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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 13, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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♪ right now, pausing to honor those injured and killed when an amtrak train car replied off the tracks one year ago. candles it will tonight at the site where eight people lost their lives and 200 others were hurt. one year ago tonight that train derailed around a curve in port richmond. good evening, i'm iain page. i'm lucy noland. tonight dozens have gathered to remember the families whose lives changed in an instant. fox 29's bruce gordon was at tonight's vigil he's now live at the sight of the crash. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, it was an emotional evening for everyone here. many of those in attendance no doubt remembering with a tear in their eye what they were doing exactly one year ago when so many worlds were turned upside down. amtrak commuters racing past this memorial service probably didn't give a thought to getting home safely. neither did those aboard amtrak 188 exactly one year ago. >> it is through sharing our grief and supporting each other
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that we are able to start on the road to healing. >> reporter: first responders, neighbors, city officials gath gathered to remember the eight commuters men and women from all walks of life who perished through an amtrak 188 left the tracks at 9:21 p.m. at the frankford curve. >> laura fin more, jim gains, gaulin knee, bill gildersleeve, derek griffith, rachel jacobs, jip pepsi perez, justin sen ser. >> among the passengers that fate fall night former bucks county congressman patrick murphy. who's letter about the tragedy was read allowed to those in attendance. >> this tragedy has already taken eight lives. we must stand fast and not allow it to take eight memories. >> as wreaths where laid to honor the dead the talk on this night was also of the living. more than 200 passengers aboard that train many of them badly injured but kept alive in part by the heroic efforts of this
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citi's are first responders. >> unfortunate reality we lost eight brave individuals that night. but i know that we did indeed safe many more. >> reporter: on happened for the services, laura fin more' parents richard and cynthia in queens new york still feeling the pain of their daughter's death but appreciative of this community's efforts on their behalf. >> there's so much out there that contributes to vitality and life and we need that. my wife needs that. i need that. and we need that reassurance. because we were depleted. >> reporter: richard fin more talking to us there. federal investigators are expected to announce the cause of this crash in washington, d.c. next tuesday. now, they've already ruled out mechanical, track, signal failures richard fin more told us he is hoping for a thor
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re-review of the case that goes far beyond simply blaming the train's operator that night. iain. >> bruce, thank you. many of those injured in the train crash say it changed their lives forever. some still recovering from the terrible injuries from that night one year ago. >> i've got 15 month old granddaughter. i can't even pick her up and hold her. i can't play with her. >> still ahead tonight what they're demanding investigators tell them. the delaware department of justice has just released its findings in the september 2015 shooting of jeremy mcdole who was wheelchair at the time. the officers who shot and killed him will not face charges. also released today 911 calls made before police arrived at the scene. >> please send somebody. quick! >> he shot himself, ma'am? >> yes, yes, please, he still
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has begun. please! >> minutes later, you can hear gunfire on that call. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in wilmington tonight and shawnette, you've had closer look at the the reports findings and you've also been speaking with jeremy mcdole's family. >> reporter: well, lucy this report cites serious did he fish cease in the way wilmington police -- deal with situations... >> candles burn outside the home of wilmington man shot and killed by police last year. eight months later, his family got the news they didn't want to hear. >> how is it okay with them executing my brother that way and then getting away with the. >> reporter: she's hurt to hear four officers who shot and killed her brother 28-year-old jeremy mcdole won't face charg charges. the delaware department of justice released the findings of its investigation today. >> i have no faith or anything in our system, our, n our system at all. it's not -- it's not right and it hurts.
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it really d. >> reporter: cell phone video captured it all when it happened september of last year. you see mcdole a paraplegic in his wheelchair. police say he had a gun. >> drop the begun! >> officers yell for mcdole to put up his hands and eventually they opened fire. according to the doj report three of them believed their lives were in danger but the report singles corporal deluth. although doj is not able to pursue criminal charges against senior corporal dell lows it is doj's position senior corporal dell lows' conduct in this case was extraordinarily poor police work that endangered both the public and his fellow officers. it also states, the doj does not believe that senior corporal dell lows should be employed by the wilmington police department in any role where he would be carrying a firearm in public. that statement they put out right there clearly states that there's a problem in this whole case, and you put that out there but you didn't do anything about it. you said in your report that the
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officers were wrong. >> reporter: doj says their investigating reveals serious deficiencies in the way the wilmington police department prepares its police officers to deal with situations like this one specifically with regard to use of force. phyllis jeremy months's mother says it is a nightmare. >> like reliving it all over again. like it just happened yesterday. i see it in my sleep. >> reporter: also, tonight n a statement the city says delaware department of justice has declined prosecution of the officers who used force in the mcdole incident. the city agrees with that conclusion. it also says it disagrees with the criticism of its officers. and back here live, the family is currently suing the city. their lawsuit claims mcdole was unarm. police, however, say they found a gun near his body. back to you. >> shawnette, the department of justice report includes several videos and 911 calls from that day. we put link to the full report on our website
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developing to night, fire breaks out in a delaware county garbage from sky fox you can see the clouds of smoke over springfield road and clifton heights. crews tell us the flames broke out just after 7:00 it took firefighters an hour to get under control. no injuries were reporter. there's no word yet on what started the fire. >> on your radar tonight, say goodbye to the wararm dry weath. hope you soak it in. we're looking live at reading ahead of what will be a wet weekend. all right, kathy, the rain is going to kick in really soon. >> it is. lots of questions on facebook and twitter about this one. you can see the rain moving in from the west. this is our front right here. a leading edge of somewhat cooler and drier air behind it and all this is going to push eastward and move in during the day on friday. right now, still pretty warm out there. 67 in philadelphia. 61 in the poconos and in trenton it is 66 degrees. now as we go through the overnight, you can see that southerly wind so temperatures not cooling down all that much overnight. 8am, 59 in philadelphia. 63 in allentown.
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and here scattered showers to the west. the main event will move in later. so by the noon hour, even 1:00 p.m., you can see the showers especially along that i-95 corridor north and west with scatter the thunderstorms. it moves across the delaware valley and then clearing the coast by about 6:00 p.m. so i think we will get that phillies game in. now, this is what we're looking at coming up. more storms into the weekend. turning very windy by the end of the weekend and much cooler air moving in again by next week. we'll take look at when it will finally warm up and stick. at least for the spring. i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> talk to you soon, kathy. skyfox over a messy accident this afternoon after a trolley an car smashed right into each other. the collision happened at the intersection of ninth and girard around 3:15. three people on that route 15 trolley were taken to jefferson with minor injuries. the trolley driver is not hurt. the driver of that car is also at the hospital listed in stable condition. north philadelphia phone
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video captured people watching some even laughing, a man beat as woman. the app palling images came to us from a fresco user today. we called police immediately. and they tell us the man actually flagged them down when they responded saying he was the victim. >> investigators say it's clear from the video that is not the case. fox 29's dawn timmeney explains. >> reporter: this was the disturbing scene this morning on the 200 block of east ontario street in the city's kensington neighborhood. the man who shot this video of a brutal beating on the side of the street does not want his face shown on camera but did talk to us. >> the guy was actually on top of the girl and just beating on her. >> reporter: the woman is on the ground you can see the man repeatedly slapping her and punching the victim. the witness who shot the video says the beating went on for some time, he says maybe 20 to 30 minutes. >> did anybody try to help the woman? >> no one. bystanders just smiling, laughing, and just standing around like a normal day.
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like nothing was happening. >> reporter: did you try to help her? >> no. i was just doing the video. just recording. no. i didn't want to get in it. >> reporter: someone did call police. officers responded and say they caught up to the guy who told them he was the one who was assaulted. >> the male gave a completely different story. it's a good thing this video surfaced. it was sent to us because we center plea back out there. >> reporter: lieutenant stanford says the video host is very disturbing and says the fact that no one stepped in to help is equally appalling. >> there's at least 10 individual that is are standing around watching this, approximately five males that are watching this, and no one intervening female being beat this way, you know, in the middle of the day. >> reporter: we don't know why no one jumped in, and whether they feared for their own safety as the man who shot the video tells us, he did. >> i don't want to jump in be a hero and get hurt, you know. bad out here. >> reporter: do you know the girl? >> no i do not. i guess i'm used to seeing stuff
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like that around here. it's sad. >> reporter: the woman is in the hospital being treated for her injuries. police want to get a statement from her once she is able. they are still investigating but say they know who the guy is in the video and he will it matily face charges. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. earlier tonight we talked to a psychologist about what happened on that north philly street. he says it's a good example of what's called the bystander effect. >> key concept in this kind of situation what we call diffusion of responsibility. that is people look around and they say, well, you know, somebody else will do it. somebody else will intervene. >> you can see the full interview on our website fox a fire bole rums at this popular park. a playground on fire with parents and kids just feet away. police say it's no accident. >> i was like, oh, my god, who would do smog like this? >> even worse, who witnesses saw sparking the flames. take a good look at this
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guy. police say he is up to no good. the big expensive mystery cops hope you can help solve. terrifying moments on this street when the road opens up right under this car. left dangling by only two whee wheels. why this scary sight actually turn out to be lucky. and -- what? we are? >> surprise. >> ahhh! >> love this. routine trip to the doctor turns into the surprise of a lifetime. how one local group helped children with disabilities get to the happiest
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barrage of bullets flying out of a mini van. caught on camera in north philadelphia and police are hoping these images will help catch the two men in the van that shot at a group of people. the scene the 3700 block of north seventh street in north philly on may tenth. now at one point the driver of the van even got out and continued shooting. the two men took off. bullets did hit a bunch of cars. no people though thank goodness. police aren't sure of the motive. if you have any information, give them a call. in berks county simply locking your car is not keeping the thieves away. that's because it's not what's inside the car that the bad guys are after, neighbors are wondering how did the thieves steal tires without being noticed. >> fox 29's brad sattin spoke to some of those unlucky car owne owners. >> reporter: we know that at least two cases overnight here in berks county. stealing tires fairly uncommon but what struck our interest is apparently who is doing it. >> i was in total shock. i just was like, oh, my gosh. >> crystal brendal walk her car port behind her home about to
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leave for work and suddenly knew she wasn't going anywhere. >> saw my tire was gone and i looked around. there are cinder blocks right there. >> reporter: no tires. >> no tires. >> reporter: her truck sits in the car port because her new it to camera is in the shop and her hub says the bill won't be cheap. >> it's going to be upwards of $3,000 the tires and the rims alone are probable toll thousa thousand. plus they did damage from where they set the car down on the cinder blocks. >> reporter: someone stole all four tires and police are fairly certain the culprits weren't just mischievous kids. >> it's more than likely multiple people. it's been compared to like a nascar pitt crew. they're just in and out of there in a hurry. >> reporter: criminal ring scoping locations in advance and then showing up with high end tools and their own cinder blocks. gary says police told him -- >> they're well organized. they're in and out within two, three minutes, and they don't make a noise. >> reporter: gary posted his aggravation on facebook and of
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the nearly 70 friends who responded three said they, too, recent hal tires stolen. >> the we'll lock is added security. >> reporter: dave houri began of mitsubishi recommend as $50 investment in lug nut locks. one of his cars had its wheels stolen right off the lot last night. >> i could see a jack going under the car. they throw the cinder blocks under win a couple minutes the wheels are off and gone. >> reporter: he figure it's a $4,000 loss. foreign cars with expensive alloy wheels are usually the target. in the end finding the people behind these stolen tires is pretty hard to do. so far no arrests in either off these cases. in muhlenberg, berks county, brad sattin fox 29 news. also in berks county district touch timothy dougherty facing threat charges. prosecutors say the 56-year-old pictured here on the website for berks county government took $15,000 from his court and another 90 grand from the why ya miss sing fire department where
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he once serves at treasurer. prosecutors say the judge had trouble paying his own bills including his mortgage. >> in atlantic county police need your help to find the driver who they say nearly hit a police officer. >> whoa! >> the body cam linwood police officers was wearing caught it all last night on new road. the officer was getting out of his patrol car to help a driver whose car was broken down when another driver sideswiped his cruiser. the officer is okay. but the driver who crashed into his car kept going and what police think may be a nissan ultimate. a philadelphia police officer is now on administrative duty after something contractors say he did. we know bristol police and the bucks county district attorney's office are vest investigating what happened between the officer who lives in the area and contractors. da says it involves some kind of dispute. philadelphia police have confirmed the investigation and they say they are watching this closely. >> i'm aware there's an
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investigation taking place in regards to an incident so internal affairs unit is monitoring that and we'll proceed based on the out come of that incident. >> bucks county da says that it hopes to have a decision about any possible charges in the next couple of days. nass are a car driver martin true ex, jr., made a pit-stop in camden new jersey tonight. >> all to see what his very generous donation did for the local ronald mcdonald house. the nascar driver and his foundation donated money to build a brand new room designed for families who are getting treatment at hospitals in south injury jersey that's so nice. true ex injury foundation focuses on raising awareness and funding for childhood and ovarian cancers he started it because his long-time girlfriend battled ovarian cancer for almost two years. sounds like the line from horror movie a woman gets into her car outside a busy store and starts screaming. no!
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>> what she saw in her rear view mirror that caused her to panic. >> and george zimmerman trying to auction off the gun he used to kill teenager trayvon martin. why his big plan hit a big snag. and mcdonald's announcing a major change to the menu. what they're getting rid of in certain spots that could turn into a national move. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. they're working on the vine expressway shut down tonight early tomorrow morning. around 5:00 o'clock or so between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. gentleman, start your engines it's nascar weekend. see a lot of extra volume into and out of the dover speedway and hello and welcome to philly. everybody that's in town fort dad vail regatta they all arrived today. the races start tomorrow and saturday on the schuylkill riv river. but we could have some rain and some thunder boom% coming our way. sue and i will have the details
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>> this would be a nightmare getting stuck at the very top of roller coaster which happened today at bush gardens in tampa bay. 64 riders were stuck on the top of that rider for about an hour. rescuers had to get them down
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from 200 feet above ground. yeah. we haven't heard about any injuries and it's still not clear why the ride got stuck. the search is over for a missing nine-year-old girl from tennessee. she is safe tonight. two men searching the bad back country of the northeastern part of the state found carly trent who had been missing for more than week along with her uncle. he took her out of school without permission much he's now facing kidnapping charges. investigators say it does not appear he harmed the little gi girl. george zimmerman wants to make money off the gun he used to kill trayvon martin but he's hit a slight roadblock. back in 2013, zimmerman was found not guilty of second degree murder and manslaughter in the death of a black 17-year-old trayvon martin. after the trial, he got his gun back, and minutes after this morning's auction was supposed to start, the site removed the post saying they wanted no part of the deal. hours later, another site offered to post the ad. its it sounds like something out of urban legend. >> woman got into her car in a busy parking lot and she found a
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man hiderring in her back seat. >> you okay, ma'am? >> no! (crying). >> that was the woman's call to 911 from the parking lot of tj maxx near atlanta. police say her doors were lock locked. her windows were up and she was in the store for about 40 minutes tuesday night before getting back in her car. >> as soon as the woman looked in her rear view mirror and she saw the suspect she began yelling, she began screaming for people to call 911 and she immediately exited her vehicle in order to gain distance between herself and the strange man in her back seat and that was everything right. >> and witnesses say they saw that guy cal andly climb out of the her car, get into his own car and drive off. police think he got into the woman's car through the sun ro roof. they are still after him right now. many passengers on the amtrak train that derailed a year ago say they're still recovering left with devastating injuries. the one thing they still want answered by investigators.
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kathy? >> dry forma and into the early part of tomorrow. but then the rain moves in and even a few thunderstorms. timing the rain even into the weekend when we come back. >> and incredible surprise for a local children with special needs. favorite story of the day. how one local group helped children with disabilities get to the happiest p
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>> honoring victims of amtrak trail derailment one year ago tonight. the images are haunting. passenger train twisted and lying on its side in the middle of the night. eight people died when amtrak train 188 careened off the tracks more than 200 were hurt ton night we are still waiting to hear an official cause. in the meantime those whose lives were changed forever that night are still on the road to recovery. here's fox 29's dave schratwieser. >> i've got a 15 month old granddaughter. i can't even pick her up and hold her. i can't play with her. >> reporter: bob hewitt has spent the last year courageously
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fighting through the catastrophic injuries he suffered when he was thrown from amtrak train 188 after it careened off the tracks last m may. >> i have pain 24/7. i have problems breath breathing because almost my entire ribcage was shattered. it didn't heal properly. >> it was horrible. to see him in coma and to bring my kids there to see that. >> reporter: we first met the 58-year-old hewitt last november while he was recovering at home from 23 fractured ribs, a lacerated kidney and collapsed lung. he spent seven weeks in medically induced coma. 10 weeks on dialysis and months in rehab. when we met bob hewitt again thursday, he was still wondering why amtrak engineer brandon bostian has not been charged criminally in the crash. >> his actions took eight lives and dozen, hundreds of others are impacted by it.
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>> reporter: investigators say bostian wasn't texting, e-mailing or talking on his cell phone. as fox 291st reported he wasn't drunk or on drugs either based on toxicology tests. he was simply driving the train twice the speed limit. >> he changed our lives. there's no reason why he was going that fast. >> seconds before the fatal crash of amtrak 198ntsb has said bostian was frantically trying to slow the train down. he was quickly approaching that big left hand curve where the speed limit was 50 miles per hour. >> it is not enough to say that mr. bostian lost situational awareness. people want to know why he did what he did. >> reporter: why bostian was traveling so fast, why he didn't slow down earlier and exactly what happened in the seconds leading up to the crash are still a mystery. the ntsb is set to release the results of its year long investigation on may 17th at a
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public hearing in washington. the district attorney and police are still investigating. bostian isn't talking. except to say he doesn't remember. >> mr. bostian's actions that day not only derailed the train, it derailed lives. >> reporter: attorneys tom klein and robert monk go lewis see represent many of the families of the eight passengers killed and the 200 passengers who were injured. >> we see a devastating tragedy which will reshape for the worse lives of many people and many families. >> it's been a long road. um, think wonder if it's ever going get better. >> reporter: the lawsuits against amtrak are moving through the court system. lawyers expect the damages to reach $295 million, the federal cap for damages in a train crash. in the meantime, hewitt, his wife and daughter emily came to philadelphia thursday hoping to deliver a thank you to the first
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responders in this picture seen carrying hewitt from the crash site. >> i'm just very grateful. >> thank you for saving him. without them finding him so quickly and them doing all they did he wouldn't be here. >> bobby hewitt says he still suffers from post traumatic stress and has nightmares about the crash. he still goes to doctor appointments several times a month and he says he's anxiously awaiting the out come of the criminal investigation. the district attorney's office would only say that it continues to investigate. and would not answer any questions about specifics concerning the investigation. dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. we have stayed on top of this investigation from the beginning. you can find all the new details as they're released on fox29.c all right. we saw some sun today. boy, it was so beautiful. it was warm, it was nice, it was like it was may, kathy. >> felt like it should, right.
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>> yeah. >> really nice out there right now. market street old city philadelphia looking really great. feeling really great with temperatures still in the 60s. 67 very impressive for this time of day. the high today 76. winds out of the south at 8 miles an hour. it will stay mild during the overnight witness cloud cover. allentown 68. wilmington still at 63, 61 in millville. down the shore temperatures in the 50's and 60s. the boardwalk oc -- ac59 and ocean city 60. beach haven lbi57. we will watch this cold front approach tomorrow morning. it will be dry for the morning rush. the rain moves in late morning into the afternoon. and by the evening hours it's clear but then another round of rain with this area of low pressure. this one is more powerful one. showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon saturday. and behind it much cooler air. not just cooler, but sunday will be very windy with winds gusting to 30. even 35 miles an hour during the day. fox future cast times it out if you have any outdoor activities planned for your friday.
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7:00 a.m. no issues. by about 10:00 o'clock in the morning, some showers in berks county heading into the lehigh valley. by the noon hour, some spotty showers in philadelphia north and west. go out quick, grab something for lunch, do it real fast, in south jersey you should be fine for the most part. by the afternoon, two, 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon, most of the area seeing some rain. a few rumbles of thunder as well. and then all of this pretty much clears the coast by 6:00 p.m. so we will get the phillies game could be a little wet of course the tarp will be on the field. saturday morning, dry and sunny so any activities in the morning no weather issues at all. it's in the afternoon that we see by 2:00 p.m., some showers. and thunderstorms to the west of philadelphia. it moves through the city and by the afternoon even in dover by three, four in the afternoon for the races on saturday, it will be wet. and then a few more spotty showers during the dinner hour and then we clear it out again. so really it's in and out of the rain mainly in the afternoon both days. so in the city overnight, 58. in the suburbs 55. mostly cloudy.
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during the day tomorrow, some showers and storms. high temperature 73. and as you look at the forecast generally between a quarter of an inch and half an inch of rain when we look at all of our computer models in the short range. your exclusive seven day forecast afternoon showers and storms saturday. once again most of it clears by about six, 7:00 p.m. windy and cooler sunday. and then we see cool temperatures for the beginning of next week and then warming up again. still a little wet. >> it look like it will be wet for about seven days. >> pretty much. >> all right. thanks kathy. >> kind of like the seven days of thor. empire fans are wondering to night if one of their favorites is coming back to the show. jussie smollett tweeted out early this morning, i thorly enjoyed my time with empire. i love you all truth. time to make a record and some movies. hmm. >> right. >> considering what happened to his character last night, fans are worried tomorrow night at 10:30 watch our empire wrap as we look ahead to the season finale next wednesday.
3:36 am
alex holley and quincy harris have peek behind the scenes an look back at the plot twists. >> scary moments on this street when the road opens up right under this car. left dangling by only two whee wheels. why the scary sight actually turned out to be lucky. and mcdonald's announces a major change to the menu. what it's getting rid of at certain spots tha1 underline
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♪ police in evesham township, new jersey, need your help finding that guy right there. authorities say he could be the man who stole more than $8,000 worth of vinyl records from music store in marlton. $8,000 worth of vinyl records. they say he started stealing all of that in december of last year. so if you know who he is, give police a call. do night in your money your fast food may get a little fresher. mcdonald's is testing fresh beef in its quarter pounder burgers. 14 restaurants in dallas are cooking with fresh not frozen beef. it's just testing out the new beef asking customers what they think of the taste. this comes as mcdonald's is fighting to turn around the
3:40 am
business which has suffered slumping sales. a woman in london says she was sent home for not wearing high heels. says she showed up in flats to her temp job at pricewaterhousecoopers. >> i wish kathy would weigh in on this one. seriously i see you kathy. now this woman says that's why the company september her home. because she didn't have heels on. now, the outsourcing firm that hired the woman has a dress code and says the woman signed the appearance guidelines which apparently includes heels. petition demanding the government get rid of what some are calling sexist dress codes has more than 30,000 signatures. this is a talker. >> it should change soon. let's hope. fire ball erupts at this popular park. a play playground on fire with parents and kids just feet away. police say it's no accident. who witnesses saw sparking the flames. >> an incredible surprise for local children with special needs. how one local group helped children with dissables get to
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♪ busy playground erupts in fire ball with families feet away. this cell phone video shows the flame police near tampa, florida, say caused $350,000 worth of damage. it took firefighters half hour
3:44 am
to put it out. investigators say it was no accident. the fire set intentionally. police and witnesses say by group of kids from eight to 12 years old. >> i was sitting on the bench. next thing you know some kids came by. they went over there and grabbing sticks put it under there and started lighting it. >> children these days, they don't know when to stop destroying property. i mean, they need to be taught a lesson. >> investigators are not sure what was used to start the fire. police are still looking for the kids. they say they could face criminal mischief charges. i can guarantee that's not how that car -- car's owner when he park it. goodness look at that sink hole in london swallowed this car. neighbors heard allowed thunderous sound just before the ground gave way. an underground pipe kept it from free falling. thankness nobody was inside. >> it goes out saying every child is special for parents of kids of special needs those facing chronic illness each day
3:45 am
can be a challenge. >> so what if you could give those parents and their children a special day? one filled with fun and laughter. they would never forget? our bruce gordon has just experienced such a day. ♪ >> reporter: it was barely dawn but the air national guard hangar at the trenton mercer airport was packed with well wish schers. on the behalf of the sunshine foundation to send nine or so tiny travelers off in style. >> what's the goal here. >> the goal is to put smiles on these children's faces for a day the least. and that's what we're doing. bringing a little sunshine into their lives. >> reporter: the foundation's mercer county chapter raises money all year long to make possible a whirlwind one day trip to walt disneyworld. special needs children and those with serious chronic illnesses. there's nicky rah myhr refs levittown bucks county with her nine-year-old twins, brianna and shaina. born premature abnormality in the growth of their brains and
3:46 am
skulls leaves both girls with headaches and nerve pain. both undergone numerous surgeons and suffered through countless hospital stays. in fact, nicky recorded their reaction when she revealed this morning's trip to the doctor's office was in fact a visit to the magic kingdom. >> what? >> we are? >> surprise! >> ahh! >> yeah. surprise. >> we're in the hospital all the time. so just a day in disney is just going to let us forget about everything for a few hours and just enjoy. >> what does it moon to you to be able to have a day like this where you don't have to worry about that stuff? >> it's awesome. because i don't have to think of any of that. >> reporter: you're supposed to be in school right now. all your friends are working hard and you're at disney. >> yeah. (laughter). pretty cool. >> reporter: foundation has plenty of help to make this trip happen. new jersey state police are on hand to see the children off and help them board. miami air international gives the foundation a break on the
3:47 am
cost of the charter flight. disney discounts the park pas passes. lie 8:00 a.m. the plane is off the ground and the party has already begun. >> some of these kids don't need a jetliner they're already floating on air. >> tell me about you're feeling right about now. >> i'm oh excited. >> reporter: why is that? >> i never been on plane before. never been to disney. >> reporter: have you ever been to disneyworld before. >> no. >> reporter: no. what do you expect it will be like. a lot of fun. >> reporter: adults are just as excited. barbara is chaperoning four high schoolers this is her fifth year on the trip. >> i tear up. it's amazing. like the look in their eyes and they always tell me it's the best day of their lives. >> reporter: by noon operation dream lift is in the magic kingdom. the girls rush to ride dumb bow.
3:48 am
nicky and shaina take a fire on the barn storming roller coaster. when they all cool off at the spray park. ed veer rec a state police detective is their chaperone for the day. get brianna on and off roads and keep the girls laughing his own sister had gone on this trip 14 years ago. the highlight their day is the chance to visit the little mermaid at arielle's grotto. they've been waiting for this for a long time. brianna tells me it did not disappoint. >> you go on ride it tells you the whole story. >> reporter: pretty fun? uh-huh. >> reporter: was it as good as you thought it was going to be. >> yup, it was awesome. >> reporter: by 6:00 p.m. it's time to least park. sunshine foundation kids are still buzzing over their special day. >> disneyworld is so awesome. >> reporter: what was the best part of the day for you? >> the rides. >> i really would like to stay here. >> reporter: you'd like to
3:49 am
stay here. this is about as good as it gets. >> yup, it can't get any better than this. this is amazing. >> reporter: shaina ramirez hasn't stopped smiling since she got here. >> tell me about the whole experience today. what was it like for you? >> it was just unbelievable. >> reporter: soon enough the ramirez twins will be back home in bucks county back to their normal routine doctors appointments and surgeries and more pain than any little girl should have to endure. but as operation dream lift heads for home, trading the florida sunshine for the damp chill of central jersey, nicky ramirez reflects on the importance of this day. this long exhausting amazing day. >> we had no worries. we didn't have to think of any health issues. just takes so much stress off and it's nice. it's like being normal. and we don't get that often. the whole day was just pricele priceless. >> reporter: might even call it magic. in trenton, bruce gordon fox 29
3:50 am
news. >> i just love that. >> how wonderful. >> great for those kids. 82 lewd tick help the sunshine foundation we put a link on our website head to little football? >> let's do it. >> they'll have mini camp tomorrow eagles sign another player for big money. while charles barkley rips the product the nba is putting out there these days. with good reason much the phillies found another way to struggle against a bad baseball team. made a game out of playing the braves. that's all coming up in sports.
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♪ if the phillies are good baseball team they shall not struggle against a bad team like the atlanta braves. now, they found with to make the final game of the series a tough one. let's go to atlanta. phillies were up one to nothing in the fourth and freddie galvis
3:54 am
made it three to nothing with a two-run homer. phillies were up four to nothi nothing. valasquez it was on the mound. four-zero lead. the bases are loaded and guess what? a double, a double by gordon beckham makes it four-three they made it four-four in the inning. they tied it up i goes to the endth inning. phillies have the bases loaded. first two batters struck out and they got saved by cameron rupp scores three. phillies within the seven-four but it was a struggle. scam bradford agent continues to make himself look stupid the quarterback of the future which may be in a couple of years carson wentz signed his rocky contract today. it's more than of a formality with rookies these days signing their contracts. the numbers are on a scale and carson wentz signed four-year contract, fifth year option. the contract value is 27 million over 17 million in signing bonus guaranteed. no bad for a guy with a town only thousand people that would
3:55 am
be in fargo, north dakota. now i've commented many times the inform ba is really a bad and broken product. a league where you know every year the four teams that will compete for a championship. the players are now ripping the league and it stems from the ethan muss vote for steph curry winning the mvp award. he's clearly the mvp being the only player in history to get all the votes is ridiculous. michael jordan, lebron james, larry bird even wilt chamber len never got all the votes in every year. charles barkley ripped the hierarchal of the league. >> nba is the worst i've ever seen it. and i think it has something to do with all these kids we're drafting out of high school. it started when we starter drafting kids out of high school. now we're drafting kids after one year of college, and it drives me craze so because they have potential but they have no idea how to play basketball. you look at the last few rookies classes we've had all been guys that only stayed in college for one year and they all had one
3:56 am
thing in common. they all are not very good. >> no, they're not and not competitive game tonight. oklahoma city crushes san antonio up by 28. they win by 14. another game seven of the stanley cup playoffs san jose and peter laviolette the tom former coach. san hoe leading in the third period three-zero. charles barkley is dead right. >> yeah, he is. >> change that rule. >> all right. full hour of entertainment coming up next tmz, followed by dish nation and then chasing news and the simpsons. >> back here at 4am for your fox 29 morning news and "good day
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still pretty good out there but cold threat is coming. we will tell you when you can expect thunderstorms not only today but tomorrow, as well. your weather authority forecast is coming up, good morning, chris. we have to get to this at 4:00 he clock breaking news overnight a family of three found tied up inside their home who police are looking for. bomb shell ruling in the controversial case man in the wheelchair shot to death by police. why none of the four officers who shot him will be charged. good morning, everyone, lauren johnson has decided to take friday, may 13th, 2016 off. it is, friday the 13th. the it is also, stevey wonder's birthday today, sue serio so what berth song than


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