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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  May 10, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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breaking news overnight a man is injured in the hit and run and for you lease are looking for a driver. we have a crew on the scene live report straight ahead. philadelphia police are investigate a sexual salt inside a west philadelphia high will school. the it is a story you saw first on fox. three teens facing charges in the connection with the 16 year-old death after a fight in the local high school why or so outraged that the potential punishment for this. good day it is tuesday may between the, 2016. sue and write saying this morning may tenth already, where is that year all going. >> it is my mom's husband's boyfriend. she had had to remarry a guy named chris. >> yes it just makes things so confusing. >> i'm sure it is fun at your family parties. >> hey chris. >> um, um, um. >> i hope that is your worst
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problem today. >> it is. >> really we have got some potentially problem showers, hepply not for you. there is not much going on. most of the heavier rain is out to the west and anything we're seeing this morning is mostly south of philadelphia a it comes and goes but we're watching a a area of light shower activity along maryland pennsylvania border that could edge into new castle county delaware. i would say be prepared for i light shower, sprinkle or two or something like that. so, here's what we have, in philadelphia it the is dry, cloudy, 57 degrees, 14 miles an her breezes out of the north east and 47 percent relative humidity. for all that cloud cover relative humidity is pretty good, sunrise is 5:50, ten of 6:00 our sunrise is wonderful. the 37 degrees in mount pocono. much milder every where else. fifty-seven in the city. forty-nine in pottstown. fifty-one in trenton. fifty-six atlantic city. fifty-seven in wildwood.
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look at the 24 hour temperature change, compared to yesterday at this time, it is about six offer 7 degrees, maybe 10 degrees milder. little bit better as far as comfort is concerned but you will need to at least that have rain gear with you today, winds are coming from the north east, on the breezy side this morning we're expecting a a high temperature of just and 60 degrees because of the cloud cover. we will see more clouds then showers, but you need to be prepared, for showers, 50 degrees overnight with mostly cloudy skies. some rain, some days, no rain. we will break it down in the seven day forecast, coming up, bob kelly, how are you doing. >> good morning, sue. >> good morning everybody. 4:02. they are working hard out here in south philadelphia a this ace a live look the at broad street part of the one of the many repaving projects underway around the city between oregon avenue and i-95. right here near the stadium area. this he were out there last night the because there was not an event down there at the
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wells fargo center and they were working hard in the morning hours. so broad street between oregon and i-95. they are also shut down here on the vine street expressway this morning between the schuylkill, and broad street. so every night this week, they will close from about 10:00 o'clock at night to 5:00 g between broad and the schuylkill, use vine street local or jump off schuylkill expressway there and either at spring garden, 30th or south street. they are also working until 5:00 o'clock this morning north on i-95, off ramp to the blue route is blocked, you have to go up to ridley, flip u turn laverne and that will gain you access to 476 and then that new pattern between 95 and macdade. they are still working west on the schuylkill expressway coming around conshohocken curve heading in towards 476, right lane is taken out, light volleys so far this morning, so that is good news. the mass transit running with in delays. the chris and lauren, back over to you. we're following breaking news at the cobbs creek a man
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was taken to the hospital after being injured in the hit and run. >> police say this happened at 52nd and spruce streets just over an hour ago. steve keeley is there. steve, good morning. >> reporter: well, good news to lead this live shot because we just got an update from the officers who talk to doctors, the guy on his bike and had a cat scan and he is okay. they took his bike out of the street. lets go to the video of how this looked just a few minutes ago. we're the at 52nd and spruce. look at this bike mangled, look at that back tire all smashed up and dragged under the car, and we don't even know exactly where the guy was hit, lot of witnesses but they took off and tell anybody what they saw but guy was rushed to penn presbyterian hospital about five blocks from here and he is okay. and that is the good news. so somebody hit him, while riding a bike and they stopped, maybe it wouldn't even be their fault because it is middle on the of the night. who knows what he was wearing. i didn't notice any reflecting
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bits in the bicycle will but they have another hit and run here, common occurrence here in philadelphia if you watch us every day. chris and lauren. >> steve, thank you. we will keep an eye on that. we are keeping an eye on breaking news overseas, german for you lease say several people have have been stabbed at a train station in munich. one person was killed and three others hurt. >> three german media say the reporter shouted, god is great the white before that attack. police arrested one person. we are going to bring you more information. police are investigating several sexual assaults inside west philadelphia high school, police say just moments after dismissal, a 14 year-old girl, told them that she was sexual willly a ultimate is ad by a classmates last friday. she said it happened inside a stairwell, at sarah high school at 58th and walnut. the young lady went home and report add salt to the family friend h she was taken to the children's hospital for investigation.
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printer say they are troubled by these allegations. >> my heart goes out to those parents and that young lady because that is not okay. >> it just makes me wonder what do we do more to be good to make sure things like this doesn't happen. >> right now police are going go through surveillance from inside the school, student allegedly involved has been suspended. over two weeks ago 16 year-old amy joyner francis was attacked and killed inside a wilmington high school bathroom. >> now three teens have been charged in connection with her death, dave kinchen live at wilmington police department with those details, hi there dave. >> reporter: hi chris. the these are charges many family members and friend said they have been waiting for some time but with a lot of anticipation and they are putting pressure on authorities investigating this case. three girls who had been suspended from howard high
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school of technology, since the day amy joyner francis died now facing criminal charges, the delaware department of justice is charging a 16 year-old girl with criminal negligent homicide and the two others with lesser charges of conspiracy, fox 29 is not naming them because they are juveniles. amy, honor role student died an hour and a half after a plan assault by three classmates in a school bathroom. an autopsy revealed that amy did not die from blunt force trauma but sudden cardiac death due to a preexisting heart defect. medical examiner says that amy died from a cardiac incident that she was vulnerable to because of a preexisting heart condition but cardiac incident would not have happened or occurred if she had moth been assaulted. meanwhile investigators say that only one of the girls hit amy that day but since the fight was only a contributing factor to her death the 16 year-old, who investigators are pushing to be tried as an adult would only get a eight years in prison and a lot of people hit social media saying they are outraged over. that or girls would only get a year. that is what prosecutors are saying at this time. back to you. >> all right, dave kinchen,
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thank you so much. commissioner of philadelphia's streets department is in serious trouble this morning facing a simple assault charge. fox 29's jeff cole broke the story yesterday. district attorney says donald carlton punched his victim numerous times. the victim suffered a fractured rib and bruised eye. d.a.'s office and police tell fox 29 that this happened at a house party on the 6,000 block of north american street back on december 6th of 2015. according to court documents carlton was arrested on friday and will be back in court june . he was placed on a leave of absence by the city. an escaped inmate the subject of the massive manhunt in new jersey is back in custody. more than a dozen police officers surrounded 38 year-old arthur buckle will on the garden state parkway in laciy township. he escaped from ancora bay side prison last tuesday and been on the run ever since. his arrest came hours after police released new surveillance photos of him at forked river. right there near a rest stop. buckle was finally found
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monday in the woods in ocean county near double trouble state park, police, who live or i should say people living in that area, say that they are just happy he is back in police custody. >> i was keeping my eyes out to be honest. so, if i saw any suspicious people, you know, kind of scary, a little bit because i don't know about this guy. >> i think it is crazy. i can't believe somebody can escape and then just get caught right close to our house. it is crazy. >> buckle was serving sentence for aggravated assault ape previously served 14 year foreman slaughter hot death of the ten month-old baby. he could face several additional years behind bars for the escape. memorial outside a norristown apartment building on dekalb street drawing more people have after officials say an 11 year-old girl becomes fourth person to die in that fire. fire officials tell the a associated press that the girl passed away from injuries that she suffered during that blaze. neighbors say her father and young sibling died the day it happen. officials say another adult
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also died. a 74 year-old man and father also killed, others still in shock by what happened, stopped to pray outside that building. >> for the rest have the family that passed a way we know it is a hard tragedy. in one expected what is going on so we just asked for everybody to have prayers. >> cause of the fire still under investigation but officials do in the believe it is suspicious. 4:10. two local school officers brutally injured trying to break up a fight. whom police have in custody charged with injuring those office are. boss heading back to our area where you can see bruce springsteen and e street band this summer. bob kelly with the turnpike, good morning. >> good morning. what a mess it was yesterday on the turnpike. good news, all of the lanes are opened but crews are back out there this morning, working between quakertown, and mid county, we will check rest of the jam cams, sue with that tuesday forecast, when we come right back.
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there is rain around this morning. it might not be in your neighborhood but we are looking at plenty on ultimate doppler radar. you can see it come from the south and west and it will continue to do so as a warm front lifts through the area we will talk about that a little bit more, later but we will zoom into a couple neighborhood and show you east
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nottingham chester county very right showers around there maryland and little bit of that spilling over along i-95 in delaware right before you, cross the border in to maryland. clayton, in new jersey, and then other parts of the let's just say gloucester county there, and atlantic county get something rain and then there is the border between delaware and maryland, at the shore, ocean pines, some light showers there around bethenny beach as well. it is not a wig deal but there is rain around. this remind us have of a couple days we had last week when we had rain every day last week but for the rest of the day quite a few clouds, and then some more showers moving in the afternoon and then kind of spotty showers, through the nighttime tonight. tomorrow looks like it will be a largely dry day unless in southern delaware we have showers rolling in there so you cannot rule it the out but it looks like for most of us we will keep clouds around but stay try during the day, tomorrow and then thursday,
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maybe a sprinkle or two but not a big deal. 57 degrees, in philadelphia right now, only 37 in mount pocono. fifty-one lancaster and reading. 57 degrees in wildwood. we have a milder morning, yesterday and it is breezy as well with 14 miles an hour wind moving out of the north east 3 miles an hour wilmington. 9 miles an hour lancaster. the breezes are just a little bit of an issue. we are seeing a trend question up a little bit looking at the past several days. we were in the 50's, 50's every weekday last week and saturday we will inch in the 70's got to 71 mothers day and yesterday, today we are back down in the last week temperatures with upper 50's but then we're back to the 70's. we have a nice stretch of 70's even with the rain in the forecast for friday, we're possibly going to get thunderstorms with the cold front coming through on friday, so saturday we are in the 70's and then we will cool off on sunday and on monday. so still a little will bit
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unsettled but not the as bad as it was, last week, and then yesterday was pretty good but clouds took over in the have afternoon but we had a nice day. >> exactly, one of the advantages are getting up early and out early we enjoy that early sun. good morning, 4:16 up early and we are looking live at 42 freeway coming in toward philadelphia we have active work crews in the background here this whole 295, 42, bellmawr reconstruction, i don't think it will ever be done. live look at ben franklin bridge coming into philadelphia in problems at all, roads are dry and we're off to a good start over bridge. we're working on the vine expressway closed overnight all this week. from last night at 10:00 until 5:00 this morning the stretch between broad street and the schuylkill expressway, closed, as they reconstruct those overpasses there in center city. coming on the freeway, there is construction along the way at black horse pike and then we have lane change that he is come into play on 42 and 295.
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broad street subway market frankford line still using shuttle buses until 5:00 o'clock this morning, otherwise, mass transit, septa's regional rail, patco, new jersey transit, nothing really out of the ordinary for the start of the morning. coming southbound i-95 we are good to go from woodhaven to downtown and pennsylvania turnpike is in good shape between bensalem and valley forge. lauren, back over to you. philadelphia police have arrested a third and final man accused of assaulting two school police officers. investigators say they are nab 23 year-old edwardbergos yesterday. he and two others assaulted two school police officers outside northeast high school last week. the at salt, a all caught on cell phone video left one of the office are with the broken jaw. bergos faces a list of charges. philadelphia police and fbi on the hunt for this guy. authority say he robbed pnc bank at fourth and market streets in olde city yesterday afternoon. investigators think he is same
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guy who robbed a bank two weeks ago at 15th and market. they considered him to be armed and dangerous. if you see him you you are asked to call 911. in rehoboth beach, delaware they have nabbed a couple accused of going on a three month shoplifting spree at a super market. office's rested david and diana a stanky inside a giant grocery store. they accused the couple of stealing $800 worth of stuff from that store since february. >> handsome mug shots i'll tell you that. let's head to the you decide coverage of 2016. voters in nebraska and west virginia head to the polls today. last week donald trump came to west virginia and promised miners to bring back jobs. hillary clinton promised $30 billion in retraining programs for out of work miners. despite those promises bernie sanders the most anti fossil fuel of any 2016 candidate leads clinton by 6 percent in west virginia. nebraska will hold election is today but only for the g.o.p. race.
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democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders has been campaigning in new jersey. roll video. sanders held a rally inside boardwalk hall in ac yesterday. he took shots at donald trump and said ugliness and greed led to the shore town's financial problems. even though he is trailing hillary clinton, he is still fighting. >> if we can win here in new jersey and win in california and win in some of the other states and if we can win a majority of the pledged delegates we will go into philadelphia in the democratic conn convention and expect to come out with the democratic nom nation. >> sanders also called out trum in his stance on minimum wage. new jersey holds its primary june 7th, same day as california. it looks like chris christie's decision to back donald trump is paying off. yesterday trump asked governor
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christie to lead his transition team that would usher in the new administration should trump win the general election. and it seems, he is still trying to garner support if from his leader of his own parity. he vase todd meet with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and rnc chairman, and trump will meet with house speaker paul rye than a. last week ryan made headlines for saying he was just not ready to support trump, lauren. sole winner of that $429.6 million power ball jackpot has yet to come forward to claim that big prize. only one ticket matched all six power ball numbers in saturday night's drawing, winning numbers were five, 526, 44, 66 and the power ball number was nine. the lottery officials say winning ticket was sold at a 7-eleven in trenton. the store gets $30,000. when the person comes forward to claim that prize they will get 284 million-dollar, after
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taxes. bruce springsteen and e street band bringing the river tour back to the u.s. shores this summer that includes a stop in our area. >> ♪ >> band announced they are adding eight new shows to the shore starting on august 23rd and in east rutherford, new jersey and don't worry, philly fans, bruce will make a stop at citizens bank park wednesday september 7th. ticket go on sale may 18th through ticket master. sam bradford returned to the practice field for the eagles, we spoke to connor barwin about bradford's return. hear connor's feelings on the return when we return. >> but first winning lottery numbers. >> thank you you.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. sam bradford returned to the practice field yesterday, he knew that the no show trying to force eagles trying to shade him was a huge mistake. agent tom conndon tried to force a power play and force a tray but they both lost. brad forward was back on the practice field for voluntary work outs with his teammates. i talk to his teammates and they welcomed bradford back n talking to connor barwin on
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the radio on 94 wip he is willing to move on. >> i think at the end of the day, all that we really care about in the will beer roomies who is the best quarterback who is going to help us win games and i think right now we're excited, we know we drafted car sun cents but most of us, in the locker room, understand sam is our starting quarterback and he will be best quarterback to help us win next year. we're all exited to him back. to miami, at the plate is jt realamutto, he hits the ball, it is a home run. you are not allowed to pass a runner on base, he is out. he did pass a runner. but miami wins. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. penn state football team will have american just one chance to show their skills on national television. in addition to their white out game begins ohio state a, the nittany lions will be, featured in two more prime time match ups during 2016 season, after the big ten
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network announced big time prime time line up. team will host iowa night of november 5th. then november 19th penn state will travel to new brunswick to face off against rutgers. we are continuing to following breaking news, man injured during an early morning hit and run and now hunt is on for the driver but first, sue serio. >> quite a bit of rain on this ultimate doppler radar picture this morning but how much of this are we actually going to get? we will let you know when we bring you the forecast from the weather authority right after this.
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hit and run leaves one person injured. police releasing description of the car ander with they are searching for that driver. >> a a man gun town in front of the funeral home, this morning why his cousin is facing charges in his death. federal judge coming down against franklin institute what the museum is accused of doing over course of the several years. good morning everyone. it is may tenth, in the year 2016, this is a tuesday, good morning. >> we have got all that rain. >> now, it is time at this hour. >> shockingly. >> hi, sue serio, how are you today. >> well, is that what we're on. >> i think, i don't know. >> it is a julian and greg
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gore yan, we have a lot of rain but not too much in our neighborhood. we see some to the south along the delaware maryland border and other delaware maryland border the one to the north. we have a little bit of that spilling over into new jersey. so a sprinkle, light shower or two, depending where you are, mostly south of of philadelphia we're not seeing any rain in the city at the moment or north of us. 57 degrees it is milder then it was yesterday at this time and a little breezier with a 4 f the northeast. we have 47 percent relative humidity. that is in the bad for a day that could be a little bit rainy and i do say a little bit. 5:50 is our sunrise time. we may see sunshine today but even though we are not expecting a lot of rain, we are going to be expecting quite a few clouds. fifty-one in reading. forty-five in allentown. chill any mount pocono where skies are clearer, 56 in atlantic city.
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fifty-seven in wildwood and wilmington and 24 hours ago these temperatures were a lot cooler so we are 10 degrees warmer in wilmington then we were at this very time. 4 miles an hour win with the nor'easterly wind we will see cloud cover today and very little bit of sunshine, so what we have, the cloud, the chance of showers here, and a high of around 60 degrees. fifty tonight, with cloudy skies and we will talk about the chance of rain for the next couple of days, most importantly, what is happening for weekend because this is that busy time of the year been kelly, we have graduations and promised and field days and so much fun. >> first holy communions. >> that is right. >> and then we have to cut the lawn and clean up. today is national clean up your bedroom day. >> oh, no. >> stepping on these toys when i get out of the bed. >> worst are the legos. >> those hurt. >> 4:31. out here, they have in the cleaned up yet they are still paving along 422 between king
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of prussia and route 23, and good morning to the the 42 freeway, with the construction crew is still out here as well, in the the area of 295. the vine expressway at the this hour, still closed another half an hour or so, this stretch from broad street over through the schuylkill expressway every night the this week from 10:00 or 10:30 to 5:00 the following morning vine will be closed keep that in mine for early risers coming into downtown. otherwise we're in the 50's as we pull that cord, we will go in for a landing on to the turnpike, in the last five days we have had two major shut downs of the turnpike. good news, it is opened this morning, northeast extension, southbound, watch for work crews between quakertown, and mid county, a couple of different work zones and we had that big truck accident yesterday but all lanes are opened heading southbound, this morning. chris and lauren back over to you. we have breaking news out of the cobbs creek a man was taken to presbyterian medical center after being injured in the hit and run.
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police say it happened in the area of fifth second and spruce streets this happened just a short time ago right before 3:00 in the morning. officials are said to be looking for white four door jeep grand cherokee and victim is in stable condition. more breaking news from overseas german police say several people have been stabbed at penn state near munich. one person was killed and three others wounded. >> german media reporting that witnesses say the attacker shouted, god is great right the before that attack. police did arrest one person and they are working to identify he is. 4:33. police are investigating a sexual assault inside sayer high school in west philadelphia they say the alleged victim just a 14 year-old freshman. steve keeley live at that stool with more details this morning, hi there, steve. >> reporter: the attacker just 14 or 15, too and he won't be back here at school today and maybe ever again as he, his parents and school authorities wait for sex crime charges
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after a girl reported he a tack her in the school stairwell right on the first floor friday at the end of the school day. the girl, ran right from the school to a closed house of a family friend to report what happened and police were called. special victims unit on it instantly where they confirmed that the two where she said this happened by looking at the school surveillance system. the again an awful incident made extra disturbing because it happened like the girl death in delaware last month where young women and men should always be safe in their own school, chris and lauren. >> all right, steve keeley, thank you. now to our other top story this morning, one million-dollar that is bail set for a man charge in the shooting death of his cousin outside a camden funeral home last week. thirty-one year-old victor rodriguez faces accomplice charge in the murder of the 22-year old jonathan vasquez. vasquez was shot several times last thursday night at the may funeral home. he later died at a local hospital. authorities say person who fired the shots remains on the loose. prosecutors have decided
4:35 am
against seeking the death penalty against a man accused of killing his girl friend, stuffing her body in the recycling bin and shooting at the a police officer investigating her murder. six two-year old walter bratbold is charged in the death of the 59 year-old woman. her body was found decomposing on valentines day february 14th, at a recycling bin in an allentown apartment complex. then on february 162nd days later police say he got in a gunfire with allentown police, and in which a detective was injured in the shooting. big trouble for the franklin institute, a judge ruled that the science museum violated the american with disabilities act, multiple times over several years j ruled museum failed to grant disabled visitors full and equal access this comes after a quadriplegic man was forced to pay toe entrance fees, one for himself and personal care attendant. now the museum is speaking out against that ruling saying it strongly disagrees with that
4:36 am
judge. >> he todd pay twice, two entrance fees. >> that is right. >> my goodness. >> 4:36. three teenagers facing charges in connection with the six year-old's death after a fight at the a local high school why some are so outraged about the the potential punishment but first bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. all that rain last week has everybody working twice as hard this week, catching up, they are paving every where, i-95, even here, on the schuylkill expressway, we will check the jam cams, sue with your tuesday forecast, we are go grab a cup of coffee and meet you back here in two and a half.
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lets get to a story out of missouri, a detective dead, shooter wounded in two officer involved shooting. first shooting took place near camden speed way in camden city, kansas. authorities say detectives was helping an officer investigating a suspicious party call. that is when the suspect curtis anger opened fire hit himself times. he then proceeded to field the detective's vehicle and car yak two other vehicles. the detective later died. authorities say ayers was shot by police in the southern part of the city after he crashed in the concrete pillar and then tried to runway. he is currently in stable condition. turning to the missouri, it has its first african-american police chief. the major was sworn in yesterday at ferguson. he was asked about healing the fractured community rocked in 2014, after the shooting death of unarmed teenager michael
4:40 am
brown. he says in order to change the department, you have to do it from within. the ferguson police department has been under the weary eye of the u.s. justice department since last year after report found pattern of unconstitutional police conduct. moss is expected to reform the department and increase police relations, within that community. a hot item on the market is facing more scrutiny this morning. why officials are now saying that, the cigarettes may be poisoning kid, we're talking about these e cigarettes. and we will also track what is going on with weather and traffic throughout the morning with bob and sue after a quick break.
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police and beyonce fans and protest outside singer's houston concert, over the weekend. group's called coalition for police and sherries held a small protest outside beyonce sold out concert at nrg stadium said music video for her song formation and super bowl performance were anti police. the fans attended the concert disagreed with those claims beyonce has dismissed those allegations. number of kids under six, poisoned by nicotine and e cigarettes is on the right. up nearly 1500 percent. >> that is one child died from ingest continuing liquid
4:44 am
nicotine according to the analysis by national data system public in the journal of pediatrics. 90 percent of the kid swallowed nicotine liquid, known as e juice that is smoke inside of these e cigarettes. nearly half of these exposed kids were under the age, of two. the study says that the number of accidental poisonings skyrocketed because of the, popularity of these e cigarettes, which has been growing. >> use among adults in the u.s. doubled between 2010 and 2013, trip old monk high school students from 203 and 2014, concerns over mostly unregulated industry prompted f.d.a. to a nuns last week it is extending its authority over e cigarettes and other tobacco products like hookahs and cigars. >> tip to protect kids: store e cigarettes and refill product where kids cannot reach them, of course. do not use them around kids and store the national poison hot line number in your cell phone or post it, write were it down or put it near your
4:45 am
home phone. >> that is good advice. more than two weeks ago 16 year-old amy joyner francis was attacked and killed inside a bathroom in wilmington high school. >> three morning three teens have been charged in connection with her death. dave kinchen is live in wilmington with the very latest on this. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren. the these charges surround three girls hoff been suspended ever since the day, that amy joyner francis, died, following this incident, at howard high school of technology. now those girls are facing criminal charges, the delaware department of justice charging a 15 year-old girl with criminal negligent homicide, and two others were lesser charges of conspiracy, fox 29 is not naming them because they are juveniles, amy is an honor role student, who died an hour and a half after an planned assault by three classmates in the school bathroom. investigators say an autopsy revealed that amy, did not, die from blunt force trauma but sudden cardiac death, due to a preexisting heart defect but the medical examiner says that in a statement, that the
4:46 am
cardiac incident would not have happened, if amy, was not assaulted, and investigators say only one of the girls hit amy, that day, and so, the charges coming down right now, but still a lot of people anxious to see this process, through. back to you. >> absolutely. ken rottweiler our legal expert, will be here at fox 29 later this morning on good day as will doctor mike to talk about this case. >> sue serio, let's talk about this weather on this tuesday. >> yeah, it will remind you of last week when we had clouds, every day, rain, some of those days, and the line of clouds and a little bit on have rain. we will see some converging on us this morning. we will expect another round this afternoon, probably if there is a mass of dry air to the north of us trying to keep that rain from moving in. we will see throughout the course of the morning just how much of this actually gets here. we will zoom into new castle county delaware and see right along i-95 here near wilmington and south of
4:47 am
wilmington we will see decent rain. new we will see rain that has moved into west california in in chester county and rain we looked at in new jersey last time has been gone. there is still rain along the other maryland/delaware border one to the south of us, around ocean city, maryland, bethenny beach, salisbury maryland all getting light rain this morning. the future cast is showing quite a few cloud, unless you are in the lehigh valley and poconos. you will see some sunshine today. here in the city and south we probably won't with this stationary front that is stalled to the south, and then rain is more likely the further south you go. it means we will have a few showers, throughout the morning, and a few more this afternoon but it is a damp, drizzly day. we got used to that last week. we thought they were gone but this will be a one day special as we get some sunshine in tomorrow. unless you are south of us here in philadelphia where, we do see some more rain, but as far as measurable rainfall we really don't see that.
4:48 am
maybe a tenth of an inch down to the south of us, maybe half inch of rain. this is not a lot of rain just more annoying with clouds and drizzle around today. 57 degrees in philadelphia. fifty-one in reading. fifty-six in dover, delaware and wind coming out of the north east. that is going to keep us cool and keep us cloudy, for most of the day, today. seventy-two is our average high tell. we will once again get to 71 yesterday. that was pleasant. we will be upper 50's to around 60 today. thirty-seven though tomorrow, with clouds, and maybe a little bit of sunshine, mid 70's for thursday, friday looks like showers, and as a bonus some thunderstorms. it is with a cold front, the cooler air settles in by sunday, and so far, so good for the weekend, but the rain has never been that far away, is it bob kelly. >> grass is growing quickly, weeds are popping up, good morning too, good morning everybody. 4:48. an accident on the garden state parkway down the shore,
4:49 am
southbound parkway right where it meets up with the atlantic city expressway. so look out for some police responding there, right at that busy intersection which, of course will start to get busy into the summer months. we have another live look at a paving operation still underway, 422 near route 23, just off of the valley forge interchange there just outside of king of prussia they have been doing paving, last night, into this morning, all of the paving projects that were set to go into play last week are all running a week behind, so everybody is, pulling some extra hours so pulling some overtime here tonight. southbound on the boulevard, in delays coming out of northeast philadelphia, they are still working on the vine street expressway, closed, both directions until about 5:00 o'clock. i just started to see traffic head westbound. we should be in good shape by 5:00 a.m. for vine expressway. otherwise blue route looking good, is there a work crew on the schuylkill westbound between the boulevard, and conshohocken. in problems on i-95 out of
4:50 am
northeast philadelphia and broad street subway and market frankford line using shuttle buses until 5:00. chris and lauren, back over to you. facebook now facing more controversy over its news feed. here's a hint, this one may affect some politicians. >> um-hmm.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
good morning, to reading, pennsylvania. let's talk about a controversy surrounding facebook this morning. >> new allegation this is morning, that the site suppresses conservative news in its news feed. new report claims facebook workers have omitted conservative political stories from the web site's trending list and there is more, and an unnamed former facebook employee told tech news site that not only did they suppress news stories of interest to conservative readers but they added to stories to the trending list that were in the popular enough to be considered trending. according to the article facebook has in the responded to these claims. something oldies becoming something new for one department story in way. >> many companies are scaling back jc penny is expanding the
4:54 am
department store, they announced they are getting back in the business of selling appliances. decision comes after realizing appliance sales in the u.s. has been growing over the past few years. jc penny says it the is rolling out appliance showrooms in half of its stores, by the end of summer. >> well, that is interesting. thinks reversing trend. so many brick and mortar stores are closing down, because most nettably sports authority and others, because of the on line option. >> but then you think about so many u.s. home sales are going up, more people going homes and what do you need inside those homes, plainses. >> refrigerator, microwave, you need a stove. >> new washer and dryer. >> go ahead. >> dishwasher. >> microwave. >> sometimes you need a wine refrigerator. >> i've got one of those. but it is in storage for three years because i haven't had a place to put it. >> is that what is wrong with? >> i don't drink enough wine good lets talk about a big celebration at sugar house casino. >> did you see big
4:55 am
celebration? >> right. >> how about 164 million-dollar, does that qualify as big? oh, yeah, this is fun, right. the addition adds an all new sugar house marketplace, filled with appliances. no, filled with all kind of places to eat. find new events center and poker room. it translates into 500 new full-time jobs at sugar house. >> we were there last week and it is nice. it is, freeze cone day, head over to have an does locations from until 10:00 tonight every customer can get a free scoop of ice cream, gelato or sorba theit and can get it in the cup even though it is cone day and we don't to have buy anything else. >> we had a fight two days ago. we had plenty of ice cream and we only had one cone. >> there would be no fight with me, i like my ice cream in a cup. >> well, good thing because jack and erin, for the over the cone. you know what happened?
4:56 am
daddy took it away, and they both got cups. >> you cannot fight. >> is what your favorite flavor. >> 100 percent coffee. >> ugh. >> you don't drink coffee. >> no. >> i will take cookie dough you are the knows disciplined person to please. >> go on. >> if you ever take lauren dawn johnson this beautiful, single, intelligent, educated. >> now he is trying to make up for what he says. >> she won't eat meat. >> true. >> you won't drink coffee. >> i won't. >> are -- >> here's what you need to know i'm unapology getcally me. >> that is a strong person. >> congrats in order for ryan gosling and eva menendez, they pulled off one of the biggest hollywood baby cover ups of all time. they are proud parents of the another baby girl. according to the birth certificate obtained by of course, tmz, a manned a lee
4:57 am
gosling was born april 29th. they have a one year-old daughter together, congratulations to the couple. >> do you like kids. >> i do. >> hit and run leaves one person injured, police are releasing a description of the car and they are searching for driver. >> do you like bob kelly. >> hi, bob. >> i was waiting for to you say, yes. >> parenting on the parkway, dunn town philadelphia, we will check with the rest of the jam cams and sue with the forecast when we come right back. blank. have an does.
4:58 am
4:59 am
♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
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justice in the death of the 16 year-old delaware teenager, three teens facing charges for a deadly fightin side a local high school but some are outraged over the potential punishment. we will explain why. sexual assault investigation underway in a high school in west philadelphia, encounter police say occurred between two classmates. man injured in the overnight hit and run police have a description of the vehicle. we tell you who to look out for this morning. good day it is may tenth, 2016. how are you. >> great how are you. >> we have more baseball for the phillies, playing in atlanta. >> sam bradford decided to show up at practice for the eagles. >> nice. >> yeah. >> get into that controversy in just a minute but first sue, you are looking at the number. >> yeah, number of the day. yesterday was a nine. today we turned it upside down and gave you a six. there are a lot of


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