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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 7, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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lives in three separate house fires, could any of the death have been prevented. a man makes a frantic call to 911 after he shot and killed his brother. the reason he gave to police. news is next. is. happening right now, firefighters have been busy over the last 24 hours. and fortunately or
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unfortunately, they're not able to save everybody. six people are dead today after three separate fires. in more than a dozen are out of their homes because of those fires. good evening, i'm joyce evans. >> i'm dawn timmeney. sadly some deaths probably could have been prevented with just a few simple measures. brad sattin is live in northern liberties tonight with more. brad? >> reporter: we're at the fire administration building here, the fire commissioner derek sawyer tweeted out no one has to die, let's remain vigilant. three fires killing six people since 11:00 last night. the commissioner saying we all need to be better prepared. >> the first fire just after 11:00 friday on the 1700 block of moore in south philly. a man and a woman killed in this three-story row home which had six smoke alarms but none with working batteries. the second fire breaking out in
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norristown around 4:00 a.m. this three-story twin home in the 800 block of dekalb street with witnesses saying people were trapped and screaming a block from the fire station. >> i heard somebody yelling for help. i got up and i came out. it was my friend. on the second floor. and i asked him what was happening? he said like his two daughters were in there. >> i went to the window and i saw somebody out here screaming. then i saw the fire engines. >> so far we have three fatalities, two adults. one child deceased at einstein. montgomery hospital. six injuries. >> reporter: including another child at chop and a third fire at a warm front fire killing one person in the 4700 block at hazel avenue. the fire commissioner says the
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man who died tried to put the fire out himself. >> it appears the victim was trying to fight the fire. i locked inside the building and located a fire extinguish in the kitchen sink area. >> reporter: eight other $ escape thanks to an alarm system in the building. >> message is here is if there's a fire, get out and stay out. don't fight the fire. >> reporter: the death is the third in the city in 12 hours. >> we're doing a pretty good job of keeping our people safe in the city. i want to make sure we relay the message that fire is everyone's fight. everyone needs to have a working smoke alarm and a home escape plan. make sure you get out safely. >> reporter: obviously some good advice tonight. we do know the red cross is assisting almost two dozen people out of their homes as a result of these three fires, so far in norristown this year, there have been four fire deaths in the city of philadelphia. there have been eight. that is three more than this time last year. not off to a good start. >> thank you, brad.
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new information tonight in a police involved shooting from this week. happening early wednesday morning in center city. police say an officer dressed in plainclothes observed a suspicious van several times on the 6300 block of overbrook avenue when a marked unit was called in to investigate. police say that van started to driving toward the plainclothes officer. the officer fired hitting and killing the driver. taking a live look center city, believe it or not, it is not ranging. of, whos like we might stay that way for all the outdoor mothers day plan, meteorologist kathy orr joining us tonight. with more on that important mothers day forecast. >> it sure s we are looking at a few spotty showers out there right now. keeping an eye on this, it's really dodging to the south, delaware could pick up a few spotty showers overnight tonight. for the rest of us, we'll be seeing clouds on the increase wind and moisture, i'm not that concerned. temperatures in the 50's. we're out in olde city, there
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are a lot of people out. 53 in the city, 45 in the poconos. trenton, 52 and dry at last. we may see a few spotty showers during the early morning hours. moving on through, even tomorrow morning to the north and west of philadelphia. for an early brunch. we could see a few rain drops but we will be seeing sunshine on your mothers day. coming up, we'll time had that out. plus, we go back to the 70's in the seven-day. sunshine, 70's, haven't seen that in awhile. we'll talk about it with your mothers day forecast coming up later in the broadcast. and a woman is found dead this afternoon inside a vacant house on the 2900 house of rose hill in kensington. police say she had serious head injuries but they're still working right now to figure out exactly how she died. they have not yet identified the woman. a grim discovery in society hill this morning. organizers setting up for the south street festival found a body just before 11:00, a woman
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believed to be about 50 years old was laying in a doorway. she was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators say they believe the woman may have been homeless. a university of pennsylvania professor says his flight was delayed because a fellow passenger thought the math equation he was working on might be a sign he was a terrorist. he says that he was flying from philadelphia to syracuse thursday when he says a woman sitting next to him passed a note to the flight attendant. then the plane headed back to the gait. men so says he was questioned by an official. he said he was only working on a math equation, the plane took off. american airline confirmed the incident happened. loved ones of the law enforcement community say their final good-byes to former philadelphia police commissioner willie williams. williams was laid to rest at chelton hills cemetery t he died
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earlier this week in atlanta. he was philadelphia's first african-american police commissioner and the first african-american to lead the los angeles police department. he was remembered today as a trailblazer. >> it's tremendous for me and not just people of color but for women and others, because again, he was a pioneer. he paved the way for so many and let people hike me know that it was possible to do this. >> willie williams was 72 years old. more information leading to the safe return of a missing tennessee girl has grown to more than $12,000. police say 9-year-old carli trent was signed out of school wednesday by her uncle. he does not have custodial rights and a kidnapping warrant has been issued. the us marshal service is offering a $2500 reward for the girl's safe return. on top, carli's doctor is
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offering a $10,000 reward. authorities say they're working their way through more than a had hundred tips but there have been no credible sightings so far. an 11-year-old girl is in critical condition after getting thrown from a carnival ride in nebraska. the girl is reportedly suffering a head injury. witnesses say the force of the ride pulled her out of her seat. shocking everybody who saw and heard what happened. >> it was crazy to hear and honestly, i don't think i could have to see it at all. i hope that she's ok and nothing like seriously is happening to her. i hope they can fix the it and god be with her. >> police are checking security camera footage from nearby businesses and a school to figure out exactly what happened. fortunately. officials say the girl's generous are not life-threatening. the street carnival was part of an animal cinco de mayo is
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celebration. donald trump the worst abuser of women in the history of politics and accusing hillary of being an enabler. >> hillary clinton's husband abused women more than any man that we know of in the history of politics. >> with no more gop candidates in his way, donald trump taking aim at hillary clinton and her a husband. >> he was impeached for lying about what happened with a woman. hillary was an enabler. some of those women were destroyed not by him, but by the way that hilary clinton treated them after everything went down. >> reporter: is outside the venue a contentious scene, pro and antitrump demonstrators squaring off. inside the presumptive gop presidential nominee going after some of his own party for not endorsing him. >> the good news is had most
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everybody has endorsed me, other than paul ryan. i don't know what went wrong there. >> meantime hillary clinton is now both criticizing and courting republicans. of her campaign reportedly establishing a republicans for hillary group trying to win over republicans opposed to donald trump. >> you're voting for someone who has a solemn responsibility to keep america safe and to continue leading in the world. and some of what i'm hearing from donald trump is quite concerning. >> reporter: with 94 percent of the delegates secured, clinton is not there yet. bernie sanders is vowing to fight through at the remaining primaries. >> i think it's an uphill fight. but we have been fighting uphill from the first day that i announced where nobody gave us a shot to do anything and now as i said we won 18 states already and more to come. >> reporter: despite repeated insistence he is not interested in another run, mitt romney is
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still being courted. a run some experts say would only handled the keys to the white house to hillary clinton. job roberts, fox news. canada declares a state of emergency as a raging wild fire that started tuesday continues to grow. >> it's not expected to stop spreading any time soon. the massive wild fire is now covering more than 385,000 acres. officials in alberta say it can double in size and that thousands have already evacuated by land and by air. government officials now want everybody in the path of that fire to get out of harm's way and calling for mandatory evacuations now, more than 1,000 firefighters have still trying to save what they can. we had a good day yesterday in terms of the heroice work to save as much of the city as possible. firefighters in the city kept working to save the downtown and as much of the residential neighborhoods as possible. we held the line for a second
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day. >> the fires are described as covering an area larger than new york city and more than 80,000 people have had to leave their homes. a brand new car stolen right off the lot. the clever trick these car thieves use to steel a 100 thousand dollar vehicle. >> it's a chilling call to 911. a man on line tells at the dispatcher he shot and killed his brother. the shock reasons that he gave to police.
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. tonight a federal security officer is charged with multiple murder charges for a shooting is spree in maryland. eulalio tordil is charged with two counts of firearm and two counts of attempted first-degree murder. he was already charged in the shooting death of his estranged wife on thursday. others say she was the first to die in a string. >> they say tordil killed somebody else and another woman at a shopping center. at a news conference today, police say the accused shooter had no relationship with those last two victims. >> after speaking with the defendant, our detectives believe that the motivation behind the events in montgomery county were most likely attempted carjackings. >> the federal protective service put tordil on administrative leave in march after his wife got a restraining
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order against him claiming he had threatened to hurt her if she left him. a local animal shelter is feeling the sting after a heartless thief took advantage of a quick opportunity and stole money from their donation jar at a recent fund-raiser. morris animal refuge set up a booth at the rittenhouse square flower market thursday. the organization had a donation jar one of its tables. when one of group's dogs got loose, organizers took off after it. that's when someone stole money from the jar. >> i'm wondering even if people kind of go they don't those opportunities for, you know, it's in their head already. and it's pretty low life. i mean, you're just stealing from the animals. >> the thief got away with about $80 and although that may seem like a small amount of money for a shelter depending on private donation, officials say every single dollar they get helps save animal's lives. fact they would steal from homeless animals is upsetting in
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itself. the power ball is now stands at $415 million, making it the 9th largest jack not in u.s. history. of your odds not good. obviously, one in 292 million but somebody got to win it. of they will be sure to keep it right here on fox 29 at 11:00 tonight to get the live power ball drawing and good luck. a west philadelphia could lose the community garden are not ready to let it go. saint bernard street in west philadelphia was transformed from a vacant lot to a vibrant green space, since then residents and gardners say it's become a focal point. >> they grow all kinds of foods here, everybody is respectable. kids come here, they have school
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trips to come through to see what the community is doing in terms of the keeping the community vibrant and green. >> judy lives right next door, she was kept completely off guard by the news the property is going up for sheriff sale in three weeks. >> extremely concerned. >> horrible. we were all ready on the path here having one-half of the prop preserve asked. >> the garden is actually two properties, half of it was saved back in 2012 when it also went up for sheriff sale. it is now part of a neighborhood garden spot. >> com post over there. >> he's hoping the same can happen to the site now in jeopardy. >> it serves for a lot of people neighborhood who want to grow their own vegetables. we have over 50 plots. over 100 people in the neighborhood directly involved and many others indirectly. >> besides providing fresh
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organic food it brings everyone together. >> people can come hang out enjoy the birds and flowers, it's part of the community. >> not everyone is in favor of saving the garden. >> i had a lot of stuff in here. >> norah watson has a plot but thinks it could be put to better use. >> there's all kinds of people come to do drug, condoms are all over the street, i'd rather see a house. >> she's definitely in the monitor, i spoke to ms. blackwell who says her office is working with the city to save the departmented, they're trying to postpone the sheriff's sale. local leaders turn out to support inmates working to rejoin society in positive ways. philadelphia mayor jim kenney and anthony williams were among those attending the faces of re-entry gail la in university
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city. it helps former end mates reintegrate into society through mentoring and other support programs. the crowds turned out on south street on for good music and eats. it was the annual is south street spring festival. dozens of restaurants and boutiques setting up shop al a 12 block area. thousands of people turn out for this event each year and this year was no different. students at one school in the city's hunting park section are making sure their school is a place that welcomes everybody. the 1200 students from mass tri charter school attended a rally. student grade six through 12 pledge to end the r word, a derogatory term used to describe people who have special needs. college students across the country are celebrating their graduations this weekend. one mississippi state student is dead after sneaking into the football stadium.
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. a mississippi state
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university student is dead after falling from a jumbo tron. it happened last night at davis wade stadium on the msu campus. he was with friends and climbed up on top of the video system. the two other young man were not hurt. officials say they do not know how the group got into the stadium or how they managed to get up on top of the jumbo tron. the school put out a statement saying the campus is saddened by the loss. women in chicago are calling for a day of peace northern of mothers day. the mom's who lost their children to gun violence say they don't want to nothing further parents to feel their pair re pain. they issued a call to action for there to be no shootings this weekend. according to crime statistics from the chicago police department. in april alone, 311 people were shot. 36 of them died. >> these kids are going to the streets because there's no love in the home.
10:24 pm
i don't want them standing by us, i don't want to see another mother bury their child. >> the group of moms had a similar request last easter and were pleasant's surprised. that sunday in march was a quiet one. nobody killed. he will chapo was on the move again. convicted drug lord who twice escaped from jail was abruptly transferred to a prison in mexico, he's fit together avoid expedition to the united states. the process could take as long as a year. the relocation was apparently due to work being done to reforce security at his current prison. it was a frantic phone call to 911 a man tells is a dispatcher he shot and killed his brother. the shocking reason he told police he did it. the acting president of the hells an angels murdered. killer on the loose. a recent arrest is now fueling
10:25 pm
new interest. could it reignite a fire storm? kathy? >> weather we're talking about a few clouds moving in tonight and a rain showers as well. we will have sunshine for mom and also some 70's in the seven-day. we'll break it down and show you when the showers move out coming up. pet moments are beautiful,
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10:29 pm
fighting his way back to help after an amputation because of cancer diagnosis. now, not even a year later, marlie is thriving and doing things with three leg that is some can't do with four. >> he sent me a video of marlie shortly after the surgery. and literally looked like nothing had happened. running around, playing with the kids. >> they're trying to bring marlie back to the force. it was a chilling phone call to 911. >> a man on the line tells at the dispatcher that he shot and killed his brother and it was all over a cheese berger. fox's gina has the story for us from florida. >> we were in a fight i shot hit. >> reporter: a chilling 911
10:30 pm
call. >> he shot my son. >> we need to know where the gun is at. the officers are on the way. where is your son who shot your other son. >> i hope you go to jail. >> it was around 10:00 p.m. when called police say nicholas, his mother and a friend came home after a night of drinking, investigators say 28-year-old nicholas and his 25-year-old brother benjamin got into an argument. >> i can't tell you that there's some sort of argument sadly over a cheese berger. whether he wanted one or not. >> benjamin said he was going to shoot his brother, grabbed a gun and made good on his word. police say benjamin shoot nicholas in the chest killing him. >> he admitted that he does own a .9 mm gun and he obviously puts himself on the scene. picked up the phone called 911, cooperated fully. as far as a full confession, he said he did not recall. >> though at the fight happened after a night of drinking, police say it shooter wasn't
10:31 pm
even drunk. >> in this particular case, our suspect admitted he was not under the influence, that he does not drink. >> family torn apart as one brother is dead and the other behind bars. charged with his murder. >> our hearts goes out to the family and it's a sad situation. >> he also told police when his brother got back from the bar, he started bullying him before arguing over the cheese berger. >> taking a live look into wilmington delaware, there wasn't a whole lot of sunshine out there today, but we'll take whatever we can get after seemed hike it might never stop raining. tomorrow looking even better for mothers day. some says our meteorologist kathy orr. >> yesterday was our 10th consecutive day with the clouds, with above average temperatures in the 50's. today, we made it out of that weather rut. it was better than the past ten days, high temperature made it to 63. winds out of the south southeast
10:32 pm
at five miles an hour. the warm wind for us. you can see the temperature right now is 53 degrees. we're watching a few patchy clouds moving through the region and we'll get a little bit closer with a few spotty showers. now, the round of rain we're talking about is associated with the cold front. that's not going to be so cold tomorrow. we have 53 in the city, 52 in trenton, 50 in millville and 49 in wrightstown. the shore not much of a range. a cool on shore flow, ocean city temperature is 51, 49 on the boardwalk. you can see 51 degrees in voorhees. of visibility, believe it or not, is a little bit reduced,s atlantic city down to three miles, millville only a quarter mile visibility. if you know anybody going to be traveling in south jersey this evening, give them a call and let them know they could have trouble on the road. watching this area of low pressure draping cold front. by tomorrow, few spotty showers ahead of this and a few may make it into philadelphia. by the late morning, noon hour, the out of here. behind that front we have much
10:33 pm
drier air. so we're talking about a strong westerly wind in the afternoon for mothers day, the sun comes out. it should be beautiful and the high temperature will be around 70 degrees. the degrees. ocean water, only 53 degrees. not warm enough to go in the water. fox futurecast. you can see the clouds rolling in tonight by tomorrow morning, there's the rain associated with the front with the clouds, but the dry line or the clearing line is not that far away. you can see just to the west of the harrisburg and williams port. that's at 7:00 ma'am. this will sweep through quickly. by noon, we have plenty of sun even at the shore and rest of the day nice. for your monday, looking at dry conditions and some sun in the morning, by the afternoon, here we go again, clouds will be moving back in but still it will be a dry day. overnight tonight in the city, 51, the suburbs 47. increasing clouds with a few scattered showers, morning showers about 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 a.m., drying out and mostly sunny winds out of the west, 15
10:34 pm
to 20 gusting to 30, by the afternoon, windy,s here's a look at fox 29 exclusive weather authority, beautiful for mothers day by the afternoon, monday chance of spotty shower south. mostly dry 72. then you can see a little unsettled again, chance of showers on wednesday. thursday, on friday, oh, boy, but it's not a wash-out, it's just a chance here or there and best part about it is look at these temperatures. more characteristic of what they should be this time of year. you have highs in the 70's and lows in the 50's. don't worry about those rain drops in the seven-day. we're going to take it day by day. >> we were just shocked to see the sun today. we were sitting on the desk and looked out. my goodness. >> very grateful. >> we're going to take what we can get. thank you, kathy. >> happy mothers day. >> to both of you. >> thank you. pop star katie a perry wants
10:35 pm
to buy a home worth millions of dollars. why pope francis might have the final say on this sale. >> a brand new mercedes is stolen off the lot. the clever trick these thieves used to steal a $100,000 vehicle. winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise.
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. in maine a 12-year-old boy steels this bus and takes it is on a squaw ride. he pulls in front of a guy who could tell something was really wrong here. germane pulled over and jumped into the bus's open door. >> he started driving when i was in the stairway and he looked at me and said he knew what he was doing and continued through the intersection. i put my foot on the brake and stopped the bus, you sit in the back now. and then he climbed over my leg. went out of the bus and started walking down the street. >> police were able to track down that boy. fortunately, no one was hurt. police say someone could easily have been killed if germane had not acted quickly. the vatican might get the final say over the sale of a former convent that katie perry wants to buy. >> a couple nuns say officials
10:39 pm
there should get the final say, the nuns have a dispute with the archdiocese of los angeles which approved the sale. the nuns say the sisters are the ones who own the property. it is among the assets of the order's nonprofit institute and the nuns attempted to sell the property to a restaurant er but the archdiocese says that sale was unauthorized. the court backed the archdiocese but the sisters are not backing down. >> we own it. and it's being -- i'm sorry if i use the word stolen. that's what's happening. >> perry's legal team has until wednesday to tell the court in writing why they believe the vatican should not have the final authority here 160 flags stolen from a southeast texas cemetery. officials at the cemetery say that they're all couldn't if he did discriminate. those responsible may be in more trouble than they think, while
10:40 pm
stealing the flags is technical a miss misdemeanor. they will be charged with a felony. recent arrest is now fueling new interest in this case but could it reignite a fire storm?
10:41 pm
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. a brand new $100,000 mercedes stolen from car lot in florida. two clever car thieves told the salesman they just wanted to check out the inside of the car. so the salesman handed over the keys. when they were finished, they handed back what the a salesman thought was the key. turned out to be a fake. a later one of the men came back and drove away in that mercedes using the real key. police are hoping that it's car's gps system will lead them to those car thieves. >> it was a high profile murder on the highway in south philadelphia that left the vice
10:44 pm
president of the hells an angels motorcycle club dead. the case has gone unsolved more than a decade. but the arrest of a high ranking members of the rival pagans club has fueled new interest. >> dave schratweiser goes inside the investigation of tom woods murder in tonight's fox 29 investigates report. >> reporter: the guy behind the camera watching fox 29 cameras watching him is motorcycle club vice president robert gray. he was standing in his driveway in his fall som two days, that has phillies biker under world on edge. >> it's very serious in the investigative world when you have charge that is significant. it's a good thing to have over a person's head.
10:45 pm
>> you start to wonder. >> he was charged along with charles okly, police say they kid no, ma'amed former pagan of treasurer right off at corner of oregon in march. pa san no lives up the block. >> you had a lot of bad blood. >> reporter: sources say gray and okly lured him to a vehicle claiming they wanted to speak with him. police say one of men seated in the back allegedly placed a belt around his neck and began to choke him. investigators say gray and okly drove him around south philadelphia before threatening him and dumping him on the street. >> talking about rival motorcycle gangs, serious concerns that violence didn't go on and on and get out of control. >> at the end of the day we're satisfied that when the evidence
10:46 pm
is presented that my client will be exonerated. >> reporter: gray's arrest on the kidnapping charges has the outlaw motorcycle gang under world buzzing because at one point, gray was questioned in connection with the murder of help angel vice president tom wood back in 2005. that murder is still unsolved and some are wondering if federal and local authorities will attempt to pressure gray to provide information on woods's murder. >> when you think you have this kind of cloak of secrecy and people will not tell on each other, you find out that's not the case. >> one political piece of information can mushroom into solving the case. >> reporter: ed rocks is a retired philadelphia homicide detective with 44 years on the force, 28 on the homicide unit. investigators are always looking for someone to give up information on unsolved murders. >> you're also looking for a person who may have been involved in the case or knew
10:47 pm
about the case to be jammed up facing charges themselves and they're holding the ace in the hole. they have the information on the homicide, never come forward until they need it. once they're arrested, they need it and outcomes the ace. >> if you got leverage on the guy, what else do you know? you want to help yourself. >> we have not been approached by anyone, we're not aware of anything at this point. >> reporter: wood was gunned down in his pickup truck on i76 in south philadelphia in january, 2005. police believe wood attempted to stop a pair of gunmen in a white suburban as they tried to gun down fellow biker byron evans who was riding a motorcycle next to wood. wood and evans had just left a south philly gentleman's club. police believe they were followed by two, three hit men possibly tied to the rival motorcycle club. >> they're looking for ways to open and get back in that case. >> a lot of times you know who the doer is and you know people
10:48 pm
who know who the doer is but it's not enough to make an arrest. >> wood's murder rocked help angel chapter in phillies just months after it was established. his funeral drew hundreds of bikers from across the country, including the leaders of the help angel's mother club. also sparked concerns about a biker war. >> i remember distinctly saying that we were going to lay the law down, and we were going to stave off any retaliatory shootings that may result. >> reporter: within days of wood's murder, doorway and another pagan were questioned. only was there as they left homicide headquarters. >> are they asking you about the murder. >> reporter: neither man wanted to answer. >> you wait till information comes in on the case. >> reporter: steven the former former president of the philadelphia chapter of the pagan's was also questioned about wood's murder weeks after
10:49 pm
the homicide. law enforcement sources say federal authorities began taking a closer look at wood's unsolved murder over a year ago. now there's hope his kidnapping arrest could finally generate the kind of heat and information that would lead the fbi or homicide detectives to tom's killing. >> i think we've seen that started to fray a little bit, the biker culture that guys have said you know what? i'm out of here. >> you have to be a good citizen to be a good witness. >> reporter: dave schratweiser fox 29 news. >> prosecutors have not charged anybody in the murder of tom wood. robert gray and chars okly have been in a court hearing on the kidnapping charges is coming later. >> they could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted on the charges. gray's attorneys said that his client will plead not guilty. he did not comment further.
10:50 pm
sean bell joins us. what an exciting day it was in sports. >> let's talk about anniversaries. of wedding anniversaries always good. of always good. allen iverson has an anniversary that isn't to great. remember his rant on practice in a little bit. phillies three-game losing streak, lucky bounces get out of a jam. coming up next in sports. pet moments are beautiful,
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listen you know what team is legitimate in any sport if they win on the road. that's how you separate the good from the bad. the phillies looked good so far. we know they're not going to be champions but they're going to be competitive. now we find out how good they are and guess what? it ain't that good. lost four out of five. hernandez with a base hit to right field. odubel herrara goes all the way from first to third. the next batter. the marlins get an easy play. chris johnson drops the ball. terrible error. comes home and guess what? the phils get the lead and win off of that terrible play. of they escape with their lives
10:54 pm
4-3. time for the derby season, we have our first triple crown winner of last year in a long time. american faro. seems like every year it's a possibility at least to start with. that's what everyone hopes for. today the kentucky derby and the favorite always seems to win and this one and this year the hot horse, nyquist. so far in the race, just another easy trot for him. look at this, nyquist the big lead, comfortable win. he wins the kentucky derby, his jockey mario gutierrez wins his seconds. the nfl looks like the two best teams playing each other in the second round. the pittsburgh penguins and the washington capitols. the supposed to be their year and it's supposed to every year. their backs against the wall facing the penguins up in the series 3-1, second period tided at one, caps won the power play. the shot with the around t.j.
10:55 pm
right there, around the rink. interception and he does his work. that makes it a 3-1 lead. that would be the final. they survive elimination. series is 3-2 penguins. it's the 14th anniversary of that famous or infamous depending how you are, allen you iverson practice speech s he talked about the speech and gave background that wasn't that big of an issue. he thought he was going to come in and talk about the playoffs and talk about the -- i believe who they were playing at the time but all of a sudden they wanted to talk about practice. so he talked about that rant and now we're going to look back at the famous rant that he wants to forget. >> we sitting here, i'm supposed to be the franchise player and we're talking about practice. i mean, listen, we talking about practice.
10:56 pm
not a game, not a game. not a game. we talking about practice. not the game that i go out there and die for. and play every a game like it's my last, not the game. we're talking about practice, man. i mean, how silly is that? we talking about practice. i know i supposed to be the -- i know i supposed to lead by example. i know that. and i'm not shoving it aside, you know, like it don't mean anything. i know it's important. i do. i honestly do. but we talking about practice, man. >> if you practice, not you would be better but your team mates would be better. >> how the hell can i make my team mates better by practicing? >> that's my favorite part. it's guy never changes, he's still that way to this day and that's why he represents the city. >> he doesn't like to talk about
10:57 pm
practice. >> that it's clear. that is clear. that is our news this saturday night. be sure to join us back here tomorrow good day philadelphia weekend starts at 7:00 in the morning, live power ball drawing is next followed by party overhere, have a terrific night. happy mothers day to all moms. pet moments are beautiful,
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