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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  May 11, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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good morning, 5:00. some scary moment for local police officer. what he was hit with in the face when he tried to stop a fight. judge developing story, man goes on violent crab spree including several people at local mall. >> in a race for the white house, candidate set their sites as new jersey the state's primary approaches its june the seventh, you know, where you can catch aglimmer many of hillary clinton little later today. >> good day, may the 11, 2016. we said it earlier, to the phillies management. >> you said it. >> please, i did. don't trade this guy. i love the philadelphia daily news and their play on words. money in the frank, base mikhail franco went yard to give the phillies another win. amazing. >> where were he? >> down in the atl.
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>> you are wearing your phillies color. >> all of them squeakers, one, one -- >> last seven wins we bun run,. >> keeps it exciting especially when the victory is ours. ultimate doppler radar, picking up thunderstorm way to the south of sals burger maryland here maryland eastern shore. look wider view shows where the stationary front is still park to the south, spreading up some precipitation, and some clouds as well to the north of it. so here is where the action is, central, southern delaware, southern new jersey, but we do see few sprinkles possible chester county delaware county, so not much. may not even be making it to the ground but moisture out there, light breeze, and 5:49 is our sunrise time. other temperatures, it a little chillier to the north
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where we have seen clear skies, the place that is will probably see some sung shine. forty-eight in trenton, 43 allentown, milder to the south where we have few clouds. we're head today high hopefully of 70 degrees. still can't rule out bob kel a shower or two. >> can never rule that out. >> no. >> a 02:00, good morning, i got your attention, here is a live look at i-95, northbound, the off ramp to broad street. stadium area blocked. crews are still out there. paving. between i95 and oregon avenue. they will be out there until about 5:30, 6:00 or so. opened up here on the vine street expressway, crews have pick up and headed on home. so ready for a morning rush hour. any minute now, burlington bristol bridge will go into shutdown. i got word it is a tugboat
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headed north. it will not impact the talcony palmyra. that's good news. you got three minutes to make it, put another pop tart in the poster, wait couple of minute before you head out for the burlington bristol. work zone here in south philadelphia. they are trying to get that project complete before the phillies come home for home stand this weekend, as i mention the vine street expressway open now, but this time tomorrow, again, overnight into 5:00 a.m. the following morning, that should down goes into effect. mass transit, regional rales, patco, new jersey transit looking good and both the market frankford and subway the trains are rolling again this morning. chris, lauren, back over toy. >> thanks so much. developing news out of camden this morning, police investigating an early morning shooting this happened around 1:30 on south seventh and everett street. not getting a lot of information about the shooting. we are awaiting word on the condition that far victim. and we are trying to find out if any arrest haves been made in that case. >> happening today, hillary clinton bridges her presidential channel pain to
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the garden state. >> clinton is trying to round up of course votes ahead of next month's primary. dave kinchen live in blackwood where she is scheduled to speak. good morning, dave. >> good morning to you, hillary clinton will be rallying supporters here at camden county college at the gym at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. secretary of state bringing her campaign through the garden state ahead of the june 7th democratic primary, where she leads in a average of polls by double digits, clinton's campaign said she will be talking about jobs about raising wages, and getting rid of barriers holding families back in the country. here's what she said to supporters last night in kentucky. >> excited because some country will be the 21st century super paul when it comes to clean renewable energy. i want it to be us. the job, the technology, the business, as the export. >> you see, i have this idea
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that our future can be even brighter than our past. the best years of america can be ahead of us if we start asking like americans again. >> continues to look toward the general election you heard there even with bernie sanders keeping his long shot presidential bid alive with a win last night, and an interesting note, chris, you know, the trump national golf course is about ten minutes from where we are right now. but, trump and hillary clinton probably are a lot farther apart on the issues. >> staying with politics, another round of primary voting in the books. just the republicans voting in nebraska, where donald trump ran un oppose in the one of course, in west virginia, went to the polls yesterday with trump obviously winning the republican side of things, where he also ran unopposed since everyone else is suspended their campaigns. on the democratic side big win for bernie sanders.
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right up until the democratic national convention in julyment quinnipiac pole released today shows trump and hillary clinton are running neck and neck in three key swing state. they are pennsylvania, florida and ohio. speaking every trump the billionaire looking for runningmate. he says his narrowing his vp choices down to five, six candidates, all with extensive political backgrounds, hasn't rule out governor chris christie of new jersey, trump says he's prioritizing political experience because he wants a vice president to help him with legislation. so legislation is the purview of the legislative branch which is congress, lauren. >> police identified the man they believe went on deadly crime spree or home in massachusetts, they say, that man is 28 year old arthur derosa, state police say after stabbing two people in taunton he crashed a car into the silver city gal rhea stabbing two more people and assaulting
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multiple victims. derosa shot and killed by off duty law enforcement officer. two of the victims did die. the other are in the hospital, motive for the attack poor millions, but state police say they've found no evidence connecting the crimes to terrorism. >> melee erupt in the streets of nurled if the when cop tries to break it up, he get maced, no you looking for who ever did this. steve keeley liver at police headquarters with more on this investigation, good morning, steve. >> sometimes the referee gets the worse of it trying it break up fights and sports. one of the referees last night, a philly housing authority, officer, got the brunt of the big brawl here at 25th and diamond after 6:00. philly place came also, we had about 20 officers total. but the crowd was larger, there was crowd of about 75 people mainly females, but they were dispersed, and only one arrest was made, that's a female who is in custody,
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other than this 25 year old housing officer who was pepper sprayed, no other injuries to police or civilians. >> hopefully, the burning and the redness all went away with a good night sleep hopefully continuing right now. chris, lauren, just won of the 75 fighting arrested for disorderly conduct, and the headline there if you didn't hear it, scott small's sound bite, mostly women fighting. seventy-five. >> wow. >> hoping surveillance footage leads them to the driver behind hit-and-run, in west philadelphia. >> so that driver nearly killed the man riding his bike at 52nd and spruce streets around 2:00 yesterday morning the driver wrong side of the road, speed right through red light, security cameras cameras capped toured suv ramming the cyclist from behind. moment later another driver pulled other to help the victim who is now lying in the street, the victim pretty well
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known and liked by neighbors. >> good guy. >> yep, very nice, very nice. >> he is a kind man. he comes out, he works every day. you know? well known guy. >> the victim remains hospitalized in stable condition at penn presbyterian. >> septa bus hit a bicyclist in the city's frankford neighborhood. happened around noon yesterday near the corner of orthodox street and aramingo avenue right under the i95 overpass, now, police say the 25 year old man on the bike cut right in front of the septa bus, this is the route j bus, that crash killed the man. those who live in this area say cyclists have to be very, very careful. ton of the bikers, folks live around here that don't really drive. that's the mode of transportation, a lot of times caring the supermarket bison handle bars, real dangerous around here for the bikers. >> police say the bike driver stopped at the scene.
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witnesses tell us he was understandably shaken. >> special police training about what to do if they ever encounter gunman. gloucester county police hosting free response training class for all people who live there last night. those who attended got advice about what to do in case after mass shooting or a terror attack. recurring message be aware, make quick decision, run, hide, or fight to save your life. >> more observing where i am, and the area around me. >> the class also viewed re-enactment training video you can watch yourself. available on new jersey homeland security website. >> still ahead, request denied. local homeowners on alert after two men getting aggressive with their sales pitch. what they are request that has some of the community really concerned. if not really upset, lauren?
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massive wild fire rages on in canada. how people from right here in our area plan to help crews with the effort there. [ soft music ]
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>> all right, should be another one of those days where i guess the best word would be if-ee, you know how it was yesterday, you saw little bit of sunshine, here and there, rain here and there, some of the stalled frontal systems, stationary front just to our south, kind
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of stay there today, maybe waivering little bit back and forth, which means there is a chance of some rain, but it is dealing with high pressure system, trying to bring drier air into our area, and occasional sunshine. so, basically, the further nor you go, the better chance you have of seeing sunshine the further south you are, the better chance you have seeing rain. so here is the cape may rain that we were telling but earlier, moved in, from kent county, delaware, across the delaware bay, and raining pretty steadily in some part of cape may county, seeing little activity in chester county, around east goshen, delco, around edgemont, maybe some of that rain is making it to the ground little portion of cumberland county getting some of the rain, the beach, lewes, delaware, also getting some of that rain, as well as now it has moved into sea isle city. so some of the neighborhoods getting some of the light light rain right now, it is out of here, and over the next
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couple of hours, at least that batch, we have some clouds, and maybe some feathered sunshine as we mentioned, further north you go, better chance you have of seeing sunshine, but here comes some more rain this afternoon. heaviest to the south of us, again, but some that far could sneak into the philadelphia area, maybe three, four, 5:00 just eye on the sky, a lot like yesterday is how the weather will be today. look like drier day on thursday, and we could even see some bright sun in the afternoon, newcomb pewter models showing that friday, though, when we get the cold front, we will be mile enough when the colder air hits could touch off some thunderstorm maybe 4:00, 5:00 in the afternoon, won't it great a punctuation to the already busy evening rush friday so we have 54 degrees, right now in philadelphia, 47 in mount pocono, 51 in dover. so the miler temperatures are to the south where the clouds are, where the rain is, 07 degrees today, 73 tomorrow,
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72 on friday with the thunderstorms, stay in the 70s saturday with chance of shower in the afternoon, another quick cold front coming through and that's the one that will really cool us off on sunday. so, we'll have some sunshine, but we will be in the lower 60s, mid 60s monday, and tuesday, that's your weather authority forecast. a less than perfect weekend, but still looking pretty good, bob kelly. >> hopefully we can get all of the dad vail regatta races in there. water will be chilly this weekend. the dad vail rolling into town, this weekend i know one of the reasons why they're trying to get that paving complete, at least the stretch by boathouse row. >> so grab that extra coffee, and pop another pop tart in the toaster there, while you await that one out. coming in from new jersey otherwise starting to see some volume here along the 42 freeway, live look at i-95, northbound off ramp to brought
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street still blocked. that's all due to the paving here along broad between the navy yard, up to oregon avenue. heading out the front door right now have to continue north on 95 jump off at front street will put you onto paterson, work your way past the stadium area. also still working on the new jersey turnpike, southbound, at exit two. that's for route 322, and a cruise still out on the northeast extension, couple spots between quakertown and the lehigh valley, chris, back to you. >> mr. kelly, thank you, zip. let's take you to this developing story and happening today. the red cross is setting volunteers to canada, to help with a all-out fight against that wild fire burning there. that includes, three people right from our area, the volunteers will leave from philadelphia international airport, around 9:30 this morning, the fire in alberta canada destroyed more than 2,000 homes and other build, officials are hoping they can get handle on this as it is shifting winds have pushed back the flames.
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still expect it to be month before this fire is finally out. pennsylvania state senator charged in a bribery scheme democratic senator larry farinas owe, charged with conspiracy, wire and male freighted, violations cents of the travel act. prosecutors say far neice, bribed committee woman allen chapman for her support in the eighth ward leadership, chapman charged with the same crimes. >> state from time to time senator's lawyer reads in part: larry far nice i expect to be fully exonerated. , nor did he except any gift or kickbacks, these charges have no connection whatsoever to his senatorial office. pennsylvania prosecutors dismissing recent allegation that is two assistant coaches witnessed jerry sandusky abuse boys because the information is unreliable. solicitor general bruce castor says investigators found the reports to be third and fourth hand and therefore not
5:19 am
valuable to prosecutors. the information became public last week after philadelphia judges ruling in a lawsuit between penn state and an insurance company. >> falling through glass sealing at the museum has reached settlement with the philadelphia museum of art and it security company, surveillance camera cam toured what happened. we won't show this all. twenty-seven year old was inspecting lights in 2012 when he fell nearly 40 feet through the glass ceiling. he survived now reached settlement of more than $7 million, attorneys for the man say he spent more than a month in the hospital and had to have more than dozen surgeries. >> a robbery at gunpoint usually quiet south philadelphia neighborhood now police are hoping surveillance video will help them catch the suspect. so take a look, it happened last wednesday in the 400 block of catharine street. this is in queen village, police say man point a gun at another man, grabs his wallet, takes his phone, then he takes off, jumps right into a car,
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heads north on fifth street toward south street if you know anything you are asked to call police. >> the camden county police are after these two. they say, they're getting aggressive with homeowners tub down the request to buy magazines. police say the pair has been going door-to-door in voorhees, but when people say no they get man, and then turn around, vaunt lies cars that might be there in the driveway or park along the curb. they have damaged as many as five vehicles according to police on the ten bee chase and william feather drive. >> new information in the murder every kensington woman, police say killed by boyfriend. police now say he strangled 27 year old veronica rodriguez on their home monday, then called 911 and admitted to killing her, 25 year old juan catch ammo faces several charges including murder, and sexual assault. rodriguez's mother lives in florida she told the tv station down there that her daughter broken up with camacho, and that he actually
5:21 am
texted apology after the murder. >> when was the last time you opened your laptop mid conversation or brought your desk top computer to the dinner table? ridiculous, right? but probably have done both with your smart phone, coming young psychologists say they're making it too distracted. >> hey, it is time for a nice cold america. why the king of beers is changing the name of its classic beverage. >> here are your winning lottery numbers. happy birthday to eric burdens end, 57 years old today. he since this song, house every rising sun with the animals.
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all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant. >> another warning about being addicted to your smart phone. >> university of kentucky did this experiment, to see if smart phones precipitated adhd symptoms. many bombards dollars by note any cases, new messages, social media posts, breaking news, all of the apps and their updates. research is suggesting people are often persuaded by these alerts, and become distracted
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and then hyperactive. now smart phones can't cause adhd but they can cause to you have similar brain interruptions, i get that all the time. >> okay, ladies, listen up. if you are holding onto that old tube of lipstick or bottle of mascara, you may be turning your make up bag into a breeding ground for bacteria. new survey finds one in five of us are keeping their make up around the past recommended expiration date. quarter of the women surveyed say they keep their mascara for year instead of recollected three months, keeping the products past expiration date can cause everything from urine infections -- >> what? >> to meningitis. >> how clean do you think this is? look at this bag. up know what's in this? let me show this bag. oh, wait a lottery ticket. that's something mike jerrick gave me. wait. how much -- how much bacteria do you think is in this?
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>> lauren's credit cards in there? >> that's discusting. >> here, would you take this? >> no, thank you. so not just the ladies. fellows, listen up, too, right? >> one of the best known beer companies making sure you know it is made right here in the u.s.a. >> budweiser said we'll change our name name and be called america. rename starts at the end of the month. beer company will decorate the packaging like land of the free, liberty and justice for all, the company says this name change will stay in effect until election day this november. >> stilt ahead, local neighborhood covered in hundreds of caterpillars, crawling all over the place, where neighbors say all of the critters are coming from. >> there are craters in my make up baggy just found. set their sites on our area. who you would see today if you headed to the garden state. here is a hint.
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>> what an overs was hit with in the face when he tried to stop a fight, lauren? >> in the race for the white house, candidate set their sites on new jersey as the state's prime ' aproaches. where you can catch hillary clinton's message later today. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, may 11, 2016. cleaning up chris' mess here,
5:30 am
if you miss that. >> hey, i want to apologize for your team, the braves, off to one of the worse starts at home in history. perhaps the dubious distinction of passing the 1913 yankees for the worse home record to begin in history. >> oh, thank you for rub that in. after the hawks got swept by labron. >> i'm so sorry for your atlanta teams. we are taking the braves on again tomorrow night. so again, we apologize, because we'll win the next two games, sue serio. >> it is a long season. little early to gloat. but we are happy the phillies won in the atl last night. so buddy wearing the phillies cap, but you see he's got the umbrella it is always nearby. even though it is just a stray shower, you might see here, temperatures in the four's, and 50's, you go further south, greater chance of seeing rain, talking cape may county, kent, sussex county,
5:31 am
down there on the marl lean eastern shore, all part of this stationary front. see another batch of rain that will probably head our way this afternoon, or, you know, few stray showers up to our north, you could see a sprinkle or two around the city, or the suburbs, 54 degrees right now, in the city. 5-mile per hour winds, checking other temperatures, it is 47 in mount pocono, even chillier in allentown, these are the places where we had clear skies overnight. and where you have pretty decent chance every seeing sunshine, little if-ee here in philadelphia, although we could see few peaks of sun, 50 degrees atlantic city, 52 in dover. and here is your planner, a lot of clouds, stray shower or two, but hopefully a high of 70 degrees, 8:06 is your sunset time. that should get you over the hump. we get you into the weekend coming up, bob kelly? >> hey, sue, good morning, 5:31, still, underway with an opening here, the burlington bristol bridge in the middle of an opening, all traffic stopped on both sides of the
5:32 am
river here. so, if you are grabbing your coffee and your keys, go ahead, head that way. by the time you get there i think we will be opened up and ready for business, so tugboat headed northbound this morning. now if you are watching us down the shore in cape may county an accident along 47, just off of route 347. right at beaver damn road there. so just keep that in mind for the gang watching us down in the cape may county area. coming in toward philadelphia, on the 42 freeway, the headlights you can start to see the pockets of volume begin to head in toward the city. just look out, as you work your way in through the work zone, sometimes on the overnight, they shuffle the lanes around through the construction zone. getting ready for the sunrise over valley forge, there is a live look at route 422, right in the area of the construction, where they just pick up the cones here, right near route 23. and then south on the new jersey turnpike, just watch for crews working out along exit number two, which is
5:33 am
route 322. it is work zone wednesday, between the turnpike and i-95, crews are coming our way, along the blue route later on during the midday. and they've also been doing bridge inspections on the schuylkill midday, as well. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much, bob. news out of camden this morning, police there investigating early morning shooting this happened around 1:30 on south seventh, and everett street. little information has been released about the shooting. we are awaiting words on the condition of that victim, and if any arrests have been made. >> race for the white house, comes right to the garden state today. >> hillary clinton of course trying to drum up support ahead of the june 7th primary in new jersey, dave kinchen in blackwood where she planning to speak little later this morning, hey, dave? >> reporter: that's right, long, long road to the white house, and hillary clinton bringing that campaign here to the camden county college gymnasium at 1:00 p.m. the former secretary every state, and us senator, will talk about jobs and getting
5:34 am
the economy moving again, ahead of the june 7th democratic primary. now, here's what actually said to her supporters last night in ken tuck. >> i you could not imagine a more different vision for our country than the one between our side of democrats for progress for prosperity for fairness and opportunity than the presumptive nominee on the republican side and that's why it is important we have a big vote on next tuesday because we have to get ready to all the way to november to win the general election. >> now, an average of polls has clinton leading here in new jersey, although continues to look toward general election even with bernie sanders keeping his long shot
5:35 am
bid alive with the win last night. and a pole that shows swing states such aspen pen, florida and ohio, actually shows hillary clinton and donald trump in a dead heat this early. so, if you thought the campaign was interesting already, hold on to your seat. back to you. >> more interesting, the general, looks like, dave, thank you. >> another round of primary voting in the books. it was just republicans voting in nebraska where donald trump ran unopposed and he both. >> both parties went to the polls yesterday with donald trump obviously winning on the republican side, running unopposed since everyone just suspended their campaign at this point. on the democratic side, a win for this guy. his name is bernie sanders. and independent running for the democratic nomination. he vows to keep on fighting, right up until the dnc here in fill any july. anarchs quinnipiac pole released today, shows trump and clinton running neck and neck in three key swing states. they are: pennsylvania, florida, and ohio. >> a big brawl in north philadelphia ends with a
5:36 am
police officer hospitalized. he got pepper sprayed in the face. now they are looking for who did it. melee errupted in the area of 25th and diamond last night around 6:30, the officer tried to brick it up, but someone in the crowd sprayed him in the eyes and he was unable to see. >> now, fortunately, at the intersection of 25th and diamond, we have a school. and we have a recreation center. both of these buildings do have exterior cameras, so investigators are trying to look at these recordings, to see if they can help us with this investigation to find out who pepper sprayed this housing officers. >> officers took one woman into custody. they are expect to go make more arrests. >> the phillies continue to beat up on the braves tonight and tomorrow night. >> did you hear that? >> well, they won last night. oh, can they keep the streak going? highlights in sports next.
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5:39 am
>> good morning, i'm howard eskin, phillies ending their road trip with three games against the worse teams in baseball. phillies didn't have a lot of offense but atlanta braves are horrible, another one run game. going to atlanta phillies play a lot of those. but the fan with the catch, phillies fan. got all of those seat out there. plenty of them in atlanta. with one-one game in the fifth inning, that ceasar hernandez gives the phillies two-one lead. adam morgan, good game. now the remember the braves
5:40 am
one in 16 to start the season at home. that's the worst in baseball since 1930. but morgan, seven innings, one run. and it is the play, atlanta did something right. they rope dope carlos ruiz on first base. now the centerfielder casino of makes believe he can't find the ball. ruiz strays off first, little too much. that's a double play. but mikhail franco had three hit last night. this one, oh, boy, was that a bad pitch. was that a meatball. and he hits it deep. three hits, the phillies win it three-two, that's sports in a minute, and i'm howard eskin. well, you are rubbing it in to my face about the braves? >> oh, yes. >> nice play. >> go ahead. >> so, my boy, don davies, chef on twitter says lauren it is okay. because you heard you. your harsh abrasive language. it is okay, lauren, i'm a braves fan, too, i still walk around wearing my hat and my shirt even in phillies country. >> you know what i can't stand about the braves? that stupid tomahawk chop.
5:41 am
tell me you have never done that? >> when they start the music to oh, oh,. >> it is rude, offensive, stupid, i hate everything about the braves. >> it is true. i don't know how to change that. but hopefully we can change their record. >> jane fonda with a there time doing the chop thing with ted? >> you're really angry about it, right? >> i likes hank aaron, bob murphy, bob horner some of those guys back in the day. >> dave justice? he's all right? >> ugh. >> can't get over the holly barry thing with him. >> bobby cox? >> the manager, he is all right. bruce benedict was good catcher. remember glenn hubbard, big beard at second base? >> no. >> chris. >> dion saunders oh, come on. >> really? >> terry pendleton? >> see, pendleton was more after cardinals for me than a brave. >> dang. see how to get him fired up? >> oh, ya. >> keep going.
5:42 am
>> talk baseball. all right, still ahead, pilot arrested for allegedly being drunk while trying to fly a plane. his case heads to court today. what his lawyer says he want to do right now. >> philadelphia water department workers, were they paid to party? we went to the top boss to see what she thinks about all of this. >> was everybody -- >> fox 29 investigating tonight at 10:00. ♪
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>> take a look at this, fort worth. even though it was raining, the sun was peaking out through the clouds, not only that, a rainbow could be seen in the distance. the site came after a strong line of severe storms swept right through that region. >> yes, they've had so much weather, tornados and everything else in the midwest. sue, we have a little rain in our forecast for the next several days. >> yes and yesterday getting photos of our own rainbow in the morning from some of our viewers, it was a very odd phenomenon. we hadn't had that much rain. but it was cool. so, today, we still have the same stationary front. parked to our south. waivers up and down, little bit, little further north, little further south. but competing with this high pressure system, wants to keep us dry. so north you'll have good chance every seeing sunshine, further south you go, better chance of seeing some rain. there is rain in our area right now. another batch, on the way, this one is casino of weakening, this area that is
5:46 am
moving out of delaware, into cape may county. but if you're at the jersey shore, at least the southern part, probably seeing some showers. and few stray showers are showing up on radar, around here. but it is not necessarily making it to the ground, like this one lonely cell there, in east goshen, in chester county. the action of course in cape may county, this morning, and some of our beaches. so, yes, there you go. there is some rain in sea isle city, rain in wildwood. light rain. it is there looking at the future cast, quite few clouds to the south. chance of sunshine here in the city, and better chance to the north throughout the day, second batch of rain we just showed you moving through maybe noon, 1:00, thunderstorms possible in delaware, stray shower or two possible here through the evening rush hour. but it doesn't look to be such a big deal for the city and suburbs, tomorrow, we have a decent chan of a dry day. even sunny day, then cold front comes through on friday.
5:47 am
and we progress into probably an afternoon thunderstorm or two, as this line pretty strong thunderstorms potentially moves through, just in time for the evening rush on friday. so putting all of that together, temperatures are in the 40's, 50's, right now, 70s should be the high today. seventy-three tomorrow with good chance of some sunshine. now, showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon on friday. another cold front, stray shower saturday. so saturday shouldn't be a lot of rain, but chance of a few showers in the afternoon. that will cool things off on sunday. that is your weather authority forecast. >> offer ram top broad street still block, overnight paving, crews out there along broad between i95, the navy yard, up through oregon avenue. now if you typically are leaving the house right now, work at the navy yard, you will not be able to exit at
5:48 am
broad street. you will have to go up to the front street or packer avenue off ramp, back through the stadium area. nice shot of the burlington bristol bridge just complete add opening. so traffic rolling across the span once again. elsewhere in south jersey no problems along 42, or 55, as of yet. sue mentioned about some rain rolling through the shore towns. good morning, to cape may. route 47 at beaver damn road just outside of cape may. watch for an accident. that intersection in shutdown mode at the moment. and then coming up through wilmington, the ramps from 202, to head south on i-95, still blocked with some overnight construction, and crews are still working on the northeast extension, between quakertown and the lehigh valley. otherwise, mass transit, looking good. chris, lauren, back to you. >> all right court hearing scheduled today for the pilot suspected of being drunk before his plane took off.
5:49 am
facing charges for operating under the influence back in march, removed from detroit to philadelphia flight before it departed from the detroit metropolitan airport. authority say his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. mcguire not expected to attend today's hearing but his lawyer says he's a outstanding pilot who is ready to return to the cockpit. philadelphia mayor jim kenney expands travel ban in connection to recent legislation that says well he says it limit the protection of the lgbt community, last month the ban placed non-essential city funded travel to mississippi and north carolina, now including tennessee and the city of oxford, alabama. mayor kenney, critical of laws that require people to use bathrooms that match their biological sex. >> people living in west tordil are dealing with a deluge of cat per pillars. take a look at this, each spring sudden infestation of calder pillars, and they're harmless to people. but can be disastrous to plants and flowers and to your pumps if you step in these things, resident along the
5:50 am
chester feel road area say they've come to expect these things each and every year, but not like this. >> when i called the city, i said i feel like we're being over burden with caterpillars here. i was in the house, i had one on my shoulder. >> all right, the caterpillars like to nest high in the branches of cherry and maple trees. they should be gone in a few weeks. >> i heard you're going to go investigate and see if they are, you know, still multiplying, maybe disappears? >> who would put me up to such a thing? >> i have an idea. >> it was me. >> it has hundreds of shares on facebook, pictures every little puppy found alone walking in the waves down the shore. >> so take a look, oh, cute. the wildwood police department posted these pictures on facebook page. they saw the pup in the surf and well the dog is okay, but people want to figure out how it ended up in the water. so if you know anything about the owner, or this pup, called the wildwood police department. >> it is fresh start for delaware county animal care
5:51 am
facility, providence shelter unveiled along with new building in media. it is important to re grand as it works to expands its service asks, new facility includes isolation rooms where vets can treat infectious diseases. i thought they were going to name it the sue serio kennel. >> oh, ya. >> she was there. >> she was there. >> and you're here. >> i am here now. >> how are you? >> today is the best day of my life. little oily but it is okay, i'll get it worked out. okay, this is weird. we're going to put a baby in a box. today on the show. i mean, this is a fresh little baby. >> is this league small. >> oh, no, no, it is fine, i think it was kind of a thing that started in the scandanavian countries, now add on the philadelphia here at temple they'll have doctor, a nurse, and have a brand new baby in a box. >> and why the box? >> we'll explain. >> what are the scandanavian countries? >> denmark, finland, norway, sweden, is it four of them?
5:52 am
>> i think it is four. >> let him talk about it in the 6:00 hour? >> i am speaking geography next though. >> oh? >> where you at, jen? jenn fred has moved from london now. i will tell you this. she has moved out of the country that we call the uk. >> oh,. >> and she is not in whales. >> okay. >> is she somewhere in scandanavian? >> i'm not going to tell you. >> all right. >> very possible. let me tell you this. she interviewing an a list, sometimes we fib on this. this guy is huge. you can't get any bigger in the music business. >> oh, that's good. >> and i love her. >> i love you. it is gianna de laurent tis, guess what, local ten year old girl won her contest. so will be in the studio with the little girl that won the contest. okay? >> and you got your hands on a book already. >> you better believe it. so see you, well, i'll see in you eight minutes. let's call it 7:00.
5:53 am
>> go fix your face. >> i know. >> i got some make up. >> do you have -- i need powder. >> still ahead take out may not always be healthy ordering pizza every week, though, has saved one man's life. >> wow. >> this is good.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> beautiful sunrise there over the ben franklin bridge. all right, a pizza restaurant in or begin really takes care of its customers, in one it meant a lot more than just delivering pizza every couple of days the employees there at domino's in salem say that they get an order from one of their regulars, 48 year old guy named kirk alexander. well, they noticed he hadn't called in a while. >> couple people pointed it out to me, so saturday night i decided, the last order, it was 11 days ago which is not normal at all. >> so, that manager sent a worker to his house. and alex and did he not answer the door, so what did they do? they called 911. when police arrived they could hear the man yelling for help. he was having a medical emergency. he is now in the hospital in stable condition, the dominoes workers say as busy as they are they always have time to check in on their neighbors in
5:57 am
need. great story out of the capitol of the state of oregon. next on good day, presidential candidates set their sites back in our area where you can see democratic frontrunner hillary clinton later today right here. and some scary moment for local police officer, what he was hit with that temporarily blinded him, if as he tried to break up a fight. next on good day with mike and alex.
5:58 am
5:59 am
from the fox studio, this is good day philadelphia.
6:00 am
well, hillary clinton shaking off an expected lost in west virginia, where she will be in our area today, in south jersey matter of fact many we'll tell you where she will be and when she will be there. >> plus, a scare for local police officer. what hit him temporarily, what hit him, and pemporary bridge blinded him as he tried to stop a fight. >> how about this story out of massachusetts last evening. a man goes on chilling string of crimes. it is stabbing people at a mall, and other low cases (police believe the crime is not connected to terrorism. >> last wins have in common. >> they keep winning. >> judge they keep winning. >> and atlanta is pretty bad, but still, way to go. >> a win is a win. >> seven in a row. good day to you, it is wednesday, may the 11, oh, and


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