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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  May 7, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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this morning on good day, breaking news, two deadly fires in two different communities claim at least five lives and send several more to the hospital. plus, bringing the dead back to life. it is not just for science fiction or horror movies anymore, research one local doctor is doing. and, rain, rain go away, after what haze been a wet week will we finally see some sunshine? what you can expect for your mothers day weekend. so it is raining, but you start the day with us, with a little bit of sunshine in your home, good morning, i roof that. good morning, bill. >> noah a build the arc again and come rescue us all.
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>> day 11, so we're almost there. >> when is the end. >> the end is near. >> good. >> it looks like tomorrow. we have to get through this morning. it is raining again outside, stepping outside, cloudy, drizzly, raining. we have it right over philadelphia. look at wilmington, very little sunshine today but we could see a peak of unshine later today no matter where you are. we have to get through all this rain first. still some event happening today lets check with sue and wendy. >> weekend wendy is so excited because it is back. the spruce street harbor park. yep. this is the opening weekend, and it is the at the penns landing in case you didn't make it there last summer, and spring, there is new and returning vendors, there is the craft beer, there are games, just look for the ham mocks like the one you see here with weekend wendy. the it is all free to get in. friday and saturday hours are
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11:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. and sunday through thursday, 11:00 . so dave, if we choose to snooze will the weather be willing? >> not quite there, sue, this is where it is. there is a lot have rain happening right now. this is in the like yesterday where we had heavy rain and thunderstorms. we have light rain but it will continue to move through the area it is all over fill arc delaware county, moving into montgomery county a and to the south, it is continuing to spread northwest, so look out pottstown, reading, honey brook in chester county about to see this period of light rain, moving through. you can see it is moving from south to west and it is all circulating around this low, which is not moving, just yet. the it will be moving out slowly though, we will see a little break of sunshine today with more showers, again a few more showers tomorrow but relief in the seven day forecast with sunshine. that is coming up later. how is the traffic looking this morning, here's bob? >> good morning, everybody.
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on a saturday keep in mind we have kelly drive repaving project out there, all weekend long. you will see work crews and you will also have to deal with that uneven pavement as you roll on the drive. of course, martin luther king drive typically closed for recreational activities look for beiber backup tonight, justin beiber in south philadelphia, so we will see a rush into the evening and, of course, parking lots will be jamming later on tonight. if you are watching us down the shore that ac brigantine connection bridge still closed for the next ten days. enjoy your saturday. i will see you back here tomorrow morning for "good day philadelphia" weekend. we're following this breaking news right the now. we have had two deadly fires that have happened overnight. we will begin with this first one in montgomery county that is where three people were killed in the fire, two adults and one child. this all started just about three hours ago. the scene is at the 800 block of dekalb street. the lets get right out to sabina kuriakose at the scene.
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what is the very latest, sabina. >> reporter: karen, tea a look behind me. this is still an active scene but it is still wrapping up in the 800 block of dekalb street. this was a devastating fire with a significant loss of life. right new we necessity that three people have died, including a little girl, and six others, have have been injured. now fire fighters say the flames broke out just minutes before 4:00 o'clock this morning inside this three story apartment building when fire fighters first arrived, several people were trapped, as the fire raged. every resident that was inside of the building was hurt, again, two adults died at the scene and a child died at einstein hospital. the just a short time ago norristown fire chief tom o'donnell gave us a briefing and here's what they told us. >> personnel live, at the fire station located about a block away from the scene. fire fighters arrived and found a three story dwelling with heavy fire visible from the first floor of the home with several people trapped inside the building. we're in the quite sure if
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there were any working smoke detectors in the building. the first arriving crew did his not hear any working smoke detectors but that will be part of the final investigation. >> reporter: now authorities are not releasing the exact age of the little girl who died, or whether the two deceased adults are from the parents. the we don't know the relationship between the victims. back here live one of the half dozen people hoff been injured is another child, and that victim is critical at chop, we do not the know the age or gender of that child. now coming up in the next hour we will tell you where fire fighters believed this fire may have started but again, this is on ongoing investigation and the fire is now out. back to you. >> sabina, thank you, so, so sad. also new from overnight there is another deadly fire to tell but, this one happening in south philadelphia, fire fighters were called out to the 1700 block of moore street shortly before midnight last evening. that is in the point breeze section. we were told two people were killed, in that fire, and we do not know the cause at the this hour.
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happening right now, a sinkhole is causing problems in montgomery county. penndot says it was forced to close route 23, that is schuylkill river road in upper merion township, because of that sinkhole. crews are expect to work the bet are part of the weekend to get it all fixed. sinkholes are fairly common in this area because of the limestone filling underground. water can cause limestone to erode and create these problems. we have got new video in a chaotic fight, injured two philadelphia school resource officers. police want to find a third person involved in the brawl after they did make two arrest this is week. here's cell phone video that shows a chaotic scene at castor and cottman, monday afternoon. police say the violence was initially between two students but that adults were nearby and stood watching the fight. those grown ups now are accused of turning on police when those officers tried to break things up. police have arrested a juvenile as well as a 19 year-old man but they are looking for 23 year-old
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edwinbergos. one of the officers suffered a broken jaw and needed surgery at temple hospital. the other had a leg injury. 7:07. loved ones and law enforcement the community are preparing to say their final good bye to former philadelphia police commissioner, willie williams. officers filed in formation outside of a viewing on friday, there will be another viewing this morning as zion baptist church on north broad street, and then williams will be laid to rest this afternoon. williams was, of course, named philadelphia's first african-american police commissioner in 1988. he was 72 years old. man we know as philly jesus says he wants to tell his side of the story just days after being arrested at a center city apple store. the his name is michael graham and dresses like jesus. he car that i had large cross and preaches on sidewalks. police say he was at the apple store several times on monday night. the here's pictures of that episode. police say that his cross was blocking an aisle. he was arrested and then
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charged with trespassing. in a statement he writes, in part, i know that as long as i was peaceful and minding my own business that i had every right to be in that store just as everyone else there. i did nothing to cause a disruption, whatsoever. he added i do feel there is a line that was crossed and that all christians should take a stand for their civil rights from being harassed or discriminated against. he is due in court may 17th. all right. did you get your tickets? excuse me. this weekend's power ball jackpot is climbing, it the is now up to 415 million-dollar. there has been in big winner in the previous 17 consecutive drawings, all it takes is $2 to play. you can purchase the ticket up until 10:00 o'clock tonight, and then watch the drawing live at 11:00. we will all be watching because we're entered, it the is right here on fox 29. good luck to everyone. there is a philadelphia doctor about to do some ground breaking medical research? could that not necessarily be the end of life?
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yeah, let the sunshine in. yeah, how the dead may be brought back to life, a resurrection of sorts, this isn't just in the movies, anymore. plus, after the hon moon end it the is time to start facing harsh realities of life, coming up, the biggest fight newlywed couples have and what you can do to keep the peace. all that and more coming up, plus we're getting pictures into some of the moms. it is mothers day weekend. send us your pictures, send us your shout outs, we will put them on air. the just use the #fox 29 good day.
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♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
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♪ the. that moment you wished there were cameras on all of us at the same time because karen, myself and the boss lady, all singing we are the champions as we come back from the break. we are the champions, but they got a new mayor who is celebrating the first mayor of a major city in the western world. labor parity candidate sadik kahn won with 57 percent of the vote.
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many said the campaign was marred by u.s. style negative campaigning. closer to home, in just a few hours vice-president joe biden will give the commencement address at delaware state university's graduation ceremony. event begins at 10:00 a.m. this will be the second time that biden is addressing graduates at the university. he was the united states senator when he spoke there back in 2003. we have got this first amendment battle right the here in the schools in pennsylvania. can you joke about a bomb threat, the at all? even off a school campus on a personal facebook page? an appeals court ruled freedom of speech does in the the protect a freshman at a central york high school. he was expelled for 23 days about two years ago after a bomb threat closed his school. a bomb isn't found and goes off, tomorrow. joining us right new to break this down we have attorney heather hanson. good morning. >> good morning, karen. >> what do you make of this? we have a high school kid, he
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writes something. he didn't even do the initial threat. this is the day after the threat. the court said well, no you can be expelled. >> schools are in a real difficult position here because students do have first amendment rights and when they are not on campus or not a at a school event, they have more first amendment rights, however, when you start doing things like threatening other people, threatening a bomb threat, the law says about substantially disrupts the school and in that situation courts have found that the first amendment rights do not the apply and that schools can actually discipline students. the problem is, karen, that some courts have found the other way. some courts have said when you are off campus doing things on social media it is protect. so, right now it is really something that many people think will go to the supreme court, the supreme court will finally decide, however, if you are a student i would recommend against posting such things on social media. >> some things we cannot joke about at all. what is interesting in this case there were two things
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that led to police coming to the school and having the kids go outside be moved ape dismissed. this is next day where everybody is nervous you are a kid and you don't know how to react to something. you mix that line what you thought was a joke. so, you know, the thing about that -- go ahead. >> the thing is the bomb had in the been found there had been moving around of the kid. they have gone through the stadium. they thought there was a bomb in the stadium. bomb had not yet been found. it was not clearly a joke at the time. in fact had people at the school been concern that the bomb had nod been found and there was still a bomb. it is similar to bullying. we have seen situations where schools are at a real problem because they have these rules against bullying but yet they want to give students their first amendment rights especially if students are not in school n yen the courts say when you are threatening violence against another student they will air on the side of supporting the school and saying that the kid do not have a first amendment right in those situations. >> just yelling fire in the
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crowded movie theater. thanks so much, attorney heather heat son for coming in we appreciate your insight as always. >> sound very good, dave, the the weather, it is raining, you say it is not going to get better necessarily today but giving us hope it the will get better later in the week so every area doesn't look like that the waterfall. >> that is right. >> my backyard, what do you mean. >> little extra water, yeah. well, we do need the rain. we have been dry but we have had enough for a while. i want to get some sunshine in here today. it could possibly come in later so no matter what events you have planned today you might to have plan for some rain. the here's one in philadelphia. >> hi dave and have one at fox 29 good day. we are having our first ever lego league expose today. >> we are hoping to get outside to play after. >> take away the rain. >> well said, you sound like
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bill and karen. a lot of people are sick of the rain but we do have some sunshine in the forecast today. unfortunately there is some rain. off and on showers, ten, 12, and 2:00 but by this afternoon a little sunshine here between these showers. there is some improvement today. better improvement tomorrow. lets talk about these showers coming through right now. this is two hours, they are spinning around that low which is still to our south, not moving just yet but it will be eventually. the rain will continue to move through. little heavier here, right through port richmond, northeast philadelphia, that area came right out of the camden county from cherry hill and moving to the northwest so look out pottstown and upper southford, upper montgomery county, portions of chester county and berks county that area of rain spin go through. not a big area or heavy but you will notice it, rain is light to moderate for a brief period of time. earnly more showers will continue to spin through the area today but we're focused on this right now and see that work its way through the a
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area. notice off and on green right here, patchy, scattered showers throughout the day, by 1:00 o'clock a few breaks in the clouds. there is the sunshine but then it continues. we will see that showers clearing up overnight, it could be clear tonight, maybe some patchy fog developing by tomorrow morning, and we will start with more showers but that is the end of it. after that we will see sunshine return. coastal flooding advisory for the evening high tides, high tides happening at 8:30 to 9:30 a little later inland. there has been minor to moderate flooding we could see repeat of that tonight but we want to see sunshine in the seven day forecast. we will look at the that later. >> thanks, dave. >> we don't like rain on your wedding day a lot of people walking down the aisle will because weather is getting warmer. >> karen, what happens after the honeymoon when married life actually starts. this morning we have some tips that will help you maintain, happiness. >> all right. >> i have to confess that when
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i came back from my wedding, it is wedding season after all, we were so big. we had eaten so much food on our honeymoon we were fighting a little bit. >> number one source of stress, guess what it is. >> fighting over honeymoon. >> no, money. >> money. >> you married, knew all of the secrets, not so true. the guy has, well, credit score the size of rhode island island. >> how about a few tips on how you to navigate the through, and get back on track. >> okay. >> my secrets might not be naughty but i still do have credit card in my maiden name. the husband may not know about this. >> open it up, time for no secrets. you want to make sure, you divulge everything. start off on a right foot, good communication, a lot of honesty. >> i believe that budgets are boring but i will say one time i go the this fancy hair due when we first moved here. newlyweds. it was in the hundreds of
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dollars. my husband, we almost got divorced. >> i have never spent a hundred dollars on my hair in my lifetime as you can tell but it is easier then ever. you can do it right on the smart phone with a app called good budget. every time one makes a transaction, it shows up on the smart phone. >> no surprises. >> i have a job. i work full-time. shouldn't i have a little something for myself. the question is, separate accounts or joint accounts. >> fine is on your own but you want a joint account for those expenses you have in common, mortgage, insurance, food, stuff like that. >> but i can have something on the side. >> absolutely. >> jen? >> yeah. >> turn down the lights, turn up music and let's have a money date. >> no thank you. >> it is important. >> it is boring. >> newlywed talk about money frequently. >> it is a snooze. >> it may be boring but important to keep these lines of communication opened. again, no secrets. >> all right. >> i have to say i do miss weekend morning, where i can
7:21 am
chill out, be a honeymooner and not worry about money. >> how romantic sit around and read your bank statements together. >> i would rather talk to steve keeley for two hours. >> we're passionate. >> you have a side account, you have money dates. >> romantic, all right. >> so weather is probably keeping you inside the past few days but eventually you will get to go outside and play. >> so when you do there is a danger of tic, may is lyme disease wearness month. my son got lyme disease. we will bring in experts to answer your questions. do you have a question? type it up, fox 29 good day and we will ask that expert when they come in. >> people are concerned about the mosquito born zika virus. it is causing professional athletes to change their plan. and last night's lottery numbers, but you know the big one toys day so let us know if you will get a ticket and what
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you might do. we will be right back. look at 'em!
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it looks like rain every day, right now, karen. >> well, all we're doggies checking the radar 1 billion times, on our little app, you can have a look. yesterday we didn't get a break but the whole day, rained hard are and harder. it is still raining on your head there in reading but dave warren says there will be a break and it is coming soon, in a number of hours. >> radar shows it is moving, so that is a good thing. >> moving on out of here. zika virus is forcing major league baseball to move games scheduled to be played in puerto rico. pirates and marlins were scheduled to play a two game series at the end of the month but several players raised concerns over the virus. major league baseball decided to move the game to miami, ironically another place that the cdc says that could be a hot bed for zika virus. puerto rico has had 765 confirmed cases, one resulted
7:26 am
in death. this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning, i'm sean bell. phillies have lost three out of their last four games, including two in a row. they tried to stop that losing streak with their ace on the mound, vince velasquez but it just wasn't working. velasquez went six innings giving up four runs. they still had a chance, bottom of the eighth, tied up with jean carlos stanton, two run bomb in center field. straight power. phillies lose six-four. they have lost four out of their last five games. to the eagles they took care of their draft picks, except carson wentz and isaac seumalo, who should compete for starting position and can play every position on the line. to the nba playoffs which have been awful, cavilers have been dominating the eastern conference. lebron james with the step back fade away, good.
7:27 am
that is always going to be good. calves win 121-108. they lead three to nothing. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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we continue to follow breaking news this morning morning. three people were killed two adults and one child. fire started just before 4:00 in the 800 block of dekalb street in norristown, montgomery county.
7:30 am
so far no word on the cause of that fire. and another story, from that same area, in norristown, police want to you take a good look at this picture. they say driver behind the wheel hit a man last night on lafayette and bar paid owes street and kept driving. the man hit is in critical condition at a hospital. if you have any information, please call the norristown police. so many people are talking about a new report that former penn state coach joe paterno was told that assistant coach jerry sandusky was sexually abusing young boys back as early as the 1970's but paterno ignored the complaint. cnn first reported the news yesterday that a man said sandusky sexually assaulted him in a bathroom in 1971. this latest allegation comes the day after another report, that paterno was told about another case of abuse in 1976. paterno's son, his family deny these claims, sandusky was
7:31 am
convicted of 45 counts of child sex abuse and joe paterno passed away in early 2012. very important recall for parents, if you have young children there is a very popular munchkin company recalling its light weight wait latch pacifiers, this is where it clips on the clothes and pacifier in your baby's mouth. clip's cover can break awe off that can be a problem, a choking has air. so far they have had reports of such incidents but no children have been injured. it is a big, big weekend, in wilmington delaware and if you have never been to the wilmington flower market, this is your day. it is, such a great time. they have variety of plans and market merchants and crafters, ride for the kids, games, amazing music including a concert with johnny rest nick of the googoo dolls. wide selection of food, and it is 10:00 a a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
7:32 am
today. it benefits children's charities. wilmington flower market, dave, will our flowers get a drink or will we need one? >> flowers will get a drink? we need umbrella here, sue. we need a break. this rain continues. the not like yesterday, yesterday was bad, very heavy rain, off and on showers today, a break right now in wilmington but rain continues to move through the area, right over philadelphia, we just had the shower passing by, little heavier up in warminster and it continues to push to the north west. the it is clearing in philadelphia. the here's heavy rain that moved through norristown working up through montgomery county and will be pushing in berks county here in the next hour. this is one area that we have right now. it will continue off and on throughout the day today. one little change, we could see a few breaks in the cloud and some sunshine here and there and we will also have showers continuing. it should clear up overnight tonight and you'll wake up to more rain tomorrow but this is the change, because behind this, things are improving, right the now temperatures are in the upper 40's and lower
7:33 am
50's, heading for the 60's, thanks to a little bit of sunshine. we have 70's in the forecast, those numbers coming your way in just a little bit. bringing the dead back to life. >> it's alive. it's alive. >> once something only seen in the movies. >> it is my creation. >> thought to be so impossible you could not even wish for it. >> bring people back from the dead. >> but through miracles of modern medicine one local doctor says he could be making steps toward the reversal of death. >> and ira pastor is a ceo of a philadelphia based company that is leading study to determine if this is possible. good morning, sir. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> were you smiling during the introduction, and bringing the
7:34 am
dead back to life, it is catch phrase that everybody is talking about. what are we really studying. >> what we are studying is very early stage exploratory trial, in 20 patients that have been recently declared brain dead from the definition of death but still on, life support where we are beginning to study the aspects of neuro and vascular regeneration in the brain stem. >> now in laymen's terms we are talking about bringing back to life but in laymen's terms you are talking about regenerating functioning brain cells. so in the licensing term it could potentially lead to that. >> in the licensing term yes, that is a possibility but right now it is very early stage study a and we're only beginning to get into the dynamics of what it means to regenerate nerves in parts of the lower brain that control your breathing and heartbeat. >> very early, as you said, in theory, how would this function to get people back to the point where they are functioning where they currently were not. >> there is a very gray zone that exists between the state of deep coma and what is defined as irreversible coma
7:35 am
or brain dead. our first steps forward are in bridging that transition back, to a state where somebody may have independent control of both rest celebration and heartbeat, and then ultimately, trickling up to higher functions of the brain. >> i can see you are very cautious about false hope for people but it is hope, i mean we have large numbers of people who suffer this level of trauma and have no hope that anything will happen, this could at least be a light at the end of the tunnel. >> absolutely, 60 million people daily, a year die around the world, main reason is because our brain dies. the cns is one of those unchartered territories of biology and we're really beginning to understand basics of what it means to begin to reagain rate it. >> i read that you are looking for volunteers obviously. they have a organ donation program but how do you find the people to help with this study and families have to be on board.
7:36 am
>> absolutely, these are patients solely in the icu at a point where a family is called in, and they will be told that they are at a stage where there is nothing else that can be done, you can choose organ donation or potentially this experimental program as an option. there may be a case where a family has a religious objection or medically it is not feasible, and this is an alternative that is available. >> as we wrap up just for clarity, in order to do this you had to overcome a series of ethical hurdles. people had to give you approval. >> ethical approval from the commit thee at the hospital where it will be performed and then we deal with the families, because we have an extensive informed consent process, so families will understand what this is really all about. >> we will be following. appreciate it. giving people some hope. thanks very much. >> karen? >> that blows my mind, doctor, thank you for your time. we appreciate it. 7:36. students hoping to graduate from one of our high schools in our area, in fact, all of
7:37 am
them, could to have pass another test. coming up the types of questions they may need to know the answers to nerd to get a difficult prom a could you answer them? i think we will be put to the test. also lawmakers in new jersey, wanting to keep you safer. there is a proposed law that can protect you the next time you use uber or lyft. the new chase freedom unlimited card
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♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look at the rainy weather on our head, for days, we're still in the fog, sea isle city, but we will break on out, and we will see that fiery orb, shooting out, apb all point bulletin missing: sun. >> we will spew that fiery orb. >> that was a good description by you. >> yes, solar diskus. >> i finally figured out a way to send our jen fred away for a couple days good that is not nice. she's headed for an adventure next week and she's taking everybody along, she's taking with you her. >> hi everybody it is jen fredrick but by the time you
7:41 am
see this video i will be in another country. i will say this again, in another country. all next week i'm taking a trip and you guys get to tag along. but if you want to know where i am, if you want to see clues you will have to go to my social media. that is right, my twitter, my facebook, my instant grammy even have snap chat and i will give you a little ideas where i might be and tweet me back, facebook, snap chat, instagram, and be talking about it all morning on good day, each and every day. so i have already given you one clue, i will be out of the country. here's the second clue, i will need to have my passport, stamped, at least two times, and here's the third reason why you will definitely want to watch this: a list celebrities. it is going to be within of the biggest weeks on good day. it will be one of the biggest stars you have ever seen and i'm going to be with him, or her, them probably, all week
7:42 am
long. so again, here's are the rules. watch good day, follow me on all of my different crazy social media sights where i'll have different clues and watch good day, did i say watch good day? bosses want you to know watch good day. good day, good day, good day. and all turf say now is, good day. >> we love her. she's having fun. before she left do you want me to tell you you where but i would be mortified if i don't tell you. >> such a rough job. >> she does the best job. >> i know. >> and stars. >> great. a chef making headlines in the kitchen. it is in the really news. >> but this is, when chevies just a kid now we're interested. wow that looks good. coming up meet this amazing master chef, why he enjoys his time in the kitchen, so much. plus an on line poll decide a new ship to be named both bety mcboatface. >> that is so cute.
7:43 am
>> final call, what will they actually name their vessel. >> i hepp they do that one. lets see your mom's pictures. we love this one. road trip. traveling with my mom last mothers day good this one from michael, of course, i'm so blessed to have these two beautiful moms, beautiful moms in my life. happy mothers day from my mother from your daughter and grandchildren. we love you.
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7:46 am
good morning at 7:45. the british officials have been labeled spoiled sports. public was asked last in to submit suggestions about what to call a new state of the artery search vessel thaw are looking at and then vote about it on line. the winner was named boaty mcboatface. >> so cute. >> good name, right. >> british stuffy officials, will christened the vessel rrs sir david attenbureau. >> my gosh, all right. >> named after british natural list and broadcaster, even though boaty mcboatface received 11 times more face. >> i go boaty mcboatface. >> kid and kid at the heart. >> inside today buy the focus here on good day, we will introduce you to amazing world chefs and top in the world. >> yes. so much more they come in, we want to introduce to you a little will boy who is well on his way to becoming one of the
7:47 am
greats, bill rohr explains. >> i usually like to cook, burgers. >> reporter: for 12 year-old moses, nothing compares to being a chef. >> cooking means to me, like a lot, it means to me more than ice cream cake and i really love that. >> reporter: moses comes to 29 cooks in emmaus, every other week for private lessons with a chef cindy feldman. >> i haven't seen anything where i put in front of him where he says how willie cook that. he is just like let's go, let's do it. >> reporter: he is making a new seal land lamb rock that goes with his mint jelly. as well as his love for cooking began when he was helping his mom with breakfast at just two. >> i noticed when wow break an egg he wouldn't get any shells in. when i would break an egg hit in and he was doing it better than i was. >> this we will set the timer for like ten minutes.
7:48 am
>> reporter: he hopes one day to own his own restaurant. >> what i love about cooking is that you can try your own food and experiment with it and you can also let other people try it, and make them happy. >> fire, fire. >> reporter: moses recently was on the food note work chopped junior. >> you own this kitchen. >> really cool experience, like meeting new people that a actually enjoyed the same things that i do. >> reporter: to win the contest but made his mom very proud. >> more coordinated then a lot of adults that i know. >> it is something that he handled so well, and when i asked him at the end of the day and end have of filming, i said what did you learn from this experience? he said just have confidence in myself, you know, i was so grateful. >> we will make it look prettier once we are. >> reporter: bill rohr, fox 29 news. that is so cool, he made it on the show, we love that one. here's a picture of allentown. it looks like it is actually
7:49 am
raining. it looks cloudy, dave if that is the case. >> off and on we are seeing a break from the rain, but it is cloudy, every where. maybe a little sunshine later, big question is when do we have that bright sunshine coming back and very few cloud. it is in our scan here. it is certainly not to day. maybe a peak of sunshine but weather is blah all day off and on showers. tomorrow we will see an improvement by the a afternoon, okay to almost good, just a little breezy despite sun coming out that wind will be picking up as well. forty's to 50's, heading to the 60's. cooler in pottstown. fifty-one in philadelphia mid to low 50's in millville, wildwood and atlantic city. here is this area of rain that worked its way through philadelphia, now moving through, montgomery county, upper montgomery county there, right along, 73 there through skippack, and graterford, and it will continue to push to the north and work its way in to portions of berks county a and maybe lehigh valley. so it is one area off and on, for periods of rain, certainly
7:50 am
could see some more coming in and then spotty showers as we start to see the cloud break up just a little bit. there is the storm causing a all of this rain, it is getting kicked out by tomorrow, so we could start the day off tomorrow, and despite clear skies tonight, with a few more showers, that is pushing that storm out to sea, so you'll wake up to some more rain tomorrow but once that clears out bright sunshine and warmer temperatures for mothers day. temperatures up to 70 degrees. the just that early shower. maybe a few showers south on monday but overall not a bad day both monday and tuesday, showers will return wednesday, and thursday, could even see a thunderstorm on friday, so we are back to the rainy pattern but still not completely dry for the even of the week. >> thanks, dave. well, in new jersey goal, it is always to try to keep safe. >> proposed legislation lawmakers are working on that could protect you the next time you use uber or lyft. >> um-hmm.
7:51 am
as you are told don't write on your desk, don't take paper clips and scratch into them. well, there is a teacher from our area that broke the rules. the messages she wrote on her student's desk that had thousands of you talking.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
♪ >> it doesn't matter what the weather is like, look at the dome at the state capitol in trenton, and it always looks good. lot at glowing dome in philadelphia. good morning, trenton. it is time to introduce to you our fox 29 act of the week. we want to introduce to you a high school superstar wowing both his teammates and his coach. fox 29 junior reporter nino contendto introduces to us athlete of the week. >> hi everyone i'm nina here with the high school athlete of the week. christopher margaret one of the pitchers for st. augustine prep has been playing baseball
7:55 am
almost all of his life. he was just three years old when he picked up his first bait ball. not only is he one of the top pitchers but his coach says he is an excellent defensive first base man as well. >> he is a great character individual. he is an excellent student in our school. he is well respected, among the school community, and on the baseball field. >> the thing i learn from baseball is failure is okay because, seven times out of ten you are batting 300 and you have to bound back next time. >> reporter: morganwick kicked off month of may with the .452 batting average a, 622 on base percentage and three wins, zero loss pitching record. he says that what attracts him to pitching is control aspect. he knows the team can rely on him to help get the win. >> baseball, it is so much every single day we are out there doing something whether it is pouring rain outside, in
7:56 am
the gym, in the batting cage, hitting, we never stop. >> sky is the limit with him. he is gifted with his right arm pitching wise. great hitter, great defensive player. more importantly he is a very smart person and great personality and character. he will be successful in whatever he does. >> reporter: on behalf of fox 29 would i like to congratulate you on being our high school the athlete of the week. >> thank you very much. i would like to thank my parents, brother, and my coach, and brothers for helping me get this achievement. >> reporter: for "good day philadelphia" weekend i'm nina contento. >> if you have someone you was like to many in nate as high school athlete of the week, tweet us or post it on our fox 29 facebook page just use the #fox 29 good day. it is time to learn about tics and lyme disease. do you have a question. you can tweet us a question right now on fox 29 good day. coming up important symptoms you need to know about and
7:57 am
simple tips. we will have an expert here to answer questions live. student hoping hoping to graduate high school in pennsylvania could soon pass another test. coming up, the questions they may need to know, to answer in order to earn a difficult prom, we will find out if we can answer them. >> and also your mothers day pictures, congratulations, my, oh, my, big congratulations here, congratulations, i love my mom, happy mothers day from robert. and this one from jacqueline, jacqueline and her mom, so happy mothers day. >> so many nice pictures. thanks for sending them in. my my and madre on her birthday last week. >> happy birthday. >> and a few graduations in your life? share those pictures as well. take a shout on the for those people. look at 'em!
7:58 am
they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good.
7:59 am
a deadly fire one of two we are following takes the lives of three people, including a child.
8:00 am
may is lyme disease a wearness, month, and, the disease we have an expert coming in live to answer your questions. i don't want to rain on your plans but as you can see, it looks like the rain will dampen some have of those plans, dave will tell you, when you can expect to see them. and, good day it is saturday morning. thanks so much for joining us for our 8:00 o'clock hour. so many people out there are looking at their clocks, and their computer saying is there a baseball game today? is there a lacrosse game today? >> looking at their clocks inn their computer thing. >> you know, any of that stuff. >> any of these things. >> good morning, bill. >> good morning. good afternoon if you are saying will there be baseball games, any other events. >> because they have been canceled we have had so many rains. >> fix this. >> i'm working on it. it takes a while. there is light rain. the grass is still wet.
8:01 am
it might be tough. right now more of the same, included and some rain out there. this is a look at sea view, new jersey, atlantic county, and also, along with the rain we have had that coastal flood problem. high tides this evening, we could see more minor coastal flooding there. so a lot of events happening today, here's one, right here in philadelphia a, sue. >> there is so much going on this weekend including one of the biggest, of the spring, in the city and that is the south street spring festival. eight blocks of that street are closed, between front and eighth streets, food, music, fun, and the city's largest, may pole, it is a right of spring, from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. today and you remember the old song, don't you, dave. where do all of the hippies meet, south street, south street. >> i know that song. >> wait. >> south street, south street, i know that, i have heard it, once. there it is, south street,
8:02 am
right there. and it looks lick there is a little break from the rain right new but you have the umbrella, keep it hand toy day. off and on showers moving through the area. one just came through, up a cross the turnpike right now, continuing to move through montgomery county. upper montgomery county new moving into berks county. lets put this into motion. you can see it spinning around the low which is not moving yet but it will be. off and on showers will continue this morning between about 9:00 and say three or 4:00 o'clock. one little thing is the included thinning out. maybe a little piece of sunshine before it clears up tonight and then we have more rain coming in for tomorrow. this is brief rain and this is the change, because once that moves out, bright sunshine returns, see what that means for our temperatures mothers day coming up in the seven day forecast. >> we're continuing to follow breaking news, this morning, in montgomery county. three people were killed in an overnight fire, two adults and one child. >> it started just before 4:00 n
8:03 am
the 800 block of dekalb street. lets get out to sabina kuriakose. you say neighbors just heard horrifying screams overnight. >> reporter: absolutely. what they woke up to. a very horrifying scene now. lets take a look right now, you can see investigators are still here piecing through the wreckage trying to figure out what sparked this deadly fire. two adults and one child, they are dead, six other people, including another child, are hurt, and now neighbors, karen, as you mentioned described waking up to a grim scene at 4:00 this morning witnessing a father who had escaped the flames, screaming for his two young daughters who were still inside of the home. now fire fighters say engines arrived on the scene, immediately from the firehouse down the street. but already the first floor, of the three story apartment building was engulfed in flames. new several people had to be rescued from the home, two of the victims both a adults, died at the scene, a little girl died at einstein medical
8:04 am
center, and another child is fighting for his or her life at chop in critical condition. >> i heard somebody yelling for help so i got up and i came out and it was my friend, a second floor, and i asked him what was happening? he said that his two doubters were in there. >> i looked at the window. i saw them screaming. i saw the fire engines and the police come. next thing you know, they were breaking out windows and the doors trying to get in there. >> first arriving crew -- that will be part of the final investigation. unaudible. >> reporter: authorities are not releasing the exact ages of the victims or whether they are related. neighbors tell us that an adult couple lived downstairs, and another family occupying the two upper floors. but again, three people are dead, six others are hurt, fire fighters say that every resident who lived here had some degree of an injury, because of this fire, now
8:05 am
again fire fighters say the fire first broke out the here, you can see, on the first floor of this building, right there they are trying to figure out exactly what sparked the fire. they are here with the pennsylvania state police and they say that this investigation ongoing. guys, back to you. >> thanks, sabina. >> we have another deadly fire to tell but this one happened in south philadelphia. fire fighters were called out to the 1700 block of more more street at 11:30 last evening. this is the point breeze section of the city. we have been told that two people were killed in this fire. we do not know the cause. sadly one more fire to report on, one person is injured, following this fire in montgomery county, this is along the 5700 block of roland avenue in cheltenham just before 3:00 this morning. we are told a resident suffered smoke inhalation, in word yet on the cause of that fire. more news from montgomery county, they have got a big sinkhole problem and this could go on for some time. penndot says it was forced to close route 23, that is
8:06 am
schuylkill river road in upper merion township because of a sinkhole. crews are expect to work for the better part of the week toned try to get this fixed. sinkholes are fairly common in that area because of the limestone in the underground areas and then water can cause that limestone to erode and create sinkholes. >> we will continue to get more information about new video released in a kay the why the i can fight that injured two philadelphia school resource officers. new police want to find a third man involved in the brawl after making two arrest this is week. so this is that new cell phone video, we have been talking all week that this happened at castor and cottman on monday afternoon. police say that the violence was initially between two students that adults stood there watching the fight. those grown ups are accused of turning on police when officers tried to break things up. police have arrested a juvenile as well as a 19 year-old man but they are looking for a 23 year-old edwinbergos, that picture you
8:07 am
are seeing right now. in this fight one of the officers suffered a broken jaw and had surgery the at temple hospital, the other had a leg injury. we are getting ready to say good bye to loved ones in the law enforcement community all coming out to remember police commissioner willie williams. officers filed information outside of a viewing on friday, everybody was there, there will be another viewing this morning and then williams will be laid to rest this afternoon. he was named philadelphia's first african-american police commissioner in 1988. was just 72 years old. regulators are closing a small king of prussia based bank, third bank failure of the year. first cornerstone bank had six branches with 101 million-dollar in deposits, north carolina based bank will take the bank over and this failure is expect to cost the fdic more than ten million-dollar. and lawmakers in new jersey want to establish statewide standard for ride sharing companies like uber and lyft. a bill, introduced on monday,
8:08 am
will require state police background checks for all drivers and would also require them to carry, one and a half million-dollar in liability insurance. approximate arely 20,000 drivers in new jersey work for ride a sharing companies. of course, karen, philly is well men for historic charm, even here in the city, fox 29 studios we are right next door to ben franklin house. >> we are right next door. but just some of the history left back in the 18th century to allow for to us modernize a little bit. this is a problem our bruce gordon explains that we only have in philadelphia. >> reporter: hi, i'm bruce gordon. it seems like such an easy, obvious way for a city to go about its business even if you cannot keep all of philadelphia clean and attractive for those who live here at least clean up the place that he is out of town tourist are likely to see. for as long as i can remember parts of the problem have been caving in, giving it the
8:09 am
appearance of a roller coaster build with belgium blocks, shaking your teeth lose at 10 miles an hour. finally the city paved over them and in a couple of places randomly dropped fresh blocks in place and pattern best described as mid 18th century chaos. now for the past month we have seen what appears to be the city's solution to this mess, fresh piles of blocks stacked along chestnut in half dozen places, just ready to be neatly placed in the street so it finally looks good, and drives well. remember these blocks have been sitting there for weeks. in fact one day we saw tourist scoop one up and carry one off. in doubt ready to proudly display it the a at home under the heading of george washington may or may not have stepped on this. look, i get it, this is an olde city, especially the olde city portion of the city but is it too much to ask that the face we show to 21st century visitors is actually paved. the lets get those stones down before they are all stolen. only in philadelphia.
8:10 am
i have watched that happen the other day where someone was stealing bricks from where trains run and putting them on a house. only in philadelphia. it happens all the time. we are showing you these desks for a reason because there is a teacher from our area who tries to motivate her students during standardized question. she's a fifth grade teacher in woodbury, gloucester county and she wrote messages on her students's desk. school district posted photos on a facebook page which has been shared 13,000 times. >> great idea. >> give me one close-up. let me see what she wrote. remember there is no elevator to success, you must take the stairs. you got this one. i love this one. nicely done. that is so cool. >> ♪ >> all right. so, the weather has been keeping you inside past few days, eventually we will get out, everybody wants to play
8:11 am
outside. >> and then you have to learn about those guys, tics, it is lyme disease awareness month in may. we have tips you need to know, if you have questions, ask them now we will talk with our experts. and suspect gunman behind a shooting spree in maryland is now under arrest, what police did moments before they put them in handcuffs, all that and more. >> thanks for playing justin beiber. he is coming to concert this weekend. i'm a believer. thank you for sending this picture. we love you mom. happy mothers day to mary christian. >> this one from al happy mothers day to my awesome mom. very nicely done good kathy baker, really cute. >> yes good love my momma marie. i love my mom a she's my favorite girl. you only get one. love you lots. >> i'm not dance to go beiber.
8:12 am
after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
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it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. ♪ >> there is the a city there somewhere. >> i don't know, we cannot stop the rain. all right. it is 8:14 right now. >> this video actually, have you seen it? suspect gunman behind a shooting spree in maryland is and a rest. >> this is surveillance video of the moment that six two-year old eulalio toridil
8:15 am
was chased down and arrested at a shopping center in the d.c. suburb of aspen hill. now, violence all began on thursday when investigators say he shot and killed his estrange wife. you can see it, they are taking him down. he also shot another person a man trying to runaway and get some help for his wife. then on friday morning there he is, they got him, police say he shot four more people in the shopping centers, killing two of them. authorities say he was a federal security officer in the past, he is now facing first degree murder charges. >> wow. >> take a a look at the weather. well, we do know there is rain. we do know is there fog. sea view doesn't look that bad but dave, keep with the optimism and telling us it gets better as day goes on. >> there is some sunshine that will peak through those cloud, later today but definitely we will see more sunshine, tomorrow. rain or shine, events happening this weekend, they will go down to cape may. here's one. >> hi dave i'm on the beach, training down in cape may,
8:16 am
community festival honoring coastguard personnel and their families. festival kick off last night and continues today with activity such as search and rescue demonstrations, helicopter displays and ship tours. for a full list of activities visit coastguard but for today's festival, what is the weather on going to be like. >> we have been watching closely here because with the rain there is a coastal flooding problem we have had. we could see a repeat again tonight. showers and then sun, and then it could start to break up by 6:00 this cape may. temperatures in the upper 50's. minor coastal flooding remains in effect. high tied 8:30 to 9:30 a little later in the back bay. should not be as bad as it has been but you can still see minor flood to go day. close to philadelphia ape new through montgomery county and lehigh valley here is rain along northeast extension here working into lehigh county and just about to move through lehigh will valley there through allentown and bethlehem just a brief period of some light to moderate
8:17 am
rain. breaks up a bit here in philadelphia but more showers developing to the south, we will spin our way through as this stubborn storm does not want to move out today. we will start to see a few breaks and crowd, is there showers throughout the day, maybe a little sunshine, clears up overnight tonight, and that could lead to some fog developing, certainly seeing that with dark gray color down the shore and then tomorrow morning, more of the same, at least briefly in the morning a passing shower and then behind this, that is where we will see big improvement, sunshine comes out, wind picks up and temperatures climb. fifty's and upper 40's right now, maybe climbing in the upper 60's by this afternoon. but 70's in your seven day. thanks very much, dave. all right. lets talk sports. run for the roses today 142nd running of the kentucky derby. it is on full display, betting favorite is named nyquist, three-year oldment company is a kentucky native and his odds
8:18 am
three to one right now. last years winner was american pharoah who became first horse in 40 years to win the triple crown. >> there is a new claim for penn state coach joe paterno was told that assistant coach jerry sandusky was sexually abuse young boys as far back at the 70's and early 07's but paterno ignored the complaint. cnn first reported the news yesterday that a man said san tuesday can i sexually assaulted i am in the bathroom in 1971 this latest allegation comes just one day after another report that paterno was told about another case of abuse in 1976. paterno's son, denies those claims, sandusky was quick of 45 counts of child sex abuse, paterno died in early 2012. joining us to talk about it from philly, sean brace, good morning, sir. >> this is ugly right now. >> this is not rumor, this was an insurance report that the insurance company did not want to pay so judge ruled in their favor. this is pretty damaging.
8:19 am
>> yes, failure of epic proportions across the board and joe pa is one name we all look at but we're talking about multiple reports from cnn and other outlets, six assistant coaches, were aware of this happening in the 80's. you know, it is like we want to circle joe paterno and that is fine and i understand why we're doing that, but this was a failure of epic proportions by everybody involved in that football program for multiple decade. it is kids, it is children, it is coming upright now because they are fighting to see who will pay the bill, either the insurance company or penn state and that is where these details are coming out from the depositions. >> it a actually seemed like it was turning the corner where people were talking about joe pa's stat the you backup, administrators. >> he got his wins back. >> exactly. >> maybe we're moving past it and we're right back in and it seems like. >> for cleared it is in the
8:20 am
even discretionary there are mandatory reporting requirements. this is a mess. >> let's talk about other football, professional. >> i'm so over sam bradford. he continues to wine. i was trying to be on board. is he go to go come in? is he go to go get out of here. >> can he rebuild relationships. >> i don't have i have problem with the rebuilding of the relationship. that will be easy, they are professionals at the even of the day he can come in and pin blame on his agent but recent news, recent head line was connor barwin, he came out yesterday, and said that sam bradford will be back in camp and at novacare complex come monday. >> we shall see. >> he is not, he is not mandatory until june 2nd. if he makes it on monday that is fine. all well and good. but right the now my intention is on carson wentz. they have to get this contract figured out and get him into camp right now. rookie camp starts may 13th. they are still working out details in that contract. he is the only, right now, the
8:21 am
only first round selection without a contract. so he need to get that figured out. >> they bundled this hand off the way they did this whole thing, bringing carson wentz, hurt feelings, sports illustrated covers. >> yes. >> come on he will make 22 million-dollar. you can hurt my feelings for 22 million-dollar. >> i am will's telling you, big babies. >> quarterbacks, that is what it is. >> thanks, sean, we appreciate it. >> lottery numbers. >> lottery numbers.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
it is 51 degrees, climbing to a high of what. >> sixty. >> yes. >> all right, thank you. >> so, a proposed law would require high school students in pennsylvania, to pass the u.s. citizenship test, in order to graduate. >> so house bill 1858, and you have got to pass this test on a 100 basic facts from the you had citizenship civics test a test that immigrants to have pass if they want to be
8:25 am
citizens. if this becomes law they will get to have a 60 percent of the questions, correct. but if you take a test as many times as possible. >> yes. i'm getting set to leave. >> oh, no. >> i'm not getting booted out of the question. >> the boss lady is here. she took the test yesterday. you passed. >> i did. >> no one saw that test. allegedly you passed. >> i to pass. >> you will ask us the hardest question. >> i am are you ready, all right. >> question number one, name the three branches of government. >> it is the executive, the judicial and the legislative. >> there you go, very good. >> she agrees, i'm done. >> question number two. the u.s. house of representatives has how many voting members. >> i actually know this too but it is not fair because my brother works in congress. >> 435. >> very good.
8:26 am
>> yes. >> yes. >> go ahead. >> next question who wrote the declaration of independence. >> jefferson. >> there you go, dave warren. >> george. >> thomas jefferson. >> how many amendment does the constitution have. >> a lot. >> fourteen, 17. >> no it is like 30 something. >> it is definitely in the 20's, 21. >> twenty-two, 27. >> i was close. >> twenty-seven. >> i will give you a 90. >> we only didn't get one good what did you get. >> a 90. >> there is a hundred questions like that. >> yeah. >> so we get to stay. >> yes. >> yes, that is good. >> i didn't see thing at all this popped right up.
8:27 am
>> and i will tell you, i asked yesterday in we could get some guidance or yesterday. they say in we want to see how you will do on the side. >> thanks, bill anderson, you can be on my team anytime. >> i get to stay in the the country. >> 8:27. we have big changes coming to penn state fat ball and basketball games. this is a change i like, i may sister lives up in there. good news if you are an adult person, coming up what you will soon be able to do when you want to see the lions in action. >> you already have the answer to this. >> yes.
8:28 am
when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me! and now in delicious chocolate.
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8:30 am
taking a look at reading and you can see the radar as well, reading looks a little will gray. radar confirms the rain, dave already told thaws hang in there it will get better. stick with us. >> we're continuing to follow this tragic, breaking news this morning. sadly, three people have been killed, in an overnight fire, two adults and one child. this fire is in norristown, and it started just before 4:00 o'clock this morning in the 800 block of dekalb
8:31 am
street. that is, of course, in montgomery county. we do not know what cause that had fire. lets take a look at some of this morning's top stories, house speaker paul ryan and presumptive republican presidential nominee, donald trump, plan to meet next week. ryan says he is not ready to support trump and trump says perhaps ryan is not the right person to be house speaker. the meeting will take place thursday at the republican national committee headquarters in washington d.c. all right. bottom's up, penn state's board of trustees approved a measure to allow some fans to buy alcohol at football and basketball games. the sales will be limited to private and controlled areas. that means like the club level, suites like that, beer and wine can be sold to all fans of legal age at non-collegiate events. officials say there will be limits on the number of drinks that fans cab buy. did you get your ticket for this weekend's power ball jackpot. the it is climbing. the it is up to a whooping 415 million-dollar. when i win, i'm willing to share. there was no big winner in the
8:32 am
previous 17 consecutive drawings. if you want to enter just go $2 to play. purchase a ticket up until 10:00 o'clock tonight and watch drawing live right here on fox 29. good luck. if you win, share with your good day families. >> we have not hit lottery when it comes to weather but i can see that, it is breaking up, dave and we will have a jackpot for the moms. >> it has been ten or 11 days of rain, the tomorrow, with the sunshine returning, not today we will see sunshine. we have to get through this rain. the it is moving through philadelphia area right now, not like yesterday morning where it was heavy across a wide area. this is just around collegeville right along 422, this heavier area of showers moving through montgomery county, working its way up to 78, northeast extension, about to move through the lehigh valley and up through carbon monroe county. spinning around this storm which is still located, right here over delaware and maryland and it will finally kick out and move out to sea by tomorrow. so until then, we have got
8:33 am
these showers, spinning around, off and on throughout the day-to-day, so not like yesterday but can't say it will be completely dry today, a few breaks in the cloud by six or 7:00, wait until we see some sunshine and then clears up tonight, in the the same tomorrow, there is some rain in the morning but this is a storm which is moving that low off to sea, off the coast so this will be the last of the rain at least for a day or two, bright sunshine behind it and warmer temperatures, with gusty wind though but at least we will see a bit more sunshine or more sun then cloud which has not been the case for ten or 11 days. forty's and 50's now. heading to the 60's this afternoon. we could see a little sunshine later with a few showers. the just some sun today but a lot more, seven day forecast not only tomorrow but over next few days. we will see what that means coming up in just a little bit. >> thanks, dave. >> sound good. we have sunshine in the forecast. >> take a look at your health news this morning, a new on line game, could help doctors
8:34 am
diagnosis dementia. the game is called sea hero quest. they set sail looking for artifacts which can be collect at different places around the world. scientists can use data you generate to learn about your spacious navigation abilities, which doctors say is one of the first things to go when dementia starts. in 2015, more than 46 million people worldwide were living with dementia. so may is lyme disease awareness movement during tics season lyme disease could be an enormous problem. it is a bacterial infection contracted by a tic bite and can cause flu-like symptoms and if left untreated can affect so many different body systems and organs. joining us to talk about it from the pa lyme resource center we have julie wagner, her son sam and doctor ann corson. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you you. >> let's first start with, let me get to the doctor, because i have a bunch of questions. you have lyme disease.
8:35 am
you had lyme disease. did you catch it early. >> no, we moved out in the suburbs from philadelphia. we slowly began to get sick. the it took a year for to us get diagnosed. sam was quite sick. by the time he was diagnosed he was having seizures and cardiac issues. it took quite a long time. >> sam, whose was it going through this experience. >> it was painful, real scary for me. the at the time i didn't know what was going on. it was really scary. >> doctor, we know we're supposed to look for big bullet target rash but some don't have that rash. my child got limb disease probably last summer. we didn't catch it until about two months ago. we didn't get it early. what do we do right now. >> that is a big problem. more than half of the people diagnosed with lyme disease don't remember a particular bite and have of those, only about half of them are lucky enough to get the bull's eye rash. often the the rashes are not that typical bull's eye pattern. the rashes can be very
8:36 am
different in appearance. so early detection really you have to have a high index of suspicion if you live in the systemic area like we do in pennsylvania. pennsylvania has been the first in the nation for five years running, and in lime i lime disease. in southeastern pennsylvania all they throughout the whole state the we still have to be vigilant and you always have to be thinking about it. >> so we know with our kid at nighttime and thinks for the whole delaware valley for south jersey and delaware, you know, delaware, i always try to give my kid a bath, look over my kids body but still i didn't catch it. >> it is so small. >> i loved the picture you are showing early because they are incredibly small. you really to have check area dark areas, moist areas, on the line where your underwear would be, you have to check under things as well. if you don't, in your case where it is taking so licensing to get diagnosed there is more than just lyme in tics. one things they should be looking for are other co infections which the doctor will talk about.
8:37 am
go ahead. >> the tics just don't have the agents that cause lyme disease. it has many other infectious agents in it. in our area, there is a par side called abee his ia which causes high blood pressure, night fevers. there are problems that causes rocky mountain, fever and other viruses. it is, it is a soup of infections that you can get from 1tic bite. you have to be vigilant for that. >> what are some tips, obviously to look, to check, check yourself, check your kid, check all of the parts. my one son, had it. >> of course good a certain age. >> thank you so much for coming in. >> it is such pour information. >> prevention, pa, lots of great tips there. >> we will put it on our web
8:38 am
site fox >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you all for the great information. >> it may be 5:00 o'clock somewhere but it doesn't mean it is happy hour. why more and more people are opting not to go to the bars. we will have that information coming up in just a moment on fox 29 good day. connections.
8:39 am
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>> ♪ >> talking about alcohol right now, because, yeah. >> very country. >> it is happy hour. according to a new survey 61 percent of people age 34 and up said they would rather enjoy a glass of wine, at home, then in a restaurant or winery. >> many millennial as gree with 47 percent saying they prefer happy hours a at home, part of it the is because more consumers are looking to save money, don't want to pay premium prices at a bar. >> makes perfect sense. >> we call that pregaming. >> i had to do research. my parents are watching at home. >> yes. >> my parents called and they are senior citizens they said happy hour. we love happy her because we could get deals on the food. in way happy hours, they call
8:42 am
this the death of happy hour. this is just a stupid dumb survey. >> yes, very personally. >> yes. >> striking a nerve a little bit. >> that makes me unhappy. that is opposite of happy hour. >> if you are unhappy, i'm unhappy so we cannot make that happen. >> i don't know, i haven't made it a pint to go out to a happy hour in quite sometime. i still have happy hours at home. i have to agree with the survey. >> don't worry, the happy hour begins again. >> i just found something. >> that is gratuitous self promotion. >> we will come back to you. >> do you get to happy hour. much more important than us. give us your answer. fox 29 yes, fox 29 no. >> ♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ >> smooth, lauren hill, remaking roberta flack. >> i love this one. >> lauren hill did not show up to her show last night, two hours late, played for 30 minutes and people were on fire on the internet right now. i can see that, i'm so hopeful we will see the sun today. what do you think of this one, the way you make your birth announcement you make an emoji. who is that an emoji of? do you recognize that person. >> in. >> it is black china pregnant with you know who her boyfriend is, rob kardashian,
8:46 am
she put this emoji on her instagram page. it will be rob's first. this is her second child. she has a three-year old named king, whose daddies tyga. >> yeah, i don't care. >> new children's book provides different takes on fairy tails trading in the imagery princess for real women hoffa cheered real greatness. >> book is called good night stories for rebel girls, it tells stories of 100 real women from serena williams, supreme court justice ruthh ginsburg to queen elizabeth the first. it is to inspire young girls to dream big and show that they can do anything they set their mind too. its creator says it is part the of the larger project to promote gender equality in children's products. >> i love this idea. i think it is great. it makes perfect sense. >> there is a absolutely no down side to this, let young people see the future and dream big. you could be the next karen hepp. >> could you you mark this time out, 8:46:53 and we
8:47 am
agree. >> don't get used to it. >> 8:46. still breakfast time but not too early to start thinking about lunch. >> and, will salad has been elevated. our jen fred has a special guest to take your lunch salad to a whole new level. >> hi everybody, it is momma long, we love him so much. this is lost to me once. now you went against me. so redeem yourself. we want to make a nice salad but not so difficult. >> we will do a perfect summer side dish, cucumber tomato salad in the summertime. cucumbers nice and easy. >> or show off your knife skills. >> tomato. it is six ingredient. onion. >> you have left over stuff in there because kid didn't like red tomato or onion. >> you combo to that farmers market. >> are you okay. >> yes. >> and on the weekend that is what we can get done. >> that is right. >> we have red onions.
8:48 am
tomato, cucumbers. beautiful. a key ingredient is dill. >> can you over dill. >> i don't think so. >> no. >> all right. >> a little mint here would be nice. >> yes. >> we will add a little olive oil. >> regular olive oil. >> that is sugar. >> i thought it was salt. >> i hope not. >> all right. >> and then your favorite vinegar. >> i love apple cider vinegar. >> beautiful. >> and look at that, give it a nice mix. >> this something your kid will eat. >> how do i eat it. >> wait, hold on. >> i got it. hold on. this is a mom thing to do. you wipe off the kids spoon. >> we keep it real. >> we will keep it mom. >> that is really good. >> simple, easy. >> you can useless sugar. more sugar you have, a little
8:49 am
guave, sweet and sour. >> you're a tv guy. you know person trying it really likes it if they go in for a second one. >> that is right. >> he is the chef, i am will's a jen, this is just keeping it real. >> yes. just keeping it real, into a salad segment. the nicely done. >> look at that, allentown, karen says it doesn't look that bad, little gray and wet but getting better by the moment. >> rain coming through there and it is moving out. we have to wait for that sunshine. we have a little bit today but more tomorrow just in time for mothers day, maybe giving out some advice before the day tomorrow. here's a question from andrew. >> good morning everybody at fox 29 good day weekend, mothers are the best they remind to us put on a coat if we need one, put on ear muffs if it is cold or even, grab an umbrella if it will rain during the day. so dave can you make all mothers day by telling them only thing they will need are
8:50 am
some cool shades. >> cool shade yes, goat rid of the ear muffs by the way. need umbrellas today. maybe early tomorrow but by afternoon you'll just need that shades, there. today, tomorrow morning i should say this mothers day a brief shower, and then breaking up and clearing but then there is that bright sunshine by the afternoon. temperatures climbing in the mid 60's. just be patient. we have a nice even to the weekend. forty's and 50's now heading to the 60's right around 60 degrees, off and on showers, been watching this area of rain with ultimate doppler, watch it as it goes through philadelphia, now spinning up through montgomery county, moving to the lehigh valley. heavier batch there just to the east of the up are montgomery county moving in berks county, lehigh valley, allentown and bethlehem as well. we have a light rain to maybe moderate rain is moving through within the next hour or so. it is spinning around this area of low pressure. we have more showers developing across atlantic county. we are in the done with this yet. wait for this storm to be
8:51 am
moved out this big storm will do it, eventually. it will happen tomorrow. as it does we will see the showers break up, and here's one last area of rain tomorrow morning between six and 7:00 o'clock a lot going on tomorrow morning we will wake up with some rain but by the afternoon it is gone and we have sunshine in the forecast. your seven day forecast, 70 tomorrow with the early shower, showers linger to the south on monday. dry day on tuesday and a few showers return wednesday, thursday, friday, even though we are not completely dry the temperatures are above 70 degrees. it is mothers day tomorrow. time to go around the house right now, and we have a great idea, we have denise from the paint at home you make amazing things. what can we do at this moment because mothers day is tomorrow and we have to come up with something fabulous. >> you have to get your act together. reallies i and one trip to the store, much better than a plant or cut flowers because it will last all summer long. >> what is it. >> it is a terarimu but we are
8:52 am
adding little extra, it will be something extra with the lights. start off with something clear to see the side. you want to see through it and make it almost like a little diorama from first grade. we will start off with some rocks. and we like to be dry. so remember that. >> yes, suck rent. >> these are the succulents right here. they are hot thing right now. they like to be ignored. it is perfect if you are not really that much of a gardener. >> not a green thumb. >> so i have them all over the house. so simple, we will start off with drops. >> pretty color. >> you can get at any craft store. >> craft store, hardware store. >> perfect. >> you can pick them around and collect them. make them pretty because you will see it. you want a glass side to see them. start with the rocks, so you can see them. pour the san. we will use sort of the like soil. they like to be dry. you like sandy mixture.
8:53 am
san is perfect thing to use. now, let's see you can pick whatever succulents you want. i wouldn't use all of them. maybe three. you will pop it out. really super simple and don't need to complicate it. use some of the soil from around that and just put it down inside. put one more in. >> yeah, all right. >> get through your manicure, get a new you one for mothers day. >> or not. >> i like it. >> to make it a little bit more fun, creative we have these battery operated lights. here's my trick. they are a little wirery. so here's hoy you will get them in, wrap it around the outside first and it creates the shape you want and it is already in the shape. put that in there. >> i like the lights. >> so nice. >> you can put it outside, turn it on in the summer. your mom will like this. >> we have like 30 seconds.
8:54 am
>> you will cover it all up so you will hide the components of the battery with the moss and make it look super professional. >> i want things special to my mom so i think they are small figurines of animals. >> of course. >> of course, you do. >> yes. >> exactly. >> if you have someone, like i was working with someone, the beekman boys have goats so we have goats and we play some goats inside. you the makes it more personal. you can do sea shells if your mommies a beach lover. >> i like to one. >> anything like around the house. you have boys. put little lego figurines in there. it is hilarious. >> i'm sure. >> denise, amazing. here's finish product you can complete with nomes and such. thanks for this wonderful idea. how much do you think this cost. >> $20. >> we love it. >> we will be right back.
8:55 am
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8:58 am
more information coming up the at news later today. >> on line also. and at 6:00. i have good saturday.
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