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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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. now at fox 29 news at 6:00, a strange orb in the sky, finally the sun, looking live tulle ben franklin parkway parkway after a week of dreary weather. the sun is one welcome site, i'm lucy nolan. >> i'm iain page, not only is the sun shining but the temperature finally near 70. let's get you over to chief meteorologist scott williams, is this going to last for awhile? >> the temperatures above average are going to last, unfortunately, the sunshine is not. clouds are going to roll in. and more rainfall chances as we head into next week, but live look outside of our studios here in olde city. beautiful weather. a lot of sunshine here on this mothers day, happy mothers day out there. temperatures right now in the upper 60's.
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the high today, so far made it into the 70's across the area. i mean, wednesday we were in the 50's. thursday, 58. 56 friday. 63 saturday. 70 degrees or a little better in the philadelphia area today. so it's the warmest so far for the month. cold front blew through this morning, pushing out most clouds and left over showers, a secondary front will be moving in. you can we're looking dry and quiet on this mothers day. however, the rainfall chances will increase, a 30% chance by tuesday, 40% as we move toward the middle of the week, so the lane will make come back. right now, if you're stepping out doors, we have breezy conditions. winds, anywhere from ten to 20 miles per hour in atlantic city. but that down sloping wind has been warming those temperatures into the upper 60's for most right now. 67 in wilmington, 67 in millville. and 67 in atlantic city. dry and quiet for mom, if you're
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still stepping outdoor, breezy, clear and cool for tonight, coming up, we'll time the rain and cloud cover moving back in so you still have some time get out and enjoy that sunshine. iain and lucy back over to you. >> that's what people are doing today, crowds out this afternoon as penns landing enjoying the weather and a craft fair, no umbrellas in sight. hard to stay inside. brat satin is live in abington. there are a lot of people who took their mothers day celebration outside. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of people don't want to hear what scott has to say about more rain. check my iphone, 66 right now. we are in abington township along penny pack creek here. take a look at the crowd. some folks have left but a pretty nice crowd, weather cook-out or dodge ball. we pretty much saw it all today. take a look at these pictures, park rangers telling us it's what they'd expect.
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lots of cook-outs. spending the day with mom. several hundred people out heave. kids seem to love it. whether a was dodge game going on or playing soccer. saw hikers around, enjoying this nice weather along with the ducks, days like today tend to promote a little laserness. we saw some of that. can't blame her, enjoying a hammock right now. promoting family togetherness enjoying the nice weather with a camp fire we saw. whether it was exercise, relaxation on your just really good picnic food plenty of people taking the second half of mothers day to be outside. >> grilling, hanging out, music, got a bon fire over there. from his with, dog walking, good weather makes all the difference. >> it's awesome, enjoyable. finally we get sun.
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we're not inside watching cartoons all day. >> what have you been cooking. >> vegetables, a little bit of everything. >> the weather is so nice, because you can play outside and play with your friends outside. >> reporter: for sure. on a day like today you need to take time to enjoy the view from a really big rock. this is the park it's about 230 acres of green space and wildlife. we certainly saw it all today and from here, i'm going to try to make my way back over to the nick area and get invited to some of that steak maybe, guys. >> good luck with that one, brad. developing the city's rhawnhurst section, a car slammed into a building on bustleton. a 73-year-old driver lost control of the car and smashed into the usa cling on the 8300 block of bustleton. the building was empty. no one -- despite the look of that wreck, the driver is ok as well. camden man left for dead in
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an early morning shooting. police are looking for the killer, 38-year-old less thans jenkins was on a squamous cell cancer with a single gunshot wound around three. it happened on bradley avenue, jenkins was pronounced dead a short time later at the hospital. camden county prosecutors have announced that an arrest in connection to a deadly shooting outside a funeral home. to victor rodriguez is charged as an accomplice in the murder of a 22-year-old jonathan vasquez, he was shot on south 4th street outside the funeral home where a viewing was underway for his grandmother thursday. happening right now, activists will match around city hall to sender a message about reforming marijuana laws. of just recently back became legal. for medicinenal purposes in pennsylvania. the law will take effect next week. >> they won't be allowed to smoke it. now man toft activists are
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pushing for full legislation. >> there were only a few dozen who came out today. it was actually supposed to to be a celebration of pennsylvania becoming one of a dozen states in the country to legalize medical marijuana but most of the people seemed to want more. they seemed to want what the law won't allow. >> it did get past but we are not doing enough. we got to do more. >> puffing, passing, rolling. and so it goes around city hall. >> smoking has not been passed in pennsylvania. >> smoking has not been passed in pennsylvania. that's why i'm here helping. >> posttraumatic stress disorder i was in the military 11 years in the marine corp. i figured i've earned the right to smoke whatever i want to smoke. >> reporter: medical reasons or recreational, a smoke joints. >> as an old job with injuries
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and arthritis and everything, i can get oxycodone i don't want to do any of those things. >> smoking is the best option for people. >> happy mothers day. >> this mother daughter team traveled here from lehigh county. >> i have severe rheumatoid arthritis and to fiber myalgia and it's minority for patients who suffer chronic illnesses. >> we have to save our positions and people that want to do it recreationally. we need to stop prosecuting for victimless crimes. >> one pot smoking woman told us she never thought she'd see the day she can walk along a smoking a joint in front of a police officer and not get arrested. philadelphia, as you know does allow you a small you amount of marijuana, as for the new law, the health department has about six months to get initial regulations into place, governoring some 25 grower processors and 50 dispensaries,
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each allowed three locations, it's going to take awhile but the folks we saw today are going to smoke it no matter what. >> lawmakers have said this will not lead to full-on legalization of marijuana in pennsylvania. the u.s. coast guard has suspended a search for a missing jet skier, 26-year-old mellon did he see disappeared after night when a jet ski ran i was ground, they fell into the water near the trenton around 7:00 p.m. another crew picked up the friend but couldn't find mellon did he see. a baby involved in a horrific crash last sunday in east falls has died. philadelphia police say 7-year-old wilson perez couldn't pull through. family members say the baby's 6-year-old brother and father died in the crash on henry avenue as well. a man accused of stealing a cell phone refuses to hand it over to police and ends up facing charges.
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investigators say james hastings junior was staying at the red carpal hotel in galloway when he took the phone from a man in the parking lot. hastings ran to his room and the victim was able to lead police to him. officers say hastings had the phone but wouldn't give it up. he's also accused of resisting arrest. he was taken into custody and now is jail on $75,000 bail. lottery player in new jersey is doing mighty fine tonight, a 7-eleven sold the only power ticket worth hundreds of millions. sabina kuriakose has been hanging out where people have been buzzing about the big win and the winner who has net to come forward. >> as soon as she woke up this morning and saw on the news she jumped out bed half naked and ran they don't check the ticket. >> reporter: if you areally for mike of his wife they soons realized they are not the winner of the powerball prize.
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somewhere in the homes amid the streets of mercer county. lies the golden ticket. >> i hope it's me. >> reporter: out of 44 states, new jersey is the luckiest, the sole ticket for the seventh largest powerball jack pot ever sold somewhere in our area. people waking up in mercer county, the news hadn't hit the paper yet, many rushing home to triple check their numbers as soon as they to found out. . >> that's great. usually never around here. but i'm excited to go home and check my tickets. then go into work and retire. >> reporter: russ has one thing to do first before he checks. it is sunday after all. >> go to church first and pray. >> reporter: pray hard. he says he and his wife did get one winning number, 66 but he's still not a fan of the odds. >> betting 292 million to one
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odds? 66 doesn't mean anything. somebody got to win, that's how i rationalize buying my one ticket. to your now resets to $40 million for wednesday night's drawing, fox 29 is the only place you can watch that drawing live on wednesday and saturday night. still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00, an accused killer spotted in a parking lot and police not going to let him get away. >> can captured the dramatic arrest of the accused mall shooter in maryland you'll see how it went down. a pennsylvania teen banned from the prom because of the tuxs. an 8-year-old's punish meant? >> the phillies had an interesting day with a game that went back and forth, actually surprised me and i know it will surprise you and that's coming up in sports.
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. man accused in maryland killed three people and injured three others is showing no signs of remorse according to police. 62-year-old is accused of killing his estranged wife in a high school parking lot on thursday, a bystander was hurt. investigators say the shootings continued friday in two separate parking lots. one pan killed and his friend hurt while trying to help a woman also wounded. second parking lot. a woman was shot and killed in her car. about an hour later, tordil was
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spotted eating lunch across the street at a boston market. when he returned, police were waiting, dramatic surveillance video shows officers showed him no room to escape. >> reporter: he strolls through at the parking lot left overs in hand, you'd never guess he's wanted for murder. >> shocking. the arrogance of having shot somebody 300 yards away and he's shopping and buying himself a meal at boston market. >> reporter: police are watching his every move, in the car, undercover officers spring into action a drive toward his vehicle. of then slam right into it. officers get out, some with guns drawn you surrounding the suspect. shoppers terrified. one guy crouches by his car before running off. meanwhile, it doesn't take long before the suspect is captured without a single shot fired. >> it was very well executed. this is where our police department really shines their best. and we're really proud of them and we're proud to support them. bruce lee opening the
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shopping center where this happened. coincidentally the same is shopping center where the belt way sniper started the shooting spree in 2000. >> what we learned later after they caught the sniper the car i was parked approximately in this vicinity here. >> reporter: feet away from the wild arrest scene. >> the fact that no shot was fired is fantastic. because clearly this man was armed and dangerous, and very arrogant. >> tordil is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow in rockville. texas mother is furious after a teenager forced her 8-year-old son to clean a school toilet with his bare hands as punishment. the teacher sent a note home detailing the punishment. she did it after the boy put mud and wood chips in the school urinal. he had to clean as the classmates watch. his mom said she doesn't approve
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of her son's behavior but she thinks the teacher went too far. >> the teacher made him dignity urinal and clean it out. it bothers him explain this to open and see the hurt and the deaggravation in his face. she has met with several is administrators in the weeks following what happened. she said the teacher has taken a leave of absence and is seeking early retirement but the school district is not commenting on the case. the president of penn state university says he's appalled by the rush to judgment after new allegations about jerry sandusky and joe paterno surfaced this week. he sent a letter to the entire penn state community to refute allegations revealed in an order signed by falsehood judge last week an insurance company and litigation with the university claims the boy had told joe paterno in 1976 that sandusky molested him in the two other
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assistant coaches witnessed inappropriate contact in the 80's. barren wrote, we can't find any evidence related to a settlement or otherwise that an alleged early assault was communicated to coach paterno. sandusky is serving 30 to 60 years after a jury convicted him. a judge did grant him an appeal hearing. after 33 years, a marriage it looks it's over for ohs si osborne and sharon. tmz is reporting that ohs si moved out of the family home. it's not the first time the famous couple parted ways. in '13 sharon left ozz ie. tmz says according to a sources, this time around, drugs and alcohol are not to blame. the popular dating ap ok cupid stirred up controversy on a dating south philly that uses to match people up, ok cupid asked the question would the world be a better place if people with low iqs were not
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allowed to reproduce? men cap called the question inappropriate, offensive and discriminatory and wants it removed from the site. ok cupid says the question and similar ones are used to help match potential partners based on interests. a group of mothers in missouri spent part of this mothers day weekend visiting other moms, women who are in the hospital fighting kansas, megan is in kansas city with the story. >> hi, happy mothers day. hello. oz. >> thank you. >> reporter: with the hugs and love, you'd think they're family. giving hope and help volunteers, each mothers themselves spent saturday visiting moms with kansas at research medical center. >> we have pill bottle, we have box of tea. >> reporter: armed with a few gifts, the main reason they came
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was to offer company and comfort. >> some of them just need to know that someone is here, that someone cares. >> feel blessed that someone is out there that care. >> reporter: she was diagnosed three months ago. >> family and prayer helps. it really does. because at first i was in denial. i don't have kansas. >> reporter: share asked tears 10 positive messages created quick relationships. >> she made an impact even. >> reporter: the women were surprised is and deeply moved. >> my that means heaven to me. it meant all the world. >> reporter: a. >> to of healing they will remember as they push through their treatment. >> i want to thank you all for coming. for coming. i'm overwhelmed right now. >> god bless them. your triplets surprise --.
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>> try is the key word. it's about the effort. >> a for effort. >> i know your kids treated you well. >> they let me sleep in. >> that's a good present. >> that was wonderful. very nice. >> happy mothers day to all the moms. coming up on fox 29 news at 6:00, while calling your mom this mothers day will not only make her feel good, it will be good for your help. colorado storm chaser caught. video that you can't miss and it's next.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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. (wind). check out this incredible video out of colorado. storm chasers shooting video of a funnel cloud as it touches down on saturday. forecasters say this twister traveled about ten miles on the ground. the storm knocked down dozens of electrical polls toppled trees, vehicles and buildings were also damagedly at least four tornados were reported in colorado's northeast planes and conditions are favorable for more today. bit a good news in the fight against massive wild fires in canada. officials say the fire grew much slower today than they had
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feared. yesterday firefighters believed the wild fire could double in size by today but a break in the hot weather helped them keep things in check. cooler temperatures and a break in gusty winds should help firefighters and despite all of that. mass evacuations continue across alberta. more than 80,000 people left. 16,000 homes were torched and other buildings. government officials ordered more mandatory evacuations yesterday. one woman told news about her terrifying experience as her family was literally running for their lives. >> all i thought is dear lord, if you can get my children safe and i don't care. i was on my knees in the truck. please get from north to south. >> wow. they give some perspective on the massive size of this fire, it has burned an area as big as
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new york city's five be boroughs. >> an 11-year-old is in critical condition after a bizarre carnival ride accident in nebraska. witnesses say is the girl's hair got caught in the spinning ride and was ripped out. the girl was thrown to the ground, police are checking security camera video from a nearby business to try and figure out what happened. it was part of the cinco de mayo celebrations. still ahead, there's nothing unusual about this tux why was this pennsylvania teen banned from the prom? the controversy next. a stunning admission from new jersey jim mcgriefy into the national spotlight 12 yearing. how he's now changing the lives of others. >> beautiful weather on this mothers day, a lot of sunshine out there right now. coming up, i'm tracking clouds and more rain. keep it here. mc
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. prom season across the country. for one central pennsylvania teen, it will be one she will never forget but for the wrong reason. >> she said the school kicked her out of the prom for wearing a suit instead of a dress. she got banned from the bishop mcdevi mcdevitt prom friday. she said the school's decision is unfair because she's always worn pants. >> i told her that i had read the dress code that was given to the students. i didn't think that it precluded her from wearing a suit. >> a lot of the girls' dresses, i'm not saying that all of them are this way but i mean they do show a lot of skin. i think i'm dressed pretty modestly. >> the high school released a statement yesterday saying the dress code was sent to parents three months ago, specifying girls must wear formal dresses
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and those who did not could not attend. >> a record number of lgbt supporters march for a gay pride in japan. the rainbow parade is growing and drawing more attention. several japanese cities is participants waved rainbow color banner ins and balloons after following trucks decorated with specific themes like hiv awareness, parade organizers say nearly 70,000 showed up to this weekend's event making it the biggest turn-out in history. local families have been hitting the pavement in what's become an be annual mothers day tradition. the race for all the cure swarmed around the art museum this morning, it's been 26 year, it raises awareness about breast cancer. funds for research to beat it and helps support survivor, the susan b. komen foundation responsers the race, perfect day for it; right? . >> sun was out. close to 70. >> a little bit of a gift from mother nature. how about that?
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believe it or not the high temperature made it to 71. the warmest day of the month, no more 50's, no more 60's of the at least for now. so a dry break. take a live look on this mothers day at center city. a couple of clouds out there. a lot of sunshine and dry conditions. look at the high temperature. 71 degrees making it the warmest day this month, and spot on for the average for this to time of year, which is 71 degrees. couple of morning clouds and showers with that cold front kind of kickeded everything out. dry quiet right now, we have winds out of the north and west that's allowing for the warmer conditions. we'll get that down sloping wind that compression and that kind of heats things up. look at the severe weather on going out to the west moving through texas. oklahoma and also moving into kansas. that severe weather will stay out to our west. but eventually, we'll see more in the way of cloud cover along with more shower chances as early as tuesday. so it looks like a dry start to
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the work week tomorrow as we advance the clock. no problems headed back to work and school on your monday. a few more clouds kind of moving in during the day. watch what happens overnight monday into tuesday morning. couple of light scattered showers across the area. but it's not going to be widespread. heavy rain fall as we move towards tuesday. then overnight tuesday into wednesday, another round of showers moving through as a boundary kind of stalls off to our south disturbances will rotate along the lift not a atmosphere, scattered showers back in the forecast. look at those temperatures, pleasant right now, 67 in wilmington, 68 in dover. we have 69 philadelphia. mid 60's currently in allentown. low 50's the cool spot in the poconos mountains. expands, the view. you can see 73 in charlottesville. 73 in richmond, new york city, jfk, 64 degrees, cool chilly spot right now, 49 degrees in burlington, vermont. mostly clear, cool for the
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overnight. we'll keep things kind of breezy out of the west northwest, 50 in the city, 47 in the suburbs, temperatures for tomorrow, what about 73 degrees? beautiful conditions for your monday. the pollen levels are going to go back into the high category over the next several days. just keep that in mind. the weather authority seven-day forecast shows you those scattered showers back on tuesday, not widespread coverage about a 30 percent chance, tuesday into wednesday, more scattered showers. 73 for the high temperature wednesday. 74 on thursday. friday, more scattered showers and looks like a couple of scattered showers and thunderstorms to kick off the weekend as well. but we love those temperatures. that's where we should be. finally feels like may. put away those jackets and sweaters. >> i know, we had them out, eight, nine days. >> they're still wearing them outside on market street, i'm watching right now. of. >> thank you. a beautiful work of art on a texas home and the man who owned
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it help create it. even though he's blind. how he inspired the design. we sure hope you treated mom for mothers day or called her if you're far away. you probably helped yourself. the what researchers just found out about phoning your mom.
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connections. you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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. texas man finds a hidden treasure at long view yard sale. he bought video games for two bucks each. one of the games called stadium events extremely rare. mike says after research he figured out what he had. he sold it to a game store owner for $7500. of he played the game and said it's terrible. he and his wive say they're saving a the money for a down payment on a house. it's mothers day, did you call your mom. >> i did. >> i did too. >> there you go. because you know, a study finds that calling mom could wonders for stress relief. fox's jessica explains. >> reporter: what is it about
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mothers they just make i everything better. a clinical psychologist says a mother is the foundation of everything. the first bond you create is with your mom. in utero you create this incredible relationship with your mother. and that really is strong attachment bond continues throughout development. >> reporter: a recent study at the university of missouri found young women more positive after a difficult experience with their mother. >> i always call her if i -- mom i have a serious problem and she is one who knows how to talk me down. mothers are the best. >> they have this incredible way of comforting their children. they've had to comfort them in many ways, sickness or challenging situations. and so i think they're used to knowing exactly what to say to make things right. >> some may not live close to their mother, yet that doesn't keep them from picking up the
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phone and calling off. >> i call my mom at least once a week. >> every day. >> i call my mom the good, bad and ugly. >> that's what moms are for. >> reporter: when men pick up the phone to make a phone call, it's for information. when women call, it's to try to establish an emotional bond. >> there's this real level of emotional inside intimate see. >> an important bond to remember as we remember mothers day. on this mothers day, some single moms got a big surprise, we'll tell you how a big gift will help support them all year. former new jersey governor jim mcgreevy is talking redemption after his fall from power. >> i had the chance to realign my life and to begin again. >> how the former politician said scandal and transformation made it possible for him to help others.
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. new jersey can soon become the first state on east coast to allow over the counter contraceptives. working its way through the. reporters saying make it easier for women to get planned pregnancy. have to see prescription. and what this would mean to girls under the age of 18 is still up in the air. of. jim mcgreevey shocked the nation, now the ex-governor is hoping that's not his legacy. >> mcgreevey is focused ton giving former inmates a second chance. sharon crowley spoke with him about how he's transferred after resigning office. >> my truth is that i am a gay american. >> new jersey governor jim mcgreevey stunning resignation catapulted him into national
6:45 pm
spotlight. >> i engaged in adult consensual unfair with another man. >> that's the start of what was real. >> reporter: minutes before facing the press to reveal is, he said he mustard courage my praying. >> and i remember walking into the bathroom and holding on to that and looking into the mirror and said grandmom, here it is, i'm being truthful, i'm being honest. i'm doing what god would want me to do. i was just praying to her and through her. you think in life of profound terms. that was one of them. because it was to lead life openly and transparently and honestly without secrets. >> what title would you like us to use these days? >> jim mcgreevey. >> reporter: i sat down with the
6:46 pm
former governor at martin's place in jersey city. one of the several prisoner reentry programs he runs around the state. redemption and a second chance something mcgreevey feels he got after leaving office. >> i had the chance to realign my life, to live my life, god will go, based on the preceps that high hold important. my god at that time sadly was politics and myself. >> reporter: now he finds ex-cons jobs most importantly inspiration. most of the men and women he helped i have no idea the man they called jim used to be the most powerful leader in new jersey. >> coming from jail to having her own apartment. >> served 30 months in prison. >> we can't get that second chance, that's why we go back at the life of crime.
6:47 pm
that's the only thing we knew. >> reporter: gone are the perks and power of the governor's office but as mcgreevey puts it, also gone are the lies. of. >> reporter: how does that feel. >> doing god's will in your life doesn't mean you're going to be free from pain. doesn't mean you're going to be free from your discomfort or suffering but it means that at the end of the day, you're going the right thing for the right reasons and it's going to be ok. >> reporter: as you heard, the former governor believes in second chances, so with all this work that he's doing here in jersey city, to ask him if he's ever attempted to back into public life. >> reporter: everybody wants to know if you would consider running for office again. are you sure? are you. >> i have temptation. people say you should run for office. whatever, i realize in my heart, that's not healthy for me. i've been there. that's about me with ego again,
6:48 pm
it's not about service to the community. being here working with our clients, being grounded, keeps me very much in a place of service. i'm much more comfortable with who and what i am now. >> reporter: sharon fox news. tomorrow is the deadline to force a bathroom bill targeted at transgender. the law violates the federal civil rights act. north carolina's house bill 2 passed in marriage and it require people to use bathrooms in public buildings that match the gender on their birth certificate. north carolina's governor says the state will meet the deadline lot a reversal in likely. ambitious campaign to learn more about america's bald eagles population. biologists and experts spent the
6:49 pm
weekend tagging eagles. they cannot not fly. they're just eight weeks old. researchers will spend the next four years studying them, such as where they travel, how fast and high they can fly. a mural painted on the side of a house in texas is stopping traffic and there's a unique story behind it had. steve recent bought property in austin and thought the wall would be a perfect spot for a mural but he's nearly blind. artist has worked with blind clients before, she actually did the paint weekend it vision coming had from him. >> i imagined it was going to turn into emily been able to take it way beyond that and just, it's not just a mural so the wall. she's doing a painting on a very large can vas. >> the artist said in this case it was actually the blind
6:50 pm
leading the sited. being a mom of course comes with challenges but raise kids is especially tough as a single mother. >> on this mothers day day, some single moms got a special gift. in colorado a nonprofit called hands of the carpenter t thanked ten mothers with new cars. the organization hoped the donation will keep the women on the path to success. >> it's a huge blessing. it's life changing. it keeps us moving forward. it really mean as lot to me. >> the ceo of hand of the carpenter says they're giving out what god has given to the world. sports series and the stanley cup playoffs and the nba had a chance to end today. highlights coming up and the phillies did something today you don't really see often and that's coming up in sports.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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. phillies wrapping up their three game series in miami and showed something today they had not done most of the season, offense and two come backs, and something else, the phils are tide for third in wins in major league baseball. let's go to miami and take a look. a lot of pink today for mothers, the socks, shoe, backs. even the umpire joined in with pink on their head gear. and in the seventh inning, tide 3-3, play at first base, herrara on 2nd, her in an did he say is out. the phillies up 4-3, bottom of seventh. drew in for nola and the home run by chris johnson, now it's 4-4. phillies had the lead and lost and lose it 5-4, two outside and tyler goodell is hitting closer
6:54 pm
to 100 than 200. gets a double. so the phillies tie it up 5-5. next batter. andrew blanco hits a double. phillies came back twice t take the lead 6-5, and gomez in the 9th, this is the big, carlos stanton phillies win 6-5. last night washington stayed. islanders trying to do the same against tampa. let's go to tampa and at lightening in blue. it's a scoreless game in the first period. and victor head will store 1-0. second period, tampa up 2-0. islanders probably shouldn't have won this series and they did not. this is the power play. headman shoots, scores, 3-0. tampa wins 4-0, wins serious four to one.
6:55 pm
cleveland cavaliers and atlanta hawks have not been competitive. today that changed. they're down three game also to none. and atlanta plays it tough. actually only down by one. labron james has a few shots and it doesn't go. so atlanta still has a chance, labron james, it's ok, it's your fault that time. it's now, atlanta is down by one. labron james had 21, kevin love was the high scorer with 27 hits the jumper there's a chance for atlanta to tie the game. jump ball just under three seconds left. that shot would not have counted cleveland you wins 100 to the 99. riding the cloud, moms don't
6:56 pm
answer their calls, rodney said one of the eagles, he's a new eagles, you are appreciated thanks for being there 25 years of my life. malcomb jenkins with his wife and mother, jenkins tweets shout out to the awesome moms out there. i hope they call as well as tweet. >> exactly. if i told my mom i tweeted her, she would be wondering if i was talking about birds. >> twitter. that's the thing. >> tonight on sports sunday we'll talk eagles. when sam bradford is coming back and likely when he's going to come back and we'll talk about that tonight on sports sunday. >> be sure to join us for fox 29 news before sports sunday. a couple someone breaking into their home woke them up but it wasn't a robber, burglar. what went through their window and one clue behind that helped them catch whatever it was. >> one city considering, the
6:57 pm
reason they're making the change tonight at 10:00 that's not will do it for us, live lottery drawing is up next followed by bordertown. >> let's talk about weather real quick. >> look at that. >> we were stuck in the 50's, wednesday, thursday, friday. 71 degrees. that was the high temperature today. making it the warmest day so far for the month of may. the rainfall chances are going to be back, not so much tomorrow, but tuesday into wednesday, you might need to grab an umbrella. >> it's just my garden. i appreciate it. >> i think got berries going. >> are you going to make a blue berry my? >> relax, it's under 40%. >> that will do it for us. the lottery drawing up next followed by bordertown. see you at 10:00.
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oh, you're making this too easy for me. hold it right there, coyote! (all gasping) don't worry. we'll just cross the border in an alternate dimension. (whooshing) (in robotic voice): hold it right there, coyote! (whooshing, explosion) (whooshing) (growling) (whooshing) okay, vámonos! (high-pitched): hey, what do you think you're doing?! stop! (high-pitched): damn it, buckwald. we've got much bigger problems than immigration! (shrieks) butterfly! (butterfly munching) (screeches) ♪ ooh! ♪ ha!


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