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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 7, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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happening right now, we're all tired of hearing it, right, but the rain is still falling believe it or not. it seems like forever since we have seen the sun. heaviest rain is finally starting to move out but this coastal system which is just hung around all day has left a mess in some areas. hopefully this means we will have a lot of beautiful may flowers. >> let's hope. >> evening evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. more than an inch of rain has fallen. when is it going to stop? >> hopefully soon meteorologist dave warren here to tell us if you need to change any of these weekend plans. >> not soon enough. you might want to just wait till sunday. we could see a little more sunshine. tomorrow certainly not like today. we had very heavy rain this morning and it is just spinning now. it's like doesn't want to leave. it's just spinning right over the delmarva here so we're continuing to see showers off and on. i'm not expecting it to be as heavy as it was this morning however we have to keep these showers in the forecast
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throughout night tonight. off and on showers there's one little heavier spot here this is right near upper merion right near the king of prussia mall here see there's the turnpike. there's the schuylkill expressway. it is moving west. so right towards phoenixville and areas in chester counsel tie to see brief heavier shower moving through. last two hours it's right there through montgomery county. off and on showers elsewhere computer forecast now picks up this rain. currently and doesn't quite clear everything out over night tonight. notice it's not a steady area of heavy rain but off and on showers continue tonight. continue tomorrow morning. maybe we'll start to see little more sunshine there tomorrow afternoon. but a big change in store for sunday. that's when we can finally get rid of all this rain. i'll show you what it means for our temperatures. that's coming up later in the seven day forecast. we are all banking on seeing some sunshine this weekend. >> it seems like everyone is getting little bit stir crazy being stuck inside during all this wet weather. let's get out to brad sattin who's is live in manayunk tonight. are people out, brad? >> reporter: they're out but
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they're not staying out very long. i think it's stave to say. this is not what mom needs, of course, for mother's day going into mother's day weekend. yeah, to answer your question they're out but not staying out. most of the patios here in manayunk kind of empty. in fact we know spruce street, harbor park, they have their big weekend celebrations supposed to kick off tonight on columbus boulevard. that in fact has been postponed until tomorrow because of the weather and then there's the issue of flooding problems we heard earlier along kelly drive and big problems earlier on the boulevard. april showers this year apparently bring may showers not that the mayor flowers aren't out, too. they're just busy soaking in the rain awaiting mother' days. flowers and farmers aside most of us will agree it's weather misery. 10 days now of rain clouds mostly clouds and, yes, tomorrow will be day 11. >> his they will week has been really rainy and gloomy. >> doesn't exactly make for busy night for lauren crosby selling water ice and ice cream at khloe's corner in manayunk.
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three sales in two hours. >> it's raining outside nobody is coming in. >> reporter: how are you passing the night. >> i'm just sitting on my computer playing games. >> reporter: certainly an ugly friday night. >> just cold. cold rain. >> down in center city there was a lot of flooding crossing of the streets and stuff. >> reporter: worst flood on the boulevard misery for the friday rush hour the northbound inner lane between welsh road and red lion was closed for hours. then all northbound traffic detoured off the boulevard because of flooding. crews with the philadelphia water department trying to pump the water from the inner lanes to the outer and then literally plowing the water away. it was not fast. on top of that so much debris made its way into the sewer system crews had to dig out the slop. what a mess. if your friends from other parts of country are you being it so are mine. this friend post add picture of her kids swimming outside. it's 92 degrees. where you ask? would you believe minnesota? that is certainly hard to believe for
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sure. of course, last sunday was the 10-mile broad street run. we have race for the cure this weekend on sunday. hopefully better weather. chris, i'll send it back to you. you and i worked together in minnesota hard to believe it's, what, 35 or 40 degrees than it was here today. >> i'll take this date of the week, brad. take a live look in allentown. stay ahead of our weather by downloading the fox 29 news app. you can see the latest forecasts, the radar at the touch of a button you can get it on i tunes or google play. a sink hole in montgomery kuhn county leading to some traffic detours tonight. section of route 23 in upper merion is closed in both directions and it may not be a quick fix. >> repairs could take all weekend. let's get right out to jennifer joyce. jenn, how did this all happen? >> reporter: i talked to penndot earlier tonight and they said they really don't know for sure. but as you can see, they are out here workin working to fix and r this sink hole. penndot is hoping to have this
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stretch of route 23 reopened by rush hour monday morning. it is a heavily traveled road that's now closed between sweet land road and mccoy's lane for these emergency repairs. the sink hole was discovered late this afternoon. the road was initially shut down by upper merion police. getting around is already hassle in this rain and we wanted to give you a heads up that if you were planning to use route 23 also known askew kill river road at some point this weekend plan on taking an alternate route. penndot says while it has been a wet week it's hard to say if weather is the roost this problem. sink holes are fairly common in this area because of the limestone killing filling underground. water can cause limestone to erode and create these problems tonight as you can see crews working to excavate the hole. they'll plug it with rocks and fill it with cement before resealing the road with asphalt, and, again, the goal is to reopen route 23 between sweet land road and mccoy's lane by rush hour monday and we wanted to make sure that you about this
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going into this busy weekend. back to you guys. >> we'll keep updated through the weekend. jenny, thanks. a suspected gunman behind a shooting spree in maryland is under arrest tonight. this is is 62-year-old eulalio tordil being arrested at a shopping center in the dc suburb of aspen hilda. the violence began thursday when cops say tordil shot and killed his estranged wife and shot another man who tried to run and help. this morning police say tordil shot four people in shopping centers killing two. authorities say they waited until the right moment to nab him. knowing his behavior today and knowing of, um, statements that he had made in the past, we did not want to endanger anyone and have a shoot out when we took him into custody. that's why he was taken into custody the way he was. >> authorities say tordil was a federal security officer. he's now facing first degree murder charges. new video released in the chaotic fight that injured two
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philadelphia school resource officers. police wand are want to find a third -- police want to find a third man. violence was initially between two students but that adults stood by watching that fight. >> those grown ups are a cued of turning on police when the officers tried to break things up. shawnette wilson following this fight investigation live tonight from police headquarters. shawnette. >> reporter: dawn and chris, as you mentioned police are in fact looking for a third suspect in connection with that fight and attack on school police officers. also, new tonight, new video showing how it all went down. new cell phone video tonight shows total chaos drag fight between two students and three adults who jumped in. you can see one victim on the ground while several jump in to punch and kick him. another person walking away also gets punched. >> but even worse, watch this next piece of video showing two philadelphia school police officers trying to stop it all. when the attacker turn on them.
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here you see officers being swung on, then another person in green shirt runs up, shoves one officer to the ground, then begins to attack the other officer. two days after philadelphia police released the video of the officers being attacked, 19-year-old roger millington turned himself in. a second suspect who a juvenile was arrested wednesday. and tonight, police are still looking for this man, 23-year-old edwin burgos. the fight happened at castor and cottman monday afternoon. it involved a student from woodrow bill wilson and another from northeast high school iteming from a prior incident between the two. police say the adults were there to watch or make sure it was fair fight but they jumped in. again, police are still looking for 23-year-old edwin burgos in connection with the fight and attack on police. and as far as those two school police officers who were attacked one suffered a broken jaw. he had surgery at temple hospital we're told on monday. the other officer suffered injuries to his leg.
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chris, back to you. >> shawnette, thank. police in norristown, montgomery county want to you take good look at the car in this picture. they say the driver hyped the wheel hit a man last night on lafayette and barbados street and kept driving. the man he hit is in critical condition at a local hospital. if you have any information call norristown police. in gloucester county, a woman crashes her car but winds up getting killed when she gets out of her vehicle and struck by another car. state police say 32-year-old annabelle la ponte of glassboro crashed into trees along route 55 in deptford this morning. investigators say she then got out of her car and went to the road and that is when she was hit by a car. that driver stopped but then kept on going after not seeing anything on the highway. police say that driver later came forward after seeing a news report that someone was killed. no charges have been file at this time. a car accident in port richmond sends a police officer to the hospital. a k9 officer was also in the police cruiser but was not injured. duo collided with another car
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around 2:00 o'clock this afternoon it happened at aramingo and venango streets. the officer was taken to temple university hospital and he is expected to make a full recovery. the other person involved in the accident was not injured. how does throwing back a beer at the next penn state football or basketball game sound? well for some fans it may be the first time they can do this. and check that pacifier before you stick in it your baby's mouth tonight. the hazards that has forced one company to recall more than 100,000 binkies. and kids at one local elementary school were feeling super today. the reason they broke out into masks
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♪ the rain is still falling out there. sounds like broken record. take live look at old city right outside our studios tonight. umbrellas and rain jackets are a must if you head out on this friday name dave warren will have your complete forecast coming up. an important recall tonight that parents of young children will want to know about. the hunch kin company is recalling light weight latch pacifiers and clips. the company says the clip cover can break off causing a choking hazard so much munch kin says they have had a handful of reports of these incidents but no children fortunately have been injured. the zika virus is forcing major league baseball to move games scheduled to be played in puerto rico. pittsburgh pirates and miami marlins were scheduled to play in puerto rico at the end of the
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month but several players raised concerns over the virus. mlb decided to move the gimes miami. ironically another place the cdc says could be a hot bed for the virus. puerto rico has had 765 confirmed cases resulting in one death. penn state board of trustees today approved a measure that will allow some fans to buy alcohol at football and basketball games. sales would be limited to private and controlled areas including sweets and club seats. beer and wine could be sold to all fans of legal age at non collegiate events. officials say there would also be limits on the number of drinks that fans can buy. this weekend's powerball jacket is climbing up to whopping $415 million. there's been no big winner in the previous 17 consecutive drawings. only takes $2 to play you can purchase a ticket up until 10:00 o'clock tomorrow night and then you can watch that saturday night drawing live at 11:00 o'clock right here on fox 29. so good luck.
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tomorrow loved ones in the law enforcement community will say final goodbyes to former philadelphia police commissioner willie williams this afternoon officers filed in formation at the viewing outside north philadelphia funeral home. his burial will be held tomorrow morning. williams died tuesday at the age of 72 at has home in georgia. williams was named philadelphia's first african-american police commissioner in 1988. it is the largest mobile pet adoption event in the world and it came right through philadelphia today. adoptable dogs and cats were at today's tour for live at monster pet south philly on columbus boulevard. now in addition to furry friends there were crafts, games, face painting and even free grooming for adopters. the pennsylvania spca partners with north shore animal league for this great event every year. cute puppies need homes. super show of support for a new jersey third grader. aiden everhardt who's in the
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fight for his life. aiden who has a brain tumor and is currently being treated with chemotherapy. he goes to saint mary school in williamstown. his classmates have showed they have his back by dressing as super heroes for the day in his honor. >> awesome killed i shaved my head for you. like just keeping yourself man. >> keep the positive attitude about everything. um, you know, it's amazing to see how strong he is. i think he's been stronger than christine and i at times. >> aiden's family has set up a you caring account to help with mounting expenses we have a link on our website and on our facebook page. it is something we've seen entirely too much of over the last 10 days. this is time lapped video of the art museum from the ben franklin parkway showing just how little of a break we saw from the rain today. all day long. dave warren back now to tell us
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if we'll ever dry out. >> 10 hours of dreary weather we can show you in eight seconds. great. i do have sunshine in the forecast. you have to rate wait while. the storm is not nearly as bad as it was this morning. that heavy rain moved west but with it sitting right over top of us we're little unsettled we'll see periods of rain and a few showers moving through the area. did find one little heavier shower moved through king of prussia and right now near phoenixville. there's the turnpike. it will continue to spread west there in northern chester county staying north of the turnpike but it moves around this low see it spinning counterclockwise continue to see more showers moving through. off and on throughout the night tonight and then throughout the day again tomorrow. over an inch a lot of this came this morning in philadelphia, atlantic city, wilmington and reading. over an inch of rain now just add little bit to that certainly not the amounts we had this morning. east southeast 13 miles an hour. 51 degrees our temperature will
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drop into the upper 40s overnight tonight. just a degree or two cooler than where we are right now. here's the temperatures. here's what's happening over the weekend. this is the big change you have to wait until sunday. our storm is cut off just sitting over us not moving. we have a big one coming down from canada that will help to kick this out and that will happen by sunday. we can track this with our computer forecast. here's the showers. 11:00 o'clock tonight. off and on throughout the night tonight. throughout the day tomorrow. not a solid area of this steady heavy rain like we had this morning can't rule a shower from 95 to the south but possibly as far north as lehigh valley. a few breaks in the clouds tomorrow. maybe seeing a little bit of sunshine but that could lead to some fog developing as the skies clear. now sunday morning mother's day here comes the kicker. moving that storm out. it will wake up to a few showers. don't worry. they won't be around all day. a passing shower. this is early between about 5:00 and 7:00.
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after about 8:00 o'clock, here it is. skies are clearing. we have some sunshine. one thing you will notice there's a bit of a breeze there by sunday afternoon. the wind could be gusting maybe 20 to 30 miles an hour. so we'll have sunshine for mother' day just a brief shower in the morning. then we have that sunshine in the afternoon. so if we look at the scale not too great tomorrow or even sunday morning. but enjoy it. by sunday afternoon we're looking pretty good there almost up to the great level. allergies are down today because of the rain but with the return to sunshine and some dry weather, well, they will get a little hire sunday and monday. up to 70 degrees that on empty's day. 72 on monday and tuesday. two nice days with mix of sun and clouds. now it's not a stretch of wet weather coming back on wednesday but a few showers are in the forecast wednesday, thursday even a few thunderstorms on friday. at least the highs stay above 70 degrees. >> mother's day looks good.
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>> um-hmm. a lot of graduation parties. >> graduation parties. get out and cut the lawn it's probable bowel this high. >> very green though. my lawn is very green. >> very good. sean bell with a preview what's coming up in sports. >> we got a little basketball. a hell playoff basketball. something that this city knows nothing about. but maybe soon, right ryan coangelo the cavs will be in the walk through and it phillies look to go stop losing streak. two-game losing streak. they lost three of their last four. they need that stopped right now. that's coming up next in sports. >> now, with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. hey, good evening everybody. watch for lane closures through the weekend on the 42 freeway over at 295 in that bellmawr enter change with the rain it's just been a mess all day long. and then tomorrow morning, boat house row for the darkness into light 5k will be out there bright and early tomorrow morning. and then watch for possible weather delays through the weekend down at philly
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international. have a great night. i'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning for "go
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♪ the phillies didn't look so good against the cardinals. they lost three out of their last four. they're now in a two game losing streak but this season they've been able to step up and not have losing streak. besides four game losing streak early to start the season they haven't lost two in a row since. tonight they tried to keep it that way but it didn't look too good. vince velasquez supposed to stop the streak. he didn't look too good. he can't handle the ground ball right there.
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runner comes home and velasquez tough day six innings giving up four runs. skip to the top of the fifth. first pitch and maikel franco is doing it big. stepping up big. going to be a star. but still tied game of the now eighth inning jawn carlos doing what he does. big homerun shot to centerfield. look how far back that thing went. upper deck. phils lose six-four. they've lost four out of their last five games. eagles trying to get contracts out of the way. carson wentz has not signed yet but he's basically waiting for the number one overall pick jared goff he'll sign for slightly bit less. they took care of other guys in the draft. isaac, got four year deal he should compete for starting job help out the guard spot that needs so much help. he can certainly play every position on the line if needed.
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we skip to the nba playoffs re really been awful. especially in the east the cavs are by far better than every team out there. it's been a cake walk to the finals. it continued to be that way against the hawks. up two-zero in the series down by sixth. shot block. that leads to a fast break for the hawks. kyle korver you know what he does, shoots threes. bucket. all right. that gives them a nine-point lead and, yeah, the cavs make a great rupp after that. lebron james gets the ice, you know, you can't guard lebron james. not one-on-one when his shot is going it's over. the cavs dominated the fourth. with 121-108. they are now up threes games to nothing. we skip to hockey. overtime islanders, lightning, jason garrison with the goal. that's a two-one win and now they lead the series three to one. a lot of playoff action. nothing with our teams.
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>> no. >> but it's okay. it look better. the flyers are getting better. the phils don't worry, relax, they'll go through a tough stretch. but they're a lot better than last year. remember last year was like 10 game losing streak. 12 game losing streak. count your blessings. >> the flyers once they're out of it i lose interest. >> yeah. >> final look at weather. >> looks pretty good here but you have to wait until sunday we have showers tomorrow. not like today. but there it is on sunday. early shower followed by a bit of a break in the afternoon up to 70. staying above 70 degrees. monday and tuesday are dry. weather, thursday, friday a few showers but not the steady dreary rain with 50 degrees like we had today. >> looking forward to sunday. >> happy mother's day to all mother. >> thank you happy mother's day to all the moms. >> enjoy your day. >> watch tmz at 11:00 o'clock. back here at 7:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia" weekend. >> be sure to stay tuned next for the fox 29 special your health followed by the live mega millions drawing. have a great night and
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the military is trying out a new weapon, for our wounded
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warriors heel from the horror of war. >> he was drowning in his own blood, and i could not save him. he could not save himself. >> how making masks breaking down barriers and saving lives. >> and something in your food is aging you from the inside out, what is sucking the life out of your skin. good evening i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. thanks for joining us for our health special tonight, sugar is in the spotlight and we cannot escape it this might make you want to try to. doctors say it is aging but but they have discovered a way to reverse the damage. >> we crave it. we need it. and who doesn't like it. but how much is too much. >> something with 31 teaspoons of sugar a day is the average american. that is way too much. >> and where it goes, most people do not know. >> i think that pe


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