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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  May 11, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> the stars are shining brighton good day philadelphia, we have chef gianna de lawyer ren tis, also have philadelphia native kevin bacon, both in this hour of the program. >> swimsuit for your body types, but there is one, little different. where this article of appears that has so many people upset. >> i got word, intern made it into the building, live shot, that building across from our conference room. i peak in on different offices. we should get to know our neighbors. >> gave the intern the phone number. because you want to give her a call. >> why don't we? >> zoom in all the way here. just the old iris.
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>> we'll figure it out. see if she'll talk to us. >> did you realize it is also national eat whatever you want day? >> if you have a craving for anything. >> cheat day basey? >> cheat. eat anything you want. >> so, bob kelly called everybody he knows in the food industry the delaware valley. common. what are you starting with bob? >> from the folks at the four seasons diner. >> oh,. >> up in northeast philadelphia. look at the size of those strawberries. >> hold on,. >> and then we also have some donuts from the holmesburg bakery. >> yum, love it. >> hole on. >> these are huge. >> holmesburg bakery.
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>> your friends. >> look at that. >> i want the pineapple upside down cake. >> in the form after donut. oh, mama. >> oh, that's just too good. >> my favorite thing right there, whatever that would be, like a hot pocketfull of cherries. >> cherry turn over maybe? >> look at that. >> i like the chocolate chip cookies, my special treatment and bludgeon mothers day, my son had given me chocolate chip cookies at work, that's what i ate for breakfast, like i can eat cookies for breakfast. >> sound good to me. let's get into this, speaking of moms and dads. >> should you be kissing in front of your children? children just walk in the room. sorry. cover your ears. a blogger said she would kiss and show off his affection in front of the children because it is important for kids to know that their parents are in love with each other. he says, by doing this, he can show his boys, his sons, how to respect a woman, and he can show his daughter what she should expect from a man.
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>> my parent always kissed in the kitchen, dancing, kissing, hugging, and i think the affection is what it should be, be happy together. >> you know what you should look for when you get older. >> i i know my parent, kiss, sometimes in the kitchen, my dad would come up hine her, hug her, she would start giggling. giggling. and i would say eww, it was good to see, you know, oh, my parent, they love each other. >> my mom and dad, conservative, you know, six kids in the house, they kissed twice a day. when my dad left the kitchen to go to work. >> okay? >> and when he will came back in the kitchen afterward. but a peck on the -- one time when i was little. >> oh, no. >> so the dining room was here. and you got the living room over here. so i am sitting in the living room chair after dinner. the kids are all scattered. i'm sitting on my dad's chair. easy chair.
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looking back at the dining room. and my mom is clearing the table of the dishes. >> my dad who never drank alcohol, dank some mogan wine, he doesn't see i am looking back at them. he comes out of the kitchen to help her pick up the plates. kisses her, which was unusual to see. >> because it wasn't in the morning, right? >> right. and then touched her boob. >> how did you react? like the pillsbury dough boy. >> oh, ya. ooh. >> and then they disappeared into the night. >> you never saw them? >> never saw them again, no. >> went back into the kitchen. >> oh, okay. >> i had never seen anything like it. >> i think it is health. >> i we never -- i feel like i have no time, any time i try to get next to my husband. >> yes? >> it is like a kid shows upright inbetween. >> they want to be part of the
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bed fest. >> i have little boy feet, my whole life, little boy feet, two kids in my bed last night, one at the foot of the bed, then i had to thread the needle between two. >> do you have to go out to a hotel if you're going to have -- making whoopi? >> making whoopee? >> oh, we haven't, but we probably need to, put it that way. >> let me kick it up another notch. >> because amy she says it makes sense for par don't spend that healthy relationship. >> i know this woman. >> yes? >> when every she has a family reunion, gets together with her family, she will kiss all of them right on the limbs. she cans cents her dad on the limbs. she kisses her brothers on the lips. then you remember new england coach, beluga check, that's his daughter on the left. angelina jolie and her brother, interesting. >> then michael douglas would kiss his dad, kirk, real full
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on the mouth. the one disturb to go me is the one on the left. >> yes? >> i mean, my daughter is a good kisser, but -- >> mike? >> well, because you know sometimes some people they do the kiss like right here on both sides. >> fine. >> but it is the lips that they're like -- >> i used to have an aunt, with a was her name? >> what did she do? >> big red lips. she would want to plant them right on my lips. >> what would you run? >> oh, ya, you try avoid her, here he comes. >> people do that. >> please bring it in. >> some people real dow it, though. >> i know. >> quincy, do you kiss any of your relatives on the lips? >> can you say that one more time? >> do you kiss any of your relatives on the lips? >> no no, i don't, like i don't know, you guys know,
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well, birdman, like his son, like stepson or whatever. >> yes? >> like they kiss each other. well, in the past, have been pictured and kiss each other on the lips. i just don't know. lip interaction? i like to designate that for my wife. moms, little kiss on the cheek. my dad, we do little hand change. shea, good seeing you, buddy, boom. >> just an adult thing? what about if kids are doing it, like young kids, a girl kisses her dad on the lips real quickly? >> it makes me un comfortable when they are adults, but little kids, fair game. my kids, i kiss them on the limbs, it is not like a weird make out thing. >> peck. >> exactly. >> quincy, thanks a l hey bob, what just came in? >> hole on. we got fresh order. >> eat anything you want day. basically cheat day. >> so i made some coffee. >> oh, look at that.
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>> philly pretzel factory. >> that in front. >> oh. >> right out of the oven, nice and warm. >> they smell so good. >> oh. >> mustard. you know the ones i like? >> i like the sweet mustard. >> that chose steak inside after pretzel. have you ever had that? >> oh, it is delicious. >> it is great. >> we won't feel bad folks. >> ride? >> this is too good. mac and cheese. >> mac and cheese? >> mac and cheese. >> milk house. >> milk house is great. >> okay. that's it for right now. >> popular magazine geared at between-agers, girls specially, over an article telling eight year old how to find the perfect swimsuit for their body type. a eight year old body type. >> so the latest issue of discovery girls, according to the magazine, girls who are curvey, they should wear tops that fit like a bra. >> okay? >> now straight up and down
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figures can add curves, you for example patterns, girls rounder in the middle are told to consider higher ways bottoms, patterns that draw the eye inch juan. >> so a lot of you, this one, seriously? this article encourages body insecurity, these girls are so young. >> so the publisher posted apology letter on the magazine facebook page, you can see it is pretty long here, in it she agrees with the criticism, thanks, rita's shall, pointing out what she considers a mistake. meanwhile pediatricians across country pulled discovery girls from the wait willing room, because one of the things you see when go to the doctor and stuff, it is cents for kids. >> so dopy. how it ever got printed i have no idea, how did it get past? >> specially for eight year old, most everybody straight up and down at that point. then if you are curvey, my goodness, do you have feel so insecure at that point. >> i'm telling you, how you should shop and stuff? >> saying if you don't have curves, curves at eight, i can show you what casino of patterns to make it look like you have cur recalls. at eight?
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one day, after watching the movie the goonies, ever see that? >> did i, watched it with my boys. >> speaking of eight year old with his eight year old son. what effect, well, today's parental supervision have on our kids? >> we watch our kids too much. we hoffer, helicopter parents? so what's clint edwards say. >> and eight year old watching this movie all the sudden the eight year old looks at him, dad, where all of the parents in this movie. then he realizes his kid never has that experience where there aren't parent constantly watching him. never let his child wander around alone. then if he want his child toll have play date, he calls the parent up and arrange pay date. like when he was a kid it didn't exist, just go searching for friend, who ever you bump into that's who you end up playing with. >> interesting. little boy eight year old shocked that the parent weren't -- >> in the move. >> i because the boys are on their own adventures, just have this independence. >> oh, man. >> and the father saying, you know, kids may need that, where they bumble along, fall off bikes, you scrape your
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knees and things. >> we lived in a cul-de-sac, i used to love going out and playing with the neighbors, kids on the block, you come home when the street lights common. but that's a time i remember as a kiddie cherished. >> running around. >> by yourself. >> they could always check on me because cul-de-sac, look out the window, my parent? you want to hear something lame? i used to, well, we two bikes, six kids, two bikes, we were very poor, and so i had to use a girls bike. >> didn't have any streamer. >> no basket? >> thank god. >> i remember the first time, road down the hill, on to the street, and made the first turn of my life. on this blue bike. make the turn, fell over, scrape up all of my legs, my knees, blood. >> i how long did it take to you get back on the bike. >> i got right back on it, next day.
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>> mom, i fell out after tree, i found this, this, this. >> it shows you are having fun. you are going to have scrapes, my legs were cut up the whole time i grew up. >> want to hear something more lame? >> yes. >> i used to get on that powder blue bike, that was -- >> not that bad. you act like -- >> it was a girls bike, no bar. anyway, so i park at the end of terrace drive mount vernon, and i actually thought people would think that i was a motorcycle police officer and slow down. >> why? >> because i casino of dressed up in a jacket and stuff. >> oh, my goodness. >> i really thought they thought i like like a cop. >> i like up do the way little bit. they had a park, basketball court, at the at the time i was big in basketball, play pick up basketball, let me n then i would go in there and i would ball. >> really? >> that's how i remember it anyway. >> what now, bob, seriously. what is it? >> we've been eating smacks, so i thought we would have something health. >> i is that a patty melt? >> no, grilled cheese.
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>> where is the meat? >> grilled cheese. mike, cheese steak, you said eat whatever you want. grilled shake -- >> oh, tomato soup. >> and some fries. >> muscle being house, right off 19th and chestnut. grilled cheese, tomato soup, fries. >> bob, thanks. more coming. >> sharon osborne is opening up about her split now from her husband of how many years? thirty-three years? ozzie. >> i saw them over the weekend, so surprised because they've been through thick and thin together. >> oh, ya. so who is she telling? all of the co-hosts on the show the talk. >> she opened but why now, was the time, to finally leave her husband. and time to start a new. >> because i'm 63 years of age. and i can't keep living like this. >> (applause). >> are you and ozzie currently on speaking terms? when is the last time you spoke to him?
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>> ya, we are talking, spoke to him last night. you know, not with him, but i speak to him, sure. i just want say that when i know what i'm going to do with the rest of my life, who i am going to be spending my life with, and what i want to do with it, you'll be the first to know. it is just something that i've got to follow my heart. and i don't even know what high heart is telling me right now. i'm just like just trying to take it all in. just take it in, process it, and do it calmly in a timelying. >> so she went on to say that it is about ozzie's cheating. >> you know, one of these things i would like everybody's opinion, avenue friend radio host at another station. he was like the wild crazy guy. ozzie osborne, that wild crazy rock star guy, if you look at her, and i love her.
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but who changed. him or her over the time? who evolved? so sometimes, you know, you look at the relationship and it is like they did really grow apart. he even changed, the same person, they've been through deer drug use, health scares, all of the different issues. >> she tried to leave him before because of his drug addictions, drug abuse. >> and he got treatment and went back. >> but now apparently cheating on him. >> i like how she is true, i don't know what my heart is telling me. >> it has to be difficult, the years you've been with him and the years you've been by yourself. thirty-three years she stood with that man, that's her normal. >> and did you in the -- >> i did. >> on the wide shot shall everybody at the table had the talk mug? did you see what she had? >> lemonade. >> sipping on some lemonade. she must and beyonce fan. i wonder if beyonce casino of gave her -- >> the push? >> then her music talking becomes you know, leaving him, all of that casino of stuff. >> make a stand for yourself. >> all right. i need your opinion specially with karen on this one. >> knock. >> your family may be due for
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a digital diet. get them off the phone. get them off the ipad. according to new study, children actually crave the discipline from their parents, they act like they don't want you to say get off phone but they are casino of do. only one person could explain this. >> better hearing and speech, in today's tech trent, can be potentially harmful to communication development, the key here talking about this morning, but before we get to the suggesting of how to deal with there is talk about the investigation. little q and a starting with this, parent report using personal technology less than their teen kids as much as their teen kids or more than their teen kids. what do you think? >> i would naturally think we adult would use it less than the kids, because kids seem like they're constantly on it.
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>> it is just as much, yes. six hours, every day what mom and dad report, now, here is the surprising part of, that the majority of moms and dads say not only are they using personal technology six hours a day but tends to use it during meal time, family leisure time, during communication time with their children which of course makes it difficult to focus. question two, personal technology use can present risk to communication skills, hearing health, or both of those things. >> record using devices with some sort of head phone at least three hours a day. so three hours a day they have something either over their ears, in their apps respect channel l volume directly into their ear canal, which of course when expose today volumes too high can be quite damaging. report technology is under mining basic communication skills making it harder for
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their children to pay a at the sean, to stay on task, and this, as well, making it also difficult for kids to engage in conversation with other people. they finds that their children will oftentimes avoid interaction, instead, referring to go on line and seek out whatever information they need without ever involving somebody else in the conversation. they say they would love time mr. meant new rules, overwhelming majority say we think that would be fair. but only two out of five teens surveyed said that they actually do have rules in their house. so if you want to put the family on digital diet, one thing you have to make sure you do. biggest mistake that they make. say okay, the problem is, my kids have the technology in their hands. if i just remove the technology, the problem is solved. replace the tech time, with
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some sort of traditional communication time. you have to re infuse that one-on-one communication to develop those skills into that time that would otherwise be occupied. that's the key to make sure. >> oh,. >> talk to them, have them talk to each other. and if you want to talk about it more check out the full study on your station. >> and god forbid, if you went to the backyard and played some wiffle ball. >> and my kids do, that dow no tv. or screen time or anything kind of thing from sunday to thursday. >> that's how it was for me growing up. >> discipline. >> what snow. >> bob, seriously. >> this is great. >> national eat anything you want day. and bob -- >> hold on. the gang from federal donuts. >> oh! >> okay? take a look, just smell. >> oh, my goodness. >> and also have real unusual donuts. >> what's this here? and what's this one?
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>> i don't know. but hold on, hold on. >> more? >> you can't eat what you want without -- without jelly donuts. >> oh. >> look at the cream. >> oh, they are really good. >> we can eat pretty well. >> how about bacon? how about kevin bacon, next on good day philadelphia, new film called darkness, we will talk to kevin right after the break. >> sound good. >> hold on second. okay, woman still in the office? when can we -- i need to call her, but we got to squeeze in kevin bacon too. still in there? i actually had this woman's phone number. let's call her.
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>> how about them? >> oh, they are taking pictures of each other. >> office party! >> come on back! [ soft music ]
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1.
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>> let's call letter. >> is it ringing yet. >> we go through our microphone, through the control room. >> so punch it up. let me see! >> zoom in on her. >> hello? >> hey, hi, it is mike, and alex, and karen, across the street at good day philadelphia. >> is this a prank? are you serious? >> no, we are sending a intern, bunch your office mates gave thaws phone number. what's your name? >> sham evening a former townsend. are you really mike? >> yes, we are across the
9:25 am
street. >> hi, mike. >> high! >> what are you do over there? >> what do we do over here? we help young people have greater opportunity in their future by helping them to secure a job in the summertime, and all year around. >> what? what is the name of the company? >> the name of the company is the philadelphia youth network. we work with partners throughout the city to help young people reconnect to their educational goals and help them secure a job their future. >> what? >> i like. >> i think we called you the perfect time of year. do you have a website? >> absolutely. young people can go to philly summer is learn more about our work ready summer employment program. they can also, adults who want to help, because we need your help, too, you can contact us at philly summer as well. and also, pyn, that's >> hold on, i'm going right now on my phone. hold on. >> check our website out. this is crazy. are you really -- i can't see. >> oh, we've been watching you. we've been watching.
9:26 am
>> and i have to apologize for that actually. so py -- >> so you have some pictures on your desk, who is in your family? tell us about you? >> oh, that's great question. first, i have to say hi, honey, hi, john town sends, my daughter and daughter taylor and tori, if you are watching, you should all be in footed. philadelphia youth network for 11 years, the reason why i do this work is because we believe that every young person is filled with potential, not enough of them have the opportunity to develop that potential tune succeed in school work and life. so i was really fortunate when i was coming up to have adult mentors and work experience to help shape me help others. >> cool. >> i want to do that. >> congratulations, glad we made this call. get to know your neighbors. >> it is great to know our neighbors, listen, i would love to stop by any time. invite me over. >> i might call you glenn come by right now, seriously. >> and we will be watching you at any time. >> come on over right now, bring your friends, we have so much food here. hey philly own kevin bacon,
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thank you. kevin bacon on our show next. he has new movie out called the darkness, and it is scary as heck. >> it is. have rethinking your next vacation. >> nothing like foot loose? >> no. >> but he is from our area. >> what? >> from filly? >> sister used to make me dress back in the day. >> his dad was the city planner. >> yep. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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it is exactly 9:30. >> just in time for friday the 13th. >> the day after tomorrow. >> yeah. >> philly's own kevin bake object is back in theaters with a new horror film. >> it is called darkness family terrorized by a super natural force, they
9:31 am
unneglectly, disturbed during a trip the two grand canyon, abe brought home with them, watch. >> anybody can do me a favor and listen to mommy. >> breakfast, stephanie. >> i'm in my room. >> dirty hand marks every where. >> we never talk about him, it is getting creepy and creepy. >> getting angry doesn't help. >> you are scarring him. >> take care of me. >> oh, my god. >> hey. who is up there. >> seriously, my gosh, the tree house. >> geese, kevin, welcome back to philadelphia. >> thank you, thank you for having me. >> so, have you done a horror film before? >> i did the the very first
9:32 am
friday the 13th, which was in i guess, the 70's maybe. >> yeah, 70's. >> it was the very first one, it was, very, very low budget and it, you know, kind of blew up and started that long chain of, i don't know how many friday 13ths we did but quite a few. >> i remember that, i was in camp because you spend a lot of time in chester county, and we go to the day camp, and you have a cousin jessica and my uncle is a movie star he was in friday the 13th. >> that is right, that is right. i mean i'm a fan of horror. i usually see the best, you know, the best horror films, and, you know, i'm a movie fan, a movie consumer, so, yeah, in any kind of ge nre.
9:33 am
>> so what the heck happens to this family, you go to the grand canyon, nice little family vacation abe you come back with what? , well, the thing that i liked about the script was that it, yes, it is a formula that we've kind of experienced before, where family brings some evil back into their house, but what happens is you start to, all of these preexisting issues that the family has start to get exacerbated by this presence and it is a pretty typical family in that we have some sort of infidelity issues, and alcoholism, and eating disorders, and -- >> that sound like my house. >> i mean, i was interested more in seeing like the family dynamic, and seeing what looks like on the the outside, as a super, super tip will california kind of, you know,
9:34 am
nice, family. >> i'm going to go. i'm in. >> were you concerned at all, i watched trailer where one part you go up in the tree house are you concerned that the family not only has tree houses in their backyards. >> that is true,. >> coyote in the tree. >> yes. >> well look, that is one of those scenes where you -- you're kind of like wow, will that really happen now. we have a small place in los angeles and i see coyoties in my backyard all the time and it is, we don't have an actual tree house but we have some steps, that kind of go up to a landing, and you know, just the other day i walk out, and he was right there. so it could happen. >> kevin, i have got a 20, second quiz in philadelphia, what was your first car. >> my first car. >> my first car was a toyota corolla. >> where did you go on your first date. >> first date? oh, wow, just, you know,
9:35 am
probably jussie don't know melrose diner or to get a hoagie. >> where was your first kiss. >> the first kiss was probable ly behind the mint, right there near spring garden street, 17th and spring garden street. >> well, there is a plaque there. >> yes, we will to have put one there now. >> first time you had too much to drink, where were you. >> friday the 13th, we will see this thing. >> thank you. >> next time we are in philadelphia, tomorrow say hi. >> 9:35. >> speaking of movies. >> seventeenth and spring garden i need to check that place out. >> seventeenth and spring garden. >> is that just a street corner. >> by the whole foods and up
9:36 am
that way. >> isn't that by the basilica. >> yes, church. >> by the church. >> okay. >> my goodness. is there a bigger film festival in the world then the cannes film festival? probably not. >> that is where jen is. >> so, i am finally allowed to tell you who the mega music, mega star is that i'm going to be interviewing, you'll find out in a few minutes. blank. >> and speaking of music stars, this guy, right here, is in our studio, and do you have a number one gospel, song out right now in america? it is called anthem. he will sing it for you live right here.
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we have established here, so now time for big reveal. who we will interview and how big a star. >> well, south philadelphia, to the south of france, yes, ladies and gentlemen, i'm spending my day, in cannes getting ready for film festival later today, it will be on this, talking to celebrities, now i have been, on celebrity watch as you can only imagine, i mentioned earlier that we saw the guy with just the voice of olaf, when i walk in my hotel i saw a old guy it wassal he can ball win. it was an old wrinkle willly guy. these are things i have been doing. you know kevin mccarthey, the ultimate movie star, he is here for the science the of the film, for the money making, have of the festival, and i did talk to him a little bit about what i should know, being a can rookie and all. >> to be honest, number one tip for me, the film fan is to
9:41 am
find a mcdonald's and we are in cannes and pulp fiction won here in 1994. pulp fiction has a very famous scene looking as you go through a quarter pounder of cheese is a royal e with cheese because on the metric system. you know what they called a quarter pounder with cheese, in paris. >> what do they call it. >> they call it royale with cheese. >> royale with cheese. >> every time i'm here i always go down to the mcdonald's down the street from the theater here and i order a royale with cheese and i pay for it with my pulp fiction wallet. that is my tip. >> okay. so, we have been keeping this part of the journey, secret, until now, and by the way we are so thankful that 20th century fox could send me on this big european adventure. the reason why i'm here, the reason why the excuse i have producer of your favorite show "good day philadelphia" said i was allowed to be away for longer then a week, it is that movie right there.
9:42 am
it is told. although it looks like a very, very cute adorable animated film, what you don't know, is that justin timberlake is a big part of the film. ladies and gentlemen, this girl is going to interview that guy, tomorrow. so let's break it down. jen, justin, both of us, here in france, once in a while, i think it will be amazing. we will see it all very soon. that was your final thing that you a had to guess. now there will be plenty more on my twitter, facebook, instagram because if i'm giving that away, can you imagine how big the other stuff is. i'm on cannes on the red carpet. i'm in cannes i'm the on the red carpet. >> yes, she lost her mind because she just interviewed justin timberlake. >> yes. >> good to see you. >> thank you for coming by. >> thank you so much. >> good to know your neighbors. >> yes. >> i know your window, you are
9:43 am
the second window in. >> yes, i am thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> yes. >> we have so much food, so dig in, okay. >> grab some stuff. >> speaking of food one best chefs in the world in the studio, right now, are you here. >> yes. >> we're going to meet your little friend from philadelphia. >> emma. >> hi emma. blank guillen a.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
okay. let's get into this. gianna is here i watch you have weekend. >> thank you. >> so celebrity chef in our presence and you have a celebrity chef name emma. hi, emma a, welcome. how old are you emma. >> i'm 11, i will be 12 soon. >> where do you live. >> i live in the warminster area of philadelphia. >> nice to have you here. >> thank you. >> and, welcome. we did a little contest a while back and it is all of the kid to write in and give me their favorite italian inspired philadelphia recipe and she won the contest. >> she won. >> yes. >> there were a few in the running, and what her story about her grandmother and learning this recipe is great grandmother recipe and handing it down, and the lovely, special ingredient, that you guys loved so much is in the
9:47 am
little pizzelles. >> yes. >> licorice. >> yes, it is what kind of made me sort of pick emma. she's here, and character in the book now. beautiful brother and sister adventure philly. >> how cool is it to have a book. you have your own book. >> it is pretty cool. >> yes. >> i have a favor. >> what. >> could you make something for me. >> sure. >> come on. >> so how do you make your pizzelles. >> first we need six eggs. >> okay, so go ahead. >> do you want to help her break some eggs because that will take a while. >> yes. >> so, no shells in the eggs. >> no shells. >> no shells in the eggs. >> i'm sorry. >> we will put it in this nice little will, pizzelle maker, which is funny because emma and i were just saying you can make waffles the from the same dough. >> yes, but i think, with mapel syrup and toppings of whipped cream, it is good. >> eat what you want day. >> eat what you want day.
9:48 am
>> that is true. >> six eggs and then what darling, then you need to add melted butter. >> melted butter. >> so, magic of television. >> yes. >> this is melted butter and we will dump that in. >> okay. >> okay. >> mike washed his hand. >> what comes after melted butter. we. >> we add oil. >> okay. >> this is the thing about this. >> it is very little. >> very little. >> it is super strong. >> yes. >> half a teaspoon. >> my goodness. >> okay. >> smell it. >> you can smell it. >> you can use the extract or this extract thaw can find at the grocery store but the oil has special powers. >> okay. >> sugar. >> sugar. >> yes, sugar. >> yes, grab the sugar how much do you put in. >> one and a half. >> dump the sugar in. >> do we put any baking soda. >> yes good baking powder. >> yes. >> and do you want to do it.
9:49 am
>> sure. >> baking powder. >> when does whipping happen. >> yes. >> we will whip you in a second. >> okay. >> we need flower or we will go no where. >> how much flower. >> three and a half cups. >> three and a half cups. >> this? >> one, two, and three. >> you have to sift it. >> you have to sift it. >> yes. >> look at that. >> if you you don't, then you get a really dense pizzelles, really, really dense. >> yes, start whipping. >> we have the finish product. >> let's just eat and put him to work. emma a, how often do you make this. >> probably around the holidays, or special occasions i make it with my grand mom sometimes. >> yes. >> for sure. >> what is nice is you taste that in between and you put some nutela and make
9:50 am
sandwiches out of them. >> is what your go to on eat anything you want day. what would be your cheat food. >> seven layer chocolate cake. >> yes. >> topping. >> i love chocolate, and no eggs, i can eat that all day long are really dense brownies, chocolate chips inside, no nuts. >> that that is a lot of chocolate. >> emma what would you eat. >> anything that you want. >> probably popcorn. >> popcorn. >> love it. >> yes. >> something else. >> white chocolate and sprinkles, and marshmallows, and there you go. >> do you get to philadelphia very often. >> i was just here, in november, on a book tour. >> yes. >> i have never been here before. >> welcome. >> i hear this is most fun morning show. >> but of course. >> that is why i'm here. >> that is word in philadelphia. >> now that you have been here what do you think. >> i think i need to make some food that doesn't involve flour all over the place.
9:51 am
>> yes. >> next time we will make that, i love that. >> yes, of course. >> this is typical. typical. >> thank you so much. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> one of the best gospel singers in the country is, in fact he has number within gospel song out right now we will hear it next.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
he has a number within gospel song in america, tom, welcome. >> good morning, thank you. >> it is call the anthem. >> yes, called the anthem. >> sit your anthem. >> no, i covered this, out of australia, and it made its way over here to america. >> what is it about. >> it is a song just describing the gospel of jesus christ, story of his life and what not and we have just celebrated and given us
9:55 am
victory. >> yes. >> it went off. >> yes. >> a former professional baseball player. so i made a weird transition when her family was like what are you doing, you're there, i said i'm supposed to sing now. >> it is paying off. >> it is paying off finally i was going crazy for a little while. >> do you have this will album called a worshiper's heart. >> they can go get it in stores every where, it is my heart, album is ledded with songs of my heart. >> will you perform new for us. >> here is the anthem. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> see you tomorrow, everybody, enjoy todd. >> take it away. >> all right. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:56 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:57 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:58 am
>> ♪
9:59 am
10:00 am
. it's "live like a star" week, live on the "the wendy williams show"! ♪ >> wendy: you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. my girls have always turned out. i give it to you straight. ♪ >> announcer: here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: yes! come on, now! thank you for watching our show! say hello to my co hosts, my studio audience! [ cheers and applause ]


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