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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  May 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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hunt ended calmly. plus a yearbook shocker. a muslim high school student finds her picture and it offends her. the word underneath that forked her family to hire a lawyer. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. right now at 5:00 around the clock manhunt comes to an end. he had a local community on high alert with people told to stay inside. police officers posted in each school. to night, escaped inmate arthur buckle is back in custody and almost one week on the run. police say it ended rather peacefully. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. there are no doubt a lot of people breathing sighs of relief in new jersey tonight. let's get right out to fox 29's jennifer joyce in forked river, new jersey. jennifer? >> reporter: good evening, iain. police say that they were able to apprehend arthur buckle without incident. they say he seemed fatigued. did he not put up a fight witness arresting officers and
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now he will undergo a medical evaluation, then he'll be meeting with investigators who badly want to determine details of this escape. the six-day manhunt for arthur buckle ended peacefully late this morning. cell phone footage from fox 29 crew member showed police minutes after the arrest along the garden state parkway northbound in lacy township. >> from there, all the way down there nothing but detectives. like i was thinking about going on a jog and then whenever i drove by i was like, nope. not going to do that. >> reporter: collective sigh of leave in ocean county after the man on the run was spotted in this area last night. surveillance cameras captured 38 year-year-old buckle walking into the forked river rest stop about 11 miles north of his last sighting cvs pharmacy in barnegat. police say buckle had escaped from bay side state prison at ancora in hammonton, new jersey, on tuesday. he was serving time for burglary and theft. >> i was keeping my eyes out to
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be honest if i saw any suspicious people. >> shocked, you know what i mean? close to my house, you know. >> reporter: since last night siting roughly 150 law enforcement officers from local police department, new jersey state police and the department of corrections were out combing the area with automatic weapons until he was spotted this morning and ultimately arrested peacefully along the parkway northbound at 11:30 a.m. >> i think it's crazy. i mean i can't believe somebody could escape and then just get caught like right close to our house much it's crazy. >> reporter: and now buckle could face another three to five years behind bars because of this escape. he could face even longer sentence if he's charged with any additional crimes he may have committed during his time on the run. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, jennifer. to story now you saw first on fox after our jeff cole broke the news on social media. top member of the kenney administration faces charges of simple assault and recklessly endangering another person.
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all stems from punches thrown at a house party. jeff is in the newsroom with the fallout. jeff. >> lucy his name is donald carlton end ran the streets department until he was put on leave of absence after being arrested on criminal charges. jim kenney's office says his replacement is at the helm of the department. news sent out not long after fox 29 broke the story. carlton seen here in mug shot streets department employee for over two decades is accused of punching his alleged victim numerous times according to the da's office. the alleged victim suffered a fractured rib and bruised eye. da's office and police tell fox 29 it happened at a house party on the 6,000 block of north american street in december 6th, 2015. carlton 45 and 50-year-old man got into verbal argument that turned physical. according to court documents, carlton was arrested friday. he'll be back in court jun june 7th. now both charges misdemeanor force commissioner carlton was not available for comment when we call over to the streets depth this afternoon. deputy commissioner named mike
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carol is now acting to commissioner. black eye for the kenneyed station but, iain, they seem to move quick toll get him out of there and get him on temporary leave. jeff cole in the newsroom. more at 6:00. >> all right, jeff, thank you. philadelphia police investigate a bank robbery that happened this afternoon right across from our studios here at fox 29. investigators tell us a man entered the pnc bank at fourth and market streets around 2:00 o'clock, hinted that he may have had a weapon and demanded cash. he ran off south on fourth street thankfully no one was hurt. >> it was deadly but not suspicious montgomery county da overnight fire killed at least three people in norristown. two adults and one child died in a fire that spread in a home on dekalb street. the fire appears to have started in an enclosed porch in early morning hours. another child is in the hospital in critical condition. a beautiful day in your fox 29 weather authority. take live look at the ben franklin parkway. weather that started this weekend continued today. but things may not stay this
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pleasant. let's neck with meteorologist kathy orr outside in old city tonight. kathy? >> it's beautiful afternoon, iain. yeah, we have a bit of a breeze and mostly cloudy sky but everyone is outside enjoying the weather. at least it's mild for a change. we do have some showers that are very close, though, take a look at ultimate doppler. ing see to the south through baltimore and washington, delaware and jersey but they are fading. this is a front that is sagging to the south, and it is going to stay there for now. right now in philadelphia 66. 64 in pottstown. 68 in trenton. more sunshine as you head up the northeast extension into lehigh valley. winds out of the southwest in philadelphia up to 16 and wrightstown westerly at 15 and these breezy conditions will pretty much die down during the evening period. so for your 7:00 o'clock temperatures staying at 66. mostly cloudy and breezy. still mostly cloudy at 9:00 o'clock. but clouds and cool temperatures by 11:00 o'clock the temperature only 58 degrees. we are going to watch some showers with that front to the south move to our south threw
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south jersey and delaware. during the early morning and for part of the morning rush. atlantic counsel tearing cumberland counsel tearing cape may county along the expressway and garden state parkway tomorrow morning you will be dealing with rain. also, central and southern delaware some showers as well. so coming up, we'll look ahead to the work week with more showers for all of us a stretch of 70 which is will be nice for a change and then the next threat of some storms. may has ban bust. we'll see if we can get out of this coming up for the second half of the month later in the broadcast. all right. talk to you soon, kathy. >> in philadelphia, a woman is killed and police say the person who called 911 did it. they got the call about 2:00 this morning. a man they say was calling about his girl friend. the scene the couple's home on rohrer street in kensington. they found a 28-year-old woman lying unresponse nave bedroom. doctors pronounced her dead 30 minutes later knowledge word how she died. police found an arrested her 24-year-old boyfriend thompson and comer land streets. breaking news right now.
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charges in the death of a delaware teenager. three minors facing charges in the death of amy joyner francis 16-year-old trinity car facing criminally negligent homicide charges. authorities say she's the only one who hit amy. two teens are charged as minors and are facing conspiracy charges. an autopsy reveals amy had heart condition and physical stress from the fight contribute thed o her death. we'll follow these developments throughout the evening. you decide 2016. new jersey's primary still nearly four weeks out but one presidential candidate already campaigning in the garden state. >> vermont senator bernie sanders made a stop in atlantic city this morning. sanders spoke to huge proud crowd at boardwalk home. he took shots at donald trump and said ugliness and agreed lead to the shore town's financial struggles. now despite trailing former secretary of state hillary clinton, sanders says do not count him out yet. >> if we can win here in new
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jersey and win in california and win at some other states and if we can win a majority of the pledged delegates we're going to go into philadelphia and the democratic convention. and expect to come out with the democratic nomination. >> new jersey holds its primary on june 7th. meanwhile voters in west virginia and nebraska hit the polls tomorrow and could donald trump be looking to smooth things over with republican leadership. he'll meet with house speaker paul ryan later this week. he said he's not ready to endorse trump. >> trenton all eager to know who america' news west multi millionaire is. someone hit it big in jersey winning the latest powerball jackpot aft the lucky numbers rolled out right her on fox 29 saturday night we haven't heard from that big winner yet. >> but what we know now just one ticket matched the winning numbers.
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one itty bitty ticket won $429 million. bruce gordon live at the 7eleven that sold that ticket. you picking up tickets. it's a lucky place i here. >> reporter: so i hear. by lottery rule powerball winners must come forward and make themselves known. so sooner or later we will know who just got very very wealthy. we already know couple of winners. co owner of this lottery outlet the winning ticket was sold. lottery customers were stacked up at the register inside the trenton 7eleven store owned for the past decade by andrea shin and louis solar. each one of those customers hoping lightning will strike twice. >> maybe you'll be the next big winner. >> hopefully. cross your fingers for me. >> reporter: lottery tickets are not a big part of the store's business and shin and solar rarely play powerball themselves which makes what happened over the weekend ear more remarkable. >> i couldn't believe it. i was like, no, and then i called my husband. i think we sol the tick. this is pretty crazy. >> reporter: new jersey lottery officials say the
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$429 million winning powerball ticket was purchased here last tuesday around 5:20 p.m. by a customer choosing the same numbers for the wednesday and saturday drawing. they're asking if that single win are in come forward. >> get professional advice. take your time in decide wagon to do but in the meantime we'll validate the ticket and hold it until it's decided how you want to claim the ticket. >> reporter: now comes the guessing game. who is the lottery winner? this is a residential area. it's believed the winner is from around here. louis sand val sold the ticket. has a hunch and infrequent customer a female. >> you remember at that time and day -- >> yeah,. >> it was lady. >> it wasn't that busy that day. between the afternoon i think it was lady that stopped by. >> reporter: lottery winner will get $284 million in cash before taxes. winning retailers andrea and louis they'll walk off with a $30,000 cash bonus. that sounds like a win/win in
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community that could use some good news. >> there's a lot of hard-working people here. so i -- i think that the winner is one of them, and so deserving and so so deserving and -- >> somebody catch as break here. >> finally y, finally somebody catches break. >> reporter: talk about beating the other we're told the lottery winner bought one ticket for the wednesday drawing and one ticket the winner for saturday night they've got one year to come forward and claim their prize. as for louis and andrea, well they plan on spending at least some of their $30,000 bonus on vacation to alaska. iain? >> all right. thank you, bruce. familiar face eagles practice today. sam bradford. he had been no no show until this morning. what the quarterback says about what kept him off the feel. >> high school student always smiles in her yearbook photo but she's not at all happy about the name printed underneath that photo. what it reads that caused her family to hire a lawyer.
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>> this boy knows the power of helping others he made a big donation to help those fighting cancer. now he's in a battle for his own life. what people are doing to help him. coming up knew at 6:00 a local couple in big trouble police say they have been stealing from a store over and over again for months. the tricky way officers say they comes pulled it off. ♪ connections.
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you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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♪ sky fox above a row home fire in the citi' lawn crest section this morning. firefighters were called out around 8:30 to the 5900 block of langdon street. everyone made it out of the home but one person had to be taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. no word on what started the fire. the eagles are continuing their voluntary mini camp and novacare complex and today a familiar face who had been a no show finally joined them. howard eskin is in the newsroom with those details. howard. >> he's back. from the start of this demand for trade i thought sam bradford would be back. and today yes, he was back. i was told by a few players sam bradford knew there was no end game and it was ridiculous to continue. his no show. bradford was back on the practice field. with backup quarterback chase daniels and on the teammates. i know the other players greeted him with open arms. all is forgiven eagles connor barwin had been communication with bradford and told barwin he was come back today but bradford
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issued a statement it reads bradford said, the business side of football is sometimes necessary consideration. my attention and efforts are focused on the participation and preparation for a championship season. i am committed to my teammates and the eagles organization for nothing less ". >> those words from sam brad for. now we'll have more and what connor barwin had said to me about his thoughts on sam bradford and the situation and that will be coming up later in sports. back to you guys. >> lots to talk about. thank you howard in. in new york city federal officials are hoping to fine out how vulnerable its subway is chemical tack. >> today mark the beginning of series of tests to see how contaminants travel through the system so they'll be ready to act if terror ever hits the trains. fox 29's rick leventhal has details. >> reporter: the country's largest subway system under going massive safety test. new york city annual subway ridership hitting 1.8 billion last year. and now the department of homeland security checking to see just how vulnerable the
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system is to chemical or biological attack. >> we know that our subway are for our adversaries it's important that we know something is really hazardous, what to do about it. >> reporter: authorities releasing a nearly invisible non toxic material into several midtown manhattan stations including stops in times square, penn station and here at grand central. it contains dna tracing particles air in roughly 60 stations in new york city will be monitored to see how the simulated contaminants travel through the system. >> it will take us months to analyze all these samples and the data, but we will know exactly where things have gone and what levels they are at. >> reporter: riders will come into direct contact with the material as it make its way into train cars during the five days of tests. but officials say the particles are harmless. >> this will help us understand where they travel, what areas are contaminated, perhaps if
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people are contaminated, who needs to get antibiotics so that they can recover. >> reporter: authorities say there are no known threats to new york city's subway system but it's considered a prime target and they want to be ready just in case. outside grand central terminal in new york, rick leventhal, fox news. >> new jersey lawmakers have voted -- stalled a vote on legislation requiring employers to offer paid sick time. democratic led senate delayed a vote today on the bill that would require employers offer workers one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked. critics worried the requirement could hurt small businesses. momentous first for students at cooper medical school of rowan university. the inaugural class got their diplomas today. new jersey governor chris christie gave the commencement speech saying that the students choice to be educated in camden is crucial to the evolution of the city. strive for long time to rebill. >> your faith and confidence to
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come and be educated here in the city of camden helped to spread faith and confidence to others in the private sector, to other governmental agencies and to the citizens of this city both residents and business citizens that in fact there could be a new day dawning for the city. >> all 43 students were matched to residency. $164 million expansion project on the sugarhouse casino is all done. kaseecass casino officials celed the big day with a ribbon cut. the addition adds all new sugarhouse marketplace filled with places to eat. new event center and poker room. expansion translates into about 500 new full-time jobs at the sugarhouse. protests continue over north carolina so-call bathroom bill which critics say discriminates against transgender people. today the tar heel state took on the federal government. what the state lawmakers need to
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get straight. >> big plans for the opening of a farmers market in kentucky those plans involved goats. but you know what they say about best laid plans. we'll show you the chaos that followed. what's for dinner tonight? you might be able to get some tips from this guy. local boy headed to global fame in the kitchen before he even hits high school.
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at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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>> three people are hurt after a train derailment in salt like city i was t officials with the transit authority say green line train derailed while making a turn yesterday afternoon only 14 people were on board at the time. but people riding the train say the jolt sent them flying. >> one got his head bumped up pretty bad and the lady, she was other ground screaming in pain. >> authorities say even though she was screaming in pain apparently the people only had minor bumps and bruises.
5:24 pm
paramedic treated most of them at the scene of the derailment. investigators are looking into weather speed is possible al fact. north carolina and the federal government are each suing the other over the state's controversial bathroom bill. north carolina hit first this morning asking a federal court to clarify what the law actually says. then the justice department hit back hours later. its lawsuit seeks a court order declaring the law discriminato discriminatory. the north carolina law passed in march requires people to use the bathroom that matches the gender on their birth certificate. critics say discriminates against transgender people but it's not clear the civil rights act protects them as class. >> ultimately i think it's time for the u.s. congress to bring clarity to our national indiscrimination provisions. >> what the state of north carolina has passed is inconsistent with the values of fairness and equality and justice. >> north carolina's lawsuit also asks federal judge to bar the justice department from with
5:25 pm
holding federal funds to north carolina's state university system while the legal process plays out. >> north korea' ruling party has new title for leader kim junk unand that is party chairman. the country opened access to its capital to let journalists from around the world cover the first congress of the country in nearly four decades. basically a formal coronation for its leader. the reclusive country invited about 100 journalists but kick out some including bbc journalists. north korean authorities say he insulted the dignity of the north and can never e the country again. >> we're glad to be out. >> they were speaking very ill of the system. leadership of the country. >> north korean leaders decided to boost the country's nuclear weapons capability and at the same time diss a vowed the use of such weapons unless it feels threaten. >> high school student all smiles in her yearbook feet feet but not too happy about the name that was printed underneath. the stunning misprint that
5:26 pm
motivated her family to hire a lawyer. >> helping save the planet doesn't have end when your life does. green burials are become more and more popular. what is it? is it right for you? we'll share one family's story. kathy? >> we have a stalled front to our south that will keep the threat of rape very close to the delaware valley. spotty showers through south jersey and delaware and this front is going to be making a move. we'll time the rain coming up when we come back.
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winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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>> continue to following break news. charges in the death of a delaware teenager. three teens facing charges now in the death of amy joyner francis. 16-year-old trinity car faces criminally negligent homicide charges. authorities say she's the only one who struck amy. two teens are charged as minors facing conspiracy charges. an autopsy revealed amy did have a heart condition and physical stress from the fight contributed to her death. we do have a crew on the way to wilmington. we of course will be following these developments here on fox 29 and online at the manhunt for escaped prisoner in south jersey is over. police say they have caught arthur buckle. cops say someone in their car reported seeing another person in the woods near a rest stop today. officers say it was buckle and that they arrest him without problem. buckle escaped from the ancora unit at bay side prison last week. we're still waiting to learn the identity of a person who bought the winning powerball ticket in trenton. lottery officials say the ticket was bought last tuesday from a 7eleven in the city only one
5:30 pm
ticket matched all six powerball numbers. saturday night's drawing. total jackpot was worth more than $429 million. >> amazing. in california the family of a muslim high school student is an green their lawyering up. not only did the school yearbook get their daughter's name wrong but the name in print is offensive. >> how would something like this happen. rick, has the story. >> reporter: her real name is, 17-year-old junior at high school. but you'll forgive her if she feels alienated because of this picture and captain that appear in the school's yearbook. >> her name had been miss printed in the yearbook as isis. >> isis phillips. care los angeles the counsel and american islamic relations and is representing the girl and her family in this family. >> shows the concerns of the family for the student's safety and also em bars many and the --
5:31 pm
emotional and psychological impact of this incident on the family report roar especially on the young girl who posted on her facebook page, that "i am extremely saddened, disgusted, hurt and embarrassed that the high school yearbook was able to get away with this. the school reach out to me and had the audacity to say that this was typo. end of quote. >> we don't want to jump to any conclusion. however, given that she is a young muslim student who wears a, identifying muslim the chances of that happening are cause for concern for us. >> reporter: on the website, principal susan petechially offered this brief concession. "we're taking ever step possible to correct and investigate a regrettable misprint discover in the yearbook. we sincerely apologize. end of quote. >> there are a lot of checks and balances put in mace to make sure there are no, you know, issues on year books that
5:32 pm
students names are done correctly. so, you know, whether it was an oversight or whether it was deliberate act, we're going to be asking the school to look into that. >> the girl has been staying out of school and her family says she probably will not go back until this is resolve. back to your fox 29 weather authority right now. look at these new images. this is just moments ago elmore city, oklahoma. city miles south of oklahoma city. >> this is mazing. yesterday we had 11 tornadoes confirm between nebraska, kansas and oklahoma. i have video on my facebook page. this another one just moments ago. and we have it on our doppler radar. i'll show was it looks like on radar. see that yellow on the screen. >> yes. >> that's actually severe thunderstorm watch area but there's little bit of red and that is a tornado warning and you can see it, let me adjust here, right there and that is the cell. where you see all these other icons these are reports of hail. 2-inch in diameter and i was asking iain is that golf ball sized? because he's big golfer.
5:33 pm
bigger than that. this is the tornado we're talking about. you just saw the video of that. it just happened within moments, and as we take a closer look at the location, right near elmore city you can see the signature right on the doppler radar right there. the hook and there is the tornado. so we'll see what they end up rating that particular storm but a massive tornado and it's moving very quickly toward the northeast heading towards paul's valley and crossing 35 if you're familiar with that part of the country. this is going to be very busy tornado season that is for sure. over the course of the weekend in colorado, and then in the area of kansas, nebraska and oklahoma i mentioned. for us, we just have to deal with little rain at this point. i think we can handle that. you can see at the airport our camera shaking a little bit. because of the winds. basically out of the south west today about 15 to 20 miles an hour. temperature 66. southwest at 16 at the airport. sunset not until 8:00 sorry four. so drying out a little bit. get the chance to get a run in. maybe take the dog for a walk or
5:34 pm
softball or baseball game because it's been so wet. you can see our temperatures 73 in new york. 66 in philadelphia. and our stationary front right about here. so you can see the big dividing line between the warm air to the south in raleigh and the cooler air the 50s and 60s to the north. that eventual system going to change. but for now, we're stuck in this little bit of a rut of a stationary front and this area of low pressure really kicking off the severe weather to the west. low is going to ride to the north and we'll watch this front lift a little bit northward as well. so some showers sneaking up from the south again tomorrow morning. best chance south jersey and delaware. but they will be moving into philadelphia and then late tomorrow, the front sagging southward. the high temperature tomorrow pretty cool. only 61 degrees. the ocean water temperature 55. inching up which is good news. as we get little bit closer to the memorial day holiday weeke weekend. overnight in the city, 51. the suburbs 46. mostly cloudy some spotty showers to the south and east. south jersey and delaware. the best bets. westerly winds becoming
5:35 pm
northerly overnight. at about five to 10 miles an hour. tomorrow' highs 61. mostly cloudy. a few scattered showers especially in the south working their way northward through the course of the day but not a lot of rape associated with this front. breakfast cloudy, 51 by lunch possibly a spotty shower but not for everyone. 55 degrees. 58 in the afternoon. and then by 7:00 p.m. at din are in time the temperature 55 degrees. on the exclusive fox 297 day forecast, from your weather authority, wednesday better news. looking dry and i know that's a big golf day. 73 degrees. thursday partly sunny, 74. friday the return of some spotty showers. maybe an afternoon thunderstorm. and then looking better for saturday. saturday there's a weak front so i think the whole day looks pretty good but late in the day like 3:00 o'clock, 4:00 o'clock, could see a passing shower. sunday looks nice but cooler. and monday looks good. sunny and pleasant, 67 degrees. so not as bad as last week. >> thankfully. >> little better.
5:36 pm
>> thanks, kathy. >> you bet. at a young age this boy knows the power of helping others he made a big donation to help those fighting cancer. now, he's in a battle for his own life. what people are doing to help him. and soccer fans storm the field after a game sending off violence that sent people to the hospital. what the players and officials did that not make things any better. >> local students are headed to africa but not going to sightsee. they're two pronged mission that will help them make a big difference for others.
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♪ quite the brawl. soccer fans of course are known for passion but supporters of rival teams in brazil took that passion to a dangerous level. check out what happened in brazil. my goodness. dozens if not hundreds of angry fans got into a fight after the game ended. players and officials were also part of the violence. which sent five people to the hospital. national weather service is investigating 15 reports of tornadoes across the eastern plains.
5:40 pm
the wicked weather causing heavy damage in colorado and hurting five people there. but despite the broken windows, torn roofs and mangled metal no one has serious injuries. one young girl caught one of the storms on video. >> the power went out. it went out about six different times until we actually came outside and there was tornado in the neighbor's yard. i was just staning there taking pictures and videos and grandma was yelling at me telling me i needed to go april side. >> neighbors are now helping repair each other's homes and business that is were torn apart from those tornadoes. actor johnny depp is showing that he can poke a little fun at himself. >> all in response to an apology video that he and his wife made after they brought their dogs into australia illegally. speaking at an event in england yesterday for his new film alice threw the looking glass depp mocked what some are calling on the war on terrier incident. war on terrier from earlier in the year. he and his wife recorded the apology for court last month. urging people to respect
5:41 pm
australia's laws. the rather you can ward footage has been the but of many jokes and now depp is getting in on the fun as well. >> i would really like to apologize for not smuggling my dogs. (laughter). >> into england. >> the kublai sodded jail time when heard pleaded guilty last month to falsifying travel document to sneak the dogs into australia. helping save the planet doesn't have to end when your life does. green funerals and burials are becoming more and more popular. what is it and is it for you? we'll share one family's story. >> and what's for dinner tonight because you might be able to get some tips from this guy. the local boy head to do global fame in the kitchen before he even hits high school. '
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>> nasa satellite captured enormous wildfire that is tearing through alberta, canada. it is forced more than 90,000 people from their homes. the images show plumes of smoke billowing throughout the town of fort mcmurray. cooler weather decreased wind are helping firefighters it is still out of control. it is burned through an area half the size of road i'd land the fire started may first has destroyed entire neighborhoods. it's now heading east. >> seven-year-old boy in california who donated his hair to help kids with cancer is now fighting for his own life. >> he's now facing down cancer as well. so the push is on to help the little boy whose done so much for others. fox's simon a alba has the
5:46 pm
story. >> reporter: meet seven-year-old vin feature for two years he grew out his hair to help kids with cancer. >> help people so they don't have to go to the doctor's and fight cancer. >> 13-inches of locks gone with the snip of some scissors. >> everybody got excited when mom caught the pony tales off. >> were you happy? were you sad? >> i was happy. >> reporter: happy to help. a moment of selfless service asking for nothing in return. >> during that time, mistaken for girls many time he took it like a champ no, i'm a boy. >> life -- >> my eye was setting heavy. >> can sometimes take cruel tu turn. >> and it is stage four aggressive cancer. >> a little boy giving selflessly to help those suffering with cancer now battling a disease himself. >> so basically what they found is that he has a significant growth on his hip and in the
5:47 pm
bone around the eye and behind the nose and on the cheek on the right side. >> this suite seven-year-old optimistic but ever the real lift trying to make sense of the diagnosis. >> well, the vein from my hip travels to my nose and behind my eye and making it skin tee film squinty and tough to see perhaps but one thing is clear. vinnie is a fighter. and roane be in this battle alone. >> i think as long as, you know, we're doing this as family we got this. >> doctors are still trying to identify what type of cancer vinnie has. god bless him and his family. gofundme account trying to raise money to help the family pay his medical costs. 61-year-old man lucky to be alive after the small plane he was piloting crashed landed on the roof of a building in california over the weekend. the accident sent the pilot to the hospital with only minor injuries. officials say he hit his head
5:48 pm
and his legs were in some pain but he should be able to recover. pilot says the experienced engine trouble before making the emergency landing. surprisingly there wasn't much damage to the building. thankfully no one else was hurt. after 33 years of marriage looks like it's over for ozzie osbourne and sharon. tm seem reports ozzie moved out of the family home it's not the first time the famous couple have parted ways. in 2013 sharon left ozzie after she claimed his drug and alcohol addictions had spun out of control. she took him back after he got some help. tmz says according to its sources this time around drugs and alcohol are not to blame. >> new trend in funeral industry is helping the environment. all natural green burials becoming increasingly popular in states across the us and in arizona. one woman is passing along her mother's passion for saving the earth. fox's a net at a roman has the story. >> reporter: beautiful vivacious, a classically trained musician. robin was 61 years old. when she became ill.
5:49 pm
>> she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the fall of 2013 so it was a pretty quick decline. >> reporter: in just six short weeks her mother was gone leaving behind one last wish. to be buried the same way she lived. >> she had heard about green burials from friend of hers. and because she was always committed to living in harmony with earth, and just again generally making a slow impact as possible she lived with a tiny house with solar panel link. >> robin was laid to rest at the sun west funeral home. >> we do everything that's the least up truce seive as far as identifying. it's just a disc with a number and then the loved one the family members know what they're loved ones number is. >> reporter: her number clea clearly marked her spirit alive and the tree planned above her. >> the box is placed in the grave and before the dirt is placed in we place, um, palm,
5:50 pm
healing from bushes, that type of thing. to help in the break down process natural break down process. and then the dirt is backfilled over. >> reporter: bill says the all natural green burial is becoming increasingly popular. a trend he believes started in the northwest. 10 years ago, there was one green burial council approved funeral home. today, there are 300. in this process, the body is not he will bam manied wrapped in a bio degradable shrowd and placed in a bio dee gladable box. >> i think people feel like they're keeping everything completely natural. natural break down after the interment, everything is very simple. >> it was very intimate. we didn't have a big, um, church ceremony or anything like that. so we just commemorated her at the burial plot. >> reporter: she'll always miss her mom leanna finds comfort in knowing even in the end, she made a difference.
5:51 pm
anita roman, fox news. a special graduation day for mom and her son indiana. both just received their college diplomas brine and his mother sharon are hearing impaired and when she urged heard son to finish college he challenged her to do the same thing. yesterday both mother and son received college diplomas but sharon couldn't go to the ceremony she's recovering from car crash. so her husband walk in her place and brian recorded the ceremony on his phone to show his mom he says it's the best mother's day gift he can ever give her. >> this shows that you have a bond with your family. mom asked me why don't you stay in school? i asked what's keeping her from going back. i still say that was like a challenge we laid down there. >> fantastic. both mom and son graduated with degrees in business. they're hoping to start family business. there was some big plans for the opening of the farmers
5:52 pm
market in kentucky and those plans involved goats. but you know what they say about best laid plans. we'll show you the chaos that followed. >> coming up new at 6:00 local couple in big trouble tonight. police say they had been stealing from store over and over again for months. tricky way officers say they almost pulled it off. >> local students are headed to africa but not going sightseei sightseeing. they're two pronged mission that will help them make a difference for others. z test text1 p
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wikileaks founder julian assange has new companion at ecuador's embassy in london. little tiny kitten. assange is young children gave the 10 week old kitty to their dad to keep him company. spokesperson says public gets to choose its name he'll nouns it next month. he took refuge at the embassy in june of 2012 to avoid extradition to sweden. swedish authorities want to question him about rape allegation which he denies. the opening of a farmers market in kentucky becomes chaotic when some goats escape. organizers planned to have a running of the goats during an opening ceremony saturday morning. dozens of people signed up to be human barriers around the goats but the animals actually made a run for it and got away all the goats were eventually caught but it took officia officials abouts to catch them all. one local chef is well on
5:57 pm
his way to becoming renowned around the world. >> he's not even old enough to drive. fox 29s photojournalist bill rohrer introduces to this culinary phenom. >> i usually like to cook burgers. ♪ >> reporter: 12-year-old moses house man nothing compares to being a chef. >> cooking means to me like a lot. it means to me more than ice cream cake and i really love that. >> reporter: moses comes to 29 cooks in emmaus every other week for private lessons with chef cindy feldman. >> i haven't seen anything i've set in front of him he's like oh my gosh how am i going to cook that. he's like let's go, let's do it. >> reporter: moses a searing a nenew englandnew england land lo with his homemade mint jelly. love of cooking began while helping his mom with breakfast when he was just two. >> i started to notice that when he would break an egg he wasn't get anything shells in but when
5:58 pm
i would break an egg, i was getting shells in. he was doing this better than i was. >> this we're going to set a timer for like 10 minutes. >> reporter: he hopes one day to own his own restaurant. >> what i love about cooking you can try your own food and experiment with it and also let other people try it and make them happy. >> reporter: moses recently was on the food network's chop junior. >> really cool experience like meeting new people that actually enjoyed the same things that i do. >> reporter: didn't win the contest but made his mom very proud. >> more coordinated than a lot of adults i know. >> it's something that he handled so well. handled with grace. when i asked him at the end of the the day at the end of film wagon did you learn from this experience? he said just to have confidence in myself and, you know, i was so grateful. >> going to make it look pretty eighty three once we're done. >> reporter: in emmaus, bill rohrer fox 29 news.
5:59 pm
♪ >> tonight at 6:00, after almost a week on the run, escaped inmate walks into a rest stop. police say the chain of events that followed landed him back in handcuffs. how this all out manhunt just came to an end. and someone strikes it rich in new jersey. very, very rich. the buzz over the powerball jackpot and how live for the garden state' news multi-millionaire is about to change. >> ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. breaking at 6:00 charges in the death of a delaware teenag teenager. three teens face charges in the death of amy joyner francis. prosecutors have charged 16-year-old trinity carr with criminally negligent homicide. authorities say she's the only one who struck amy. prosecutors have charged two other teens as minors with conspiracy. an autopsy showed amy has a heart condition and physical stress from the fight contributed to her death. we have a crew in wilmington
6:00 pm
hope to go to them live in just a few. now to the other big story to seiss of relief in new jersey. six day manhunt for escaped prison inmate is now over. police took arthur buckle back in custody this morning. it was the climate mack of a long search that left people on edge and hoping for a peaceful resolution. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. that resolution came along the garden state parkway this morning. fox 29's jennifer joyce is in forked river, new jersey torque night with how this all went down. >> reporter: intense six-day search for prison escapee arthur buckle ended this morning along the garden state parkway northbound in laci township. the 38-year-old who took off from minimum security prison in hammonton, new jersey, last week less than one month before he would become eligible for parole was arrested by a local police officer around 11:30 am. >> from there, all the way down there, nothing but detectives. like i was thinking about going on jog and then whenever i drove by i was lik


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