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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  May 10, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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it is tuesday, may tenth, 2016. >> good morning, sue. >> hi, alex. >> hi, mike. >> hello, people. >> yes. we have tia and tamara. it its tamara. they are both on "good day philadelphia" this hour. they have a press cool new adventure. >> they are always having fun. >> plus another win for local fashion designer dawn streeter, all-star, joins us to talk about her designs, but it is not clothes this time. >> what is it. >> it is for your phone. >> sue. >> summer camp should you really be sending your kids away to overnight camp what you need to know before shoveling out that cash. >> all right. get ready to get your hate on. >> okay. >> i already have. >> i don't know what this woman looks like, but, there
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she is. she's a model. and look at her little will doubt are. >> so cute. >> well, she likes her getaway weekend. >> wouldn't you like to have, your parents, take your kid every weekend so you can be with your husband and or your wife. >> every weekend. >> let me give you the scoop on this. she's a fashion model, rachel finch is her name. she said she and her husband do what they do every weekend. they want to continue to basically dayton weekend. so they drop their two-year old daughter off at her mom's place, every friday, afternoon. then they pick up the girl, sunday mornings. so rachel says it goodies for her and it is good for her husband. their relationship is stronger she says. and, they pick their daughter up on sunday morning they are reenergize todd spend quality time the rest of the week with that little girl.
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>> i'm sure they are being judged all over the internet for that. >> oh, my gosh. >> you have parents willing to take your child. >> grandchild, yes. >> it is quality time. >> logic is fine but every single weekend. >> so, quincy, what do you think, ivy's mom would say about this, do you have any shot at pulling this off. >> okay. first of all, i wouldn't let ivy's mom watch my kids, for every weekend but then her there's if i was sink into my kids and my kid would become crazy. i'm jealous. let's be honest. i am jealous. first of all i'm jealous but second of all you don't become a family. a lot of things do you on the weekday running, do this and doing that. weekend are only time you get bond with your kids, with your families and really have quality time.
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so, one thing i believe, the grandmother she's 85 years old. how long will this be able to last. >> until she dies. >> exactly. >> eighty-five years old. i don't think she thought in her 20's or 30's when i'm 85 i will be watching a two-year old. it is selfish. a eight five-year old cannot watch a two year old. i can barely watch a two year old. it is a selfish thing. >> lets put up a picture of this husband and wife want date every weekend. >> they are certainly good looking. >> let's stare at them. they are good looking. >> we can hate them just for that. >> they are spin, in shape. >> right. >> yes. >> they work out together. >> real issue is when the mother says they cannot happen. that is when divorce will happen. the mother six months from now something happens with her knee, she can't watch the kid. what do you then. >> once a month i think would chief what they are looking
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for. >> yes. >> every weekend. >> whole idea is people say, hey alex, even if my kids on the weekend it would be practice for when you become a mom. >> i love that idea. >> because it would be fun to watch you squirm, wiggle around. >> yes. >> how many kid does she have. >> perfect. >> perfect. >> i think we do need that. i think one week even, alex, i want alex to watch my kids. we can document it. >> are you ready for that. >> make it feel special. >> let's do it. >> i don't even think you are ready. >> let's videotape that. >> one afternoon, baby steps, and then try a week even. >> friday, to sunday around 8:00. >> i need to mentally prepare. >> and child proof your home. >> alex, it has to be on a day you have to feel it. friday, saturday when you are going out, social and you have to watch sprout for like six
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hours and entertain these guys and feed them like 17 times because they are boys eating everything. you need to do that. >> that sound like a fun time. >> good stuff. >> all right q, thanks. >> sleep away camp let's continue this conversation about parents here. sleep away camp can be a big step. one woman discusses her decision on a blog we found this was reprinted in a washington post newspaper. she believes summer camp gives her kids a competitive advantage in life. while other kids, you know, sit around, not going spending overnight camp. >> um-hmm. >> so, anyway, she prefers camp. overnight camp. she claims sleep away camps build creativity ape helps her kid develop a better sense of independence, did nia ever go away to the sleep away camp. >> i finally let her go away to girl scout camp for a week when she was ten but it was so hard for me but then i realized it was a good thing
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for her. it was girl scout camp. they had different activities. >> how long. >> one week. >> one week. >> some kids go away for almost two months, in the summertime. >> almost all summer. >> my parents sent me every where, every summer. i went to christian camp, ymca camp, space camp, i went over to mexico, i was going every where. >> that is because they don't like you. >> that is in the true. >> i like a a adventures, i like to be on my own. not mommy, daddy. i learned to you to interact with others and that sort of thing. i socialized because you are with someone. as an only child i don't have a sibling. being around someone and sleeping next to them that was different for me. but i learned a lot. >> did you make friends easily. >> i would like to think so. >> yes. >> you have to make friends. it was funny because when they sent me to mexico. >> do we need a tighter shot
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of you. >> i don't know about you. never this close. >> they never let me forget it. i went there for two weeks and i didn't call them once. >> i was having a good time. there was always a line for the phone, or something. they will be all right. >> yes,. >> my daughter wrote me a letter in camp i still have it in my wallet. >> in your wallet. >> it is so precious. >> do you have your will wallet with me. >> could you get it. >> jackie. >> it is really special. >> one of the best messages i have. >> i heard you make those great memories, campfires, telling stories, playing catch with a flag, i love this game. >> let's zoom in on your eyes. >> no, this is enough. >> here we go. >> no, no. >> lets see your close-up. >> they have been told in the control room don't get any closer, then belly up on me. >> can we do mike now, it is not fair. >> it is horrifying.
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>> my gosh that is why they don't do that. >> he wants to be able to see our pours. you want to see our pours. >> i got it. >> i got like craters. >> okay, wow. >> are you going to help her in the chair. >> look, i still kept it. >> yeah. >> drop dead. >> what? >> mommy, sorry i didn't see you yesterday but i love you, so much, and i hope you have an awesome day. >> that is the one. >> what age is she. >> she's 19. >> now not now. >> thanks for the word search and picture. sorry i took so long. >> i can't read it. >> she didn't write, right away. >> sorry it took so licensing to write but we went rafting. camp has been fun.
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we have not actually, done a lot. i comb my hair once. i tried french toast and it tasted like pancakes. i miss you despite fun i have been having. say hi to roofus n big capital letters. i love you. >> that was really special. >> ten years ago. >> yes. >> more importantly, more interestingly is, your purse. >> this was in my wallet. >> look at all this stuff. >> that is my rewards cards and gift card i didn't redeem yet. >> how long have you had davio's card. >> do you want to go. >> yes. >> there is plenty over there. >> aarp card. >> when i got the my aarp card in the mail i cut tonight half and threw it out. >> you can get discounts sometimes. >> yes. >> yes. >> i would the rather spend money and whip that card out.
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>> listen up to this, a new study suggest women spend more than 24 hours, each week doing housework. is that a full day. >> what? >> what people are these. >> twenty-four hours doing housework. >> my goodness. >> what about the guys. >> yeah. >> the australian institute of family studies which i tried to look at once a month, looked in the trend of moms in their particular country, and finings reveal mothers spend between 25 to 30 hours on housework every week. >> a whole day. >> no way. >> interestingly, the number of hours a woman cleans dropped by two thirds after they have kids. >> yes. >> you give it up. >> you just can't stay ahead once kid are here. >> do you think in the united states of america things have finally changed, guys are doing housework. >> yes. >> i agree. >> i hope so. >> more than they used to but when people come in and they
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like your house they will still compliment would the man. >> good point, sue. >> when i'm slaving away in my apartment doing laundry. >> yes. >> back when i was a kid my dad, he did yard work, he work on the cars, and stuff outside mostly. >> why are you talking like that. >> i'm from kansas. >> and then the mom did the vac eulogy, making the beds and stuff like that. my sisters had to make the beds. my only job as a boy was to take the trash out. >> weren't you lucky. >> yes. >> my sisters made my bed. they hated me. >> did you make it difficult for them, mike. >> pretty much. >> they did dishes too after supper, we called it supper, in the jerrick house. seriously. >> he doesn't like the close-up. >> no tight shots. please, this is a man of the
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delaware valley, trying to either that breakfast. >> other people like it. >> no one likes that. >> stop it. >> kim kardashian had an interesting way of prepping for last weeks met gala. you know what this is metropolitan museum of art in new york city. they have a gala, a lavish gala. >> look at that dress. >> oh, my. >> it looks like it is made of metal. >> it looks like popcorn. >> i guess it is technology. >> she's a reality star. >> yes, parentally she went to hydrate her, iv. >> they put, she hooked up to an iv, to hydrate. she got vitamins, electrolytes and fluids to prepare her for the red carpet. that procedure gives you a good glow, so the guy, the iv doctor, kind kim got the treatment. he confirmed this.
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saying reportedly that kim got service inside her home. of course, it is costly, $400 and rejuvenates your hair and skin. >> rest of us just drink water. >> that is true. >> and stay hydrate that had way. >> yes, you when you are a i kardashian you have to do that. >> go to the doctor, they stick you with an iv and shoot vitamin and electrolytes and water into your system. >> isn't that what they do for athletes. >> yes. >> she's going to walk down a red carpet. >> yes. >> wearing high heels. >> she did have have to go upstairs. >> she did have to stop and talk to people walking up the stairs. >> yes, i wonder if dawn streeter was there. >> we will find out. >> she's in the room. >> why don't do you weather or something. >> i'll do weather and then something. i'll show you ultimate doppler radar, and you can see where rain is. it looks like it is just about
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every where but there are a lot of breaks in the action as well. we're seeing some heavier rain, and southern new castle county in delaware, and little bit up in lancaster, berks county, and for the rest of us, it is shall we say, spitting, out there this morning. we're seeing umbrellas go up and down here in olde city. sometimes you need one, sometimes you don't. that is the way radar looks right now. let's check that seven day forecast because we will not only give you you today but next six after that. but we have got clouds, today, 60 degrees and a stray shower. clouds some sunshine tomorrow, and then maybe a stray shower, south, and then thursday looks good. 75 degrees partly sunny, thunderstorms on friday. so far so good for the week went more clouds on saturday then sunday and cooler on sunday. that is your weekend, and which is included in that seven day forecast. >> holy molly there is something knew in dawn streeter's life.
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she has just nabbed another winning title. she won project runway in 2013. a philadelphia with man of course. >> then there is another one. >> they brought a bunch of winners from project runway from 11 and 12 years. they had to fight each other off again. she would be the best designer. she won. >> winner of project runways all-star is... >> dawn. >> literally, best of the best. >> yes. >> congratulations. >> thanks. >> dang you are pregnant. >> yes, very pregnant. >> when did that happen? well, i necessity how it happened. when did this happen. >> a little after filming, project run a was filmed a
9:16 am
year ago. >> yes. >> okay. >> celebrating the big win. >> yes. >> who is this guy. >> my husband, he is over there in the corner. >> hello there. >> congratulations. >> yes, he is a philly guy through and through. >> dang, you pulled it off again. >> i know, i did the impossible. i won twice. so yeah. >> did you hesitate to do the all stars because... >> when i got asked back last year i was so hesitant about saying yes because it was only two years since i had won first time that past i said is it really appropriate, should i go. my husband said if you don't go you'll regret it. i said you're right, i will. so one time he was right, ever. >> yes, wow. >> look at his face. >> and then he says let's make love. let's have a baby. >> it is a surprise. >> can you say if it is a boy or girl.
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>> it is a girl. >> you you cannot keep a secret. >> michelle. >> no. >> so you will design a dress and things. >> everyone is asking that. maybe i will. i am kind of tempted. wouldn't you design for a living you get so lazy when it comes tour own life. >> there is a whole line of little girl clothes, you would be a millionaire. >> true. >> what did you win, when you won the contest. >> it is a partnership with otter box, i won one of the challenges. >> what is a otter box. >> case for cell phones. >> let's go through this. >> is what bauble is a jewelry line that does fashion forward jewelry so i had a chance to cure rate a collection with them. >> you have to work in the chinese laundry. >> it is a woman's shoe line, some design, shoe line with them which will be out soon. >> featuring in the magazine. >> i will be a contributor editor to marie clear.
9:18 am
>> that is huge. >> yeah, i'm excited about that. >> your own studio in philadelphia. >> yes good has it opened up yet. >> i go back and for the to the studio. i took time off last year to go film. >> hold on a second did you win a hundred you this dollars. >> i won some money too. >> that is nice. >> it is always nice. >> are you in love with your husband. >> he's trying to step in now. >> otter boxes because everyone loves them because they're so durable. >> what is an otter box. >> type of phone case. >> those are nice ones. >> yes. >> they are really good quality. you can drop your phone and it will be protect. >> they are impact resistant. i won it on one of the challenges. i design a print and i collaborated with them on two phone cases for an iphone. >> these are two that we saw on the phone. >> know, i designed an additional print the 21 we die signed on the show. >> we collaborated on these two.
9:19 am
>> thinks part of the new collection they have right now. >> yes. >> that is nice. >> they are gorgeous, yes. >> you have unlimited cell phone cases for rest of your life. >> now i'm going to have to keep iphone six until like they send me new cell phone cases. >> new ones. how many different styles can they get. it is a lime green and cool for this summer, some excited about this. they can get it on otter or verizon stores. >> otter box. >> typically they are just a solid color and big but these are really cute and fashionable. >> good opportunity to bring fashion and technology together which rarely happens you know dom streeter you are becoming one of the most famous people from philadelphia now. i think you are in the top ten. >> top ten. >> top 50. >> thank you. >> i know. >> why not 15 or 20. >> i will say top ten from west philadelphia. >> we will a say that. >> are you west philadelphia
9:20 am
born and raised. >> born and raised. >> can you sing the whole song. >> i sing that on my audition tape. >> west philadelphia born and raised on the playground where i spend maine most of my days ... >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> okay, stop. >> you got it. >> you have to know the whole thing. >> yes. >> no, i don't know the word then. >> dom, congratulations. >> yes. >> nicely. >> do you want to live like the cast of seinfeld. >> some cast members i do. >> how much some of the most well men tv apartments and homes would actually cost. >> jerry lived across from crammer on the up are west side of manhattan. that is about four you this dollars a month. we will talk bit. [ soft music ]
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mr. brady, we've been expecting you. will you be needing anything else?
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no. not a thing. beautyrest black. get your beautyrest.
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i hope you enjoyed that lovely hour you just spent in reading. >> i think we're going to reading. >> are we soon. >> maybe not. >> we have a big announce. we will talk about that. >> a big announcement on friday, some exciting things. >> yes. >> this might be the biggest thing we have ever done, on friday. this is big, big. >> yes. >> big, big, big. >> big thing that will happen at the end of the summer. >> right. >> just wait for friday, trust me. >> big. >> did i mention big. >> did you ever wonder how much it will cost to live like your favorite sitcom characters, you look in their apartments on the tv shows and they are all fake. >> gossip girl. >> yes. >> upper east side. >> yeah. >> new york post that is a newspaper, took time to figure out cost of some of the homes if you lived in them if they
9:25 am
were real. first up jerry seinfeld's apartment upper west site of manhattan. one bedroom one bath apartment with an open kitchen would cost about $3,400 per month. >> wow. >> to rent. >> that is today's money. >> show was produced in the 90's. going rate would be about 3400. >> my goodness. >> it is not much of an apartment. >> but great area. >> and then, of course, there is monica and rachel's apartment, which was amazing. that was in the westville age, two bedroom, one bathroom spot, that will cost you at least $4,500 a month by today's standards. >> that would be a very nice apartment but great area. >> welshing remember the at the time them saying that with the jobs that they had they probably could not have afforded it. >> i thought it was a nice apartment, to go out on the balcony area and open up, windows. >> you don't know. >> the windows. >> yes.
9:26 am
>> but how about this smarty pants. >> yeah. >> carri's apartment in sex and the city allegedly cost $700 a month in the show. bull, bsn real life that apartment on the up are east side would go for at least $2,400 a month. >> this is not her apartment here, but everyone is always the famous things she's in the movie, she's trying shoes and outfits. >> yes. >> everyone loves the walk in closet. >> yes. >> huge show. >> she's visiting with big. >> yes. >> he had a nice place. >> it is why it was called big. >> is that why he was called big. >> in one of the episodes he was big, everything about his personality, and life, and everything else. >> i hate that had show so i never watched it. >> you know my dad told me to watch the show, alex, you learn a lot about relationships and dating. >> your father told you to watch that. >> he said you will learn some
9:27 am
things. >> i could not even get through one episode, it was episode where carrie was dating a guy who was a politician who wanted to pea on her. >> i remember that one. >> i said i'm out. >> he took her to the restaurant and kept ordering water for her. >> you find that exciting. >> no. >> okay. >> i think that guy who played that guy ended up on magnum. >> flattery. >> yes. >> you are right. >> i remember that. >> interesting guys, i will tell you some in the commercial break. >> we watched him growing up, it is tia and tamara on "good day philadelphia" next.
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narrator: the constitution says the president shall make nominations for the supreme court and the senate votes. no exception for election years why is pat toomey refusing to do the job pennsylvania elected him to do? toomey refuses to consider anyone president obama nominates, even a former prosecutor with more experience than any other nominee with bipartisan support. but toomey is choosing his party's leaders and playing politics with the supreme court. call senator
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toomey and tell him to put the constitution before his politics.
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>> i wonder if-ee ann will get hate ball because he said cheese steaks in south jersey? >> maybe there is an article that came out and he's testing it out? >> he's a tough guy. >> he is. >> and he's tall. >> tall and tough. okay, so, couple of weekends ago i was down in washington dc for the white house correspondance dinner. so, i met up with our colleague adam housley. and look who is next to him, it is tamara. >> i vine i had her on the show today and she said yes, welcome to philadelphia.
9:32 am
ti a and tamarrah. >> hi, i was just telling my sister. >> you know mike. >> she newark actually who were you. >> i just saw you like two weekends ago. >> i know it. it was fantastic. we stayed out very late. >> yes? >> i know, and i had to get up, well, ya, i had to get up like three hours later. >> isn't that cool? had to take a flight back to la. >> he said he respects your partying level because you were out there having a god time even though you new you had to get on the plane. >> absolutely, we didn't have the kids so it was like date night. >> so instead -- >> i hear mothers are the best at party. >> take it for granted like if we're going to party. >> we'll party. >> me myself and i, we will take advantage of this moment. that makes sense. >> hey by the way, ladies who are those ladies on the book cover behind you? >> ya, which one is kathy, which one is caitlin?
9:33 am
>> this is kathy. >> and that's caitlin. >> so i want you guys to see who is tamara, who is tia which one out -- >> hold on. >> let me look closely here. >> mike you better figure this out. >> mike you go first. >> mike, am i, okay, you only got 52nd. go. >> am i caitlin or kathy? >> you're caitlin. >> yeah, he got it. >> very proud of you. >> what would have been the consequences if he didn't get it right? >> never speak to me again. >> i wouldn't be my friend any more, go home, tell adam. no, kidding. tell us about this one, double trouble. >> yes, double trouble. so the second installment of our four book series, and in the first book you can kind of see the girls figure out that they have something special going on. and this this series you can sense them working together and trying to figure it out.
9:34 am
they do casino of have their separate lives in high school. katie is more of the popular one, caitlin is a little bit more of the nerd but i'm okay with that is correct i own my nerdness. but in this series see them put their differences aside and start working together. >> special powers. >> yes. >> and realizing their powers, like getting stronger, because turning 12, right? >> yes, yes, and something that they find in the package that actually helps them with their powers, learn little bit more about their purpose. >> yep, their purpose. >> their dad's side of the family. >> now, in our control right now woman by the name of jessica kline, her name is kit cat kline, she has special number she will sing for you, okay? you ready? >> really? >> oh, gosh, i know what it is. >> jessica, go ahead. >> ♪ sister sister ♪ i got
9:35 am
my oh, my. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's it? you only did the sister sister? i could have done that. >> jessica kline, ladies and gentlemen. >> that was great. >> how are you enjoying the real, here, on fox? tamara? >> i absolutely love it. it is a lot of work if i've honest, the moment i hear the music and i see those four other faces, i forget, i forget that i'm working, i'm very grateful. it is a loft fun. >> who is the most annoying person on the show? >> really, mike? >> you know i can't say that, mike, i would be in trouble. they're all so great. do you watch the show? the real? as often as you can? >> yes, i caught it several time. actually on the show, like, two weeks ago, right?
9:36 am
and it was a lot of fun. >> i got to cook with my sister and, you know, the girls. they have a lot of fun on the show, so it was great. >> you know tia, too, on the show a lot. we love instant moms. thank you so much, yes. amazing. she from fill. >> i right. >> and she always talks about it she says such great things about philly, so, ya, she is great. >> we love too. good to see you. >> congrats. love you. >> bye guys. >> next time i want to come party with you guys. >> okay. >> you got to be strong. >> really. now, what really happened that night? >> let me tell you, and i tell you who she thinks is the most annoying of the four, oh, ya. >> okay. >> but how do you tell the two apart? >> how, mike? >> tamara has a beauty mark. >> oh, here we go.
9:37 am
>> right here. >> very nice. >> yes. >> that's one way. thanks for that secret, mike. >> i love a beauty mark. >> beauty marks are great. what's the most famous beauty smashing. >> marilyn monroe? >> sin i crawford. >> i never looked at her face. kidding. maybe she did. >> selena melt down, what happened now? >> well, she isn't too happy about a sign that a fan had. so what it said that made her crumble it up and even throw it away. >> she grabbed a fan's sign? >> uh-huh. >> and crumbled it up? >> uh-huh. >> i bet it had to do with the tool. >> now you had me gag link marilyn monroe. every friday,
9:38 am
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>> nor the first time you're looking at marilyn monroe's face, look closely, there is a beauty mark. >> not much of one, slight one, beautiful one, though. >> very notice tonight me, i like it, looks good. >> beautiful woman. >> yes. >> look at that. >> actor chris hemsworth, he was in tore, wasn't he? >> i believe so,. >> yes. >> now isn't the perfect man? >> yep. he baked his daughter. >> no, he dates his daughter's birthday cake. he did it himself. >> oh, look. >> cool. >> dinosaur? >> i don't know what the hell it is. >> so cute. >> the daughter india, is her name, four years old. >> oh, she is four? she must love that. >> this is what he said when he posted it, what happens
9:42 am
when the bakery says they don't have enough time to make abater day cake? you get out one and smash one yourself. >> look at his arm. >> oh, it is called le tracks chocolate. >> please, calm down, chrisment it is great. >> trex. >> i talked in the commercial break, agreed come back on the show and judge quincy. >> oh, we need her to come n we need some expert advice. >> pressure is on. >> this is going to be easy for dom. >> i am at macy's back stage, you can't believe. i'll let you know after the break, or say hello to betsy 82 years old, she loves watching the show. we thank you.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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>> cindy crawford on her lip? >> we can see it, yes. >> that looks like a growth. >> ya? some casino every hairy nobody us. dom street, one of the best design nerves america now, is back, in. >> -- he's an all-star. >> ya. >> the pressure is on, now, quincy doing a fashion show over at maze i's, what is it, back stage? >> right. >> and this is off 309.
9:46 am
are you in montgomeryville? >> yes. >> in is where we are, this is jen east a, she is a by err here at macy's. >> now, let us know. >> going to places like this, now, you know, it can be do big selection for fellows. >> extending the men's department here beach think the men have been little forgotten, so excited to bring all of the fashion that he needs back at macy's, at macy's back stage. we talked a little bit about the young men so we'll show you few new looks from our resident fashion guru here, as well. but also, bringing the magic every macy's with new fun ideas, testing new vendors, trying new trends, and new cat gore that's we may not necessarily have carried before. >> okay, so last hour we did little casual there is hour we are doing suit. would it be more sophisticated look? >> wedding season is upon us,
9:47 am
so how do we dress for all ages, all life sometimes, and get ready for what we want to bring forward. >> okay, our first model, let's do anthony. anthony, we need to see a smile this hour. he is 15 years old, what's anthony snaring. >> anthony is what we would call modern prep. so he is going with the blazer-less book paired back with skinny tie, really sophisticated, really sleek without being too stuffy. lavender is certainly the color for the season. so we love how it is paired back to the more neutral black. >> we have dom streeter in the studio, how are you doing from project runway, an all-star watch do you feel about this look in. >> wide shot. >> i have to say i'm quite a fan of the colored shirt and the tie, i am a sucker for a print, a guy with a tie looks great. >> oh, ya. >> got to give him a thumbs-up on that one. >> well, when you put the guy in the tie. >> yes. >> he's smiling, mike, again, he's 15 years old, sophomore at north penn high school and
9:48 am
he's smiling today. he has a smile right now. >> dom? >> who do we have coming up next? >> we we next have george, george is one of our sales associates back stage, we love him. george is representing what we would call our summer suit. so he's paired the khaki blazer back to a slack, highlighted by the oxford in brown, the huge trend for us this spring, into fall, so transition piece here, as well. then we love the pop of color that we're getting from george's tie. >> right. >> appropriate for any sort of event particularly a summer wedding. >> dom, what do you think about this look right here? >> that's a really really good look, the color blocking excellent, the printed tie is great, as always, and i got to say i love the shoes. i love the brown shoe on a man, looks so good. >> dom, what's color blocking? >> when you take large sections of solid colors in your garment, he is wearing tan jacket, navy blue panty
9:49 am
believe. >> poppa color with the tie. >> exactly. >> george, george, here is a mold, he is actually my long lost brother. >> okay, so, denise explain, our last model. he hails from germantown, magnolia to be exact. tell them what you have on? >> quincy has on fabulous tailored suit found at macy's back stage. he's paired that back with a coral pop tie as well as checkered shirt for a print on print matching here. what we love, love, love about quincy's tailored suit is that it is right at the price of $100. >> look at this, 100-dollar. >> a hundred dollar suit? >> well, i make it look good. but ya, $100. >> dom, what are you thinking? >> no, i'm not laughing at you. no, really good seoul. it fits, fits real well. you can see the confidence just oozing. >> you look good. >> how about his footwear?
9:50 am
>> what? >> he has sneakers on. >> oh, i actually love that. i love that. >> it is a contrast. thank you, it is a contrast. >> yes. >> contrast. guys, come on out. come on out. >> guys need to come back stage, dom streeter, denise, thank you. >> thank you. >> i toll her, she wanted to be on tv when she was younger smooth, great. beautiful. back to you guys. >> let's do a wave. good luck, due date? >> june 19th. >> oh,. >> wait that's fathers day. >> it is fathers day. >> you have this whole thing worked out. >> daddy'ser. >> ya. >> alex, you toll me that selena gomez was so mad an at a fan she ripped a sign out of a fan. >> crumbled it up and through it away. >> i say it had to do with westbounder. >> we'll tell you what was on the sign.
9:51 am
here, look at her pretty emotional about it. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ [ soft music ] e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1.
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9:54 am
>> so jen has been in london for the past few days, she admitted she is going to another country. so where are you going now? we need a clue. >> you have seen this. all week lovely london. then today the day that i am leaving it looks like traditional london. it is cloudy. it is chilly. it is raining. i'm out of here. so here is the next part of the journey, right? i'm going on my negatives leg of the trip, you guys have to guess. you have to go on twitter, facebook, stain gram. i'm going to be leaving some
9:55 am
clues. i'm trying to trick you, so here is your last clue. i'm going overseas to another country to interview a major music mega-star. but although ill land in the country where that star is tonight, it will take two days to get to that star. two days to get to that star. twitter, stain gram, facebook. for now, i have to say bye! >> little confusing for me. >> so you don't want to make it easy. >> overseas. >> well, you have to go overseas to get out of glands, right? >> no. >> it is an island. >> whales ... scotland -- >> well, if she traveled east you don't go over much water. >> it is so hard for me to listen to you mike when you have the moles on you. >> now, says is mike drawing this on his face on purpose? so he can avoid further closeups. >> hey, good idea. >> too late.
9:56 am
>> oh, no, looking dastardly. >> all right, tell me about selena gomez. >> you're right, the sign had to do with bieber. so, show on sunday night she is performing in fresno when she saw a sign that a fan had. she asked that person, okay, bring that sign over to the stage. >> oh. >> then, see, come here. she grabs the sign, crumbles it and throws it to the ground watch was on the sign? well we will show you. mary justin, please. >> oh, are you out of your mind? >> oh. and then justin bieber remember he posted the throw back picture of them kissing? like the most like picture on instagram right now. >> that's what you are looking at? instagram? >> actually article on my time line on twitter, and -- i didn't go search for that. >> on twitter? >> twitter. how do you say twitter?
9:57 am
>> twitter. >> twitter. >> -- she bring more attention to the sign had she just ignored it. >> fresno, california, no one would have seen the sign, now it is all around the world. >> if you get that upset over your ex, then maybe you're not over him. >> yes, let me bring up some names on you, see if you get upset. >> let's not do that. there will be no names. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> picture most like. >> but that was from several years ago. >> well, he posted it recently as throw back thursday, that's why it came back up and everybody is talking about it then. >> maybe go back to some of your ex's, mike, start listing them, see how you re snack. >> lit me with it. >> tamara? >> tamara? >> tamara? >> ya. >> ya? >> boo hoo. >> oh, the one that got away. >> should have married her. >> don't say that. that's terrible. >> true.
9:58 am
>> now you're happily engaged. >> but she in prison and it never would have worked out. see you tomorrow.
9:59 am
10:00 am
is. live, the "wendy williams show." >> you won't believe what i'm about to fetell you. i'll always give it you to straight. >> now, here's wendy! >> very nice. xwl thank you so much.


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