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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  May 12, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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philadelphia, and making sure this never happens again. social media blowing up in memory of high school student who died after a fight, but not in a good way. what her family wants people to stop doing in her memory. and, he says it is his right. and it certainly is. but does that make it right? find out what item george zimmerman is auctioning off today on line that had so many people upset. straight up 7:00. high shall everybody, may the 12th, hi, sue, high, bob, hi, alex. >> see what it looks like outside? >> it looks fantastic. >> sunshine. >> hi, everybody, coming by to say hi. >> sue, want to spend the day outside if we can, is today the day? >> yes, take your allergy medicine, get out and enjoy it, because thunderstorms are coming for tomorrow. >> achoo. >> i know. it is a eight out of ten in your weather by the numbers today. >> yesterday was a seven, so getting little bet ever. but stop buddy does not have the bumm a -- umbrella today.
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cloudy, dry, seek the sun peaking through, most of the temperatures in the 50's, you see on ultimate doppler radar, hardly any green, and what you see is out over the water. so 57 degrees at the moment. with calm winds, and, yes, that's sunshine. we will be squint ago bit, all day, and it will be a bit milder than yesterday, when our high was 66 degrees. today, bob kelly, how about 75? >> sound good to me. 7:01, good morning, everybody, on a thursday. a live look, hello malvern, northbound lanes of 202, accident, right here, in the construction zone, right out of route 401, see the shadows, so though haze in some areas, sunshine, sun glare, hitting us there along 202, hazy shot of the benny coming into downtown. no problems yet. but again, the fog certainly going to possibly cause some delays on some of the early flights here out of philadelphia international airport. here is a live look at the roosevelt boulevard. south on 95, just under half
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hour. from woodhaven into downtown, double jelly donut delay here east on the schuylkill from conshy into center city. and watch for new traffic pattern and construction delays on the northeast extension, northbound, between quakertown, up through the lehigh valley and welcome to philly, the dad vail regatta pulls into town today. the teams will be arriving, with their boats, their buses, they'll be setting up along the kelly drive here, so you will see detour after the morning rush hour. they always push everybody through the ball fields, then the races themselves begin both tomorrow and saturday. mike and alex back over to you. >> thank you, 7:02 now on this thursday. that is year later. let's get out to that curve, that everybody knows so well now around the country. port richmond, there is steve. >> this is certainly the date that the survivors will remember. but, it is tuesday, the date, that they've been looking forward to. that's when the frankford curve, that's now way more known across the country beyond this philly
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neighborhood, it cuts through, we will get more national focus. that's when the national transportation safety board meets down in washington, and where we in the media all the survivors, and all of their lawyers will likely be right in that hearing room as close as we can get to here the final answers as this long investigation finally concludes, with what the ntsb has as a probable cause of what killed eight people a year ago today. >> how can you drive a train at 106 miles an hour and not know what you are doing? >> many of our client are very upset. and mr. bostian has this sudden memory loss. >> we are skeptical when people, all after sinned, have amnesia. >> i think that mr. hewett and the other victims of this derailment are going to be very upset to learn that mr. bostian's testimony has changed, regarding what he
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remembers. i think that's adding injury to injury. >> well, we've already learned, over the past year, that nothing was mechanically wrong, the signals were all working, the train was fine, the track wag in proper shape. that leaves human error as the focus, and brandon bass ton, why did he accelerate too fast and brake too late? finally, the answer, everybody's been waiting for, should common tuesday, down in washington. he'll learn a lot for sure, trying to understanded, 106 miles per hour (? >> 7:04, how about this? three local doctors have been indicted accused of selling $5 million worth of pills out of their clinic in south philly. the federal indictment named doctor allen summers and two every his associate, doctor has add can, and parseea. said the men sold the p.m. out
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of their south broad street clinic. friend allege the men wrote prescriptions for people in exchange for cash with no mental evaluation at all, also says the doctors had another office in upper darby. and would send a few people to alcoholics anonymous meetings to hand out business cards. if convicted, the trio of course could face some prison time. and some pretty hefty fines, as well. >> 705:67:89. >> keep the peace, the message from family of delaware teen who died after a bathroom beating at school. talking about amy joyner francis. >> it is getting kinds of heated down in wilmington this heartfelt plea to teenage student after the threats of retaliation, started circulating specially on social media. dave is on the story in wilmington, dave? >> reporter: yes, that's right, mike and alex, wilmington still reeling from the tragedy that took place, and now, even with charges in place here, the death of amy joyner francis is bringing
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about concerns of social media pay-back for the 16 year old's death. community and religious leaders say they've met after hearing rumors and threats of more violence at howard high school of technology. this is after flea girls at the school charged with bathroom assault lead to go amy's death, only one charged with crimini neglect homicide carries maximum of eight years in prison, to two other lesser charges of conspiracy while specific threats have not been stated some have brought their outreach to social media saying the charges are not enough. and that's prompting a call for calm. >> for those on social media. and are claiming that they're doing things in retaliation, in amy's name, we're going to ask her to please stop that. and the reason being, amy was about peace. she was about love. she was about unity. and to call for retaliation, in her name, that is not respectful to the family.
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>> amy died about 90 minutes after that assault, investigators say, social media post was a big part of the investigation beforehand. one of the reasons perhaps the investigation took so long in the eyes of many people in addition to the autopsy report coming out, but now as you heard there family spokesman hoping that people exercised peace in her memory. >> back to you. >> yes, please. all right, 7:07. >> philadelphia police searching foreman who escaped custody from pen presbyterian medical center arrested for dui, then taken to the hospital just after midnight. while being treated the suspect was able to slip away. he was last seen on 38th street right now police are continuing to search for him. >> several cars involved in ugly wrecks, early this morning, at ridge and midvale avenue. one car ended up completely over turn, two people taken to temple hospital after that crash. we're told they're in stable condition. no word yet on what caused the accident. a chester county man under arrest for killing his girlfriends, and investigators say, they have an audio recording of the entire crime.
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keith smith, now faces murder charges. prosecutors say his girlfriends, wesley web, had activate add recording app on her phone which captured the shot fired by smith. prosecutors say two were living together in phoenixville, with three children, that had been fighting. they say smith shot web on may 2nd, then tried unsuccessfully to kill himself. >> the man accused of opening fire at another car on the blue route; now in police custody. pennsylvania state police arrested ooh year old anthony richardson of overbrook, investigators say, richardson is the one who shot at a car last week on i476, in a fit of road rage. a bullet was lodged in another drivers car, but no one was hurt. richardson facing very serious charges including attempted murder, he's currently in the montgomery county prison on $250,000 bail. allentown pediatrician on leave after being charged with indecent assault involving the mother of one every his patients. prosecutors say it happened in a exam room at lehigh valley hospital, back in february, injury add voice pattern of
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exeter township has been charged with indecent assault, covered to go authorities, the doctor, inapropriately touched and straddled the woman, during a appointment with her child. the lehigh valley health network said in a statement: they take the charges very seriously, and it reads in part, when we became aware of the allegation we placed doctor pattern on leave and removed him from all administrative and clinical responsibilities. so the police could conduct an investigation. we cooperated fully with the police, and gave them full access to our employees and records. mike anal next. >> lauren, thank you. this morning we hearing from the wife of one of the men killed during this stabbing rampage up in massachusetts tuesday. >> rosemary said she and her husband had just sat down at beer tucci restaurant, when had he heard pregnant woman screaming. look up, saw her running toward them, begging for help as suspect continued to attack her. he says that her husband was stabbed as he tried to save the woman and other from the suspect. >> i pan inch. i freaked out. i called 911 and the call
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didn't go through, they weren't answering, the phone, i was screaming my head off. my husband couldn't breathe. he was just laying there. and he couldn't even talk. that's what he gets. epp was a great man. >> geez. >> rose mayor he's husband george was struck or at vocational high school. he was one of two people killed in the attacks. the other was a 08 year old woman who was stands and inside her home by the suspect of off duty sheriff ross erin side the restaurant shot and killed the suspect, no authorities -- authorities have not given a motive for these attacks. >> meant at health issues. >> sit officials in west texas say 2013 fertilizer plant explosion two years ago was the result after criminal act. the blast killed 15 people, here it is here, including 12 firefighters, and injured hundreds of other. investigators say, the fire that led to the explosion was
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intentionally set and started in the feed room at the plant. the explosion, 2.1 magnitude earthquake. hundreds of homes and buildings are severely damaged or destroyed, and the atf is offering reward up to $50,000 for any information leading to the suspect's arrest. >> oh, boy. here we go. police chase comes to ugly end up in new hampshire. when police are seen punching suspect pinned on the ground. the chase start in the massachusetts. neighboring state, look at this, news helicopters over the scene, following this driver. once the driver finally comes to a stop here, you see, look at all of this law enforcement them started throwing punches immediately, hit him repeatedly. so officer from both new hampshire and massachusetts were involved in the chase. officials from both states including new hampshire's governor are starting a full
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investigation into this use of force. there is always a camera, that's for sure. >> sheriffs deputies in california found themselves in a scary situation while responding to a call. >> this was last month. now we have footage. >> suicide call, man in this garage opened fire with fully automatic weapon. deadly shots are fired, you can hear, no one was hit. the man was eventually taken. >> and there is the other side of the story watch law enforcement deals with on a daily basis. see the gauge in the garage off to the left? sticks his head out, starts firing. >> look at the badge of the car. the window just gets blown out. >> how they weren't hit i don't know. >> quite a dangerous job, being a cop. whew. almost 7:13. george zimmerman is look to go
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make some money today off that gun that with a used to kill trayvon martin. >> the weapon will be up for auction starting at 11:00 this morning, as you know, back in 2013, george zimmerman was found not guilty, second degree murder, and manslaughter in the death of 17 year old trayvon martin. >> so, zimmerman yesterday explains why he is selling the gun, in a exclusive interview with fox. >> why come out in the public again, why not just stay quiet? >> going into hiding, not publicizing the sale, not putting this up for auction, isn't going to insulate me from these radicals it won't help. what i've tried to do, not cower, i'm free american, i can do what i would like with my possessions. >> well that's true.
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so, listen to this. the bidding he wants it to start at $5,000. at 11 eastern time. we'll have to see what it goes for. >> what's the little flag? >> florida. >> florida flag? >> and there is is the gun. >> and once he was found not guilty you know they gave him the gun back almost right away. >> all right, we'll tell you tomorrow morning probably on the "newstonight" at 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00 how much he got for that gun. >> 7:14. big meeting today between donald trump and house speaker paul ryan. we've been waiting tore this might, and they've been talking about it, talking about it, now it will finally happen. you remember two agreed meet face-to-face after all paul ryan said he is not ready to endorse donald trump at this time. so who will likely of course be the gop nominee for government? trump downplaying today's meeting saying they don't expect full endorsement from
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paul ryan after just one meeting. but, we'll have to see what comes out t i'm sure donald trump will be tweeting after the meeting. so weep very some idea. >> i can't wait until after that meeting, i think it will be in the head of the orange has organized this, what does call it? a mediate snore. >> yes. >> mediator. >> and peace maker. >> prius, love that name. rice prive us. >> that is a name. >> hi,hi, i am, meanwhile, donad trump continues to say he will not be releasing his tax returns until an it of his finances, when they complete them. but he seems to intimate that they won't be ready until after the general election. >> irs has said you can go ahead and row least them, they don't have to be complete. but trump says no, i don't have an obligation to do this. mitt romney, saying, there must be something that he is hiding. must and bombshell here. hillary clinton also criticized drum up when she
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was here in our area pointing out that she and her husband former president bill clinton they had put out more than three decades of tax records, and everyone talking about that because she was in new jersey yesterday camden county started coming out at trump saying hey i've released mine. >> get on twitter facebook, shouldn't we see a candidate's tax returns before the general election. >> a lot of people are saying he's a businessman, would you want to see how he handles his own business? >> she needs to handle her business right now. >> the business of weather. so here are weather headlines, looking good here in old city with all of the sunshine, and rain will take a break, at least for today. but, storms arrive tomorrow, and then there is more rain in store for saturday. not the whole day. but second part of the day, much cooler with the second cold front arriving sunday. let's get into a little bit of more detail. nothing to show you on radar. we did have few showers down to our south. they've called move offer shore and dissipated, so, ya, right between the cape may lewes ferry we did have some rain earlier. but that's gone. so let's look ahead, and see
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the mix of sun and clouds, that we have for you for the rest of the day. really not until tomorrow morning, very early, about the time we get started with fox 29 morning news, at 4:00. you will be seeing some light showers in advance of the cold front which will bring heavier rain and possible thunderstorms, any time between noon and, say, 5:00 p.m. moves from west to east, then done with. that will then we have sunny saturday morning, another cold front, about the same time frame, moving from west to east, possibly touching off some thunderstorms, and that's saturday afternoon, so if you have something to do outdoors, on saturday, plan it for the morning. here is today, 75, 72 tomorrow, 73 saturday, then dramatic temperature change, between saturday and sunday, 70s on saturday, only 60 degrees on sunday. and we start off in the morning, with temperatures in the 40's, so, bob kelly, you're doing yoga for the first time apparently on
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sunday. so wear flexible jacket. >> i thought it said yogurt on the steps of the art museum. that's why i signed up. it is yoga on the steps, mike. >> oh,. >> downward dog. >> it should be interesting. there go. good day, we'll see everybody, rest of the gang will be out there on the steps of the art museum sunday morning, bring your coffee with you. live look at 422, sun glare, coming in from the fog, so little bit of fog, haze and sun. mother nature throwing it all together in a little buffet for us, east on 422, an accident also at saint towing a. here is a live look at the haze along the roosevelt boulevard. looks like it just casino of is rolling off the schuylkill river. and up through the trees there. just be careful. ninety-five northbound the sun trying to pop out and burn off some of the haze, but not having too much success. on the schuylkill, excuse me, on the turnpike eastbound an accident right near the willow grove interchange. scratch up between ft. washington and willow grove.
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schuylkill 23 minute trip into downtown south on 95, no accident, just delays from woodhaven into center city. and there is that construction zone, on the northeast extension, between quakertown and the lehigh valley. mass transit though looking good. mike and alex over to you. >> the phillies been on roll, but last night, yes, just real sloppy. they had one of those games. they there were three errors. >> over to the left side. has it, then bobbles it. >> a lot of uh-huh. there was one highlight, and here it is. >> kaboom. ryan howard with his eighth homerun of the year. phillies lose five to one. heck we'll get they will tonight. >> record tying night ft. washington nationals pitcher matt scherzer, struck south 20 batters last night, tying in with randy johnson, kerry woods, fosh the most strikeouts in a single game. >> yes, here 21 right here. oh,. >> and here is the amazing part. he used to play, i don't know
7:20 am
if you heard of this school, mike, university of miss youry? >> how do you spell miss youry? mizzou? >> no, the college affectionately callings it mizzou. trending yesterday, mizzou with the 20k's. >> if you want to celebrate one of our rivals, one of the -- >> oh, don't pull this. >> from washington, go ahead. >> i'm sorry in the final four, weren't you cheering for kansas so far villanova? that work out well, didn't it? >> , no never did that. >> so moving on, ya. >> ahead, be a kansas city fan all you want. >> cher cher. >> they're not trash. before you throw your old phones, check what they are area worth. how much some old apple products are being sold for on line. >> even if they're used? >> well -- >> oh. >> and the future of transportation will be close to reality. how this experiment, look at this, look at this, it is
7:21 am
basically a human in a tube flying across the country, 800 miles an hour, would you do that, al next. >> oh, i don't know. >> you can go from new york to la in like an hour and a half. >> okay, maybe i would. >> okay.
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at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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>> i think i have some apple stuff. >> but did you use it before? >> i've used it. trying to sell apple provides, if it is open, is that a product? >> well, i mean go, ahead and sell them. but won't make you a rich man. however, if you have apple gadget in a unsealed, unopened, original box. >> gift maybe? >> you'll get tens of thousands of dollars. >> what? >> okay, no, seriously. do you guys remember the black and red special edition u2 ipod back in 2004? 350 bucks at the time. okay, that one just sold for $09,000. >> what? >> common. >> that's ridiculous. first of all here is the
7:25 am
thing. who has an unopened apple product? whether you buy an apple product you open it and use it. >> twelve years ago. >> smart person who knew that this would be worth something some day. >> you never know. >> the classic ipod, they're going for tens of thousands of dollars, too. if they're unopened and if they're in the original box. but you all have that crazy un opening, who stays up all night, you know, buying stuff from the computer. and i mean i have aunts and uncles like that. casino of borderline horders who just like to spend money and buy all of these crazy things, you feel like they would is this, in fact, i'll call them after this segment, check the attic. check out these products. >> she is actually describing me. >> is that you? do you have things now, waiting ten years from now -- >> well, i got stuff that i've never used that i've bought, like at 1:00 in the morning on qvc, lauren, i will admit. >> oh, i am describing you, i am, mike. >> here is the thing, lauren, he is not being smart about it, not thinking it will gun in value, just buying it to be buying it. >> like i color of it.
7:26 am
>> or maybe he had something something and wakes up and realized he bought stuff. >> i have an egg poacher, never used, about you it is lime green. >> he likes the color lime green. >> egg poacher? >> still waiting for to you bring in your fireplace. >> is that lime green, too? >> no. >> it is like a toy fireplace,. >> let's not talk about it, so embarrassingment look bigger on tv. okay, reeses, now, what do you like reeses peanut butter cups your favorite cannedy? >> my favorite. >> what's new? >> we think, we think, later today, hershey's, will unveil a new reeses peanut butter cup that filled with reeses pieces. the reeses pieces, inside reeses peanut butter cup. this is exciting to you, great f you don't wear about it, you should, only because it is like tacking over social media with the hashtag cup fusion. people talking about this one. >> i'm not a fan. i don't like reeses pieces, they taste completely
7:27 am
different to me. >> i don't like it either actually. >> make it more crunchy. >> it would be if there would be a crunch, yes. we have to try t i'll try it. >> okay. >> thanks, lauren? might announce something different. >> we'll see. hershey in our state of pennsylvania. >> so we should have it. >> we'll know before you. >> inside knowledge. >> inside. >> even though she is telling bus this. >> true. >> hershey kiss right back to you. >> mwaw. >> oh, my god, thank you. adorablement 7:27. >> what is the necessarily, i like that nestle crunch. >> nestle crunch. >> so you have your regular hershey bar it, doesn't have anyone in it at all, then your necessarily crunch. i like the extra crunch. >> then mr. good bar or something, that's a good one. >> crunch like rice pea chris piece. >> crackle. >> crack sell good. >> mr. good bar is, too, the yellow one, red writing.
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>> yes? >> what did dow? >> nothing. just yelling the thing we're doing -- >> yes, so, jen, continuing her fabulous trip. on the red carpet, doing private shows, now one-on-one with justin timberlake. we have to check in on her. >> it is over now. she's done it. what's wrong with this woman? >> that's anna kendrick. >> oh, look. there he is. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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>> today take a look back at what we've learned from this thing, and ongoing legal battle for so many victim. >> new autism warning. seems like we have one every week. something expectant mothers have been told to take for years may turn out you shouldn't be taking it at all. we'll tell you what it is, sue. >> all right, looking at sunshine, and bus stop buddy, with his sunglasses on this morning. something he hasn't used in quite a while. temperatures in the 50's, and it is a lot of cloud cover out there, as well. but at least seeing some sun this morning. and, we're certainly not seeing the thick clouds like we have seen just about every other day this week.
7:32 am
let's get right to the forecast. it is in the up ear's, right now, by 9:00 we should be at about 64 degrees. and by noon, already, in the 70s, 71, around 12:00. by 5:00 we should have reached our high temperature of 75 degrees. looking pretty good for today. but there is potential for weather drama, bob kelly, tomorrow 7:32, live look at the tac-pal bridge. bridge drama in a minute. any minute now. getting is he for an opening. you can see, traffic moving across it now. but if you grab your coffee and your keys, come on, going for the jelly donut, head for the betsy ross bridge as the alternate. a combination of haze and some sun glare this morning snore north on the freeway, accident 422 eastbound coming out of pout town, right at the sanatoga interchange. also an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, as we go for a ride.
7:33 am
this one is eastbound, at the willow grove interchange, so back up from ft. washington over to willow grove, and it is causing delays on that off ramp there. south on 95, just over half hour, woodhaven into downtown, and little bit of sun glare east on the schuylkill, coming around that conshy curve. mike back over to you. >> all right, one year ago tonight, amtrak train 188 left washington, d.c., headed for new york sit's penn station. it made it stop at third street station here in philadelphia. just after leaving 30th street station. it derailed on that curve in port richmond killing eight people, injuring well over 200 other. train traveling 108 miles per hour, hit sharp curve at frankford junction, northbound at 30th street station. automatic braking system was not active or even in place on that side of the tracks at the time.
7:34 am
engineer brandon bostian told officials he remembered accelerating the train, and then realizing he made a mistake, and applied the brakes. sharply. but by then, it was too late. first responding to frankford ... >> many passengers tried to help fellow passengers, among them, former congressman, patrick murphy who tweeted these photos at the time. >> felt like a bang, then we just, you know, i was facing south, going northbound, i was facing southbound, and that cafe car like in the table area, we went that way, then the other way, then we just flipped over. and then it was just dark and just stuffy and just a lot of blood. had first responders not been, there death toll would have been muff higher. ntsb is meeting on tuesday in
7:35 am
washington dc to come up with a final determination about what caused this derailment. >> bob joining us now, attorney at law, of course good to see you. >> good morning. >> how many client do you have suing amtrak? >> we represent collectively with tomorrow kline, 32 of the 238. >> i know impossible to say how are they all doing. but, what were most of the injuries? >> they've range from the people in the back who have post-traumatic stress disorder to eight deaths, i would say, probably two dozen catostrophic injuries, people who are never going to go back to work and are going to be permanently disable. you know, today, on this anniversary, the public remembers, but for these victims, they were remembering it every day, some victims literally with every breath they take they're still in pain and feel that accident every moment of every day. >> some people will never walk
7:36 am
again. >> eli, famous restauranteur, right down the street. >> right next-door here. >> every moment of every day he'll remember this accident for the rest of his life. >> just because he happened to get on that one train, and actually sit in one of the cars, first two cars the most damaged, right? >> the first two cars, the most damage, the most dangerous, when you really think about being on the train, if it derails it, derails from the front. and if you are in a collision it, hits in the front. >> do you think there is going to be any solace tuesday when the ntsb comes out with what happened? would it be good to know exactly what happened? >> well, we know what the fact are. and -- >> too fast? >> he was going too fast. the question is y unfortunately, brandon bostian has gone into hiding. >> the meaning near -- inning smear. >> you can't find him? we can't find him. the media can't find himment for many of the victims part of closure is to find out why did this owe you? why am i in a wheelchair the rest of my life? why am i sitting at table in a
7:37 am
empty chair at a kitchen table with a loved one now gone, not even offered simple apology. and it is weighing on the mine of every victim as to why this occurred. and i don't think the ntsb report and hearing on tuesday is going to answer that question. >> you can't find him. >> because brandon bostian didn't answer those questions, his memory changed, first he said i had no memory, then he said i had a hazy memory. >> i remember second celebrating on the straight away, realizing i was going too fast. >> that's after he said that he didn'ter. >> right. >> didn't remember anything. >> exactly. >> so that is truck to many of the victims. >> don't you have to have him in a chair in a courtroom to proceed? >> well, amtrak has admitted liability in this case. >> okay. >> damages from 200 to $295 million. >> it should be higher than that? >> it should p be.
7:38 am
shouldn't and cap. until there is a cap on pain and suffering. until there is a cap on grieving and lost. how do you tell that there is a cap on your damages? >> when you can't walk? >> when now wheelchair for the rest of your life? >> keep us updated. >> thank you very much. >> we'll try to remember better instead of just on these anniversaries. >> that would be good, thanks. >> okay, it is 7:38. coming up next on our program here, we're joined by one of the survivors that far deadly rec, who says, his life is completely changed forever. for him, his child, and his wife.
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. >> successful it is he is -- tests out in the nevada desert. i don't know i would ever get into this machine. >> so, propulsion system will power hyper loop. it was tested yesterday in nef add a now, hyper loop, transportation system made of pods would take passengers through low pressure tubes, speeds up to 750 miles an hour. >> that's not a crash. that's just slowing it down.
7:42 am
>> so hyper loop based, now, says it will be cheaper, faster, more efficient than high speed rales, oh, this decade? >> now, i don't know if you had these growing up in texas, but around here, like strawbridges macy's. >> what are you talking about? >> whenever i start talking about my days in kansas. so we go down to the department store down there, would you pay your bill and they would shoot it up to the business office mature, like take your money. >> oh, ya. >> stick it in the tube. >> used to scare me, grrr. >> yes, i remember those. >> yes, when go to the bank, yep. >> ya. >> they always scare me. then when they send it back, i wait for it to clinic, it comes back. >> if you're afraid of that, would you put your body into one of those tubes and shoot it across country? at seven ooh miles an hour? i wouldn't be one of the test
7:43 am
people to do it, wait for others. wait couple years. then go do it. make sure everybody is okay. >> it will not be around in my lifetime but it will be. >> by the ends of this decade. >> decade? you only give me to the end of the decade? >> that's what it says, end of the decade. don't do this to me t says it will be ready to build by the end of the decade. >> have you heard something? >> you err live your life right. bet you are live your life. >> get your life. >> get your life and live your life. >> i'm not getting in that tube. >> you're not? >> no. >> this could be the next thing to tell he port g, after this comes telle port g. >> never. >> what's going on in the fire department is here. >> you get distracted so easily. >> there is a giant firetruck in front of building. >> we're near fire stations. >> yes, that was kind of my way of getting out of the shot. >> oh, there is quincy. he's on the firetruck. >> we'll fill the boot t starts tomorrow. fighting muscular disease with the firefighters, ken bernard,
7:44 am
a firefighter. ready for the boot? >> i am. hi, mom. >> hello mom when we come back, tell you more about it.
7:45 am
7:46 am
>> i am here at our lady of confidence school and all of the students want to say something to all of you at home. >> good morning. >> i had a chance to head out to lady of confidence school
7:47 am
in willow grove, educate the special needs student, kindergarten through eighth grade. sister judy, look, i got in there with all of the kids, spent the whole day there last week, great group of students, they do great job out there. and they watch us every single day. some of the questions, is mike real that i crazy? >> really? >> is what the one guy said. >> is that from the nuns? >> the nun, sister did say that, too. but they love bus stop buddy, and sue, and they love alex. and thank you so much for watching us, and it was a great day. >> our lady of confidence school in willow grove. >> oh, i went to our lady of no confidence school. >> well, the nuns, you know the nuns had a field day with you, back in the day. >> you better believe it. >> hello to sister judy and the rest of the gang out there. thank you for insiting me outment and good morning, to all of the student, i know they're watching us right now, the schuylkill expressway, gave you a jammo in both directions, here, all because just that time of the morning, westbound, all stack up,
7:48 am
headed out toward belmont avenue. live look at the talcony palmyra bridge, traffic starting to move again here. but we had earlier opening, which backed us up on both sides. and little haze, along the roosevelt boulevard, right now. accident also west now on the pa turnpike, right at the philly bensalem interchange, that's the route one, right there, about four vehicles involved. so that's causing a delay. also, an accident, eastbound 422, at sanatoga. who is hungry? nobody? today is thursday, hit different spot for breakfast, this morning going to the elmer diner on front street, that famous elmer exit, off route 55, sue, said this morning, i see the exit all the time. i never new what was in elmer. there is a diner, and i'm going there, we will see between 9:00 and 10:00. bring your appetites, bring the kids, i'll have the tv camera. we'll have some fun later this morning from 9:00 to 10:00. then the turnpike, we all have
7:49 am
that accident at bensalem, also a crash near the willow grove interchange. a lot of outdoor event over the next couple of days, sue has that outdoor forecast coming up in 152nd. judge we have the same weather pattern, but, it is just that the stationary front has moved little further south than it was yesterday. that's all we needed to bring us some sunshine. high pressure, trying to take over, been trying all week, but today is the day it just might succeed until we get this front coming back as warmfront, then the cold front later in the day tomorrow. so for rain rid now, nothing to show you at all. few little drips here and there earlier but nothing left of that. so i think we've got the mix
7:50 am
of sun and clouds continuing the rest of the day. and at least no more precipitation, today. now, tomorrow is a different story, here comes the rain in the morning from the warmfront possible thunderstorms, heavy downpours with the cold front twine say noon, and five, 6:00. west to east, clears up overnight. sunny morning on saturday, but then around 2:00, 3:00 here comes another cold front. >> this one could actually be little stronger, with chillier air behind it. because the difference in temperature, between saturday and sunday is going to be pretty great. it will be a lot chillier on sunday. right now walking out the door in reading it is 53 degrees, 58 in west chester, we go down to pennsville, new jersey, where it is 59 degrees, 59 in williamstown. then moving out to jackson, new jersey it is 55, 57 in woodland.
7:51 am
>> today, tomorrow, saturday, 70s all three days, then big difference sunday, alex, going to put your yoga pant on on sunday morning, you might need jacket too. because it will be in 40's whether we get started but such wonderful cause for living beyond breast cancer, reaching rays on the art museum stems. we'll do some yoga. >> sounds good. well, it is that time of year again when the philadelphia's bravest they asked us to help them fill the boot. and of course all for very good reason. quincy reminding us of this this morning, hey, quincy. >> yes, i have thomas cane here, how are you doing from local 22? >> pretty good. >> i have carly daniel son. >> thank you. >> you know, i know i always see the firefighters out, with the boot why do you do this? >> we are raising more muscular dystrophy association, we've been together partnered the iff for
7:52 am
62 years in philadelphia. and we've raised over $2 million. so doing great job. another opportunity for the men and women of the fire department to save lives and make a difference. >> last year raised over $150,000. >> $15,000 here, yes. >> and you know, how many, how many days are we doing this this year? >> we do four days, one friday, in may, june, july and august. and our firefighters, street corners all throughout the city, so be on the look-out tore them. and be able to, you know, fill the boot. we help people live longer and grow stronger through funding veer: we have clinical care centers all across the city here serve over 1700 individuals with muscular dystrophy, als, related muscle diseases just in the philadelphia area. >> so it kicks off tomorrow? >> tomorrow first day, yes. >> we'll kick it off early today, can we do in a? >> certainly step in. >> do we have boots? can we smile little bit?
7:53 am
>> here at fourth and market, start it off little early starting now you guys ready? here in the street now. back to you in the studio, doing this pretty much all morning long, trying to, you know, race somebody for the m.d. a. >> i love it, thanks, quincy. okay, quick break, be right back.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> jen is with jt. jen? >> nerve every all i'm sack advertising my hair to show you how beautiful and yet windy it is here.
7:57 am
>> i did little epic, little risk what i took to do it, you have seen that either in the 8:00 or 9:00 hour. here's what's happening all weekends. let's guinea say we because feels like a weekend because i am on holiday. yesterday, look at this video. this is a private performance, we can move inside. i've tried. i've tried. >> private performance, now, look. we're lockout here. we are locked out here. but anna kendrick, and justin timberlake did private performance to see the movie, and as you can only imagine, that was pretty epic. and then we went over to a really cool area, it is basically like a pier peer, each one of the hotels here, has its own, i'm just going to call it a party pier because
7:58 am
it feels like a party pier. and so we went over there. but justin came in see at boat as he should. it was really cool. because we're all here for this trolls movie. twentieth century fox sent me on this amazing trim, you can see, some of the models have on the trolls hair. that will movie comes out in november. so they were just here to like do some press, it was really really cool. >> i'm in the middle, then justin, then ann a they couldn't have been better. one of the questions did i ask him, which is his favorite member of the root band? and i think people are going to be super surprised. i told them mine is james. although kamal, i love him too, i love questions, i love all of them. but i think that you are going to be surprised to justin says is his number one favorite,
7:59 am
well, look at this, i just want to show you this, talking on the balcony. i think that's why they were trying to lock me out f anyone can get locked out after balcony in cannes you know it will be this girl. so we're good, back inside. you've been awesome. the world's press is all done. but i'll hang here and try to do some non-winnie stuff. >> how fun is this? so been on the balcony, roof of this hotel. i've been in this hotel, it is fantastic, see the outside of it, because the views are beautiful. look, that's what it looks like from the walkway to up it, isn't that one magnificant looking hotel. i think she'll spend at least two months in that hotel. the carlton. in cannes just down from monaco. wow. hey, good day, it is thursday, may the 12th, 2016.
8:00 am
i would rather be here in the delaware valley than over there. >> frost not 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia". >> painful reminder. >> i had nightmares that bring me back to the situation. >> it was the train derailment that changed his life forever. >> very personal story of the aftermath of amtrak crash 188. one survivor, and what we hope to know one week from now. >> bombshell, something pregnant women have been told to take for years. why experts are now warning expectant mothers about a specific prenatal vitamin. >> spoiler alert being one of the big stories on empire, got shot. but will he be pulled off the
8:01 am
show? >> i don't think they would do that to us. >> well, we have your fullem pier wrap. >> jenn fred, and justin? judge. >> jenn fred catches up with justin timberlake in cannes. one of the biggest stars in the world. >> ♪ >> this song, true colors, that sin i lauper did. >> yes? >> ♪ >> is that what it sounds like? >> something like that. it was written by somebody from filly? >> the hooters didn't they do that? true colors? am i wrong? >> oh, the ban the hooters? >> the restaurant? >> not the waitresses. >> i love their chicken wings. >> and flappers? now doubting myself because you are looking at me fun.
8:02 am
>> i that's what my sons say, they only go therefore the wings. >> the wings are good. >> wings are good. >> i like the breasts. >> oh, my goodness. >> i'm showing my true colors. >> yes, you are. ♪ true colors ♪ >> eight on a scale of one to ten? >> i'll show you the number, bus stop buddy, all of the things you need to know before you walk out the door. eight out of ten, shades on bus stop buddy, no umbrella in his hand for a change, temperatures in the 50's right now, and very little on ultimate doppler radar, few clouds mix in the with sunshine, looks good, up to 62 degrees. sunrise happened way back at 5:48 this morning. temperatures in the 50's, and 60s, to the south of us, as well. we are probably going to be around 64 by 9:00. very soon from now. and 71 degrees, by noon. and 75 for high temperature. sunset at 8:07.
8:03 am
this looks like it will be a decent day. bob kelly? >> yes, firefighters excited. they're out front there, getting ready to kick off their fill the boot campaign. beautiful sunshine here, along the blue route. although it is causing some sun glare delays, but no complaints, because probably not going to have it this time tomorrow. dealing with some delays on both sides of the talcony pal my are from an earlier bridge opening. and that sun popping out, trying to burn off the early morning fog, and haze, that we have been dealing with here along the boulevard. an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, it is westbound, right at the philly bensalem interchange, that's one of the busiest up here, in northeast philadelphia. connects with route one. and then a crash eastbound on 422, at the sanatoga interchange. coming out of pottstown, later this morning i'm headed to the elmer diner for breakfast segment. see you out there between 9:00 and 10:00. again sun glare and delays on the turn tike from that accident at bensalem. and another crash, westbound, at willow grove. mike and alex back over to you.
8:04 am
>> we are about to talk to somebody who survived that crash. amtrak 188. one year ago, tonight, as a matter of fact, he was in the cafe car. let's set this up again for youment somber day certainly today for anybody who was on that train. >> and the and verse i comes as federal investigators prepare to release the cause of the wreck. >> steve is at the curve, steve? >> yes, the probable cause isn't coming until tuesday, down in washington, five days after this one year mark. now, amtrak's 21,300 miles of track, across the country, it is busiest, most profitable stretch is the 456 miles that make up what it calls its northeast corridor. so you would think that amount of track would be the safest. well, a year ago today, we learned, the fatal flaw in the northeast corridor, that human error could override the two late arriving mechanical up great came after the crash to keep the train from wrongly going too fast around the frankford curve where we are here. so, train 188 was doing
8:05 am
106 miles an hour, when it should have been going 30, 40 miles an hour, where same amtrak goes now this morning. >> what we've learned is the problem was brandon bostian. and the problem remains his changing story. he remembers accelerating into the straight away. he remembers applying the brakes. he remembers how it tips over and the actions he took. >> i'm going to -- i'm fortunate enough to be alive. there were eight people that weren't. but i'm going to be living with physical limitations for the rest of my life. >> we learned a lot more about we thought we would the train world when we learned about positive train control and how that automatically slows trains down. well, the federal railroad administration, sarah fern berg, told the new york times, talking about what happened here last year on this date
8:06 am
said pout positive train control, to slow a train down, which is here now, wasn't a year ago, it is a situation, she said, where engineer has to execute everything perfectly, every hour every hour, every week. smaller slips can mean disaster. >> for sure, steve. let's talk to somebody in that cafe car on that train a year ago tonight. joining with us his wife and son. lenny, thanks for being on the show, i know, what is today like for you? is it different than any other day because it is the one year anniversary, are you thinking anything different today? i'm thankful i'm a survivor, but upset because people did not make it out of the car like i did. >> right. you continue to survive. tell us what you've been through physically, since the with you you went through that
8:07 am
derailment. >> you talk about physical limitations, what are they? >> so this last leg of me year, one of the worse years of my life. grateful my family is with me, but medical wise, i've become a professional patient. i'm at the doctors day in, day out. i deal with the debilitating headaches, de billy dating back pain, severe ptsd, where my wife wakes me up in the middle of the night because i am screaming out for help. >> she talk to her right away, we asked lenny how he is doing, but how do you think he is doing? >> i think he's coming along the best he can. we take it day-by-day. i'm hereby his side if he needs me. and we have whole bunch of family that are there to help us, as well. but i think, as long as we take it day-by-day as we, are he is slowly and surely becoming the lenny that he was. >> does little ryan thereunder stands what happened?
8:08 am
>> he under stands to a point. he understands his dad was in a accident. his dad needs constant help. and he's thereto constantly help him. but i don't think he knows the severity of it. but he knows that something is not right and he's here to help. >> lenny, can you sleep at all. if you have nightmares, are you back in that cafe car? >> yes, i have recurring nightmares where i die in the nightmares. they are different every day. sometimes i survive. sometimes i don't. i'm lucky if i get two, three hours of sleep at night. >> i can't imagine. have you been in touch, you know, more than 200 people who were injured too. have you been in touch with any of them? do you know if they are dealing with the same kind of things you are? >> i haven't. so, i mean, the only two people i have talked to, one patrick murphy, he actually texted me last night, asked me how i was doing, the other one is one of the guys who i actually credit for saving my life. his name is devis.
8:09 am
as i was running to the train platform, i was actually running late, and i was running toward the front of the train when a guy i used to work with grabbed me and said why don't you come back and sit with me. so i don't know where i would be if it wasn't for him. >> so were you headed for the car in front of the cafe car? >> i was, correct. >> oh, that was the most severely damaged car. >> thankfully, i mean, with the luck, i mean, i ran into a friend that i used to work with. >> did you ever think i was running late for the train. how many times have you thought i wish i had missed the train? >> that runs through my mine every night. and i actually pre-paid for parking, which i was struggling to find, all i keep thinking is five more minutes. >> five more minute. >> now, expecting to hear more about what exactly happened. because amazing year later we still don't really know. are you following along or do you not want to know or how close are you watching for this report that's going to come out? >> yes, i teeter back and forth. i know 2,000 page document
8:10 am
already released, that i read a lot of. so i am looking forward to t but i teeter back and forth whether or not i really want to know. >> is that right? i thought it might give you some solace if you knew exactly what happened. what do you think of this, lenny? they can't seem to find the engineer, this brandon bostian. he's in hiding. >> yes, i'm not surprised. i'm not surprised at all. i mean, this is me, just assuming. i swear he knows what happened. but, i mean, i can't tell that for sure. >> well, no for sure we are thinking about you, and i made a promise to somebody else today. we're going to try it bring this up, and talk about it, and remember what happened for you, lenny, and your family, instead of just thinking about it, on anniversaries of this horrible event. okay? >> sure, i appreciate that. >> we are thinking of you, of course your family, as well, and your son ryan. >> thank you. >> thank you. thanks for talking with us. >> that's the thing, we remember it every now and
8:11 am
then. >> yes, but for them, it is every day, every night, as he was explaining. >> never stop thinking about it. >> it doesn't just affect him, his his family, first time on a train. he went to visit his son who had karate practice. >> forget to mention that. that was lenny's first time on a train, and he almost missed it. all right, how about this? this is casino after bombshell yesterday. a new warning about autism. it is something pregnant women probably take all the time. they've been told by expert oh, it is okay, fine, take t no, probably shouldn't take it at all. it is a prenatal vitamin. we'll tell you what it is, first a texas mom said her toddler's shoes caught on fire. why it could have been so much worse. and the reason it caught on fire, your children might be dealing with something similar. >> okay.
8:12 am
8:13 am
than playing all about the bens with top prizes of a hundred grand? winning, ...on the spot. play all about the bens from the pennsylvania lottery, and you could win.... ...on the spot. keep on scratchin'
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>> 8:14, almost 8:15, look at that snow. look at that snow! >> oh, come on, it is not snow. >> it is not snow? >> no, it is may. that's omaha, nebraska. >> you never know. >> that's hail.
8:15 am
those are hail stones. look how much it hailed. >> wow. >> i would call this pingpong ball size. >> real? >> nope. >> is this a prank? >> no. >> what? >> that's omaha, nebraska. what the hail is going on? that's hail. >> that's crazy. >> that's not snow. that's hail. >> okay, we get it. >> get it? >> ya. >> it is hail. listen, hail. >> i've lived out in this area for over 30 years. and this is the worse hail storm that i've seen. >> john denver's brother. one homeowner says the storm was so loud the pounding hail he thought his roof was going to implode. the hail did cause a lot of damage. >> how many times are you going to say hail? >> hail, i don't know. >> how about this? hail sue, like hail ceasar, hail sue? >> to the chief. no, insurance companies are going wild. all of the car damage. >> severe wetter.
8:16 am
>> roof damage. >> well, it looks like it is misery's turn right now. we do have some strong thunderstorms moving through there right now. it is all part of a cold front. you get warm, and then the cold front comes, and bamm, you get those severe storms. we're saving that for tomorrow, though. for us, right now, we don't really have anything to show you on ultimate doppler radar. that's a good thing. but it is very hazy out there. and we've seen little bit of fog this morning, we had some rain little earlier right there on delaware bay. but this is future cast, real quick for the rest of the day today. nothing much. mix of sun and clouds. tomorrow, timing of that rain, early in the morning, few sprinkles, and then the thunderstorms come through right in the middle of the day. just before and after lunchtime it, looks like, we will get possible thunderstorms, but some heavy downpours, regardless, that's friday. saturday, another round of afternoon thunderstorms, and showers, with another cold front. so cold front one is friday, cold front two is saturday. and it is in the 70s, both
8:17 am
days. along with today. then dramatically cooler on sunday, bob kelly. >> dramatically cooler. >> good morning, sue. it is 8:00, what's it say there, 8:17. an accident on 95 northbound, you got the penndot truck there, they're in the left lane, between cottman and academy road. and another accident here, this is route one, northbound, right near the neshaminy mall interchange. so that's causing delays. still some fog out there on the benny, as you are working your way into downtown philadelphia here, coming from south jersey. so, even though the sun is popping out, still not burning off all of the haze, and an accident on the westbound pa turnpike, as you head into philly bensalem, four cars right at the route one interchange. and get ready for nascar weekend, only with nascar does the weekend start on thursday. all the way through sunday, extra volume there headed in and out of dover, of course the dad vail regatta, all of the crews, paren, rowers all arrive today. then the races kick off
8:18 am
tomorrow. so watch for a jammo on the river on boathouse row beginning today. mike and alex back over to you. >> bob kelly with six kids or however many you had, i bet some of those children had those shoes that when you walk they light up. >> austin has them now, ya. >> well, listen to this. >> better watch out. >> texas mom said her son's shoes, those light up shoes, caught fire. so chris, i know you have two kids. >> exactly. >> have shoes like this? >> i remember them wearing these, if i had known then what i know now might not have let them do this. shear (these things catch fire. families in texas says those shoes are to blame for a fire, houston mom said the light up shoes started a fire inside her carp. thank goodness the little boy wasn't wearing the shoes when this happened. because that fire burned a home right through the car's floor, the pass he can err seat also melted. the fire marshall has not officially said what started the fire. the parent of this two and a half year old, they are just really relieved this wasn't worse. >> i'm just glad that my son
8:19 am
wasn't wearing it at the time. if he had been wearing it i don't know if he could tell me my foot is hot and i don't know if he could have take ten off by himself. >> little lithium battery in there could be flammable if you short it. >> i don't want this to happen to somebody else and we're luck at this happened in our car, because that can be fixed. >> ya, parent say they bought those 25-dollar shoes at pay less, so pay less said in a statement they pulled those shoes off the shelves. here is the quote. out after bun dance every caution we've removed the boys jake lighted runners from our shelves so we can thoroughly investigate a claim regard that shoe first and for most safety is always a priority at pay less and we take the claim made by the customer seriously, we have contacted the family and will work with them and local authorities to better understands the circumstances of the fire and what may have caused it. >> chris murphy, i want to do something. mike jerrick, do you have time to do something? >> i would like to. >> could you walk outside and
8:20 am
ask the firefighters in our building that will be here until 10:00 are they buying this, lithium batteries in a shoe can catchier. >> we know lithium batteries have shorted out and caused fires on airplanes. and fda really looked at this, especially involving the hoverboard. >> yes. >> and the hoverboards, exactly. so this does happen. but i have been talking to them. >> would you like a steak sandwich? bloody marchy? >> i would like one of those kubano sandwiches. >> oh, we love those. ham and melted cheese. >> you know we have been reporting about the powerball winner. >> yes. >> how someone from our area, someone in trenton, hadn't come forward yet, wondering who is this person? at first we thought it was a woman who is waitress. >> how many money on the line. >> $400 million. >> yes? >> well, turns out we have exclusive video here at fox. of the powerball winner. we saw the powerball winner guys. >> where is this footage from? >> yesterday old city. look. >> he just made some money. >> oh,. >> you see that? >> walking around with a cigar in his mouth. look at that briefcase.
8:21 am
man, he looks proud of himself, big cigar. so that sounded like you, that's your footage? >> yes, i am kiddingment actually sitting at continental yesterday, watching the people out the window, look at this, guy what did he just get finish doing? how many people do you know walking around with deal or no deal suitcase. >> and all proud of himself with a big stogie? >> all right, hole on. even though he looks like bob kelly's brother to me. >> dose he? >> little bit. somebody in old city somebody in philadelphia knows who that guy s we want to talk to him or at least a want to know what's in the briefcase. >> what's his storey? >> maybe they have new version of deal or no deal, it will be all guys. >> and sign the deals, that's why he's celebrating? i don't know. so, if you want to see it, we're trying to figure out, what was he doing? >> let's finds that guy. you know him, call us. get on twitter. >> bombshell new autism warning. something pregnant women have been told that they can take safely for years. now it is not so safe. it is a prenatal vitamin. we will talk about it.
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>> yet another new study finds too much folic acid in peg pregnant woman increases the risk for autism. >> preliminary reserve purchase john hopkins. new mother high folate rate, the risk for the child doubles. researchers are very clear they're not arguing against folic acid, though. >> then what are they saying. >> they're saying judge for yourself? >> again, now we don't know what to do with the research. >> research makes things more confusing. >> i know, 8:25, as the weather gets nicer. >> it will be nice today. seventy-five, babe. >> i more and more beer gardens are popping up. who ever invented this pop up beer garden, we love you. >> i love it. and you know, in the metro philly they have like a list of the top ten outdoor rooftop places. >> what? >> yes. >> serious? >> best view. >> let's do there. >> we should.
8:26 am
>> garden opening, when you get out there of course nice cold one. >> down at irccs mediterranian neurological institute. >> that's a long nature. >> the key is moderation, everything in moderation, nothing to excess. but after reviewing 150 studies, the researchers found drinking a little more than a pint of beer a day can protect your heart chris murphy should be one of the healthiest person i know then. he likes his ipa. >> yes? >> more calvin controversy. the new calvin klein up skirting ad. it is so bad we had to blur out a shot of this woman's panties. oh, yi, yi, yi.
8:27 am
we'll show you the picture after the break of the first, where is quincy? >> i'm right outside fourth and market, fill the boot. you know the firefighters doing local 22, and it starts tomorrow. having so much fun out here. people are giving.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> ten days after her doted err waist born she went out with her john for dinner for about two, three hours. but it got me to thinking, i boded up in bed last night. >> really? >> we did that story about a week ago, and i go, you know, john legend didn't get slammed. he was at the same stinking dinner. >> true. >> he's a dad. >> why wasn't he slammed? so slamming. >> one more episode of empire
8:31 am
left. we know know empire willing to shock us, here is the question, will they go sofas to actually kill off major character. oh, we're going to have your fullem pier rap. really kill off? >> oh, look what happened. >> oh, ya. oh, ya. >> they said a character will fall, but technically you can fall and get back up. >> sure. >> so it doesn't mean you'll die. >> so do you think, tweet me, do you really think they'll kill move. >> are you going to admit that something snapped. >> yes, somebody got shot last night. >> oh, shoot. >> i didn't say who, have been saying somebody will fall. >> oh, i know who. tell you? >> no. >> spoiler alert. >> hey quincy, how are you doing out there with our bravoes. >> great cause.
8:32 am
>> how are you doing. >> oh, hello, sir. how are you doing? you doing fine? >> ya. >> okay. >> i don't want to like steel but are you giving? he wants to hold on to the money. >> i know, put it in the booth. >> thank you, nolan. man, that was tough. that was tough. that was my hardest one yet. >> but thank you. really appreciate t oh, look at the little one. my gosh. beautiful family. all right, i'm running across the street, just try not to get hit. i think i had some ladies over here. hello, how are you doing. >> all right. >> everything okay? >> everything is fine. i always love to see you. >> oh, thank you very much. >> oh, my goodness, well, thank you, thank you, guys. it start tomorrow. will, starting it today but starts tomorrow all around the city, you guys, can give back
8:33 am
for the m.d. a, muscular dystrophy association, out here kicking it off today at fourth and market. come on down. don't hit us. right? that's the keep, just don't hit us. >> please don't. >> let's collect some money for the kids. >> yep. >> that's great. today would be great day for quincy, it will be nice and sunny, right, sue? >> yes. >> we'll have some clouds mixed in, seeing a lot of haze out there this morning, little fog, 50's, our temperature, bus stop buddy, does not have the umbrella for the first time this week. let's check ultimate doppler radar, nothing on it, nothing to worry about there, our temperature in the city is 62 degrees already, now, that the sun has come out, it is zooming up pretty quickly so we get to 73 already by lunchtime, and we should top off at 75, your sunset time, is 8:07. so that's your planner for
8:34 am
thursday. bob kelly talking about the weaken, little less than perfect. >> yes, kind of hit and miss there. 8: 34, good morning shall everybody, live look, 95 northbound, couple of cars here approaching academy, live look, route one northbound, up near neshaminy mall. some glare in some spots, here is a live look at the benny coming into downtown philly. sun trying to burn off that fog, south on 95, out of the northeast, about 34 minutes, woodhaven on in from conshy into downtown, row, row, row your boat, teams arrive for the dall said regatta, see the big boats coming in on the trailers, setting up their tent and everything along the kelly drive, right after the rush hour watch for that set up in the shutdown of the kelly drive. and then the races, the actual races begin on the river and run through saturday.
8:35 am
>> you know how do you decide what you watch on tv, you got that remote in your hand. so this young man, little while ago, about ten minutes ago, to make a decision at his how the on the couch. is it going to be mickey, or mikey? i'll be the mikey. >> okay. >> mickey or mikey. this is how it went. >> what do you want to watch? do you want to watch mike? >> no. >> no? who do you want it watch? mike? >> no. >> who do you want to watch? do you want to watch mickey? do you know? let's watch mike. >> you know, i think this is probably played out all over the delaware vale, do you want to watch mike and they start crying. >> oh, no. mikey. over mickey. >> he chose mickey over mike. well, renounded dance troop,
8:36 am
mo mixon our show this morning, they're incredible. i'm going to tell you where you can see them, in philly. don't miss this. >> and megan train is her all about that base, she proving it. there is a photo shop fail that is making her re-release her new video. >> what about trouble? >> no.
8:37 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> so coast guard advancement, and ceremonies about to begin. >> special trust, confidence, in the patriotism, valor,
8:40 am
fidelity and ability of christopher pshavok, kristin r bradley, jonas p miller, kimber m gates, michael b lewis and mark e, grade of lieutenant in the united state coast guard, to rang and such from the 16th dis of may in the the year 2016 will discharge the duties of the offers to which appointed by doing a performing allman or of things and dow strictly charge and require those officers and other personnel of lesser rang to render such obedience of this officer of grade and position. these offers remembers to observe and follow such orders and directions from time by me or the future president of the united stayed of america or other superior officers acting in accordance with the laws of the united states of america there is commission is to continue and force during the pleasure of the president of the united state of america for the time being under the provision of the public laws relating to the officers of the armed forces of the united
8:41 am
state of america, and the come poe end thereof in which this appointment is made. done in the city of washington, d.c., this 16th day of may in the year of our lord 2016 in the independence of the united state of america, to 234th year. , now re-enlisting right behind independence hall just off of walnut st. there. >> how special is that? >> congratulations. >> wonderful. >> becomes more official than in d.c. on the 16th. what is it, 8:41 now. >> singer megan trainer released new video, and it is called me too. >> me too. >> really, here it is. >> ♪ >> said seriously photo shopped her in the clip. >> okay? >> as put on snap chap, my
8:42 am
waist is not that tiny. i wish could you see the before and after. here is the before and after. >> all about that base. so you have to have a little base back there, right? >> i know could you photo shop on pictures, seems like it would be so tedious to have to -- do you have do every frame? >> every frame. >> twenty-four frames per second? >> oh, wait, kit cat, about to go to break. >> make sure kit cat decline is around, because she's in love with justin timberlake and weaver justin timberlake over in the south of france. >> let's take a back and talk to kit cat. give me a break ♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> plenty of sunshine up there, even more than we're seeing here, we've got some haze, some clouds mixed in with the sun, but, weather headlines, things you need to remember, as we head into the weekends, rain takes a break for today. but thunderstorms arrive
8:46 am
tomorrow. and then, another round of rain, and possible thunderstorms, on saturday, afternoon. and as a result that far second cold front, it will be much colder on sunday, so let's take a look at the numbers in the seven day forecast. 70s today, tomorrow, and saturday, with those thunderstorms, and then by sunday, dramatically cooler with high of only 60 degrees, then we have a little bit after warming trends as we head into the middle of next week. mike anal next. >> sue, i don't know that i have ' ever seen, well, i have, but jen is very excited? morning, she has got this morning, well, afternoon over in france. >> yes. >> in cannes. >> justin timberlake. >> anna hendrick. >> tolls, hey, jen?
8:47 am
>> ladies and gentlemen. >> what's going on. >> pretty fabulous, myself. >> aim troll, look at this, basically having lunch doing my live shots. so, this is my new job. and when i get back, i'm going to expect the same kind of situation. yesterday we were treated to an amazing private performance of justin timberlake, and anna kendrick. so check this out. >> i am not afraid. i love them. yes, they surprised journalists, but as you know, because 20th century fox has paid for my trip, and sent me
8:48 am
here, they told me, make sure you have your phone all charged up. and wouldn't you know? because i've been doing live broadcasts, my phone was not charged up. but, still got to see it. okay, so here is a picture of me, and justin. you have to love him. and anna, as well. you're going to hear and see more that far interview, believe it or not, in the 9:00 hour. and mike, i've switched hotels. i'm now at the jw marriott. but before i left, as i was leaving the carlton, look who showed up. woody allen. he opened up the festival, walking very gingerly, about 45 people helping him up the stairs and of course i had to be so american and take a picture with, you know, woody allen. that's what i do. that's what you guys sent me here to do. >> this is what you do. >> look like a fool with my troll hat. and take pictures, this is what i do.
8:49 am
>> this is what i do. >> pretty much what's happening here, again, this is my job today. so i have to say one of the guys last night at dinner, he said it should be illegal. it is a work day fox 20th century fox paying for the whole darn thing. and i'm in cast. so he said it should be some casino of lyle age al scam what i have going on. >> fabulous, you know, what we will look at, the back of mike's head. jen, thanks, you can tell she is all excited and fancy, she wears that black nail polish when she has to do fancy stuff. >> really? now she will -- wow. >> by the way speaking of woody allen in one of the shots i saw sunyi was with him, still together after all these years. >> yes. >> we know make up can do
8:50 am
wonders, what one grandmother has people doing a double table. we will show it to you. lottery numbers. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> go on my twitter, i just saw a question, do you think they'll kill off someone for real, rumors been that someone will die, lion will fall, do you really think they'll kill off the person who was shot and try not to do a spoiler? >> would you knock down the back of my head. i have little pointer going on there. >> you're making it worse. >> you don't put on gel in the morning?
8:54 am
>> i do. i cut put enough in. >> yes, i'm always having hair problems. >> nope, got to do it myself. >> the reason i bring this up, this mess here, let's just roll some footage here before i tell you how old this woman is, okay? >> see the side by side, wow. >> so, her name is gram mom lavia. she is 80. and she lives in croatia. by the way, my daughter jill, is flying to croatia right now. >> why? >> just always wanted to go. isn't that weirds? >> cool. >> so what do you think that
8:55 am
far. >> by the way, her nickname? glamom. oh, i love it. now an internet sensation. >> all right. >> now, that's how you honor your grandmother. get her all spruced up. and and tattoos on her face. >> christie teeing and one good looking human. >> hena tattoos. thank you, might. >> contouring. >> i best christy contours. >> i contour every part of my body, shamed, she went out to dinner. okay, nine days in after she had the kid, went to dinner with her husband, john, right? she got trashed on social media. but he didn't. so, in honor of this, we're going to trash john today. equal trashing. >> sure. >> and movie hang over taught us anything, well it, taught us bachelor party they can get a little crazy. >> yes. sin city the best place to go? you should be -- should you real i go to vegas? apparently local sit that i beat out vaguest on the list of hottest bachelor and
8:56 am
bachelorette destin aces. >> now our viewing area? conshohocken, a lot goes on down there. >> oh. on fayette street? pet moments are beautiful,
8:57 am
8:58 am
unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that
8:59 am
cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. >> check out these guesser, just out on the sidewalk, they're brinking this back. trying to make all generations come together, and you can join in on the fun, this weekend. because philly girls jump. >> mike, have you ever done that. >> i actually have. only for tv purposes. and. >> look at that. >> in fact i'll take you down memory lane. >> okay. >> visiting with sherman helmsley once. >> yes? >> he was in the jefferson's, of course, had a tv show where
9:00 am
he was a preacher. >> right over in west philadelphia. >> yes. >> i double dutch with him. i'll take you down memory lane, mill which kay producer doesn't know this, but i just thought of it. >> our video we did for summertime, we did it there. i tried it there. >> and fcc regulations, any time you take that shot again, we need to play double dutch bus. >> double dutch bus. >> or the will smith song, you know, with girls doing double dutch summer summertime. >> that's what i was just talking about, music video we did. >> oh, right. well, you said in the music video. >> i talk and just me. like the charlie brown. when a, w. when a, w. when a. >> what? >> w. when a, wha ya. >> and i'm pig pen? >> okay, talk about it. >> so


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