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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  May 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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hope you soaked up the sunshine yesterday because you may get soaked later today. >> seriously sue. >> sears justly. >> developing this morning, police in cobbs creek are investigating a hit and run. evidence used right now, spotting the driver. my heart goes out to those parents and that young lady because that is not, you know, okay. >> sexual assault in the school, philadelphia police are investigating a sexual assault inside a west philadelphia high school. the surprising suspect in this case. plus, weeks after a teenager is a tacked inside her high school and later died, charges are finally filed. why some are so outraged about the potential punishment this morning in the death of the amy francis joyner. sam's back for eagles fans but are eagles fans back for sam. >> um-hmm. >> as they said in the movie, play it, sam, just play it. good day everybody. it is tuesday may tenth, 2015.
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welcome to good day philadelphia should it be just show up, sam, just show up. >> by the way howard eskin joins us live, a rare live appearance by howard eskin on "good day philadelphia". >> he is getting up early today. >> if you're a basketball fan you won't believe what happened last night while you were sleeping. steph curry went off. >> we will show you, a lot to show you about yesterday, we have had a nine out of the ten. today we get a six. it is kind of raining out there. we have got some cloud, light rain. buddy has his umbrella do you have daze a view from last week. temperatures in the 50's and they will stay there through most of the day. we don't after lot have rain on radar but we have, sort of kind of filling in, throughout most of the area. and northern delaware, southern delaware, and philadelphia, and, chester county, delco, down around the new jersey shore, cumberland county, you get the idea it is raining around. 54 degrees right now, and,
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high of around 60 with spotty showers here and there sunset time 8:05. that is your weather for tuesday, how is tuesday traffic, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 6:02. an accident on the roosevelt boulevard, it is roosevelt boulevard, right at the ramps for the schuylkill. look at the skid marks that were left by this crash and it looks like they will just toe the vehicle alloway but the problem now is it is causing residual delays here on the schuylkill in both directions heading in for route one and roosevelt boulevard. here we go we have sun glare at least right now in delco. but hit and miss depending upon where you begin and end your trip some roads are wet. we have a shut down of route 07 here in cherry hill. route 70 closed at cooper landing road where the cemetery comes into play at a down pole and wires. head for chapel avenue or route 38. mike and alex, back over to you. police are investigating the sexual assault inside sayer high school in west philadelphia a freshman girl said she was assaulted inside
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a school stairwell. >> steve is on the story, steve? >> reporter: what happened ten after 3:00 on friday as kids were getting out of the school. freshman, boy just 14 won't be back at school today and maybe never back again as he, parents and will school authorities wait for likely criminal charges after a freshman girl here immediately reported he attack her in a school stairwell on the first floor friday at the end of the school day. >> when kid left school, probably around 3:10 p.m. the sexual allegation is that a young lady is saying that she was raped in school, right after the dismissal and we are looking at this very seriously, it is a very serious charge and we are working with the special victims unit to take a look and see what occurred here. we have video inside the school that shows the pair walking together and that is the information that they will be using to see what occurred.
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>> reporter: is that before or after. >> it was before and after. >> reporter: sad part that video surveillance system is not monitored live, as this girl ran, screaming to a close by relatives house immediately after what happened here, and police were called. the special victims unit right on the case where they confirmed that the two where she said they were this happened by looking at school surveillance. again an awful incident here made extra disturbing because again, it happened like the girls death down in delaware, at a place where young women in school should be very safe, in their school. >> should be. all right steve. lets stay in west philadelphia, a man was taken to presbyterian medical center after being hurt in a hit and run. police say it happened along right around 52nd and spruce streets just before 3:00 this morning. officials are said to be looking for a white four door, jeep grand cherokee that took off.
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the man, who was hit is in stable condition. three girls are finally charged in connection with the death of the teen who was beaten inside a wilmington high school bathroom. one student said to be only one to actually hit amy joyner francis has been charged with criminal negligent homicide. she can serve up to eight years in prison for that. two other girls are charged with criminal conspiracy accused of helping to plan the beating. the prosecutors say charges against the three teens are maximum degree allowable by law. 6:05. officials are trying to determine why about 23rd of the the pennsylvania's roughly 1,000 police agencies didn't comply with the mandate to say how many untested rape kits are in their possession. the health department says 300 police agent is are reporting 2,000 untested rape kits as the end of the last year. the state association for police chief says making requirements aware of the reporting requirements can be challenging. one time, top aid to former governor ed rendell is
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set to plead guilty, they is to wire fraud, for pocketing thousands have dollars in supposed campaign contributions. it was done from a fake company set up by the fbi to investigate, public corruption in the state. according to this agreement, johnesty will plead guilty in federal court in harrisburg. agents first approached him in 2009 after he left rendell's administration. new jersey governor chris christie says that he is asking for one million-dollar in next years state budget for a program that gives remedial students training to help them get into college. governor christie says that the college readiness now program has grown from a pilot program in 2013, serving nearly 1,000 students to double that number. in 92 high schools in the current school year. the administration says the program offers remedial classes for college credit, to high school students who otherwise would have to pay for them after graduation.
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later on this program, big changes coming to dover international race way. what officials are doing to make the monster mile a whole lot safe era head of this weekend's nascar triple header. >> i think i might get down to that. >> all the way down there, but there. >> it took a dozen officer but a new jersey fugitive is back in jail. reason, authorities say he went quietly when they finally track him down.
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arthur buckel is back in custody. >> he was captured along the garden state parkway in laci township yesterday morning. it was playing out during our show. >> um-hmm. >> buckel was found monday in the woods in ocean county near double trouble state park. >> what was the name. >> double trouble. >> waits for him. >> this just hours after police released new surveillance photos of him at the forked river rest stop. he escaped, from bay side, ancora bay side prison last tuesday and had been on the run ever since. >> they got him. >> i was keeping my eyes out to be honest if i saw any suspicious people, you know, kind of scary, a little built because i don't know the guy. >> i think it is crazy. i can't believe somebody could escape and then just get caught right close to our house.
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crazy. >> crazy indeed. >> at one point schools were shut down. buckle was serving sentence for aggravated assault and previously served 14 years foreman slaughter in the death of the ten month-old baby. >> he killed the ten month-old baby of his girlfriend because the baby was crying. what a creep. in facebook, are they feeding your stories based on the company's own bias. >> why the what is trending on your page could force you to favor one particular political party. >> wow. >> bob. >> good morning, everybody. 6:11. we have an accident on 295 southbound, right here before you head in the 42 freeway, we have got some green on the radar screen as well, as some of the roads start to be wet because of rain that is moving our way, sue has got the full forecast we will go grab a cup have of coffee and meet you back here in two and a half. play pennsylvania millions from the pennsylvania lottery,
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rain is back. i thought it was gone. >> well, we should feel fortunate it is not severe weather like they had again in tornado alley. >> true. >> at least two people are dead after tornadoes tear through the great plains. again. so we will show you some tornadoes footage here in oklahoma. it spawned a series of strong storms. it destroyed homes, overturning vehicles and stripping bark from the trees. this is from far away. there is some up close. >> we are getting closer here. >> national weather service
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said a tornado touched down in way but in immediate reports of damage. another one was seen near nebraska about 30 miles south of omaha. but there is one video that is so -- it looks like tornadoes is right above them. >> we will fine that foot able and we will play it for you. we call that hail. i thought it was a new sport. >> look at it, playing ice ball. >> the other day i said it is where people say they have seen softball sized hail but you rarely see pictures of it. that is softball sized hail. >> can we see it again. >> it happened in the midwest. >> can we see it again, the ice ball. >> it is called hail. >> but it is technically a ball of ice. >> technically that is what isis. >> i can actually explain how hail is made but i don't have time. >> it involves a diagram and
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we don't have that prepared at the moment but we will see what we can do. we have a lot of rain on ultimate doppler radar but how much of it is actually making it into our area we are seeing in chester county around west goshen we have a little bit of rain, new garden as well, caln township between chester and lancaster county. marple in delco you're getting light rain. here in the city you can see green is rather light. looking at the window there is a coating of moisture on the ground, but, it is kind of umbrella, and umbrella worthy, and, ocean view, along the beach in delaware, and ocean city, dewey beach, all getting light rain this morning. sea isle city and north wildwood. some of the neighborhood getting rain right now. we expect cloud cover and the scattered showers but it is just not heavier rain unless you are further are south. this is a stalled frontal system and it is stalled south of us. eventually it will move
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northward and we will get milder tomorrow but this damp, drizzly just like it was pretty much every day last week. heavier rain moving in around midnight tonight but most of that is expected to the south of us, so further south you go the better of the chance you have of seeing any rain today. 60 degrees is all we will get for a high today but we should be back in the 70's tomorrow. for most of us, it should be a dry day, we have got thursday, partly sunny, mild, mid 70's, friday, a cold front arrives with some thunderstorms but we are still in the 70's. saturday we have got mostly cloudy skies and a high around 70. by sunday we will be in the mid 60's. so far a decent weekend ahead. >> 6:16. just in time after you got that car washed on sunday on monday, we have a little sprinkle here. here's a live look at the rain sue has been talking on the radar, 30 bypass for gang coming from downingtown, roads are wet, a lot of -- not a
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heavy rain but just to be a pain in the neck and get those wipers going once or twice. here's i-95, dry here out of northeast philadelphia, slow go from cottman into girard avenue. we are starting to see delays on the schuylkill expressway as we go for a ride. curb check here's what it looks like around your conshohocken curve there. folks up and out. tuesday morning is one of the busiest and folks take a monday maybe work from home, take that personal day tuesday seems to be the day that everybody picks it up and heads into the office. no problems yet in south philadelphia. again, bridges looking fine, bennie, whitman, tacony palmyra but we have a closure of route 07 in cherry hill right at cooper landing road, down pole and wires, so use chapel or route 38 heading in toward ben franklin bridge, mike and alex, back over to you. german police say several people have been hurt after a mass stabbing at a train station in munich. >> german media reports say that one person has died,
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witnesses say the attacker shouted out god is great right before the attack. police arrested one person a 27 year-old german man. more on that later. officials say an 11 year-old girl becomes the fourth person to die in this horrible fire in norristown. it happened over the weekend. fire officials tell the associated press an 11 year-old girl passed away from injuries she suffered during that fire. neighbors say her father and young sub blink die saturday the day it happen. officials say another adult also died, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. that makes a total of seven people killed in fires in the the last three days here. 6:18. one million-dollar is bail set for a man charge in the shooting death the of his cousin outside a camden funeral home last week. victor rodriguez faces an accomplice charge in the murder of the 22-year old jonathan vasquez. vasquez was shot several times last thursday night at the may funeral home. he later died at a local
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hospital. authorities say purpose who fired the shots is still out there. prosecutors decided not to seek the death penalty against the man accused of killing and stuffing his girlfriend's body into his recycling bin do you remember this store i that same guy, later shot at a police officer investigating her murder. lehigh county district attorney's office says six two-year old suspect is charged with criminal homicide, abuse of the corpse attempted homicide, and ten counts of the aggravated assault, wow. the 59 year-old woman's remains were found february 14th. yep, valentines day. big trouble for the franklin institute a judge ruled that the science museum violated, the americans with disabilities act multiple times over several years. >> judge said museum failed to grant visitors full and equal access, this comes after a quadriplegic man was forced to pay two entry fees one for
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himself and other for his personal appearance. now museum is speaking out against the ruling saying it strongly disagrees with the federal judge. what do you think about this, facebook, i know you are on facebook, facebook users, and, well, we use different computer algorithms. >> the company does that for us. >> it is trend to go day. well now former contractors for facebook are saying that executives hired journalist to tweet these formulas so conservative news is suppressed. according to the site the former employees also say they were told to inject certain topics in to the trending listen if they weren't popular, and even if they weren't popular enough to be trend to go get more liberal views out there apparently. that is what within guy says. >> he used to work at
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facebook. >> and, it is only a matter of time there was a good chance wow held out and never come back. >> who was going to take him that is the thing. >> that is horrible. >> i'm just saying . >> there were no takers. >> yeah. >> he has teammate, connor barwin's feelings on the return, we have his comments, conner talks to us but first your, well, here are your lottery numbers.
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sam bradford returned to the practice field yesterday. he knew no show trying to force eagles to trade him was a huge mistake. agent tom condon tried to pull a power play and forced a play and they both lost. bradford was back for voluntary work outs with his teammates. i talk to a few teammates and they welcomed bradford back. in talking to connor barwin on the radio on 94 wip, he is willing to move on. >> i think at the end of the day all that we really care about in the locker roomies who is the best quarterback who will help us win games and i think right new we're excited and we drafted carson wentz but most of news this room, in fact, all of us, understand sam is our starting quarterback and will be best quarterback to help us win next year. we are all excited about that good while playing in the
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marlins game to miami, at the plate is jt realamutt o, it is a home run. however you are not allowed to pass a runner on base otherwise you are out. he passed a return. single, rbi. miami wins. that is sports in a minute. i'm he howard eskin. how about this changes in dover. >> this is coming to the race way there, changes will make monster mile safer. >> well, good. the changes affecting the safer barriers and pit road stalls. there is now 479 feet of safe barriers and 78 feet added to the inside back stretch and 400 feet added to the front of the inside wall at entrance to turn three that dangerous turn. meanwhile three pit road stalls have been removed. the reason, each remaining stall was extended by, 2 feet. these changes come ahead of the big race this weekend. safer barrier. >> that is good. >> big spongey thing up
6:27 am
against the wall because they used to slam into concrete, and now it is cushion. >> yes. >> why are you looking out there. >> coming up later on the the show. >> is that okay. >> yes. >> you are full of surprises later in the show. >> is it surprise it is raining again? probably not. we never promised you a rain free week, how long will this rain stick around? we will let you know in the forecast coming up, cave? >> reporter: charges have been filed against the school beating death of amy joyner francis we will tell you who is facing the most serious charge after the break.
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hopefully you soaked up the sun the last few days because later today you may get soak. sue has all you need to know and as more rain heads our way. police in cobbs creek are investigating a hit and run. the evidence being used right new to find the driver of that white jeep. first on fox, philadelphia police say they are investigating a sexual assault inside of a west philadelphia high school, the surprising suspect that is really alarming parents this morning. plus weeks after a teenager is attacked inside her high school and she later died charges are finally filed, why some are outraged the potential punishment of three teenage girls. good day, it is tuesday, may tenth, 2016. >> good morning to you mike. >> good morning alex, good morning, sue. >> get ready for rain. >> there is more rain around. >> this is not heavier rain we
6:31 am
are seeing in our area there is some to our south but looking around the green on ultimate doppler this morning, it is mostly light, you can see a few areas of dark green in chester county but just steady showers. i wanted to show you this picture, although i'm hoping that this person pulled over when they took it. gorgeous picture of the rainbow taken this morning over the blue route, nicholas, thanks for the picture but don't take pictures while driving, pull over. so i'm thinking there is a shoulder that maybe he didn't do that, all right. let's advance. that is my lecture this morning. light rain around this morning, bus stop buddy had has his umbrella and waterproof jacket. good idea too. see how ground is a little wet the here in olde city. we have had light showers here 54 degrees is our current temperature and we don't expect to get warmer with a high of 60. cloud around all day and spotty showers that is your tuesday forecast.
6:32 am
we have brighter days ahead we will talk about in the seven day forecast, bob kelly is here, we are seeing rain on the traffic cameras. >> yes, a little bit. >> a little bit. 6:32. we have got down wires here in cherry hill, new jersey. good morning to upon see owe's, good spot to stop for breakfast because route 70 is blocked at cooper landing road. these folks will get right into the blockage. it is right at the cemetery there. here would be that camera at p.o. nzio's, an accident involving telephone pole and down wires. use chapel avenue or route 38 heading in toward admiral wilson boulevard to try to get to the ben franklin. 422, eastbound, again, some roadways are wet out in montgomery county, chester county, portions of delco, just enough to make things slippery use those wipers once or twice, jammed up on the vine expressway everybody trying to get over to catch that first train there out of 30th street station and delays
6:33 am
here on the schuylkill, more so a westbound delay, heavier from approaching the boulevard out and up the hill in toward belmont avenue, eastbound okay, at least for new and mass transit in problems. mike and alex, back over to you. >> what is happening at our schools. a 14 year-old girl now officials say was sexually assaulted at her west philadelphia high school. >> they say her classmate may have been the one who attacked her. steve has those details now, steve. >> reporter: disturbing morning for our viewers watching this show because both of our reporters today on stories where young school girls became crime victims where they are supposed to be safe. the crimes happened in their school. >> it troubles me that absolutely because it is happening inside a school, the troubles me that a young lady, feels that she was sexually assaulted, in our school there. that is very troubling. >> very sad, very upsetting. it makes me wonder what do we need to do more to be out here as a community to make sure
6:34 am
this doesn't happen. so, it is really sad. i hope whoever did this that they find him and that this young lady gets justice. >> reporter: surveillance camera we showed you right through the window of the door there, surveillance from the schools cam why and recorders which lead to the obvious thought that the surveillance systems in schools are they there just for after the fact gathering of evidence or are they supposed to be watched live by school police or some would be else too to stop crimes were they happen or as they are happening. we don't know the answer, to this case. but it is disturbing that they have surveillance in the area, where this happened, and they cannot stop a crime, as it is happening unless there is not a surveillance camera right in that stairwell. we just don't know yet. >> we will find out, thanks, steve. let's stay in west philadelphia developing in cobbs creek a man was taken to presbyterian medical center after being hurt in the hit and run. police say it happen at 52nd and spruce streets just before 3:00 a.m. officials are said to be looking for a white four door
6:35 am
jeep grand cherokee and the man is in stable condition. >> knock off his bike. this morning three teens have been charged in connection with the death of aim i joyner francis. >> teen was beaten by other students inside her high school in wilmington. dave kinchen has details about the charges, dave. >> reporter: alex and mike, good morning to you. it is charges family members have been waiting for all along here. three girls who had been suspended from howard high school of technology since the day amy joyner francis died are now facing criminal charges. the delaware department of justice charging a 16 year-old girl with criminal negligent homicide and two others with lesser charges. fox 29 is not naming them because they are juveniles. amy, an honor role student died an hour and a half after a planned assault by three classmates in the school bathroom. we are told that an autopsy revealed amy died not from blunt force trauma but from sudden cardiac death due to a
6:36 am
preexisting heart defect. medical examiner says that amy died from a cardiac incident that she was vulnerable too because of the preexisting heart condition but cardiac incident would not have occurred if she had not been assaulted. investigators say only one of the girls hit amy that day, so that 16 year-old facing most serious charges. other two facing charges of conspiracy. back to you. >> complicated case. i didn't think it would be that complicated but it has turnout to be. >> we will break it down with our legal analyst. >> we will bring in doctor mike because of her defect, heart defect, that this young girl had, and we will have an attorney and doctor in. 6:36. commissioner of the philadelphia streets department, they is is charged with simple a ultimate is a. this goes way back. don carlson, punched his victim who suffered a fractures rib and bruised eye. punched him numerous times. d.a.'s office and police tell us it happened at a house party on the 6,000 block of north american street. this is back on december the
6:37 am
sixth. carlton was placed on leave after absence by the city of philadelphia. philadelphia police and fbi they are on the hunt for this guy, authorities say he robbed a pnc bank at fourth and market street just yesterday. investigators say he is same guy who robbed a bank two weeks ago at fifth eat and market. he is armed and dangerous. call 911. there is a good picture of him. >> i can see the bank from my chair, it is right outside the window. >> yes, pnc right over there, lauren. >> it is close to us. >> philadelphia police say they have arrested a third man a accused of assaulting two school police officers, cops say they now have 23 year-old edwinbergos in their custody. they say he and two others assaulted two school police officers outside a northeast high school last week. the assault all caught on cell phone video left one of those officers with a broken jaw. legislation to change seniority based layoffs for public school teachers headed to democratic governor tom will wolf but he has already said it will get vetoed.
6:38 am
the senate vetoed in favor of the bill that would require school districts making layoffs to first eliminate jobs of the educators based on performance, rather than those most recently hired. spokesmen for governor wolf says that the issue should be settled by district during negotiation was labor unions. new jersey lawmakers begin to install a vote to allow employers to offer paid sick time. state senate delayed a vote on the bill to require employers to offer workers one hour sick leave for every 30 hours work. lawmakers say legislation will help low earning work hours cannot take a sick pay without losing pay. business groups opposed saying police will make it difficult to operate in new jersey. voters in nebraska and west virginia head to the polls today but democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders spent part of the day yesterday campaigning in new jersey. the sanders held a rally inside boardwalk hall in atlantic city. he took shots at donald trump and said ugliness and greed led to the shore town's financial problems, even though the vermont senator is
6:39 am
trailing former secretary of state, hillary clinton, he is still fighting. >> and if we can win here in new jersey and win in california, and win in some of the other states and if we can win a majority of the pledged delegates, we're going to go into philadelphia, in the democratic conn convention and expect to come out with the democratic nomination. >> sanders called out trump's stance on minimum wage. new jersey holds its primary june 7th. it looks like new jersey governor's chris christie's decision to back donald trump is paying off. trump has effect live clinched republican nomination he is looking ahead to presidential candidate governor christie to lead transition team that would usher in a new administration should trump win the general election. that is your top stories. >> i have a prediction to make i think bernie sanders will win the primary in west virginia today.
6:40 am
>> he is projected to win. >> yes. >> yes. >> secretary of clinton kind of mad them mad when she talked about coal. >> this he were not having that. >> next hour of this program, i know you hate waiting in line at the airport, right. >> yes. >> how one group is using power of social media to cut down the lines, how does that work? i want to know. but first the boss is returning to new jersey, when you can see bruce springsteen coming up. >> i will in the drive that far.
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♪ >> yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> how much did you get for it. >> $6,000. >> bruce, is yah, yah, yah, yah, anyway bruce springsteen
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and e street band are returning to new jersey, they will bring the river tour to met life stadium. what a dump. for two shows that is august 23rd and august 25th. ticket go on sale next wednesday may 18th 10:00 a a.m. sue serio, will he be close to our city. >> citizens bank park september 7th. >> september 7th. >> it is a wednesday. >> forget met life stadium all the way up there across the hudson river if man hat on, we will come to citizens bank park. >> citizens bank park. >> yes. >> bob, will you go. >> tickets for the wednesday event here in philadelphia go on sale this friday. >> got it. >> he is ready. >> we're ready. >> bring them all in. 6:44. good morning everybody. live look at the vine street expressway, a westbound look, disabled school bus. every kid's dream to have your school bus not pick you up this morning but don't worry, we will send mike out in the news van and pick up kid to drop them off safely at
6:45 am
school. >> what a treat. >> everybody push over to the left. that is causing a a jammo leaving center city. hello ponzio a's, right on the corner of route 70 at 295 kings highway we have some down wires, that is blocking route 70 at coupe are landing road. you will want to use chapel have avenue or route 38 as you work your way in toward philadelphia. let's go, ready, set, go. there we go. hit the button. fifty-five, 65. look at what somebody sent me yesterday. how about a traffic jam. >> i love that. >> little jam to go with your toast, traffic jam as we head on out into south jersey, and we are still working on the pennsy turnpike, northeast extension, between quakertown and mid county, watch for some lane restrictions through the morning rush hour. now we also have to watch out for rain coming our way, sue has the forecast coming up in
6:46 am
15 seconds. so, here's is what happening at 6:46. we have a stationary front nearby, it is just close enough to bring us clouds, and some rain. where is the rain? well, it is filling in here on radar but you can see heavier stuff to our south down in virginia and heading toward eastern shore of maryland. the most of that will stay to our south, very light as we check a few neighborhoods here east marlboro chester county, chadds ford we have a little bit of the steadier rain, hockessin delaware as well. philadelphia, we have got very light rain just enough to wet pavement outside of our area. haddonfield, cherry hill, get something rain this morning. we will jump down south, border between delaware and maryland just north of there.
6:47 am
sell byeville, delaware and we have got some steady rain. jersey shore, yeah, light rain. almost lick drizzle until north wildwood this morning. future cast shows clouds hanging around the rest of the morning but heavier stuff as we mentioned just staying well to our south, here in southern delaware. mostly just cloudy the rest of the day, little drippy here and there, and that is the deal, so, sunshine, maybe a little before sunset but not much. we will see heavy rain moving in late tonight and tomorrow morning. we will talk about that later. 54 degrees in philadelphia mid 50's in millville. our chillier spot is in mount pocono where it is in the 30's because they didn't have the cloud overnight so it got chilly there. northeasterly wind 7 miles an hour. windy down in wildwood and millville, new jersey where we have 12 and 13 miles an hour wind there. your average high is 72. we got close on mothers day, and yesterday, today, not so much.
6:48 am
60 degrees our high temperature but we are back in the 70's tomorrow, thursday, and friday, thunderstorms arrive on friday with a cold front cooling things off for the weekend especially second half of the weekend, but so far this looks like maybe it will be the yuck yes, sir day, if i can why that meteorological term, mike and alex. >> yucky. >> hey, jen where ya the at. >> is what better than one jen. >> two. >> two jens, jennifer lawrence and jennifer fredrick in london. >> in london where am i at, still london. can you see me. >> i see you. >> i have master the selfie stick i'm doing better to day. by the way, mike, this is first time and last time you you are invited in my help tell room when i'm alone. >> yes, here's what is happening. alex, you can come anytime to bureau stuff. alex, you had a good question. you had said snap chat because we are snap chat friend it is
6:49 am
raining why do you expect that at a london premiere. weather even they it is terrible where you guys are in philadelphia, in london it has been unexpectly amazing. of course, it was amazing. we had to go outside for the premiere. if you go to my twitter you you can see what pictures of what jennifer lawrence looked like last night. they are calling it a global fan screening. all of the super fans were out there, for opening of that video in the 9:00 o'clock hour because storm, one of the new favorites of the x men cast, she has a message for little girls in philadelphia and i know you'll love this. okay. so back to jennifer lawrence. when i walked in i'm like hey i'm from philadelphia you have been filming there for quite sometime. i had to ask her are we stalkers, are we weird? does she feel okay. as you guys knows we were following her all around philadelphia you have been both in philadelphia recently. we tried not to stalk you when you were there.
6:50 am
>> that is very nice good did you feel like we were all, philadelphia was all over your face a little bit. >> nobody cared about me then. people were more upset, with bradley understandably. >> i mean it is bradley because it is bradley. so, he was sitting next to her. he has been filming in philadelphia it is amazing when we go around the globe a little bit and see just how many people have been in philadelphia, recently. turf say one of the new you stars of the show that you will see in a few minutes, i have him to philadelphia of course, i had a hoagie. i said wait you called it a hoagie. yah i called it a hoagie. it is a hoagie when you get into philadelphia. it is not a submarine or a hero. he is a smart man. he was sitting next to olivia mon who is amazing. of course, we had to talk to
6:51 am
her about her little boyfriend aaron rodgers of the packers. we said, in beating up on our eagles, should you play. i didn't have the schedule handy. here's my tease for my 8:00 o'clock segment are you ready, mike, alex, sitting there, we will bring up a picture of the new apocalypse x men poster that should be upright now. >> it should be. >> do you see all those. >> it is should be but that is typical, good day fail. >> which one of these people, one of the main actors in the film does the fresh prince of bellaire like you have never seen, not just first core second core and one of the british co stars joined in. it is one of the most epic, remember we saw michael nutter do his rap the first time and we were all very stunned that he knew all of the words. it is that good. guests go to twitter, facebook, which of the actors
6:52 am
does the best fresh prince of bellaire. >> the delay is so long, and, jen knows where to stan, standing by window for good lighting. show us out window and take us in the the bathroom. i want to he on how messy your bathroom is, come on. >> okay. >> okay. here we go. >> first stop, the mini bar. >> oh, yeah. >> wait. i'm a very big deal. >> you know you are in london. >> thanks, fun in london. we have to move along here because we have this that we
6:53 am
have to decipher this teenage girl died in her high school as you know, well, charges have been filed. we are bringing in a doctor and a lawyer because it is somewhat confusing the charges. dave kinchen is on that story.
6:54 am
6:55 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. you go in the 7-eleven and buy a power ball ticket and it is worth $429.6 million? you ever do that? i wonder if this is happening in this case, you get the ticket laying around your house, you don't bother to check it, right.
6:56 am
>> that is true. >> i've got tons of them on my desk, when i hear nobody won, so the person who won it, we think it is a a woman hasn't come for. maybe she hasn't even looked at the ticket. maybe she doesn't know she's a winner. >> yesterday people were saying the rumor was that a certain person won so how would they no if that person they won if that person doesn't necessity they won. >> she hasn't come forward. she hasn't talked to lottery official is maybe waiting for publicity to die down to get her money and just dip. >> listen woman, the power ball is nine. where is your ticket. >> how long do they have. >> they have a year. >> they have time. >> if i won this darn thing i would have called lottery people by now, driven over to their house. >> maybe more to it. maybe they are sitting with family you are supposed to contact the accounts acknowledge, a financial planner. 7:00 o'clock on this tuesday. >> it is tuesday. >> here's steve keeley.
6:57 am
>> reporter: awful news to report and you will ask how does this happen. a rape inside of a philadelphia school at one of the busiest times of the school day, how does it happen.
6:58 am
6:59 am
three teens, charged in the death of amy joyner francis.
7:00 am
how a shocking finding in the autopsy played a big factor in the charges. plus, sexual assault allegations at the a philadelphia high school. >> my heart goes out to those parents and that young lady because that is not the okay. >> who police are investigating as a possible suspect. and, sam bradford returns to the eagles, and no longer wants to be traded. he is ready to move on from his, mini hold out but are the fans ready to move on. and while you were sleeping, this man went off. step curry makes nba history. we will show you the highlights. it is straight up 7:00 o'clock, good day philadelphia here we go. >> sue. >> yes. >> i'm getting pictures of rainbows all over the place today. >> rainbow. >> lecturing folks on twitter about taking pictures while driving.


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