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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  May 13, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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still pretty good out there but cold threat is coming. we will tell you when you can expect thunderstorms not only today but tomorrow, as well. your weather authority forecast is coming up, good morning, chris. we have to get to this at 4:00 he clock breaking news overnight a family of three found tied up inside their home who police are looking for. bomb shell ruling in the controversial case man in the wheelchair shot to death by police. why none of the four officers who shot him will be charged. good morning, everyone, lauren johnson has decided to take friday, may 13th, 2016 off. it is, friday the 13th. the it is also, stevey wonder's birthday today, sue serio so what berth song than superstitious.
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>> i was waiting for that. >> writing on the wall. >> yes, today is the day. >> there it is. >> all right. yeah, well, you can consider lauren lucky, she's not here today and you will be lucky if you dodged some of these showers and thunderstorms. it doesn't look like much but it is all in the western part of the state. the let's zoom in closer. you can see a couple areas of queen on ultimate doppler but we are not seeing any showers in our area right now. we could be running into fog this morning, we will check that in a a few minutes. 61 degrees. mild start to the the day. of course, cooler air hits milder air that is when we touch off thunderstorms and that could happen around lunchtime. 6 miles an hour wind out of the south, sunrise at 5:47. we have 57 degrees in mount pocono. sixty in lancaster. fifty-nine in trenton. we will look at 58 in millville, new jersey and 61 degrees in wilmington. so wind are coming out of the south, this is warm air moving
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in from the below us, six, ten, 5 miles an hour wind tea pending where you are. the not a big deal there. so when do thunderstorms hit? it looks like it will be around midday with showers and storms, we will be in the lower 70's. maybe a couple left over showers but it looks like this thunder storm activity will miss the evening rush and hopefully, end before the phillies game starts. we will give you future cast in a few moments but lets look in our immediate future on the roads, happy friday the 13th. >> back at you, my traffic crystal ball ready to go. 4:02. tgif, here we go a live look at the schuylkill expressway crews have been out repairing one of the expansion joints here, eastbound on the schuylkill right at conshohocken 476 interest change. light volume at the moment, it looks like they are throwing the cones and putting the forklift there back on to the truck. so they are in the process of picking up but only one lane
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opened at the moment. downtown we will go, no lanes opens here at vine street expressway closed both directions between schuylkill and broad street, they are also working northbound i-95, between center city, up through girard avenue. there is also, some construction, going on at cottman avenue and then also a work crew on the northeast extension. a lot of action going on, here as we wrap up on a friday morning. northbound between quakertown and lehigh valley interchange. nascar weekend, opened up yesterday at dover speed way, we will see a lot of volume in and out of dover this morning and welcome to philadelphia, we will row the boats, dad vail regatta kicks off this morning and tomorrow along the river which means the closure of the kelly drive. chris, back over to you. >> mr. kelly, thank you. lets get to breaking news at 4:03 in the some are ton section. frightening home invasion three masked men forced their way in the home in the middle of the night. steve keeley along the scene here on ferry street.
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steve, good morning to you. >> reporter: yes, they are only doors away from the philadelphia school and we are a few doors down. so lets go to the video and you will see where this happened around 1:00 a.m. we're talking a father, mother and an adult sop 37 years old all asleep and three guys, get in through the back door. they tried to get through basement whipped owe, too small to fit through. they try to get open a rear sliding door. they dit quietly. these didn't wake up until three guys, one the at least way gun, woke them up. here's inspector scott small. >> all three had mask covering their faces. all three were wearing gloves. and they began ordering family members to tell them where is the money. where's the money? family was saying they don't have any money in the house, that is when the three purpose traitors started to ransack the entire house.
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pulling outdoors and overturning drawers and some furniture. going through all three floors of the house. >> reporter: these three guys, that home invaded here were actually nice, because they eventually did get money. these people woke up in the middle of the night with the gunpointed in their face, tied up with ties, the son tied and has a shirt tied with his hand behind his back, still not telling them where the money is. they found money and they got money. they left electronics and worth anything in the left they got away with what police are telling us we don't know how much cash. these three people unhurt but they were tied up good because it took them a half half an hour to untie each other after they got away and called 911. that is where police are with their investigation. so, perhaps these purpose traitors knew somebody in the family knew you they were in a cash business or had cash in the house, and that is why this house, was singled out because it certainly you don't
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come up here, at a far point away as possible, within the city limits of philadelphia, in the middle of the block in the middle of the night and pick out a house and hope there is monday there i. >> why did they go to that particular home. >> steve, thank you. we have more breaking news this morning on this friday out of bath, river, new jersey where fire officials have been battling a forest fire that has been burning for hours. it started 6:30 last evening. officials tell fox 29 that the fire is about 60 percent contain. we have learned that no structures are in the line or path of the fire. more than 460 acres have burn so far. now to a developing story for you, we will begin on the roosevelt boulevard where a man has died after being hit by a car. it happened around 11:30 last night on the north bound outer lanes, of c street and roosevelt boulevard. the 20 year-old man was hit while walking down the street. the driver stayed at the scene. police tell fox 29 that the driver was not the fault.
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homicide detectives searched for the person who shot and killed a man on the 1300 block of somer is set around 10:00 last night. victim, who was shot once in the head was pronounced dead at the scene. right now police have not yet given a description of the possible suspect. delaware's justice department hands down its decision into last years fatal police shooting of the wheelchair bound, wilmington man. the officers involved, will not be charged. dave kip chen live in wilmington with more on this, good morning. >> reporter: chris, good morning to you. we have a lot of reaction from family members generated from this report, and the findings are leading the family of this man who died to voice their outrage. the candles were lit outside the home of the 28 year-old jeremy mcdole, wilmington man shot and killed by police last december, while he was in a a wheelchair. now the delaware department of justice says that in the report that the four officers who shot and killed him will not face any charges. cell phone video captured the incident. mcdole a paraplegic is seen in
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his wheelchair. police say he had a gun. officers yelled for mcdole to put up his hand, eventually they opened fire, according to the d o.j. report, three of them believed their lives were in danger but the report singles out senior corporal joseph deloss, seen firing his shotgun. the report says although d o.j. is not able to pursue criminal charges against senior corporal deloss it is d o.j.'s position that the senior corporal's, conduct was extraordinarily poor police work that endangered both the public and public officers. the it also says quote that the d o.j. does not believe senior corporal dellose should be employed with the wilmington police department in any role where he would be carrying a firearm in public. >> that statement that they put out right there clearly states that there is a problem in this whole case, and then you put that out there but you didn't do anything about it.
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you said in your report that the officers were wrong and what he did, his whole way of coming to the scene but you are saying it is okay to do. that we will not charge him. that is a problem. >> i'm not satisfied with the verdict at all because one officers did shoot my son, four of them did. they should all be held accountable. >> reporter: the report also, criticizes the wilmington police department for the way officers are prepared. they say that the department does not do a good job of preparing officers for specific situations like use of force and perhaps deadly force, in this case. back to you. >> so much interests in this case, dave, with that said justice department report includes several videos, and the 911 calls from that day. we have put a link to the full report on web site at fox police in chester county are investigating an attempted child luring. this happened yesterday in caln township. the traveling salesman
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attempted to lure a 16 year-old into a white cargo van, vehicle he was driving, marked with the company logo, the meat shoppe, now you if you have any information, call police. and let's take you now to delaware for this story where a newark karate instructor seen here is facing multiple child rape charges. new castle county police say an adult contacted them after a young girl came forward contract evening that carlos villa inappropriately touched her. the alleged incident happened between 2010 and march 2011. during the course of the investigations, investigators learned of another similar incident. detectives are concerned there may be other victims out there and they encourage anyone to to come for. disturbing phone video captured people watching, some even laughing, as a man beat a woman, let's take to you north philadelphia where the appalling images come to fox 29 from a fresco news. this comes from the 200 block of ontario street, the beating goes on for about 20 minutes.
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someone eventually calls police. twenty minutes. man who shot this video does not want his face shown on camera but did talk to us. >> the guy was actually on top of the girl and beating on her. >> reporter: did anyone try to help would the man. >> no one. they were just laughing, and turning around like a normal day. >> reporter: did you try to help them. >> no, i was just doing the video, i was just recording, no. i didn't want to get involved. >> what has our society come to women was treated in the hospital. police want a full statement from her what she's able to talk. they are still investigating this but they know the guy in the video and this dude will face all kinds of charges. my goodness. also caught on camera, this, also in north philadelphia, barrage of bullets fly out of the minivan. we have video police hope will catch these shooters.
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plus... >> wow. >> traumatic video, body camera video release of an atlantic county officer almost being hit by a car. car police are searching for. bob has a look at cars on the roads right the now. >> we have cars and new traffic pattern ready to go on i-95 this morning as we head north bound between girard and the cottman avenue. the let's check that radar. the green on the doppler screen on the way, to us, sue will have the forecast when we come right back.
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so, here's a little run down of what we have going on the next few days. here's today, friday the 13th, with gusty thunderstorms possible. i mean you may get one you may not but you could hear rumble of thunder between noon and 6:00 p.m. as storms move from west to east. then again tomorrow to second p.m. to 8:00 p.m. with gusty thunderstorms possible because we have cooler air coming by sunday. it will be a dramatic difference on sunday, windy, cooler, wind up to 30 miles an hour. you try to do yoga sunday morning on the art museum steps, downward dog, blowing us over, who knows. we will get through it. there is an image, i cannot get out of my head. half mile visibility in dover. we might get more fog before the morning is through, so much moisture in the eras we antis pace this cold front. 61 degrees in philadelphia mild morning.
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sixty in lancaster. fifty-nine dover. fifty-seven mount pocono. we will look at radar, and it is showing you that most of the rain that we're anticipating is out to the west right new. dry at the moment. future cast shows some rain holding in by six or 7:00 o'clock this morning. couple isolated heavy downpours in advance of the storms and then by noon here's a look at more rain and possible downpour or two. cold front itself comes through around let's say two to 4:00 p.m. with possible gusty thunderstorms. then left over showers but we should get game in, phillies are back home tonight, they won last night. we have got another cold front coming through, on saturday, this one arrives later but almost at the same time, this one it could be a little stronger because of the cooler air behind it, and so again, possibility of thunderstorms maybe about four or 5:00 o'clock, timing up to the activities accordingly. 7:00 o'clock still a chance of storms to the south and east of us, all gone by 9:00 p.m.
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and then we will get ready for chilly air to roll role in on sunday. we will look back before we look ahead. seventy-three is our average high, we got to 76 yesterday. we were above average. the thunderstorms today we will get to about 73. and then rain is possible, especially in the early part of the day. kind of tapers off by end of the day and we are cloudy and dry overnight with the low of 56 degrees. your seven day forecast will be coming up, we will have that for new just a few moments but bob kelly will check traffic for you right the now. >> hi, sueby good morning everybody. we have got rain on the doppler screen that will cause delays with us throughout today. so depending upon where you begin and end your trip, friday is a big day. we have a lot of folks on the move, friday night event, friday night weddings. here's a live look at i-95 near cottman avenue. yesterday penndot said they would be working all night nerd to put in a fourth lane opened here on i-95 at the
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cottman avenue interchange or approaching cottman avenue. i don't see the fourth lane yet. penndot doesn't have any idea whether they were out there or not so a lot of confusion here this morning. we will try to get an answer for you you on. that vine street expressway still closed in both directions between the schuylkill and broad street, the dad vail regatta, good morning, welcome to philadelphia, all of the rowers and families in town. the race teams, the boats, everything arrived yesterday, set up was underway and that closure of the kelly drive will remain in effect all the way through saturday night, and the races themselves begin today and tomorrow, what we will do when we get thunderstorms and a lot of rain. i think they can row in the rain but any chance of then are storms in the area everything goes into shut down mode. i would be concerned about the folks standing along the river underneath those tents that are held up by met willal rods inside the tents there. it could be an interesting
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weekend there on the kelly drive. philadelphia international okay at the moment but as that rain rolls through today and tomorrow expect some flight delays to pop up, and crews are working 95 north at girard avenue, and then again that possibility of that fourth lane sometime this morning getting ready to go there in northeast philadelphia chris, back over to you. how is this, speaking of driving, bullets flying out of the minivan all caught on camera in north philadelphia and police are hoping these images will help catch the two men in this van that shot at a group of people. the scene, 3700 block of north seventh street in north philadelphia. this happened may the tenth. at one point the driver of the van even got out and then continued to shoot. the two men took off, bullets hit cars, no people were hit by bullets, thankfully. police are not sure about motive. if you have any information call police. frustration running high after tire thieves target a car dealership in the neighborhood in berks county. the police say crooks are well organize swiping all four wheels off cars in seconds
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leaving them on cinder blocks. they hit mitsubishi lot in muhlenburg early thursday morning and quiet street in schilling ton. the thieves stole thousands of dollars in tires leaving owners with a hefty cost to replace them. >> my tire was gone and there were sinned are blocks. >> reporter: no tires. >> no tires at all. >> it will be upward of $3,000, the tires and rims alone are probably 2,000 plus they did damage from where they sit the car down on the cinder blocks. >> today's high even wheels can cost more than a thousand dollars a piece. costume rims bring total up to 2,000 each. police say best way to protect your tires toys put a lug nut lock on each one and that cost about 50 bucks. it is also a headache, right. also, district justice timothy doherty is facing theft charges. prosecutors say the 56 year-old pictured here on the web site for berks county government took $15,000 from
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his court, and another 90 grand from the wyomissing fire department where he once served as a treasurer. prosecutors say the judge had trouble paying his own bills including his mortgage. in a atlantic county police need your help to find a driver whom they say nearly hit a police officer... >> wow. >> all right. >> man, body cam, linwood police officer was wearing captured it all wednesday night on new road. the officer was getting out of his patrol car to help driver of the car who is broken down when another dryer sideswiped his cruiser. the officer will be okay but driver who crashed into his car kept on going and what police think may be a nissan altima. a philadelphia police officer is now in administrative duty after contractors say that he did. so, we know that bristol police and the bucks county d.a.'s office are now investigating what happened between the office shore lives in the area and contractors.
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the d.a. says it involved some kind of a dispute. philadelphia police confirmed up investigation and watching this closely. bucks county d.a. says they hope to have a decision about any, possible charges in the next couple days. he was supposed to manage fund of the local fire company but authorities say a he stole nearly $200,000. this ace whole lot of money we are talking b delaware state police arrested 37 year-old justin oakly of dagsbureau, after a an audit investigators determined oakly allegedly used $190,000 of fire department money for personal use. he is charged with theft and falsifying business records. all right. some good news, how about this, the phillies found another way to struggle against a bad team but you'll love the the outcome. you'll love the howard and ryan howard after this. your winning lottery numbers. here they are.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. if the phillies will be a good baseball team this yeah they are should in the struggle against the braves. they found a way to mike the final game a tough one. phillies had a four to nothing lead. tenth inning tied four- 46789 bases loaded, phillies had two
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batters, strike out with the man on third and less than two outs but cameron rupp saved them. a two out double, it scores three runs. and unbelievable. phillies win it seven- 46789 they win two out of the three in the seer business that was not a good effort, tonight, velasquez gave up a four run lead. more of formality with rookies signing contracts these days and eagles top draft pick carson wentz signed, and it is on a rookie wage scale up to a four year contract with a fifth year option. the contract is worth 27 million, 17 million in the signing bonus, not bad for a guy from fargo, north dakota phillies open up a game series tonight. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. all right. 4:26. we are following breaking news, a family shaken after a frightening home invasion. whom police say is behind this crime. we have look at radar, do you see all that green? it is rain.
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it is coming. we will tell you when, coming up.
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we have breaking news overnight three masked men break in the home who was inside and if they got away with any items. and more breaking news right now, a mass fire burning in bass river forest what officials just told busy in structures in the line of fire. good day everyone. it is friday the 13th. 2016. lauren dawn johnson has the morning off. >> how about this. this song by a guy name steve lend, hard at work, better known as sue serio. his birthday today. he is 66 years old. >> i'm so in favor of all stevey wonder music. >> this is my favorite stevey song. >> i'll be loving you always. >> weekend to forget the forecast as we can sing stevey oner songs all day. no, we're not. here's the rain. we are in the western part of the state. we are not seeing any showers yet but they will arrive over
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next couple of hours. we will have light showers in advance of the heavier rain coming from lunchtime. 61 degrees. southerly breeze at 6 miles an hour. 5:47 is your official sunrise time. we could see a few peaks of sun to start the day but then rain rolls in after that. 57 degrees mount pocono. fifty-eight in trenton. sixty-two in reading. fifty-eight in millville. fifty-seven in atlantic city. wind from the south which means it will be warm in advance of the cold front which means that will touch off thunderstorms right around middle of the day. 73 degrees. maybe a couple showers for your drive home, and we should get that phillies game in tonight. sunset time is 8:08. that is your weather authority forecast for today. unfortunately we are not finished with rain for the weekend. we will talk about saturday storms in the seven day forecast. bob kelly, good morning. >> saturday storms are tough because we have sports, the kid baseball, t ball, soccer,
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you name it, we got it. a lot of outdoor events over the course of the weekend. live look here at i-95 where crews were working last night northbound near cottman avenue. that hot bed of construction there at conn math avenue interchange. the here's a live look downtown vine street expressway still closed in both directions between the schuylkill and broad street until 5:00 o'clock. in new jersey, the new jersey turnpike southbound, right here near exit number two, which is route 322, watch for an accident right there in swedesboro, and, because of the crazy weather that is on the way today, look out for possible delays down at philly interest the national airport. just check with the airline, hit and miss, dad vail regod a rowed in to town yesterday. teams arrived. races begin today all through tomorrow so tomorrow, today, tomorrow the kelly drive closed to vehicle traffic. so that will put extra volume on the martin luther king drive and schuylkill expressway. the mass transit looking g chris, back to you.
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my favorite suit of yours. lets get to the breaking news, this is out of the somerton section frightening home invasion, three masked men forced their way in the home right in the middle of the night. steve keeley has very latest from the scene. steve, good morning. >> reporter: well, these robbers pick the wrong house, how did i know that? i talk to the mom, dad and son whose house they pick and the police just took them home and they are in pretty good spirits, considering what they went through. lets go to the video which is closer to their house. we will not identify this family. very nice family. long time good day viewers. sonnies an adult, 37 years old. mop and dad has phillies flag in front of the house. this is their street about as safe as it is in philadelphia they say 97 percent of their neighbors are philadelphia cops. they have a burglar alarm they didn't turn on because they never needed to have it on before. they don't remember a crime on this street and they lived in this house 37 years but 1:00 a.m. they get woke up because three guys pride open their rear
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glass sliding door in the back, they go up to the bedrooms. one has a gun. they are wearing masks. they have gloves on. they had crowbar for back door. they had zip ties to tie up the family asking where is the money. after they ransack all three floors of the house turning out all the of the drawers and furniture, they realized there was no money. all they got was cash in the son's wallet. they didn't get the dad's wallet. the dad heard one of the guys say to the other, we got the wrong house. these guys, got out, and got away, and the family, tied up pretty good with these plastic ties. it took a half an hour to get free and call 911. they are okay. chris, amazing, what kind of spirit they are in after been driven home from the cops from northeast detectives considering how they woke up. it is like nightmare material. these people are pretty calm bit right now. probably really just feeling luck hi that they weren't even, in the even killed but not even hurt and not even roughed up by these three guys. >> imagine their surprise if they have the wrong house, are
4:35 am
they go to go try to come back and hit the different house, the right house then what they are saying is probably their target. >> reporter: well, to answer that question when you have 97 n this street cops, that would be a real stupid move for them because now everybody will be on their toes and guard and burglar alarms you can bet will be on. >> wouldn't be first time somebody did something really stupid and got arrested for it. 4:35. we have more breaking news this time out of the bass river, new jersey where fire officials are battling a forest fire burning now for hours. this fire started around 6:30 last night. this is right now officials telling fox 29 that the fire is about 60 percent contained. we've learned those structures in the the line of this fire. more than 460 acres have burned so far. happening today a judge set to hear testimony on whether former professional wrestling star, jimmy super fly snuka is confident to stand trial. snuka facing several charges including third degree murder in the death of his mistress,
4:36 am
more than three decades ago. twenty-three year-old nancy argentina a was found dead in 1983 after authorities were called out to an allentown area hotel room where she was sharing a room with snuka. an autopsy determined that she died of brain trauma snuka's lawyer says seven three-year old has early on set dementia and post concussion syndrome causing the former wrestling start to not fully understand the charges he now faces. lets get to dave kinchen for more on a controversial ruling. dave, good morning from delaware. >> chris, good morning to you. no charges for police officers who shot and killed a disabled man, in a wheelchair, we will have reaction, from family, after a break. but first bob with traffic. good morning, everybody. 4:36. tgif, friday the 13th. crews are still working on i-95 in the heart of the wilmington delaware but hold on, grab that umbrella, as we check doppler screen, green is on the way, sueby will have
4:37 am
arrival time when we come back.
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welcome back. lets get to this developing story. delaware's justice department hand down its decision in the last years fatal police shooting of a wheelchair bound wilmington man. officers involved will in the be charged. dave kinchen has very latest from wilmington. good morning, dave. >> reporter: good morning, to you chris. a lot of controversy surrounding this ruling, and the findings from the delaware department of justice, here,
4:40 am
and reactions from the family of the man who died, they are voicing their outrage here. can also lit outside home of the 28 year-old jeremy mcdole wilmington man shot and killed last september by police. now delaware department of justice says in its report that the four officers who shot and killed him will not face any charges. cell even if video captured the incident. mcdole a paraplegic is seen in his police wheelchair and police say he had a gun. officers yelled for him to put up his hand and eventually they did open fire. according to the g o.j. report, three of the officers believe they did have their lives in danger. the report says no doj is not able to pursue criminal charges against senior corp will rally with dellose, it is the position that the conduct in this case was extraordinarily poor police work that endangered both public and fellow officers. it says quote that the do.j.
4:41 am
does not the belief that senior corporal dellose should be employed by wilmington police department in any role where he would be carrying a firearm in public. >> that statement that they put out right there, clearly states that there is a problem, in this whole case, and then you put that out there but if you didn't do anything about it. you said in your report that the officers were wrong, and what he did, his whole way of coming to the scene but you are just saying that it is okay for him to do that we will not charge him. that is a problem. >> we are over there, like it is something they d they shot my son. >> reporter: doj says their investigation revealed that the wilmington police department has problems with the way it prepares officers, for specific situations, and including, use of force, and sites that this case has an example. back to you. >> i'll bet. 4:41 the time. pope francis takes another historic break from the catholic church, the tradition
4:42 am
that women may soon be able to participate in. mcdonald's announced a major change to the menu, what it is getting rid of in certain spots that could turn into a national have move. dell lows. dell owes. blank
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♪ ♪ take any day, and squeeze some magic into it. ♪ ♪
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♪ such a big sign of spring when dad vail regatta comes to town and today, it is of course, friday, and we will give you the forecast for the regatta. it is not great, i got to tell you, folks, if you are watching, you get up early, in
4:45 am
your hotel rooms from here from out of town but we have thunderstorms in the the forecast. basically you have to keep your eye to the sky. it will be mild. we will be in the 70's but we do expect those showers and thunderstorms to roll role in by noon time. we could see a few showers, this morning. so keep that in mind. visibility this morning, it is not a big issue but we are keeping an eye on it. we had fog around dover, delaware and we had had haze roll in yesterday with that moisture in the air. right now temperatures very mild. 61 degrees in philadelphia and wilmington. sixty-two reading. 59 degrees in dover, delaware. we have got a look at the rain out to the west of us, that is, slowly, moving east, towards philadelphia, and we will need to grab that umbrella even though we don't need it right now. we have cloudy skies, until about six or 7:00 o'clock, we will have isolated downpours when showers begin later this morning and then widely scattered showers, downpour here and there through noon,
4:46 am
and then thunderstorms could roll in between noon and 3:00. according to this computer model. we will get a break tonight. dry for rest of the night. we should get that phillies game in. but then saturday afternoon this is when we have a problem. we have plans in the afternoon you will really to have keep an eye on the sky because these thunderstorms could be stronger then ones today because air behind this cold front cold front number two is much colder then what we had after this one today. did you understand that? i hope so. 5:00 o'clock is probably when it will be at its worst tomorrow. so, morning okay saturday afternoon, not so much. lets get right to that seven day forecast and show you, you know what, after this fox cast, i got it coming up. seventy-three today with rain, thunderstorms. fifty-six tonight. here it is, yah, okay, i did it right. seventy-three today. seventy-four tomorrow before the storms. 60 degrees on sunday and
4:47 am
windy, we could see wind up to 30 miles an hour on sunday, a dramatic difference thanks to those sat the day afternoon thunderstorms. we will stay cool on monday, and then start to warm up a little bit by middle of next week. lots of weekend weather changes, what about traffic, would be kelly. >> i hope win doesn't blow my yoga math off the steps of the art museum there. >> i can't wait to see this. >> i can't wait either. >> 4:47. got to pick out my yoga tights. what color should i go with. >> probably rainbow. >> rainbow. >> something crazy how about a sparkling. >> how about camouflage so we don't to have see it. >> 4:47. a live look at the schuylkill expressway this morning. they have been working making repairs to an expansion joint right here near conshohocken. everybody off to the shoulder it looks like right new but that is good news. light volume so far this friday. hello, bellmawr, new jersey live look at the freeway coming toward the city.
4:48 am
nascar start your engines, dover speed way, taking all of that traffic coming off of route one a and route 13, entire weekend. who will be down there? one of our fellows, shredder will be down there later today, facebook and live, from one of the pit row there along the speed way down there in dover. fire location in norristown, main and barbados. so just watch for some local detours. and they are also doing road work on 95 at 202 in the heart of the wilmington. otherwise bridges, mass transit looking good. chris, back over to you. 4:48 is the time on this friday morning. now to a developing story for you. we will begin on the roosevelt boulevard where a man has died after being hit the by a car this happened around 11:30 last night on the boulevard's outer lanes of c street and roosevelt boulevard. the victim a 20 year-old man was just walking down the street. driver, also stayed at the scene. police tell fox 29 that the driver was not at fault.
4:49 am
homicide detectives are searching right now for person who shot and killed a man on the 1300 block of somerset around 10:00 last night. victim who was shot once in the head was pronounced dead at the scene. right now you police have not given a description of the possible suspect. another developing story for you, president obama planning to order public schools across the country to how transgendered students to use the bathrooms that match their gender identity. letter will be delivered to schools today. other comes in the middle of the obama administration's fight with north carolina over this bathroom issue. any schools that failed to follow the president's order could face lawsuits or a looks of federal aid. 4:49. pope francis taking another historic break from tradition. he is now saying he would be willing to create a commission to study further whether women should be deacons in the catholic church. patricia starks has more. >> reporter: pope francis has made headlines with his outreach toward other religions, minorities and women. the on thursday he took
4:50 am
another step toward strengthening role of women in the church. backing study whether woman can be deacons signaling openness reserved for men. >> until the men are able to make decisions at the same level of men, and priests, bishops, we live in an ine back situation. >> reporter: deacons are ordain ministers who can perform same functions as priest. currently the position is opened to married men, but some experts say that even if the commission recommend opening it up to women, it is unlikely the church prohibition on female priest will change. >> pope has said he toss than the want to make women priest but advance women in the. it is a role of service. he wants to advance women not make them clerics. >> reporter: supporters sayes has done more to increase role of women in the church. and change he is creating is aim at strengthening all catholics by emphasizing inclusion and equality. >> i don't think it is that
4:51 am
important to divide women from men. we are all human beings. he is promoting, enhancing people and therefore also the role of women. >> reporter: pope made his comments following a closed door meeting with 900 superior nuns. in rome for their assembly held once every three years n new york, patricia starks, "fox news". 4:51. the children's hospital of philadelphia hoping to change the stigma of getting vaccines with something fun in an on line video game for kid. it is called vacs pack hero. it bears striking resemblance to pokemon. kid control character inside a sick body followed with germs and only trading card can defeat the disease. kid can play the game, on line, for free. this all comes after a push by some to not vaccinate kid due to vaccines having a possible connection to autism. mcdonald's says it is testing fresh beef in the quarter pound burgers. fourteen restaurant are cooking fresh not frozen beef. fast food chain says it is
4:52 am
just testing this out asking customers what they think of the the case. this comes as mcdonald's is fight to go turnaround its business model which is milk with slumping sales. we will see if fresh variouses frozen help. dog that has beat obstacles that with sleigh giants. now he is part of the national contest. even he wins. he dueled make a huge difference here for other animals in need. we will explain next on the birthday of stevey wonder. for dog hair and dirt
4:53 am
i use resolve pet foam. spray it on evenly. rub it in. and then i vacuum. it's like i have a brand new carpet. and, rigby is enjoying it as well.
4:54 am
when i have a pet stain, i use resolve pet expert carpet spray. it just takes a couple of sprays. and then you dab it up. smells nice, stains gone!
4:55 am
welcome back at 4:55. one local puppies making a big splash across the nation. it all has to do with the joy he brings to others. his name is a laden a certified therapy dog and the only one, that has been now named finalist in the 2016 american humane association hero dog award from our area recognized heroes from both end of the leash from his weekly visits to a philadelphia ronald mcdonald house to his national campaign to prevent animal cruelty. a laden and his human mom's schedule is truly packed. >> so michelle, you have a big vote coming up here. >> he was one of the 30 dogs chosen in the united states for the hero dog award for his therapy dog work. >> oh, my goodness, this is great. people have to vote for him. >> they do. >> of course that is our anchor lucy noland talking to
4:56 am
them, and michelle schaefer stevens and south jersey rescue lilo's promise they saved a laden after he was found emaciated and broken bones. not a broken spirit. vote every day to help him win as a national hero dog and bring much needed fund to his rescue and his therapy so, to help even more people and more pups. go to fox, for a link to this. great cause, right. big day to day for seniors at villanova university. it is graduation day. day they will never forget. graduating seniors will get a chance to toss their hats in the air during commencement ceremony happening at 4:00 this afternoon. the commencement speaker former villanova alumni and george lamply, know him, he played for villanova and went on to become the member of the first wave of african-american basketball coaches, at the university. he will be introduced by mens
4:57 am
basketball coach jay wright. congrats to the class of the 2016. we are following breaking news a family shaken after a frightening home invasion, whom police say is behind this crime. some rain moving in the area sue is tracking this. been has a look at the roads straight ahead.
4:58 am
4:59 am
good morning a at 5:00 o'clock. breaking news terrifying moments for a local family masked men forced their way in
5:00 am
the home. what they did to the three people they found inside. plus a wild fire burns out of control in new jersey. how many acres it has burned already as fire fighters try to get the upper hand. take a look at this thunderstorms on the radar and they are moving in our direction, oh, yeah, will they ruin your weekend plans. my goodness. if they do, it would be really unlucky like um, friday the 13th. sue serio. >> yes, it is friday the 13th, isn't it? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> fear of friday 13th is -- look at that. >> say one more time. >> trust deck phobia. >> i'm joking. >> it does sound like that. >> so, let's look at radar, showing the rain well out to the west, and starting to inch into the central part of pennsylvania, you can


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