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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  May 10, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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justice in the death of the 16 year-old delaware teenager, three teens facing charges for a deadly fightin side a local high school but some are outraged over the potential punishment. we will explain why. sexual assault investigation underway in a high school in west philadelphia, encounter police say occurred between two classmates. man injured in the overnight hit and run police have a description of the vehicle. we tell you who to look out for this morning. good day it is may tenth, 2016. how are you. >> great how are you. >> we have more baseball for the phillies, playing in atlanta. >> sam bradford decided to show up at practice for the eagles. >> nice. >> yeah. >> get into that controversy in just a minute but first sue, you are looking at the number. >> yeah, number of the day. yesterday was a nine. today we turned it upside down and gave you a six. there are a lot of cloud
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around and showers. this will be deja vu of last week. you can see how much rain is covering much of the country, at least northern part of the country. not a whole lot of it is making its way here but we are seeing more showers then we did about an hour ago. we will look down toward the southern border of delaware with maryland and see rain there. northern border of delaware with maryland we will see rain there as well as lancaster county, chester county and pennsylvania and little will bit of delco a few showers. the advice is have the rain gear nearby and have have the umbrella with you. you may not need ate lot because we don't expect a lot but it is annoying. 6-mile an hour wind out of the east north east with 56 degrees, current temperature in the city. we have 37 in mount pocono because of the clear skies we had overnight, so, the radiational cooling happened there but really not anywhere else. it is mild, 44 degrees in allentown, 50 in trenton. fifty-four atlantic city. fifty-six in wilmington w this
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stalled system to the south we will see milder temperatures and more rain, further south you go from the city, temperatures are nine, 7 degrees warmer then they were yesterday at this time. nor'easterly wind at 10 miles an hour in wilmington. 13 miles an hour in millville. that will keep us cloudy today, even when we don't have showers, temperatures are around 60 degrees and then nighttime low around 50 degrees with cloudy skies, we will talk about the rest of the workweek and whether we will go back in the 70's again, we kind of like those two days in the 70's, right. >> i like the 70's. i got my platform shoes were ready for a break. 5:02. watching us down the shore. right where parkway meets up with the atlantic city expressway an accident at that interest change. it is the southbound garden state parkway, ramps to the atlantic city expressway. good morning to downtown, philadelphia, we're all lit up here. psfs sign is blinking. somebody has to fix the light
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bull tops day. saw that coming in the city. eastbound traffic on the right, coming in toward spring garden. good news they have reopened the vine street expressway after construction work so we are set to jet and ready for morning rush hour. here's a live look at roosevelt boulevard in, problems out of northeast philadelphia, even south jersey off to a quiet start but they are still working here on the freeway so watch for lane restrictions heading in to 295. mass transit looking good, chris and lauren, back to you. lets get to our big story, charges against three teenagers finally they were involved in the death of the amy joyner francis. >> the 16 year-old who was targeted and beaten to death inside of her wilmington high school more than two weeks ago at this point. dave kinchen in wilmington with the very latest on this, good morning. >> reporter: we know story has been sending shock waves across the country and really the world with so many people especially family and friend wanting charges in this case. new three girls that have been suspended from howard high
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school of technology since the day amy joyner francis died have been facing criminal charges. delaware department of justice is charging a 16 year-old girl with criminal negligent homicide and two others are lesser charges of conspiracy. fox 29 is not naming them because they have been juveniles. amy, an honor role student died after a planned assault by three classmates in the school bathroom investigators say. an autopsy revealed amy died not from blunt force trum but sudden cardiac death due to a heart defect. medical examiner says that a statement quote amy died from a cardiac incident that she was vulnerable too because of a preexisting heart condition but cardiac incident would not have occurred if she had not been assaulted. investigators say only one of the girls actually hit amy that day. other two will face lesser charges of conspiracy but a lot have of people saying that they see some progress at least with these charges coming down, back to you guys.
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>> interesting. dave we will stay it i thank you. police are investigating a sexual assault inn say sayer high school in west philadelphia. >> teenage victim said she was assaulted inside a school will stairwell. steve keeley is live with more, steve, good morning. >> reporter: viewers no doubt thinking at home here we go, two back to back store business girls being attacked inside their schools where you think that would be the most safe place for them outside their home bedrooms. another young girl crime victim where a crime happened in her school. >> young lady saying that she was raped in school right after dismissal. we are looking at this. we are working closely with the special victims unit to take a look to see what occurred here. >> you expect to be safe. my heart goes out to those parents and that young lady. that is in the okay. >> it troubles me that absolutely because this is happening inside of a school. >> i hope whoever did this that they find them and this young lady gets justice.
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>> reporter: here's a live picture at a doorway and a hallway and there is surveillance evidence from the schools cameras and recorders like this one leading to the obvious thought, chris and lauren as surveillance systems are in place at all philadelphia public schools, are they there just for after the fact evidence gathering or there to be watched live by school police or somebody else too to stop crimes as they are being committed or maybe what would you like to hear before. not in this case. >> steve keeley, thank you so much. live overseas for breaking news right now to germany where police in germany say several people have been stabbed in the train station near munich. police say one person was killed, three others wounded. >> german media reported witnesses say the attacker shouted god is great wright before that attack. police arrested one person. they are working to identify him. of course, more details unfolding as this story continues to develop. we will bring you more news
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just as soon as we can. at 5:07. this is a developing story out of west philadelphia man was taken to presbyterian medical center after being injured in the hit and run. police say this happened at 57th and spruce street just before 3:00 in the morning. officials are said to be looking for a white, four door, jeep grand cherokee the victim is in stable condition. a memorial outside of a norristown apartment building on dekalb street drawing more people after officials say an 11 year-old becomes a fourth person to died in the fire. fire officials tell the the associated press that the girl passed away from injuries she he suffered during the blaze. neighbors say her father a and young sibling died saturday, the day it happen. officials say another adult also died, many are still in shock by what happened. >> to the rest of the family that passed away we know it is a hard tragedy no one expected what is going on. we ask everybody to have prayers. >> reporter: the causes still under investigation but
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official does not believe it the is suspicious. an escaped inmate, subject of the massive manhunt in new jersey is now back in custody. more than a dozen police officers surrounded arthur buck he'll long the garden state parkway in laci township yesterday morning. he escaped from ancora, bay side prison, last tuesday and been on the run ever since. buckle's arrest came hours after police released new surveillance photos of him at a forked river rest stop. buckle was finally found monday in the woods in ocean county near double trouble state park. people who live in that area are really relieved. >> i was keeping my eyes out to be honest if i saw anything suspicious, suspicious people, you know, kind of of scary, a little bit because i don't know the guy. >> it is crazy, i can't believe somebody could escape and get caught right close to our house. it is crazy. >> buckle is serving sentence for aggravated assault and previously served 14 years foreman slaughter in the death
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of the ten month-old baby. commissioner of the philadelphia streets department charged with simple assault. the district attorney said donald carlton punched his victim news rust times. at alleged victim suffered fracture rib, bruised eye. d.a.'s office and pull lease tell fox fox 29 that this happened last december during a house party. according to court documents carlton was arrested friday. he will be back in court june 7th. he had has been placed on a leave of absence by the city. philadelphia police arrested a third man accused of assaulting two school police officers. cops nabbed 23 year-old edwinbergos yesterday. they say he and two others assaulted two school police officers outside northeast high school last week. the at salt, all caught on phone video, left one of the officers with a broken jaw. still ahead, bernie sanders campaigns in atlantic city, head of new jersey's primary election june the seventh. what he had to say about donald trump in the shore town's financial problems. and plus, is facebook leaning left? what some former staffers are
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saying about that list of trending topics, on your news feed. >> you know is what trending right now. >> what? >> the radar and weather. sue has the very latest straight ahead. >> okay. look at 'em! they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good.
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weather ripped through heart land. this tornado ripped through oak a forecasters described it
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as large and extremely dangerous. along with the twister hail and strong wind which damaged homes and buildings there. >> in fact we will go to wynnewood, oak a officials a say one man was killed, in a tornado tore through a home there. the weather warnings are not over yet. 41 million people from houston to iowa, continue to face the the threat of potential storms. the rain comes after rough weather already rolled through those parts over the weekend. >> man, hard to see that video. a all of those deadly storms are so dangerous. sue serio, there is green on the radar, when is it coming our way. >> luckily not stormy, just annoying. we thought we were rid of the rain after all of those almost every day. well, no, every day last week. now we have dampness and drizzle again today but we should be back to the 70's by tomorrow. a stormy friday, in store, and then a cooler weekend. those are, weather headlines, if you will, stationary front is with us right now, and it looks like it will be close enough to give us cloud cover
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and some rain, we expect it to sink further south, by tomorrow, and then thursday, and hopefully will be rain free for both of those days but then this cold front arrives on friday and that will probably touch off some then are storms for us, and here's what is going on, we are not seeing more rain moving in. we will see heavier rain in virginia but for this area, it is just light showers, we will zoom into, parts of the chester county around west bradford, newark and delaware around the university you are seeing light rain, as ton and delaware counties seeing some light rain in gloucester and berlin, in new jersey, and, then down to the south, around ocean city, maryland there is some rain right now and a little bit extending into sussex county, delaware especially around seaford. just checking your neighborhoods where we have some rain this morning, it is really not a big deal but kind of not a super soaker we had last friday but we are expecting more especially
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further south you go, throughout the rest of the morning, cloud cover when it is in the raining and that is rest of the afternoon, you see spotty showers showing up around 3:00 in the afternoon today, maybe a little break of sun here and there. probably in the though. probably mostly cloudy skies and then we will head into wednesday and see some more rain but probably just to the south of us. 56 degrees in philadelphia right now. thirty-seven, chilly morning in mount pocono, but in the upper 50's in wildwood and wilmington delaware with these northeasterly wind, that is what will keep us cloudy throughout most of the day that is flow off the ocean and it will probably keep us on the cool side. we will probably be below our average of 72 degrees. we were almost there yesterday with the high of 71 but we're thinking around 60 for today. seventy-two for tomorrow. seventy-five on thursday. then thunderstorms roll in on friday. yeah, some boomers on friday ushering in the weekend. so we will see what goes on.
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the phillies are coming back for a home stan with the reds over the weekend and then on monday they play marlins. it looks like most iffy day if you have tickets is friday. bob kelly? >> wow. thunder boomers on the way, good morning everybody. sue, you mentioned about some light rain, falling here in chester county, here's a live lot the bypass right on the money you can see the spray coming off the cars ape trucks in front of you there. with the rain still being dark out there this is that stretch of the bypass where they don't have overhead street lamps. road conditions will start to change as you roll out of the driveway. bennie dry right new working your way toward philadelphia they are opened up on the vine street expressway that overnight work gone. just keep in mind tonight into this time tomorrow the closures of the vine expressway all this week. they are still still working on the pennsylvania turnpike southbound the stretch from quakertown down to mid county that whole construction zone. this is the area where yesterday we had that big truck accident that pushed
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everybody off, and at quake are town, so just be careful that is an active work zone and stretch where they don't have the overhead street lamps. watching us down the shore an accident, parkway, expressway, right on the ramps there where they all come together at 7a and then coming into philadelphia on the freeway, you have some lane changes along 42, as you head in toward 295 and the approach of the walt whitman and ben franklin. otherwise south jersey looking good. 295 and turnpike, september, market frankford, subway trains are rolling again and in delays, chris and lauren back to you. >> bob, thanks very much. philadelphia police and fbi on the hunt for a guy they believe robbed a bank, robbery happened at pnc bank at fourth and market street in olde city yesterday afternoon. investigators think he is same guy that robbed a bank two weeks ago at 15th and market. they considered him to be armed and dangerous. if you see him you are asked to call 911. in rehoboth beach delaware they have nabbed a couple accused of going on a three in
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shoplifting spree at awe supermarket. check out those mug shots. office's rested debbie and diana standingy inside a giant grocery store on sunday. they accused the couple of stealing $800 from that store since february. >> those are beautiful. >> all right. lets turn to election coverage, you decide 2016. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders wraps up his second day of campaigning in new jersey. sanders held a rally inside boardwalk hall in ac yesterday. took shots at donald trump and said ugliness and greed led to the shore town's financial problems. the vermont senator is trailing former secretary of state hillary clinton, he is still fighting. >> if we can win here in new jersey and win in california, and win in some of the other states and if we can win a majority of the pledged delegates we will go into philadelphia, in the democratic conn convention and
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expect to come out with the democratic nom nation. >> donald trump for his stance on minimum wage. new jersey holds its prim willry on the same day as california which is june the seventh. meanwhile it looks like new jersey governor chris christie's decision to back donald trump is new paying off. since trump has effectively clinched the republican nomination he is looking ahead. yesterday he asked governor christie to lead transition team that will usher in new administration should trump win the general election. north carolina's governor suing the u.s. government to keep his controversial bathroom law in place. u.s. justice department is suing him right back. law requires transgendered people to use rest rooms aligning with the gender on their birth certificate, new how they identify themselves. last week the obama administration ruled policy violates civil rights of the transgendered people. governor pat mcrory said the state didn't get enough time to review and respond to their
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claims that the bill is in conflict with federal policy. meanwhile the state of the mississippi now facing a lawsuit challenging controversial new legislation, aclu suing the mississippi over its religious rights law. that bill was signed into law last month and it allows businesses to refuse services to gay couples, based honorary ledge us beliefs. governor and state's attorney general has yet to comment on that suit. facebook under fire for suppressing conservative news in its news feed? social media company using a computer will al gore wrist many to determine what is trending but former employees toll a tech site that executives hired journalist who tweet these formulas so that conservative news is suppressed. at alleged whistle blower also said they were told to inject certain topics into that trending list, even if they weren't popular enough to be considered trending. 5:40 the time up next a warning for new mothers out there you might want to think twice about swaddling your infant what a new study shows
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about infants who are swaddled during sleep. and high school student all smiles in her year book photo but she is not happy, about the name printed underneath her picture what it says that has her family now hiring a lawyer. >> really happy, if you had these numbers. trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ]
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thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. all right. so, when you have a kid, and nurse is there at hospital they teach you all kind of stuff like how to strap kid in the car seat and everything else. they help with feeding the kid and everything else but they teach you how to swaddle a kid in do you know about swaddling with the blanket? >> i do because it helps them sleep better, right. >> well, that is what they say. >> well, researchers say swaddling increases baby's risk of sids, and that is really scary, a new study from the university of virginia show babies swaddled were 50 to 60 percent more likely to die of sids. >> fifty to 60 percent. >> um-hmm. >> wow. >> risk of side even greater when swaddled babies are
5:25 am
placed on their stomachs to fall asleep. >> wow. >> um-hmm. >> that is shocking. >> that is in the one or 2 percent, that is 50 or 60 percent more likely to die of sids. >> new way to care for your babies. >> interesting how that would change overtime, right? >> true. >> i mean my kid were born 11 years ago jack was born. that is interesting research. new study suggesting that pregnant with man who drink diet soda could make your children fat according to research out of can inadequacies, artificially sweeten beverages such as diet coke or diet pepsi her child is twice as likely to be classified as overweight by the first birthday. study remind expecting moms that if you are trying to watch your weight while pregnant get for water first. don't get for a sugary drink even it is a diet soda or coke. >> i don't buy soda or juice because i trying to save calories. it is either flavored water or sparkling water if you come over to my house.
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amazon is revamp going same day delivery service. >> the of move comes in response to the complaints that it failed to provide services to poor minority neighborhood. group of report found amazon had big gaps in same day deliveries from primarily african-american neighborhoods such as in chicago and boston. company says it will deliver to every zip code where same day delivery is available but that will take sometime to implement those changes. netflix will launch an international competition show called, ultimate feast master. sylvester stallone is a producer. i it will have competition from six different countries. this he have to compete in a obstacle course. the winner will compete in the final show, fight to go become the ultimate beast master. >> ultimate beast master. still ahead, a man injured in an overnight hit and run police have a description of the car and they will tell what you to look out for this morning. we are looking out for rain, as we look live at
5:27 am
ultimate doppler, sue is tracking this for you.
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justice in the death of the 16 year-old delaware teenager, three teens facing charges for a deadly fightin side that
5:30 am
high school but some are outrage over the potential punishment. we will explain why. sexual assault investigation is underway in a west philadelphia high school, the encounter police say occurred between two classmates. good day, it is tuesday may tenth, 2016. >> sue serio, can we please put a phillies hat on buddy because they will win again tonight. they are playing down in atlanta. >> sure. >> we can do that. put a little p on the red cap there. that is all. cloud, light rain around this morning. the most of the temperatures are in the 50's. smidge milder in most places then it was yesterday at this time but you see with bus stop buddy and what he has, the umbrella, there will be a point where you will need to it day and waterproof jacket as well. look at this rain on ultimate doppler radar as we zoom into our area, it is not very much, you can see the green is kind of on the light side, of maybe a little dark are green around chester county, lancaster county this morning, with a few showers, that are a little steady but mostly light rain
5:31 am
and drizzle, and it looks like new castle county, little bit of delco, we may see a few showers here in our city but then down to the south as well, jersey shore getting some of that. starting to fill in with some of this rain this morning, fill in with ultimate doppler radar. we have 56 degrees right now with a 6-mile an hour breeze and 5:50 is your sunrise time, 37 degrees where it has been pretty clear overnight in mount pocono, that is definitely the chilly spot, 44 in allentown, we will move to the south and we are in the mid 50's in wilmington, millville, atlantic city, dover, 50 in lancaster. wind coming out of the north east, 10 miles an hour in wilmington. 15 miles an hour in wildwood. sum up your day we will see mostly cloudy skies today and we will probably make it only to 60 degrees, hopefully you enjoyed last two days in the 70's. it is day a view bob kelly from last week, but from the clouds, drizzle, showers around here we go again.
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>> we have a extra minute of play time, sunset at 8:05. >> yeah, baby good 5:32 exactly. good morning to you. live look at chester county route 100, pottstown pike out near exton mall there in the back ground. you can see the glare. doppler radar picking it up there we have got showers rolling through and that is a game changer through morning rush hour. it is hit and miss depending upon where you begin and end your trip. coming over bennie we are good to go no problems into downtown. i-95 in northeast philadelphia, lanes opened, construction picked up, we are ready to go no problems on the blue route from the schuylkill down to i-95. but they are still working on the pennsylvania turnpike, ready, hit the gas, and go. lets get behind that septa bus, southbound on the northeast extension, watch for construction, crews, working between quakertown and then mid county, interchange, yesterday's truck accident all cleared up, so that is good
5:33 am
news there and as we go for a ride later today right after the rush hour, watch for penndot crews to be working on i-95, right here near the airport. mass transit is looking good. chris and lauren, back over to you. >> this morning three teens have been charged in connection with the death of amy joyner francis. >> the teen was beaten to death by other students inside of her school in wilmington. dave kinchen is live, with more details on these new charges, good morning, dave? >> reporter: good morning, lauren and chris. the these are charges that people say they have been waiting for in terms of the family and friend here in wilmington. the three girls who had been suspended from howard high school of technology since the day amy joyner francis died are now facing criminal charges. delaware department of justice charging a 16 year-old girl with criminal negligent homicide, and the two others with lesser, charges of conspiracy. fox 29, not naming them because they are juveniles. amy an honor role student died 90 minutes after a planned
5:34 am
assault, in a bathroom by three classmates according to investigators. a an autopsy revealed that a amy did not die from blunt force trauma but sudden cardiac death due to a preexisting heart defect and medical examiner's office said in a statement quote amy died from a cardiac incident that she was vulnerable too because of a preexisting heart condition but the cardiac incident would not have occurred if she had not been assaulted. investigators say only one of the girls hit amy, that day. the these charges still being processed in the mind of the so many people dealing with all of this sadness. many happen to see this process move forward in terms of the legal process. back to you. >> thanks for the update. 5:34. we are following breaking news from overseas. german police say several people have been stopped in the train station near munich, live pictures from the investigation right now. police say one person was killed, three others wounded. >> german media report ago this witnesses say the
5:35 am
attacker, shouted out politically motivated comments, during that attack, and police arrested a 27 year-old suspect, they are working to identify who he is, and we did learn that this attack happened shortly before 5:00 a.m. at that station about 20 miles east of munich. that is scary. >> yes, absolutely. one person dead, three people injured and then wire copy saying that at the scene, police were saying there were bloody footprints all over the place there. >> horrible. >> 5:35. back here at home a developing story out of cobbs creek. a man taken to presbyterian medical center after he was injured. police say this happened at 52nd and spruce streets just before 3:00 in the morning. officials are saying that they are looking now for a white four door jeep grand cherokee. the victim is in stable condition. police are also investigating a sexual assault inside of a west philadelphia high school, they say, that a 14 year-old told him she was sexually assaulted by a classmate last friday. she said it happened inside a star will at sayer high
5:36 am
school at 58th and walnut according to officials young lady quickly went home reported the assault to a family friend she was taken to children's hospital for investigation and parents say they are troubled by these allegations. >> my heart goes out to those parents and that young lady because that is not, you know, okay. >> it makes me wonder what do we do more in the community to be out here to make sure that this doesn't happen. >> police are investigating video cameras inside the school. student involved has been now suspended. it is only matter of time before sam bradford hit the practice field for the eagles. what one of his teammates has to say about sam's return. take a look at this, live radar, it shows rain increasing slowly back in our area sue will let us know how long it will stick around, when we come right back and when we will show up.
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sam bradford returned to the practice field. he knew in show trying to force eagles to trade him was a huge mistake. the agent tried to pull a pur play and force a trade and they both lost. bradford was back on the field, for the voluntary work outs with his teammates. i talk to a few of his teammates and they welcomed bradford back. in talking to connor barwin on 94 wip sports radio, he is willing to move on too. >> i think at the even of the day all we care about at the
5:40 am
locker roomies who his the best quarterback who will help us win games. i think right now, we're excited, we know we have drafted carson wentz but most of news this locker room or all of us understand that sam is our starting quarterback and he will be best quarterback to help us win next year. we are all excited to have him back. st. louis could have wrapped up their stanley cup series playing dallas stars in the white. this is first period in score, john marks, scores 20 seconds later, vernon fielder scores and dallas holds on to win three-two, tied up at three-three. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. let's stay with the sports related story. special honor for haddonfield high school senior, jonathan baxter. >> he was recognized yesterday as u.s. army pro football hall of famer, for excellence. finalist, only 20 seniors in the country get nomination for this presenting jonathan with his plaque was nfl hall of famer jack youngblood who played in the playoff game
5:41 am
with the broken leg. >> they is, jack youngblood up there, with an interesting color suit color. abc sports hall of fame jacket this guy was so tough. he played for the rams. >> nice. >> how about this penn state's football team will have more than just one chance to show their skills, on national television, in addition to their white out game against ohio state, nittany lions will be featured in two more prime time match ups during 2016 season. this comes after the big ten announcement ten game prime time line up. first team will host iowa night of november 5th. then november 19th penn state will travel to new brunswick to face off against rutgers. >> so where is winner of saturday's power ball jackpot, still in one has come forward but here's what we do know the store where winning ticket was sold in trenton is getting paid, we will tell you how much. >> they will not get paid until someone comes forward. >> come on.
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5:44 am
happy birthday to this guy bono turning 56 year-old today. front man for the band u2, bloody sunday, beautiful day,
5:45 am
this day swedish day. do you know this song, right here, he wrote this to his wife ali after forgetting her birthday. how do i make this up. write her a song. it went on to become a big hit. >> couple markets ago, i was trying to wish him a happy birthday. >> really, how. >> well, i said, bon theo. >> you know he how he got that name bono, i never knew this name before but he grew up in the o'connell street in the suburb of dublin. he sang all the time as a little kid. he got the name bono box of o'connell street which means the good voice of o'connell street and it stuck. >> what is his real name. >> his real name is, bono. >> i forgot it but i thought since you were looking that stuff up. >> i have to look it up again. >> i know. >> anyway, so rain is around like last week, here we go with the stationary front nearby and it is bringing us some showers, this morning,
5:46 am
and lets see what is going on we have heavier rain down to the south. you can see lightning virginia but for us it is light rain, we will zoom into a couple of the neighborhoods and see what is going on. west bradford in chester county, sadsbury over there in lancaster county, tredyffrin in chester all getting light rain this morning. around cherry hill, new jersey you are getting some rain. it is damp down at delaware beaches and ocean city, maryland some rain as well. so just a few places where we are looking at rain this morning. we are seeing mostly cloudy skies and that is where we're expecting for rest of the day but it is different story up in the pocono mountains where it has been clear and chilly overnight and chance of rain lessens the further north you go further south you go more rain you'll see down there in sussex county in delaware and maryland, eastern shore of maryland. we have spotty showers with us all day long and when it is in
5:47 am
the raining we will see cloud cover, kind of like every single day, last week. that is today. we have got 37 degrees that chilly morning we just talk about in mount pocono. fifty-six in wilmington. fifty-seven in dover. fifty in lancaster. wind coming out of the north east which means we will stay cloudy, cool for the day, our average high 27. we were close on mothers day and yesterday with a high of 71. today in the so much with a high of 60 degrees. we should be back in the 70's tomorrow. we will see clouds, some sun on wednesday and thursday but by friday cold front brings thunder storms and talking about cooler temperatures second half of the weekend. that is your seven day forecast, bob kelly, i hope everybody is okay. >> we have a fender-bender here live lah at 547 of the roosevelt boulevard. it is actually roosevelt boulevard northbound the ramp as soon as you come off of the schuylkill expressway right here, there is a vehicle, look
5:48 am
at the skid marks made by this car head on in the concrete barrier. he is sideways so the schuylkill expressway both directions, exiting to go north on the boulevard we are down to one lane here. live look at the benny in problems coming into downtown, 42 freeway starting to pick up some volume, we have any cat lovers around here? cat lovers. >> i'm allergic. >> check this out, check out the cat from last week trying to swat cars as they go past me. >> are you sure he is in the swatting you. >> , no the cars. >> hit it again. >> he is swatting the cars, here we go, look. >> trying give you a high five. >> swatting the cars. we are doing pet traffic as well here, swatting the green cars going by. solving fun on a friday morning. send us cat, dog videos
5:49 am
interacting with us on tv which is fun. 202, 422, we are starting to see some rain coming through chester and delco so that will be a game changer for the morning rush hour. chris and lauren back over to you. it is more difficult for certain people to buy popular cough medicine in delaware. state senate will vote on a bill banning sales of popular call suppressant to anyone younger than 18 unless they have a subscription. legislation with limit over count are sales of dxn to minors. measure which cleared the house unanimously target children who abuse it to get high. big trouble for franklin institute the a judge ruled that the science museum violated the americans with disabilities act, multiple times over several years j ruled the museum failed to grant disabled visitors full and access. quadriplegic man was forced to pay two fees, within for himself, other for personal care attendant. now the museum is speaking out begins that ruling saying it strongly disagrees with the
5:50 am
federal judge. well, sole winner of the 429.6 million-dollar jackpot still heighting out. >> trying to figure out how you to do this without neighbors knowing, right. only one ticket matched all six power ball numbers in saturday night's drawing. the power number was nine. lottery officials, in new jersey say the winning ticket was sold at 7-eleven, in trenton, new jersey. store owners say lottery, you know, it is not a big part of the store business so, you know they are shocked by this that someone bought the ticket there. >> i could not believe it. i was like no. i called my husband and said i think we sold the ticket. it is crazy. >> there is a lot of hard working people here so i think that the winner is one of them so it is so, so deserving. >> some of the guys are great here, finally. finally somebody has the
5:51 am
number. >> store gets 30,000 bucks for selling that ticket. they are saying come forward mr. and mrs. new jersey because we want to get paid. >> money, money, money. >> sing it, girl. >> look who is here, alex local holley with the tease for good day. >> because it is almost time, good to see you. >> how are you feeling you sound nasal willly. >> lauren is backing me up because she doesn't want to get what i'm getting. >> you go right ahead. >> listen to this chris you are a parent so i'm sure you want to hear this do you ever want to swaddle your kid. >> we were told too. >> now a scary warning for them. told to swaled your babies but now you there is a risk to this technique. deadly warning you need to know b we will get into that and bring in the doctor. did you you hear? everyone talking about the fact that bradford is back. he sat out two weeks and demanded a trade. that didn't happen. now he is back on the feel. now that he decided to show up
5:52 am
we will talk about what he is focusing now on, we will get inside scoop of what happened on thinks first day back. >> everyone is talking about it. >> he need to get a new agent or new pr person good or has damage been done. will philly forgive bradford. it is double trouble you know when it comes to twines i have wondered can they talk to each other. you would know about this. >> yes. >> remember 1990's sitcom sister sister. we now they are busy moms, authors, talk shows and other sitcoms, and now they will dish about their super natural bond is what they are calling it between each other. >> i think it exists. >> sometimes i'm like what is wrong with brooke. asia can tell me and brooke won't tell me and they will finish each others sentences. >> wow. they should read this book twin intuition. >> tamer ra is married to a good friend of mine, adam housely. >> i'm dropping some names for you.
5:53 am
>> yes. >> i don't have a lot, but what i got. >> tamara. >> yes. >> he did brotherly love remember that movie here in philly. >> i saw it we are excited for good day. >> you look fantastic. >> i need to go blow my nose now. >> yes. >> okay. >> i'm just saying see you guys soon. >> high school student is all smiles, in the year book picture but she's in the happy about the name under her picture. what it says and why her family is hiring a hiring a lawyer.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
welcome back at the 5:56. 56 degrees out there on this spring day. local high school student said she was identified as isis in her school year book. seventeen year-old's name is bayan, but her year book listed her as isis phillips. bayan spoke out about the incident on facebook. is there a tuned named isis a at the school and school district officials say they were mistakenly mixed up but they also say that if they find a student did this intentionally they with take appropriate action. nearly 300 year books were given out before the mistake was realized. they have asked students to return those that were distributed. next up on good day teens facing charges for deadly fightin side a local school. why some are outraged over
5:57 am
potential punishment. sexual assault investigation underway in a west philadelphia high school. even count their occurred between two classmates. looking at radar rain creeping in sue is tracking it.
5:58 am
5:59 am
at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant. ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ soaked. are you kidding me? you've got to be kidding me. i refuse to believe this.
6:00 am
hope you soaked up the sunshine yesterday because you may get soaked later today. >> seriously sue. >> sears justly. >> developing this morning, police in cobbs creek are investigating a hit and run. evidence used right now, spotting the driver. my heart goes out to those parents and that young lady because that is not, you know, okay. >> sexual assault in the school, philadelphia police are investigating a sexual assault inside a west philadelphia high school. the surprising suspect in this case. plus, weeks after a teenager is a tacked inside her high school and later died, charges are finally filed. why some are so outraged about the potential punishment this morning in the death of the amy francis joyner. sam's back for eagles fans but are eagles fans back for sam. >> um-hmm. >> as they said in the movie, play it, sam, just play it. good day everybody. it is tuesday


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