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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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officer tonight. what hit him and temporarily blinded him as he tried to stop a fight. hard to watch worker's terrifying 40-foot fall at a local landmark. how he recovered and the big settlement he just wouldn't. your news in 30 seconds. ♪ right now scary moments for local officer attacked on the job trying to break up a massive fight in the street in north philadelphia. the housing authority sprayed in the face and raced to the hospital. good evening, i'm iain page.
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>> i'm rule notice. tonight he's okay but the search is on for whoever went on the tack. fox 29's dave schratwieser live at temple hospital tonight. dave, this started out as quiet brawl. >> reporter: lucy, police say there were several dozen people fighting in the street when they arrived on the scene as officers moved in to break up the brawl, this officer was sprayed in the face then raced here to the hospital. the injured 25-year-old pha officer left temple university hospital in a caravan of police cars just before 8:30 tuesday night. two hours after he was raced here when someone sprayed him in the face during a melee at 25th and diamond. >> he was sprayed with pepper spray went in both of his eyes. he was unable to see initially. >> reporter: it happened just before 6:30 when police received several 911 calls about dozens of people fighting in the street in front of this philadelphia housing authority complex. >> reports avenue large crowd fighting. mainly females. we got a call of a possible stabbing. a person with a knife.
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>> reporter: 20pha police and philadelphia officers responded to the scene to break up the fight. that's when the young officer fell to his knees complaining he couldn't see and an officer assist call weren't out and police raced the officer to temple university emergency room where he was treater immediately. >> he still has some blurred vision but he's in stable condition and expected to be all right. >> reporter: police are reviewing video from surveillance cameras on this school across the street and at a wreck center at 25th and diamond. >> we have no description of who pepper sprayed the officer. the officer just realized while he was breaking up this large crowd that something was sprayed into his eyes. >> reporter: no other officers or civilians were injured during that fight. 28-year-old woman was arrested on disorderly conduct charges but the person who pepper sprayed that officer is still on the loose. lucy. >> all right, thank you, dave. man who nearly died after falling through a glass ceiling at the rodan museum reached
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settlement with philadelphia museum of art and its security company. surveillance cameras captured what happened we're not going to show it although. the 27-year-old was inspecting lights in 2012 when he fell ne nearly 40 feet through the glass ceiling. he survived and is now reached a settlement of more than $7 million. attorneys for the man say he spent more than a month in the hospital and had had to have more than a dozen surgeries. breaking to night a chilling string of crimes in massachusetts. police say someone stabbed people at a home and then continued the rampage at a mall. state police say that after stabbing two people in taunt ton, massachusetts, 40 miles south of boston a man crashed a car into the silver stegall rhea and stabbed two other people. police say the unidentified man was shot and killed by an off duty law enforcement officer. two of the victims have died. the others are in the hospital. it's a reality no one wants to face but tonight one community has trained its residents to deal with a worst case scenario. gloucester township police want everyone to be ready to run,
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fight or hide should they ever face an active shooter. fox 29's shawnette wilson was at the training. she's live in gloucester township. shawnette? >> reporter: lucy, gloucester township police tonight said they are trying to educate their residents and the biggest point they tried to get across tonight is awareness. >> if you don't think about it ahead of time then you panic. so when the incident occurs, you don't necessarily know what to do. >> reporter: that's the reason jane made sure to attend this active shooter response training. they want their residents to know what to do if they find themselves in that situation. >> impressed me as far as the looking around and being more aware of my surroundings. and i don't think i've done that in the past. >> reporter: jane and others watched graphic but moving reenactment videos about different scenarios in which a
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gunman tries to carry out mass wash cal tease in crowd places such as the workplace. >> get ideas and clues that can help you. >> sergeant jason frederick said it will be awake up call for many who have a false sense of security. >> part of is denial of they don't want it to happen here. if it's out of sight, out of mind they don't think about it hopefully it won't. >> reporter: sergeant fred says the message they hope to drive home, run, hide, fight to save your life. >> any training is going to engrain something in people that they're going to be able to fall back on. >> reporter: wendell a retired teacher says the tactics are common sense. but tonight was an important refresher on awareness. >> i'll do a lot more observe wrack i am and the area around me. the people around me. so that i know where i want to head if anything is going to happen. >> reporter: and back here live, police say they've been fortunate not to have an incident like that here in the
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township. so tonight was really an attempt to be proactive. iain, back to you. >> shawnette, thank you. on your radar tonight we could have another day of showers the way. here's live look from trenton tonight most of us are in the mid 50s after chilly day but a lot of people still wearing raincoats or maybe a heavier jacket they're walking in fairmount tonight. kathy, we'll get warmer but this rain could stick around. >> that frontal boundary moving so slowly across the region really not moving all that much. that means the persistent clouds and also a chance of showers will remain at least for the next couple of days. now, we're watching ultimate doppler a few sprinkles move through but this will be arriving during the early morning hours and into your morning rush. it's not lot of rain. once again it's just spotty showers that will be moving through. 56 in the city. 47 in the poconos. 54 degrees in wilmington and 52 in dover. the winds relatively light. so not going to be an issue in our forecast. as we look ahead hour by hour some showers moving through to
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the delaware valley for the morning. but just spotty through the region and then additional showers moving through this is the noon hour through harrisburg and baltimore and they'll be pushing into the region by the afternoon. so coming up we'll talk about the warmth that's coming we'll see a stretch of 70s late week storms in the forecast and open the threat of rain over the weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up with the seven day but there's some weather in there as well. keep it positive. >> all right, kathy, thank you. p moving life to south philadelphia take the weather authority with you in the pal much your hand with fox 29 weather app. you can see live radar and get alerts sent to your phone. search it for it in the apple or google play store. >> trying to ants question who hit a man with a car in west philadelphia then just kept on driving. tonight video you'll see only on fox that could be the biggest clue yet in answering that question. the victim was on his bike. he's still in the hospital and so far investigators have been very tight lipped about what happened. fox 29's bruce gordon has been speaking with friends of the
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cyclist. >> reporter: this west philadelphia neighborhood was shrowded with shock and sadness this day. businessman who has been setting up shop in the 52nd street median for years was absent, only a handful of incense sticks marking this usual place. >> his name is incense man. >> reporter: incense man? >> y incense man. everybody in west philadelphia knows him. he sell incense on 52nd and walnut street. very good guy. >> reporter: incense man, even his long-time acquaintances don't know his real name was run down by a hit-and-run driver just after 2:00 a.m. as he rode his bicycle near 52nd and spruce. fox 29 has exclusive obtained security camera footage from several neighborhood businesses that show a large white suv like al jeep grand cherokee passing a couple of vehicles on 52nd then ramming bicycle and rider from behind. a separate security camera shows the jeep then drive through a red light at 52nd and spruce on the wrong side of the road. a passing motorist sees the
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injured victim lying in the street and hops out to render aid. police say the victim suffered a head injury and possible fractured ribs. back near the site of incense man's street business, acquaintances were wishing him a speedy recovery and singing his praises. >> good guy? >> very nice, very nice. down to home. >> he's a kind man. comes out, works every day, you know, he's not here, he's on lancaster avenue. he's a well-known guy. >> reporter: selling incense. >> just selling incense and oils much that's it. >> reporter: if you know anything at all about this incident, remember, just after 2:00 a.m. right near 52nd and spruce, what appears to be white suv. philadelphia police would like to hear from you. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> and then there's what happened to a bicyclist in the city's frankford neighborhood a septa bus hit him right around noon nearly corner of orthodox street and aramingo avenue that's under the i-95 overpass right there. police say the 25-year-old man on the bike cut in front of the
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septa route j bus. the crash killed the man. those who live and work nearby say cyclists have to be very careful in the area. >> there's a ton of bikers. i think there's lost folks that live around here that really don't drive, and that's their mode of transportation. a lot of times carrying super market bags on the handlebars. it's really dangerous around here for the bikers. >> police say the bus driver did stop at the scene and witnesses tell us he was understandably shaken. a pennsylvania state senator is federally charged tonight in a bribery scheme. democratic senator far niece who represents philadelphia is charged with conspiracy, wire and male fraud and violation of the travel act. prosecutors say far niece bribed democratic party ward committee woman ellen chapman for her support in the eighth ward leadership election in 2011. chap map has now been charged with the same crimes. in a statement from the senator's lawyer reads in part larry farnese is one hadn't dread% innocent of those novel
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charges and expects to be fully exonerated. there's no allegation senator farnese misused his office or government funds nor that he septembered any gift or kickback. these charges have no connection whatsoever to his senator al office. >> republicans voting in nebraska today where donald trump want unopposed and won n west virginia voters are for both parties went to the polls with trump winning on the republican side. he ran unopposed and end else quit. on the democratic side a big win for bernie sanders who yesterday vowed to keep fighting right up to the democratic convention right here in philadelphia. and a quinnipiac poll released today shows that trump and hillary clinton are running neck and neck in the three key swing states of pennsylvania, florida and ohio. and speaking of donald trump, billionaire now looking for a running mate. he says he's narrowed this vp choices to five or six candidates all with extensive political backgrounds and he hasn't ruled out new jersey governor chris christie.
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trump says he's prioritizing political experience because he wants a vice-president to help him with quote legislation though it's congress that creates that. here's live look in the holmesburg second of the city. you need to know lane closures in place for northbound and southbound i-95 between the cottman avenue and academy road. crews are going to replace barrier road work will be from 9:30am until noon. surveillance video shows this car slam into a gas pump much the driver gets out, takes off with deputes only seconds away. what he left behind that makes this so much worse. and infested a local neighborhood covered in hundreds of caterpillars crawling all over the place. >> almost trapped inn saad your house. you're afraid to come out. >> it comes to the point where it's like a march roar movie. >> where neighbors say all of these april secretaries are coming from. a schoolbus goes up in flames on the side of the road. what happened moments earlier that has group of 10-year-old boys in big trouble tonight.
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and some local swear it's the best cheesesteak in the area. but it's not in philadelphia. what this local deli refuses to put on their steak no matter how many people ask for it.
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>> handful of residents in northeast philadelphia do not think so. they have a caterpillar infestation. >> now they're doing anything they can to keep those creepy bugs away from their homes. fox 29's chris o'connell live in
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northeast philadelphia tonight. chris, you got a close up look at these nuisance bug. >> reporter: yeah, iain, lucy, viewers call us on this one. even we were surprised when we got to this neighborhood. we're talking about an infestation of caterpillars. but we're not just talking a few here. we're talking thousands, tens of -- maybe hundreds of thousands they are on walls, they are on sidewalks and, yes, they could be under your shoe. it may be a right of spring -- >> you're almost trapped inside your house. >> reporter: they may seem cute and harmless. >> it comes to point where it's like a horror movie. >> reporter: say caterpillar in this west torresdale neighborhood it might as well be a four letter word. a sudden infestation of eastern tent caterpillars happens every spring along chesterfield road but this -- >> it's at least 10 times worse. it's never been like this. >> reporter: bobby dee fell lease lived here 40 years and says it's never been this bad. >> when i call the city, i said,
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i feel like we're being overcome with caterpillars here. i was in the house. i had one on my shoulder. >> reporter: the reason for the caterpillar migration is right across the street in a wooded property. >> there's point you go across the street and you'd see the whole tree moving. >> reporter: you can see hundreds of nests in cherry and maple trees that have been stripped of their leaves. it's gotten so bad residents are having to sweep even shovel the bugs away. >> as soon as you clean the up, they're all back. >> reporter: the caterpillars that will soon turn into moths are harmless to people. but forget trying to start a garden around here. >> they'll eat your bushes and your plowers and they'll kill your plants. >> reporter: exterminator told residents the caterpillars will most likely disappear in couple of weeks but in the meantime watch where you step. >> no bare foot around here definitely not. >> reporter: yeah, good advice. now, according to penn state bug experts, these kinds of caterpillars have a six to eight
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week feeding cycle so folks around these parts may be dealing with this issue for a little while yet. iain? >> all right, chris, thank you. authorities say it's now safe to go into tookany creek after officials in cheltenham say someone illegally dumped chemicals in the water yesterd yesterday. the township says it looks like it's related to the painting of glenside pool which is nearby. crews were out there for much of the day cleaning up the mess. cheltenham authorities are investigate hook did what but say no fish in the creek died. a gun point robbery and usually quite south philadelphia neighborhood. but police are hoping that surveillance video can help them catch the bad guy take look there. it happened last wednesday on 400 block of catherine street in queen village. police say a man pointed a gun at another man and grabbed his wallet and phone. took off jumping into a car and heading north on fifth street toward south street. if you know anything, call police. should police officers have to go to college? it's a question philadelphia's currently re-examining and some
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big changes could be on the way. not everyone is happy about it. fox 29's bill anderson breaks down the debate. >> reporter: former philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsay made it a requirement that police must have two years of college or military experience. now due to shortage of officers, that policy is in the process of being removed and some are very concerned. >> you are dangerous if you're not educated and you do not know how to deal with people you're dangerous. >> reporter: new policy introduced by commissioner richard ross at a council hearing in april would remove the college requirement and increase the minimum age of applicants to 22. and although additional education is a plus, ross said it's simply about more officers. >> that old buzz phrase doing more with less but this is not a business where you can get away with that for so long. >> reporter: gwynned mercy professor walter, a military veteran and former state police officer who respects the need for more officers, but also believes that more experience
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plain and simple saves lives. >> i think a young cop today coming right out of high school, i truly believe they are not ready to deal with all the things that we have to deal with today. >> reporter: policy is making its way through the approval process and could be in place as soon as july. commissioner ross knows everyone isn't happy about it, but still believes it's the best way to keep our streets safe. >> we are having a significant problem, again, not laying it completely at the feet of 60 credits but i've got to do something. again, 22 years is how far you got to go back to see this level of manpower that we have. >> reporter: it's hard to find agreement even among big cities as to whether or not this education requirement actually works. new york and chicago require college credits but los angeles and detroit do not. so opinions vary and we want to hear yours. tweet us at fox 29 philly or leave your comment on our fox 29 facebook page. in the newsroom i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. it has hundreds of shares on facebook tonight.
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>> pictures of a little pup found alone walking in the waves down the shore. the wildwood police department posted these pictures on its facebook page tonight. poor little guy they say the pup in the surf at shell lip lenger avenue was wandering around. police want to figure out how it ended up in the water so if you know anything about the owner or the pup, call the wildwood police department. a biker's helmet camera catches serious about of road rage attack of motor sights on an suv. it's what you don't see that got police desperate to find everyone involved it. >> seems innocent enough. going door to door in a local neighborhood trying to sell magazines. what they're doing to people who don't pay up. a family's day out with their new puppy when she gets very sick. they were prepared for the worst until the vet asked them one question. where they went walking held the key to saving her. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. watch out for that vine expressway closed tonight all
10:21 pm
the way into tomorrow morning. every night this week the closure between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. they're also paving on the parkway through the overnight into early tomorrow morning. then they're leaving behind that uneven surface just like on the kelly drive. and then work zone wednesday. the penndot crews are coming to the blue route all day tomorrow they'll be doing line painting between the turnpike and 95. we'll check the jam cams the wednesday forecast when we see you tomorrow beginning at 4:00. ♪
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ group of new york boys could be looking at hate crime charges for their involvement in a bus arson. surveillance video shows the boys running in the bus and then moments later the bus bursts into flames. the bus belonged to a jewish school. one, 11 year old was arrested sunday on the charge of arson. police are looking for five other boys. incident is being investigated as a possible hate crime. two people are dead after a string of tornadoes struck in oklahoma. one powerful storm system spawned reports of more than 20 possible tornadoes from oklahoma into arkansas overnight. the series of twisters destroyed buildings, overturned vehicles and downed trees. as well as produced baseball sized hail. residents are still shocked by
10:25 pm
the severity of the storm. >> just how much devastation it was and all my momma's memories. it's just a lot. we're really thankful. i mean she made it out alive. our neighbor didn't but we're just really glad that we have her. so all this stuff can be replaced. >> and forecasters expect another series of strong storms to roll through the mississippi river valley into the ohio river valley. they say large hail damaging wind and isolated tornadoes are all possible. check this out. scary moments when couple of window washers get stuck on the side of a new york city high rise. officials say they're scaffold malfunctioned they got stuck on the 17th floor. but the fire department was able to get these guys down to safety just fine. surveillance video shows this car slam into a gas pump. the driver gets out and takes off. deputes only seconds away. what he left behind that makes
10:26 pm
this so much worse. and escaped from prison on the run for almost 50 years free until he made one big mistake. what police say this guy just tried to get that led investigators right to him. kathy? some clouds out there and a few sprinkles, iain, you can see on ultimate doppler a few more showers moving our way. all because of this frontal boundary that just really doesn't want to move. we'll talk about an update with the weekend weather when sun returns coming up with the seven day right after this.
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♪ right now at 10:30, new information in the murder of a kensington woman who police say was killed by her boyfriend. police now say he strangled 27-year-old veronica rodriguez in their home on rohrer street yesterday then called 911 and admitted killing her.
10:30 pm
25-year-old juan camacho faces murder and sexual assault. rodriguez's mother lives in florida. she told a tv station there that her daughter had broken up with camacho he actually texted an apology after the murder. the search is on for the man who police say shot another over and over in the city's brewery town section. officers were called to the 1600 block of north 30th street around 2:30 this afternoon then found the 24 year old victim. he had been shot six times. he later died at temple university hospital. so far police have not released a description of the shooter. n camden county, police are after these two. saying they're getting aggressive when homeowner turn down their requests to buy magazines. police say the pair have been going door to door in voorhees neighborhood. when police -- when people say they're not interested in the magazines, police think they actually are vandalizing vehicles in retaliation. five vehicles are damaged on
10:31 pm
tenby chase and william feather drive. >> surveillance cameras catch dramatic crash when this car slams right into a gas pump in florida and the story only gets worse from there. >> deputes in sarasota say the man left his young children at the scene and took off running all started saturday night. deputies say they tried to stop guy for minor traffic violation. in the back seat, his one and five-year-old children. deputes say another family member was in the front seat and, when the car crash, the video shows the driver jump out hand one child to the passenger and take off running. >> forgive me was basically his statement i don't want to go back to jail and that's his reason for taking off. >> must have been a tracker. took off like a shot. the other man got out of the car. he just sat on the ground with his head between his hands. >> deputes say both those children had serious injuries but are recovering tonight. deputes are still looking for the driver. pet owners in colorado think their beloved dog was dying but
10:32 pm
what caused frightening reaction had the owner scratching their heads. 13 week old cocoa returned from the hike and started acting strangely. she couldn't walk, was shaking and became unresponsive. the family rushed her to the vet. it turns out cocoa ate marijua marijuana. most likely something they picked up on the hike. her vet says he's seen a spike in cases since pot became legal in colorado. >> we used to see them maybe once or twice year. now we probably see it once oh twice a month. >> cocoa is okay and vets say if your dog happens to eat marijuana don't panic. if you can get your pet to the vet within four hours everything should be just fine. all right. on your radar right now, kathy or, i'm looking for some sunshine. just a little bit possible. >> hmm. >> no? >> okay. >> that was a no answer. >> we will see some and i think tomorrow you will see some sunshine much more than you saw today. we still have the threat of a few showers.
10:33 pm
ultimate doppler a few sprinkles out there when we widen out you can see what's coming this is also seeded with that front that has been slow to move across the region. it was in virginia now lifting little bit further north thunderstorms associated with this could make it through southern parts of maryland maybe a few showers into delaware but overnight we will see some spotty rain. 47 in the poconos. 53 degrees in pottstown. we have the clouds. we have the moisture. and down the shore temperatures pretty much the same. avalon 50. 54 in voorhees and hammonton 52. 52 in oc late this evening. temperatures are going to slowly warm up though. the normal high is 72 for this time of year. we have only been at or above normal one day this entire month. today's high 60 degrees. tomorrow little bit warmer. thursday above average and the same goes for friday but not out of the woods as far as the rain is concerned. we'll watch this area of low pressure to the west, and this very stationary front pretty much stick around for the next couple of days but the good news
10:34 pm
is, it's going ting southward so tomorrow we have some scattered showers in the morning and then again in the afternoon as this moves through. the high temperature, though, in the upper 60s. then as this front slowly sags to the south we have a better chance of having dry weather on thursday before another front comes sweeping through and brings another threat of rain late on friday into saturday. there are definitely dry periods and sunny periods in between. in the city overnight, going for 51 degrees. in the suburbs 47. mostly cloudy. and of course it stays cool. during the day tomorrow, 69 partly sunny with a few scattered showers in the morning and then a few scattered showers in the afternoon. winds out of the northeast at 5 miles an hour. so that northeasterly breeze keeping it mostly cloudy and keeping it cool. our allergy forecast, well, we're pumping it back up to higher levels and that means somewhat drier conditions. oak, birch and maple trees running high for wednesday and thursday, friday and into saturday as temperatures will warm. on your exclusive fox 29, seven day forecast look at this.
10:35 pm
73 and partly sunny on thursday. looking at a dry day. friday some scattered showers. afternoon thunderstorms possible with a front. then on saturday, mainly a dry day. and then another front and that knocks down the temperature for sunday, monday 69 looks dry. tuesday that could be our first sunny day. real sunny day for the month. >> temperature sketch. >> i'm looking form warmth at the end of the month it's really difficult. i think that's the seven day. i think at least for day eight to 14 we stay like this in and out of showers. warm and cool. i think it will stick around little while longer. >> okay. thank you kathy. biker helmet camera caught a serious about of road rage. it cost motorcycles and suv but it's what you don't see that has police desperate to find everyone involved. and take out may not always be healthy. how ordering pizza every week may have saved one man's live.
10:36 pm
>> there you go. and iconic beer is about to get major makeover. we're talking goodbye budweiser. >> what? >> what you'll see written on bottles and cans instead. >> our names. >> don't forget wake up with good day using boxes to save babies. one local hospital new project they hope will keep babies safer when they sleep. why they say this unusual gift for news moms could be a game changer for newborns much that's tomorrow on "good day philadelphia". ♪
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♪ new search underway at paisley park tonight as the investigation into prince's death continues. according to a search warrant released a minnesota doctor saw prince twice in the month before his death including the day before he died. the doctor identified as michael todd shoe went berg prescribed a medication spokeswoman for the medical center where that dr. worked says he no longer works there. torments night in your money, an office supply store mega merger is off. federal judge blocked the proposed merger of staples and office depot. the judge agreed with the
10:40 pm
government saying the merger would have given the company the ability to dictate the price of office supplies. the two companies said if the ruling went against them they would drop their $6 billion merger plans. one best known beer companies in america is making sure you know it's made in america. but wiser temporarily changing its name to america. this is not joke. the rename starts at the rental of the month. the beer company will decorate their packaging with text like land of the free and liberty and justice for all. the company says the name change will stay in effect until election day this november. pizza restaurant in oregon really takes care of its customers. >> one recent case that customer service meant a whole lot more than delivering pizza. check this out. every couple of days employees at the domino's in salem say they get an order from one of their regulars a 48-year-old man named kirk alexander. well, they knowed he hadn't called in awhile. >> couple different people had pointed it out to me, and saturday night i finally decided
10:41 pm
to look up see when his last order happened to be it was it was 11 days ago which is not normal at all. >> the manager sent a worker to his house, alexander did not answer the door. so she called 911. when police arrived they can hear the man yelling for help. he was in the middle of some type of medical emergency. he's now in the hospital in stable condition. the domino's workers say as busy as they are, they always have time to check in on their neighbors in need. good for them. next, escaped from prison on the run for almost 50 years. free until he made one big mistake. what less say this guy just tried to get that led investigators right to him. and some local swear it's the best cheesesteak in the area. but it's not in philadelphia. what this local deli refuses to put on their steak no matter how many people ask for it. [ soft music ]
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♪ road rage caught on camera in florida. police say this helmet mounted camera captured a black suv surrounded by five or six bikers on tampa bay high wage police say what happened after the cameras stopped rolling is what they're really concerned about. investigators say the driver of that suv later pulled over and
10:45 pm
got into a fight with a bikers. then shot one of them in the ankle. >> there may have been some wrong on both sides. there may have been some misunderstanding led to really bad situation. >> we have to talk to everybody who was involved in it before we decide if they'll be any charg charges. >> authorities say the 27-year-old motorcyclist shot in the ankle will recover. police are trying to track down the driver of the suv so they can get both sides of the story. well, after nearly 50 years on the run, a fugitive is back behind bars. >> he got caught because he tried to sign up for social security. state police arrested robert stackowitz at his home in connecticut today. troopers say he was serving 17 years for robbery in 1968 when he escaped from the hospital and prison work camp in carrollton good g according to authorities it wasn't until he applied for social security they discovered he was on the run. >> i knew robert quite well. he used to fix boats locally, and he was just a nice guy.
10:46 pm
everyone liked him. he was a big jolly old guy. >> stackowitz is currently being detained in connecticut and is expected to be sent back to georgia. in canada people are failing the fort mcmurray fire chief a hero for coordinate ago practically flawless evacuation of more than 80,000 people. when a mass tiff wildfire threaten the city. that fire is now responsible for destroying more than 2,000 homes and buildings. the fire is still burning out of control non rain is in the forecast. officials expect it will take months to final put this monster of a fire out. a special delivery on highway in maryland when a family welcomed a new baby into the world. amy tu wasn't due for another three weeks but baby evan had another plans. cute little guy. well mom went into labor on busy interstate with no time to get to the hospital. so the whole family pitched in and helped deliver the newborn. >> everybody took an active role of helping out, had four-year-old, um, eighth grader
10:47 pm
and a junior in high school and everybody was great. helping dad i think stay calm as well. so i don't think he could have done it without having them there as well. >> firefighters rushed to the scene to make sure everyone was okay. amy tu and baby evan are doing well at home. cheesesteaks are serious business in fill. with or without. the city of brotherly love of course known for the cheesesteak who's got the best? that can be a touchy subject but most would probably say one of the famous spots in philly has the best but a lot of folks say there's a place in south jersey that deserves the title of best cheesesteak. stop by chick's deli in cherry hill at lunch time there's a crowd. they come for the cheesesteaks. >> thank you. >> year welcome. >> some walk out with a bagful of them. people come from all over what they say is the best cheesesteak in the philly area. >> chick's has been in business since 1957. in 2003 chick's won philadelphia
10:48 pm
magazine's best cheesesteak. >> everybody in philly was up in arms. >> you know how can a place in cherry hill win philadelphia magazine? >> joe dan forth met thick through friends and bought the restaurant in 1976. in 1984, he put the grilling and making cheesesteaks every since. >> people like cheesesteak. it's a phenomenon. people love chick's cheesesteaks but it can be tricky to find if you're first timer. chick's is sandwiched between route 70 and some houses. >> it's the word of mouth. we're in an alley. >> when you have people come, you know, they call and ask for directions constantly. we hadn't heard it before which i don't understand because it's so ease city fine. >> it is in an alley one-way alley. >> locals know where it is. >> i don't go to philly for cheesesteak i stay right here in cherry hill. >> chick's deli right here. you will never forget once you find it.
10:49 pm
>> anthony dellmon any company or tony found it and became joe's partner in 1981. >> the real story, turn the camera off. >> we've been here six days a week since the beginning of time almost. customers love chick's many of them have been coming here for years and not just for the cheesesteaks. >> we're always here. you're not going to see a different face. you'll see the same people here. >> we've been coming here for 30 plus years. family. we come here at least once week and we know everybody. they know our names. it's family. >> tone into consideration thanks very much. >> that sense of family is what keeps people coming back. >> we've become friends with our customers. you know what i mean? they've been at my kid's graduations. >> one of the girls back here she's been coming in here, her father is a retired policeman and she was coming in with him when she was little and she still comes. >> folks at chick's will treat you like family but they'll also
10:50 pm
bust your chops. it's all in good fun. >> we dish it out and we can take it. you have to. that's part of the fun of it, too. >> what makes these cheesesteaks so good? the meat, cheese and the bread, is it the perfect m mix? >> the quality is the best. you have the quality they'll enjoy and come back for it. they'll make the trip. >> plenty of folks make the trip for their favorite cheese stalk but one thing you won't fine on the menu at chick' glass no cheese, no, no, no cheese. that's a philly thing. >> no wiz. he doesn't like the wiz either. >> neither do i. i don't know what wiz is. >> wiz is so garbage. >> exactly. joe and tony, just terrific guys. thank you. they brought 50 hoagies about 4:00 o'clock today and those were gone in about five minutes in the newsroom. >> i want to try it. >> you got to go. >> a lot of free loaders up in the newsroom. (laughter). >> am i telling the truth or not? come on now.
10:51 pm
(laughter). >> it's one of those times where college pitcher had too much time on his hands and the phillies played another one run game tonight they're all close these days much that's all coming up in sports.
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♪ my next campaign to get cheese whiz and throw it up against the wall somewhere. phillies ending their road trip with three games against the worst team in offense much atlanta braves are the worst scoring team in baseball. another one run game for the phils. let's go to atlanta and phillies fan makes a nice catch in atlanta. plenty of seats in atlanta as you can see. the score tied one-one in the fifth. hernandez with the base hit. phillies up two-one. adam morgan was the starting pitcher for the phils tonight. seven ups, one run nice game from adam morgan a really good name for franco. he had three hits before we get to franco you got to watch this. this is rope a dope in centerfield. sent fielder makes believe he didn't see the ball and ruiz got
10:55 pm
rope a doped and he's out at first base and that's a double play. now get to maikel franco. boy, what a terrible pitch. hanging breaker ball. three hits. homerun. phillies win it three-two. tonight the pittsburgh penguins could have wrapped up their series witness washington caps let's go to pittsburgh and take a look. it look like they were. they're on the power play. those penguins are. in the second period, and carl ago land will score off the deflection and it's three-zero pittsburgh in the second. ut-oh, two man advantage. and washington shoots and scor scores. john carlson three-three heading into overtime. >> mvp award was unanimous. steph curry won the mvp for the second straight year finishing said was leonard of san antonio lost tonight to oklahoma city and he was a distant second.
10:56 pm
i'm about to show you something i've never seen before but it's one of those times where a pitcher from the university of california berkeley had just too much time on his hands. let's go to california. watch this closing closely. you didn't see what happened there. watch it. he tries to throw it through a pipe and does. he throws it through the pipe. >> wow! >> he did it 5,672 times before -- i don't know how many times. >> a lot of tries. >> wow! >> what are you doing out there. >> moving. >> there's no class. >> the much to do. >> what does he get for that? >> howard eskin talks about it. that's what he got. >> meth athletes get in college they get good grades. (laughter). >> there you go. >> good answer, howard. >> gets a lot of views on youtube. >> it would be nice if we can get really good weather. it would be nice. we'll have good weather in between not so great weather. okay? few spotty showers tomorrow more sun warms us close to 70.
10:57 pm
thursday better day. friday late showers and storms. saturday few scattered showers. sunday is nice. monday is nice. next tuesday the pick of the seven day. let's hope it that stays way. >> thank you very much. tmz, dish nation and chasing news and the simpsons coming up next. >> at 4:00 a.m. join us again and we'll have you covered all morning long.
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