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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  May 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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stop raining. this week was a wash out. now will the weekend be a wash out. as my mom used to say for mothers day stop raining. >> your mom used to say that. >> yes. >> shots fired, blue steel on the blue route. shots fired in the car. where the bullet ended up and more on the man police are looking for this morning. >> we will wait around until we get this ready. it is a blue car, luckily. nobody got hurt but this is dangerous. now cops are looking for the guy who shot from a town car. and, tonight the any lion lying, when did joe snow in shocking revelation about the penn state sex abuse scandal, when a why said joe paterno was first alerted, to potential sexual abuse by form's assistant coach jerry sandusky. been a long time ago. good day everybody. it is may sixth, 2016. we end the week as we began
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the week with rain, rain, rain. it better in the be raining mothers day or moms will get their hats wet. >> all right. >> right. >> right. >> speaking of mothers day send in a picture of your mother. what will you do with your mom this sunday. what is the #. >> fox 29 good day. >> you have to use it the so we can see it. >> this morning we are doing something called the pour patrol. if it is pouring, let us necessity right now. >> we will look at radar and see if we can pinpoint the pour. >> we have only got three out of ten today. p-o-u-r or p-o-r-e. >> temperatures in the 40's or 50's right now, bus stop buddy has full rain gear on. we are not fooling around. this is heavy rain, anyplace you see orange or yellow that is where we will see heavy downpours, many in kent and new castle county in delaware. it is pouring in delco, central, montgomery and bucks
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county, part of the berks county, eastern part getting heavy rain and it looks like jersey shore is about to get that heavy rain as well. the it is raining but worse in other places. 51 degrees right the now, we had sunrise five minutes ago at 5:55. fifty-one in allentown, 54 in reading. fifty-one in wilmington. the don't expect these temperatures to move much. we stay in the 50's all day licensing. we could throw in a then are storm for good measure. out of the all of the rainy days in may and it has been five of them, this will probably be the most rainy. >> rainy of all rainy days we have had. six will 02. what a mess ahead of you here on i-95. all lanes are new you block with this jackknife tractor trailer, this is i-95, northbound, approaching academy road, now they had only the within lane squeezing on by, philly fire fighters, probably engine 33, engine 52 pulling up to the scene here.
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lets go to the penndot camera, which is looking at the closure point. again, north bound lanes of i-95 closed right now, approaching academy road. so getting ready to leave center city, northeast philadelphia, trying to get above cottman avenue your best betties either jump off at bridge street and then follow tacony taking you up past arsenal, stick up to tacony up past police academy and fire academy and get back on i the 95 at academy road. here's an example of 295 in south jersey. our entire viewing area getting poured on this morning. not like the other day where we had a little drizzle, it is a steady heavy rain all morning long. look for delays at philly international. mike and alex, back over to you, lets roll over the delaware val which our mobile car. sabina is in there. it is scary for me when it is raining this hardies getting a cross the bridge. >> she's on pour patrol. >> that is right, where are you?
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>> reporter: good morning, guys. all right. we have worked out just well. we are going over ben franklin right now, and right new we are trying to merge, and flip over and see if we can get this picture, there we go we're here on the bridge. the it is covered in water. now i wish i could zoom in and out but we have a wide picture here to take a look these cars on the bridge. first of all rain coming down hard, the cars in front of you are kicking up water heavy on the roadway and hitting your windshield. we have wipers going fast here. it is starting to get light out. that is a good thing. now you can sea water on the roadways and see where it is pouring up. earlier i was seeing cars driving down the road and didn't sea water in front of them until water splashed up on the sideways. when that happens it its your windshield, your neighbor's windshield. you want to be careful what a view. visibility is not so great. we have so much included cover and rain is coming down hard. of course, you can see pretty
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much light traffic here. that is so early stages right new but you can see these road are really slick and of course you know when you are on the bridge that is pretty scary so take it slow, back to you. >> sabina on pour patrol. if it is pouring in your area and sue will be saying it is pouring she will get where you are and we will get her a booster seat. >> 6:05. pennsylvania state the police have released a sketch of the man they say shot at a car the blue route yesterday afternoon. it happened on 476, north bound, west conshohocken. authorities say that this man shot at the driver have the blue mitsubishi lancer. the bullet went through the car door and got lodged in the center console. the driver was not hurt. police say that the shooter was driving a dark blue lincoln town car and shooting was as a result of the apparent road rage incident. >> watch out for that guy. a man is gun down in camden last night. the listen to this. as he was a tending a viewing for his grandmother. the shooting happened around
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7:00 last night at the may funeral home near south fourth and walnut streets in camden. according to the courier post the newspaper the victim was 22-year old beyond than vasquez, the shooter, has been arrested. woman is taken to the hospital overnight after being attacked by a pit bull, it happened just after midnight in north philadelphia along 39200 block of north american street. police shot the dog so it would release the woman. the woman has injuries to her legs and her arms. by the way the dog did die. well, bomb shell allegations surrounding penn state sex abuse scandal a new report says late football coach joe paterno knew about claims of the jerry sandusky sexual abuse as early as 1979. pen report insurancers in litigation with penn state university, they claim a boy told paterno that sandusky molested him four decade ago. claim was mentioned in a court order by a philadelphia judge. report also claims that
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assistant coaches saw inappropriate contact between sandusky and other children in the 1980's. paterno family says in evidence supports those claims. meanwhile judge has granted jury sandusky's request for an appeals hearing. the it is scheduled for may 20th. sandusky's attorneys trying to prove claims that prosecutors lied, withheld evidence and leaked secret grand jury information, all to find more possible assault information. former penn state assistant football coach is serving 60 years in prison for 45 counts of child sexual abuse. >> he will get another hearing. well, clock is ticking on atlantic city as you know, how long governor christie says atlantic city has left before it runs out of money. an update on the potential whereabouts of an escaped prisoner in new jersey, why police say resident should remain on alert. we have a weather alert this morning. look at that heavy rain,
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moving into our area especially from the south, a atlantic city getting hit hard too. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy.
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ it is a rainy friday morning. governor chris christie says clock is particular nothing atlantic city as money that could run out in a matter of days. >> stay lawmakers have not come tina agreement on a bill to solve the cities financial crisis. assembly speaker vincent preto
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canceled a bill yesterday on the bill that gives atlantic city two years on get its finances in order before a state take over. governor chris christie want a plan to get a state take over much faster, and warning that time and money, it will soon run out. >> it is preferable to kick the can down the road, yes. not preferred, but preferable, to the alternative which is writing more checks on the backs of the people of the state of new jersey, yeah, that is preferable. >> governor said atlantic city will be broke in eight days. 6:11. they just can't seem to come together how head of the republican national committee is hoping to unify the party, after house speaker paul ryan says he at this time cannot support donald trump. >> not yet. >> bob kelly. >> good morning everybody. 6:11. we have a shut down of route 55 in south jersey, a nasty accident, we are looking at close another point at 42 freeway, ramps to 55 are
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closed, we have a jackknife tractor trailer on i-95 and two more accidents on the turnpike, we will have details coming up neck, mike, back over to you. happy mothers day this sunday. >> beautiful picture. >> this is from heather redfern my mom linda and maine through the year. >> heather over at septa use that #fox 29 good day. without that #we cannot put them up.
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normally when we show you rain and way it has been when it rain every other day the is moving from west to east. that is not is what happening here. hot thinks a coastal storm so the flow is an on shore flow, and meaning that the rain is moving in off the ocean. that is where the storm is, so that is why we have put those arrows there so, for instance, there is a heavy downpour that we have seen in the ocean, and that should make its way to atlantic city by 6:54 this morning if that holds together. and we will of course keep an eye on it. we will see a lot of this yellow here in charleston, chester county, west goshen, not too far from west chester, chadds ford is getting an heavy downpour as well. we will move further to the south, we will see heavy rain from dover, down through seaford delaware and delaware beaches especially bethenny and rehoboth getting heavy rain. now we will see heavy rain starting to build up in cape
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may. move to the north it looks like that one downpour has moved out of allentown and moved toward the north east and then continues to rain very heavily in the lehigh valley. now because of this morning's rain, by evening high tied, which is along the ocean is seven to 9:30 we will see some moderate tidal flooding in the back bays especially. back bays, high tides are after the ocean high tied. so this kessal flood warning that you see here where darker green is in effect until 1:00 in the morning saturday ape coastal flood advisory for probably, flooding that is not as bad is also in effect until 2:00 in the morning on saturday. high tide along the oceanfront 7:30 to 9:00 tonight. minor to moderate flooding expect, some road could be closed as a result. we will get an extra inch of rain or more out of this coast willal storm that we're seeing. the worst of it is happening right now, during the morning rush hour. temperatures are still chilly
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in the 50's and we don't expect them to move at all today, 54 degrees for a high temperature, possibility of a thunderstorm. tomorrow showers will still be aroundes special lit in the early part of the day. we could eke out some sunshine and get to 66 degrees, looking better for mothers day maybe a shower or two early, and then sunshine taking us to 70 degrees, in the afternoon. definitely sunday is your better weather day. >> well, that is good for moms out there but not good for moms or dad heading out of the front door right now a lot of stuff going down here. here's a live look the at i-95 northbound jackknife tractor trailer, this is northbound approaching academy road. look at the jammo here, as folks trying to get on, here's one of the emergency vehicles, trying to get on at cottman avenue, cannot even make it. they have to sit through the delay and this is tough part with the construction. they don't have any shoulders in the construction zone so
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they have emergency crew that is can't make it up to the accident scene. so i-95 instead of using it going north bound jump off at bridge street here and take tacony street and work yourself through neighborhood, wissonoming, you'll past the police academy and get back on i-95 at linden. the here's the 492 freeway the ramp to 55 is blocked, a nasty accident, 55 is closed, southbound, from the freeway the accident is right there in front of the deptford mall. stay with 42 and get down to the next exit blackwood clementon road and work your way back in there. two separate accidents, almost the same spot as yesterday, and i wand fur they did change is here. we have had all these accidents on the extension but southbound, between quakertown and lansdale, two separate accidents in that actual construction zone and another accident southbound on the turnpike at exit number eight. mike and alex, back over to
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you. sabina is heading to that accident in department for. this guy still on the loose, folks, state police on guard in south jersey at schools for a third day this morning as that he is scooped convict, he is a convicted killer as a matter on have fact from years ago. he remains at large. he is still out there. >> authorities believe arthur buck le has left barnegat area but they remain cautious just in case. he has been on the run since tuesday when he slipped out of the bay side state prison in hammington township. people in the area being urged to stay a leather and keep their doors locked. >> there was a certain amount of tension. difficult, in fact go survey my own home when i came home. i came home earlier from work just because of the nature of what wassing on. >> it is nerve racking for the whole neighborhood and the town. >> there he is, as you you know, he was spotted tuesday morning on surveillance video here shopping at a local cvs. buckle was going to be considered for parole, later
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this month, i guess he should have waited. 6:20 almost. donald trump is focusing on the general election now that he is nominee for the republican party, as they say presumptive nominee. >> yes, his first task uniting party behind him which may be difficult after this comment from house speaker paul ryan yesterday. >> will you support him? >> well, to be perfectly candid with you jake, i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. i hope to though. i want to. but i think what is required is we unify this party. >> speaker ryan is not alone, spokesperson recently announce that had neither former president bush, 41 or 43 plan to endorse donald trump if he gets nominated. also heard mitt romney will not even go to the convention in cleveland. trump responded with a statement firing back at ryan saying he is quote not ready to support ryan's agenda as the party leader.
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>> he also pointed out that he is convinced people to change their mind on people supporting him before the general election. >> by the way a lot of these, mr. thrum seven, i admire you greatly sir. so now it has really caught on and everyone is happy. >> he is talking to miners in west virginia where that video came from republican party char rince prebus who has talk to ryan and trump, set up a meeting between the two of them. they will hash out their differences. we will see how you that goes in the next couple of days. a cowardly act find out which former eagle is criticizing sam bradford over his demand ton traded. >> he called sam a coward? lottery numbers. we have a big pur ball tomorrow night. that is for sure. half billion dollars.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. phillies have had good starting pitching and bull pen surprisingly has done a good job but their offence is third worst in scoring runs in mlb. phillies had that problem yesterday. lets get to st. louis first inning against jared eickoff, my gosh. that is brandon moss. 462 feet. it is one to nothing st. louis. with the score still one to nothing peter borges has a man on first and third and thinks worst thing that can happen.
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a double play. still one to nothing. with the score four to nothing, in the ninth inning, steven biscotti is the right fielder, and his two runners on for phillies. not that it would have made a difference. he makes a great catch. st. louis wins four to nothing over phillies. johnny manziel made to it a place he will see lots of over the next few years and that is a courtroom. manziel was asked to appear in the dallas county courtroom. judge released manziel with no bail you but told him no contact with his girlfriend which includes no calls, texting or social media. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. 6:25. sam bradford is still not at eagles voluntary work outs. he continues to be criticized for it. >> now a former player you a all know very well, who knows a thing or two about holding out in philadelphia, he is weighing in. here's what terrell owens to had to say about sam's refusing to slow up to camp. >> not a great move for sam to want to request a trade being
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that they were getting a number one pick, yeah. for me, that is kind of a sign of a coward to be honest. >> right. >> but again, if you are not secure in your abilities it shouldn't matter who they are drafting or who is coming in. >> you know what he is saying in that case? >> shots. >> fired. >> and, shade and everything else. my gosh. >> so, the statement was going a along fine and then coward word came out. no response from sam bradford as of yet. >> he is not really here to see it. >> well, he has a phone and tv. 6:26. woman accused of kidnapping a baby a at king of prussia mall appears in court with the child's mother, what happened that led to the mom walking out of the court. when does penn state coach joe paterno first know about jerry sandusky sex abuse claims? new bomb shell report from the philadelphia judge, suggest it may have been decade sooner then we first thought. hey, show us a picture of your mom, what do you say,
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hello mom, anthony sent that in. ant. >> anthony probably. >> she and her children. >> yes. >> annmarie smith, she would be 89 years old this summer. >> sense of humor for sure. >> keep sending them n by the way the #is fox 29 good day. >> our mobile units are coming in, the pour patrol. right now, cherry hill, heading down the shore. hopefully there won't be any flooding. we will go out, and find out.
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new hershey and reese's snack mix, with chocolate, nuts and pretzels. it's snack justice. a rainy end to the week. we are looking live a at sea isle city and this radar. look at all that green. sue serio will tell us when we will get some sun. >> and does it still exist. >> do you see this car? shot up yesterday. shots fired on one of the busiest highways, the blue route, up in this morning on the guy they are looking for. guy that shot at that car yesterday. if you would have told me this, i just, i just hard for me to believe. >> emotional good bye for a man who dedicated his life to protecting these who can't protect himself. how they are honoring long time law enforcement director george bengal. >> good day, it is may the sixth, 2016. we are asking for pictures for
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your mommas we look at rain coming down. send them on to this #, fox 29 good day. >> you have to do that so we can show it on tv. we have great pictures already. >> here's sue. >> i'm preparing a post with a good picture of my mother but i'm watching how ultimate doppler is lighting up just over past hour. you can see more yellow, orange here indicating heavier downpours. we told you coastal storm would be coming through. that is why you see everything moving from the ocean on shore, because we're getting worst of it right now. we will need that rain gear. maybe put off your trip a bit things will calm down somewhat but we will zoom in on one neighborhood here chester county east marlboro west bradford, you are getting very heavy rain right now. we will go more in depth next time. the bus stop buddy has full gear on, rain gear, temperatures in the 40's and 50's and it is chilly out there our temperature in philadelphia is 51 degrees, it the will not move much
6:32 am
throughout the day because of the continued rain, and the continued cloud cover. so here it is, all day licensing just getting up to maybe 54 degrees. we may get a thunderstorm or two. but we will continue to watch radar and get ready for lots of puddles bob kelly today. >> we have a lot of stuff going on in this last half an hour, i think everybody got out and didn't respect what mother nature is serving up for breakfast. here we go northbound lanes of i-95 a jackknife tractor trailer looking close it looks like two u.s. postal tractor trailers, this guy here, sideways, and only the far left hain getting on through so leaving the house, heading north on i-95 jump off at bridge street. don't go any further then bridge because it is a major backup. use tacony to take you up through neighborhoods. here's a live look at an accident scene southbound lanes of route 55 are closed. because of a faith willal accident investigation just south of the 42 freeway. we have a road buckle up here route 130 north bound closed
6:33 am
at columbus, an accident south on the new jersey turnpike, at exit number eight and two separate accidents on the northeast extension, almost in that same area, that we had big mess yesterday. i'm wondering if they have change up the construction pattern there but southbound, two separate crashes between quakertown and lansdale, and with the weather today we're most likely going to see delays at philly international. we sent her out for coffee and she said she doesn't have any money, we are calling her the poor patrol or is she covering rain. is a bean, how are you doing out there. >> reporter: that is mean i'll bring you coffee next time. lets lot the at roadway here we are southbound, shore bound. we are taking a local road. we went right through heart of the had on field, and heading down toward the shore. it is actually not so bad right now. the rain has tapered off a little bit. we are in the lull right now. we still have wipers going but
6:34 am
the roads, of course, still pretty wet out here. traffic is heading towards the shore, we will go in the opposite of rush hour, a little bit lighter right now that the roads are so pretty, pretty wet, so we are taking it the slow, heading down the shore. we are hearing there might be flooding now or later down at the coast. we are heading over to maybe atlantic city to see how things are down there we know they have had it pretty rough when we get weather like this one thing we are seeing a lot of no matter where wearies that water buying up in little pools. either on the road or on the side of the road, so works, when that water piles up, you go through and it splashes right up close to the windshield but we are headed down here and way better then it was over the bridge earlier when we were showing you over the bridge. that was a little better right new here on route 141. back to you. >> nice job. by the way, perspective of that camera looks like it is going 150 miles an hour. the she's not, she's doing 35.
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a bomb shell allegation surrounding the penn state sex abuse scandal. a new report says late football coach joe paterno, did know about claims of jerry sandusky's sexual abuse as early as, listen to this, 1976 his side says no way. pen reports that insurance companies who are in litigation with penn state university, claim a boy, a young boy told paterno himself that jerry sandusky molested him four decade ago 1976. the claim is mentioned in a court order by a philadelphia judge. the report claims assistant coaches saw inappropriate contact between jerry sandusky and other children in 1988 and 89. spokesperson for the paterno family says in way, no evidence supports those claims. we will stay on it. now developing this morning the search for a gunman after a frightening case of road rage.
6:36 am
>> an argument between two drivers on the blue route end when one of them fires a shot outside his side window into the car next to him. steve keeley is on this. state troopers, looking for this guy, steve? >> reporter: technically driving doesn't sound so bad when you compared to shooting and, driving, does it. this happened just before 3:00 e the police here at belmont barracks rush right over to 476 where it runs through west conshohocken. they got a call from the 26 year-old guy driving this mitsubishi blue lancer here, now with the big bullet hole right through the passenger door right beneath the mirror. bullet then lodged in the center console lucky for him before it could hit the driver. right before 3:00 o'clock is when drivers on that highway before it gets backup and goes bumper to bumper. they are usually doing 60 miles an hour often, a lot faster on the blue route, going through west conshohocken right there and so who despite the tinted windows on both cars, police didn't say, and i don't know if they were asked if both or
6:37 am
one of the drivers windows were down while they were going back and forth, with this road rage case, they may have been yelling at each other, making those famous one fingered hand gestures. somehow the driver of the car, that hat got shot the at got a good enough look at the gun and other driver to describe him to the state police sketch artist here. police report that the guy is 40 to 50 years old, wearing a flat brim unlabeled baseball hat. here is, pennsylvania state trooper corporal clayton talking in proper police speak referring to the shooter in this case as the actor. the actor rolled his window down, drew a semiautomatic weapon with his right-hand and shot at the victim. so, he should not have any piercings to his window. he shot from the vehicle and just kept going and fled the scene. fortunately the way his vehicle is could be figure the center console stopped that
6:38 am
ramp from striking him. if the vehicle wasn't configured in such a war where center console would prevent that rounding from go through the victim would have been struck and could have possibly been kill. we are dealing with someone who needs to be taken off the streets. >> reporter: shooter's car looks like a common car service limousine service cars, one of those dark, lincoln town cars and it has dark blue color and tinted window. the victim must have been getting tailgated because he got a a real good look at the front grill to point out that the lincoln emblem in the front has a read back ground and state troopers did research and said that is a a rare occurrence to have a read back ground on lincoln town car emblem. that is biggest distinction with this car, other than the guy, who looks very menace nothing that mug shot driving it behind the wheel, with a loaded gun. >> the guy driving that car
6:39 am
didn't have a center console like that, you would have been shot the in the leg for sure. >> amazing. >> 6:39. >> woman accused of kidnapping a seven week old baby from the king of prussia mall goes before a montgomery county judge. >> yes, watch security footage here. it was played in court yesterday of cherri amore more leaving the mall with a sir simmons march the 29th. prosecutors say she abduct this baby from the mall's food court last march. then took him, to an apartment, and amore more cried during the hearing, and left court without saying anything to us. she previously told detectives that she had a suffered a miscarriage and was distraught over the loss of a child. >> it is opened and closed as to what happened. what is not closed is why it happened. >> cherri amoore is currently receiving counseling, the baby's mother was also in the courtroom but left when the
6:40 am
mall surveillance footage was played. she just could not take it. cherri a moore will be arraigned june between the second. a man who has championed our four legal friend is giving a voice to the voiceless to say good bye to a storied career the in the humane enforcement. >> we love this guy. he has been on our show many times. yesterday the pennsylvania spca, threw a party for its long time humane law enforcement director george bengal. doctors have diagnosed him with terminal cancer, and from the bitter cold, to sweltering heat, george and his team have saved thousands of animals, and brought countless criminals to justice. well wishers have been flooding him with tweets and e-mails and letters, from around the world. >> for me, it is a thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all of the support that
6:41 am
people have been giving me. it is amazing. i would have never thought, when i see e-mails and letters, you know, tweets and everything coming in from all over the united states and actually overseas. if you would have told me this, i just it is hard for me to believe. >> p spca has just established the george bengal fund to end animal cruelty. carry on his mission of protecting animals and preventing cruelty throughout pennsylvania. >> he is getting messages around the world. his show on animal planet and national geographic, that was seen aren't the world and on for two or three years. george, we're thinking bit. we will have you in. it is a day she almost didn't live to see, hear the ovation, and the screams for this local college graduate, there she is, rachel hall. we will take you back to the liacouras center yesterday. >> a few events will melt your a heart like this one, fathers and daughters coming together to share a special night here
6:42 am
in philadelphia how some opened their hearts to complete strangers. and send pictures of your mom. there is a nice one. >> from ed, best mom ever this one is from michelle, they look like twins. my mom, my best friend, everything. >> that is sheila. >> all right. >> and shade, happy mothers day to my mom tracie. >> use the #fox 29 good day. now we have some orange, just to the west of wilmington, heading in to hockessin. >> hockessin like i said. look at west bradford. wand fur sam lives there. >> i doubt it.
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updating that accident than route 55, we have confirmation it is a fatal accident. there is a one vehicle crash, car went off the roadway and into the the woods. thinks a live look at 42 freeway, ramps to 55 south are
6:46 am
block. even school buses here are forced to stay on 42 and go down to that next exit. the accident scene is right here near the deptford mall off ramp from route 55. and again, an example here, just to pass along we have a heavy downpour and a ton of accidents all morning long, that was a single vehicle crash that turned into a fatal accident, here's a jackknife tractor trailer, that had 95 closed right now, this is 95 northbound, approaching academy road, and folks have been stuck out here, for well over an hour and we are just bumper to bumper a parking lot from pretty much bridge street all the way up to cottman and then north of there in the accident scene. if you typically head north this morning avoid i-95, work your way through the neighborhood, use roosevelt boulevard, or, if you jump off at bridge street and just follow, that tacony street it runs past the frankford arsenal, it will take you up past police academy and then
6:47 am
get back on i-95 at academy road. south on the new jersey turnpike, an accident at exit number eight, we have had two separate accidents on the extension, southbound, between quakertown, and the lansdale interchange. we have a heavy town pour, again, give yourself some extra time. more importantly some extra wiggle room and keep that speed down, when is mother nature going to turn this spigot off. sue will have the answer in 15 seconds. there we are getting the worst of what we will get. we will see ultimate doppler radar lighting up with orange and yellow indicating heavier downpours from sussex county delaware all the way up to the lehigh valley and we will zoom into some neighborhoods here to show you where it is particularly heavy this rain.
6:48 am
the as we mentioned earlier hockessin delaware, avondale in chester county, pennsylvania, parkesburg in chester county we are getting heavy downpours as well, bridgeville, delaware, seaford delaware, georgetown in sussex county as well as milton very heavy rain right now. we will move up to the lehigh valley, allentown, bethlehem, bath, up to bush kill which we will show you in the pocono mountains and here in atlantic city, brigantine, very heavy rain, a lot of ponding, we have to watch out for those flooded roadways, bob has been telling you, take your time, allow plenty of time this morning, maryland rate flooding for times of high tides this evening between 7:30 and nine at the shore. some road closures are expect so that is how the rain is, this will be the worst of the rainy days in which we had every single day we had rain but this is definitely the heaviest. they have lingered those showers until tomorrow morning, but we will probably she some sun in the afternoon. maybe a shower very early on
6:49 am
mothers day but definitely sunday is better weather day of the weekend and by middle of the next week we will warm up, mike and alex to about 80 degrees. >> it will get better. >> sue, have you been listening and watching about this alberta canada fire. >> i wish we could give them some of our rain. >> they need rain. >> look at this. i don't think i have ever seen anything like. that these are cars, that are being evacuated, they are driving through flames with their children and families in this vehicle. that was a shot in space. it is so big astronauts on the space station can see this fire in alberta raging for days and now they are trying to evacuate 90,000 people through the flames a lot from the area yesterday but now, because of the the thick smoke and flames they cannot get helicopter in so they have to take them out in trucks and cars. >> we're also thinking of the 1100 fire fighters trying to combat this. they have 145 helicopters,
6:50 am
often equipment, trying to get this under control. >> imagine your family going through that. >> driving through that. >> my god. >> about 8,000 people were air lifted yesterday out of this. >> that is nuts. >> trying to get more people out today. >> again 90,000 people they have to get out, probably 50,000 in cars today. wilmington delaware, it would be about 90 percent of the entire town of wilmington delaware out through these flames. >> we. >> i have never seen anything like it. >> 6:50. now to a new bomb shell involving joe paterno in the jerry san bus difficult sex abuse case. >> when was joe pa told about the at boost? lauren johnson, what are you hearing? this goes back to an investigation by an insurance company. >> reporter: issue is when late penn state football coach knew about the the claims of the abuse, as early as 1979. pen report insurance companies in litigation with penn state university claim a boy, told paterno sandusky
6:51 am
molested him four decades ago. the claim is mentioned in a court order, by a philadelphia why. report also claims a cysttent coaches saw in a prep eighth contact between sandusky, and other children, this happening in the 1980's. the spokesperson for paterno family says no evidence, supports those claims. meanwhile, quick child maine lester jerry sandusky will get an appeals hearing. judge granted that request yesterday. the hearing is scheduled for may 20th. sandusky's attorneys trying to prove claims that the, prosecutors lied, withheld evidence, leak secret grand jury information, all of that in an effort to find, more possible assault victims. the former penn state assistant football coach is serving as long as 60 years in prison for 45 counts of child sex abuse, mike and alex. >> i will be darned he will get another hearing. all right, lauren. we will there been when it happens in june. 6:51. well, fathers and daughters, whether they were really biological fathers and daughters coming together to share a special night.
6:52 am
this is one of my favorite events by the police athletic league. the it happens every year. this is the fourth time. we will take through. we're taking a live look at our pour patrol car here, this is white horse pike, in somerdale, new jersey.
6:53 am
6:54 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. it happened. hi everybody. >> hi. >> 6:54. the big moment that i have been waiting for, for over a year now and so has she, one temple graduate to walk across the stage yesterday, to accept her diploma. rachel hall, congratulations, rachel. >> this had to be really special. she received, you heard
6:55 am
everybody, as she walk across the stage she hads been in rehab after a hit and run accident near campus almost took her life. she's still in rehab working on her balance and speech but she made enough progress where she was proudly able to wear a cap and gown and graduate from college and get a diploma and walk across the stage. nicely done. a cool thing that happens, every year, thinks the fourth year. extraordinary dads took center stage last night in south philadelphia. >> it is no the just about the dads here. >> so this was as you said fourth annual police athletic league father/daughter dance. girls dressed up and spent a special evening were not just some had fathers there but had their favorite male role models. everyone had a father. some lost their biological fathers. others are just not present in their lives. these officers they are saying, they are giving them an unforgettable night. >> yes. >> unaudible. >> i like officer joe a lot.
6:56 am
>> it means a lot because they see me how i interact and shows how a man is supposed to treat a woman. >> gets bigger every year. >> just so beautiful. >> it is so true. when you are a little girl your father is your first relationship with a map and that is how you set the tone for the rest of your life. wonderful they are doing this and standing in and hearing some of their stories, you know, fathers passed away or not present but to have that role models, someone to call dad, it is beautiful. >> anybody can i am pregnant somebody but it takes a real mad to be a dad. >> i got that from bruce gordon. >> yes. >> okay, bruce gordon, laying down the law. >> are your kids getting ready for this tomorrow night. >> are you ready, mike is that the question. >> i believe i have a fever. >> i had a fever. >> did you have beiber fever yesterday good that is what it was. >> he will be in town tomorrow night and sunday night and he is asking in different cities for young woman to dance on stage, have you heard about this young ladies.
6:57 am
>> it is just women. >> i don't think guys have gone up to dance? i believe i have found two philadelphia young ladies who are going to be there tomorrow night, be there with beiber. >> oh good they are on our show today. look at the radar new tracking the rain, let's zoom in, east bradford, london grove getting hit hard. they have got orange. we will keep an eye on it. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
a soggy start heading in the weekend. how long this rain is sticking around, again, will this ruin your mothers day plans. oh, mother. and what did you know, joe? the new allegations surrounding the jerry sandusky sex abuse case. did joe paterno know about the abuse, way back in the 70's? and who is responsible? a teenage girl falls out of the center city building, landing on another woman, the teen dies. woman injured. but now both sides are heading to court. we are kicking it with carli. world cup star, olympic star, carli lloyd, joining us live on "good day philadelphia". what is the best


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