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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  May 10, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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the autopsy played a big factor in the charges. plus, sexual assault allegations at the a philadelphia high school. >> my heart goes out to those parents and that young lady because that is not the okay. >> who police are investigating as a possible suspect. and, sam bradford returns to the eagles, and no longer wants to be traded. he is ready to move on from his, mini hold out but are the fans ready to move on. and while you were sleeping, this man went off. step curry makes nba history. we will show you the highlights. it is straight up 7:00 o'clock, good day philadelphia here we go. >> sue. >> yes. >> i'm getting pictures of rainbows all over the place today. >> rainbow. >> lecturing folks on twitter about taking pictures while driving. be sure you don't do that.
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i do have one to show you after the number of the day. >> yes up side down nine from yesterday, because there are clouds, rain but sunnies valiantly trying to come through. this is lynn whose twitter handle is grandmom froiland and she took this picture outside of her house. she assures me she was not driving. clouds are winning in some places and the sunnies trying to take over in others but you see a whole lot of rain on ultimate doppler radar and a little bit of it sprinkling in our area. a a lot of green in our area but a lot of that rain is really, really light, hardly noticeable so it is clouds and light rain this morning. bus stop buddy has the umbrella. temperatures in the 50's for the most part. and is there our neighborhood, 53 degrees, there you see cloud cover there, we have got 40's to the north of us in will allentown and mount pocono, and mid 50's just about every where else and wind that are coming out of the north east. so, our high temperature today won't get too much higher, we will see a little bit of sun,
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showers are around, high of 60 . >> sound good, exactly 7:02, on a tuesday morning, still this have problem downtown philadelphia here, this disabled, school bus, now it looks like there is an accident, i didn't see the car there in front or i should say behind the us about a few moments ago. bottom line westbound on the vine street expressway bumper to bumper here from 95 all the way across town. folks trying to get into 30th street station, where the ramps for the schuylkill expressway delayed. we have down wires in cherry hill, route 70 just up the street here from ponzio's at the cooper land willing road. use chapel avenue or route 38 working your way toward admiral wilson boulevard. accident on the schuylkill expressway westbound sort of the minor fender-bender a off to the side near gladwynn but it is attracting attention and then eastbound normal volume coming around the conshohocken curve. i have just check with the airport even though we have light rain moving through so far so good at philly
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international and no problems on mass transit. mike and alex, back to you. >> 7:03 now. three teenagers charge in the death of the amy joyner francis. there was an interesting, part of the autopsy, apparently, amy, had a heart tea affect. >> and then, we will also talk about sexual assault allegations at a philadelphia high school. >> whom police are investigating. we will get to both of these stories. who are we starting with. >> keeley. >> steve keeley, this happened at west philadelphia at sayre high school. when did this sexual assault happen. >> reporter: both stories one you just read and this one crimes against little girls inside their schools during school hours. this is a 3:10 as school is being dismissed. you would think hallways and stairways are packed with kids, packed with teachers, packed with staffers but somehow this happened, a rape in the school. that is shocking enough when you hear hot rape is in this case allegedly is, even more shocking a 14 year-old boy.
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victim a 14 year-old girl. both freshman here. >> 3:10 p.m. the sexual allegation is a young lady saying she was raped in school right after the dismissal. we are looking at this very seriously. this is a very serious charge. we are working closely with the special victims unit to take a look to see what occurred here. we have video inside of the school, that does show the pair walking together and that is keep of information that they will be using to see what occurred. >> before or after. >> that was before and after. >> reporter: you can see surveillance camera right inside the stairwells. you would think or at least hope they are being machine toward but they have video of the two of them in the area right at the time and this girl reported this right away. she runs out of the school and right here in the neighborhood where she has a family friend living nearby who called police right away.
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special victims unit is on the case. then they go in and they confirm that the two where she said that this was by looking at school surveillance. an awful incident made extra disturbing because it happened like the girls death down in delaware, last month, where the young woman are supposed to be safe, inside of their public high schools. >> i know it. >> lets go right to that story too out of wilmington where dave kinchen is now that charges have been filed yesterday, dave. >> reporter: that is right, everyone has been waiting for these charges. pun officials investigating this case has been taken pressure as the investigation has gone on you but we have learn that these three girls suspended from howard high school of technology since the day amy joyner francis died are now facing criminal charges here. the department of justice here in delaware, charging a 16 year-old girl with criminal negligent homicide and two other girls with lesser charges of conspiracy. fox 29 is not naming them
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because they are juvenile. amy was a honor role student and died a hour and a half after one the assault outside a school bathroom. an autopsy revealed amy died not from blunt force trauma but sudden cardiac death due to a preexisting heart defect but the medical examiner says the cardiac incident was not have happened if amy was not assaulted. that was a big development in this case and one many people did not expect to come through the autopsy here. investigators say only one of the girls hit amy and that girl is facing most serious charge here. other two facing charges of conspiracy, back to you. >> all right. again, we will have doctor mike coming in and ken rottweiler our legal attorney is going to becoming in. >> people have questions about what the medical examiner a says, the the cause of the death and why those charges and why only one person is charged as an adult while others are still juveniles. >> what was intent of the three girls inside that bathroom. this is out of germany. we have had another terrorist attack here at a train
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station. police say several people have been stabbed at that train station right there in munich. just out outskirts of munich. one person killed, three others wounded. witnesses say the attacker shouted out god is great right before stabbing people. police arrested one person. and they are working to identify him. but it seems as if he is a german citizen. 7:07. chris murphy has more top stories. >> a man was taken to the hospital after being injured in a hit and run early this morning in cobbs creek. police say this happened on 52nd and spruce streets just before 3:00 in the morning. officials are said to be looking for a white four door, jeep grand condition. memorial outside a norristown apartment building on dekalb street is drawing more people after officials say an 11 year-old girl became the fourth person to die in the fire. fire officials tell us that the associated press says that the girl passed away from injuries, that she suffered from that fire. neighbors say her father and
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young sibling died friday the day it happen. officials say another adult also died. many are still in shock as to what happened. >> so the rest of the family that passed away, we know it is a hard tragedy, you know, in one expected what is going on so we just ask for everybody to have prayers. >> the cause of the fire still under investigation. however officials do not think it was suspicious. new jersey residents waking up with the sense of relief today after a escaped inmate is back in custody. more than a dozen police officers surrounded this guy 38 year-old arthur buckel in laci township yesterday morgue. the fugitive escaped from ancora bay side prison last tuesday. buckle a's rest came hours after police released new surveillance video of him at forked river rest stop there. buckle was found in the woods in ocean county near double trouble state park. people living in that a area really happy he has now been caught. >> i was keeping my eyes out,
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to be honest if i saw any suspicious people, you know, kind of scary a little bit because i don't know, the guy. >> i think it is crazy. i can't believe somebody could escape and then just goat caught right close to our house. it is crazy. >> reporter: before disappearance buckle was serving sentence for aggravated assault and served 14 years foreman slaughter in the death of the ten month-old baby. mike and alex, back to you. >> one mad man there. big trouble for the franklin institute. judge ruled the science museum violated the americans with disabilities act multiple times over the last several years. >> judge ruled that the museum failed to grant a disable visitor full and equal access. this comes after a man was forced to pay two entrance fees, one for himself and other for his personal care a tenant. now the museum is speaking out against the ruling saying it strongly disagrees with the federal judge. >> we will have more on that in the next couple of days. it looks like new jersey governor chris christie's intention to back donald trump
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will pay off. >> i guess so if he wants to get another job, trump wants him to do some things with donald trump getting the republican nomination in cleveland up is building a potential staff for the white house. donald trump has asked governor christie to lead the transition team, that would usher in a new administration if he wins the general election. talk about donald trump. speaking of the election, atlantic city a buzz with bernie. >> he used cities economic struggles as a backdrop to take a shot at a donald trump. bernie sanders say ugliness and greed by people like donald a trump led to the shore town's financial problems. >> oh, you know donald trump. you don't think he is a brilliant businessman. who can bring the kind of prosperity to america that he has brought here to atlantic
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city, is that your point. >> interesting line there. new jersey will hold its primary june the seventh, voters in west virginia, and nebraska, head to the polls today, yes, their primary day. well, another out break of severe weather in the the great planes leaves behind a path of destruction and threat is not over. >> it goes on, through april, may june in tornado alley. at least two people were killed yesterday. this was in oklahoma. several tornadoes were described as large, and dangerous. look at the size of that 1n nebraska one person said they ro de out tornado when they could not make it inside a shelter or down in the ditch. they held on to a tree. another person was killed by that particular tornado there. the hail was gigantic. look at this would i say that is close to softball sized hail wouldn't you, sue.
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>> definitely. >> look at that thing that would go right through your car. >> you know how hail is formed. >> how. >> it is a little will ice pull it. >> um-hmm. >> and it goes down through the atmosphere. it gets sucked backup. >> right. >> gets bigger, falls again, gets bigger and it gets so big that it falls to the atmosphere to the earth. as it goes up it gets bigger: >> it bouncing up and down. >> does it turn into a ice. >> it is hail. >> that is right. >> thank you. >> mess more icing. >> are you hypnotized. >> yes. >> let's go to sue. >> i don't know what i can do now. you spared me the diagram, thank me very much. heaviest rain is to the south in virginia, del marva peninsula there. we're seeing light, to steady rain in some places, let's zoom into a couple
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neighborhood here. chad forward some steady rain there, west gosh men chester county, hockessin in delaware, and philadelphia, very light rain here, barely, noticeable but eastwick heavier there across the river in new jersey and haddonfield as well, it is steadier rain. we will jump down to ocean view near bethenny beach and that is steady rain millsboro and sea isle city, very light rain there. we have see heavier rain throughout the south throughout the rest of the morning. that goes further south and then we have just cloudy, drippy weather for rest of the day. we will call it, damp. and then by the time we get into late tonight into early tomorrow morning you can see this pocket of heavy rain trying to roll into the south of us. we may see a couple showers to start the day tomorrow and then a couple more in the afternoon. i'm not sold on these afternoon showers for tomorrow
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but that is how close that frontal system will be where it could move just far enough north to give us those showers. and then into thursday it looks like we will see a dry, but mostly cloudy day, that is the future cast, here's now, 53 degrees in philadelphia 51 in reading. fifty-four in wilmington. fifty-four in atlantic city. mid 50's, northeasterly wind, northeasterly wind means we are getting a flow off ocean. that keeps us cloudy. 72 degrees is our average high and we were well below average all last week, sunday, mothers day we got to 71 degrees. seventy-one yesterday. today we will be lucky to get to 60. seventy-two tomorrow though and mid 70's for thursday. thursday still picking that as best weather day of the week. it is iffy for wednesday. friday we have then are storms rolling in with a cold front and then we have a phillies coming back to town. so friday looks iffy but looking good for the weekend so far. >> for that big red machine
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coming into town. good morning. coming up at 7:15. we have a cool bus accident on the vine street expressway, this is westbound right before the ramps for the schuylkill. so that right lane taken out here. we are bumper to bumper pretty after cross town. everybody single file because of this right lane would be the ramp to gain access to the 30th street station and maybe ramps for the airport. so leaving center city be ready for. that here's a live look at route 70 in cherry hill, new jersey. further up we have an accident that took down one of the telephone wires and traffic lights. route 70 at cooper landing road there. right where the cemetery comes into play there. use chapel avenue or route 38 to get your way toward admiral wilson and ben franklin bridge. and then westbound schuylkill expressway, delays are pretty much from the boulevard out toward gladwynn, an accident off to the shoulder, eastbound your normal delay from conshohocken on in and as sue
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mentioned rain rolling through chester and delco and that is causing delays here on 202 near painters crossing, also the same deal up and down the blue route, in delco, mike and alex, back over to you. i know this is philadelphia, and this happened on the west coast while were you sleeping but i think it is fantastic. steph curry was not resting. he has been out because of a injury. history making performance. in his first game back since april 24th steph had 17 points in overtime leading warriors past trailblazers in trail four. warriors now lead three-one. >> do you see he is saying i'm back. i'm here. >> his performance came on the same day that was reported curry will win his second consecutive nba most valuable player a ward and he proved it last night, 17 in overtime. he lit it up. let's talk eagles. you know, who else is
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back? sam bradford. >> sammy. >> so after sitting out for two weeks and demanding a trade sam bradford decided to come back to work and show up with voluntary work outs with the eagles. his agent has rescind that had trade request and bradford says i'm focusing on preparing for a championship season. >> what does he mean by that? check out the paper in the front page? i think they are running out of idea. grown apart. on the part, explain this to me, flock and key. i guess eagles are a flock. the is key sam. howard eskin in south philadelphia, hi there howard. >> good morning to both you a and alex. good morning to everybody. bob, sue, everybody. >> thanks, howard you are so cheery. >> would you say sam brad forward came back to town with his tail between his legs, can we say that. >> did i say that he came back because, well, i'll tell you yes came back because there was no other options. he realize there had was no end game.
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the agent, i love the agent, connor barwin and difficult radio for wip yesterday and connor barwin said i got a text from sam bradford. he is coming in today. after that happened the agent said i'm rescinding the trade demand. you had no options because i don't think this is all sam bradford. just to understand, sam bradford is responsible for what had happened here, but i think that this agent tom conndon let them down the long path. it was awful what was happening here in philadelphia. and, then they finally realized that nobody out there, let's go back to when he sign. if somebody wanted him, they would have sign him. he was a total free agent. he only got a two year deal. eagles were the ones who signed him. they had a plan. they didn't know they were going to get down to number two. every player drafted has come into take a players job and everybody has got to realize that including sam bradford, and he let it go on too long.
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but in the end, and i talked to many players yesterday, and the players are all fine with it. when they came in they greeted him. that was one of the questions, it is now all about the fans. >> well, was carson wentz there. have they talked? >> reporter: no, carson wentz will be in on scheduled to come in on thursday, and then practice for the draft pick and undrafted players and fewer players will be friday, saturday and sunday. >> so they have not met. >> i don't know if they are going to meet, i don't know if they will meet on friday because veterans usually work out from monday through thursday. >> gotcha. >> well, they will hug it out and act like best friend. >> at least for the cameras. >> they are football players, come on. >> so, howard, the players don't care. it the is the fans. this is bradford's statement yesterday: the business side of football is sometimes a
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necessary consideration. my attention and efforts are focused on the participation and preparation for a championship season. what did he mean by that championship. i guess everybody works for a championship. >> well, yeah, obviously that is what everybody plays for. that is why you play the game. that is why you play the game. to win the game. but the business side of it, i don't know what that all means. you know, sometimes you don't know who writes these things but reality is, its was than the a business decision, it is football. the business to what? there was no where to go. he was already under contract. he has got a two year deal. if he plays well, he puts a lot of, a lot of pressure on the eagles. if he plays well and they make playoffs, and then do they trade him? yeah, but then that is a good thing. >> so then you give carson wentz another year and then, who knows, there are quarterbacks draft that had never actually played with their team but they ended up getting traded because quarterback you have is good.
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i don't know if that will happen? i think they believe in carson wentz. but come on that is what the game is all about. >> real quickly, hour. >> i don't think there will be a problem. but the fans have to understand. >> that is what i was going to say do you think fans will forget this. >> if he wins. >> more than just winnie think we need to win a championship. >> yes, yes, yes. >> i think they will. i think they absolutely will forget but he's to play well. if he didn't play well it doesn't matter hot other quarterbacks were they with want the second guy. >> thanks, howard. >> stay out of the rain. get back inside. >> if he throws an interception in the first quarter of the first real game. >> carson wentz, carson wentz. >> they will start cheering that. >> watch, he will win a super bowl and eagles will be stuck with sam for like five years. do you hate waiting at the airport? stupid question. of course, do you. to one likes to stand and wait in line. the guess what social media is coming to the rescue.
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wouldn't that be great if twitter got you a better shot. >> serious accusation from his former facebook employees. what they say their bosses at facebook told them to hide from your news feed. >> oh, you liberal media.
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former facebook employees making some claims, about what they were told, to show on their news feeds, to get certain topics trending. >> yeah, i have wondered why certain things show up in my news feed as opposed to others and how they pick. >> it is an algorithm that determines what is popular on social media in the news world and then it the is a trending topic which is so influence for users of facebook but news readers in general. they are telling you basically what you should read. there is a former facebook contractor who told the tech web site that he saw news curators working for facebook omit conservative topics like glenn beck, mitt romney from the trending topics site and column, because you that is what facebook wanted to do. obviously facebook is not only
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denying these allegations but they say quote, we do the not permit the suppression of political perspective at all, anywhere on our site but it is a hot topic. ironically coming full circle this topic is a trending topic right now on facebook. >> i'll be darned, trending on their own page. >> we need to investigate that. i'm sure, folks in the building behind you will jump all over that story today. are you telling me you can help us with the lines of airports, how. >> oh, yeah. you just need your phone. your #security checkpoint, the line is really long, take a picture of it, up load to it instagram, tag the tsa and use the #i hate the wait. there is an airline industry group that is trying to show the government to show congress, these huge lines that are making people miss their flights, we're gearing up for super popular summer travel season, hire more worker, pay them overtime, get more security agents there to
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make the lines move faster. >> when you wear a black turtle neck it looks like your head is just floating. >> well, i have got a leather skirt on. >> wow. >> it is leather tuesday. >> yes. >> you should president have told him that. >> here we go. >> thanks, lauren. >> bye, guys. >> i love you lauren. >> revitalizes the cities oldest tall building. you can take another tour of the divine lorraine on north broad. >> i love that building, bob. >> great spot 7:27. not a good spot cherry hill new jersey looking live from sky fox a shut down of route 70 because of an accident with down wires, major jammo, trying to get to the bennie i'll show you how to do it when we come right back. upon see owe.
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what medical examiner says killed amy joyner francis after she was assaulted in the high school bathroom. a warning for new moms, new study shows about potentially deadly consequences of swaddling an infant during sleep. scary risk you may be taking. and it is 7:30. sue, just when i was getting used to the sun, dry weather, now it is time for more rain. >> i know, it is trying to come out that sun. here's a beautiful picture sent to us via twitter from
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somebody on the ground taking a picture. her name is melissa. she said such beautiful colors. this is the view over westville, new jersey about an hour and a half ago. thank you so much for sending us that picture this morning. the lets get to the radar because is there plenty of rain on the way. but we're getting lighter rain in the philadelphia area and down in delaware and southern new jersey. so lets say south of chester county we are getting rain, clouds, light rain with bus stop buddy. you should have have it nearby as well. even if it is in the raining where you are. we have had light rain earlier. it is dry here in olde city and 53 degrees. high of 60 with mostly cloudy skies and spotty showers here and there. just like last week bob kelly, deja vu all over again. >> you got it, sue. good morning everybody. we are looking live from sky fox hovering over cherry hill, new jersey. there we are. this is route 70, right here near cooper landing road. an accident that pulled down
7:32 am
the power lines across both lanes of route 70, east and westbound lanes right here near cooper landing road. i believe there is a wawa right here. we have cemetery which isn't that farrah away and with the lanes shut down, thinks your main access, to try to get toward ben franklin. the lets get to my live camera on the scene. the here's ponzio's, so here's 70, grid lock heading in to that settle of down wires which ace cross the roadways. your best bet grabbing your coffee and keys now head for chapel avenue or head right for route 38, if you are heading for ben franklin. that will get you down to the admiral wilson boulevard. it is out of your way but that is only way to go. another accident on the blue route, live look at 476, the accident is southbound right here, near the west chester pike, alex, back over to you. well, charges have been filed in connection with the death of the amy joyner francis and autopsy reveals surprising new details about how she died.
7:33 am
delaware department of justice is charging a 16 year-old girl with criminal negligent homicide and will attempt to try her as an adult. two others have been charged with lesser crimes of conspiracy. fox 29's, not naming them because they are juveniles. amy died 90 minutes after a planned attack by three classmates inside a bathroom at howard high school in wilmington. an autopsy revealed amy's death result not from blunt force trauma but preexisting heart defect. medical examine are says cardiac incident would not have occurred if amy had had not been assaulted. here to help us understand the medical/legal aspects of this case we have doctor mike and we have our fox 29 legal analyst ken rottweiler. doctor mike, i will start with you. i have the two page is here, statement from the delaware department of justice. people are having trouble understanding this. they say there is two reasons for these charges. first one when it comes to how she died. can you please explain what they are calling the sudden cardiac death due to a large
7:34 am
atrial septal defect. >> right. lets talk about it. this is a heart right here. in the heart we all have four chambers. we have two at the top, and we have two ventricles. when you have a hole, between the 2a tree um is it is a atrial septal defect and it can be something you are born with. i want to show you this little video and i have sound what the doctor would hear if they were listening to the chest. the reason this is all important is because when you have a large hole between the right and left side of the atrium, through see that, folks, that is the hole that can increase your risk of sudden cardiac death, if put in the right kind of situation like being beat up. and so clearly that altercation led to her having this kind of a sudden cardiac
7:35 am
death which was predisposed to. >> does that mean she died because of her heart condition or she died because of the injuries from the fight. >> she died because she had an underlying heart condition and then other kid came and beat the heck out of her, that is why she died. if she went to the bathroom, and nobody beat her up, she would still be here. in my opinion, that is what happen. she got beat up. >> the reason why i asked this because medical examiner said autopsy did not the detect any internal injuries or significant blunt force injuries which implies had she not had had this heart kin an this happened she wouldn't have died. >> i don't care what her condition was, if i go the two bathroom and i'm in a wheelchair and don't expect to get beat up and have a problem with my heart, no one should be touching me. >> okay. >> all right. >> thanks doctor mike for explaining this. >> ken, our legal analyst. into what those charges were when they came down yesterday. >> i think it made a big
7:36 am
difference. she was charged with criminally negligent homicide which is basically involuntary manslaughter what that means is that there wasn't a intent to kill. yeah, there was an intent to have an altercation but wasn't an intent to kill. i think if there were internal injuries that would have changed the charges here. i think if there were internal injuries there may have been a charge of second degree murder which would have shown an intent because if you look at the facts here these girls planned to meet in the bathroom. >> isn't that intent then, if they planned to go in there and beat her up. >> i think so. when i first heard about this casey thought they would be charged with second degree murder. it is interesting to me. maybe they thought they wouldn't be able to convince jury of second degree murder because you have to have prove intent but just like you said fact that they planned this, the fact that these three girls planned to meet amy joyner francis in the bathroom shows there was in fact intent. >> then when it comes to the
7:37 am
three girls, second factor according to the statement from the department obvious advertise. they say all those three girls were involved in the planning only one had hit amy is that one person is being charge as an adult. >> the crime is the reason why one, 16 year-old will be tried as an adult. other two girls there were watching. matter on have fact one has been reported, actually, recorded all this on her cell phone. we have in the seen that cell phone video yet but what is interesting to me is she stood there and videoed this as this assault was going on. >> could there been more charges based on the reaction we got yesterday they were frustrated even if they planned to do it and they were in the bathroom they should still see this happen could they be charge because they let this girl fall down in front of them. they have been charge with third degree criminal conspiracy. they will be charged as juveniles. they could receive up to one year in jail. the girl, trinity carr, who was, charged with criminally negligent homicide she can spend up to eight years in
tv-commercial tv-commercial
7:38 am
jail. difference in the crimes is big difference in terms of the jail time that she could be charged with. >> okay, certainly something we will be following as this continues, thanks so much, ken for explaining. that thanks doctor mike for explaining how amy francis joyner die. either way it is a very sad situation involving minors. these are kid in high school. tough to swallow for sure. 7:38. living beyond breast cancer, how battling the disease and survivors are coming together to raise money for ongoing fight against the deadly form of cancer.
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from a rain, to low rain to lorraine you have another chance to get inside that beautiful building. divine lorraine hotel, developers will be open up the doors once again, tomorrow on broad street, what is that broad and fairmount i think. people can subpoena by to tour building and visit pop up shop that is in there right now. people waited, hours last time to get a peak inside i always
7:42 am
wanted to get inside there. building is being renovated into an apartment building and have a chance to sign up to live there. the event is from 3:30 until 8:00 o'clock. isn't it gorgeous. that thing was built in 1892. >> last time they had a opening, people can see that little line it was long. >> oh, yeah. >> lower third can see it there. >> back in the early 1900's i used to live in there. no, the wealthy people of philadelphia, still live in that building because now they are coming back. >> that means when you lived there. >> yes. >> just had a paper route in 1906, i used to go deliver papers there. >> we will take a break. lauren where did she go. she's on the art museum steps. >> hi, lauren. >> that is right, hi guys, rain, rain go away, at least by sunday because we have a big event and we will talk about it this morning and we will meet someone behind this event with a incredible story of survival coming up.
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ding, 7:45. hello, cherry hill, new jersey. this is the intersection of route 70, and route 41 where there is a set of of down
7:46 am
wires across route 70, closed both directions at cooper landing road. that is right where the cemetery comes into play. we have wawa there to give you a location. anyone that typically uses 70 to get in toward philadelphia and admiral wilson boulevard, no go, your best bet, you can use chapel ave or go over to route 38. thirty-eight will eventually take new to the airport circle and that will give you you access, to ben franklin. again, no eta. they have pse&g crews out there, they needed to cut off power to that power line, before they could do any work. there is another accident, blue route, southbound, right here near ridge, a two car fender-bender for gang coming out of the mid county and another accident on the blue route as well, 476, southbound right here, the broomall interchange. this is south of the west chester pike overpass, and that is causing the delay there in dell wow. plus as sue has been mentioning we have had some rain to deal with, hit and
7:47 am
miss through delco and chester county. here's the vine street expressway we had an early morning accident that is now gone but what is lefties the delay heading order towards 30th street and delays in chester and delco, because of these minor nuisance rain showers, that have been rolling through, how long will they continue to roll, sue has got the answer in 15 seconds. 7:47. got this report from the folks at the asthma center yesterday on my facebook page. extreme levels of the tree pod even out there with all of the rain. minor levels of grass pollen, mold spores are high, no problems yet with the weeds. here we are in the weeds with the rain. it is not heavy rain, that is not what we're experience
7:48 am
hearing in philadelphia but around media, delaware county, malvern in chester county, west chester just light to steady rain, gloucester sit a cross the river from frustratese are getting a little bit of the steady rain as well as camden, new jersey. we will jump down into mays landing, very light rain there but it is there. down here around sel byeville in delaware. light rain in wildwood, middletown ship and cape may county but it is really light, almost drizzle out there for the rest of the morning it looks like heaviest of the rain will stay to our south and will stay cloudy most of the day but as we head into the afternoon, a spotty shower here and there, that is rest of the day today. so nothing extreme just annoying, stray shower or two. 60 degrees our high today. seventy-two tomorrow with a little bit of sunshine. seventy-five on thursday this will be the best weather day of the week thursday with a high of 75, thunderstorms role in on friday but it is looking
7:49 am
good for the week went a cooler day on sunday then on saturday, mike and alex. >> sue serio, thank you at 7:49. one in eight women in our country will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. >> sometimes it strikes the family more than once. imagine finding a lump in your breast while caring for your cancer stricken mother. >> she was focused on her mother roshell's treatment for stage four breast cancer when she felt a lump. she put off going to the doctors. she was stunned when test reveal in january 2013 that she had stage four breast cancer just like her mom. mother and daughter made a pack to make every day count, she was able to walk her daughter down the aisle. she has since passed but her daughter's fight continues. she's committed to providing support for those providing and fighting breast cancer. her group is participating in living beyond breast cancer
7:50 am
reach and raise which is sunday's yoga fundraiser on the steps of the art museum. lauren johnson is here to tell us about this weekend's event. >> that is right, will alex i'm here, as well, because the name of your energy, love your spirit, i love everything about you. first talk burr team name where does that come from. >> it is lotus blossom, and my name is iana which means beautiful flower. that is what my dad's friend called me. >> love, love, love it. you have a few team members here with you. cutest one right here. >> this is little timothy, sweetest little man in philadelphia. this is also a teammate, barry. >> what are you most looking forward to this weekend. >> i think i'm mess looking forward to the sense of community and togetherness that we get at the event. being somebody that is living with stage four metastatic breast cancer living beyond
7:51 am
breast cancer has been a amazing resource to empower me and really make me a better advocate for both myself and for others. i'm excited to come together with the community of both survivors, people living with and thriving with breast cancer, and their caregivers. >> hearing your story yesterday when we had our meeting, it is hard to see you smile through all this. how did you make it. >> you know, sometimes we realize in life is you are here, you have made it through 100 percent of everything you have been so far so why wouldn't i think i can get through this and put on a brave face and part of the other reason is because i just lost my mom to metastatic breast cancer in october and she really was. she was just a perfect person when it came to showing you how to continue to live life. i'm here. that is mess important thing. i will continue to live my life to the the fullest. you have got married but this was your first mothers day without your mom. how was that for you? >> it was really difficult.
7:52 am
she's still with me. i still love her very much. i feel very connected to her. it was difficult to not be with her physically and to know everything she has been through but i feel just as close as ever to her. >> reporter: tell me they see this nasty weather today. hopefully our fingers are crossed it will be better on sunday f someone wants to get involved or thinks should i go to this? is what your pitch is too why you should, you have done this before. >> it is a great class for everyone. whether you you are an experienced yogi or new to yoga it is a really friendly class. just environment and energy, you know, standing on these steps you have thousands of people all doing yoga, at the same time. it is really beautiful and inspirational. these are two of my team members but i have 21 people with me. just a beautiful day and event. >> here's the deal, we will doling a in the next hour. alex and mike, mike, my people here, say that you need to tell your people there we need
7:53 am
double boxes to see your best downward dog in about an hour. >> my downward facing dog. >> yes. >> you have an hour to work on that i have an hour to get ready. >> amaze to go her her tell her story. >> sure is, great spokesperson. tia and tamara is on good day. tamara is on the real, isn't she. >> yes, she is, we love her on the real. >> but they are launching a new venture and it the is cool, they are on live, with us, come on back.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
it is come up at 8:00. do you want to go to london. >> jen fred. >> where is she at. >> in london still, hi, jen. >> hi there. i will only be in london for a little bit longer.
7:57 am
i'm ago out i on my way soon to my next destination. we will talk in the 8:00 o'clock hour. you will get to guess again. it is another country in another time zone with another a list, another event. so i'm kind of living the dream. after we talk about moving around a lot of people have been asking how i celebrated mothers day if i missed the kid. i will show you very special thing that landry my seven year-old daughter sent with me and mike, i think you'll love it. i asked you guys in the 7:00 o'clock hour which of the x men stars, x men if you will could really do a good fresh prince of bellaire. before we show the clip, look at the pictures, look at all the people and a lot of these people we don't know that they are working in philadelphia i know hughe dylann tries to handle it a lot but they have work there, they loved philadelphia, and they love philadelphia more than we will ever know. i will bring what you i believe to be one of the best a list non-celebrities doing
7:58 am
the fresh prince of bellaire. >> see you on the red carpet. don't be strangers. >> we will love philadelphia. >> bye, philly. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> that is good. >> that was really good. >> and remember, sophie with the red hair she's british.
7:59 am
>> that is right. >> kevin mccarthey is here, you know, and kevin mccarthey is talking about the effects, plot lines and he hears this nonsense going in to one of the rooms. he said jen what are you doing. you are messing up the interview. i said kevin, what are you doing? this is best stuff we have seen in years. so this is what i want to show you. this is a barbie phone. she said she wanted me to be able to call her at anytime, but she didn't want to hear me if i was yelling at her. >> have you heard some of the reviews about this movie that have been coming out so far. >> what is the name. >> x men apocalypse. >> it is x men apocalypse. >> are you an x men fan. >> i do like x men, yes. >> so olivia, she's a big fan, big gamer, as you know. this is my first x men i have
8:00 am
ever seen. this is my type of movie. i will take the kid, at least brody, to see it. a lot of the, it was funny, i said dorks are filling in in on the other movies and she said the fans. i think there was a bunch of people from the the web sites that love it. >> show me outside, what is the weather like outside. >> raining, it is london. >> it is horrible outside, it is gross. i will show you proper tea in the 8:00 he clock hour. >> english breakfast tea. >> i like sandwiches that do not have crust. >> yes. >> we will see you later. >> we will start guessing what country she's going to tomorrow. >> she will give us clues. good day, tuesday may the tenth, 2016. three teen girls now charged in the death of the delaware teenager, why some are so upset with the potential punishment, they say
8:01 am
it is in the enough. to swaddle or not to swaddle, parents, listen up there is a deadly warning tied to the age old technique, scary risk you may be taking with your child. we watched them grow upright before our eyes, tia and tamara are on good day philadelphia the exciting new endeavor for these famous twins. return to philly. >> ♪ born in the u.s.a. >> bruce springsteen books another concert in the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. where you you will be able to see the boss this summer. >> ♪ it is 8:01. yeah, boss will be here in september. >> september. >> out at the bank. >> yes. >> so exciting. >> outdoors. >> hopefully we will have better weather. >> sure we will. >> this isn't too bad.
8:02 am
just drizzly, spitty and cloudy. >> spitty. >> that is a meteorology term flying. six out of ten in weather by the numbers. we have a lot of rain on the radar but how much of it is here. the it looks like if you were out to the west of philadelphia, you are seeing that steadier rain. here in the city it has been light, just enough for an umbrella. through new castle county and kent county and parts of the sussex county as well. so take bus stop buddy's advice bring the umbrella we have light rain and cloud around, most of the temperatures in the 50's, including here in philadelphia, where we are seeing 51 degrees right now and a little bit of rain. 7 miles an hour wind out of the east north east a 60-degree high temperature with mostly cloudy skies and spotty showers around. that is your forecast for tuesday, lets hope it gets better for wednesday, seven day is just ahead, bob kelly. >> good morning everybody. live look at problems in
8:03 am
cherry hill, new jersey. route 70 remains closed here in cherry hill. all because of a set of down wires, a cross the roadway. the route 07 at cooper landing road right by the cemetery to give you you a location. everybody trying to get in towards philadelphia, you'll to have use chapel avenue or route 38. that is throwing extra volume heading into ben franklin. hit and miss with the rain rolling through west chester, chester county, delaware county, this is a live lot at blue route, southbound an accident right here near the west chester pike overpass and there is another accident, southbound, coming out of the mid county tolls, so causing delays up and down, 476, and that combination of the accident, and the weather, two separate accidents on the freeway here, southbound at the black horse pike, northbound at kohl's road, mass transit looking good and so far so good at the airport, mike and alex back to you. >> i strolled down market street from the station a little will while ago to get some coffee touring one of the
8:04 am
breaks and what do i see? we're closed, because of an emergency. now look at that window right there. there we go. tilt down and look at all that glass. i don't know how this happen. we will get some information. it looks like somebody tried to bust in there. >> it happened around 6:30. >> what time did you get your coffee. >> it was around 7:30. >> and the cops are in there, white sign on the door they are closed. we are trying to figure out what happened. somebody tried to break in at 6:30 this morning. well in, cobbs creek a man was taken to presbyterian medical center after being injured in the hit and run. police say it happen at 52nd and spruce streets just before 3:00 a.m. officials are said to be looking for a white four door jeep grand cherokee and the victim is in stable condition. police are investigating the sexual assault inside sayerhigh school in west philadelphia in one of the
8:05 am
stairwells. >> this is after a female, a freshman, said she was violated by a classmate, steve keeley. >> reporter: ten after 3:00 on a friday as kid are all going home for the weekend, and you wonder why nobody reported anything before this poor girl ran to the closest friend's house, abe made a report. as you you see buses pulling up to william sayer here in west philadelphia, a lot of kids are obviously talking about this and wondered did they know bit and not report it. that is a question for the police but here we are seeing again, another young school girl becoming a crime victim in a place where she shouldn't be a a victim of any crime, in her own school during school hours. >> it troubles me that absolutely that this is happening inside of a school. it troubles me that a young lady, feels that she was sexually assaulted in our school. yes, very troubling. >> very sad, very upsetting. it just makes me wonder whether we need to do more as
8:06 am
a community to make sure things like this does not happen. so, you know, it is really sad. i hope whoever did this that they find him and you know, that this young lady gets justice. >> reporter: as you can see here this is one of the many school surveillance cameras inside the school hallways and doorways and apparently both the perpetrator alleged in this case and the victim seen on surveillance and that is how you police were able to confirm that this girl and young boy both just freshman only 14 years old were both at that place at that time as she said that they were and that this kid now suspended, and not in school today and doubtful will ever be back in school if these charges hold up and charged with the crime here. >> thank god. >> what is happening in our schools, now we have to do this story. three teens have been charged in connection with the death of the 16 year-old amy joyner francis. >> so, as you will remember, she was attacked inside her
8:07 am
wilmington high school bathroom but now these charges come down we are learning more about what they believed, the department of justice happened there. >> hey, dave, what are you learning. >> reporter: that is one of the reasons why this investigation has taken so long. interesting development here. three girls who have been suspended from howard high school of technology since the day amy joyner francis died announced, and they are facing criminal charges. the delaware department of justice charging a 16 year-old girl with criminal negligent homicide and two other girls with a lesser charge of conspiracy. fox 29 has not named them because they are juveniles. amy was an honor role student and died an hour and a half after a planned assault by the three classmates, in a school bathroom. authorities say an autopsy revealed amy died not from blunt force trauma but sudden cardiac death due to a preexisting heart defect there. the medical examiner says that in a statement quote amy died from a cardiac incident, that she was, vulnerable to because
8:08 am
of a preexisting heart condition but the cardiac incident would not have have occurred if she had not been assaulted. up investigators say only one of the girls hit amy, that day and that girl the 16 year-old is facing the most serious charges. the other two facing charges of conspiracy, back to you. these are all kid involved in this. >> yes. >> charged with hitting her, she's 16. >> now she's charged as an adult. >> my daughter jill was born with the same defect as amy, atrial septal defect. you have to make a decision do you repair, little baby in the first couple days or we decided to wait. we waited until jill was nine years old and then she had open heart surgery to fix it. >> it is possible that amy was aware of the fact. >> yes, i believe that her family and her daddies watching right now, our thoughts are with you, and we decided to fill up the hole, seal the hole in her heart when jill was nine.
8:09 am
or live the rest of your life and hope that the hole closes up. so the first nine years of jill's life we had to be careful not getting her over excited, and slow down a little bit playing softball. she would always lag behind when we were hiking so we stayed up with her. she could not over exert herself. >> for some people it is confusing, that is why they are saying if this had happened and she didn't have this heart condition she would have survive. it is heart condition that is the cause of death. well, we will follow trial as it continues. so sad. 8:09. ladies, if you feel like you are doing chores for days and days and hours and hours a week, how much time are you spending cleaning up your house for your family. there is new research. but first to swaddle or not to swaddle or what happens when you swaddle your child. >> i thought it was a good thing to swaddle your child but maybe not. >> there is a deadly warning tied to this technique a scary
8:10 am
risk you may be taking with your baby. >> we will tell you proper technique and how to put your baby to bed in the crib.
8:11 am
what's with him? he's happy. your family's finally eating vegetables thanks to our birds eye voila skillet meals. and they only take 15 minutes to make. ahh! birds eye voila so veggie good
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8:13 am
another out break of severe weather in the great planes leaves behind a path of destruction abe threat is not over. two people were killed in oklahoma yesterday. several touched down in different parts of the state. now a person in nebraska also died due to severe weather. >> we will have more of it today i hear. >> all these video, sue, these tornadoes. >> yes, it is springtime, and this is tornado alley where all this is happening, it doesn't make it any less horrible when it happens to these family, it is just how hard it would be in the middle of that. >> for us it is not that much of a temperature difference with this rain moving in, it is in the a cold front where it has been warm, and cold air moving in, we just see annoying rain, this morning. we will zoom in a couple neighborhoods and show you where it is raining around west chester, and chester county, around media, it is raining steadily. light inner port richmond and
8:14 am
camden and gloucester city, and down to egg harbor city, very, very light rain this morning, same can be said for ocean view, in delaware but ocean city, maryland, has seen some heavier rain, sea isle city, lighter rain this morning. that is what we have going on and continue with the clouds, and light rain and drizzle. seventy-two tomorrow. we will stay in the 70's through saturday but we have thunderstorms in store for friday. we're already hearing about will folks having field day on friday with their schools, we better clean that up, bob kelly. >> friday is a big class trip day, good morning. jammo in cherry hill. here's a live look the at route 70, westbound 07 bumper to bumper to bumper all head willing toward airport circle because of an accident with down wires. route 70 blocked in both directions at cooper landing road right there by the cemetery, just to give you you a location here. you will want to use chapel or
8:15 am
route 38. big delay is airport circle and admiral wilson boulevard. give yourself extra time there. staying in new jersey, an accident northbound 295 at route 47, also, two separate accidents on the freeway, the first one is southbound at black horse pike, second one is north bound at coles road. roads are wet from the drizzle, so just watch it on on and off ramps. mike and alex, back to you. >> alex had a baby. this is a demo here. i always thought swaddling, blank a blanket around the baby was a good thing. >> so many people do it. >> they teach tonight parenting. >> they teach tonight parenting class. >> and, they are still in the womb. swaddling can, and. >> within of the best in the doctor eileen eberle with the children's hospital of philadelphia we call that chop. what is it called.
8:16 am
>> the pediatric care center, great center inside the hospital. >> it is on forty-eighth and market. removed from the hospital but still chop. chop doctors, chop nurse practitioners and everybody chop trained. it is a wonderful community center. >> lets get the two bottom of this. i remember when my kid were born nurse would swaddle the baby and bring them into my room. >> yes. >> little baby burrito, that is right. >> we are not saying into swaddling what we are saying is what we have been saying since 1992 which is back to sleep. fuzz are going to swaddle your baby because swaddling works for so many families, so many babe that is love to be cacooned. >> yes. >> can you see that video, doctor. >> i do. >> is that right or wrong. >> it all depend on how were you taught and what your baby looks like but what i like is it is right because baby is on her back. >> lets do it like this. >> back to sleep. back to sleep. >> you can do this with the hospital blanket or regular
8:17 am
blanket. you will want to open up the blanket. you will fold down the top corner. >> okay. >> you can do it. >> fold down the top corner. >> that is fine. place the baby on his or her back with the head just above folded part. >> beautiful good left or right does not matter. with my kids i started with this side. put their arm and pull over one side. gently place that underneath. now some people will now pull up the bottom or wait and pull up after but you want to achieve a cacoon effect, not too tight. exactly not too tight because you can cause hip problems. >> but here's the thing it is in the how they are swaddling it is what they do after. >> yes. >> exactly. >> they are putting their babies on their side, some
8:18 am
people are still putting their bellies in sleep and risk of side increasing, and it is sudden unexplained death have the child under the age of 12 months from one in to 12 months. >> okay. >> we know if they put them to sleep on their backs, swaddled or unswatled they do much better and make sure parents necessity that when you are thinking about stopping the swaddling we want to see that prior to when baby comes in. >> these are mistakes. >> too tight, too lose. too long. >> babies roll over. at four months old. get them out of the swaddle close to two to three months to avoid negative experience of having baby go, look now i'm on my belly. >> yes. >> you may not be right there to grab them. >> even if you are right through cannot see them die of sids. >> place baby on back.
8:19 am
>> baby on back. >> no loose blankets in the crib. >> in pillows, blankets, no stuffed animal. >> get rid of the bumper pad. >> in bumpers. >> no toys. >> consider using a pacifier. >> there have been studies that have shown use of the pacifier at the beginning of sleep has been protective against sids. we don't know why or how. we are not sure fit has to do with keeping their airway open or more wake but there are studies that shown. >> take blanket off. >> take blanket off after swaddling stage. >> how would you place baby down if it was a hot night or whatever. >> you want to make sure baby isn't too hot so one extra layer more than we would wear is what we would recommend and place baby honor his or her back. you always start them on their back. >> i'm modest. >> this is not the best thing for baby to be wearal this
8:20 am
age. >> pleasure. >> say hi to your two kid. >> thank you very much. >> tell them thank you for the doll. >> they are very excited. doctor eberle is big fan of ryan gosling i hear. you you are a big fan. >> they have had a baby and no one knew about it. how they turnout to see their new bundle of joy. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. we have breaking news at will 22:00. president obama announce that he had will travel to, i say, hiroshima. this month before the end of may, during hi trip to japan. it will be the first visit by sitting u.s. president, how about this. the bomb was dropped, let's see hiroshima in august 1945.
8:24 am
president tru manmade that decision. bomb was dropped on nagasaki. sue, how many people died in that. >> 80,000 people died in hiroshima and 40,000 more, in nagasaki. >> president obama is going to japan. >> all right. >> 8:24. bruce springsteen and the band they call the e street ban. >> they are bringing river tour back to the u.s. shores this summer. >> of course, he has to stop in our area. >> has he been out of the country. >> probably a world tour. >> would i say, yes. >> he is from new jersey. why wouldn't he play around here. >> he is coming back home. >> when is it. >> okay. >> he is adding eight new shows to the the tour. it is at citizens bank park wednesday september 7th and ticket go on sale on may 18th. >> yes. >> stay tuned for that. >> or, you might miss it. >> yes, that is right. >> magic mike with his tickets
8:25 am
big congratulations to ryan gosling and eva menendez. >> they pulled off one of the biggest hollywood baby cover ups some people say of all time because they are proud parents of another baby girl. >> wow. >> according to the certificate obtained by tmz, amada gosling isn't there a restaurant around here. >> on chestnut street. >> she was born april 29th. they have a one year-old daughter together. i don't think we have ever seen her. >> they are very protective parents. >> very private. they have a right to be. congratulations to them. >> by the way, the mother and baby are doing just fine. >> good. >> thank you. >> in babe a announcement, yes. >> fcc requirement. another win for local fashion designer, donna streeter. she's one of my favorite people. >> she will join us, in a little bit in the studio to
8:26 am
talk about her new design for your phone. >> for your phone. >> she won project runway three years ago but she won another project runway contest, beat them all again, two time winner.
8:27 am
want great whitening without the mess? think outside the box colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen for 5 shades whiter teeth. brush, whiten, go! no mess, no waiting, no rinsing.
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colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen.
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what about every weekend. >> yes. >> how and why one couple they spent every friday and saturday without their kids. >> she's a model. you will be so mad at those two you'll love these two. >> sisters are back. we grew up watching them, didn't we. tia and tamara on good day, exciting new endeavor for these famous twins. >> they wrote a book about twins. >> yes. >> it is interesting to be a twin, sue, wouldn't it be. >> definitely. >> we will to have wait until another lifetime i guess.
8:30 am
bill sent this picture of the sun, trying to come through at academy road at the delaware river. thank you for that. trying but kind of not succeeding really for most this morning. that is some have of us who are seeing showers, around, here's a look at the rain rolling in the delaware valley. it looks like today, we have got most of it, philadelphia, west ward, and then spotty showers to the south of us, bus stop buddy has best advice at all, have the rain gear nearby. temperatures in the 50's, light rain around in olde city, it is 51 degrees right now. we have a high of 60 later on, sun will keep trying to break through, and, spotty showers, will be around as well, high of 60 degrees today, bob kelly. >> umbrellas popping up out front here, 8:30, good morning. delays on the bypass, good morning to downingtown, wet behind the ears and spotty showers we have been dealing with all morning long, slowing us down, things are slippery, jammo in cherry hill, and this
8:31 am
is the intersection. at ponzio's, route 07 closed at cooper landing road right by the cemetery there because of of a set of down wires coming in towards philadelphia, and chapel avenue, route 38 is still her best bet, and give herself some extra time. accident northbound 295 right at route 47. what were you doing over there. >> i was down downward facing dog. >> can you bring that camera over here to the light, just follow me, like this. just follow me. lauren asked me to do this. i believe this is downward facing dog. al he can. >> yes. >> there we go. >> yes. >> do you want to see it from the rear. >> no, no, in. >> i got some money.
8:32 am
>> lauren, you asked downward facing dog now we have a downward facing mike. >> we're here on the art museum steps because on sunday it will be thousands of people here doing something maybe sort of like what mike just did. one person who will be there doctor debbie, how are you. >> i'm great thanks, how are you you. >> tell your story that you told me. were you watching american idol five years ago and what happened. >> basically, my cam sol slipped off my shoulder and went to lift it backup and felt something in my left breast. >> you thought what is this. >> i did but because of what i do i sort of knew what it was going to be and next day i got a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy and found out a day later i had breast cancer. >> your thoughts when this happened. >> mostly that it was surreal. also i know how it the effects so many women. i see it every day. i was yet another woman diagnosis. >> five years later you are
8:33 am
part of the biggest community fighting it. what does this mean to you. >> this is my favorite event of the year, in relation to breast cancer, because it unifies women and men, across the region and jennifer always lead news these beautiful, beautiful yoga posts and it is really truly spiritual, great to be doing it, in the city of philadelphia where i grew up and fabulous that einstein where i was born and worked for past 20 plus years is sponsoring it this year. >> is there a team behind you. you spoke of jennifer. here she is. this isn't yoga weather. we are hoping for better weather sunday. >> correct, it will be spectacular on sunday. >> why is it important for women, survivors, how is yoga so helpful in all this. >> ohio ace extremely helpful because obviously the physical benefits of it are incredible for your body, and also just meant willal your mind set, you can really help
8:34 am
people move through and accept and forgive and embrace what they are going through. >> one of the most popular poses downward facing dog. mike tried it before the segment started. can we show them up. i know it is slick in the rain. >> can we show what a downward facing dog looks like. i will let you lead and tell us what to do. >> first seven up your hand have to be as wide as possible. >> mike, are you listening, florida the on the floor. >> mike, i want to you turn your toes under so your toes are on the ground and drop your head. >> got it. >> this is it. >> you got it. >> okay, my turn, right. >> there you you go. >> lauren, have you ever done yoga before. >> i have done ohio a it is
8:35 am
harder then it looks. but great time on sunday. 7:30 to 12:30 on the art museum steps, everyone come out, we are big proud sponsor of fox so we want to see everybody come out. mike, you you missed it. >> maybe he will come on sunday, not just to participate and observe but thanks very much, lauren. 8:35. so now we're checking with jen in london, jen, is it time to tell us about a traditional tea. >> i see it. >> yes, it wouldn't, he yes, it would not be a visit to london, more specifically to soho hotel without high tea and i have just the man orish say men to help us out with this, so come on back he will tell us what the americans are doing wrong, easy fix, see you live from london in a few minutes.
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i'm so excited to see where jen is at. >> i went to london, every day they had high tea, my favorite thing, i love it. >> you did. >> yes. >> we are at so ho hotel which if you don't necessity so ho first of all you are silly. you should. it is very hip. owned by the a same group, in new york and it is amazing and the queen, herself, has kind here as well as eugeney is that her name. >> yes. >> so tell us what is the number one thing that as americans, we're doing wrong. >> unaudible. >> okay. so, you want to us pour city in the water. >> put the hot the water on the leaf in a warm teapot. >> we have to warm the tea spot. >> hello there.
8:40 am
>> you are completely live. >> so go ahead and start pouring. so explain to us, what you are doing. >> so, we will start here. we will start with this one here. it is red sweet pepper and rocket. >> rocket. >> yes. >> and, then we will have ham and cheese. and then we will sandwich with butter and then underneath, salmon you have to have cream fresh. >> you have to have. >> and, is that cream. >> that is over here, which i would recommend, so we have it, here, and then you can have it with, cream and -- unaudible. >> we are loving it. >> all week weather has been lovely. what have have have you done with my weather. >> we turn it back to the present english weather.
8:41 am
>> can we take people for a walk to see where we are. >> sure. >> here we go, we will take a little bit of the walk. i mentioned to you we are in the soho section. someone has to get us proper english. they are getting the umbrella for us. this is your first time on american television. >> that i know of. >> how do you think you did. >> quite good. >> one of the people we saw on tv, watch the puddle, they told us they got a tweet. i know you had wanted us to go outside in the roads. >> look at this. >> you can see how dread full the rainy, awfulness is. >> yes. >> welcome to london. welcome to lon on. >> so here are my tips and teases where i am tomorrow. >> ready. >> ready good i think they have a full screen so here it goes. next place i need a passport again. i'm getting on a plane. i will be in a different time
8:42 am
zone and here's the biggie, i am interviewing someone that every single will person in the audience would view as being a a list mega music star. >> music. >> huge, huge, huge. >> okay. >> music. >> i have to go have my tea and my champagne because we will have champagne now right. >> yes, we are. >> yes. >> we will solve champagne. >> tata. >> that is when you have high tea in the afternoon. you need the scones and cream. >> i don't want anything that is block. >> they have afternoon high tea at rittenhouse hotel. >> yes. >> yes. >> where is quincy. quincy? >> i'm at montgomeryville mall i'm at this new macy's outlet. a lot of these stores we don't have stuff for guys. i found a bunch of stuff for guys. i will have amens fashion show
8:43 am
up next.
8:45 am
8:46 am
further are north you go more chance of sunshine. cammal back looks better then we do around here. weather headlines as you can see in the neighborhood in olde city, it the is gray, damp, and some drizzle toll day. back to the 07's and a bit cooler over weekend. the those are your weather headlines this morning. very heaviest rain we have pushed to the south of us or just happened to be there. really light rain just rolling in the area this morning but pocono mountains lehigh valley has been spared the rain this morning. so just have the umbrella nearby you may need it at anytime today. 60 degrees our high. back to the 70's tomorrow, thursday, and friday, friday is our thunderstorm day and saturday we should clear up with mostly cloudy skies, mostly in the morning and then a cooler day on sunday 70 degrees on monday. so, alex, it is deja vu from last week but it will get better. >> as long as it gets better,
8:47 am
sue. 8:47. move over tyra banks our quincy harris is hitting the runway. quincy, you have some new fashion at macy's new backstage conn president store what is that. >> well, it is in montgomeryville mall. outlet score. denise is like fashion guru here. >> an expert. >> we love it here. >> how long has this store been opened. >> this particular store has been opened for five days. so welcome. we are excited to be in pennsylvania. but concept has been around since august have last year. >> what is the difference between regular macy's and macy's backstage. >> it was born through listening to our customer. we needed to give her a latest trend and value that she was lag for. we created an environment that was comfortable for her, giving her the best trend at best value and giving to it her in a timely manner. >> you know, lot of these stores they opened up and i go in and i'm excited and i'm a fashion icon, clearly.
8:48 am
and i go in and the guys sexist like this small and the stories like this big and there is nothing for the guys. >> if you look behind me we have dedicated great space to the mens department here. we have an emerging young mens area which helps kate tore million len will qualification customer and making sure we cater to different men with tailoring and through the mens shoe department. see categories macy's may not necessarily plan like fashion accessories, athletic accessories. so all within that appeal meaning if you you see to it day you you got to buy to it day, it will not be here tomorrow. >> i understand. right new we will do a male fashion show. i love torey. we do torey's take here. i'm ready to do a male fashion show. we have two models. >> we have george and anthony. >> anthony will come down first. >> sure. >> somewhat we have with anthony is we have the old striped with contrast tripping on the tank top, perfect for
8:49 am
everybody, pared with the classic, sneaker that is now in vogue. >> back at it with the vans. with the gray vans. >> these are actually levi but what we love about this is head to toe anthony is dressed for under $50. >> okay, thanks, anthony. we have our second model. >> now this is george. looked like my uncle or my brother. >> george is emulating cool here. we have him in a short sleeve button down, our take pared with the classic chino and head wear is trending right now. anything from the fedora to the baseball cap being able to dress george for under $75, is a way here too. down to his classic, suede sneakers. >> we have a great third model who goes by the name of quincy. explain what i have on.
8:50 am
>> so quincy is in our summer stated pink button down. he has tiny prints on the shirt which we love with the contrast tripping again, on the choleras well as the sleeve and he has shorts what we love, maritime classic and it comes pared with the add add value of a belt if you wanted to show them your handy little belt that you have on. >> bring out the belt. >> yeah, the belt, right there, guys. >> so next hour we will do another look, mike, i will bring the shirt back. mike jerrick likes the shirt. >> yes. >> it is all for you. >> yes. >> now you need pink shoes. >> next hour we will have more look for guys. >> hey, go buy that first model a cup of coffee, he looks miserable being held hostage at the store. >> anthony is good. that was his cool look. >> that was his cool look.
8:51 am
>> you are happy. >> he is happy. >> yes. >> how old. >> he is 15. >> he is 15, he is trying to get ladies, 15. >> my goodness. >> he is looking for a girlfriend. >> yes. >> he is 15. >> how come he is in the in school right now. >> he is doing this for us. >> thanks, q. >> 8:51. it is the prom picture have of a lifetime. wow, look at this. do they even realize a tornado is bearing down on them. >> is that in kansas? got to be. >> probably. you know it is in tornado alley, yikes.
8:52 am
trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. (man) hmm. ♪hat do you think? (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. ♪
8:55 am
good morning, once again everybody. 8:55. what a mess in cherry hill, new jersey. it all started out early this morning when a set of power lines, came down across the roadway, route 70, right here near cooper landing road, right near cemetery, that will give you a location. that is where wires have been across the road. route 07 blocked both directions here folks using chapel avenue or route 38 to gain access in toward that admiral wilson boulevard and ben franklin and there is also an accident eastbound on the turnpike right hear near fort washington, mike and alex, back to you. this is in the state of the colorado, they have taken their prom picks and then boom, tornado comes down out of the sky. >> look at that. >> so, what they will realize tornado was miles away and they were not in danger they
8:56 am
dezoo todd take this picture and have this tornado be a backdrop. >> it is not unusual at all because i glue up there for the sun to be out and in the distance you see a tornado. i have seen wedding pictures the same way. there is one right there tornado in the distance. they know it is there but moving to the right so they know they are not in dinner miles away. >> at least a mile away. you all want a break at some point during the week but what about every weekend. how one couple, that you will hate, spend every friday, sat the day and sunday without their kids. another win for local fashion designer, dawn streeter, all-star joins us on good day to talk about her new dehe signs for your phone. >> she won project runway again. look at 'em!
8:57 am
they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news!
8:58 am
it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good.
8:59 am
9:00 am
it is tuesday, may tenth, 2016. >> good morning, sue. >> hi, alex. >> hi, mike. >> hello, people. >> yes. we have tia and tamara. it its tamara. they are both on "good day philadelphia" this hour. they have a press cool new adventure. >> they are always having fun. >> plus another win for local fashion designer dawn streeter, all-star, joins us to talk about her designs, but it is not clothes this time. >> what is it. >> it is for your phone. >> sue. >> summer camp should you really be sending your kids away to overnight camp what you need to know before shoveling out that cash. >> all right. get ready to get your hate on. >> okay. >> i already have. >> i don't know what this woman


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