spokesperson recent lay announced neither former president bush, 41 or 43 plan to endorse donald trump but trump doesn't seem to have a problem with it at all. >> the war in iraq was perhaps the worst decision ever made in this country's history. it totally destabilized the middle east, total disaster and it was made by bush. i took jeb bourbon very hard he was very nasty to me. >> as far as running mate for trump in names have been officially announced. trump does says his potential running mate will be someone with political experience. walking across the stage to accept her diploma was
5:50 am
extra special for one temple student last night, rachel will hall walk across the stage to a roaring place, it was april last year when she was riding a i bike near temple campus when a car hit her. just a few weeks before graduation. impact damage her brain leaving her in a comb a she has been in rehab for past year. she told our very own shawnette wilson last week about our long recovery, learning how to walk and talk again. the she's still in rehab working on her balance and speech but she made enough progress that she wore her cap and gown and graduated from college. >> this weekend it the is all about celebrating moms and extraordinary dad took center stage in south philadelphia, it was fourth annual police athletic league father/doubt are dance. girls of all aging dressing up to spend a special evening with their favorite male role model. these girls lost their biological father sows they officers are standing in turf them an unforgettable experience.
5:51 am
>> i like officer joe lot. >> it means lot, they get to see how to interact and show them how a man is supposed to treat a woman. >> organizers say that the event gets bigger and bigger, every year. you did something similar last summer. >> i have been to that event before. i have done a lot with pal. that is within of the greatest nights. everybody is so happy, and they are dancing. bruce gordon did a good job with that story too. >> he sure did. >> coming up on "good day philadelphia" in about nine minutes, apparently you know justin beiber is performing saturday and sunday night here at the wells fargo center. apparently now he invites young ladies from the local area to get on stage with him. >> nice. >> so saturday and sunday night local kid will be up there dancing with him. i believe i have fund two of the girls and they will come in and kind of practice with us. >> i love it. >> i have got moves like beiber. >> of course. >> plus, this is something called the philly taco. >> yes. >> look at it. >> that is a cheese stake rolled up inside have of a big
5:52 am
piece of pizza. so three dude will come in on "good day philadelphia" and see who can eat it the fastest in about a four minute segment. >> chris murphy is in the here. >> we may have to have bob kelly do it. >> er we are getting ready for rio, yes, carli lloyd is in, world cup champion, olympic gold medalist, raining fifa player of the world and today she will be here on good day philadelphia new jersey native carli lloyd will join us here on the program as we get ready for rio olympics. should i ask her because she has been injured, you know, serious question with the zika virus in brazil does she have concern i saw that a olympic golfer has back out, hope solo the goalie for the team, she's considering not going. >> you know how competitive carli is. maybe beyonce will be like i don't know. >> that is right good she's engaged now. >> maybe he will be with her. >> we will see you.
5:53 am
>> is there so much i better get backup stairs. >> eight minutes away. >> and still ahead, plus green space, in place for decade in one city neighborhood could get wiped out. the what is threatening a community garden and fight to save it all.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
west fill neighborhood could lose a community guard up that has been important part for 20 years now. garden on saint where needer street was transformed from a vacant lieutenant to the vibrant green space in the 1980's. the since then it is a focal point and meeting place in, three weeks the property is going up for sheriff's sale. >> they grow all kind of food here. everybody is respectable. kid come here. they sometimes have, school trips to come through to see what the community is doing in terms of some of the community vibrant and being green. >> janey blackwell says her office is working with the city right the new to save the garden. they are trying to postpone the sheriff's sale until they can come up with a permanent solution to preserve that historical property. next up, on good day a new bomb shell in the wake of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. what a new report says about coach joe paterno and his involvement in covering up the
5:57 am
crime. a case of road rage on one of our busiest local highways end in gunfire. whom police wants you to be on the look out for this morning. take a look at our radar, that is a live look, lots of green, sue is tracking your forecast, bob has your traffic, mike and alex are up next.
5:58 am
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stop raining. this week was a wash out. now will the weekend be a wash out. as my mom used to say for mothers day stop raining. >> your mom used to say that. >> yes. >> shots fired, blue steel on the blue route. shots fired in the car. where the bullet ended up and more on the man police are looking for this morning. >> we will wait around until we get this ready. it is a blue car, luckily. nobody got hurt but this is dangerous. now cops are looking for the guy who shot from a town car. and, tonight the any lion lying, when did joe snow in shocking revelation about the penn state sex abuse scandal, when a why said joe paterno was first alerted, to potential sexual abuse by form's assistant coach jerry sandusky. been a long time ago. good day everybody. it is may sixth, 2016. we end the


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