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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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hope to go to them live in just a few. now to the other big story to seiss of relief in new jersey. six day manhunt for escaped prison inmate is now over. police took arthur buckle back in custody this morning. it was the climate mack of a long search that left people on edge and hoping for a peaceful resolution. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. that resolution came along the garden state parkway this morning. fox 29's jennifer joyce is in forked river, new jersey torque night with how this all went down. >> reporter: intense six-day search for prison escapee arthur buckle ended this morning along the garden state parkway northbound in laci township. the 38-year-old who took off from minimum security prison in hammonton, new jersey, last week less than one month before he would become eligible for parole was arrested by a local police officer around 11:30 am. >> from there, all the way down there, nothing but detectives. like i was thinking about going on jog and then whenever i drove by i was like nope, not going to
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do that. >> reporter: last night buckle was spotted on surveillance sure camera walking into the forked river rest stop much police new he was nearby. they swarmed the area with coverage from the air and on the ground with guns, k9s and roughly 150 officers from state and local departments. lacy township police say one of their officers responded to a reported sighting in the woods late morning. they positively identified the man as arthur buckle. police say the fugitive seemed fatigued. he didn't fight the handcuffs. >> i was keeping my eyes out to be honest if i saw any suspicious people, you know. kind of a scary little bit. because i don't know what the guy. >> reporter: buckle was behind bars for burglary and theft convict. he serve add previous 14 year sentence after pleading guilty to the aggravated manslaughter of a 10 month old child. now, he's looking at a third sentence. people who live nearby are relieved to hear he's in custo custody. >> i think it's just craze of crazy. i can believe somebody can escape and then just get caught
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like right close to our house. it's crazy. >> reporter: police say arthur buckle could face another three to five years behind bars because of his escape. he can face an even longer sentence if he's charged and convicted of any additional crimes he may have committed during his time on the run. reporting from forked riff, new jersey, i'm jenn for joyce, fox 29 news. happening right now, lottery officials are waiting for the winner of the enormous powerball jackpot to come forward. you saw the numbers well out right here on fox 29 on saturday. jackpot one of the nation's largest ever $429 million stro strong. and all of us are rather curious to see is joining the multi millionaires club. >> someone who bought a ticket in trenton much that's where we find bruce gordon at that 7eleven where the ticket was bought. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, guys. under lottery rules this powerball winner has one year to come forward and claim the big prize and must make themselves known to the public. we already know the identities of the folks who own the store where that ticket was sold.
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no surprise, they are thrilled to pieces. andrea shin and her husband louis solar have been putting seven day work weeks for most of the decade they've owned this 7eleven store. but it's safe bet they never had day quite like this one. >> it's pretty exciting report roar media mob seen an crush of customers. >> purchase ball. >> thank you. you're welcome. >> reporter: what brought you in here this morning, then. >> to see this. >> reporter: just the hoopla. >> yeah. >> reporter: maybe a little extra luck from this story. >> probably. >> reporter: this is the store that sold the winning $429 million powerball ticket. one of 7200 lottery outlets in new jersey alone. store that normally doesn't do a whole lot of lottery business. a store where the owners themselves rarely play. and so when word came from lottery officials on sunday -- >> it's not real. that's not happening. no way. no way. >> you didn't believe it. >> no, not at all. >> reporter: those lottery officials came here monday to present andrea and louis with their $30,000 bonus check for selling the winning ticket.
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the lottery winner will get 284 million in cash before ta taxes. executive director had this advice in a message to that winner. >> so whoever you are, please come forward, bring us that ticket and let us keep it safe for you. >> reporter: for the record the winning ticket was purchased here around 5:20 p.m. last tuesday winner picked their numbers for the wednesday and saturday drawings. louis sand val was behind the counter and made the sale. >> they first told me i thought they were just playing with me like it was like prank. and then they said, telling me the same thing. no way this cannot be happening to me right now. >> reporter: the owners here have a hunch the powerball winner is a woman and a occasional lottery player. this is a neighborhood store which leads the owners to believe america's newest multi multi multi millionaire is a local. >> we always check with customers. it might be you. you never know. no, it's not going to be us. but we're so lucky that it happened this time. >> reporter: so what are
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andrea and louis going to do with part at least of their $30,000 commission check? they're going to spend it on vacation to alaska. iain? >> all right, bruce. lucy can give them advice on that. >> i can. all right. sunshine and mild temperatures in your fox 29 weather authority. here's live look at reading beautiful weather kind of a hold over from a nice weekend but things they're about to change. let's check in with meteorologist kathy orr outside old city tonight. kathy. >> iain little bit of chill in the air right now. a bit of a breeze, yeah, hate to tell you but temperatures will be falling through the 50s tonight. but we do anticipate more sunshine in that seven day forecast. but take look at ultimate doppler we have a few spotty showers especially through south jersey and delaware. but they will be fading with a front that is sagging to the south. 65 in the city. 21 in wilmington. in millville 62. and in trenton it is 67 degrees. still looking at a southwest wind in the city at 15 miles an hour. 14 miles an hour winds in trenton out of the west and you
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have a 17-mile an hour wind in allentown. that's a sustained wind. it will be mostly cloudy and breezy through the evening. by 9:00 p.m., 61. by 11:00 p.m., the temperature 58. here's the probability of rain this week. tuesday 40% chance so we will be seeing it tomorrow but wednesday and thursday the probability dwindling i do not expect any rain those days. that's the good news. so coming up we'll time the showers as they return. take look at the seven day. because we'll have stretch of 70s and then look ahead to our next chance of storms in that seven day forecast. for now if you're going out this evening wear a sweater or light coat. we'll need it. >> or heavier coat if you're me. thank you very much, kathy. to a story now you saw first on fox after our jeff cole broke the news on social media. the head of philadelphia's streets department is on leave tonight and facing criminal charges after prosecutors say he through punches at a house party late last year. jeff is in the newsroom with the latest. >> carlton is allowed to have fractured his victim's rib and bruised his eye according to
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police he and fife-year-old man got a verbal argument and then they got it on. it turned physical. carl top seen here in his mug shot street department employee for over twenty seven years accusing of punching his alleged victim numerous times according to the diss trek attorney's office. it happened at a house party on the 6,000 block of north american street on december 6th, 21:56:30 at night. carlton now seen here on fox 29' gas day back in january talking about snow removal, he's 45 and the 50-year-old apparently had words and then they started to throw some hands. according to court documents, carlton was arrested friday. he'll be back in court jun june 7th now both are misdemeanor. we were told commissioner carlton was not available for comment when we called the streets depth this afternoon. deputy commissioner mike carol is now the acting commissioner. obviously, a little bit of a black eye for the kenney administration lucy very earl until their term them put him on leave and put somebody in his place when this story broke today. back to you. >> all right, thank you very
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much, jeff cole in the newsroom. philadelphia police say they have arrested a third and final man accused of a is that so you willing two school police officers investigators say they nabbed 23-year-old edwin burgos earlier today. they say burgos and two others assaulted two school police officers outside of northeast high school last week. that assault which is all caught on phone video left one of the officers with a broken jaw. burgos now faces a list of charges. it could become a little more difficult for certain people to buy some popular cough medicine in delaware. state senate will vote tomorrow on a bill banning sales of a popular cough suppressant to anyone younger than 18 years old and unless they have prescription. legislation would limit over the counter sales of decks stroll more than fan to minors. measure which cleared the house unanimously last month targets children ooh abuse dxm to get high. it is amazing opportunity for some young philadelphia students. >> they are headed to kenya. nine, seventh graders from
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global leadership academy charter school in the city's parkside section got on buses to head to the airport this afternoon. they will spend 12 days in the country after the school partnered with a church to provide care and education for children's home in western ken kenya. understanding connections to the international world strong part of the charter schools construction queue lump. >> i expect to come back changed i expect them to come back with different idea of what africa really is. much of what they know is based upon what the media shows them. so i expect that some of the myths we have about africa will be debunked during this excursion. >> principal says she also hopes her students understand how much they do have after visiting another part of the world. new at 6:00 a local couple in trouble tonight. police say they've been stealing from a store over and over again. for months. the tricky way officers say they almost pull it off. >> you may know him as the incredible hullin hulling. mark rough low in town today
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facing a different kind of opponent what he's doing to try help keep you safe. howard. >> eagles quarterback is back aft his ridiculous attempt to try to be traded. connor barwin in communication with sam bradford throughout the no show and i talk to barwin about his feelings and that's all coming up in sports. ♪
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♪ in robo hedge beach delaware, police caught couple of a cued of going on three month shoplifting spree at a supermarket. officers arrested david and diana san key inside a giant grocery store yesterday. they say the couple stole nearly 800 bucks worth of stuff from that store since february. actor mark rough low stopped by cheltenham today to get his feet wet. he's a water quality advocate and he joined experts today to take part in what's called the delaware river water shed
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initiative. it's an effort by dozens of organizations to restore water quality in our area. good idea, huh. he helped examine the health of the water in to coney creek. >> over the past few decades, um, even the regulation that is we have is not enough regulators out there actually do water testing. so we're filling that gap and that's -- i think it's really important. >> sure s group of local high schoolers were also on hand today to learn about water sampling techniques. all right. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. they started off pretty well but a little chilly and windy. >> we'll sample water ourselves but this is coming from the sky, right? >> i want to talk more about the hulk. that was pretty cool. >> right. >> we're looking at a few spotty showers moving across the region. i'm focusing now through the suburbs through lancaster county northern chester county cutting through montgomery county. phoenixville, norristown and abington into bensalem a little bit of a line right along 276 we have a few spotty showers or
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sprinkles but they will will be dissipating one the sun sets within an hour or two. cameras still shaking over center city philadelphia with some breaks in the clouds but staying mostly cloudy right through sunset. the temperature 65. winds out of the southwest sustain at 15. but gusting to about 25, 30 at times. sunset at about 8:04 this evening. right now in philadelphia, it's pretty mild. 65 degrees. the normal high is 71 for this time of year. so we have that stationary front. cool to the north. warm to the south. you can see it meandering right around here you see the yellows and oranges. that's where our front is. 78 in raleigh a sharp contrast to philadelphia and the delaware valley. we are going to watch as the showers stay close to the region with this front. the front gets little bit closer we'll see some showers moving in overnight from the south and into tomorrow morning. so the best chance of seeing some rain for the morning rush will be south jersey and into central and southern delaware. then this pushes down to the south with our front. we'll see some sunshine but once
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again mostly cloudy day temperature only 61 degrees. some 10 degrees below normal. that ocean water temperature sitting at 55 degrees. we want to get it into the 60s by memorial day. that would be the hope. in the city overnight 51. the suburbs 46. mostly cloudy with some spotty showers especially south and east of the city with that frontal boundary during the day tomorrow 61. some scattered showers in the south. moving northward winds out of the north at about five to 10 miles an hour. as you plan your day tomorrow, dry when you head out the door with the exception of parts of atlantic county and also cumberland county, cape may county new jersey. 51 degrees. by lunch a few spotty showers. by the afternoon temperatures right around 58 and by the dinner hour 55 degrees. so stuck in little bit of a cool rut tomorrow on your seven day forecast 73 degrees for wednesday. looking much better with partly sunny skies. as that stationary front goes farther to the south. thursday looks nice. 74. another front moves our way by friday but ahead of it some warm air. so you have scattered showers,
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maybe an afternoon thunderstorm. the clouds role in late saturday. with a weak front and then becoming sunny on sunday but cooler in the 60s for your monday sunny and pleasant the high 67. so a big improvement from last week where we saw a string of fives. now we have sixes and sevens. >> all right. thank you kathy. we'll take it. thank you. breaking right now. charges in the death of delaware teenager. three minors now facing charges in the death of amy joyner francis. teenaged girl died after a fight in the bathroom at her wilmington high school last month. >> today we also learned more about how amy died. let's get straight to fox 29's chris o'connell live in wilmington. chris? >> reporter: department of justice just announcing charges in the death of 16-year-old amy francis joyner. >> so they have announced charges against one girl. she's 16 years old. and they also have announced charges against two other girls but they're charging them as
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minors. >> exactly. we'll of course have coming outpatient the fox 29 news at 10. howard is here with what look what's coming in sports. >> big day in sports and nothing even happened on the field. actually it did. it was a big day at the eagles novacare complex. i'll explain all of this. new player on the practice fie field. that field. new to the work outs sam bradford was back after his trade demands were a disaster. i spoke to connor barwin today on how bradford would be received and that's all coming up in sports. ♪
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when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. >> new jersey lawmakers again stalled a vote on legislation requiring employers to offer paid sick time. the democratic lead state senate delayed a vote today on the bill that requires employers offer workers one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked critics worry the requirement could hurt small businesses. momentous first for students at cooper medical school roman university. the inaugural class got their diplomas today. new jersey governor chris christie gave the commencement speech. saying that the students choice to be educated in camden is crucial to the evolution of the city that is strived for a long time to rebill. >> your faith and confidence
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that come and be educated here in the city of camden helped to spread faith and confidence to others in the private sector. to other governmental agencies and to the citizens of this city both residents and business citizens that in fact there could be new day dawning for the city. >> all 43 students were matched to residency. $164 million expansion project on the sugarhouse casino all done. casino officials celebrated this big day with a ribboning. the addition adds sugarhouse market mace filled with all kinds of places to o also find new event center and poker room. the expansion translates into about 500 new full-time jobs at the sugarhouse. howard? >> ♪ sugarhouse going to be tacked on the sugar tax. >> sam bradford -- >> off point. >> that's right.
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>> if you can drink it. >> sam bradford is back. mon nestly high no doubt this was going to be the result all along. the trade demand i think was more his agent tom condon than it was bradford but it's responsibility of bradford in the end. after connor barwin told me he was coming back the agent then said he rescinded his trade demand. really? the entire demand was a no show. was a mistake from the start. so bradford was out on the practice field this morning with his teammates. the drills are light ones but it was important for bradford to be back with his teammates and in the meeting rooms to get started on the new offensive concepts. eagles connor barwin had been in touch with bradford during the no show and while talking with barwin this morning on the wip morning show, he said the players are fine with brad for. >> i think at the end of the day, all that we really cared about in the locker kerr room who is the best quarterback. who is going to help us win games. i think right now we're excited and we know we've -- move of us in the locker room if not all of
6:25 pm
us understand that sam is our starting quarterback and he's going to be the best quarterback to help us win next year so we're all excited to have him back. >> i think the only people you got to think about the fans now and how they reaction. the phillies coming off two wins in the 33 games center in miami open tomorrow night in atlanta. four games over 500. 18 wins so far this season. special honor for high school senior jonathan baxter recognized as us army pro football hall of fame away for excellence. presented jonathan with his black nfl hall of famer jack young blood who played in play off became with a broken leg. >> we've been in four championship football games. this is my fifth chance. we're in the division at game against dallas who we didn't -- we didn't have a whole lot of, you know, wasn't no kissing and hugging going on up there. i was just determined that i'm not going to let this door slam in my face again. i'm going to do whatever i can,
6:26 pm
you know, and i'm captain the football team and hopefully that shows little leadership. may show little stewed did the. >> the old school guys are great. >> they are. >> these guys are babies. >> really they're babies. they're soft. >> not tough enough a lot of them. >> you're right. >> did i say enough. >> you did. >> never enough, howard. >> go on. >> be sure to join us right back here tonight for more on the fox 29 news at 10:00. pandemonium brakes out during a mother's day dinner. customers dressed in their mother's day best brawl it out with each other. what started it all. tonight at 10:00. >> that's terrible. >> a mother's day they'll remember. >> we'll see you back here at 6:00. >> we'll see you tonight at 10. have a great night. inside edition is up next. i sleep extremely hot.
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you're bacon me crazy. ♪[ music ] tornado alert. >> oh, my gosh. >> what you're doing wrong and you don't even know it. >> they used to say get under an overpass. >> an old myth, you don't want to do it. >> the new ways of surviving a tornado. >> you want to put it over your head and get as low as possible. >> then, stop that school bus. >> follow it, follow it. >> wait until you find out who is behind the wheel. >> all over the road. oh, my god. >> and were they trying to be like beyonce. the photo of west coast cadets raising their fists. then the woman who went up against donald trump. she's the miss u.s.a.


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