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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  May 12, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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>> this is fox 29 morning news. 4:00 breaking overnight the hunt is on foreman who escaped police custody, what he was arrested for that makes this escape even more strange. >> new video of a horrific roll-over accident. we're going to tell you where this happened and how it all happened coming up. >> it was one year ago today that we had the deadly amtrak train derailment. what government officials are making sure it never happens again. >> good morning, it is thursday, may 12th, 2016ment. >> good morning. we all remember that morning, crazy, up in the middle of the night coming in. so much chaos, and everything else. and much change has happened by way of safety up and down the northeast corridor. we will talk about that little later. sue, we have some beautiful warm temperatures ahead for today. >> yes, we do. and we might get a break from
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showers. we have just a couple on radar right now, but nothing really in the offing for today. so while it was raining over the past couple of hours, you see the rain kind of dissipating nothing else on the rain horizon. so we say this very cautiously, because it has been so unsettled, last week, then part of this week, 57 degrees, right now, with a 5-mile an hour winds. so already starting out pretty mild. that's cool. sunrise, 5:48. let's see what some other temperatures are, walking out the door in mount pocono, 44 degrees, 50 allentown, 52 in trenton, 56 atlantic city and wilmington 57 degrees in dover, delaware. these temperatures are two, three, 7 degrees milder than 24 hours ago. plan on seeing a little bit of sunshine today. i know, it is a really weird
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thing to see the sun every once in a while, but it will peak out from behind the clouds and get us to about 75 degrees today. so, it will be a bit miler, we're going to try to go umbrella-free today, and see how that works out. sunset time is 8:07. so you should get your kids games in tonight, bob kelly, yeah. >> yeah, yeah, hey good morning, everybody, 4:02, here we go, thursday, up and at it, live look at the schuylkill expressway, they've been working all night long westbound here, right near conshohocken, with only the left lane open. it looks like they are still out there. you got the bright lights here in backgrounds, just behind the trees at that conshy interchange. otherwise, the schuylkill coming into town, no problems or delays at all. let's take live look at the ben franklin bridge, looking good coming up and over, no problems, actually, on any of the area bridges. now, the vine street expressway closed until about 5:00. you know the drill from last
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night into early this morning, until about 5:00. shutdown between broad and the schuylkill expressway. so you have to use the detour, vine st. local, or jump off at the south street interchange, maybe 30th or spring garden, south 95 the schuylkill looking good coming into town. all of the speedometer readings right where they should be this morning. start your engines, it is nascar, dover weekends, and that starts today. that's going to put a lot of volume heading south on route one into and out of dover, all weekend long. everybody showing up today and the teams are arriving in town today for the dad vail regatta. see a lot of those big boats on the trailers and everybody coming into the kelly drive. so right after the morning rush hour, watch for the extra closures of the kelly drive that is pushing everybody through the ball fields, then of course the races themselves occur tomorrow and saturday. and i know they are watching real close to sue's forecast, because we're not able to row
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with some thunderstorms out there. they will row in the rain. but not if we have thunderstorms. septa's regional rails, patco, new jersey transit all off to good start. chris and lauren back to you. >> following several breaking news store thinks morning, let's start here, philadelphia police searching for a man who escaped custody from pen presbyterian medical center in university city, arrested for dui, taken to the hospital just after midnight. while being treated the suspect somehow was able to escape custody. he was last seen on 38th street right now police continue to search for him. >> take a look at this video just into the "fox 29 news" room. horrific crash that sends two people to the hospital. the accident involving multiple vehicles, one even flipped over. this happened just after 1:00 this morning on ridge and midvale avenues. you can see from this video as we said one car flipped over. another had damage to the driver side. pieces of debris from the car scattered all across the street, both victims were taken to the hospital. no word as to what caused the crash. >> two more people were hurt in another accident earlier this morning, between a car
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and attacks i there is one happened around 2:00 this morning on 13th and girard. both people taken to hahnemann hospital in stable condition. no word as to who caused that crash. keep the peace. that's the message from the family of delaware teenage here died after a bathroom beating inside her school. >> had a heartfelt clue, threat of retaliation circulate on social media. dave kinchen now in wilmington with more on the family's message, dave, good morning. >> chris, lauren, good morning to you. wilmington still reeling of course from the horrible death of amy joyner francis, and now there are concerns of social media pay-back for the teen's death. community and religious leaders echoed message from family after meeting and hearing of rumors and threat of more violence here at howard high school of technology. this, after three girls at the school were charged in the school bathroom assault leading to amy's death. only one was charged with criminally neglect homicide which carries maximum eight years in prison, others
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charged with conspiracy. while specific threats have not been stated some brought their outrage to social media saying that the charges do not go far enough and that's prompting calls for calm. >> those who are on social media and claiming they are doing things in retaliation in amy's name, we're going to ask to you please stop that, and the reason being is amy was about peace. she was about love. she was about unity. and to call for retaliation in her name, that is not respectful to the family. >> amy died 90 minute after the assault. investigators say social media posts were a large part of the initial investigation and now family members and residents are wore i had that social media could lead to more threats in terms of pay-back for all of this, again, because people think the charges just don't go far enough at this point. back to you. >> have to let investigators to their work, dave, thanks so much. today marks somber anniversary
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of the deadly amtrak train derailment in northeast philadelphia, the accident killing eight people injuring 200 more. >> this morning as we remember that deadly crash, that has not only impacted our area but the nation, several investigators are preparing to meet about what caused the crash. >> steve keeley joins us live from port richmond with more on the story, hi, steve. >> reporter: back at the scene place known as the curve, in the darkness and the tall grass, results every now one year long investigation into why amtrak train 188 flew off these tracks here at the frankford curve, are going to be revealed publicly likely tuesday, that's when the national transportation safety board meets down in washington to reveal the probable cause of the crash. the big question, why was the train going 106 miles an hour? about double the speed limit it should have been going around this curve. we've already learned, nothing was mechanically wrong with the train, the signals on the tracks were all working, the track itself was in proper
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shape. that leaves human error as the focus, and the engineer, brandon bostian, accelerating too fast and breaking too late. he's been suspended for the past year, also, recovering from his own injuries, not blamed, not charged so far by investigators, but, survivors and the lawyers certainly have blamed them. >> you drive a train at 106 miles an hour, and not knowing what you are doing. >> many of our clients are very upset that mr. bostian has this sudden memory loss. >> we are skeptical when people, all of a sinned, have amnesia. >> i think that mr. hewett and the other victims of this derailment are going to be very upset to learn that mr. bostian's testimony has changed regarding what he remembers. i think that is adding injury to injury. well, there is 119 lawsuits making their way through the courts. the families of the eight
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people killed and the 200 hurt wait for the big answers on tuesday, answers, chris, lauren, they've been waiting for a year now, and probably everyday that far year for most of the people on that treanor with a loved one on that train has recovered, either mentally or physically, and has a memory of this thing, every time they wake up or stand up. >> steve, you mention, he's been suspended for the past year. nip word on whether or not he's getting paid? >> reporter: probably not, but no official word. that's all personnel stuff from amtrak. you got to wonder why he hasn't said anything publicly at least apologizing, but he's got his own lawyers for sure too. >> steve keeley, live for us, thank you. >> delaware valley pediatrician charged with assaulting one every his young patient's mother, lehigh valley hospital. >> exeter township, facing indecent assault charges, according to the woman, doctor inapropriately touched and straddled her during a appointment with her child?
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no longer in practice at that hospital pending outcome of the investigation. >> philadelphia police looking for the woman they say hit a man with her car in the city's paul ton neighborhood then took off. skyfox over the scene it was around 8:15 last night. police tell us the victim is a 27 year old drexel graduate. ended up with only few scrapes and bruises, officers say they stopped older model maroon mini haven't, checked out the victim and then left. >> this gloucester county new jersey woman was supposed to be helping crime victims. instead, she is april cured of stealing from them. prosecutors have charged the former executive director of philadelphia crime victim services east dif wigs theft and receiving stolen property. the attorney general's office says stephanie may weather used the agency's checking account, restaurant, grocery stores, gas stations cents, she even used it to pay tuition at an university. in all, prosecutors say, mayweather stole $15,000 of the agency's money.
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>> this guy ordered coffee at this frankford donut shot, no, robbing it. 5200 block of torresdale avenue, told the employee he had a gun. they hand over the money, the employee gave him money out of the register there and in a dunkin donut bag, too, by the way. robber too many off. if you recognize him call police. >> 4:11, a woman allegedly grabbed, walking right by tenth and south street, who police say is behind the crime. >> and at 4:11, local mother the un think it be, injecting her daughter with heroin. now she has learned her fate. >> good morning, everybody. 4:11, as we get ready to take a ride up the northeast extension, crews still working out there near quakertown. a lot of event over the next couple every days, sue has the forecast when we come right back.
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>> here we go with the forecast that's going to give us, believe it or not, a brief break from rain. with that stalled frontal system, just little further south today, than it was yesterday, we won't be quite as cloudy, and we'll see fewer showers to the south of us. see the shower kind of drying up right now, we have one little isolated cell thereof light rain around magnolia, delaware, in kent county, and along the jersey shore, just little lonely cell, that's probably not even making it to the ground. so i think we're okay.
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but the further south you go, you will see more clouds, especially, jersey shore, southern delaware. but sunshine for philadelphia today. mixed when clouds but at lows there will be some sunshine. it will be a rare and special occurrence, and it looks like it is with us, until sunset, which is not until well after 8:00. so that's today. now, let's go into tomorrow. where we see some showers rolling in, in the morning, not too much of a big deal in the morning, the bigger deal is afternoon when that cold front comes through, and around about 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 that's when the thunderstorms will rumble through and it could get a little loud as we rock-and-roll through the friday evening rush hour, then skies clear up at least for the early part of saturday. but you see another weaker cold front comes through in the afternoon with a chance of showers and, again, possible thunderstorm, unfortunately, on saturday, as well. that's in the afternoon. so might want to try to get your outdoor stuff done in the
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morning on saturday. right now, we have 57 degrees in the city, 44 mount pocono, 50 in reading and lancaster, 56 in atlantic city, 57 in dover, delaware, winds are all over the place, they're variable, pretty light, not a big deal. as we look at the past seven days, we see that we've got around the average high temperature on mother day and on monday and we're starting to go back up with our temperatures. weep got to 66 degrees yesterday, hoping for 70, but that was pretty good. just all of the cloud cover kept us on the cool side. so 75 is what we're going to for today. we think lower 70s for tomorrow, before those thunderstorms hit, and then lower 70s for saturday, before the second cold front hits. and then we're much cooler on sunday, breezy, as well, with a high of only around 60 degrees. and then we start to see graduate warming trend again into the middle of next week. so bob kelly, not perfect for the weekend, but we've seen worse.
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>> yes, we have. so it will be hit and miss. we have to check the game times for everybody's soccer and t ball and all of the other stuff going on. good morning, everybody, 4:17. live look at i95 southbound, the work zone right at cottman avenue. again, i've been mentioning last week a lot of the construction project got rained out. so playing catch-up this week. south 95 at cottman avenue. here is a live look at 42 coming in toward the city, again, lane changes, as you work your way up through bellmawr new jersey, vine expressway still closed until about 5:00 this morning, the stretch from broad street overthrew the schuylkill expressway. and coming into the city off the schuylkill, again, spring garden, 30th, or south street, are your three best options. otherwise, we're in good shape up and down 476, no problems really, again, light volume at this hour, just a lot of construction crews to look out for. septa's market frankford and the broad street subway using shuttle buses until 5:00 this morning. light out up here in horsham, willow grove area.
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easton and horsham, the traffic light at that busy intersection, out, from an overnight accident. so hopefully we can get the crews out there, string up new lights, hit reset button for us. still paving portions of the parkway and also that paving project along the kelly drive, which again, should be postponed for the rest of the weekend, as we welcome in the dad vail regatta for the weekend, chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thank you so much. search on for suspicious man who police say inapropriately grabbed a woman in center city. the woman says she was walking down rodman street behind the supermarket when the man riding a bicycle grabbed her from behind. >> this happened tuesday night around 11:30, just a half block away from the third police district's substation for south street. authority warn, they don't know what he may do next. >> happened anywhere. live in the city. people do dumb and bad things, you have got to be alert and aware. >> just like bummer. i'm already like looking out. i know better, i lived in philly for a long time.
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>> that street is well lit but there are no visible survey lent cameras. >> septa police chief was forced to taze area man who they say was uncooperative and hostile in kensington yesterday. yes, chief thomas was providing back-up during disturbance, 2500 block of frankford avenue. that man was taken into custody. no other injuries were reported. >> 4:19 the time. now to chester count a mother admitted to doing the unthinkable. well, she has now learned her fate. police say this woman jessica lynn riffy injected her 14 year old daughter with heroin. she also injected another teen. and she did it several times. this is all last fall. she pleaded guilty to child endangerment charges last week, yesterday a judge sentenced riffy to four and a half to ten years in prison. prosecutors say riffy will testify against her boyfriends, who faces charges of supplying heroin to those teens. >> philadelphia police offering $20,000 reward for information leading them to the person who murdered a man.
4:20 am
this happened on 30th and oxford street around 2:30 tuesday afternoon. the victim, 24 year old ma'am, was shot several times in the face, chest, arms and legs. he was pronounced dead soon after at temple university hospital. at this time police don't know who did it or why. >> a north philadelphia landmark that is currently aunt huge renovation was open to the public last night. >> hell open house at the devine hotel it, it sat empty since 1999. visitors had a chance to see how things are coming along inside the property as crews work to restore to it full glory. the building will be mixed of residential and retail space. >> ready to talk politics? let's do it and let's do it locally. yes, we take to you south jersey where hillary clinton drew quite a crowd. democratic presidential candidate head rally at camden at camden college. clinton focus targeted at donald trump yesterday in blackwood instead of bernie sanders. she said she will add
4:21 am
trillions to the national debt in exchange for tax cut for the rich. clinton also called on trump to release his tax returns. >> when you run for president, especially the nominee, that's expected. my husband and i have released 33 years of tax returns. >> right now secretary clinton leads bernie sanders in polls in the new jersey primary, which is june the seventh. speaking of that, fresh off a win in west virginia, bernie sanders spending a lot of time in montana. voters there will held to the polls the same day june 7th. sand ertz told the crowd despite recent victory, he knows still long way to go to win the nomination. now, donald trump, after saying he'll fund his own campaign, trump now booked his first campaign fundraiser and it will be in los angeles at about two weeks. trump's campaign says high profile donor will host that event, but it is not naming the person, as far as a runningmate, we told you yesterday, that he has narrowed it down to five or
4:22 am
six different candidate, not naming any of them. all right, we'll keep an eye on what's happening politically as we go through the morning, meantime, something that has happened only five times in baseball history. and it happened last night, the list, i wonder if donald trump likes baseball. we know's big golf fan watch would his team be, yankees, met, perhaps in the list, could add to this, and then, we are talking about practice. >> we are talking about practice. we are talking about practice. >> can't hear that enough. we all remember that press conference, not only sixers players allen iverson speaking out about that, the word of this making come back of sorts? we'll tell you how that is playing off. also, we'll take a look at your winning lottery numbers.
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>> phillies leading in one run games, they have good pitching, but shows lack of offense, authorities depend on those pictures every night. last night bit them right in the you know what. to atlanta, all right, not good defense by the phillies either. mikhail franco, one of three over ores for the phils, heck had two hits going into the ninth inning. freddie freeman, this year, for a team, against injury add, didn't pitch that well.
4:26 am
phillies only four hits, they lose it five to one. record tying night in the nation's capitol. that's mack scherzer. he is good, real good. nineteen strikeouts, had 20, that ties the record, four other times that's happened. going for 21, which would be the record. oh, but still wins the game, washington beats detroit three-two, behind matt scherzer. st. louis, dallas, ken hitchcock, former flyers coach, st. louis, blows them away three-nothing after one period on what was soft goal. they win the series, win the game six-one, over dallas. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> that word practice will always be associated with nba hall every famer allen iverson. >> and to honor the former sixer's play, a shoe has been made in his honor. >> everybody tease me about it, former teammates, family members, friends, whatever. you know what i mean, so general conversation with somebody about basketball and
4:27 am
i'll be like i saw him practice, and then they'll come back, practice, practice, you know, so everybody tease me about it. i'm okay with it now, back then it just hurt me so bad, because i just love my friends. >> ya, that was taken out of context, his friends had just passed a kim of days before this, he was kind of in a emotional state, saying to the reporters seriously, all you want to talk about is practice. because that far 2002 rant, shoe company reebok designed new shoe called question a mid practice. all to celebrate when iverson teamed up with reebok. the shoe the same shoe he wore during his rookie season playing for the six sixers, now the shoes will even feature part of his rant on the shoe. the sneaker goes on sale tomorrow. >> cool. >> yes. >> all right, we are following some breaking news this morning, two people returned to the hospital after a roll-over accident. that plus your top stories this morning. but first sue serio. >> if you would like a break from the rain for maybe just
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one day, today is that day. we will see if any of this mess is going to make its way here. coming up in your weather authority forecast. on this cushion for generations.
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>> hundred is on foreman who escaped police custody, in
4:31 am
custody for driving under the influence, where he was whether police say he slipped away. >> recording captures something horrific, now that record something pointing to one person. who that is next. >> one year ago, we all remember the deadly amtrak train derailment. what government officials doing now to make sure this does not happen ever again. >> good day everyone, it is thursday, may 12, 2016. thanks for waking up with us. hi, lauren. >> hello. >> your favorite. >> right? sue, hello. say good morning. >> just going to talk about lack of rain today. not going to be for the whole weekend, though, we've got more coming, but there were some thunderstorms over night now moved off shore. as we zoom into our area we see anything we did have on radar just casino of drying up line paper towel just got to it.
4:32 am
means see little sunshine, sunrise time coming, 5:48 is the official sunrise time. next long days, 57 degrees, 5-mile an hour wind, out of the west, and 89% relative humidity. right now 44 degrees mount pocono, only 50 in allentown, 49 in lancaster, we've got 52 degrees in trenton, and 56 in atlantic city. bit of miler morning than we had yesterday, about 5 degrees, 3 degrees, not extremely milder but it is comfortable. here's what we have for our planner for today. see this thing there is orange thing with the rays sticking out of it? yep, not and omni, will -- anomaly, maybe cloudy in the morning, sun emerging through the afternoon, should get us to 75 degrees. one rain free day. i'm afraid. the next couple might be umbrella-worthyment talk about
4:33 am
that coming up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly, how are the roads coming? >> not bad this morning. 4:33, live look at the schuylkill expressway, westbound, the blockage that takes new center city, the vine expressway still closed, until about 5:00. so as you head into 30th street, the tunnels here, that right lane taken out with the construction cones. curbside in new jersey, 42, light volume coming in toward philadelphia. strep expressway still closed both directions between broad street and the schuylkill expressway, if you exit at broad, you will use vine st. local. if you are coming in on the schuylkill, either direction, use south street, 30th or spring garden street. kelly drive then all of the paving will come to halt for the weekend, because we welcome the dad vail regular add no town. the teams and their boats and the buses will all arrive today, you will see a lot of activity, everybody setting up, be putting their tents up,
4:34 am
getting ready here along the river, then the races themselves take place tomorrow and saturday on the schuylkill river. >> chris, lauren, back to you. >> following several breaking news stories, bok, we continue to this will this one, police searching for a man who escaped pen presbyterian medical center he war arrested for dumb i: while being treated, the suspect somehow was able to escape custody, last seen on 38th street police continue to search for him. >> take a look at this video, just into the "fox 29 news" room, horrific crash sends two people to the hospital. the accident involving multiple cars, one even flipped over there is happened just after 1:00 this morning on ridge and midvale avenues. both victims taken to the hospital no word as to a cause as of yet. >> somber anniversary of the city remembered deadlyamtrak derailment one year ago today. >> that anniversary comes as federal investigators prepare to release more findings about
4:35 am
what led to that fateful trip. steve keeley thon from port richmond the scene of the crash exactly a year ago today. >> today is the big day energy's mind, real big day will come five days from today. because in a coincidence, many like most in the in the media and us taking amtrak trains past the spot tuesday morning, to ride down to washington where ntsb will meet and where the ntsb is expected to finally reveal the results of its year-long investigation, and the probable cause of why amtrak train 188 flew off off the tracks here around the curve a year ago today, why it was going 1067 miles an hour when it should have been going 50 at the most. turning this train into mangled mass of metal, permanently injury many more of the 200 people on board. whose lawyers have done what federal investigators to this date have not done so far.
4:36 am
blame the engineer. >> what we've learned is the problem was brandon bostian, and the problem remains his changing story he remembers accelerating into the straight away, he remembers applying the brake. he remembers how it tips over and the actions he took to try to prevent the derailment. >> definitely acted recklessly . fosh of for that the to be alive. i willill will be living with physical limitations for the rest of my life. >> as you probably remember in the past year, one thing they've done almost instantly is make sure that if human error was the cause, and this train going too fast, because somebody at the controls and had the throttle going too hi, that can her happen again, positive train controls, something likely never heard of before after amtrak train out of the train business, we
4:37 am
all know that phrase and what that means, that means the train automatic slowed down now if the engineer doesn't do it himself. >> other stretches had had that positive control too bad it came in too late, thank you. >> head taught dave kinchen covering stories in wilmington where school officials little worried this morning, dave? >> no just -- not just them but resident and community leaders who say that they're worried about the possibility of more violence here at howard high school of technology after the death of amy joyner francis, after the break how they are responding, but first, here's bob. >> dave, good morning shall everybody, 4:37. we're going for a ride. south on 95, no problems. we got some construction, though, slowing us down at cottman, and at girard avenue. big weekend for the rowers, sue has the forecast, when we come right back.
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>> family of teenage here died after a bathroom beating at school, keep the peace. >> heartfelt plea, after threats of retaliation circulate on social media. dave kinchen on this in wilmington, with more on the families message, dave? >> threat of more violence, last thing they need, specially this high school here, wilmington still reeling after the death of amy joyner francis, now there are concerns social media pay-back in the death of the teenager,
4:41 am
community and religious leaders say they met after hearing rumors and threats of more violence, here at howard high school of technology. and this is after three girls at the school were charged in the bathroom assault lead to go amy's death, only one charged with criminally neglect homicide which carries max of eight years in prison it, others with lesser charges of conspiracy, while specific threats have not been stated, some have brought their outrage to social media saying the charges do not go far enough. that's prompting calls for calm. >> please be mindful there is still a family grieving, we are just asking for everyone in the community from the parent to the young people to just put an end to the social media wars that are currently going on right now. there are young people in our schools at this point, and receiving numerous calls from parents, where children are actually having social media wars and we do not need another amy on our hand.
4:42 am
>> amy joyner francis died about 90 minutes after that assault, investigators, have said social media posts were large part of the initial investigation as you heard the family spokesman there, say they are really worried about this happening again. they are asking everyone for vigilance, back to you. >> dave kinchen, thank you so much. you like emojis, right? >> my favorite thinning on the planet? well, new ones headed to google. they will honor women. so why does google feel like saluting the ladies? we'll explain. >> that's a pitch fork one.
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♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
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>> so still in the same weather pattern as yesterday, we told you about the stalled stationary front, in fact, here the day before yesterday, and the day before that. but it is it has moved little further south. high pressure will sneak in and that's going to give us a break for a day. because this cold front is coming tomorrow afternoon, we will have some showers in advance of it, probably some thunderstorms, when the cold front itself comes through, high pressure will be our friend today. few clouds specially south of philadelphia, there you see the rain from the stationary front, further south and there is the thunder symptom activity from the cold front in the midwest, so we get a little bit after break today. as we zoom in our cell of rain in dover is gone, but the one
4:46 am
at the jersey shore gone, all we have to talk about today are clouds and sunshine and cloudier today south of us, sunnier to the north of us. and that's the way it has been, but with the front just going a little further south we get a break, see no rain on radar for the rest of the day today. cross your fingers. we also have tomorrow, though, to talk becomes and that's going to be a few showers here and there in the morning recall i, and then the cold front comes through, any time after about 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon eye in the sky, start listening to the rumbles every thunder it, could get kind of loud between 4:00 and 5:00 when the thunderstorms roll through. skies clear. we have early morning, sunny morning saturday, i should say, then here comes another front, right behind it, with a possibility of more showers and thunderstorms, so we put all of that together in our seven day forecast, show you 75 degrees for tomorrow. pretty good. seventy for tomorrow with
4:47 am
those mostly evening thunderstorms, we have to watch and see what happens when that rain delay at the phillies game. although they may be finished before the game starts. with the timing and latest computer model, that's the deal, then watch out for saturday, and see if we can get those showers out of here before that phillies game starts. much cooler sunday, living beyond breast cancer event at the art museum, where we do yoga out there. bob kelly, you're coming out to do yoga? bringing your yoga mat, wearing your yoga pants? >> i don't think i read that memo complete at this to the end, i just saw the date. what aim doing, yoga? i am going to this event sunday. yoga? i thought i was just announcing the winners in. >> do you even own yoga pants? ii don't think i do. i guess i'm going shopping later on. good morning, everybody. 4:47. live look at the, what are we looking at here, the vine
4:48 am
expressway, still got the closure coming offer the schuylkill, that vine closed between broad street and the schuylkill until about 5:00. the 42 freeway, again, light volume so far on this thursday morning, closure stays in effect until 5:00. do it again tonight and to this time tomorrow morning, so just keep that in mind. welcome to philadelphia, everybody, coming into town for the dad vail regatta teams will arrive today, along the kelly drive. the race is actually take place tomorrow. >> coming to dover it starts today, see a lot of volume into and out of the dover speedway, and you know what we do on thursday, pick different neighborhood and we go for breakfast. going to do it today in elmer, new jersey, the elmer diner little spot that's great for folks that like to take the back roads to the beach. of route 30, elmer diner right there, see what the tv cameras and good eat interesting
4:49 am
9:00 to 10:00 later today, chris, lauren, back to you. >> chester county man in the hospital under arrest after prosecutors say he killed his girlfriend, and investigators say they heard the murder happen in an audio recording. keith smith now faces murder charges prosecutors say his girlfriend web, activated recording video which captured the shot fired by smith. two were living together in phoenixville with three kids but had been fighting they say smith shot web on may 2nd, then tried and failed to kill himself. >> the man accused of opening fire on the blue route, shooting at another car is in custody. investigators say richardson the one who shot at a car last week on i476 in a fit of road rage, bullet got lodged in another drivers car, but no one was hurt. investigators say richardson has a history of anger issues, right now, richardson facing very serious charges, including, attempted murder. richardson right now in the
4:50 am
montgomery county prison $250,000 bail. >> you know getting adequate sleep can be challenging. >> sleep experts say it is all about creating the right mood. an atmosphere, first, control the lighting in your room being black out drapes over the windows work well to keep the sun lie out. sleep mask may freak out your lover but it may really work. ear plugs help keep out the noise. >> you look weird with that mask on. and they also say that caffeinated beverages close to bed time is a bad idea, also good idea to let other know that you could be cranky, and don't let the kids wake you up from downstairs. >> are you talking from experience? >> yes. >> the tech giant wants to pay tribute to professional women using the popular keyboard
4:51 am
icons, there are 13 new ones, depict women in a range of jobs including healthcare, science, education, 13 other correspond g emojis will show men in those he can act same roles. google says they want team power girls and promote equality. they've already submitted the proposal to the uni code core sore schull, in case you're wondering the non-profit that create emojis used across different platforms like apple, microsoft and facebook. >> you look good with a pitch fork. >> you think so? bail some hey? >> do they have one with a microphone. >> lauren dawn johnson? burger king making whopper after change to it menu. >> so it is combining the grilled hotdog with the whopper to make the whopper dog. >> seriously? >> rightment it is called a grilled hotdog. it is topped with catsup, tomato, onions, other things. the feedback not positive, recent video of the grilled hotdog, still sales up nearly
4:52 am
four and a half%. do you remember when mike jerrick marched down to burger king when that hotdog was released? >> said he like it. >> but this is the thing, why not just stick to what works? we know the whopper works. that's what you are known for. hotdogs work maybe at like nathan's, known for hotdogs. let's not merge the two? >> i don't know, i was there at burger king about a month ago, and i saw on the big board up there, the chilly dog they have. it looked good. i wasn't bold enough to order it, but it looked fantastic. >> a woman evicted from an apartment all because of beyonce. we'll tell you why next.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> scene elizabeth caught on camera knocking china. >> and from discussing those comment. tuesday queen elizabeth explained chinese officials as, quote, very rude. so the chinese government blacked out coverage of the event on bbc world news, and sensored on line media highlighting comment. british foreign minister doing little damage control saying the country's relationship with china is very strong. all right, the texas woman said she blew her recent money on beyonce tickets. >> or her rent money, and now, she is a twitter sensation, china johnson tweeted she's getting evicted because she can't pay her rent. and she went on to say she
4:56 am
doesn't regret t in her mind it is worth getting kicked out of her home to see beyonce. striking core with fans on line, so tweets have been shared thousands of times. guess what? you can share the tweets, but no one's sharing in helping her pay the rent. >> listen, i know she is popular. is she worth losing your home over to become homeless just to see her? >> china johnson says so. but listen, that happens a lot. where people and their priorities, i want this new bag, i want these new shoes, i want this vacation. oh, there is some new wavy hair that i need for vacation. >> oh, like brazilian blow out that cost a hundred dollars? still do that? >> says something -- is that something you all do. >> not really. that's something that you all do? well, ya. so then people forget what they are supposed to be doing. because they get all caught up in what they want to do. don't pay your bills. i can't with you. i can't.
4:57 am
>> oh. >> brazilian blow out? >> i don't know, i saw a sign once getting my haircut about ten years ago. >> are you crying? >> i'm laughing. what's a brazilian blow out? there are like 400 bucks, i say, women pay for this junk in an economical thing? >> we will be right back. >> we will be back in a minute and we'll get it together. connections.
4:58 am
4:59 am
you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
5:00 am
>> we're following some breaking news this morning two, people rushed to the hospital after a roll over accident. that's your top stories. >> today marks somber anniversary of the deadly amtrak dane derail until the northeast philadelphia. and the family in delaware talking to teenagers there, after some speculation that there is retaliation going on on social media, we'll have more on that coming up in just a second. but first, good day everyone. it is may 12th, 2016, thanks for waking up with us. and as you're out there this morning, driving to work, perhaps, when you come to a fork in the road, sue, take it. >> okay, thank you. >> it is the birthday of yogy today. >> oh, i thought that was. >> i'm getting day gentleman zoo all over again. >> you know, no one goes to that restaurant any more. it is too crowded. >> too crowded. all right, we've got a lock at radar. i wonder how yogy w


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