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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  May 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a couple of cars overturned. >> yes, it's been one year since the deadly amtrak train derailment here in philadelphia that killed eight people, more than 200 injured. we have one survivor. >> plus, lehigh county pediatrician is facing charges over what prosecutors say he did inside his exam room. what one mother's accusing him of doing while her child sat nearby. and this: >> social media is not your friend. the lies, the rumors, social media, they live longer than they should. >> this man asking for peace in the wake of what's being called social media war, why officials believe they could have another student tragedy on their hands. specially down in wilmington, good day everybody, it is thursday, may the 12th, 2016. >> how is everybody doing? >> i'm doing great. because i think i have a
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rain-free forecast. >> what? >> for today. >> i'm red. >> i it is looking pretty good. >> you mean you won't even say you can't rule out? >> i am not going to say that, no. >> it is a eight out of ten, that's better than yesterday. and it is cloudy, but at least it is dry. and we took the umbrella away from bus stop buddy. making him smile. temperatures are in the 50's, right now. we have a little bit of rain on ultimate doppler radar, but all pretty much off shore. and it is well to the south of philadelphia. so, there is our current temperature, 57 degrees, as the sun tries to burn through the clouds, we think it will succeed at some point today with a high of 75. and tonight, down to 58 degrees, with some showers rolling in after midnight. that's a look at your weather authority forecast, let's lock at the roads including some problems already, bob kelly? >> hey, good morning, everybody, coming up 6:01 on a thursday morning, live look, at this accident on the schuylkill expressway. somebody certainly hurt here. because we have the ambulance
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and a stretcher out on the roadway, this is westbound side of the schuylkill expressway, approaching conshohocken. so we are bumper to bumper from pretty much gladwynn all the way out around the conshy curve and it is right here between the curve and the conshy exit. so, watch for delays if you are headed west this morning. also, some haze out there. which could impact some flight at philadelphia international airport. make sure your headlights are on as you roll out of the driveway, looking live at the boulevard in the northeast on the boulevard, northbound an accident at red lion, right by northeast airport, and then overnight crash, knocked the traffic light out at easton and horsham road. that's just off of the willow grove interchange of the turnpike, and there is still some lane restrictions on the northeast extension, from lansdale, up through quakertown, and then you have that active work zone all the way up through the lehigh valleyment mike and alex back over to you you. >> all right, 6:02 now. >> somber anniversary of the city remembers deadly amtrak derailment one year ago today.
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>> yes, the anniversary comes as federal investigators prepare to row least more findings about what led to that derailment, that should come out next tuesday, down in washington, d.c. steve is where he was a year ago. port richmond, steve? >> well, it will be 370 days before the investigation has been going, 36 a days concludes, since eight people were killed here on the frankford curve as it is called, this dark hidden corner, in a philly neighborhood, that the whole country has come to know. and come to find out, that trains are only supposed to go 50 miles an hour, past here, or even slower, not the 106 miles an hour amtrak train 188 was going, on this day last year. the focus on human error, since mechanical error on train, the tracks, and the signals, has all been ruled out. we also learned that no alcohol or drugs was in the system of the engineer. and that his phone was off. soap, why did the engineer throttle up?
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>> how can you just not remember? how can you drive a train at 106 miles an hour and not know what you are doing? >> many of our clients are very upset that mr. bostian has this sudden memory loss. >> we are skeptical when people all the sudden have amnesia. >> i think mr. hewett and the other victims of this derailment will be very upset to learn that mr. bostian's testimony has changed regarding what he remembers. i think that is adding injury to injury. >> 119 lawsuits among survivors will split up to $295 million, that's the maximum money, that a judge here in philly will decide how to allocate. personal note right now, alex, mike, in the past year, talked it a lot of the cops, at lot of the firefighters respect paramedics everybody that responded that night and probably the story that stand out the most, third day on the
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job. just out of the paramedic ac a.m. any of female philly firefighter responding to this, her first patient that night, a woman, who was looking for her arm in interest train. >> first patient. my god. so many different stories, and we'll relate a lot of those to you. >> more than 200 injured. >> again, we will talk to lenny, guy we've got tone know, he lives up in plymouth meeting, still has nightmares, had a nightmare last night that he is still on the train, the cafe car and is trapped. we'll talk to him a little later. we have some breaking news out of south america, brazil senate has been planning this for about three weeks now. just vote bad half hour ago to i am preach their nation's president. >> the president is accuse of using accounting tricks to hide large budget deficit. and she is the nation's first female president. she will be sus pedestrian dollars up to six month for her vice president, that trial would determine if she finishes out her second term, or even if her vice president
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finishes out the job. >> brazil has so many problems. they have the olympics coming up what what in a few month, just yesterday researchers down there said that the zika virus is getting worse and worse and some people are being advised not to come to the olympics in their own country. >> dealing with a lot, for sure. >> police are on the scene after stabbing, we have another stabbing, happened around two hours ago near market and ruby streets. it is in west philly. police say a man was robbed and then stabbed in his torso. he was taken to pen presbyterian medical center in stable condition. no word on a suspect as of yet. >> in philadelphia police are searching for a man who escaped custody from pen presbyterian medical center in university city. he was arrested, for dui. then taken to the hospital just after midnight. while being treated, the suspect was able to escape custody. he was last seen on 38th street. >> he slipped on out of the hospital. wasn't too drunk to runoff. >> a horrific crash in east
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falls involving multiple cars, sends two people to the hospital. happened just after 1:00 this morning on ridge near midvale. look at. that will you can see from the video, one car was flip over. another had damage to the driver side. pretty nasty wreck there. and lehigh valley pediatrician is accused of assaulting the mother of one of his young patient. prosecutors say it happened in a exam room, at the lie high valley hospital on february the 25th. injury odd royce patent of exeter township has been charged with indecent assault, according to the woman, the doctor inapropriately touched and then straddled her during a appointment with her child. >> keep the peace. that's the message from the family of delaware teen who died after a bathroom beating at school. amy joyner francis' parent are reaching out to teenage students after threats of retaliation have been circulating on social media.
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her death stirred up a lot more emotions since charges were filed. this week against the three teenage classmates. city and religious leaders met after hearing rumors and threat of more violence at howard high school. they had relatives of the 16 year old there pleading for peace and calm. authorities have not released details about the retaliation threats on social media. >> the three involved, the three charged have, been receiving, pretty nasty threats. >> and wilmington mayoral debate on public safety has been rescheduled after having been canceled. following amy's death on april the 21. reportedly, the 90 minute forum now set for may the 26th, that's grand opera house. eight candidates are seek the democratic nomination in september, that's september the 13th, the exact date that far primary. >> gloucester county woman accused of vick time eyeing. >> what officials say she did costing thousands of dollars and.
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>> this. >> you have to be alert and aware. >> woman grabbed near the popular south street. why it may be hard for people it catch the person.
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spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ >> all right, 6:11, prosecutors have charged that one right there, stephanie may weather, with theft, and receiving stolen property. this is what she she d towelly the former ex tiff director
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crime victim services in the east division. attorney general's office says may weather used the agency's checking account, to pay for personal expenses. in all, may weather is said to have stolen about $15,000. >> and the search on foresees first man who police say groped a woman in center sit. >> i just off south street. authority warn, they have no idea when this guy will do next, he is on a by sick. >> i so the woman said she walking down robbins street behind the supermarket when the man riding a bicycle grabbed her from behind. now there is happened tuesday night around 11:30, just half block away from the police district substation for south street. the street is well lit, but there are in visible surveillance cameras to monitor the area. >> watch out, for a guy on a bike. how about this? the tornados continue again yesterday afternoon, and last night and clean up underway. look at that one. >> look at that. >> so this is one of the most extreme weather seasons we've seen in recent history from hail storms, tornado damage, how people are fighting the
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elements to survive. >> have you seen the hail coverage from the city of omaha, nebraska? show it to you, unreal.
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>> right now, a storm prediction center in oklahoma warning several states could all be facing even more violent weather. >> large amount of rain over tennessee yesterday. issued flood warning after several inches of rain fell in about an hour and a half.
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in sumner county down there dozen resident had to leave their homes. the extent of the damage is unknown at this time. today the sun comes up, look at all of that water. folks in the state of missouri are cleaning up after baseball size hail, look at that, let that hole reek havoc in the st. louis area. authority say they received several report of damage vehicles, building down power lines, the area under severe thunderstorm watch until 7:00 last night. >> large tree smashed into a park car, luckily officials say no one was hurt, but, the video likes this proof that storms happening in the san antonio area are strong, and very dangerous. >> soap rain, roots can't survive. >> more severe weather in store for the central us. as well as section of north
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carolina big storm system keeps inning toward the east coast. but not to the northeast. i hope. >> well, we do have some thunderstorms in the forecast, for tomorrow. not today. enjoy the sunshine, see that's sunshine, it is making more progress than it did yesterday at this time, burning, through some of those clouds. now of course the dry day means we have to be concerned about allergy issues, so if tree pollen mold spores outside are your problem, then you need your tissues today. not dealing with anything with weeds, but grass pollen is casino of moderate. so, you should probably know what you are allergic to. where the storms are today, missouri, northern arkansas, for us getting a break, just seeing little bit on ultimate doppler radar. it doesn't look like any of what we are looking at is making it to the ground around maybe lewes, delaware, then across where the ferry goes to cape may. some rain inbetween, so if you
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are take that trip right now maybe an issue, we've gotten few clouds that will be in our weather picture for today. but for tomorrow, the first of two cold front will come through, showing you the timing with some scattered showers in the morning, like tweak between say noon, four, 5:00 p.m., when the frontal systems comes through, we have the possibility, of a thunderstorm or two, when that happens. so that's tomorrow. today, should be dry, 75, 72 tomorrow, 73 on saturday, and another cold front comes through in the afternoon, around the same time, on saturday, touching off some possible showers and thunderstorms. and then we're much much cooler, 20, 25 degrees cooler, on sunday. bob kelly? >> good morning, sue. 6:18 on a thursday morning. couple of situations we're watching here, an accident, northbound, 202, right at route 401, just as you come out of the construction zone,
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where we go from the two lanes up to three here. there is also some fog, some haze out there, as we look live at the benny coming into downtown, so just make sure your headlights are on as you roll out of the driveway even though starting to see some daybreak, and starting to see some sun pop out. it is trying on 95, down there, in delco. an accident, westbound, on the schuylkill, just cleared, but, we're jammed up from the boulevard, out and around your conshy curve headed out in toward kop. traffic light out at horsham from early morning accident right there at the willow grove interchange. and good morning, welcome to philly, everybody come nothing town today for the dall sad regatta. here is the deal. team will arrive today. out on the roads today see the big boats arriving on the big trailers. the tents will be setting up here along the kelly drive. then the actual races will take place tomorrow and saturday. so expect that detour to go into effect, on the kelly drive later on today.
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of course extra volume will clog things up here to downtown. >> almost 6:20. >> man who admitted killing at a clinic, mentally incompetent to stands trial. declared himself a warrier for the babies in many of his courtroom outbursts, his mental health will be reviewed in august. >> looks nuts. all right, 6:20. malaysia's government says two more pieces of debris recently discovered are almost certainly from flight 370. if the flight was mysteriously disappeared two years ago with 239 people on board, the announcement means, a total of five pieces of debris from the malaysian airline very been recovered. >> all sort of different spots around the indian ocean these five pieces, as you know, the plane vanished on march 8th,
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2014 while anything. >> and listen to. >> this. george zimmerman has been the pistol he used to shoot 17 year old trayvon martin up for auction on the internet. he calls the weapon, quote, unquote, a piece of american history. in the item description on gun broker. com, if you want to see this thing, is an on line auction website for firearm, by the way. bidding has started at $5,000 george zimmerman found not guilty in the death of 17 year old trayvon martin. by the way that far decision in court, he got his gun back, and there it is in his hands. >> this is a look at the website where you can get the gun, there. >> how about this? staple play come too long philadelphia will take a look at the life of trayvon mart begin will explore the final moment every his live, called
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the balance odd of trayvon martin debuting tonight at the new theater, says can you not get over trayvon martin's death. the writer wrote the play six months after trayvon's death, and the audience will also get the chance to see what it is like to be a young black male in today's world. >> according to the author. 6:22. well the phillies lead in major league baseball in one run victory. coming up in sports, could those victories, one runners, be spelling out what the team is lacking? yes. >> lottery numbers.
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phillies, in the winning of one run games, they have good pilling but also shows lack of offense, hard to depend on the pitchers every night. last night bit them right in the you know what. to atlanta not good defense, heck only had two hits going into the ninth inning. and freddie freeman, the ninth homerun for atlanta this year for a team against injury odd. didn't pitch that well. phillies only four hit, they lose it five to one. record tying night in the nation's capitol. that's matt scherzer. he's good. he was real good. nineteen strikeouts, had 20, that ties the record, four other times that's happened. going for two; which would be the record. he still wins the game, washington beats detroit
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three-two, behind matt. game seven st. louis, dallas, ken hitchcock, former flyers coach, blows them away three-nothing, what was soft call. they win the series, win six-one over dallas. that's sports in a minute. i'm howards eskin. >> look at this, this headline. so the braves stock up on left-handed pitching because the phillies can't seem to hit lefthanders. so that's the new strategy against the phillies, if the preditors win their hockey game tonight it will be ken hitchcock versus peter lavalette, two former coaches for the flyers going against each other. >> sue? >> all right, so -- >> not yet. >> oh, all right. >> or kathy orr?
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>> dave, your turn. >> well there is fear of social media driven pay back here in wilmington after the death of amy joyner francis and charges in that case, how community leaders are responding after the break.
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>> we have people on the
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tracks. couple of cars overturned. >> it has been one year since the deadly amtrak train derail until the philadelphia that killed eight people and injured more than 200 other. what officials are planning now, ahead of the tragic anniversary. three doctors from our area are indicted now multi-million dollar drug ring they were running gained national attention this morning, millions of dollars of pills. >> social media is not your friends, the lies, that social media. they live longer than they should. >> begging for peace, why they could have another student tragedy on their hands if they don't do something about it. >> talking retaliation down it wilmington. good day, it is thursday, may the 12th, 2016. >> and it is exactly 6:30. sue, you promise, no rain today? >> well, i think i can keep that promise. pretty sure anyway.
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butts stop, oh, where is bus stop buddy? i i go i went past him. let's go right here to our number of the day. >> bus stop buddy, he should be here any minute now. mix every sunday and clouds, temperatures in the 50's, right now, looking at a little bit of rain on ultimate doppler radar. but none of it is here in philadelphia. just seeing little shower activity to our south. most that far isn't even making it to the ground. so we can enjoy 57 degrees, right now, and then reverse those numbers for the high temperature for today. seventy-five, clouds, sunshine, looks like pretty decent afternoon. tort low of 58 degrees, after midnight showers rolling in, in advance of a cold front that will tip-off
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thunderstorms, we'll tell when you they arrive on friday coming up in just a few minute, all right, bob kelly, what's going snob. >> bamm, sue. 6:32 exactly on a thursday among, live looking at i95, where we have disabled in the work zone, it is southbound, right at girard avenue. so we're all bunched up together here. this is where we go into the tight squeeze, where there is no shoulder, so, when we do have disable, it kind of sets the tone for the rest of the morning rush hour. delays there, also, delays west on the schuylkill, from earlier accident out near conshy, the sun, trying to pop out, and burn off some of the fog and haze, delco, sock in with some fog, some haze, on the ben franklin bridge, so headed out the front door make sure the heads lights are on, kind of patchy along the way. speed racer and the gang headed into dover speedway. nascar weekend, begins today. watch for the extra volume, route one, route 13, and we
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say good morning to welcome to philadelphia, everybody participating in the dad vail regular glad a the teams arrive today. the buses, the boats, all of the setups, will occur along the kelly drive. see a lot of extra volume, get detoured during the midday through the ball fields, and then the actual races for the dad vail begin both tomorrow and on saturday. mike and alex back over to you. >> 6:33, today marks one year since deadly derail until the northeast philadelphia. >> 188, so steve keeley back at a curve he's come to know very well over this year. steve? >> i've been trying to find different ways, to tell the story and remember the story. started with a question how bass wad it a year ago today? when the medical teams cut through the darkness that night in the wreckers, all around the track, they ended up needing ten different philadelphia hospitals, to get the 172 people injured help. eight people sadly could not be saved. and one of them, remember, not
6:34 am
even found until the recommend train was lifted up by a crane the next day. >> we learned the problem was brandon bostian, his changing story, he remembers accelerating into the straight away. he remembers applying the brake, he remembers how it tips over, and the actions he took to try to prevent the derailment. >> he definitely acted recklessly. i'm fortunate to be alive. eight people that weren't. but i'm going to do everything with these physical limitations for the rest of my life. >> well next tuesday, five days from in you, that's when we will finally get the conclusion to the national transportation safety board year-long investigation about how this possibly happened we now the engineer wasn't under the influence of alcohol or drugs, he wasn't on his phone, tracks were okay, signals were okay, and the train itself was
6:35 am
okay. so was it going 106 instead of 30, 40, or 50 miles an hour maximum through this curve? the answer finally coming. alex and mine nobody effort wants to hear pat on the back during occasion when is we talk about this, but if it wasn't for the first responders and all of the medical staff that flew into all of those ten hospital, there would be a lot more than eight people killed in this accident. >> true. >> actually an article in the philadelphia inquirer the full front page here that says they are trying to make changes in reaction times and different procedures that they experienced on that night acquire ago. >> the biggest one positive train control. they say it was supposed to be there when this happened. >> it was on the other side of the tracks. >> but not on this curve. >> another disaster making news again after conducting 400 interviews remember this and lab work on the evidence, the atf and texas state fire marshals office have
6:36 am
determined someone started that fire on purpose. fifteen people were killed, 12 of whom were first responders, and firefighters hundreds more were injured, authorities would not comment on whether they know of a suspect yet, but somebody did it on purpose, killed all of those people. 6:36. heartfelt plea for peace for delaware county teen who died after bathroom beating at school. >> this message meant for teenage student after threats of retaliation. >> dave, so much emotion since we first heard about her death. now people are going to social media and making threats. >> yes, town reeling since this whole thing happened. and now, concern over threats on social media related to pay back in the death of amy joyner francis, and the 16 year old's passing, community, and religious leaders say that they met after hearing rumors
6:37 am
and threats of more violence here at howard high school of technology. now this is after three girls at the school were charged in the school bathroom assault, only one charged with criminally neglect homicide which carries maximum of eight years in prison, two others with lesser charges of conspiracy, and while specific threats have not been stated we're toll some have brought their outreach to social media, saving those charges don't go far enough. and that's prompting calls for calm. >> please be mindful there is still a family grieving, we're asking everyone from the community to the parent to the young people to just put an ends to the social media wars that are currently going on right now. there are young people in our schools at this point, receiving numerous calls from parents, where children are actually in social media wars. we do not need another amy on our hands. >> amy joyner francis died 90 minute after that assault, and
6:38 am
the girls charged in this case have not been allowed back in school since the incident began. investigators say, social media posts were major part of the investigation, and perhaps one of the reasons why the investigation had taken so long, in addition to the autopsy, report, but now as we just heard, community leaders including one speaking for the family as you just heard wore i had that social media could lead to more concerns every pay back. urging vigilance, and peace, back to you. >> all right shall everybody, all wonder if any of those three girls charged will ever n back in that school. 6:38. police are on the scene after stabbing that happened about three hours ago. near market and ruby street in west philadelphia. police say a man was robbed and then stabbed in his torso. he was taken to pen presbyterian medical center in stable condition, looking for the stab err. >> and another accident, this time, on 13th and girard. send pair of people to the hospital for treatment. that collision happened around 2:00 a.m. between a car and taxi. no word on what caused the
6:39 am
crash. >> coming up: three local doctors indicted accused of selling $5 million worth of pills out of their clinic. >> this was quite an operation by these three. federal indictment named doctor allen summers, and two associates, doctor asadkahn and parsia. it was big. in the indictment it said the men sold the pills out of their south broad street clinic. drive by this all the time. feds allege the men wrote prescriptions for people in exchange for cash with no medical or mental evaluation at all. listen to this. it also said the doctors had another office in upper darby and they would send a team of narcotics and alcoholics anonymous, sends team of people to narcotics and alcoholics anonymous meetings and hands out their business cards. if convicted, the three could face many years every prison
6:40 am
time as well as huge fines. >> $5 million worth of pills. >> we'll stay on that story. go onto aa meet togs hand out business cards? >> terrible. >> new jersey governor chris christie says he thinks it is highly doubt full he will be included on a list of unindicted co-conspirators in the george washington bridge lane closing scandal. >> christie says he doesn't think he is on the list because he didn't know what was going on when former allies allegedly conspired to close lanes of the bridge for political retribution in september 2013. in a order, prosecutors have until tomorrow to release the list. >> when we get the list you will get the list. donald trump continues to say he will not be releasing his tax returns until an audit of his finances is complete. and he seems to think that won't be come fleet until after the general election watch do you think of that? mitt romney certainly
6:41 am
criticized trump yesterday for refuse to go release these returns. saying there must and bombshell in that return that he's hiding. hillary clinton also criticized trump, pointing out that she, and her husband, former president bill clinton, of course, had put out more than three decades of tax records. >> 6:41. >> they're not trash. before you throw out your olds, check what they're worth, right? how some old apple products are being sold on line and for how much.
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>> the city being featured in the game of fortune, all next week. >> i've seen promos for t the wheel set to be decorated with local landmarks, like the liberty bell, independence hall. >> you think our fox station will be on there, too? >> no, because it airs on another station. >> you can watch on line after it is already aired. >> yes.
6:45 am
>> the show stinks. i mean they make fun of philadelphia, oh, they trash philadelphia, i wouldn't watch it. >> don't watch it. >> better stuff going on here anyway. >> that show has jumped the shark. it is lame. >> how old vanna now? >> vanna is 92. no, she has made millions of dollars simply doing this. >> just doing this. >> yes, she go -- >> oh, don't be jealous, mike. >> no, very jealous, because i love her. >> she is from south carolina. >> yes. >> you wonder as she stance here, and you get avail. and she has to go all the way over. >> all the way down. >> that's a loft walking, guys. >> i have to go all the way down? >> i bet this woman makes five, $6 million a year. >> i wonder how many steps, do you think she makes 10,000 steps? >> if she has her fit bit on, oh, ya. flipping the accident around here, this is 202 for the bound. right at 401. right where we come out of the construction zone, and break into three lanes here, and notice, the sun, trying to pop
6:46 am
out, burn off some of the haze, but take a look at the boulevard here. >> look close, make sure your headlights are on, that's an example of the fog, the haze, whatever you want to call it, casino every rolling you there town right now, we go to 95 southbound, heavy from academy, in through girard avenue. pennsylvania turnpike valley forge to philly about 23 minute, same deal inbound, on the schuylkill expressway. and oh, are you hungry? >> just got word, according to the internet, vanna white to do this. >> okay? >> flip it around. hit the letters. >> 8 million a year. >> wow. i would do it for seven. >> get up and go to work everybody. >> exactly. there you go. you hungry? >> sure, let's go. >> maybe vanna will buy us breakfast later today. going to the elmer diner. you know thursdays we pick different neighborhood, check out the spots. elmer dine is her one of those spots you hit when you take the back roads to the beach. you are coming down 55, sue knows it, she always sees that exit for elmer. never been there.
6:47 am
i'm going there today. meet me at the diner starting at 9:00. how is the forecast for my breakfast segment later on today? sue has the answer coming up in 152nd. >> another fun fact about vanna white. i'm on zested when her, merv griffin created the show wheel-of-fortune, interviewed who ever would touch the letters. >> and in the beginning she had to towelly move it over. >> yes. >> she turned them. >> right. >> she made less money. now, $8 million a year, he chose her because she had a big head. had bigger head than any of the other women. >> what? >> like a lollipop? >> right. >> why big head? >> she looks like a walking candy a.m. >> i other fun fact? i just told you. >> here is what she does.
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>> 8 million. >> and makes more from her line of yarn. >> she assouline of yarn. >> if you go to the yarn section, you see vanna's choice, next to the debra orville line. >> i need sue serio line. >> do you. >> the big head? mike said i have a big head. >> bigger brain. >> makes me wonder again what the heck i'm doing here, but here i am. high pressure in control today, because the stationary front has moved just little further south than it was yesterday. so, little less cloud cover. little more sunshine for most every us, down in southern delaware, still have chance of seeing a smidge of rain, but for most of us, it will be a birthday, and we get break from the rain for a day. so, not much in the offering for us today. and anything we're seeing on radar right now, mostly off shore. but we are seeing clouds, as go to the south of us, see right, there the rain just decides to stay in the middle of the delaware bay instead of moving on shore. so there are clouds in the
6:49 am
weather fight your, but mixed with the sunshine, we should like we said stay dry today. so, for tomorrow, it is a different story, we have some preliminary showers in the morning. before the cold front comes through. then here it comes about noon through about 4:00 is when west to east this march is through, possibly touching off some thunderstorms. but, maybe it will be gone by the time the phillies game happened, that will be good. now we have saturday. and another cold front coming through, same time, between 2:00 and say 5:00, should be gone in time for the phillies game on saturday. phillies play the reds this weekend, they're back at home. 75 degrees today. seventy-two tomorrow. and 73 on saturday. but look how much cooler it gets on sunday, guys, for our yoga on the art museum steps. it will be in the 40's, in the morning. >> will it be? >> i think dry. but just chilly. >> oh? >> you coming? >> yoga pants? >> well -- >> mike will be there, he want to see all of the yoga pants. >> yes.
6:50 am
>> lululemon. >> talking big heads, somebody getting a big head, somebody over in the south of france. and that's jen. where are you at, jen? >> i'm in cannes in the hole g room waiting to interview our friends justin timberlake. >> excuse me? >> hair people, i don't know if you notice, that's right, justin timberlake is waiting for me. ill obviously, there, as well, can you hear me? >> we can hear you, go ahead, girl, i'm hanging on your every word. >> okay good. this is what i want you guys to see, literally the view from where i am doing the interviews. is this insane? >> oh, just jump. >> is this just so stunning? >> wow. >> mike, you have been there. >> look that the. >> and -- there is a cruise ship out there. >> alex, earlier morning go, to my instagram. earlier this morning i jogged out there. when you look back, at what i am showing you, it is like the most magical thing.
6:51 am
by the way those boats are right behind justin and anna, they're perfect. and remember, the goal today get a spot on the yacht. that's for me. i got to get a spot out on the yacht, right? that's where the parties really happening. so ya, about to interview justin, their new movie trolls, 20th century fox, was taking me on this magical european journey. one more stop on this trip. so we will be talking about that. >> another? >> so mike, kevin mccarthy, another stop. kevin mccarthy already did his interview. do you know what those clowns fox dc did? >> what in. >> they did a video to his new song. it is really good. actually. and so kevin brought it in and showed it to justin. and he was nervous about it, come here, baby. and justin said he almost cried. so you are nervous about showing the video. we're live, baby. >> live on fox 29. is that mike and alex? hey, mike analling. >> you said were you nervous
6:52 am
about showing the individual glow. >> yes, so my station put together this amazing video of the entire staff dancing to new song everybody likes this feeling. can't stop the feeling. and it is our whole staff. and i was nervous showing it to him, we only had five minute which dough, but i showed the video to him he flipped out. almost started crying, he want the video, wants to share on his facebook page, so trying to get it over to them right now basically. >> we are in the wrong idea business he'll share rocket on out of there. you should have heard him yesterday on facebook live. trying to pimp his page. >> true. >> kevin mccarthy fox on facebook. >> love you guys. >> so, hey, thanks, jen, see you. >> oh, ya. >> parent wents to villanova. >> villanova. >> par dents. >> you see the spread there, too, all of the people are going tonight view justin timberlake, getting fabulous lunch then go in -- >> where did i go wrong? ii don't understand, how do you get to be on the goal star list?
6:53 am
>> i don't know. jen knows something about somebody upstairs. in the next hour, this is hot topic around the country. it kind of makes me nuts. what george zimmerman is auctioning off today. on line. that has so many people upset.
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> ♪ i know there are clouds, but it will be dry today. >> the sun will come out tomorrow. >> no, today. >> then it will get warm? >> of comes, we said this was coming. i think we've been doing this story for years. it is finally going to happen. this huge water slide, it is
6:56 am
three blocks long, is coming to philadelphia this summer. >> and it is coming to fairmount park. i'm so excited. soap, this is what's what the city looked like in fort worth texas last summer. the 1,000-foot long slide will be set up at sedgley way, popular drive, on august 6. that's the end of the summer, isn't it? you have to buy particular net advance to the event, you can do that on slide the city's website. >> did it say how long it would be? look how long it is? >> oh, my gosh. >> let's go. >> let's get it on. >> 1,000 feet, mike. i can't believe that. >> all right. >> i wonder how much it will be? >> not that much. >> ten bucks, boom. >> i'll pay. >> okay. >> developing this morning, begging for peace in wake of what's being called a social media war down in wilmington, delaware. why officials believe they could have another tragedy on their hand. if everybody doesn't calm down. steve? >> well, mike, we not just looking back one year to the day from the amtrak crash here
6:57 am
at the frankford curve, we're looking ahead, to tuesday, we'll tell you why.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> what we've learned from the deadly amtrak crash in
7:00 am
philadelphia, and making sure this never happens again. social media blowing up in memory of high school student who died after a fight, but not in a good way. what her family wants people to stop doing in her memory. and, he says it is his right. and it certainly is. but does that make it right? find out what item george zimmerman is auctioning off today on line that had so many people upset. straight up 7:00. high shall everybody, may the 12th, hi, sue, high, bob, hi, alex. >> see what it looks like outside? >> it looks fantastic. >> sunshine. >> hi, everybody, coming by to say hi. >> sue, want to spend the day outside if we can, is today the day? >> yes, take your allergy medicine, get out and enjoy it, because thunderstorms are coming for tomorrow. >> achoo. >> i know. it is a eight out of ten in your weather by the numbers today. >> yesterday was a seven, so getting little bet ever. but stop buddy does not have the bumm a --


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