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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 12, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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♪ right now a plea for teens to back off on social media after a deadly attack on a wilmington teen. amy joyner francis died hours after police say other students jumped her in the booth room of her high school. her family and her church are worried about threats to get even. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. fox 29's chris o'connell live in wilmington tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain and lucy the death of amy joyner francis sparking even more controversy on the streets of wilmington tonight. ever since three juvenile girls were charged in connection with her death. tonight threats of retaliation over social media has local leaders calling for calm tonig tonight. >> we do not need another amy on our hands. >> reporter: wilmington city council woman sherri dorsey walker also a spokeswoman for the family of amy joyner francis begging for piece in the wake of
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what's being called a social media war. >> for those who were on social media and are claiming that they're doing things that retaliation in amy's name, we're going to ask you to please stop it. >> reporter: city and religious leaders met after hearing rumors and threats of more violence at howard high school after three teenaged classmates were charged in the honor roll student's death. only one was charged with criminally negligent homicide that carries a maximum of eight years in prison. although specific threats were not mentioned, some have taken to social media outraged. the charges didn't go far enou enough. social media is not your friend. the lies and rumors that social media they live longer than they should. >> reporter: mike rutland made makes sure his grandson is busy every day. this wednesday night, they go for swim lessons. he is worried about what the future holds for six-year-old ahmad. >> we need to teach kids conflict resolution how to talk
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things out as opposed to violence. >> never have violence in the world. >> reporter: community leaders say the wounds of amy's death will take time to heal. but more violence they say is not the answer. >> her friends, her loved ones, those who knew her, i challenge to you continue to stand on what you know and continue to spread her legacy. >> reporter: now, we did try to get in touch with the attorney representing the 16-year-old girl facing the most serious charges in this case for a comment. our phone calls were not returned. lucy? >> all right. thank you, chris. busy note on top of breaking news right now. philadelphia police are looking for the woman they say hit a man with her car in the city's powelton neighborhood and took off. skyfox over the scene right around 8:15 tonight. police tell us the victim is a 27-year-old drexel graduate. he ended up with only few scrapes and bruises. officers say the driver did stop her maroon older model mini van, check him out and then left.
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if you know anything, give police a phone call. plea high county pediatrician is facing charges to night over what prosecutors say he did inside his scam room. they say he assaulted the mother of one of his patients and according to prosecutors, he did it more than once during the visit to his office. let's get out to shawnette wilson who is live outside lehigh university hospital tonight in allentown. shawnette? >> reporter: iain, we talked to several of the doctors neighbors. they did not want to go on camera but tell me that they are shocked and say they do not believe these allegations. in the meantime, a spokesperson for the hospital says the doctor is on leave while the investigation continues. indecent assault is alleged to have happened in an scam room here at lehigh valley hospital in allentown. the lehigh county district attorney today announced charges against three, three-year-old jared royce patton a pediatrician. according to the da's news release the victim brought her child here to see dr. patton on february 25th. the da states dr. patton began
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looking at her child and straddled over the woman's legs and rubbed against her multiple times. when the woman attempted to move away, the 6-foot 5-inch, 230-pound patton positioned himself to continue the action throughout the visit. no one answered the door at dr. patton's exeter home this evening. officials at the lehigh county central booking center say he was released around 4:30 after being arraigned on the charges. the lehigh valley health network said in a statement that they take charges very seriously. it reads in part "when we became aware rt of the allegations we placed dr. patton on leave and removed him from all administrative and clinical responsibilities so the police could conduct an investigation. we cooperated fully with the police and gave them full access to our employees and records ". and back here live, the indecent assault charge is a second degree misdemeanor, investigators also say they had information from witnesses as well as the victim. back to you.
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>> thank you shawnette. on your radar it looks like the rain is finally out of here. people out enjoying the dry warmer night in center city tonight some even leaving their jackets at home sips we're still in the mid 60s. moving live to trenton. you can see it's nice and clear right now. in fact kathy and i actually went out to south philly to night. didn't we kathy. >> it was beautiful outside without a coat for the first time in quiet sometime. the rain is out of here. we did have up level low swirling over south jersey and delaware early this evening and most of that has dissipated there may be areas of fog though in cumberland, cape may and also central and central delaware. for the rest of us it's pretty mild out there. pottstown and allentown sitting at 60 degrees at this late hour. trenton 64. we have the cloud cover but that will erode overnight. look at the wind. not a player. very calm in philadelphia with a southerly wind at 5 miles an hour and that southerly wind is a good sign of warmer days to come.
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during the day tomorrow, temperatures will be much warmer than they were today. take look at the fox future cast. we'll watch those southerly winds keep us pretty mild during the overnight. it's 7:00 a.m. in the mid 50s in philadelphia. you can see in south jersey, millville 57 come the morning. 60 degrees in atlantic city by 7:00 a.m. so you step out the door, don't even need a light coat. by the afternoon plenty of sunshine. the noon hour, finally a day we can step outside and eat lunch outdoors. south southeasterly winds and in philadelphia the temperature already rising to 73 degrees. so our first real sunny day of the and tire month. so the sun returns. some storms in the forecast and they will push into the weekend. we'll time those out coming up witness seven day forecast and after we have warmth and storms, a 25 temperature drop so the ups and downs of the month of may will continue. i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> all right. talk to you soon, kathy. taking live look at reading to night make sure you're ready to start your day with fox 29 weather and traffic authorities.
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get newest forecast and any problems out on the roads. sue serio and bob kelly have you covered starting at 4:00 a.m. new tonight a woman allegedly grabbed as she was walking right by tenth and south street. the victim says she was touched inappropriately the suspect is still out on the streets to night. let's get out to dave schratwieser who is live in center city. dave? >> reporter: iain, women who live and travel through this area are worried tonight because this is a very popular cut through street to a local dog park and playground just up the block. it's also just a half a block away from a police substation. >> definitely makes me be more aware than i have been. >> reporter: on the 1,000 block of rodman street off south street women are keeping a close eye out after police issued a bulletin about a suspicious man on a bike. >> riding on 10 speed bike, approaches her from behind and inappropriately touches her. >> i'll let people know, too. because that's terrifying. >> reporter: the incident occurred tuesday night around 11:20. a 47-year-old woman was walking
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down rodman behind a local supermarket near this park when the guy on the bike grabbed her g don't know if this is someone that's looking to take this to higher level and commit an assault or if this is someone that's calls himself playing some type of game. >> reporter: kimberly lives nearby she's always felt safe here. she uses rodman street quite often to travel to the local dog park or center city. >> stuff happens anywhere. you live in the city. people are -- people do dumb and bad things. you've got to be alert ain't wear. >> it's well lit but there's not a hot going on night. >> reporter: rachel hanson works at a shop in the neighbor. she also uses the street to take her dog andy to the safe dog park. >> just like a bummer. i mean i'm already looking out because i know better i've lived in philly for long time. >> reporter: the street is well lit but there are no surveillance cameras visible on the buildings here. this is just a half a block away from the third police district substation for south street. >> just want people in that area to be aware of their surroun surroundings.
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>> i know to look out for myse myself. >> reporter: now police still looking for surveillance video here near the scene. they have stepped up patrols in the area. according to investigators there have been no other incidents hike this in this area in recent weeks. iain? >> dave, thank you. septa police chief was forced to tase a man who they say was uncooperative and hostile in kensington today. chief thomas nestle was providing backup during a disturbance near the 2800 block of frankford avenue. that man was taken into custody. no other injuries were reported. a chester county man is in the hospital under arrest tonight after prosecutors say he killed his girlfriend and investigators say they heard the murder happen in an audio recording. keith smith now facing murder charges. prosecutors say his girlfriend wesley web had asked activate add recording app on her phone which captured the shot fired by smith. prosecutors say the two were living together in phoenixville with three children. but had been fighting. they say smith shot web on may second then tried but failed to
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kill himself. a big manhunt comes to an end. police say this is the guy who temperature got so out of control on a local road he shot at another driver. incredibly he didn't hur anybody but that driver's car ended up with a bullet hole. >> ever since police have been after the shooter and police say a crucial tip led them to the man they were looking for. fox 29's karen hepp explains. >> reporter: 50-year-old anthony richardson didn't want to talk about the road rage incident last thursday on the blue route and he did everything a man wearing handcuffs and shackles could do to hide his face. a face his alleged victim will never forget. >> the victim sat down with our composite sketch artist and provided details to our artist who drew the picture. so for that split, you know, few moments that he interacted with that other driver, he provided a very good sketch. >> reporter: what happened? so good a person who knows richardson called police this weekend with a tip that broke the case. here's the sketch. here's richardson today.
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police say this isn't the first time he's had anger issues. >> in the past, he does have prior road rage habits, and he displayed a firearm at that time. >> reporter: right now, richardson is facing very serious charges. including attempted murder. police say he brazenly drove into the center median to pass the victim. then pulled all the way around to the other side of the jenkintown man's car and then pull out his licensed gun and squeezed off a shot. >> the bullet penetrated the lower corner of the front passenger door to the center console. he fired from being in the center lane and the victim was in the left lane so in close sis dance to one another. >> reporter: police recovered the suspect's gun and car today. people who live on his quiet block can't believe it. >> they was shock. according to my mom she was shocked on the block really shocked. >> reporter: richardson was taken to the montgomery county prison and being held in lieu of 250 thus san dollars cash and is
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facing serious felonies. from outside the belmont barrack, i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. developing to night in delaware, the state's division of public health reports three more clue related deaths for this flu season that bring the total for the 2015-2016 season to six. the three new deaths include two new castle county residents and a 42-year-old woman from sussex county. state officials say this season is much less deadly than last year. 28 people died in the first state in the previous flu seas season. tomorrow marks one year since amtrak train derailed in northeast philadelphia killing eight people. federal investigators will meet in d.c. next week to talk about what caused that deadly crash. the new york bound train hit a sharp curve at 106 miles an hour, that's more than twice the speed limit. it careened off the tracks, killing eight and hurting another 200 others. the train's engineer told investigators he remembered pushing the throttle forward to pick up speed then braking when he felt the train going too fast
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into that curve. the engineer says he had several gaps in his memory and does he not remember what happened between throttling up and the curve. chester county mother who admitted doing the unthinkable has learned her fate. police say jessica lynn riff fee ingested -- injected her 14-year-old daughter and another teen with heroin several times last fall. she pleaded guilty to child endangerment charges last week and today a judge sentenced her to 4.5 to 10 years in prison. prosecutors say she will testify against her boyfriend who faces charges of supplying heroin to the teens. this gloucester county, new jersey, woman was supposed to be helping crime victims. instead she accused of of stealing from them. the pennsylvania attorney general's office says the former boss at agency meant to help crime victims now faces charges of stealing thousands of dollars. fox 29's bruce gordon has the story. >> reporter: 52-year-old stephanie mayweather is charged with multiple counts of theft and receiving stolen property. a criminal complaint claims that
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while executive director of philadelphia's east division crime victims services from 2010 through 2013 mayweather used the agency's checking account as her own personal piggy bank. she's accused of of using money from the account at restaurants and grocery stores, gas statio stations, rental cars, hotels, a personal cell phone plan, even tuition at a university. the total amount taken according to the complaint, more than 15,000 bucks. i went to mayweather's home address in this up stale mullica hill, new jersey, neighborhood. there was a vehicle in the driveway but no one answered my repeated knocks at the door. as for east division crime victims services, this church now sits at the north philly address listed in the complaint. a phone number for the agency is no longer working. mayweather has already been arraigned and released. she's due back in court may 25th. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. well this guy isn't ordering coffee at this frankford donut
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shop it is robbing it. he walked into that dunkin' donuts in the 5200 block of torresdale avenue, told the employee he had a gun and told hem to hand over the money in the register. well the employee gave him money in dunkin' donuts bag. robber took off. if you recognize any of this, give police a call. the family of a man accused of a stabbing rampage says it could have been prevented had he gotten the mental help that he needed. that rampage in massachusetts near boston ended with two victims dead and two more injured including a pregnant woman. police say it all began yesterday when 28-year-old arthur de rosa went into a home and stabbed two women. one of them 80 years old later died at the hospital. he then drove into macy's at a nearby mall and stabbed several other people including a pregnant woman. according to police, a 56-year-old man that came to help the pregnant woman was stabbed to death. did he e rosa family claims he had been looking for mental health treatment a day before the attacks but did not get the help he needed. >> it could have been prevented. >> definitely.
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>> he was -- the ambulance pick him up at 5:00 p.m. on monday. they discharged him at 4:00 a.m. on tuesday. they didn't treat him for his sickness was his mental illness they treated him for something else. >> de rosa was later shot and killed by an off duty officer. so far police do not have a motive for the stabbing. >> you decide 2016 and h. hillary clinton fires up a south jersey crowd. ♪ >> democratic presidential candidate held a rally this afternoon at camden county college. bernie sanders her competition for the democratic nomination not so much in her sites. clinton targeted donald trump in blackwood today. she says he will add trillions to the national debt in exchange for tax cuts for the rich. fresh off win in west virginia last night, sanders spent the day in montana. about 10,000 supporters turn out to see him. sanders told the crowd despite his recent victories he knows he's still got a long fight ahead to win the nomination. the presumptive gop nominee
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donald trump has now broke his fundraiser cam -- campaign fundraiser. the campaign says high profile donor will host the event, but it's not naming the person as far as the running mate trump says he's down to five or six choices and his campaign is not saying anything about them right now either. north philadelphia landmark currently under a huge renovation was open to the public tonight. the developers held open house in the divine lorraine hotel. work began last year restoring the more than century old hotel. it's been empty since 1999. tonight visitors got the chance to see how things are coming along inside. crews worked to restore it to its full glory. when finish, the building will be a mix of residential and retail space. young kids alone in room playing cameras rolling their parents just feet away. in another room watching. hidden with those children a very realistic looking gun. what happened next shock even
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us. >> it wasn't real begun. >> i just -- i just wanted to play with it. >> the video every parent and gun own owner needs to see that's still ahead tonight on fox 29 news at 10:00. a wild police chase trying to catch this mini van. behind the wheel a woman weaving into oncoming traffic. through yards and crashing through barriers. what was in the front seat that made this even more dangerous. and with some philadelphia water department workers paid to party? fox 29 investigates went to the top to fine out. >> was everybody off the clock? >> we're looking into that. >> what our questions uncovered. fox 29 investigates is ahead. >> plus the shock of one woman's live about to step into her shower when she starts screaming. what was hiding in her tub that had her running for help. >> there's wedding next week on empire. clues about who is really going to tie the knot. >> now with tomorrow's traffic
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here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. we got the vine expressway shut down tonight into early tomorrow morning. directions between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. also going to be paving along broad street between oregon and 95 right in the stadium area. keep that in mind for folks that work at the navy yard first thing tomorrow morning, and get ready, the dad vail regatta the boats and the teams arrive tomorrow and then the races take place friday and saturday. we'll see you right and early check the jam
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪
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this mini van took police for awhile ride in springdale, ohio. the driver had her child in the car as she drove recklessly through the streets. she now has multiple felon know warrants out for her arrest. police called off the chase when they found out about her child. officers later discovered her car in a hotel parking lot but she is still on the run. a new mother has been charged with reckless conduct after atlanta police say she left her week old baby inside a car while she ran an errand. police say some people discovered the baby in the car. they waited close to half an hour for mom to show up. those witnesses called 911 when they heard the child crying. when mom finally came back, she told officers she had to go pick up a paycheck but she didn't want her employer to know she had a baby. police say to make matters worse there was also a dog in the car thankfully both are okay. you know those light up shoes that kiddos love to wear
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when you step they flash colors. well familiar until texas says those shoes actually started a fire a houston mom says the light up shoes started that fire inside her car and thank goodness the little boy wasn't wearing the shoes when they burned a hole through the car's floor. passenger seat also you saw it there just melted. the fire marshal has not said officially what started the fire. the parents of the two and a half-year-old are just relieved the out come wasn't worse. >> i'm just glad that my son wasn't wearing it at the time, and if he had been wearing it, i don't know if he can have told me my foot is hot. you know i don't think he could take it off by himself. >> for now the parents plan on contacting pay less where they say they bought the $25 shoes. in california, a woman stumbled upon unwanted visitor in her shower. >> how it got there is still a hit mystery. san diego woman says she was getting ready to get in the shower when she found this snake in her bathtub. she has no clue how it got
3:23 am
there. residents inside the apartment -- building say the place is secure. so they're not sure how the animal slithered in. >> we don't know how he got into the bathtub. we don't think he crawled all the way through the house, through the front door, through an apartment, passed one bathroom and how he would have been able to scale the side of a bathtub to get in, we don't see him doing that. >> one theory somehow it got in through the bathtub drain. python snake was eventually rescued and brought back to an animal care facility. cute little guy. why were these philadelphia water department vehicles parked in the lot of a restaurant for hours? that's what fox 29 investigates wanted to know. a city probe is now underway and fox 29 investigates is ahead. kathy? >> brighter days ahead. we get break from the clouds and the rain with drier air moving into the delaware valley. but two more weather systems will be pulling through as we head toward the weekend and into the weekend.
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the timing the rain for your outdoor plans coming up with the seven day. >> just how far would you go for beyonce'? why one woman says her love of queen b is about to get her kick out of her app. what?1 underline
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right now at 10:30 the first was a man police called 911 to report murder he committed. police say this man murdered a woman in kensington. 25-year-old juan cam macho faces rape and murder. police say he called 911 on monday saying he had just killed his girlfriend inside their home on the 3200 block of rohrer street. police tracked down and arrested him about two hours after they say he reported that murder. philadelphia's inspector general opens an investigation mayor kenney's urging aft fox 29 investigates asked some questions about a city retirement bash. >> which was a three-hour affair complete with a bar. fox 29's jeff cole is here with that report. >> reporter: it was quite a party. we knew it was a big celebration when we saw over 20 city vehicles come rolling in.
3:28 am
we asked, were some water department workers actually paid to party? >> march 4th another water department truck just pulled up. 11:40. >> reporter: you'd think it was a convention for the city water department. >> here's another one. 11:45. >> reporter: or a big meeting on how to better deliver water services to its millions of customers but the city vehicles jamming the parking lot of gallo's city food in northeast philly on friday march 4th were not driven there for serious business are but for party. >> i think it was nice send off for someone who -- i mean a really good guy. >> reporter: retirement party forgery stokes, a 38-year employee scene here leaving his three-hour bash. and and mayor kenney's newly minted boss of the water department who attended the party in her city car is not happy we're asking about it. >> i feel bad that his party, his send off is being tainted with this.
3:29 am
>> reporter: tainted with what? apparently, our questions about the gala held at gallo's in the middle of the day. at first the city told us that all its workers were off the clock. but our investigation finds that just wasn't accurate. working off a tip that the big send off would be held, fox 29 investigators rolled up to northeast philly and found city vehicles parked in the restaurant's lot before noon. we watched as the department's neat came flowing in. >> 11:55 for this guy. >> reporter: suvs, even a truck, all emblazoned with pwd and vehicle numbers on the back. there was even a fire department suv there. we took a swing around the lot and pulled numbers. >> five in a row. >> reporter: we gave our list to the city and asked who was behind the wheel. in what the kenney administration said was an
3:30 am
effort to be transparent it provided documents showing 21 city vehicles and drivers having been at the party. that's just the drivers. we watched groups of workers walking into the celebration. our fox 29 investigates photographer snapped a shot of the party held in a private room. >> why not have it outside of normal work hours? >> um, i mean i guess that's one way to look at it. i'm not sure what the issue really could be in the middle of the day. >> reporter: remember. the city first told us all workers were off the clock. so to check, we made what's called a right to know request for their time sheets. we've been toll it will take a month but water commissioner mccarty concerned about our request says she took a hard look at the time sheets after we asked for them. >> so you think this is okay because everybody was off the clock? >> if everybody was off the clock it should be fine. that's right. >> reporter: was everybody off the clock? >> um, well, i have to tell you that, uh, as right to know for
3:31 am
time sheets and gathering that information i reviewed every single time sheet that you requested and, um, got some concerns about some folks and we're looking into that. >> reporter: fox 29 obtained city payroll information which backed mccarty's reason for concern. while the records show some workers using vacation or comp time to cover hours spent at the party, others didn't. like water department worker gary dunlap who drove to the shindig in this city suv, payroll documents indicate he work a regular shift the day of the party with some overtimes toed in. on the phone, dunlap said his boss told him it was a business luncheon. that's why he didn't clock out. commissioner mccarty disputes that. department worker william carter showed up at gallo's in this city did he sedan he drives to and from work. >> payroll records show a regular day worked for him as well. reached by phone he refused to
3:32 am
talk. the commissioner says at least six water department workers dunlap says he's one of them will be disciplined after her review of their time sheets prompted by our questions. >> as you know, i don't play with that stuff. >> reporter: near the corner of venango and frankford, merchant barry zen steen is riffed. >> banks up the cars, nat tires. >> reporter: he complains the water department has been working down the street from this cell phone store for two years and it's not good for business. >> they come out. they dig it up. they put the plate back on and they don't give us any answers. >> reporter: guess what he thought of a retirement party right smack in the middle of the day? >> they have work to do. i can't take off in the middle of the afternoon if i wanted to. why should they take off? there's work to do. >> reporter: there's something else. there are rules that govern the use of philadelphia city vehicles they read, vehicles must be used for official city
3:33 am
business and employees will avoid any vehicle use which might result in or create the appearance of impropriety, and then there's the big one. absolutely no drinking and driving. so why was there a bar serving up stiff drinks just outside the retirement party? we watched folks drink and go back inside. >> do we know whether anybody drank and got into a city vehicle? >> um, there were a lot of retirees there. when i went past the bar when i came in and when i left, um, none of those were current city employees that i saw there. >> you certainly weren't looking the whole three hours. >> that's right. i was not. because i expect peopled to the right thing. >> reporter: now commissioner mccarty said it was okay to attend the party the problem was not taking time off. she says that most folks she thinks actually did take the time off. the fire depth says it's preliminary investigation finds
3:34 am
no violation in its employee being there for a full hour and a half. but now, the city's inspector general amy curlin will way in all of this as the mayor asks her to do after we began asking questions about all of that. >> we'll see how this all shakes out film we will. >> thanks, jeff. >> so listen to this. there's young children alone in room playing. their parents are feet away in another room watching. nothing wrong here, right. >> hidden with those little ones a very realistic looking gun. what happened next shocked even us. just one week until the empire season finale and a wedding. clues about who is really going to tie the knot.
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♪ just one more episode left in the second season of empire. the season finale next week and lion family has been through a lot. >> my goodness tonight was intense one. hakeem set to get married but could we have a clue about he may really walk down the aisle
3:38 am
with? >> there is a wedding happening in this grand finale episode. but not the wedding you thought. >> i need you on this one. last season someone died. >> it's unfortunate but somebody is got to dye this season. >> it is such a game changer that it will literally shift the positions of the people. the characters on the show. >> literally in a second. >> hmm. who is it going to be hakeem or lucious or someone else entirely? you'll see next wednesday at 9:00 right here on fox 29. all right. so texas woman says she blew her rent money on beyonce' tickets. >> now of course she's a twitter sensation. don't know why you want to be. china johnson tweets that she's getting evicted because she can't pay the rent. she goes on to say, she doesn't regret a thing. it is worth getting kick out of her home to see beyonce'. >> really? >> that's what she says. >> all right. >> said it on twitter.
3:39 am
commit tom queen b striking a cord with fans. johnson's tweets have been shared thousands of times. but so far all those people shared they ain't paying because it doesn't look like anyone offered to pay johnson's rent. >> but she's going to see beyonce'. there you go. next parents in one room. children in the other. hidden in that room is a real looking gun. what happened next shocked even us. kathy? >> in weather we're talking about a break from the weather rut. could we see our first sunny day in weeks? it's possible. we'll take look at how long the rain stays away and we'll time out some showers for
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tonight seven parents are taking action after seeing their kids pick up a real looking gun that assumed was toy part of eye opening exclusive on gun safety put together by our fox station in charlotte. >> here's reporter barbara lash. >> if you found a gun do you toy touch it. >> no. >> no. what should do you? >> go tell an add dull. >> it's a message many of these kids ages six to eight have heard before. and one sheriff irwin carmichael stressed again and here's why. minutes earlier, these kids were playing in our fox 26 charlotte conference room they thought
3:43 am
their parents were in a meeting with me. among the toys, a gun hidden in the sofa. a prop that looks just like the real thing. >> meghan connelly, al sullivan, mars link, kelly, ned and carolina panther thomas davis and his wife kelly all watched their kids on our hidden camer cameras. none of them thinking their child would point and pull the trigger. >> to be honest with you i feel sick to my stomach. >> in the end four of these eight children pull the trigger. >> okay. he pointed at the ground. >> it wasn't a real begun. >> so you pull the trigger and because it wasn't loaded that's how you knew it was a toy? >> um-hmm. >> these parents are vowing to take action after seeing child after child play bank bang shoot them up. >> it's very disturbing. we've been handful times she's been around guns and we've
3:44 am
talked about it just a little bit when we've been using them, but we'll have some serious conversation about gun safety now. >> one thing to see a kid actually, you know, pick the weapon up but it's a totally different story when you have audio and you can hear the sound of the trigger being pulled. there's been so many kids who lost their lives, you know, think they were playing with toy. not really knowing, um, what if this wasn't a test. >> that was the number one question as these kids were reunited with their parents. >> was it real? >> did you wonder if your head was it real? >> no. >> you didn't. >> because it looked so fake. >> it look fake to you. >> the its it look real to me. >> i didn't think it was a real begun. so i just -- i just wanted to play with it. >> i didn't notice it was a real gun or not. >> miss maddie -- >> i didn't want to play the
3:45 am
gun. >> not to get in trouble and i want to do just color. i didn't want to play with them. >> actually i didn't pick it up. >> i don't think that's what happened. >> what are you supposed to do when you find a gun? >> tell a grown up but i afraid that i might be in trouble or something. >> i just forgot what the rule was. >> i know you forgot but that means when we forget things that means we need to train and repeat until we learn and remember. >> i will not touch it. >> i will not touch it. >> and repeat it as much as we teach our kids stop, drop and roll. >> junior deputy now. >> and truly test them. i mean, especially someone who does have a gun in the home, the child knows where the gun is. test them. >> as for having a gun in the house osmond was considering buying one but now he says no way he's even questioning whether or not he should have toy guns in the house.
3:46 am
>> as long as we keep fake guns around, now they have to figure out which is real, which is fake? i don't know. maybe this, maybe that. i think for children they need stability. they need clear lines. >> your local police department can direct you to gun safety courses for you and your children. we put resources for you on our website. just head to kathy orr? what you got? >> we've got drier air that's nice thing for a change and we may have a lot more sunshine in the seven day forecast. right now we're looking at a partly cloudy sky. we have a beautiful picture of old city philadelphia and market street temperature 59. step outdoors don't even need a coat high temperature 66. winds out of the south at 5 miles an hour. that's a big change for us. we haven't seen a southerly wind in quite sometime our frontal boundary is finally sag to the south. so far it has ban very gloomy may. very cloudy. how many sunny days? zero. none. only three partly sunny days and so far today is the eighth
3:47 am
cloudy day. tomorrow could be the first sunny day of the entire month. we're looking at good deal of sunshine in the forecast. 59 right now in the city. allentown 60. 60 in wrightstown down the shore in wildwood the temperature 55 after showers today. shore temperatures mainly in the 50s. owing city 50. beach haven 56. ocean water temperature still a chill at 55 degrees. fox future cast you can see the clouds giving way to clearing overnight. and for tomorrow morning, waking up to sunny skies. something we haven't seen in awhile. then seeing some clouds rolling back in tomorrow night and by friday the rain returns with a front. we have two more fronts moving our way. so tomorrow we see a dry day. friday an area of low pressure and a cold front moves on through so by midday by lunch time seeing some showers. by about two the front moves through. some drier air light night and then saturday another front but saturday morning will be dry. get out, go for a run. the kids have soccer you'll be able to get it in. this front comes through late in the day toward the dinner hour and much cooler air moves in
3:48 am
behind it. so some more changes in our forecast. 50s overnight. some fog possible especially south jersey and delaware. the high 75 tomorrow. we'll be feeling good and plan your day temperatures in the 50's to start by lunch time 68. 3:00 o'clock, 73 and evening temperatures in the 70s. friday some showers and storms but that comes later in the day. the same on saturday. sunday cooler and next week looking. better and much drier. >> all right. thank you kathy. >> you bet. >> howard eskin. >> record tying night in washington. it's happened only five times in baseball and seventh game of the stanley cup playoffs. and the phillies lack of offense caught up with them tonight. pitching can't do it every night. it's all coming up in sports.
3:49 am
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3:51 am
♪ phillies they need baseball in the winning of one run games because they have good pitching but it also points out the lack of offense. it's hard to depend on the pitchers every night. tonight it came up to bite them you know where. to atlanta, phillies did not do well defensively. maikel franco one of three errors tonight for the phillies. led to one unearned rain in the game.
3:52 am
injury read i can off not great night. went for plus innings. homerun by free man the nining for atlanta in the season. phil he's had four hits. they lose five-one. record tying night in the national's capital. the max ciarrocchi. he has 19 strike outs 20 ties the record it's happened four other ties. 21, no. ground ball. still wins it. and they win over to detroit three-two. max scherzer with 20 strike outs. game seven tonight stanley cup playoffs. ken hitchcock flyers former coach, hitch watching his team two to nothing in the first period. soft goal, soft goal. three-zero at the end of one and
3:53 am
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3:56 am
♪ full hour of entertainment news next follow beside tmz and dish nation then chasing news as you saw and the simpsons. >> back here at 4am for fox 29 morning news. "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob kelly have your weather and traffic covered
3:57 am
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>> this is fox 29 morning news. 4:00 breaking overnight the hunt is on foreman who escaped police custody, what he was arrested for that makes this escape even more strange. >> new video of a horrific roll-over accident. we're going to tell you where this happened and how it all happened coming up. >> it was one year ago today that we had the deadly amtrak train derailment. what government officials are making sure it never happens again. >> good morning, it is thursday, may 12th, 2016ment. >> good morning. we all remember that morning, crazy, up in the middle of the night coming in. so much chaos, and everything else. and much change has happened by way of safety up and down the northeast corridor. we will talk about that little later. sue, we have some beautiful warm temperatures ahead for today. >> yes, we do. and we might


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