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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  May 9, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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good morning at 4:00 o'clock breaking news overnight right now manhunt for an escaped inmate has pick up after a possible sighting of this man arthur buckel. we will have much more in a live report. more breaking news this morning woman found murdered inside a local home why police think her husband may be behind the crime. as new jersey prepares to head to the polls many stops for presidential candidates including one to take from bernie sanders who is expect to be seen later today. it is monday, may ninth, 2016. a belated happy mothers day for all of our viewers. >> you talk to trish yesterday. >> of course, i d i spoke to her. i spoke to my grandmother. did you talk tour mom. >> i did. she was happy. she went to, sue serio, they called it the kentucky derby.
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right there in kentucky. she went for very first time. she saw all kind of crazy hats. >> run for rose is yes, nice and sunny on this monday. >> so nice, in the to have anything on ultimate doppler radar, after all of last week, every single will day we had at least a little bit of rain. we will get some, again but not to day. you will see out to the west in ohio, indiana, illinois there is on is rain. there is a little bit to the south but we are in the dry zone, and we should remain there for the rest of the day, dry and cool with bus stop budd think morning. temperatures in the 40's and 50's. and just a jacket would be good, 51 degrees, it is our current temperature at 5:51, it is our official sunrise time 61 percent relative humidity, that is in the bad, southeasterly breeze at 5 miles an hour. we will check some other temperatures for you, if you are up in the poconos mountains it is 39 degrees. real chilly up there. forty-two in allentown and
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pottstown. definitely sweater weather probably a jacket. 45 degrees in trenton. forty in millville. 48 degrees in dover, delaware. the that is where we are, with our temperatures, right now, and let's plan on some sunshine the at least through middle of the day, clouding up a little more toward the end of the day but we should still reach a high of, 74 degrees. so that is after a all that chill and rain last week, this is a little more like it. hopefully you enjoy the wet they are monday. we will have the seven day forecast coming up. bob kelly, i hope you had a great weekend. >> great weekend. happy mothers day to all of the moms. hopefully everybody enjoyed their day. is sunshine came out just in time yesterday. live look downtown as we get ready, live at the vine expressway, but all this morning, tonight until 11:00 until 5:00 o'clock the following morning they will shut down the vine street expressway. so this time tomorrow, if you are getting out and early, the vine expressway the work
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project continues this week. no problems coming in from new jersey, on the 42 freeway, otherwise, speedometer readings 234950's on the blue route, schuylkill and i-95. they are still paving this morning on the kelly drive, this is a left over from last night, you know when they had regot a and all that over weekend it is tough to do paving. they are out there this morning maybe for another hour or so, avoid the kelly drive, use martin luther king drive, or the schuylkill expressway, the market frankford and broad street subway, and they are using shuttle buses until about 5:00 o'clock this morning. and then after 5:00 we have put trains in motion, the rest of the mass transit, septa a, patco and new jersey transit, all are off to a good start. the chris and lauren, good morning. >> thanks very much. we are following breaking news this morning, this time out of kensington where philadelphia police are looking for a man who may have killed his wife, this all started just before 2:30 when police say a man called 911 stating he killed his wife. >> police got the to the home,
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on the 3200 block of royer street they found the body of a woman. right now a big search is on for a 24 year-old man named juan cammachio, who was last seen in a gray kia. give police a call if you see him. philadelphia police are investigating a double stabbing near a entrance of the convention center. the incident was just reported before midnight, and it is concerned a 46 year-old female was stabbed in the arm and 58 year-old stabbed in the neck. >> both taken to hahnemann hospital to be treated and they are expect to survive. police found a weapon and an arrest was made. 4:04. bernie sanders is copping to town. yeah, he will hold a rally in new jersey at 7:30 doors will opened for the future to believe in, atlantic city rally a at the boardwalk hall. today's event comes after sanders drew large crowds for a rally at rutgers university yesterday. although the vermont senator is trailing hillary clinton he will fight on to be the
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democratic presidential nominee. >> what i say to people, that is most important, it is i hope and expect that all of us understand that if donald trump must not the become president of the united states. >> sanders now aiming to fight through remaining primaries, new jersey voters head to the polls, same day as california, on june the seventh. june 7th. it could be a huge day. state of the politics here, new jersey governor chris christie will be in camden for two separate events. this morning at 11:00 christie will, attend commencement ceremony for cooper medical school, at rowan university. at 3:00 he clock governor will visit camden county college on broadway in the city. he is showing his support for the college readiness now project. a baby involved in the horrific car crash last sunday in east falls has now died. philadelphia police now say seven week old wilson perez just could not fight. family members say the six year old brother and father also died in that crash on henry avenue.
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>> so sad that story. camden county new jersey prosecutors announced first arrest connected to the deadly shooting in the funeral home last week. the prosecutors have charged, 31 year-old victor rodriguez as an accomplice in the murder of 22-year old jonathan van kes, it happened thursday, at the funeral home on south fourth street where a viewing was underway for vasquez's grandmother. later this month a former temple employee accusing bill cosby of sexual assault could face off against cosby this time in a courtroom a preliminary hearing in this case is scheduled for may 24th in montgomery county, the accuser andrea constand could testify but legal experts say that prosecutors could also rely on her police statements, to spare her alleged harm. cosby ace accused of drugging and molesting her. former prosecutor decided against pressing charges but following a slew of demanding allegations, damaging ones at that cosby was charged in the december of 2015. right now, one lucky power
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ball jackpot winner is right here in the local area, and here's a hint, it is a state that border the delaware river. >> okay. >> okay. >> someone 430 million-dollar, richer but who will have that coveted ticket? dave kinchen is in the newts room with the story on this how are you. >> i'm g i would be better if i went through new jersey before saturday night if i had known that this is where this winning power ball ticket, would have been purchased. snatched up in our area, in new jersey's capitol city, of course that ticket was sold at this 7-eleven on chambers street in trenton, lottery officials confirm that the 429 million-dollar winner was purchased there, after someone matched all six numbers in saturday night's drawing. while we do not the know who bought that ticket fox 29's joyce evans spoke with the 7-eleven clerk who sold it. >> it is like amazing. >> wow. >> reporter: you guys november idea, we don't know who in the world. >> we have no idea who is the person, yet, we have nothing.
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>> reporter: they sure did. you guys go back and look at the tape. >> we did take a lot at tape but so many people bought lottery tickets that day but we cannot tell who it was. >> well, we are hoping to find out who it was. winner can take home a one time pay out of more than 284 million-dollar, and that does make me feel good. winning number were... so if you bought tickets at 7-eleven on chambers street in, trenton, they have to check those numbers. back to you. >> lucky person. >> that is right. >> lets get breaking news from overnight, search on right now foreman officials say escaped from a prison in hammington township last week and traveled to barnegat. police a say around 11:45 last night, arthur buckel was reportedly seen hiding under a tarp at a rest stop near west bay have avenue. >> so buckel was last seen, shopping at a cvs last thursday after guard at the bay side state prison reported
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him missing. police say buckel was serving time for aggravated assault, drug possession and burglary but also revealed he had previously served, 14 years for killing his girlfriend's ten month-old baby. >> of course we will stay on top of this. steve keeley is heading that way and we will have a live report as soon as we can. positive news coming from the massive wild fire in can national a why officials think that things are taking a turn. honoring a police office shore made the ultimate sacrifice a fallen officer's wife has a message for those who remembered her husband's bravery. bob kelly is looking for good news this monday. good morning, sir. >> we have left over construction from last night. crews are still working westbound on the schuylkill expressway. we will check the rest of the jam cams, sue has got the that monday workday forecast, stay there, we will be right back.
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4:12 is the time. let's talk about this fight begins a huge wild fire, in albert, canada. >> officials new saying that it may have reached a turning point with cooler temperatures in the forecast. officials say that they are hoping to put a death grip on the fire. it has already burned more than 400,000 acres. but it is starting to slow down. more than 80,000 people have already left the town of fort mcmurray where fire already tore through 1600 homes and other buildings. those trying to flee from their homes wondered if they were going to make it out alive. >> all i thought is dear lord, if you can get my children safe, then i don't care.
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i was on my knees in the truck, and please get from north to south. >> oh, man. the despite favorable upcoming weather, officials say they still expect the fire to burn for months. >> for months. >> for months, wow. that is a big concession for fire fighters. sues serio, good morning to you. >> it is an incredible situation, it really is. all that rain we had last week, we wish we could have poured some of that on those fires but it just doesn't work that way. so there you can see as we look at ultimate doppler radar, a frontal system heading our way, tomorrow with rain. you didn't think we were going to go that long without rain, did you? well, yeah. well, as we zoom in on a place where we see worst weather throughout omaha, nebraska and surrounding areas with some very, heavy rain and strong then are storms, as in that part of the country but for us, we are high and dry. we had a beautiful, half of saturday, the second half, we had a gorgeous day, yesterday, and quite breezy, with you
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still, very, very refreshing as we zoom in, like we were, last week, we will see no rain. so now lets look at the future cast. the rest of the day to day should be dry but we will see an increase in cloud, as the afternoon goes along, and then, tomorrow morning, to the south of philadelphia, especially we could see, a few showers, a and a few more, as we move into the afternoon with that frontal system we have just shed you out to the west heading our way. it looks like we will have some rain on tuesday, especially the ladder part of the day if you don't get it in the morning. wednesday, yeah, another chance of rain, in the afternoon, but, the week is not a wash out, not like last week was. 51 degrees in philadelphia right now. forty-two in allentown. chilly 39 in mount pocono. 48 degrees in lancaster and dover as we get our monday, started. wind are not an issue, they are calm out there this morning. but in the past seven days with these below average temperatures average in the
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lower 70's we will finally on mothers day made it to 71 degrees, kind of where we are supposed to be for this time of the year. we will look ahead to the seven day forecast, we have pictures, temperatures, we are working on the word, and yeah, increasing cloud throughout the day, chance of showers tomorrow, cloudy, and maybe a chance of showers on wednesday, and it looks like friday we will have a possibility of some thunderstorms and we may start the weekend, with a shower or two, and then looking better as we get into the second half of the weekend. best part of this seven day forecast is highs are in the 60's and 70's bob kelly, not like 50's this week. >> yeah, exactly what a crazy roller coaster ride we have had. good morning everybody. 4:15 on this monday morning, a live look, at ben franklin bridge, no problems at all, kind of quiet on this monday, as we are getting ready to step out the front door. same deal here on i-95, no problems at all working your way southbound out of northeast philadelphia, heading in to center city philadelphia all this week we will see the construction
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crews out on i-95, between cottman avenue, and bridge street, with some extra lane restrictions. they are working right now, on the schuylkill expressway, a westbound crew, right at the conshohocken interchange, they have the right lane blocked, only the left lane getting on through as we head westbound you can see spotlights coming into play and water main break on city avenue right at bala avenue. i think that is right near 65th avenue there, so watch yourself heading north bound heading up toward, city avenue and the schuylkill expressway, and then a new pattern, for folks on the blue route, between i-95, and media swarthmore, just watch out for the cones and nut line paintings. speaking of painting lines, crews are painting some new lines here on the kelly drive. they have been out all night long, through the night. there are lane stoppages in both directions. avoid the kelly until 6:00 o'clock and use martin lieutenant are king drive or schuylkill to work your way in
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or out of the the city. and lane changes to the freeway as we work our way into philadelphia mass transit, market franking forward and the subway they are using shuttle buses until 5:00 o'clock. the chris and lauren, back over to you. a driver walks away unharmed after her car slams right in the the philadelphia ailed building. this happened yesterday in the city's rhawn hearst section. police say a 37 year-old driver lost control of her car, which slammed in the u.s.a. bank clinic on the 8300 block of bustleton. building was empty n1 was hurt. in wilmington delaware police are investigating a shooting just past 7:00 last night on the the 100 block have of south franklin street. police tell fox 29 that the victim a 25 year-old woman was shot in the right leg, a and she was taken to christiana hospital in stable condition. and police are still searching for that shooter. so, a phone end with a brawl with police and one person in custody. police arrested this guy right here james haze continuation junior, they say that he stole a phone from the man in the hotel parking lot in galloway township, new jersey. the not only did he steel the
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phone but he ran back to his room at red carpet motel, with his victim's watching. so when police knocked on the door, he is still on the phone. that led to a fight with police. now, he is in jail on $75,000 bail. by the wait, one officer was hurt in that whole scuffle. minor injuries. next week medical marijuana a law will take effect in pennsylvania. for advocates that is an opportunity for pushing for overall legal says. the yesterday at city hall activist openly smoke the drug n2014 marijuana possession in small amounts for recreational use became only a civil offense in city limits and even with these changes over past year and a half, advocates say is there more work to be done on drug reform. >> it is not going to happen fast enough. we have to save our patients and even people that want to do it recreationally, we need to stop prosecuting for victimless crimes. >> legal says from medicinal purposes, many activist upset because patients can use it in most forms but still will not be able to smoke it.
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some supporters say smoking it provides the the fastest relief. 49:00. a fallen philadelphia police officer was honored last night, on the tenth anniversary of his death. family members laid roses in honor of officer gary skerski shot and killed outside pat's cafe on castor avenue in mayfair in 2006. he was answering a call from an armed robbery when a gunman shot him. his brothers in lou blue were object hand to remember the sacrifice. the officer skerski left behind two kids who are now young adults. his killer is new serving life behind bars. 4:19. all eyes are on new jersey as a massive manhunt is underway for an escaped inmate, where officials think they may have spotted the escapee. call them the come back kid, how the phillies came back not once but twice in the game. speaking of winning,. >> your winning lottery numbers. >> not the ones that matter from over the weekend.
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good morning, i'm sean bell. phillies, ability to stop losing streaks has been almost impressive thing about them this year this weekend, not only did they did that but they began a two game winning streak. eighth inning, down five-four, tyler goodell find the gap in wright center. he puts on the jets. he comes home all the way from first. that ties the game. now, the very next batter,
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andres blanco hits a deep shot over the right fielder's head, goodell gets to go home because of that and phillies hold on to win six-five. putting together a two game winning streak. new to the the nba playoffs cavilers in their first tight game of the series, late in the fourth, lebron james, step back, good. that puts cavilers up by one. the hawks will get one last chance, but millsap gets the ball, throws up the three but it is in good. cavilers bring out the brooms and sweep series. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. breaking news right now officials searching for an escaped inmate on the run for almost a week now, where they think arthur buckel may have been hiding, we have a live report coming up.
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the president have of the penn state speaking out. we are on top of this, manhunt right new for an escaped inmate we will have a live report come up, from new jersey. all right. and now lets talk about the president of the penn state speaking out about the latest joe paterno allegations. why he is now, refuting that latest bomb shell. and, someone, very luck think morning, after winning
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the latest power ball worth over 400 million-dollar, we will tell you which source sold that winning ticket. good day it is monday, may ninth, 2016. hopefully everybody is a at home appreciate ago this weather we had yesterday to celebrate mothers all across the state. >> it was perfect. >> i know. >> how about monday, if you have forgot about mom you can say, mom, i'm busy, i will take to you lunch. sit outside today. >> right now it would be a little breezy just like yesterday was, in the afternoon. it is okay. you can deal with that because, it is not going to rain. we have dry, weather, whatever we're showing you on ultimate doppler radar right now. the closest cloud cover we can find is down in virginia and out to the west, in ohio, and then there is some rain out there as well, but not expected to get here until tomorrow, so 51 degrees is our current temperatures. we have a please from the southwest but these breezes will be picking up as day goes a long. 5:51 is your official sun right time.
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longer, longer days. because of the clear skies we did have radiational cooling, temperatures did drop overnight so it is a very chilly 39 in mount pocono. forty-five in reading and trenton. only 42 in pottstown and allentown. we will go to the the south. forty-nine in atlantic city but a chilly 40 in our usual chilly spot, millville, new jersey. so, with a marvelous mothers day weather-wise and hopefully, you had a chance to enjoy it as well. seventy-one is our average high and we were right there, yesterday, and yet, 71 was yesterday's average high, today, as of today the average is up to 72. i think that is where we will be, just where we're supposed to be this time of the year, even with the increasing cloud, so, you you know, lack of sunshine by the time we get to the drive time in the afternoon but still a marvelous day, 72 is our high and sun doesn't set until 8:04, bob kelly, now you can stay outside and enjoy it. >> what happened to the 8:00 o'clock on the button did i miss that.
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>> that was friday. >> we were picking up a minute every day, all excited. >> we're all consumed with the rain on friday. >> well, now we're past 8:00 o'clock. 4:29 other than a monday. looking good. kind of quiet the on the bennie, in problems on i-95. speedometer readings nice and quiet. fifty-five on the blue route. fifty on the schuykill. even coming out of the northeast philadelphia, kind of quiet but crews are still working as we have pulled that parachute cord and go down on to the schuylkill expressway. they are working westbound out toward conshohocken right at conshohocken interchange. cones, barrels are a all down and only that left lane is getting on through. is there a water main break at city avenue and bala a avenue, and, that is right where the train station comes into play, and so it is north bound, anyone, heading up toward the schuylkill expressway, it is down to one lane, that is a rough go to begin with on a regular morning rush hour, so, if that continues to be the case, in the next hour or so, give yourself some extra time,
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and again, on that north bound side, and then, of course, i-95 northbound we have police activity right here near the airport. it looks like someone was going a little too fast and personal invitation to traffic court. kelly drive, crews are still outside doing some paving here avoid the kelly until about 6:00 or so, use that martin luther king drive are, or the schuylkill expressway, chris and lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thanks very much. breaking right now all out manhunt for an escaped inmate arthur buckel after he was possibly cited late last night this guy has been on the run since may third, when a live breaking news story, and steve keeley has been heading to barnegat area, and steve, can you hear us right now. are you on the even if right now. >> reporter: may third last tuesday is when he somehow, got out, and they have not explained how he got out yet but he was in the ancora psychiatric spot of the bay side, which is a medium security prison in cumberland county but they have a division at ancora psychiatric
4:31 am
hospital which is in winslow township in camden county on the border with atlantic county close to hammington where's parentally stole a pickup truck, took that to barnegat where he was last spotted thursday and now overnight, police now confirmed that the new jersey state police lawrenceville, confirms that this big massive search right now is for buckel for sure, and he was spotted, hiding underneath a tarp at the forked river, exit 77 off garden state parkway, and that is where this search has been concentrating. that is about 11 miles from barnegat, which would be quite walkable over the last few days. so there was a spotting in marlboro, new jersey, that turned out to be a hoax, and a student got in trouble for that. he was from north jersey, so he figured he was making his way to north jersey and left barnegat area but now you apparently it looks like he didn't get too far from the barnegat area and so they have a massive search, they have got helicopters out. they have thermal imaging on
4:32 am
the ground and in the air, they have got k-9 dogs, they have officers with assault rifles, they have corrections officers, state police, local police, you name it, they are looking. the problem they have is this is in the ocean county pine land, this is very dark. they have been driving around, to keep moving, staging areas, for every time that they determine that he is than the in one spot they figure lets get to another spot before they can get a jump on us. they keep moving. now they are moving it back to the original location, and they were going to expand the search, to something interestingly called double trouble state park, which is in the berkley lacey township area they had us going to a high school about a mile from where he was spotted, a central regional high school and middle school, right now no lock downs, no school cancellations, it is still hearst before the school is scheduled to start. they would like to get this thing over with. but this will develop throughout the morning. we will get updates. we are trying to stay out of they are way and give them clearance, and we will let you
4:33 am
know, as soon as we can get on the ground and get a live shot up from a safe location where we are not bothering the search teams, with the latest, but right now a massive search for arthur buckel, they believe, still just about 11 miles from where he was last seen at that cvs in barnegat last week. >> just real quickly, how many miles at this point then do you think they that he might be in? >> reporter: i just said 11 miles. >> 11 miles report report where he was last spotted. fifteen minute drive. they don't think he stole another car, so he probably could have easily walk 11 miles when he was last seen on thursday. >> okay, we will see. somehow hitched a ride someone. >> i imagine, he was up for parole and now you this. >> yes. >> steve mentioned that. that is not funny and of course you can get in big trouble for that. >> so the president of the penn state the university says he is quota appalled by the rush to judgment after new allegations about jerry sandusky and long time coach
4:34 am
joe paterno surfaced this week. president eric baron sent the letter to the entire penn state community yesterday morning to refute allegations revealed in an order signed by a philadelphia judge last week and insurance company in litigation with the university, claims a boy told joe paterno in 1976 that sandusky molested him and two other assistant coaches witness inadequacies pope eighth contact in the 80's. baron wrote we cannot find any evidence related to the settlement orr wise that a an alleged early assault was communicate todd coach paterno. sandusky is serving a sentence up to six years after a jury quick him of 48 counts of child sex abuse. however last week a judge granted him an appeals hearing. 4:34. and today for the first time students will have the opportunity to come together at city hall for the first city wide round table on public schools. the children from local community groups, will present the president there and they will talk about the challenging facing their schools such as teacher
4:35 am
vacancies and safety issues. the student can talk to council members ape members of the mayor's office and leaders with the school district. event will take place at 4:00 this afternoon at city hall. right now one lucky power ball jackpot ticket is out there. someone from our area has won this thing. >> someone is 430 million-dollar richer but where was that ticket sold? well, official announced the ticket was sold at a 7-eleven location on a 700 block of chamber street in trenton. >> ticket was reportedly purchased at a cash ticket, value of 284 million-dollar if you take the cash matching all five white balls and winning power ball. so the drawing, the winning numbers are, get out your tickets. >> okay,. >> ready five, 526, four, 466 and pur ball number is nine. this 7-eleven cashier was lucky enough to sell that winning ticket. >> i can't believe, it is amazing. >> you guys have in idea. >> you don't know who in the world. >> no, we have no idea who is
4:36 am
the person, we have nothing good you guys get back and look at the tape. >> we did. there is so many people that bought lottery that day we cannot tell who it was. >> reporter: but did you look. >> yes, i was curious. >> so only one ticket with those numbers, we understand. we don't know if that ticket was held by one person or it was kind of office pool, bunch of people bought it together. >> it wasn't me. >> it wasn't me either. dang it. >> yes. >> 4:36. on top of the notorious, drug kingpin el chapo famous for bus tongue out of jail as he is for his crimes, why his move to a new prison has security officials here catching their head. mr. kelly, show us what those officials would be doing. >> scratching my head right now. is that slim shady, it wasn't me. >> i didn't do. it. i was than the there. forty-two freeway coming in toward philadelphia we have lane changes from the weekend construction, sue has your machine forecast, we will grab a cup of coffee and come right
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exercise, lauren. one picture of an african picture female cadet from west point is causing controversy. the as you can see here from the image the 16 black female cadets are standing in uniform, and the photo has, caused u.s. military academy to launch an inquiry questioning whether the gesture violates military restrictions on political activity. people are questioning whether the women are showing support for black lives matter movement by campus tradition groups of cadets take pictures in traditional dress as a tribute to historic photos. group is set to graduate may 21st. mexican drug load joaquin el chapo guzman is now in a prison closer to the u.s. border. law enforcement it says it is less secure location, although, officials say guzman is being held in the maximum security wing and there is 24 hour monitoring vee camera inside his cell. area is in a territory controlled by his drug associate. officials say they are not sure why that decision was made to move him there verse
4:41 am
19 other prison options. legal experts say it is proximity to the u.s. could mean el chapo is closer to being extradited to the u.s. for crimes that he committed here. 4:41. popular dating app under fire this morning, and it all has to do with one question on the survey. we will tell but that question, what you think of it coming up. supposed to be the day women dream of, she planned her wedding, meticulously until it all fell through. her deposit. now not refundable. we will tell but it.
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spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver
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♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ all right. every single day in may, except, yesterday, it rained, so, one through seven, may 1st through the seventh it rained and it finally had a dry day for mothers day. there is more rain on the way, and not today. you can see it nearby, as we look the at raleigh-durham north carolina a little bit of rain there little bit of rain in ohio. the strongest, and heaviest showers in omaha, nebraska but coming back to us, pretty nice, it is dry. we will see an increase in cloud as we anticipate that rain we just showed you getting closer, by the end of the day to day but nope, cannot find any rain anywhere. lets look at the future cast to see when it arrives. according to this computer model we have clouds rolling in the afternoon and that is for most of us. some tomorrow morning may get
4:45 am
some rain, we will not here in philadelphia some goes to the south, and our rain is scheduled for the afternoon, as this all moves in, and it looks like an afternoon and evening rain, maybe lingering in the early morning hours, of wednesday, and then, most of that rain, probably staying away, wednesday, coming back, on thursday, so it is still, staying a little unsettled, but just not as wall to wall rain and certainly not as cool as it was last week. we're in a new weather pattern now. 40 degrees in millville. chilly one this morning. because of the lack of cloud cover, we will see temperatures kind of plunged in someplaces overnight. thirty-nine in mount pocono. forty-two in allen town. we are at 51 degrees here in the city. wind are coming out of the west and southwest which will keep us mild to take. our average high is up to 72 degrees after spending all last week, there is every day we had rain, even saturday morning, we had rain, and then, yesterday it was dry
4:46 am
with 71 degrees. we will expect to see about 71 today as well. sixty-three or so tomorrow, and then, back into the mid 70's on wednesday and thursday, and, friday we could see some showers and thunderstorms, around with the high in the upper 60's, and then we will start the weekend with temperatures in the 70's on saturday. so far, it looks like a dry weekend but you know we will take it, day by day, bob kelly as we always do. >> day by day, one day at the a time. 4:46, sue. it is monday, good morning to northeast philadelphia, a live look at i-95, kind of quiet this morning as we roll out of the drive driveway, grab your coffee and keys and head in to downtown. maple shade, new jersey, route 73, right here near fox meadow drive we have cumberland farms there in the background, in problems or delays at all into or out of the south jersey. if you use mass transit, market frankford and subway still uses buses until 5:00. we have a down tree on the lincoln drive, closed in both directions here, the at gypsy
4:47 am
lane. we talk about this over the weekend, talked about some of the streets guys, they said all that rain we have had has loosened the ground, so any of the the big old oak trees that may be, not rooted into the ground strong enough, watch for those to start tipping over. here we go lincoln drive closed both directions. you want to use schoolhouse lane, again, gypsy comes in at the lower even of the lincoln drive down near the where it meets up with the schuylkill expressway. also, a water main break on city avenue. this is north bound, city avenue right at bala a avenue right where train station comes into play, city goes up and over the train tracks, it is right there at bala avenue down to only one lane. look out heading north up toward the schuylkill. speaking of the schuylkill left over work crew westbound here with home one lane opened, right here near condition show who can even, in the really causing a big delay, because, it is still early, and we have light volume, and in problems, at all, really across the majors and all of the bridges and
4:48 am
airports looking good, chris and lauren, back over to you. big dead lane in the state of the north carolina over the controversial bathroom law, to i day is deadline for government officials to tell the federal whether they will enforce a controversial bathroom bill, targeted the transgender people. on friday the u.s. the justice department says the state letter saying the law violate civil civil rights act. the house bill two, passed in march and requires people to use bathrooms in public buildings, that match the gender on their birth certificate. north carolina's governor says the state will meet that deadline by reversal is unlikely. governor says the law is about to have have privacy. >> that is a big national discussion. >> and they are losing big bucks, from all of the concerts pulling out of there and everything else. >> and they're considering reelectricitying there. >> exactly. most noteably springsteen says i will in the play this. interesting could come down to money too. >> back here at home temple university hospital, trying
4:49 am
something new to help keep babies safe while they are sleeping. >> well, the program is called baby box program, hospital began giving out cardboard boxes that are line with the mattress. box is supposed to function like a bassinet and discourage parents from sleeping with their babies, which could lead to accidental suffocation. doctors and nurses hope to lower the cities high infant mortality right by distributing baby box that he is encourage safe sleeping habits by their caregivers. >> good idea, right. >> here's the thing, having two little ones, when they are here in the middle of the night they want to be held and then they are up all night. don't get me started. first few months, some of you might be watching at this hour, isn't it tough. >> it is hard. >> walk around like a zombie all day. >> with that said, dating usually lead to babies. so popular dating app cupid, okay cupid is stirring up real controversy. >> all of the questions. on the dating survey used to
4:50 am
match people up, it asked the question would the world be a better place with people with low iq's were not lud to reproduce. >> say that again. >> you heard the question. >> you have a low iq should you be allowed to reproduce. >> the learning disability charity called the question, inappropriate, and discriminatory, and it wants it to be removed from that site. okay cupid a says the question and similar ones are used to match potential partners, based on interest. i know it seems rude, right. >> seems. >> but there is a lot of things that people are looking for when they are dating. they might seem rude to you and i but that is on their list of what they want and don't want. >> way it is set up is, in other word if you both answered no, some dumb people shouldn't be having kid. those two people think that way, let them pair up. >> let them be together. >> you scan ask any question whether it its nice or controversial. >> in a nice way some people are shallow, and they only
4:51 am
care about certain things what a person's profession is, what their paycheck looks like, where they grew up, what neighborhood they live in, what kind of car they drive. all these questions are on there. >> how do you know this that. >> because i have friend on dating sites. >> friend. >> okay. >> a pennsylvania teen banned from the prom, all because of a tuxedo? why prom dreams may still come true.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
it is promises on but one central pennsylvania teen it will be one she will never forget unfortunately it will be for all of the wrong reason. >> he says her school kick her out of the prom for wearing a tucks, instead of the dress. and now they say school will ban her from the bishop mcdevitt prom, last friday night, in harrisburg. she says administrators told her her a tire violated the prom dress code. she says that the schools decision is unfair because she has always, worn pants. i told her that i had the dress code that was given to the students and i didn't think that it precluded her from wearing a suit. >> a lot of the girls dresses, i'm not saying they are
4:55 am
showing a lot of skin. i think i'm dressed modestly. >> so the high school released i statement saturday saying it sent the dress code to parents three months ago specifying girls must wear formal dresses and those who did not, could not a ten. but aniyah may still get to go to the prom by the way. school district in a nearby city invited her to attend its school prom. >> that is nice. let's head up to new york city where a woman whose wedding got called off, and found a way to enjoy a reception anyway. now former bride to be is youri sun, a disagreement over prenup cancel the wedding and she could moth get back deposits she made. she decided to host lunch for less fortunate kids and families. >> salvation army helped her put together that event this weekend and brought in her special guest. >> some other people, cannot feel, happier, add to go their mothers day weekend. >> and some of the people who were supposed to be guests at
4:56 am
her wedding pitched in and helped with that lunch in. >> fight over prenup, triggered all this. >> would you have a prenup if you ever get married. >> i have to get back to you on had. >> we have to find a guy first. >> let's start with that. >> day two the of the inn vick tuesday games gets underway. >> you have been there. >> i used to live there, six long year. great britain's prince harry was on hand for the games he help create the games, an international sporting event aim at inspiring and motivating wounded current and former military personnel. it includes sports, swimming, track and field, arch are you and volleyball. >> i don't want to be a spectator for archery. >> yeah, that is true. >> you ever go to those living in orlando. >> i didn't know they had them there. >> after 33 years of marriage it looks like it is over for ozzie osbourne and his wife, sharon. >> no, tmz is report ago this ozzie has moved out of the family home. not the first time famous couple has parted ways.
4:57 am
in 203 sharon left ozzie after she claimed his drug and alcohol addiction spun out of control. she took him back after he got help. according to sources this time around drugs and alcohol are not to blame. well, that is good. >> okay. >> break being news, officials for searching for escaped inmate on the run for a week. >> where officials think they may have found, or come across arthur buckel. steve keeley is live on this.
4:58 am
♪ ♪ take any day, and squeeze some magic into it. ♪ ♪
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a massive search where arthur buckel was last spotted overnight. bernie sanders setting his sights on the garden state where millions of voters in new jersey head to the polls about a month on june the seventh. your neighbor friend, maybe someone in your family could be a half million-dollar richer. within big question remains hoist the winner of the ninth largest power ball jackpot in the history. >> that is going on in new jersey. we will join steve keeley in just a maybe as they search for that he is scape prisoner in new jersey. winning lieutenant theory jackpot in new jersey. what else is going on. bernie sanders in new jersey, atlantic city. >> a lot going on this morning. >> so if anybody is heading to new jersey, or outside, of new jersey, what is our weather looks looks like today. >> we are happy to present this a after a three on friday, we will go


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