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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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those who survived the crash are still dealing with the physical and yes, the emotional repercussions. amtrak train 188 traveling northbound at twice the appropriate speed left the tracks at 9:21 p.m. on may 12th, 2015 philadelphia's frankford curve. for 58-year-old bob hewitt and scores of fellow passengers, life would never be the same. >> i was in the business class car the first car that train and i remember being thrown out of my seat hitting the ceiling. luggage racks, seats. >> reporter: eight people all in that first car were killed. more than 200 others were injured. hewitt a regular on this route he was on his way home to nutley, new jersey, a woke on piling of rocks much his clothing torn from his body or what was left of his body. he spent weeks in a medically induced coma and even today as he spoke from his attorney's office in center city -- >> i'm currently seeing five
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doctors. i go to therapy three days a week. i have pain 24/7. i have problems breath breathing because almost my entire ribcage was shattered. it didn't heal properly and it's not where it's supposed to be. >> reporter: for the victim of the amtrak 188 derailment this has been a year full of excruciating pain. it has been no better for their loved ones. stunned by a late night phone call and summoned to scene of unspeakable carnage or a hospital emergency room. >> seeing him in coma and to bring my kids there to see that every day i would arrive at the hospital not knowing what i was going to walk into in that room, what new dilemma, what new problem what new infection. >> reporter: for bob the physical scars from that terrible night continue to heal. but the psychological scars, that's another matter entirely. >> it's very emotional.
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i -- things just pop into my mind and i can't get rid of for a long long time. >> reporter: bob hewitt says his last memory before blacking out that night was crashing head first into another passenger. he says he never learned the fate of that fellow traveler and says that uncertainty haunts him to this day. even federal investigates are set to rule on the cause of this crash in washington next tuesday. they have already ruled out mechanical, track and signal failures. >> bruce, thank you. breaking to night, delaware department of justice has released their findings into the september 2015 shooting of a man in a wheelchair. the wilmington officers accused of shooting him will not be charged. but the doj does have a recommendation for one of them. officers encountere encounteredy mcdole after a 911 call came in about man who had shot himself and was still armed. phone video shows police repeatedly telling mcdole to drop his weapon and raise his
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hands. it shows mcdole reaching toward his waist before shots were fired. authorities say they recovered a handgun near mcdole's body and now the department of justice there says the four officers who shot mcdole will not be charged. but they say one officer corporal joseph dell loesche should not be employed by the police department in any role where he would carry a begun also released today, 911 calls that start before the police arrive. >> please send somebody quick! >> he shot himself, ma'am? >> yes!, yes, please and he still has gun, please, and he's moving a little bit but he shot hisself. he's on the ground and he's moving around end has weapon in his hasn't. >> you can later hear gunshots on that call. the investigation found serious deficiencies in the police department's use of force poli policies and training. in a statement the city says it disagrees with the criticisms of
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its officers and the family of jeremy mcdole also released a statement reading in part "our family disagrees with the conclusions of the report not to charge any officer with a crime which seems to reflect the historic fact that we believe that no police officer in delaware has ever been charged with a crime for the fail use of force on a civilian". the family is already suing the city over the shooting. breaking news out of tampa, florida right now. let's go to it live. you can see rescue crews taking people off the roller coaster at bush gardens. that's what it look like right there. right. the coaster got stuck on the tracks. looks like it's starting to go. no word yet on whether anybody is hurt. that's always a frightening situation. all right. developing right now at 6:00 people just stand by. some even laughed as a man beats a woman hard to watch. it doesn't even begin to describe this assault. the reaction is just amazing. the video from north philadelphia came to us from a press so user today.
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we called police immediately. >> we wanted to try to figure out who the victim is and get some answers about the video. our dawn timmeney went to that neighborhood after this happened. dawn, what do we know tonight? >> reporter: iain and lucy, we know the victim is in the hospital tonight being treated for her injuries. police tell us the man actually flagged police down when they responded saying that he was the victim. investigators say it's clear from the video that's not the case. and we want to warn you, it is difficult to watch. this was the disturbing scene this morning on the 200 block of east ontario street in the city's kensington neighborhood. the man who shot this video of a brutal beating on the side of the street does not want his face shown on camera but did talk to us. >> the guy was actually on top of the girl, and just beating on her. >> reporter: the woman is on the ground and you can see the man repeatedly slapping her and punching the victim. the witness who shot the video says the beating went on for some time, he says maybe 20 to 30 minutes. >> did anybody try to help the woman?
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>> no one. bystanders just smiling, laughing, and just standing around like a normal day. you know, like nothing really was happening. >> reporter: did you try to help her? >> no, i was -- i was just doing the video. i was just recording new york city. i didn't want to get in it. >> reporter: but someone did call police. officers responded and say they caught up to the guy who told them he was the one who was assaulted. >> the mail gave a completely different story. so it's a good thing this video surfaced and was sent to us because we sent pleats back out there. >> lieutenant stanford says the video is very disturbing and says the fact that no one stepped in to help is equally appalling. >> there's at least 10 individuals that are standing around watching this. approximately five males that are watching this, and no one intervening female being beat this way in the middle of the day. >> reporter: we don know why no one jumped in, and whether they feared for their own safety as the man who shot the video tells us he did. >> i don't want to jump in and be a hero and just get hur, you know. bad out here.
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>> reporter: do you know the girl? >> no, i did not. i guess i'm used to seeing stuff like that around here. it's just sad. >> reporter: again the woman is being treated at the hospital for her injuries. police want to get a full statement from her once she is able. police are still investigating but they say they know who the guy in the sid video is and that he will ultimately face charges. lucy? >> all right, dawn, about 30 minutes ago i spoke to a psychologist about what happened on that north philly street. hear what he had to say about no one jumped in to h the interview is on our website right on our home page. a route 15 trolley and a car smash into each other. the collision in north philadelphia shut down traffic and it happened late this afternoon at the intersection of ninth and girard. three people on that trolley had to be taken to jefferson with minor injuries. the driver of the car was also taken to the hospital. he is now listed in stable condition. all right. a warm day before that rain returns in your fox 29 weather authority. here's live look at old city
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tonight. today was the first day of warm weather we've had in quite sometime but we're tracking changes. say it ain't so. chief meteorologist scott williams because i love to see the sun today. >> we talked yesterday about seeing that sunshine today and boy, did we see it. high made it up to 76 degrees in philadelphia. but as you mentioned, iain, off to the west, take a look at this game changer. this is a cold front that will bring a line of showers and thunderstorms our way for tomorrow. beautiful weather though today. 76 degrees was the high. 3 degrees above the average for this time of year which is 73 degrees. so no weather worries if you're stepping outdoors maybe headed tonight market the weather looking pretty good for those food trucks. so hour by hour we're looking at quiet conditions across the area. clouds will increase, though, we'll talk about those storms not only for tomorrow but saturday as welcoming up. >> all right, thank you very much, scott. talk to you soon. developing to night the philadelphia police department is investigating allegations against one of its own. all of this over what a contractor is saying. >> fox 29's karen hepp has the
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story from philadelphia police headquarters. >> reporter: we recently spoke with philadelphia police officials and they do confirm that there is an investigation into one of their officers and an incident that happened last week. here's what we know. bristol police and bucks county district attorney's office are investigating an incident alleged to have happened last thursday in levittown. the district attorney confirms it involves a dispute between a philadelphia police officer and contractors. philadelphia police are closely watchinwatching what happens. >> internal affairs is aware of an incident that occurred in another township. another juries dick, i'm array wear they're answer investigation taking place in regards to an incident so internal affairs unit is monitoring that and we'll proceed based on the out come of that incident. >> reporter: there's no issue with the officer living in levittown philadelphia police are no longer required to live in the city. as in all indications under review the officer has been placed on administrative duty. >> internal affairs has removed that officer from the street.
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the officer is now awaiting the results of that investigation but he's on desk duty at this particular time. >> neighbors who live on this quiet block are surprised. >> that is shocking. we don't know him well butter he seems like a fairly great guy. >> hard to believe, yeah, 'cause since he's been here he's been very good neighbor. >> reporter: bucks county district says they've gotten a lot of information in on this case and they do hope to have a decision one way or the other or charges within the next couple of days. from outside police headquarters, i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. he was supposed to manage the funds of a local fire company but authorities say he stole nearly $200,000. delaware state police arrested 36-year-old justin oakley tags worry the former millville volunteer fire department treasurer. after an audit investigators determined that oakley allegedly used 190,000 doltz of fire department money for personal use. so he's now charged with theft and falsifying business records. in atlantic county police
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need your help to fine the driver who they say nearly hit a police officer. the officer's body cam caught the whole thing. wow! linwood police say one of its officers was getting out of his patrol car to help a driver who's car was broken down. when another driver sideswiped his cruiser. it happened at about 9:00 last night along new road. the officer is okay. police think the driver they're after may have been nissan altima clearly the person just kept on driving. so if you can help fine the person call police. new at 6:00 police want to you take very good look at this picture. why they're hoping his name could solve a big expensive mystery at a local record store. and the dog that's beaten obstacles that would sleigh giants now he's part of a national contest. if he wins he can make a huge difference for other animals in need. how you can help. howard? >> the eagles they sign another player for big money today and charles barkley does what he does best. he killed what the nbs putting on the courts these days much that's coming up in sports.
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♪ police in evesham township, new jersey, need your help finding this guy. they say he's a person of interest behind vial record thefts. authorities say more than $8,000 worth of vinyl records have been stolen from music store in marlton. the thefts started in december of last year. if you recognize him call poli police. >> one local pup is making one big splash across our nation. it all has to do with the joy he brings to others much his name is aladdin his mission to inspire, to calm, to just spread love. he is a certified therapy dog and the only local dog that's a finalist in the 2016 american humane association hero dog awards. it recognizes heroes on both ends of the leash. from his weekly visits to a ronald mcdonald house to his national campaign to prevent animal cruelty aladdin and his human schedule is packed.
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>> oh michelle you've got big vote coming up here. >> he was one of 30 dogs chosen in the united states for the hero dog awards for his therapy dog work. >> oh my goodness this is great. people have to vote for him. >> they do. >> michelle schaeffer stevens and the south jersey rescue little lowes promise saved aladdin after he was abandoned emaciated with broken legs an broken tale. buts you can see now a broken spirit. you can vote for a hal din every single day to help him win as a national hero dog and bring much needed funds to his rescues and his therapy association to help even more people and more pups. go to for a link. love him. some students at frankford high school got a visit from a big shot alumni today. nfl player gyro evans dropped by to speak to students and presenter a gold football to the principal. evans used the opportunity to tell students about his free football camp for those who want to follow in his footsteps.
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let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority now. man, i love that sun but i know we shouldn't get too used to it. >> did you soak it while you c can. we'll get soak, right, scott? >> yeah. we don't have just one chance to get soak, lucy and iain. we have two because we're watching two fronts. but let's talk about the beautiful weather because it was spectacular today. i mean, high temperature tempere well above average it was 80 in allentown. 79 in trenton. philadelphia 76 degrees. beautiful in reading, 76. 75 atlantic city and 74 in wilmington. so what to expect. tonight if you're stepping outdoors for your plans looking pretty good. mild and dry but then friday afternoon and evening thunderstorms rolling through. likewise again on saturday. then behind that second front turning colder on sunday with high temperatures likely stuck in the 50s but beautiful right now. 71 millville. 72 degrees in wilmington. 76 still in allentown. we're dry and quiet. the showers well to our south
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and also west along and out ahead of that frontal boundary so this is the energy that will head in our direct tomorrow afternoon and evening. so a dry start to the day tomorrow but after around lunch time moving into the early evening we'll watch that line of showers and thunderstorms roll through. then a dry start to your saturday. but look at the second front. it will arrive during the afternoon and evening giving us another threat for some gusty storms and then behind that system, high pressure will build in. but between those systems we'll get that wind tunnel effect and once again it's going to feel colder for the second half of the weekend. so we'll go hour by hour you can see showers and thunderstorms moving through from around noon until dinnertime tomorrow. then we get that dry break saturday morning and then saturday afternoon and evening, we're looking at more activity with that second front. so just keep that in mind if you're stepping out to the dad vail will he gat also in dover we have the races you can be dodging thunderstorms not only for your friday afternoon and evening but saturday afternoon and evening, too.
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it's mild and cloudy for tonight upper 50s in the city. 73 degrees will be the high temperature for tomorrow. and tomorrow's forecast models are painting the picture anywhere from a quarter of an inch to almost an inch of rainfall. so that will help the pollen situation for your friday. knocking it into the low category then it starts to creep back up second half of the weekend into early next week. so once again, showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and evening. any time after around noon through 6:00 p.m. then saturday we're looking at that threat anywhere from about 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon until 8:00 p.m. but then look at sunday. only 59 degrees. staying a little cool early next week before temperatures rebound back to average with more scattered showers middle and latter part of next week. >> just a crazy may. >> sure is. >> it is. >> speaking of crazy howard eskin. >> a lot of crazy things going on in sports. >> yes. >> the eagles though they just love to spend money. another big money player signing today. the chicago bears pulled a prank
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on some kids that shook them up just a little bit. also, charles barkley has a problem with what the nba is putting out on the floor these days and charles really kills the product. that's all coming up in sports. ♪
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to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, it repels them, too. so do more to defend your four legged friend...
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...with k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog. ♪ sam bradford's agent tom condon continues to make himself look stupid in national
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interviews. the quarterback of the future which may be in a couple of years carson wentz signed his rookie contract today. now it's more of formality with rookies these days signing their contract. the numbers are on a scale and carson wentz signed a four-year contract with a fifth year option. happy guy. the contract value is $27 million. just over 17 million in signing bonus. not bad for guy from a town of thousands every people in fargo, north dakota. now, i have commented many times the nba is a broken product. a league where you know every year the four teams that will compete for championship but players are now ripping the league and it stems from the unanimous vote for instead of occur flee winging the mvp award. he's clearly the mvp of the season. that's not question. being the only player in history to get all the votes is ridiculous. michael jordan, lebron james, larry bird, even wilt chamberlain never got any votes in any year. charles barkley ripped the quality of the league to this vote was unanimous.
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>> nba is the worst i've ever seen it i think it has to do with all these kids we're drafting out of high school starred when we started drafting kids out of high school. now we're drafting kids after one year of college. and it drives me crazy because they have potential but they have no idea how to play basketball. you look at the last few rookie classes we've had. they've all been guys who only stayed in college for one year, and they all have one thing in common. they all are not very good. >> welcome to the 76ers. all right. the chic some sh chic bears played a joke on some kids that scared the life out of them. let's go to chicago. we've all seen these thing at the arcades, right. >> yeah. >> you try to pick the biggest one and they did. guess what, it was the mascot he was live. the chicago bears mascot that ain't right that. kid is traumatized for life. >> he hit the ground. >> you go after -- you go after the biggest one. oh, no, he wasn't going after the biggest one.
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the bear staley the bear came up after him. you know if i'm a kid i'm never going to one of those things again in my life. first of all you get ripped off. >> my youngest daughter she knows how to do it. she has the magic touch. >> whatever you pay for it you're not getting the product that's worth that. >> it costs me a buck and she got big teddy bear. it saved me some money i'm just saying. >> be sure to join us for your fox 29 news at 10. incredible surprise for local children with special needs. love this story. whirlwind win day trip to disney how one local group helped children with disabilities get to the happiest place on earth tonight at 10. that does it for us here at 6: 6:00. >> that we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is next.
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>> kelly ripa's message to america. and she is about to tape her final show with michael strahan. >> what went on behind the scenes between the two cohosts? >> and is prince harry smitten with this american war hero? just one problem, she is married. and then trump versus hillary. >> the new documentary threatening to shake up the election. >> the perv. he is. >> the exclusive. what the woman at the center of the scandal is telling only "inside edition." >> do you believe that donald trump will use this as ammo against hillary clinton? and donald trump's lost video. >> mr. and mrs. donald trump. >> wait until you see what we uncovered. >> there's knives sharp enough to cut you to


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