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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  May 12, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> right over in west philadelphia. >> yes. >> i double dutch with him. i'll take you down memory lane, mill which kay producer doesn't know this, but i just thought of it. >> our video we did for summertime, we did it there. i tried it there. >> and fcc regulations, any time you take that shot again, we need to play double dutch bus. >> double dutch bus. >> or the will smith song, you know, with girls doing double dutch summer summertime. >> that's what i was just talking about, music video we did. >> oh, right. well, you said in the music video. >> i talk and just me. like the charlie brown. when a, w. when a, w. when a. >> what? >> w. when a, wha ya. >> and i'm pig pen? >> okay, talk about it. >> so true. >> controversy once again.
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calvin does it again, new, picture, oh, so it is an up skirting ad. and brink ago lot of people on social media. not just because of the angle, why the way the model looks, is also causing a lot of backlash. >> megan, can we blur the panties? all we need blurred, okay? because just not as effective like that. >> you can't see it. only one more episode of empire left. >> oh, my gosh, i can't love. >> this and last night, popping, wasn't it? my goodness, been saying that one of the lions will fall, oh, see that move? it happened last night. so here is the question i have for my empire fans, go on twitter page, pole going right now, do you really think they'll go so far? so shock us, kill off major character. spoiler alert. cut it off. >> here, a lot of people in the line of the bullet. >> yes. >> would you go out a bullet
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for me. >> hole on, looking at footage i shot of myself. >> that was last night. >> chicken in the back. of course the hang over movie, taught us bachelor parties can get little crazy. so, is vick he is the best place to go, little sin city? >> no. >> local place, a sit, that beat out vaguest. >> no way. >> truely on the list of the who bachelor and bachelorette destinations. >> pretty easy to figure/. >> the pope knows, i know. >> i have a good guess. it is mike's house. >> singer john len ends speaking out. >> just went out to dinner, babe, she's beautiful, just had this baby ten days before this. and they both went out to dinner. but only one of them got in trouble for leaving the baby at home. >> so the woman. >> that's christy, right. dragged through the mud on
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social media. what is she 30 years old now? yes, got vulgar comment, i mean real nasty, but sitting at the same restaurant table with christy, with the baby nine days old; back with like mommy or daddy, the grandparent. >> uh-huh. >> john sitting right at the table. he didn't get slammed. >> that's true. >> so took to twitter writing what? >> he said funny, there is no dad shaming. so both of gust out to dinner, shame both every us. both us so christy doesn't have to take it owl. we'll split it. when both of you go out to dinner shame both of us so chrissy doesn't have to take it all the. >> he want to split the criticism. >> i went to dinner. people are pissed. good morning. >> what a way to recap what happened. >> i get that.
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>> quincy, you're to blame. >> i'm always to blame. >> you know, people are always feel like when you have a baby, the woman, should be with the baby. i think a lot of people are jealous because they have help, they're rich, they're famous, they're in love, and they get to go out three weeks after the baby. a lot of people don't get to go out three weeks after the baby is born, they have to stay home. so, a lot of people are being looking at them like oh, look at these guys. they get to enjoy themselves. they will get to do. >> this she needs to get out. east years thing is to go at her. the thing about a father, the kid really, the cameraman, talking about this, the father, no one cares.
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the baby doesn't care about the father until you're like one and a half. until the baby is fully up and saying daddy where are you going? >> oh, please. no way, quincy. you are so fine. even your lighting looks good. were you goal end. everything you said was perfect. but then you kept talking. my brother just had a baby. no, no, no, my brother and my husband can jig he will the baby just as well as i can. there is nothing in my dna that helps me. i am just as clueless when you have your first child. nobody knows what to do how to take tear calf it, not the woman, not the man. >> quince. >> i karen, karen, i know we're going off the subject. you become a mother right when you fine out that you're pregnant. like oh, my gosh, aim mother. >> no, no, no. >> you feel it. >> every day for nine months. >> i feel the baby moving, oh, my god, amazing. >> so for us, we don't feel that connection until the baby like needs us or wants us. the first four to six month of a baby's life, they want mom.
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>> they want mother, that warmth that they've had when they came out of the womb before they came out of the womb i should say. >> i want to back you up because our man, and us guys got to stick together. >> thank you, mike. >> specially in this environment. >> how are you going to back him up? >> i'm not going tonight i'm going to turn on him. because q sounds like he only wants to be involved if he get positive feedback from the baby. you know what i mean? >> no. >> makes you feel good that the baby is responding to you. >> no. >> we have to do it even though the baby doesn't want to be around us because we have to help out every now and ten. >> and the baby does want to be around you. my little neice loves my brother so much, they hang out, little buddies, have so much fun. you can give a bottle. even if it is breast milk, you can store it up. there is no reason that they can't spend time with the dad.
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>> i'm still around, i'm saying you still have to focus, but the kid, the baby, when the baby is is a newborn, they want the mother. they want the mother. because they were in the mother's women for nine month. >> quincy, story to change the subject, what's going on out there? is there aurally what's all the noise? >> oh, well, we have the lady from philly jump girls. >> oh, i love them. >> they're out here, ya. >> philly girls jump. >> some of them are mothers. and they agree. they agree. >> look at you. >> oh, now they're going, getting warmed up. >> that's cool. we'll check in with them a little later. >> ladies, keep jumping if you agree with me. see? see? >> oh, come on, quincy, thanks. 9:07. >> let us know you what think about that one,. >> i'll apologize right off before we even start talking
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about there is because we got suckered into this by calvin klein. just exactly what he wants. calvin klein at it again. the latest ad. still commercial basically of a picture, i guess they're trying to sell underwear. so that's an up skirt shot. no question about it. you see her panties. and they're trying to sell the panties, maybe little too graphic in case the kids are in the room. and look at the phrase. >> if you want to see it still up on the instagram. >> i have it here on my phone. look at the catch phrase, i flash in my calvin. >> they have different ones, this one was i flash in my calvin's. and people are calling it discusting, saying it is unnecessary them the other thing they say, the model herself, 22, a loft people feel like she looks young nerve this photo. >> oh, she looks about 14, 15. >> so they are thinking, liking even now to like child
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porn because she looks so young. >> no question. >> she says i flash my panties. >> i'm going to get to the brooke shields thing i remember brooke shield 13 in real life she said nothing gets between me and my calvin says, like they have a long history of doing this and selling unaware. >> oint point exactly 30, 35 years ago. calvin klein doing the same thing and brooke shields, 13, she was? i think she was 13, let's take a look at her, amazing.
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>> nothing comes between me and my calvin. >> and then they were selling jeans. >> so three years later, we don't even have the denim any more. it is just panties. that up skirt picture. >> yes. >> so, people are, you know, both sides of it, one person says i see nothing wrong with a picture at all. and another added stop being a bunch of cry babies. don't care for it then just move on. >> i agree with that. >> don't buy the unaware. >> i promise i'm not going to buy those panties. >> uh-huh. >> so, when you see a magazine ad, in any of your whatever, vogue, elles, those kind of things, they're pretty graphic. i mean, and appeals to a woman audience i'm not that ovenment i'm not surprised. >> i don't know. all i know is it remind me of the seinfeld episode. >> here we go. >> when kramer was complaining calvin klein had sold end his idea for new fragrance called the beach.
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right? so goes onto confront calvin klein. and calvin klein likes the way he looks in under pants. >> sexual, athletic, not a trains of -- >> sexual, i thought get him into the weight room. >> let's get him in the studio today. we could sends these out immediately. >> so, by the way, i have watched this episode so many times. when he walks back over to the wall to pose, in the sexy pose, he flies along the wall, and he has so much make up, body make up on, he leaves a smear that you're in the supposed to see, but i've watched it so many times i notice it, so stinking dark.
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>> you might be able to. >> you see? >> yes, i see it now. >> well, that came out because all of the calvin klein ads for what was it eternity, on negatives. >> obsession. >> sexy like actresses. you're my obsession, that's what he was trying to make. >> everybody was wearing obsession. everybody smelled like an obsession. oh. and then the one that was really strong was poison. >> so the girls, the men. >> yes. >> okay, one woman from russia has become an internet sensation. with her amazing cake creations. kate cake, cake, cake. oh, really? >> is that her name on it? >> nice. these are truly one after kinds. >> and they're shiny, and they look look jewels. oh, my gosh. >> that looks like a box. >> oh, mama. >> so apparently perfected the art of glazing, that's what it is call. they say you can even see your reflection, see the sallyann and the light in there if the picture. >> i mean, looks like high end
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glassware. it is so gorgeous. can you imagine if you showed up to one of those in a event? you wouldn't even want to cut into it. >> i want to know how much they cost. >> well, the cakes, her name is olga, by the way. glazing technique. >> that's what it looks like. >> all right, i'm asking people in the delaware valley, somebody in our area has to know thousand do this glazing technique. what about sweet tea? >> i wonder, tone which sweet tea bakery my favorite in haddonfield. >> explains how to do it, doesn't just keep it a secret. she does share how to do it, but talks about how gel continue in the water. >> gel continue? >> in toward get that, then boil the glucose, sugar, water, careful to get the bubble out, remove the heat, add the gel continue, she said add your condensed milk then pours over the chocolate and butter mix to remove any air bulbs. >> burr, butter in russian. >> well i would think french
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actually. >> yes. >> but she russia. >> when you cook a lot of the things you cook fancy french words. >> yes. >> olga from russia. she is russian. she looks like she is taking her time. i don't think she is russian. >> oh, mike. >> oh, mike. >> going to the south of france, why not? >> because we can.
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>> just tiannamen beer lake, i was the last interview of the day. you know i had to bring this. >> jen, the entrance was the greatest entrance to any interview ever. >> your favorite roof band member. do you have a favorite? >> i go with james. >> wow. >> you really are going to do that for me? >> okay, i will do that. >> you really going do that for me will you come and tour in filly? >> you know what, tariq. >> oh,. >> i am coming in. >> either -- it is a toss up between tariq and knuckles. >> okay? >> i'm doing it. >> i'm going with a answer, philly. i love them all, but i'm going hard with tariq. >> okay, so i have to say, when he said that, his personal manager, assistant, boss, sonyia, look at him like are you serious? are you really picking a favorite.
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>> he's married, jessica, so did he say hello to jess, apparently it didn't get captured on camera, but jess i hope you are watching in the control room. we're going to the world premiere, lock up, ready to go. now that i have that. let's take a tour. say hi again to sean. hi, sean. say hi, okay. so i'm going to walk around. because, you know, this is happening. so, i have to say. >> this i'm going to be in cannes1 last day, but then you get to guest again, because yes, i'm taking it on the road. yes, there is one lags stop in my amazing tour. can you guys see these sites? i mean, if this isn't cannes i don't know what is. it is just amazing day here. they said it would rain. but as you can see, it is gorgeous. i'm going to walk across the street. hopefully i don't get run over.
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because, mike, you need to see. >> oh? we're so jealous. she will go over there, get on a yacht, waiving with like ditty and all of the stars. will, we're jealous. i can't believe going to the world premiere. >> so exciting. >> we have to go too. >> we didn't get invited, karen show, said kit cat. >> maybe we can tag along. >> we'll sneak in the bushes or something, i don't know, sue? >> plus one, plus two, plus three. >> adding them up. >> sure. let's take a look at the seven day forecast, today, looks pretty good. pretty pretty good. as larry david says. 75 degrees, today, now tomorrow, we get those afternoon thunderstorms, and then, another round, with cold front number two, on saturday. both days are in the 70s, but with that second cold front, it is really going to cool off a lot. breezy, cooler, high of 06 degrees on sunday, gradual warming trend toward the middle of next week, but for those of house will be out there on sunday morning, alex,
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karen, for yoga on the art museum steps, for living beyond breast cancer, we will be a little chilly out there but the sun will be shining. >> as long as the sun is shining i'm okay with it, sue. all right, so, how many friends do you think you have? >> you know, acquaintances, friend, people you hang out with? >> good friend. people who come over to your house, like i have their home phone number and they would come over to my house. >> okay, do you have keep it small, ya, what about you? keep it small. >> i have only like two best girlfriends, truth be told, more friends than that, but people my best friends, well, they found out who to judge who is really your friend. >> really? >> blaming us, though, saying we're really bad judge of who our friend really are when it comes to picking and stuff so according to stud frist mitt and tell after receive university, researchers surveyed class of 84 college student and asked them to rang every student on scale of zero to five. zero being over to strange
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tears five this person is un of my best friends. now, they had to guess where other student ranked them. revealed while 94% of the student thought their friendships would be reciprocated, only 53% actually were. >> so the people you actually thought your friends turned turns out in almost half the cases they're not. they don't think you are the same kind of friends. >> always awkward, that's my best friends, then ask the person name your best friend, you are not one of them, oh, awkward. you know what i mean? >> we had a fight one time after too many cocktails with some of my girlfriend, arguing over who was my best friend. >> for you, does it matter? if you say this person is my best friend or really close, doses it matter to you how they value in you their lives? should they really factor in, if they're your best friend, shouldn't how this put in their little scale matters. >> i think always feelings hurt, i like you more than you like me, every fight we've ever had since we've been seven years old. >> so true. >> what's hot? >> coming up on 9:20.
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>> the movie hanover taught us anything? bachelor parties they can be crazy. but go to las vegas to get crazy? apparently stay right here in our area, we'll tell you where. >> plus check this out. awesome dancer from our area on our show this morning, they do things they look like insect, birds, butterflies, where you can see their absolutely phenominal act for a limited time.
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>> these people, you can't really see, these girls outside, doing double dutch. when is the last time you've done that, seriously? you can do it this he can weekend. >> i love it. hey, planning your batch lore or bachelorette party this summer? one of the nation's hottest spots, vaguest, baby but you don't have to go 3,000 miles or 2500 miles. no. we've got new survey says
9:24 am
atlantic city is number seven on top ten list of best places to throw a bachelorette party. this is by. com called go banking rate. com. the site looked at average hotel costs, airfare, the average the cots of beer and safety, ac scored well on most of these, categories. but lost point for safety because it is over there. as for the top five places to go, here we are, number five. mock tree alan vancouver. >> vancouver gorgeous, and you know i have ' never been to montreal. they say it is fantastic. >> do you think bachelor party? i have a lot of friends going to austin right now. >> oh, yes. you know what austin motto's is? things get little weird going there. so keep it weird. >> things in montreal, aren't very expensive from our area, they have good restaurant, good bar scene, and dallas
9:25 am
comes in at number three. >> only because airfare is cheap. >> also nightlife there. >> number two. >> denver. >> never think of denver. >> brewery tour, plus you can get high. there is that. >> al next. >> alex? >> look at you. >> it is true. >> number one, though, kabo san lucas, mexico. >> i thought this was based on the west coast, because if you were in our area, would you go down to the cancun avenue. >> i don't think necessarily, fish face, why would prone at go there it is it was west could. >> because they go to vegas all the time thought it would be different so got cheap airfare and flew on into vaguest so cheap. >> is vaguest the same thing as vegas. >> i know some of you make fun of me. >> all right.
9:26 am
as for where you won't want to party, according to the survey, worse place, number five, milwaukee, wisconsin. you guys, lot of cheese. >> oh, i love cheese too. but do you want to get bloated up in a bachelorrer? >> new orleans, one of my friends had her bachelorette party in new orleans. >> i think a lot of people do. >> click chick was the worse, i love chicago. >> oh, low safety score what it says. >> key west florida they're crazy down there. >> ya, i love key west. >> number one, worse place to go for a party? memphis. >> why? >> high airfare. you can't get to the middle part of the country without spending a loft money, taking these jump flights and all this stupid stuff. >> where did you go for your bachelor party. did you have one? >> no, i was in kansas sit. >> i now the rest of his life is a bachelorette party. >> every night is a batch lore party, isn't it? when are you getting married by the way. >> soon. i think maybe later today. >> really? >> yep. >> where? >> well, conshohocken.
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that's my go to town. there is a fairly well known dance troop. i heard of these dudes, momix. unbelievable. and they'll be at a location here in center city. i'll tell you where. this is casino after must-see. they'll in our studio doing that or something similar. wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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welcome back everybody. earlier this week we told but the residents in torresdale section of the city. >> and i'm fascinated by this story because can you imagine caterpillars every where. >> infestation like you have never seen. the thousands and thousands of caterpillars crawling a cross the street so much so they cleared the street with shovels and brooms. >> you know we sent chris
9:31 am
murphy out there yesterday, or day before yesterday, to go by and said i saw some, and then came back we did our meeting and everything like that. >> only on "good day philadelphia", we have actually caroled these caterpillars and train them to do a lear california dance. they are here in the studio now. caterpillars take it away. >> love it. love it. >> ♪ >> what? it is a huge one, mike, look at that one. >> caterpillars. >> yes. >> caterpillars. >> wow. >> that is a big caterpillars. >> well, i trained them overnight. >> hey, welcome. welcome. >> hey, guys. >> over here. >> yes. >> come on over to the matt here. >> come over so we can see you in the light. you are steve. where are you from. >> from long island.
9:32 am
>> an tone friday brooklyn, new york. >> greg, from california. >> morgan from louisville, kentucky good how do you explain what you do? it is a dance but what is it. >> i have a hard time saying what we do. i would say the best description is that we are dance illusion ists. >> where will you perform. >> prince theater when? >> tonight, tomorrow, it is on saturday, sunday, next week, wednesday to sunday. >> is it sold out. >> it is not sold out you can still get your tickets. >> we were watching you do your practice, you guys get pretty close to each other. you know each other pretty well. >> we know each other pretty well. >> but it is bad that i'm asking you, do you ever. >> you bathe, of course. >> sometimes, yes. >> do you have to watch what you eat and stuff. >> yes. >> it is recommended. but not enforced. >> because your heads are in
9:33 am
your crouches. >> really, they are. >> yes, they are. >> you have to be nice to your fellow dancers. >> yes. >> only eat clean, juices. >> would i juice a lot. >> not too much though. >> do you have a name for this particular number you will do. >> this is the heela the dance. >> well, heel a master. >> oh, sure. >> very cool. >> we will show video, of other stuff that you guys do. >> how long is the show. >> the show is about two hours. >> really. >> yes. >> high energy, a lot of great music. >> very high energy. >> okay, are you ready to go? very close. do you want me to get on the end here. >> no, mike.
9:34 am
9:35 am
fantastic. >> that is so cool. >> are you guys okay. >> yeah. >> i thought you lost one of them. >> amazing. >> congratulation is that was great. >> get your tickets, my gosh.
9:36 am
>> chris, come in here. >> prince theater. >> what about you and i, lay down on to your stomach. >> lay down. >> yeah, i cannot watch this. >> come on, mike. >> my goodness. >> we ask you to join chris. >> chris, what did you have for dinner last night. >> we will see you tonight. >> you got it. >> that is fantastic. >> let's take it, because i cannot unseen what i have just seen. >> bob, i have lost my appetite. >> we go to a different neighborhood, and different breakfast spot to hit to day i got jelly doughnuts and whole entire gang, say good morning to the elmer diner. >> good morning elmer diner. >> good morning. pet moments are beautiful,
9:37 am
unless you have allergies.
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then your eyes may see it differently. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase. 6>1 changes everything.
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hey, 9:40. time for breakfast with bob because it is thursday. >> it is thursday morning. >> ahh. >> i just lost my pancakes. >> he is still there. >> you have to get to the prince theater. >> how long can he do this. >> it is in the air. >> get out of here he looks confused. >> scared my pants off me there. >> gotcha. >> okay. >> wow. >> lets get to elmer, new jersey, breakfast with bob. >> let's eat. >> hey, gang, hello, hello elmer, new jersey. >> hello elmer new jersey. >> the last time one of our members of the fox 29 team came to elmer, new jersey it
9:41 am
wasn't good. do you remember steve keeley snowplow situation? do you remember that? they are only telling me it happened right up the street but we are in the original dining car of the elmer diner, take a look here, been here for many years. they have paintings on the wall. everybody is having some breakfast. three eggs over light, the marries here and this is just the back even. come out to the front side and say hill owe, elmer, new jersey. >> look at them all. >> now, kathy, you were the one who sent meehan e-mail. you watch us each and every morning. >> every morning, big dedicated fan. >> she has scrapple, jelly doughnuts, she has got whole family here. chipped beef with toast which i hear is very popular. ladies and guys are all down here. sam, the owner, everybody give a wave back here. packed in, a full house today, sam, what is the hot thing on the menu here at elmer diner. >> here we have great
9:42 am
philadelphia pancake. >> look at the fluffy pancake with the fruit. we have chipped beef. >> i heard chipped beef is great. >> great. >> and we have eggs bendik. >> what is that. >> that is a vegetable omelette. >> lauren johnson will love that one. >> elmer diner, right here on route 40 which is right off of route 55, the hot spot, and quick pit stop for folks who like to head to the shore and don't want to sit in traffic on the atlantic city expressway or the garden state parkway. if would you like me to come tour favorite breakfast spot in your neighborhood just shoot meehan e-mail or message or facebook and twitter. i think i will hang through here and go through the eating. who is picking up the tab? you got it. back to you in the studio good have fun, i like that place, 9:42. only one episode left. >> but will they really kill off a major character. we will discuss in my entire
9:43 am
wrap, next. spent more than 30 years in the public schools. we're retired, but we like to stay involved. you think he's going to learn to fly? we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
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okay. welcome to our empire wrap. because empire wrap time and i want to if i have you a big warning, spoil era alert we have big moment to discuss so if you have not seen empire hurry up, watch it because everybody is talking about it, quincy. >> this is arguablably one of the best episode of their entire series. >> real good. >> we will start with rhonda, big question has been who pushed rhonda down the stairs.
9:46 am
she finally did something about the fact that she was push. we don't know if this is how she should have done it but she asked boo-boo kitty if she dit, kind of but look at this response. >> i was going to ask you a question, do you remember when you came over that day to see nursery and wearing those red soul shoes, right. >> i don't remember what i was wearing, why? >> because i feel like they were nice shoes and wondering if you were wearing them that night, were you? >> i don't know, did we. >> okay. she's like what, look at the her face, i have been saying boo-boo kitty did in the push her down the stairs. i stand by what i say. >> if you watch empire and you all should, this isn't normal for empire to show you this is what happens. we know she didn't push her. >> you haven't been saying it.
9:47 am
i have been saying boo-boo kitty. you guys disagree. >> it was too obvious. >> she looks confused. >> if she did it, wow, hopefully we will find out, in the finally. >> yes. >> this next moment, my gosh it had me speechless. jamal has had a hot and steamy relationship with the fellow on the low and luscious walks in and then things blow up from there and i could not believe some of the things luscious said to his own son jamal. >> look, man i have tried to be sensitive to your way of life. >> sensitive to my way of life. >> i have listened to you, i have tried to tolerate something that is intolerable to my nature. i have tried to be understanding and respectful of your choices but you don't respect me you just throw this unnatural way of life into my face. i am talking to you as a man but you turn to some little girl mad about something i did to you 20 years ago. >> twenty years ago.
9:48 am
you are crying like 40 years ago so what does that say to you. you can't look me in the eye without crying. jamal, don't be a little sissy, put it in the music. luscious, don't be a sissy. >> you ain't nothing to me, but a disappointment. >> my goodness. >> last night, when that happened, you have been watching it right now, that was just so unbelievably low for luscious. >> yes. >> most powerful scenes we have seen so far this season. >> it reminded me of the trash can scene when luscious and small jamal from season one. this is such a powerful scene. so powerful. their dynamic. jamal, yeah, forget him.
9:49 am
forget your father. >> the fact that jamal was coming back to him. >> my gosh. >> it is the question. it is change of their relationship forever. you just can't. now to the biggest moment of the night and we saw this coming ball all season they have been talking about a lyon will fall and kept saying this stuff. there have been rumors that someone will die this season and last night, she pulled out her gun, didn't she, boom, boom, boom, boom. >> stop, no. >> my goodness. >> did you see that move. >> that was a ninja move there. >> it looks like jason borne,
9:50 am
she came out of no where, slow motion. powerful move. >> this is what we thought, set us up, jamal, luscious, but this tragedy brings him together good he stood in front of the bullet. he might have been trying to stop her he didn't know where she was going. my question is do you think they will have jamal die. rumor has been someone will dianne empire does do shocking things do you think they will be that bold. 65 percent say no, they will not kill off jamal and 35 percent will say yes. but end of my wrap because this is second to last episode, next week is the finally. let's predict. at the end of the show there were big moments that were key between boo-boo kitty and mad momma, luscious's momma. >> she's willing to talk good not yet .
9:51 am
>> are you part of the family. >> is boo-boo kitty the key? what will she say. maybe luscious will try to marry boo-boo kitty so she cannot testify begins her husband. >> jamal is not going anywhere. he can't go anywhere. his music is amazing. >> he is only one sipping every week. >> do you want to predict who will go. grand mom needs to go. >> really. >> some people say andre. >> no, because he is like incredible hulk. >> wrapped a can go. >> but she's not a lyon. >> true. >> we will have a big special on friday to discuss because we have to remind you of the great things that have been happening and go behind the scenes about the actors. we will talk to yas the greatest, we talked with tar why i p henson this friday
9:52 am
at 10:30 here in the empire room. join us. you are not doing anything. >> no. >> great songs this week. speaking of jamal and great singing. hemingway about love and jussie smollet says it was written before empire even existed. classic love song that anyone can relate to even if they have never been in love. >> it is so perfect, that it is painful, you know, but you have no other option but to keep on loving it. >> ♪ >> no way he is going. >> please come out with a cd. >> he passes away, he is like tupac and music and holograms. >> i want real music, jussie come out with an album we're here for you. >> he needs to be on the show. >> thanks for coming. >> we will see you friday. >> also next week because we have to discuss finally tweet
9:53 am
me alex holley fox 29. lets go outside and do double dutch. >> i tried. >> it is happening this weekend. i have to tell but this.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
run, go, go, go. >> you guys are with philly girl jump. how did this get started. >> we posted something on facebook to come out, a and expecting five to ten people we had over 2,000 people come out to join us. >> and great thing about this is, it is bringing together the community. >> yes.
9:57 am
>> i think it is a very important part. germantown west oak lane section of philadelphia, 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. >> do we have to bring anything or pay anything. >> absolutely free. bring everyone you know. come meet us and have a good time. >> you do this for free, it is fun. >> it is fun, nice, everyone wants to necessity how to do it. >> our purpose is to empower and share in the fun, energy but also to build community. >> i think what i love, look on instagram philly girls jump. you see grand moms, little girls, just come together. >> yes. >> now where is mike and quincy, we want you to try. can you jump in is there any tech sneak. >> jump toward the middle will. can mike give it a try. quincy, mike?
9:58 am
>> you come out this is saturday, sunday. ♪ we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers.
9:59 am
they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america.
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: hello! thank you for watching. say hello to my co-host, my studio audience.


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