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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  May 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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something wasn't quite right with one of their most loyal customers. >> not normal at all. >> a delivery driver went to check things out. the shocking find inside the customer's house. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> right now at 5:00 exclusive video that shows a hit-and-run. it is difficult to make out in this surveillance video but a camera captured a vehicle hitting a bicyclist in west philadelphia last night. now the driver just kept on going. tonight that bicyclist is in the hospital and police are after the driver who put him there. good evening i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. peacing all this together has been challenge. our bruce gordon has been working the story all day and has new information from outside the hospital where the victim was taken tonight. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, iain, the victim in this hit and run crash was rushed here to penn hospital last reported in stable condition. police as you say are saying very little about what happened early this morning and why but
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we've been knocking on doors and talking to business owners and neighbors all day long trying to piece together this sad story. the center median at 52nd and walnut was unusually empty on this day. just a handful of incense sticks on the ground to mark the unofficial business run on this very spot for years. as for the businessman -- >> what do they call him. >> incense man. >> incense man. >> number one guy on the block. it's hard to believe someone hit him and ran. >> reporter: april sense man. even long-time acquaintances don't know his real name. was struck by a hit-and-run driver shortly tweet a.m. as he rode his bicycle near 52nd and spruce. fox 29 has obtained security camera footage from neighbors businesses that shows a large white suv possibly a jeep grand cherokee passing a pair of vehicles on 52nd and slamming the bike and rider from behind. separate video shows the suv then drive off through a red light on the wrong side of 52nd.
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moments later, a passing motorist stops to render aid to the bicyclist. police say the victim suffered a head injury and possible fractured ribs. folks who live near incense man street business says he has little or no ma'amly they're aware of but they want him to know they're thinking of him. >> sort of a neighborhood fixture i guess. >> yes. everybody is well loved in the neighbor. everybody knows him. everybody stops to talk to him. >> reporter: good guy. >> very nice. very nice. down to home. you need some money or something like that he'll give you money or some change or something like that. use coffee or something like that. awesome. nice person. >> reporter: now, if you know anything about this case, remember the video we showed you might jog your memory around 2:00 a.m. 52n 52nd and spruce please call police. iain. >> bruce, thank you. now to developing story out of the city's frankford section. a tragic scene this afternoon after officials say someone on bike was hit by a septa bus. it happened right under the i-95
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overpass. medic rush the bicyclist to the hospital. >> and that is where he died. let's get straight to our dawn timmeney live in frankford. dawn? >> reporter: well, lou cease and iain we still do not know the identity of that bicyclist. we do know he was 25 years old and he died minutes after arriving at the hospital. >> i just heard a lot of sirens. iing in it was something pretty serious. usually when there's lost sirens around here it's pretty devastating. >> reporter: report alicia mcdonald who owns the business at the corner of orthodox and aramingo was right. something tragic after just afternoon or orthodox under i- i-95. a septa bus hit a bicyclist killing the rider. >> the street was jammed um for awhile. a lot of police officers. a lot of transit police. >> i just scene the bus out here that's about it and all the cops and the fire department. >> reporter: norman duck kerr warts work at frankford plating just feet where the bicyclist was hit. cars and buses fly by here.
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>> just like a drag strip probably about 50 miles an hour or better at times. >> reporter: police say the 25-year-old man on the bike cut in front of the step route j bus and the driver hit the cyclist. the driver did stop immediately after the accident. >> there's a ton of bikers. i think there's lot of folks that live around here that really don't drive, and that's their mode of transportation a lot of times carrying supermarket bags on handlebars. very sad. >> reporter: now, i can a test to the fact that cars and buses do by here but there's no indication this septa bus driver was speeding. one of the workers at a nearby business spoke to that bus driver right after the accident and says he was extremely rattled but again the bus driver did stop and police say the bicyclist cut in front of that driver. lucy. >> thank you very much, dawn. just tragic. shot over and over and tonight a 24-year-old man is dead after police say someone shot him six times in brewer row town. officers were called to the 1600
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block of north 30th street right around 2:30 this afternoon and that's where they found him. he died at temple university hospital. police are looking for the man who pulled the trigger. police are looking for the suspect in stabbing in philadelphia's germantown section. skyfox was over the scene along the 4900 block of bayton street. police say just after 12:30 a man and his 50's was stab in the arm and the chest. we do not know his condition. the rain continues in your fox 29 weather authority. live look at absecon, new jers jersey. more spotty showers today. things have cleared up here and there but more rain is on the way. let's check in with meteorologist kathy orr. >> it's always hard to look down the shore when you see rain because you don't like to put the towing together on ultimate doppler you can see more of the same. spotty showers moving through with some clouds. this is all associated with very weak frontal boundary but it's creating enough lift and moving slow enough to keep those showers around the region. right now temperatures stuck in the 50s. it sounds very familiar, doesn't it? the month of may is pretty
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much been like that with 1 degree above normal. temperatures right now are on the cool side and wind speeds are light big difference from tomorrow -- yesterday rather when we had breezy conditions. today not much winter so it's making little bit more comfortable even though it's cooler. spotty shower by 7:00 o'clock. mostly cloudy at 9:00 and by 11 cock looking at clouds. it will be cool with a temperature of 54 degrees. as we go through the evening, you can see a few more lingering showers. trying to clear the skies out overnight. but here comes a few more showers that will linger into tomorrow morning. and then we'll try to drive this out. so after tomorrow morning, we're expecting some increasing sun. the 70s will make a come back and taking a look at late week storms and we could see a few over the weekend. we'll time those out coming up with your seven day forecast later on in the broadcast. we'll see you then. >> all right. kathy thank you afternoon of deadly weather in the southwest at least two people are dead after severe weather hit tornadoes causing major damage in oklahoma and more bad weather is on the way.
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fox news meteorologist marina is in oklahoma okay with more. >> deadly weather hitting oklahoma. powerful storms bringing hail and tornadoes to the state. funnel clouds knocking down trees and power lines and leaving massive damage in their wake. >> had me a death grip thon wood. you can feel the whole house shakshaking and rumbling. >> another tornado touching down nebraska 30 miles south of oma omaha. similar scene as residents deal with the aftermath of the storm. one local resident says he and his pet survived bed what the even though his home did not. >> the dog and i headed to the basement and didn't make it. >> it was like the movie twist twister. legs up flying. >> reporter: severe weather also hitting lincoln, nebraska, bringing flooding and large hail which caused damage to buildings and cars. >> good thing is everybody is safe. so we're counting our blessings we were just staying save trying to keep the kids calm. >> more strong storms are forced
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to impact areas from the mid mississippi river valley to the hoy river valley. large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes will be possible. in katie, oklahoma i'm meteorologist maria molino, fox news. >> pennsylvania prosecutors dismissing recent allegations two sift tan coaches witnessed jerry sandusky abuse boys because that information they say is unreliable. solicitor general bruce castor says investigators found the reports to be third and fourth hand and so therefore not valuable to prosecutors. the information became public last week after a philadelphia judge's ruling in a lawsuit between penn state and an insurance company through his lawyers jerry sandusky is denying the allegations. new developments in the death of a kensington woman who police say was killed by her boyfriend. philadelphia police now say he strangled her. early yesterday morning police say that man called 911 saying he had killed his girlfriend in a home on rohrer street. officers found the body of 27-year-old veronica rodriguez
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in bedroom. 25-year-old jawn camacho faces several charges including murder and sexual assault his mother lives in florida and she told a tv station her daughter had broken up with him and he actually texted an apology after the murder. >> philadelphia police are investigating claims of a sexual assault inside a west philadelphia high school. it's a story you saw first on fox. investigators say a 14-year-old girl told them a fellow student assaulted her last friday inside sarah high school near 58th and -- philadelphia police special victims university every unit is investigate. so far no arrests. man walking in queen village is robbed at gun point but surveillance video got a pretty good look at the suspect. check it out. it happened last wednesday on the 400 block of catherine street. he point add gun and took his wallet and cell phone. the bad guy then took off jump in a car and headed north on fifth street. if you recognize this guy call police.
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>> skyfox over caldwell egan catholic school it went on lock down this morning. it received an anonymous threat and locked down the school. no sure if local police found anything suspicious but fbi is telling us that an investigation is in fact on going. each party's presidential candidate now for gone conclusion. but if you think you know what will happen when people here in pennsylvania vote in the general election, new poll may have you rethinking. beloved pet becomes gravely ill. her family prepared for the worst. >> we were so attached to her and i was really nervous she was dying. >> it didn't take the family long to learn what was wrong. the first clue they had just gone to a concert. >> their breaking the law. overdosing on dangerous drugs and police are stepping in not to arrest them but to save their lives. why the patients are not grateful. coming up all new at 6:00 how do you attract people to a job that can be thank less
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and dangerous. philadelphia police chief talked about sweetening the deal to get cops on the street but now some are saying it's a bad idea.
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>> chemical spill in local creek is all cleaned up tonight. so say officials in cheltenham after someone illegally dumped chemicals into at a cooney creek yesterday. township says it looks it's
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relating to the painting glenside pool nearby. cheltenham authorities are investigating who did what but say no fish in the creek died. hundreds of volunteers are giving their time this weekend to plant thousands of trees at the flight 93 memorial. the new seedlings will cover 23 acres of hillside near where united airlines flight 93 crash after four terrorists highjack it on september 11th. 40 passengers and crew members fought with the highjackers. more than 2,000 volunteers planted nearly 75,000 seedlings since the project began in 2012. organizers are hoping tore forest the and tire site with more than 150,000 trees. on to you decide political coverage now. it is primary day in virginia and nebraska. but presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump is telling people save your vote. he's running on op move on the depth cat tick side become and hillary clinton both campaigning hard. sanders is leading in the polls in west virginia and he's
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already moving on to california. >> we have the possibility of walking in to the democratic convention with a majority of delegates. >> sanders still trails clinton by hundreds of delegates. meantime, donald trump is looking for a running mate. he told the associated press that he's narrowed his vp choices to five or six candidates and he has not ruled out new jersey governor chris christie. this is a new poll finds hillary clinton and donald trump may be neck and neck in three key swing states. in the new poll clinton holds just a single point lead over trump in both florida and pennsylvania. while trump leads clinton by four in ohio. that is a statistical tie as all three results are within the margin of error. get this. since 1960, no candidate has won the presidency without winning at least two of those fleetly states. organizers with democratic national convention say they are overwhelmed that people asking to lend a hand during the event.
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of course, it's this july in south philadelphia. host committee says its goal of getting 10,000 volunteers is completely shattered. more than 16,000 people signed up to help with his historic event. about 60% of those people are from the greater philadelphia area and organizers say they're not surprised. >> philadelphia is such a great town, and we've been expressing how excited we are for the convention to come. so it's not surprising to me that so many folks want to be a part of this historic experien experience. if you want to help you got to act fast. philadelphia host committee is looking to fill 1,000 more volunteer spots and after that your name will go on to awaiting list. something no president has done since world war ii. the white house announced this morning that president obama will visit hiroshima, japan. >> don't expect thyme offer an apology for the use of atomic weapons to knock japan out of the war. fox's kevin cork has more from the white house. >> reporter: it's a visit that
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took more than 70 years. white house announcing president obama will become the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima. the japanese city hit with atomic bomb delivered by the us effectively knocking the empire out of world war ii. for the president, it's a politically sensitive move but once that's already being applauded by japanese lawmakers. >> i believe this will add great strength to getting closer to world without nuclear weapons and realize such a world i hope to do my utmost together with president obama. >> reporter: critics say the visit could undermine how america's role in the war will be perceived by future generations. but in online post this morning ben roads said the president will not apologize for the use of the bomb during the war. something survivors groups and anti nuclear advocates have been pushing for. roads says the president will offer a forward looking vision focused on our shared future. >> president obama has made nuclear non proliferation a priority and even one nobel
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prize early during his first term for seekin seek speaking on the issue. the white house says this visit is another way of highlighting his goal of reducing nuclear stockpiles around the globe. >> the president intends to visit to send much more forward looking signal about his ambition for realize the goal a planet without newark collar weapons. it. >> comes in couldn't junk with the g7 meeting slated for japan next weekend. at the white house, kevin cork fox news. >> many call it philly's live lee yesterday graduation ceremony. >> music and dancing filled the university of arts commencement today. fox 29 lined up with the class of 2016 along broad street as they marched from hamilton hall to the merriam theatre. they give degrees visual and performing artings, design and writing. speaker offered the crowd post graduation advice.
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>> i'm absolutely confident your friendships, your mentoring relationships your experience with faculty, your experiences here both good and bad positive and challenging are going to stay with you long after graduation and help you immensely as you start your own particular journey. >> the university is celebrati g 140th anniversary this year. a special therapy session for patients at a center city senior facility. furry friends from dogs to guinea pigs were brought out for a visit at mercy live. the sessions are done once a month and provide a crucial benefit for patients. >> animals promote touch, decrease depression for a lot of them and put as smile on their faces a lot of them don't have animals at home or they don't have, you know, the means to care for them so coming here to the center and being able to interact with a bunny or a guinea pig is just rewarding in itself. being that they're not able to have that in the community or at home. >> paws of the spirit provide
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the animals for the therapy sessions. >> it happens while you're sleeping. ladies you might want to learn a little bit more about your snoring. what a new study found out about snoring and your survival odds if you're diagnosed with breast cancer. we've already told you about the muslim high school student who's name was miss printed as isis in the yearbook. today the school says it's a mistake and they do know how it happen. why the soup says that's not good enough. prom night to remember. check out the back drop for this couple. why they weren't too worried about that funnel cloud.
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♪ scary moments when a couple of window washers get stuck on the side avenue new york city high rise. officials say the scaffolds somehow malfunctioned and they got stuck on the 17th floor. so the fire department was called and firefighters were able to get the window washers down safely. >> canada people are hailing the fort mcmurray fire chief a hero for coordinating a practically flawless evacuation of more than 80,000 people when a massive
5:24 pm
wildfire threatened the city. that fire is now responsible for the destruction of more than 2,000 homes and buildings. the prime minister of nan today toward the damage today. so far he has turned down offers of assistance from the united states and other countries. >> i'd like to reassure everyone that the federal pro vin shall and municipal governments are doing absolutely everything we can to offer our full support to this community. >> authorities in alberta are telling residents not to go home as of yet. that fire is still burning out of control. no rain is in the forecast. officials expect it will take months to finally put this monster of a fire out. in arizona, a sheriff's deputy out of the hospital tonight as police search for whoever shot him much here's what happened. deputy named brian wisdom had pulled over a driver saturday when someone passing by fired off several shots. they hit wisdom in the leg. he left the hospital today and sheriff is after the shooter.
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>> i worry about this guy because if he's willing to shoot at a uniformed law enforcement officer with his lights on, what will he do next? >> sheriff is asking public to help find the vehicle which they believe is an older silver cadillac. it was definitely a unique back drop for a prom photo but something that was bound to happen at some point in the nation's mid section. alley and charlie posing as tornado passed through the town of ray, colorado. according to ali's mom the tornado was several miles away when the picture was taken and the family was not in danger that tornado injured five people and damaged three homes and one business. a beloved pet became gravely ill and it didn't take a family that long to learn what was wrong. the first clue they had just gone to concert. >> plus, they're breaking the law. they're overdosing on dangerous drugs and police are now stepping in not to arrest them but to save their lives. why the patients aren't so
5:26 pm
grateful. kathy? >> we're talking about more clouds, a few lingering showers and these are going to be slowly subsiding as we make our way into the evening. then drying out and temperatures into the 70s where they should be. we'll take look at the seven day right after this.
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>> well cup back live look at one of my favorite places arou around. bush kill falls from our pocono mountains camera. rain today, more tomorrow, notice pattern here anybody? >> hmm. >> meteorologist kathy orr will have update on the wet week ahead coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. police in west philadelphia are trying to track down a driver that hit someone on a bicycle and then left the scene. fox 29's bruce gordon got this video of the moment that hit-and-run took place early this morning. near the intersection of 52n 52d and spruce. the victim has injuries to his head and ribs. he was taken to the hospital in stable condition. if you've got any information, please call police. to story you saw first on fox 29. philadelphia police are investigating claims of a sexual assault inside sayre high school in west physical. police say a 14-year-old girl is told them a fellow student assaulted her last friday in the school. the philadelphia police special victims unit is investigating. so far though no arrests. colorado puppy is recovering after major health scare the family pet was in some trouble
5:30 pm
after a trip to a concert venue. >> and that was the famili' first clue about what may have been behind all of this. fox's ashley michaels has more on the story. >> reporter: cocoa is 13 weeks old. she's the newest addition to the grace key family and everywhere they go, she goes. like red rocks on sunday for mother's day. >> just stayed on the bleachers and walked around and they brought her up on the stage. >> reporter: but they got home -- >> we just thought we had tired her out. >> reporter: cocoa wasn't the same. >> she was completely unresponsive. her head just was shaking back and forth. we were trying to get her to walk and she kept wobbling and falling over. >> reporter: so they took her to the er. >> we're so attached to her and i was really nervous that she was dying. >> reporter: linda says the diagnosis was shocking. >> the first thing they asked me is do you smoke pot? and i was taken a back by the question and i said, no. >> reporter: it turns out cocoa ate marijuana most likely something they she picked up at
5:31 pm
red rocks the emergency vet cocoa went to reports treating at least five high dogs every day. and her regular doctor says he's seen a spike in cases since pot became legal. >> we used to see them once or twice a year. now we probably see it once or twice a month. >> reporter: only thing they can do is give dogs an iv and let them sleep it off. >> very few animals die. >> reporter: still a scary situation though especially for curious puppies who like to taste everything. >> well, if your dog happened happens to eat marijuana don't panic. if you can get your pet to the vet within four hours, everything should be fine. but that clock is tick. i saw the sun. we saw the sun about half hour ago. >> is that what it was. >> a few minutes i think it was out. >> i blinked so i missed it. >> that's what happens. >> it was that fast. >> it was. >> so every day we get reports from the national weather service and it says the percentage of possible sunshine that we actually saw and today it's probably zero.
5:32 pm
>> but did you see it we'll see what we can do. i'll tell them iain page did see it. >> 1%. >> he's an official weather spotter. take look. live at market street. a busy afternoon as we noticed last week when we were in the clouds and temperatures in the 50s everything looks little bit greener when you have cloudy skies. okay. enough of that already. we want the sun back. right now the temperature is 59 degrees. the high for the day the wind is calm making it comfortable and sunset at 8:05. if we saw any sunshine that would be 54 in the poconos. 55 degrees in reading. it's 58 in wilmington and in dover it is 5 57. we have spotty showers mainly cutting right into south jersey and also heading down the shore as well. avalon a few sprinkles and 55 degrees. wildwood 54. not a huge range in temperature we do have bit of an ocean influence ocean water temperature only 55 degrees. ultimate doppler you can see a line of showers associated with a weak front that has been stalled near our area for the past couple of days. in a line from southern
5:33 pm
lancaster county, southern parts of chester county through wilmington and northern new castle you can see right here along 95. so areas high park, newport even into riverside, tavis stock through wilmington and carney's point right across the delaware seeing showers. extending down through 40 and upper pitts grove, al away, woodmere, deerfield you're seeing a few showers and even down the shore right along the parkway in middle township stone harbor and wildwood. now these are moving toward the southeast at about 30 miles an hour. at that speed and with sunset a couple hours away they will be dissipating and then we'll just be seeing mostly cloudy skies. it's associated with an area of low pressure creating that severe weather out west and snaking stationary front that slowly drifting north as a warm front and that's producing the showers. we do anticipate a few lingering showers tomorrow morning by the afternoon some breaks in the clouds and temperatures slowly warming into the upper 60s. ocean water temperature still on the chilly side as i mentioned.
5:34 pm
only in the mid 50s. we look at the weather map as a whole. you see the contour all this green so where is the warmth? that has been the question for the past several days. 59 in philadelphia. 82 in raleigh so you can really see where this front is hanging out. lexington just to the south of the front st. louis 79. atlanta 82. orlando 86 and that is not even the core of the heat with this system. look at this. 87 degrees in houston. and mid lander, texas it's 95. so that is where the warmth is and a piece of that will be moving toward the northeast over the next several days. it's going to be very slow to warm. a very cool start to may. for the monthly average temperature we're averaging 5 degrees blow normal for the month already. average high is 72 degrees. today 59. tomorrow inching up into the 6 60s. thursday and friday slowly going back above normal for change. overnight in the city 51. in our suburbs 47. early light spotty shower if
5:35 pm
you're going out this evening you'll need a light jacket but it shouldn't be anything more than that. 69 for the high tomorrow. spotty showers especially in the morning. i do expect some sunshine. more than we saw today to say the very least. if you suffer from seasonal allergies, oak, birch and maple trees will be the big problem with all the damp wet wither it hasn't been a huge issue. high levels for wednesday and thursday. friday and saturday as we see an increase in sunshine during those days. on the fox 29 weather authority seven day forecast, 73 for your thursday. then friday we have another front moving through. with showers, possibility of a thunderstorm that that warm air out to the west and southwest. temperature 74 degrees. behind that, chance of a scattered shower but late on saturday. sunday cooler behind the system. monday more clouds but still temperatures pretty decent compared to what we've seen, 69 degrees. and by tuesday, looking at sunshine, 67. we're talking midway through the
5:36 pm
month at the end of that seven day forecast and i am forecasting a pattern change for the end of the month. we'll talk more about that tonight at 10:00. >> okay. >> we need the change. >> we do need the change. thank you kathy. >> we've already told you about the muslim high school student who's name was miss printed as isis in the yearbook. today the school says it's a mistake and they know how it happened. why the student says that's just not good enough. a pizza restaurant recently served up more than dinner. the employees there being credited with helping save the live avenue loyal customer. we'll explain how. coming up all new at 6:00 how do you attract people to a job that can be thank less and dangerous. philadelphia police chief talked about sweetening the deal to get cops on the streets. but now prominent voices are saying that is a bad idea.
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♪ high school student in in california incorrectly identified in her yearbook as isis says she's afraid to go back to school. meantime the school is calling all regrettable mistake.
5:40 pm
she's gotten hate messages since the yearbook was released on friday and says while some students have been supportive she's seen more hate than she could imagine. >> it makes me forget about all the support you're getting because you know those people you're supposed to be proud to be one of them graduating with them and now i'm scared to even walk. >> the district superintendent says there was another student who recently transferred to another school who had that name and the yearbook photo was a miss identification. he says nearly 300 year books with that mistake were distributed and they are recalling all of them. it was a special delivery on highway in maryland when a family we would we would we come baby into the world. >> amy wasn't due for another three week but baby evans had another plans. mom went into labor with no time to get to the hospital. cute little guy the whole family helped deliver the newborn. >> everybody took an active role of helping out. had a four-year-old, um, eighth
5:41 pm
grader and a junior in high school and everybody was great helping dad i think stay calm as well. so i don't think he can have done it without having them there as well. >> dad is speechless. firefighters rushed to the scene to make sure everyone was okay. amy and baby evan are doing well at home. happens while you're sleeping but ladies you might want to learn little more about your snoring. what a new study found that could say about your survival odds if you're diagnosed with breast cans. >> overdosing on dangerous drugs and police are stepping in not to arrest them but to save their lives. why the patients aren't so grateful. howard? >> the phillies playing a team that at one time look like the phillies. they're a mere image what the phillies used to be and one player who went ballistic last night on the field and that's all coming up in sports. [ soft music ]
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with xfinity x1. ♪ you combine america's sky rocketing opioid epidemic and an almost miracle device that can seemingly bring overdose victims back from the dead and you've created a whole new world for local police. >> our bruce gordon recently spent some time with some police in upper darby where high profile narcan safe put the issue front and center. >> reporter: when upper darby police officer matt lynch reports for duty he straps on his gear. side arm, check. radio, check. baton, handcuffs, extra ammo clips, all there. then lynch heads to the rack of patrol car keys to retrieve what's become one of the most
5:46 pm
important tools he'll carry, the little red boxes hold narcan kits no assembly required nasal spray antidote that can bring heroin overdose victim virtually back from the dead. lynch remembers his first exposure to the new kits. >> carried this red box with me everywhere and it was like when am i ever going to use this? probably a week or so later, it came up. it happened. >> reporter: in just the past 16 months, lynch and his fellow upper darby police officers have used narcan 86 times to revive overdose victims. 74 times it did the trick. >> that's frightening. >> reporter: remember this video? more than 600,000 people have watched it on various internet sites since it was released baaing in january. it shows 25-year-old michael meanie of delaware county shooting heroin aboard a crowded septa bus. moments later he collapses unconscious on to the floor of
5:47 pm
the moving vehicle. upper darby police are first on the scene and there's that little red box using the narcan to revive meanie. later charged with drug possession in the hopes of getting him into treatment. >> people that normally would not commit crimes are compelled to commit crimes by the hold that this drug has on them. >> reporter: per dash plea police officials say narcan has turned their officers into couldn't. emt. >> we're interested in saving lives and this is probably one of the more dramatic ways that we can do that. >> reporter: captain thomas johnson says his officers are enthusiastic about how narcan has expanded their duties or maybe more accurately expanded their opportunities. >> we are worried there's going to be two police cars crashing into each other trying to get to the person that they can revive because there's an incredible amount of satisfaction when you can save life. >> reporter: we talk at length
5:48 pm
with officer lynch as he patrolled upper darby on recent afternoon. he had several narcan saves to his credit. but says back from the dead victims aren't always grateful. >> it's neat to see it, you know, at that point, but my first thing right after that is is this person going to be combative? is he going to want to assault me or anyone else? >> reporter: there's bigger problem. cops with narcan can save a drug user for the moment. but many addicts cannot kick the habit. in april of last year, for example, lynch saved an overdose victim with narcan, a 40-year-old man. >> he started coming around and, you know, his girlfriend thanked us for -- for helping him, you know, come back and bring him back to life, and but he told me as he was getting loaded on the ambulance that he had just got out of rehab, ungearing week prior. >> reporter: four days later that man ed'ed again this time narcan could not bring him back.
5:49 pm
>> the addiction was more powerful than life. so it was definitely sad situation. >> reporter: like many police officers, matt lynch has served in the military. he was an infantry platoon leader in afghanistan and remembers seeing vast fields of poppies. colorful almost beautiful. but over there the drug trade helps fun the taliban. back home, it destroys the lives of those he serves. >> you see really wild looking and cool looking but, you know, down here you actually see the, you know, the end result and it's horrible. >> reporter: mat lynch enjoys the new life-saving opportunities that come with the little red box he carries, but he knows all too well that narcan and his quick use of it is only temporary answer for the drug user. >> if we're there and we can help, we'll do our best. at the end of the day, you have to want to help yourself. >> reporter: toward that end upper darby police are offering to connect addicts with drug treatment programs if they come
5:50 pm
into the police station looking for help. so far says captain johnson, few have taken them up on the offer. again, cops with those little red boxes can only do so much. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. in your health tonight a warning about how you're little ones sleeps. study finds that babies who are swaddled as they sleep may have higher risk of sudden infant death syndrome. swaddling or wrapping a child in a blanket with their head exposed but arms inside is thought to have a calming effect that helps babies sleep but findings publish in the journal of pediatrics say it may increase the risk of sudden infant death sin dome or sids. that risk goes up more when the child slept on their stomach. those infants compared to those not swaddled had about 13 times the risk of dying from sids. that's interesting. a surprising connection between snoring and breast cancer. researchers found that women who sleepless than six hours a night and usually snore are twice as likely to die from breast canc cancer.
5:51 pm
the studies in a journal clinical sleep medicine resear researchers analyzed more than 20,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer that had not spread. researchers note that previous studies have shown sleep problems may boost tumor growth. they say they're fineings highlight the importance of a good night's sleep particularly for breast cancer patients. now we told you recently about a study suggesting that some people only need one minute of exercise. one minute to get all of the positive benefits they need. >> well, there's a little more to that story. fox' as neat at a sent -- deena centofanti explains. >> reporter: it's true. one minute of high intensity exercise can benefit your body but let's be very clear. >> it's 10 minutes of which one minute is hard work and nine minutes interspersed kind of the warmup, the cool down and in between. >> reporter: the team at mcmaster university in ontario studied 20 somethings and found the group doing just a minute of high intensity training mixed in with nine minutes of warming up and cooling down did just as well as the group working out
5:52 pm
for 50 minutes. >> so 10 minutes equaled 50 minutes in terms of getting rid of diabetes, potential. weight issues. in terms of building up your muscles. in term of your feeling of i'm fit. 10 maps can do it. if you're ready to take on that kind of challenge. but be careful if you're not report roar cardiologist dr. joan joel con explains during that one minute you shall be running or biking like an alligator is chasing you. for those of hughes can't handle that level of tin sense the, his message is clear. one minute of moderate ask activity doesn't cut it. >> i think the downside the message i'll do just a little for 10 minutes and that's good as 50 minutes. nope. if you're going to do this you got to do it hard which is where the caution comes in. >> isn't that a shocker? if the gym isn't for you one easy form of exercise is simply getting up and walking. imagine that. all right. speaking of that pizza restaurant recently served up more than dinner the employees there being credited with helping save the lives -- live
5:53 pm
avenue loyal customer. we'll explain how. >> coming up new at 6:00 how do you attract people to a job thank less and dangerous all at the same time. philadelphia police chief talked about sweetening the deal to get more cops on to the streets but now prominent voices are saying that's a bad idea. and continuing coverage of hit-and-run in philadelphia. a man be loved by many who knew him in the hospital tonight. what police know about the car that hit him. ♪ i sleep extremely hot.
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>> thousands of dead clams washing up on the shores of chile as one of the biggest red tides in history hits the country. the red tide is an algae that kills fish and other marone live with a toxin that paralyzes the central nervous system. eating seafood with red tide can poison humans. experts say the red tide which is likely the result of the warm el nino pattern could linger for two more months. a pizza restaurant in oregon really takes care of its customers. >> and in one recent case that customer service meant a lot more than delivering speeza. fox's james mow wilson has the story. >> reporter: every couple days sarah fuller staff gets an order from one of their regulars. 48-year-old kirk alexander. but over the weekend, it dawned on everyone that they hadn't seen alexander's name pop up for a long time. >> couple different people pointed it out to me, and saturday night i finally decided to look up see when his last order happened to be and it was 11 days ago which is not normal at all. >> reporter: sarah sent
5:58 pm
delivery driver to alexander's house and something was clearly wrong. >> he called us back and said that, you know, he knocked and heard the tv but he didn't have an answer. so we gave him his phone number and he tried to call. >> reporter: staff called 911 when deputes arrived they heard alexander inside yelling for help. they forced their way in and found him on the floor having a medical emergency. >> i bang on the door but he doesn't always answer. >> neighbor robert notice that alexander has had health problems so he keeps an eye on him, too. he was also worried that something was wrong so he is grateful that domino's stepped in. >> that's awesome. that is awesome. you know most people just take it for granted. >> yeah. >> that's really cool. report roar these domino's employees are always on the move trying to make and deliver food fast. but they say they're never too busy to help someone in need. >> we're always looking out for everyone out there and caring for customers especially.
5:59 pm
>> kirk alexander is in stable condition at a hospital. tonight at 6:00, severe weather doing damage and claiming lives in the southwest. the threat isn't over what's in store for them is even more rain moves into our area. a bicyclist thrown from his bike and rushed to the hospital. police say the driver kept on going. the clues police found today they hope will help solve this case. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. ♪ right now at 6:00 who hit a man with car in kept west philadelphia and then kept driving? tonight exclusive video that could be the biggest clue yet in answering that question. the victim bicyclist who still in the hospital tonight. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. so far investigators have been very tight lipped about what happened. our bruce gordon tracked down the exclusive video showing the moment of impact. he's live outside the hospital where doctors are treating the victim. bruce?
6:00 pm
>> reporter: yeah, lucy, this is a strange one. the victim in this case known by just about everybody in the neighborhood yet no one seems to know his actual name. the incident in question captured by several business security cameras along the block. we've obtained that footage and peaced it together to tell the story. this west philadelphia neighborhood was shrowded with shock and sadness this day. the businessman whose been setting up shop in the 52nd street median for years was absent. only a handful of incense sticks marking his usual place. >> his name is incense man. >> reporter: april steps man? >> yes, incense man. everybody in west philadelphia knows him. he sell incense on 52nd and walnut street. very good guy. >> reporter: incense man even his long-time acquaintances don't know his real name was run down by a hit and run driver just after 2:00 a.m. as he rode his bicycle near 52nd and spruce. >> fox 29 has exclusively obtained security camera footage from several neighborhood businesses that show a large white suvik


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