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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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reason authorities say he went quietly when they finally tracked him down. mother's day denner ends in a all out brawl. what the waiter did that set it all off. your news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ happening right now, charges are announced after teen's death after a school fight. 18 days ago, 16-year-old amy joyner francis was attacked inside her wilmington high school bathroom.
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now, three teens are charged in connection with her death. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. amy's autopsy revealed new details about her death. fox 29's chris o'connell is live at wilmington police headquarters. chris? >> reporter: lucy, this is the news many here in wilmington have been waiting to hear for the last two weeks. three girls students at howard high school have been charged in connection with the death of 16-year-old amy joyner francis. but some say are the charges enough? the three girls suspended from howard high school ever since the day amy joyner francis died are now facing criminal charges. the delaware department of justice charging a 16-year-old girl with criminal negligent homicide and two other girls with lesser crimes of conspira conspiracy. fox 29 is not naming them because they're juveniles. the honor roll student died 90 minutes after a planned attack by three classmates inside a school bathroom.
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an tonight reveals amy's death resulted not from blunt force trauma but sudden cardiac death due to a pre-existing heart defect. the medical examiner says amy died from a cardiac incident that she was vulnerable to because of a pre-existing heart condition but the cardiac incident would not have occurred in she had not been assaulted. investigators say it was only one of the girls who hit amy that day. but since the fight was only a contributing factor, the 16-year-old who they are pushing to be tried as an adult would only get a maximum of eight years in prison. the other two girls a year max. that had many on our facebook page fuming. >> crystal says, she will never get the justice she deserves because in eight years they will walk free. where will amy be, still dead. kimberly says, it's about time but seriously eight years? this girl lost her life.
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a family lost their daughter, sister, eight years just doesn't seem fitting! prosecutors say the charges against the girls are the maximum degree allowed by law. now the city of wilmington and the school sending out separate statements tonight sending their thoughts and prayers to the family. we can tell you prosecutors and a detective with the wilmington police met privately with amy's mother and older brother letting them know before that these chargecharges will be filed tod. lucy. >> thank you very much, chris. we have breaking news right now. new castle county first responders on the scene of a car crash involving two vehicles. this is skyfox live over. it's dark but let me tell was what's going on. it happened just before 9:30 at mcgovern road and lancaster pike in hokessin. firefighters had to free two people who were trapped. they're at the hospital now. we do not know what their conditions are. nor what caused this crash but this is an area you'll want to stay away from for while. commissioner of the
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philadelphia streets department is charged tonight with simple assault. fox 29's jeff cole broke the story online today. the da says donald carlton punched his victim numerous times. the alleged victim has broken -- fractured rib and a bruised eye. district attorney's office and police tell fox 29 it all happened at a house party on the 6,000 block of north american street on december 6th of 2015. according to court documents, carlton was arrested on friday. he will be back in court on ju june 7th. he was placed on a leave of absence by the city. this story broke online and you can always be the first to know when news breaks just head to our website it's got all the latest headlines. you can also download our app and get breaking news alerts sent right to your phone. to days in row without rain in philadelphia. awhile we've been able to say that. tonight people taking advantage of it at training lynn square. still looking pretty good out there right now as we take live look at center city and fortunately though there's some more rain moving in for some of us just in time for the morning
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rush. meteorologist kathy orr here to fill us in on what we can expect. kathy. >> you know it. it's been that kind of a maim ultimate doppler you can see dry for now, but some showers to the south. we had stationary front making a move toward the north and it will be spreading rain for some of us by the morning rush. still 61 in philadelphia. 50 in the poconos 57 in wilmington. 59 in dover. winds calming down a little bit. still out of the southwest in philadelphia at nine. out of the west in millville and ac at 5 miles an hour. here's this warm front lifting to the north right in time fort morning rush. bringing some showers. it could slow you down just a little bit as we take a look hour by hour during the overnight, we'll see the clouds lift from the south to the north and the rain building up from baltimore and washington towards philadelphia over the course of the morning hours. the best chance of seeing rain tomorrow morning will be south jersey and delaware and then it spreads toward philadelphia. so the showers return in the seven day we're talking about a stretch of 70s. that will be nice. we can keep the rain away the next chance of storms in that seven day forecast. i'll be back with that later in
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the broadcast. i'll is he you then. >> kathy, thanks. here's live look at the ben franklin bridge make sure you're ready to start the day the right with with the fox 29 weather and traffic authorities from the latest forecast any problems out there on the roads you can watch sue serio and bob kelly starting at 4am. philadelphia police say they have arrest add third man cued of assaulting two school police officers. cops say they nabbed 23-year-old edwin burgos earlier today. they say burgos and two others assaulted two school police officers outside of northeast high school last week. that assault as you can see caught on phone video. left one of the officers with a broken jaw. >> you decide 2016. voters in nebraska and west virginia head to the polls tomorrow. but democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders spent part of his day campaigning in new jersey. sanders held a rally inside boardwalk hall in atlantic city this morning. he took shots at donald trump and said ugliness and agreed lead to the shore town's financial problems. even though the vermont senator is trailing former secretary of
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state hillary clinton, he's still fighting. >> and if we can win here in new jersey and win in california and win some of the other states and if we can win a majority of the pledged delegates we're going into philadelphia and the democratic convention. (cheers and applause). >> and expect to come out with the democratic nomination. >> sanders also called out trump's stance on the minimum wage. new jersey holds its primary on june 7th. looks like new jersey governor christie's decision to back donald trump is paying off trump has effectively clinched the republican nomination he's now looking ahead. today he asked governor christie to lead the transition team that would usher in the new administration should trump within the general election. philadelphia police and the fbi are on the hunt for that guy. authorities say he robbed p.m. inform c bank at fourth and market streets in old city this afternoon. investigators think cease he's
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the same guy who robbed a bank two weeks ago at 15th and market. they say he's armed and that he's dangerous. if you see him call 911. in rehoboth beach, delaware, police caught a couple accused of going on three month shopli shoplifting spree at a supermarket. officers arrested david and diana sanki and side a giant grocery store yesterday. they stole nearly $800 worth of stuff from that store since february. it could become difficult for certain people to buy some popular cough medicine in delaware. the state senate will vote tomorrow on a bill banning sales of popular cough suppress scant so anyone younger to 18 years old unless they have a prescription. it would limit the over the counter sail to dxm to minors. it targets children who abuse dxm to get high. after six days on the run, police have captured arthur buckle. it happen this morning. it was a climax to a long search that had a lot of people worried all hoping for a peaceful resolution. >> that resolution came along the garden state parkway this
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morning. fox 29's jennifer joyce is in forked river, new jersey, tonight with how it all went down. >> reporter: intense six-day search for prison escapee arthur buckle ended this morning along the garden state parkway neighborhood in laci top. 38-year-old who took off from minimum security prison in hammonton, new jersey, last week less than one month before he'd come eligible for parole was arrest beside a local police officer around 11:30 am. >> from there all the way down there nothing but detectives. like i was thinking about going on jog and then whenever i drove by i was like, nope, not going to do that. >> reporter: last night, buckle was spotted on surveillance cameras walking into the forked river rest stop. police new he was nearby. they swarmed the area with coverage from the air and on the ground with guns, k9s and roughly 150 officers from state and local departments. lacy township police say one of their officers responded to a reported sighting in the woods
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late morning. they positively identified the man as arthur buckle. police say the fugitive seemed fatigue. he didn't find the handcuffs. >> i was keeping my eyes out to be honest if i saw any suspicious people, you know, kind of a scary -- little bit because i don't know what the guy. >> buckle was behind bars for burglary and theft conviction. he serve add previous 14 years sentence after pleading guilty to the aggravated manslaughter of a 10 month old child. now, he's looking at a third sentence. people who live nearby are relieved to hear he's in custo custody. >> i think this is crazy. i mean i can't believe somebody could escape and then just get caught like right close to our house. it's crazy. >> police say arthur buckle could face another three to five years behind bars because of his escape. he can face even longer sentence if he's charge the convicted any additional crimes he may have committed during his time on the run. reporting from forked river, new jersey, i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news.
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pandemonium erupts during mother' days dinner. customers dress in their sunday best fighting with each other and restaurant staff. what happened here. and this poor pup got a little too close to something many people have in their backyards and don't even know it watch you need to know to keep your pets and family safe. >> high school student all smiles in her yearbook photo but she's not at all happy about the name printed underneath it. what it reads that caused her family to hire a lawyer. >> their overdosing on dangerous drugs. police are stepping in not to arrest them why the patients aren't grateful. >> a prom picture going viral not because of what the couple is wearing. the danger that's lurking in the
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today! ♪ city leaders sat side by side with public school students tonight for first of its kind round table discussion. mayor jim kenney, city council members and city youth groups all on hand to talk about challenges that face philadelphia schools. school officials say they'll work to address any concerns the students may have. a fourth person has reportedly died from fire that ripped through a norristown home early saturday morning. fire officials tell the norristown times herald the victim is an 11-year-old girl.
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>> the fire remains under investigation. but authorities say it is not suspicious. shawnette wilson live tonight in norristown. shawnette. >> reporter: well, earlier this evening, friends of that 11-year-old girl put down handwritten notes in hem east young girl who they say is named jennifer. in the meantime, the deaths left many wondering how something like this could happen. >> a memorial outside this norristown apartment building on dekalb street drew more people driving today. after tragic news that 11-year-old girl died from injuries she suffered during the fire. neighbors say her father and young sibling died saturday the day it happened. the montgomery county district attorney says another adult also died. manuel fuentes who arrived from florida says his 74-year-old father who they called pete also died in the fire and was friends of the other victims. >> it was my dad. he had his friends then a friend
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donald. >> he work at the grocery store. that's his family. >> we'll see what happens with the lord's help. >> the rest of the family that passed away we know it's a hard tragedy. no one expected to what's going on, so we just ask for everybody to have prayers. >> reporter: people still in shock by what happened stopped by to pray outside the bored up building with police caution tape still surrounding it. >> tragedy the way it happened, you know. >> reporter: and back here live, the cause of this fire remains under investigation. but official do's not believe it is suspicious. back to you. ♪ bagpiper david cohen playing his instrument while walking across the span of the ben franklin bridge. david is the patient advocate at kipp dread health in south philadelphia after losing his wife to cancer he changed his career in support of lung
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health. the bridge was lit up turquoise for women's lung health week and annual lung force takeover. university city exploring the new frontier in the fight against breast cancer. researchers held symposium to spotlight breast cancer treatments at the wister institute in new developments in surgery and prevention. it brought together health professionals, advocacy groups and patients. trenton's basking in the national spotlight with america asking who is the nation's newest multi millionaire. >> but we haven't heard from big winner as of yet. >> what we know now just one tick matched the winning numbers today our bruce gordon caught up with the ail lated store owners who sold that lucky ticket. >> reporter: lottery customers were stack up at the register inside the trenton 7eleven store owned for the past decade by andrea shin and louis solar. east one of mows customers hoping lightning will strike twice. >> maybe you'll be the next big winner. hopefully, cross your fingers for me. >> reporter: lottery tickets are not a big part of the
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store's position. shin and solar rarely weigh play powerball themselves. >> i couldn't believe. i was like, no, then i called my hub over. i think we sold the ticket. this is pretty crazy. >> reporter: new jersey lottery officials say the $429 million winning powerball ticket was purchased here last tuesday around 5:20 p.m. by a customer choosing the same numbers for the wednesday and saturday drawing. they're asking that that single winner come forward. >> get professional advice. take your time and in decide wagon to do. but in the meantime we'll validate the ticket and hold it as -- until it's decided how you want to claim the ticket. >> reporter: now come the guessing game whom is the lottery winner? this is a residential area. it's believed the winner is from around here. louis sand val sold the ticket. he has a hunch. up frequent customer. a female. >> do you remember at that time and day it was lady. >> yeah, it wasn't that busy that day. in the afternoon i think it was
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lady that stopped by. >> reporter: lottery winner will get $284 million in cash before taxes. the winning retailers andrea and louis they'll walk off with $30,000 cash bonus. that sounds like a win/win in a community that could use some good news. >> there's lot of hard-working people here. so i -- i think the winner is one of them, and so deserving and so so deserving -- >> somebody caught a break here. >> final y. finally somebody catches a break. >> reporter: the powerball winner now has one year to come forward and lay claim to their prize as for louis and andrea, they plan on spending at least part of their $30,000 commission on an alaska vacation. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. high school student all smiles in her yearbook photo but she's not happy about the name printed underneath. what it reads that got her family hiring a lawyer. >> they're break the law, they're overdosing on dangerous drugs and police are now stepping in not to arrest them
10:19 pm
but to save their lives. why the patients aren't so grateful. this poor pup got a little too close to something many people have in their backyards and don't even know it. what you need to know to keep your pets and family safe. >> now, with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. we got another shut down all this week they are back. the work crews working on the vine expressway overnights will be shut down till 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. they're also going to be working tonight into tomorrow morning the northbound 95 ramps to the blue route will be closed. you'll have to go up to ridley and flip that u-turn laverne and watch for that new pattern and then tomorrow during the midday, watch for crews working 95 both directions near philly international airport. we'll see you bright and early. a.m. ♪
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ in georgia, one dog is on the mend after getting into it with a copper head snake. >> they're venomous and pretty common in the us.
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bubba the bulldog all bandaged up after copper head bit his leg in georgia. he's so sweel len he's in pain but here's the good news about copper heads. in most cases your dog will survive a bite. >> the least deadly of the venomous snake bites but they do cause a lot of pain and swelling and tissue damage. so they definitely need treatment. but most of the time it's not a life-threatening emergency. >> so that's the very good thi thing. you'd also most likely survive a bite from a copper head by the way as well. homeland security officials want to find out just how vulnerable the new york city subway is to chemical attack. so today they started a series of tests to see how any harmful contaminants can travel through the system. authorities say there are no known threats to new york city subway system but it is considered a prime target. car crash that will have you wondering how did that car get there? the driver crashed into
10:24 pm
a south carolina ihop today and ended up stuck between the restaurant an retaining wall suspended in the area as you can see. couple was at a table under that window moments before the crash. but thank goodness for them they finished their pancakes were at the register paying. that short stack was a good move. the driver is at the hospital as precaution. no one else is seriously injur injured. pandemonium erupts drag mother's day dinner. customers dressed in their sunday best fighting with each other and restaurant staff. what caused the mother's day melee. >> well known pregnant woman should not drink alcohol. why did one city make bars refuse service to expectant mothers. >> warm front lifting in our region. that means clouds and some rain but also eventually milder temperatures. we'll track the numbers and look ahead to next weekend coming when we come back.
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>> happening now at 10:30 nasty crash in new castle county. here's video now of firefighters working to free two victims who were trapped in their cars at mcgovern road and lancaster pike in hokessin. they are taken to the hospital. we've since learned a third person has also been taken to the hospital. we don't know their conditions right now. the victims or what caused the crash. the emergency call came in just 9:30 tonight. to a story you'll see only on fox 29. philadelphia police say they are investigating a sexual assault inside a west philadelphia high school. a young teen says the attacker was another student. >> allegations have stunned the community and they are disgusted. let's get right out to fox 29's dave schratwieser. he's live outside school district headquarters tonight. dave. >> reporter: iain, police and school district officials confirm this involves two freshmen at sayre high school the female victim in this case has been inter viewed this afternoon by special victims investigators. the male student involved here has been suspended from school.
10:29 pm
>> that's very troubling. >> reporter: police say moments after dismissal friday at the sayre high school when a 14-year-old girl says she was sexually assaulted by a classmate in a stairwell inside the school. >> young lady saying that she was raped at school right after dismissal, and we are looking at this very seriously. >> reporter: police and school officials say the alleged sexual assault was carried out by another freshman inside the first floor stairwell at 58th and walnut. police say the teenaged victim quick quickly went to a home nearby in tears and reported the assault to a family friend. the vick testimony was taken to children's hospital for examination and evaluation. >> it's very serious charge and we're working closely with special victims unit to take look and see what occurred here. >> it's very sad. very upsetting. >> reporter: monday night is parents and coaches watch their kids at football practice, behind the school, there was concern for the alleged victim. >> expected to be safe. my heart goes out to those parents and that young lady.
10:30 pm
because that's not okay. >> reporter: parents were troubled by the allegations but relieved to hear that the student allegedly involved has been suspended from school while the investigation is underway. >> it just makes me wonder, what do we needed to more in the community to make sure things like this doesn't happen? >> reporter: there are video cameras on the first floor of the school. investigators have recovered and are rue viewing video of the two students inside the school. >> troubles me that absolutely that this is happening inside a school. >> i hope whoever did this that they find them and, you know, this young lady gets justice. >> reporter: again, no charges have been filed at this point. police still doing interviews. still investigating the male student in this case will remain suspended pending the out come of this investigation. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. north carolina sued the federal government this morning asking federal court to clarify what the civil rights law actually says. then the justin department hit back hours later. its lawsuit seeks a court order
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declaring north carolina's law discriminatory. the state's bathroom law passed in march requires people to use bathroom that matches the gender on their birth certificates. >> here's prom picture this couple from colorado will never forget. they were heading to their dance when severe weather rolled in. once they realized you see -- you see what's behind them. tornado. but they realized was miles away and they weren't in any danger the girl's mom snapped the picture with the massive tornado in the back drop and as so often happens these days the photo went viral. no severe weather here tonight as we take a life and capital of new jersey after two dry days looks like our luck is going to run out and there could be more rain on the way. kathy? >> do you know that today is only the second day this month that temperatures were actually above normal? temperatures 5 degrees below normal this month. that is crazy. may kind of so far but hopefully that will change. you can take live look at market street. pretty quiet out there.
10:32 pm
temperatures are pleasant as well. 61 degrees the high for the day 71. the afternoon was chilly with the win but late in the morning we bumped up to 71 degrees. not so bad. winds out of the southwest right now still at 9 miles an hour. so 61 in philadelphia. 50 in the poconos. 57 in wilmington with the clouds and the cool temperatures. not a huge rain every range in dem cher. ocean city 59. same in camden, 56 in voorhees. milder in wildwood where the temperature is 61 degrees. ultimate doppler you can see high clouds lifting up into the region into the south through sussex county a few spotty sprinkles that's just about it. but we have a warm front and this is associated with an area of low pressure right now over kansas you see this, this is tornado watch box. severe weather associated with the warm sector of this. we'll watch the warm front lift northward over the course of tomorrow and those showers will lift northward as well up the i-95 corridor. south injuries scene delaware seeing the best chance of morning showers and it lifts up toward the philadelphia area.
10:33 pm
so 61 degrees for the high. look for mostly cloudy day with spotty showers that ocean water temperature only in the mid 50 50's. as you can see tomorrow temperatures below adversary of a. the normal high 72 for this time of year. wednesday we go above normal of the same thursday. friday slightly below normal. so slowly rising in temperature. but still well below average for this time of year. now, overnight, 51 in the city. the suburbs 46 degrees. with showers especially south and east during the early morning hours and during the day tomorrow the high 61. mostly cloudy skies. the chance of showers will increase during the morning and then decrease late in the afternoon. and planning your day look for a dry morning for most of the region. 51. by lunch a few spotty showers, 58 in the afternoon. so still cool. you'll need a light jacket and by dinner the temperature 55 degrees. on the exclusive fox 297 day forecast, your weather authority, partly sunny wednesday and for thursday a few bonus days then a front moves through late friday and sets off
10:34 pm
some showers maybe even a thunderstorm. and then it turns cooler. saturday increasing clouds with a temperature of 70. i think if you're going out saturday evening, you could get stopped with a shower maybe a thunderstorm. then becoming sunny on sunday but cooler and monday looking good. with a temperature of 67 degrees. the normal high is 72. and not many of them in our future. >> yeah. doesn't seem like it may has ban chilly month so far. >> i have something to warm you up. >> it's sun related. >> ooh. >> it's very hot there. it will get you really good and toasty. nasa just released rather stunning images i love this. that little black dot that's mercury moving across the sun. for the first time in 10 years we can see the tiny planet appearing as way little black dot on the face of the sun. the trip across the sun takes about 10 hours unless you have a properly filtered telescope this video right here is the way to watch it. this only happens my friends 13 times a century. that's it. 13 times a century.
10:35 pm
it will happen again three years from now but then not until 2032. i love that. >> impressive. well known that pregnant women should avoid alcohol so why is one city recently making it illegal for bars to refuse service to expectant moms? >> pandemonium erupted during mother's day dinner. customers dressed in their sunday best started throwing purges at the restaurant staff. what touched off the mother's day melee. >> high school student always smiles in her yearbook photo but not happy about the name printed underneath. what it reads that got her family hiring a lawyer. and wake up with good day. quincy harris will tell you all about the latest fashion trends for men just in time for summer. take notes, iain and the stars of the '90 sitcom sister sister are payining a return to tv. tia and tamara mallory talk about it all tomorrow on good day. [ soft music ]
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1.
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♪ it's now illegal for bars to not serve alcohol to pregnant women in new york city. the citi' human rights commission adopter new guidelines that state pregnant women cannot be kept out of bars nor denied alcoholic drinks just because they're expecting. the commission says it promotes quote judgments and stereotypes about how pregnant individuals behave. however, restaurants will still continue to post warnings about the dangers of drinking while pregnant. in your money tonight, netflix has a new global show in the works. the streaming service will launch international competition show called ultimate beast master sylvester stallone the producer of the show will have specific competitions in six different countries. contestants will have to compete in tough obstacle course. the winner will compete in the final show fighting to become ultimate beast master. >> ultimate beast master. is that on your business card many companies are scaling back jc pennies is expanding. they announced they're getting back into the business of
10:40 pm
selling appliances. appliance sales in the u.s. have been growing over the past few years. it what's in on that. jc pennies says it's rolling out a showroom in half stores by summer. >> muss him high school student says she's diss give after she was identified as isis in her school yearbook. the 17-year-old's real name i is -- her yearbook listed her as isis phillips. she woke out on facebook. there is a student named isis at the school and school district official says the two were mistakemistakenly mixed up. if they find a student did this intentionally they would take appropriate actions. advocates are expressing concern for her safety. >> we don't want to jump top any conclusion. however, given that she's a young muslim student who wears the outfit identifiablely musl muslim, so, you know, the chances of to happening are cause for concern for us. >> nearly 300 year books were given out before the mistake was
10:41 pm
real life. the school has asked the students to return those that were given out. pandemonium erupted during mother's day dinner customers dressed in sunday best end up fighting with each other and restaurant staff. what touched off the mother's day melee. >> and breaking the law overdo overdosing on dangerous drugs and police are stepping in to the to arrest them but to save their lives. why the patients are not grateful.
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>> all out brawl inside a georgia restaurant. camera caught it all. guess what? all happened on mother's day. east point police say it began over dispute about a bill. management settled it but when waiter came back clear off table with a smile on his face, the customers read that smile as gloating, and the restaurant owner says they flipped out. police are trying to track down all the people that were throwing the punch. >> restaurant owner is sorry the customers had to witness all that chaos on mother's day. >> try keep customer happy. try smiling. miscommunication. customer got mad and customer
10:45 pm
hit -- slapped his face. >> the owner says pretty much every customer ran out of the building during the fight and didn't pay for his meal. he says that cost him nearly $5,000. a 61-year-old man lucky to be alive after the small plane he was piloting crashed landed on the roof of a building in california over the weekend. the accident sent the pilot to the hospital with just minor injuries. officials say he hit his head and his legs were in pain but he should be a toil recover okay. the pilot says he experienced engine trouble before making the emergency landing. surprisingly there wasn't much damage to that building and no one else was hurt. combine america sky rocketing opioid epidemic and almost miracle device that can seemingly bring overdose victims back from the dead and you've created a whole new world for local police. >> bruce gordon recently spent some time with cops in upper darby where high profile narcan safe put the issue front and center. >> reporter: when upper darby police officer matt lynch
10:46 pm
reports for duty he straps on his gear, side arm, check. radio, check. baton, handcuffs, extra ammo clips, all there. then lynch heads to the rack of patrol car keys to retrieve what's become one of the most important tools he'll carry. the little red boxes called narcan kits. the no assembly required nasal spray antidote that can bring a heroin overdose victim virtually back from the dead. lynch remembers his first exposure to the new kits. >> carried this red box with me everywhere and it was like when am i ever going to use this? probably a week or so later it came up. it happened. >> reporter: in just the past 16 months lynch and his fellow upper darby police officers have used narcan 86 times to revive overdose victims. 74 times it did the trick. >> that's frightening. >> reporter: remember this video? more than 600,000 people
10:47 pm
have watch it on various internet sites since it was released back in january. it shows 25-year-old michael meanie of delaware county shooting heroin abroad a crowded septa bus. moments later he collapses unconscious on to the floor of the moving vehicle. upper darby police are first on the scene and there's that little red box use the narcan to revive meanie. later charged with drug possession in the hopes of getting him into treatment. >> people that normally would not commit crimes are compelled to commit crimes by the hold this drug has on them. >> police officials say narcan has turned their officers into a hybrid of cop and emt. >> we're interested in saving lives and this is probably one of the more dramatic ways that we can do that. >> reporter: captain thomas johnson says his officers are enthusiastic about how narcan has expanded their duties or maybe more accurately expanded their opportunities.
10:48 pm
>> we're worried there's going to be two cars crashing into each other trying to get to the person that they can revive because there's incredible amount of satisfaction when you can save a life. >> reporter: we talked at length with officer lynch as he patrolled upper darby on a recent afternoon. he had several narcan saves to his credit but says back from the dead victims aren't always grateful. >> it's neat to see it, upping, at that point but my first thing right after that, is this person going to be combative? is he going to want to assault me or anyone else? >> reporter: there's bigger problem. cops with narcan can save a drug user for the moment. but many addicts cannot kick the habit. in april of last year, for example, lynch saved an overdose victim with narcan a40-year-old man. >> he started coming around, and his girlfriend thanked us for helping him, you know, come back
10:49 pm
and bring him back to life and but he told me as he was getting loaded on the ambulance that he had just got out of rehab, you know a week prior. >> reporter: four days later that man od pods again much this time narcan could not bring him back. >> the addiction was more powerful than life. so it was definitely a sad situation. >> reporter: like many police officers, matt lynch has serve in the military. he was an infantry platoon leader in afghanistan. and remembe remembers seeing vas of poppy colorful almost beautiful it but over there the drug trade helps fund the taliban. back home it destroys the lives of those who serves. >> you see really wild looking and cool looking but, you know, down here you actually see the -- the end result, and it's horrible. >> reporter: matt enjoys the new life-saving opportunities that come with the little red box he carries, but he knows all too well that narcan and his quick use of it is only
10:50 pm
temporary answer for the drug user. >> if we're there, we can help, we'll do our best. at the end of the day, you have to want to help yourself. >> reporter: toward that end upper darby police are offering to connect addicts with drug treatment programs if they come into the police station looking for help. so far says captain johnson few have taken him up on the off. cops with those little red boxes can only do so much. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> yeah, parents have to do the rest of it. he got to talk to our kids about this stuff all the time. >> absolutely. >> howard eskin. >> okay. we'll talk little sports right now. let's do that. >> a play you don't see very often in baseball. and it's amazing it can even happen. it was only a matter of time sam bradford is back on the practice field for the eagles. i spoke connor barwin about bradford's return. we hear about connor's feelings on the return when we come back with sports.
10:51 pm
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♪ and he's back. but that's the only way sam bradford no show into the eagles voluntary camp was going to end. the request by the agent tom condon for trade by the eagles was such terrible advice and in talking to some of the eagles players bradford knew it was going nowhere and really had to come back. bradford was back with his teammates on the practice field today. now, what was interesting and pathetic when connor barwin reveal this morning on the show that i was doing on wip sports radio that bradford told him he was coming in today. to wait this long. the agent then decided this is great, then decided the game of chicken was over and he said he was rescinding his trade demand. oh, thank you. the agent is pathetic. barwin told me this morning and the players they're okay with sam. >> i think at the end of the day all that we really care about in the locker room who is the best quarterback who had help us win games. i think right now we're excited and we know we drafted car sop
10:55 pm
wept most of this locker room if not all of us understand that sam is our starting quarterback and he's going to be the best quarterback to help us win next year. so we're all excited to have him back. >> statement bradford says the business side of football is sometimes a necessary consideration. my attention and efforts are focused on the participation and preparation for a championship season. i am committed to my teammates and the eagles organization for nothing less ". >> all right. phillies off until tomorrow night they play in at land t phillies still playing better baseball. four games over 500. now, wild play you don't see very often it was in the marlins game. let's go to miami. now watch this. it's a long ball. it's a homerun by jt real mute tow but there's problem. you're not allowed to pass others on the bases. there was man on first. who thought it might be caught that's marcello zune know he was passed by jt, so that is a single and an rbi however the marlins did win the game four
10:56 pm
four-one. >> a special honor today for hod don field high school jonathan baxter recognized as us army pro football hall of fame award for excellence fine never. (ing him with his plaque hall of famer jack young blood who once played in play off game with a broken leg. >> we've been in four champion shim football games and this is my first chance. we're in a division game against dallas who we didn't have a whole lot of, you know, wasn't no kissing and hugging going on up there. i'm not going to let this door slam in my face again i'll do whatever i can, you know, and i'm the captain of the football team and hopefully that shows a little leadership, may show a little stupidity. >> the kissing and hugging he's talking about, after the game when they're beating each others brains out and then they're hugging after the game.
10:57 pm
it's a joke. (laughter). >> i -- you still need a t-shirt it's a joke. >> two hours of entertainment up news. tmz, followed by occasion nation and chasing news and the simpsons. good we're back here at 4am for your fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob kelly got you covered all morning long. pet moments are beautiful,
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: dave matthews probably should not play in north carolina, because this could be a crime. >> boyd and dave bump into each other and boyd literally kisses him right on the lips. harvey: david matthews was blind-sided. >> when somebody kisses you out of nowhere, you're a little bit shocked. how are you going to say no -- harvey: suppose you're walking down the street and zac efron just, boom, kisses you. >> hello, sir! >> mariah carey was a star of a million dollar bat mitzvah. >> mazel tov. congratulations! >> they rented out the entire one oak. mini kanye came out. harvey: that's the celebrity for a million? it probably cost $300,000 to rent one oak.


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