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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  May 13, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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the home. what they did to the three people they found inside. plus a wild fire burns out of control in new jersey. how many acres it has burned already as fire fighters try to get the upper hand. take a look at this thunderstorms on the radar and they are moving in our direction, oh, yeah, will they ruin your weekend plans. my goodness. if they do, it would be really unlucky like um, friday the 13th. sue serio. >> yes, it is friday the 13th, isn't it? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> fear of friday 13th is -- look at that. >> say one more time. >> trust deck phobia. >> i'm joking. >> it does sound like that. >> so, let's look at radar, showing the rain well out to the west, and starting to inch into the central part of pennsylvania, you can see some
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rain west of baltimore all of that, in advance of the cold front that is heading our way but it is mild right now, high with the current temperature of 60 degrees. sunrise at 5:47. we will check a couple other temperatures in the region. fifty-seven in trenton and mount pocono. 56 degrees atlantic city. fifty-nine in dover. we are starting off mild. you can see it feels sticky out there with these southerly wind but they are not high winds, at the moment. now, when we get a thunderstorm we could get gusty wind with those thunderstorms and worst of that should probably be right in the middle of the day around lunchtime. either side of lunchtime. left over showers this evening. we should get phillies game n everybody excited they won last night. they have a winning record, so when they come back for this home stand with the cincinnati red, a at least we will start off with decent weather. that is how it looks right now. sunset the at 8:08. we will have the seven day forecast coming up in a few minutes but let's say, happy
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friday the 13th to bob kelly. >> i don't know kids didn't get a kick you the of me wearing my mask last night. >> hockey mask. >> i put a hockey mask on and remind them tomorrow is friday the 13th. >> chain saw. >> they didn't get a kick out of that. >> i don't know why i thought it was funny. live look at king of prussia, 202 right here near the schuylkill expressway. grab your goalie mask out of the garage and wear it out on the school bus and wear that in class this morning. call me later, i'll talk to the principal for you. live look the at ben franklin. no problems or delays. it looks like it will be a shaky kind of day as sue just mentioned with the rain coming our way, so depending upon where or what you are doing and what you are doing, timing will be everything i think over the course of the weekend. a fire location in norristown at main and barbados this weekend norristown high speed line, septa is doing some work, they will run shuttle buses from the norristown
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transportation center to gulph mills both saturday and sunday. row, row, row your boat, dad vail regatta taking over the city. kelly drive closed all the way through to tomorrow night, they are pushing everybody through the ball fields and that is a hot mess when you have to go through that detour. so to avoid the kelly drive use martin luther king drive or the schuylkill expressway. just remember all day tomorrow, both drives are close todd vehicle traffic. that will put a lot of volume on the schuylkill and then, of course, throw in the rain it could be a rough go coming in the city for any events tonight or tomorrow. and then if you are traveling, through philadelphia international, watch for possible weather delays, throughout the weekend. it is always best to check with the airline before you put the bags in the trunk. chris, back over to you. 5:03. lets get to breaking news out of philadelphia's somerton section. a frightening home invasion. three masked men forced their way in the home in the middle of the night. steve keeley is right there at
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the scene, good morning. >> reporter: all over, all okay, family of three unhurt. lets go to the video. it happened around 1:00, mom dad, 37 year-old adult son all asleep in their bed in the far northeast in their home they have lived here in for 37 years all since the son was born. never a crime at their house. never a crime or vandalism even on this street before. maybe because they told me 97 percent of their neighbors are police. all reasons that they say they did not turn their burglar alarm on last night before going to bed, when three armed masked men came in prepared, crowbar to get in the backsliding glass door, gloves and sip ties. >> all three had masks covering their faces. a all three were wearing gloves. they began ordering family members to tell them where the money is. where is the money? family was saying they don't have any money in the house.
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that is when the three purpose traitors, started to ransack the entire house. pulling out drawers and overturning drawers and some furniture on all three floors of the house. >> reporter: at least one of the guys had a gun, they never hurt this family or hit the family with the gun. the just tied them up. it took a half april hour for family to free themselves. the father heard one of the three robbers tell another we hit the wrong house. all they got, chris was the cash, and the son's wallet probably in the enough for three cheese steaks for them. >> certainly in the the risk that they wanted to take. steve, thank you. 5:05. a man has died after he is struck on the roosevelt boulevard. this happened around 11:30 in the northbound outer lanes of c street and roosevelt boulevard. a victim a 20 year-old man was hit walking down the street. the driver also, stayed at the scene. police tell fox 29 that the driver was not at fault.
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homicide detectives are right now searching for the person shot and killed a man mountain 300 block of somerset around 10:00 last night. victim, shot once in the head was pronounced dead at the scene. right new police have not yet given a description of the possible suspect. developing news for you this morning out of the bass river, new jersey, fire crews are battling a forest fire that has been burning for hours. fire started around 6:00 last night. 6:30. this is near m u.n.ion field road, police tell us and fire officials also confirmed that the fire is only about 60 percent contain, we have learn that no structures in the line of fire. that is the good news. however more than 460 acres have burn so far. there will be no charges against wilmington police officers involved in the fatal shooting of a man in a wheelchair. that is the result from the state justice department investigation. dave kinchen live on this one from wilmington. dave, good morning. >> reporter: chris good morning to you. highly anticipated investigation here, in the
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findings, they are stirring up a lot of emotions for the family of the man died. they are voicing their outrage. candles were lit outside the home of jeremy mcdole, wilmington man shot and killed by police last september while in his wheelchair. now the delaware department of justice says that in a report that the four officers who shot, and killed him, will not, not face any charges. cell phone video captured the incident. mcdole a paraplegic was seen in his wheelchair, police say he had a gun, officers yelled, to him to put up his hand and eventually the police officers opened fire. according to the d o.j. report, three of them believed their lives were in danger but report singles out senior corporal joseph dellose, seen firing his shotgun. report says quote although d o.j. is not able to pursue criminal charges against senior corporal dellose, it is, d o.j.'s position that, senior corporal dellose conduct in this case was extraordinarily poor police work that endangered bet the public and fellow officers.
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it says quote that the d o.j. does not believe that senior corporal dellose should be employed by wilmington police department in any role he would be carrying a firearm in public. >> that statement that they put out right there clearly states that there is a problem in this whole case and you put that out there but you you didn't do anything about it. you said in your report that the officers were wrong and what he did, his whole way of coming to the scene but you are just saying it is okay to do that we will not charge him. that is a problem. >> one of them officers didn't shoot my son, four of them did. they all should be held accountable. >> reporter: family says that they are planning to seek legal results or sue in this case. meantime the report also said that the wilmington police department has had problems with the way they have prepared officers for specific situations like use of force
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and for instance, this case is an example. back to you chris. >> dave kinchen live for news delaware, thank you. police in chester county are investigating an attempted child luring this happened wednesday at caln township. traveling salesman attempted to lure a 16 year-old into a white cargo van. vehicle will he was driving was mark with the company logo the meat shop. if you have any information, of course, call police. time right now 5:09. newark karate instructor is facing multiple child rape charges. new castle county police san an adult card them claiming that this guy car looks villa inappropriately touched her. it happened between 2010 and 2011. during the investigation, investigators learn of another similar incident. detectives are concerned there may be more victims out there and they are encouraging anyone to come forward. hopping today a judge is set to hear testimony on whether former professional wrestler jimmy super fly snuka is confident to stand trial. snuka is facing several
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charges including third degree murder in the death of his mistress more than three decade ago. twenty-three year-old nancy argentino was found dead in 1983 after authorities were called out to an allentown area hotel room, that she was sharing with snuka. an autopsy determined, that she died of brain trauma, and snuka's lawyers say the seven two-year old has early on set dementia and post concussion syndrome suffering while he was a wrestler. they say he is not fully competent to understand the charges now against him. a camden teen will be tried asiana adult in the shooting of a three-year eld boy. seventeen year-old cash alfred is accused of shooting and killing nathanal plumber junior on january 7th. plumber was shot on a sidewalk, and died a day later this murder was the first homicide of the year in camden. he's also facing attempted murder and other charges stemming from an october shooting that injured another man. disturbing, phone video, captured people watching, some even laughing, as a man beats a woman in north philadelphia. here's the video here.
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now you see there in the background. we have blurred it. the victim is on the ground. look at the people just walking around, not doing much, this came from a fresco user this video. this was the scene yesterday morning, 200 block of ontario street in the city's kensington neighborhood. the beating goes on for zero minutes. some would eventually calls police. man who shot this video does in the want his face schenn but he did talk to us. >> the guy was on top of the girl and beating on her. >> reporter: did anyone try to help would the man. >> no one. just bystanders, spinning around like a normal day like nothing was happening. >> reporter: did you try to help her. >> no, i was just doing a video. i was just recording, no. i didn't want to get in it. >> nobody wanted to get in it. this poor lady was taken to the hospital, police want to get a full statement from her when she can talk. they are still investigating,
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they say they necessity who they guy is, they got a good look at him from this surveillance video or this fresco user video. hopefully this guy will face charges and they will catch him. 5:12. donald trump takes a break from launching attacks from hillary clinton. why he is setting his sights on amazon ceo. so-called bridge gate scandal back in the head lines this morning. what a report today will unveil about the traffic jam controversy.
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how you about this, nasa confirms existence of the more than 1200 new plan nets our galaxy. the planets were spotted by the keptler space telescope which has been scanning our galaxy since 2009. nine of the planets are in the so-called habitable zone. scientists say two of these new worlds are among the most earth-like planets yet discovered. because of the proximity to the main star that they orbit, they can potentially harbor liquid and therefore, support life sue serio, men are from mars, women are from venous. >> who knows what these other planets are. somebody called captain kirk, to go explore. nascar weekend, big, big weekend in dover, delaware at the big speed way there. now you will really have to watch it on saturday because there will be thunderstorms
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anytime after 2:00 but high of 73 degrees. much cooler on sunday and windy as well. that is pretty much the forecast for the rest of us for the weekend. we have fog down to the south. visibility is a big issue. even they there is so much moisture in the air, it is mild out there, compared to any other morning this week. 60 degrees in the city. fifty-eight in millville. fifty-nine in dover. we will go to radar and we will see that the rain we're getting with this cold front is all in the western part of the state, inching towards central pennsylvania, not too far from harrisburg right now. we will see some showers, before the morning is through, for sure, while we're still here, for fox 29 morning news, and "good day philadelphia", so watch out, here it comes, the rain, it is spotty showers, and occasional heavy downpour. not everybody will get one but we will all see some rain before the end of the day, and thunderstorms, rumbling through, between noon time and say four or 5:00 o'clock in the city. a little later on the coast and then just a few left over
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drips and showers for the evening. so the worst of it will come right smack in the middle the of the day and then as we look ahead to tomorrow another cold front comes through, this one a little bit stronger with colder air behind it and so these thunderstorms can be a little bit stronger, a little later in the afternoon but almost around the same time. that is the deal. lets put that together in the seven day forecast. we have a high of 73 degrees today. yes, seven day forecast, sun will come up, i forgot to take this one out. we have got rain and 37 degrees today. seventy-four tomorrow. much cooler. really noticeable that change over the weekend with the wind and high of only 60 degrees and a warming trend after. that so bob kelly, you'll need your umbrella a little bit over the weekend. >> amazing what happens when you don't click that tiny box in the corner. >> i know. >> good morning. 5:17. tgif, one of those crazy kind of weekend with rain coming and going.
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we have a lot of outdoor events. right now it is dry, blue route, 476 near mid county looking good rolling down toward the the schuylkill. good morning to camden, new jersey. 676, we have an accident, right behind the building here right the atlantic drive on the northbound side. actually there is the walt whitman bridge leaving new jersey and heading in toward philadelphia. so nice and quiet this morning. nothing major happening. some changes on i-95, traffic pattern, penndot, put in a new ramp here basically the cottman avenue on ramp to head north, stays as a fourth lane. so that is good. anyone squeezing on at cottman you don't to have hold your breath and squeeze directly and quickly into that travel lane. there is new you four lanes heading north bound but you still have the squeeze from the betsy down through girard avenue. watch it through the weekend. a lot of folks will be going to events, ballgames, any of that heavy rain when it does come through our area the work
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zones have a tenenscy to get flooded quickly. nascar, again, we will be driving in the rain down there. they have if you have ever seen it, they have big gigantic blowers like they are jet engines that actually dry the race track right after the rain comes through i know nascar you can catch it right here on fox through the weekend live from down there in dover. >> exit rate nothing person. >> list of the names people involved in the so-called bridge gate scandal set to be released. controversy involving new jersey governor chris christie. it happened in 2013 over lane closures, approaching the george washington bridge in new jersey causing a massive traffic jam, right there at fort lee. someone called lake court motion, filed this yesterday to block release of the list arguing it would unfairly brand them as a criminal. list is set to be released at noon time today. political ads are getting fierce as they prepare for
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primaries next week. fox's trish starks report republican donald trump is setting his sights on amazon ceo. >> reporter: he may be softening his tone as general election approaches but donald trump still has plenty of fight left in him. the presumptive republican nominee now taking on amazon claiming ceo jeff bezos who also owns washington post is attacking the trump campaign to deflect attention from tax and antitrust problems at the world's largest retailer. >> amazon is getting a way with murder tax wise. he is using washington post for power so that the politicianness washington don't tax, amazon like they should be tacked. >> those comments followed high profile meeting in washington with house speaker paul ryan hoping to jump start process of pulling together a fractured republican party. rnc chairman was there and says party is recollect facing trump as a change agent. >> donald trump has broken the
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play book and done better well, better than any nominee mountain history of our party hillary clinton toning down her attacks, telling a group of aid a activist that she's a practicing advertise that can get things down when she wins the white house. >> i certainly want to be a good partner in taking on and delivering the challenges that still lie ahead of us. >> reporter: first she has get past bernie sanders still calling on super delegates to switch support claiming most polls show him better position todd take on trump in the fall. >> they will to have make a determination which candidate can most effectively defeat donald trum. >> trump is expected to hold more fence meeting meetings with key republicans in the coming weeks n new york, patricia starks, "fox news". 5:21. still ahead we are following a developing story out of bass river, new jersey where wild fires has been burning for hours. how many acres it has already burned as it continues to rage on.
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lets look live at philadelphia, in particular, ben franklin parkway friday 13th and also birthday of stevey wonder who is 66 years old today. as this song with his birthday. superstitious. >> ♪ prebus. rinse rinse prebus.
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we have breaking news. people have been forced to evacuate after a underground transformer fire that happened around 3:30 this morning on main and barbados streets. right now fire officials are checking carbon machine oxide levels in several buildings no word on a cause. frustration running high after tire thieves target a car dealership and inadequacies hood in berks county. crooks are well organized swiping all four wheels off cars in a matter of seconds leaving them on cinder blocks. they hit the mitsubishi lot early thursday morning and a quiet street in schillington. thieves stole thousands of dollars of tires leaving the owners with a hefty replacement cost. >> i saw my tire was gone. i had cinder blocks right there. >> in tires. no tires at all. >> it will be upward of three you this dollars. the tires, and rims alone are probably 2,000, plus they did damage from where they sit the car down on the cinder blocks. >> yeah, they are expensive.
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custom rims can be 2,000 bucks each. police say best way to protect your tires toys put a lug nut lock on each one costing 50 bucks each but you who does that. in atlantic county police need your help to find driver whom they say nearly hit a police officer, lets take a look. >> wow. >> body cam, linwood police officer was wearing captured this wednesday night on new road. officer was getting out to help other car which broke down when another driver sideswiped his cruiser. the officer is okay but driver who crashed in the car kept on going and what police think may be a nissan altima. still ahead we continue to follow breaking news for you you, this morning, masked men who forced their way in the who will home are still on the loose what they were doing and after they tied up the people there, what they said. bomb shell ruling in the controversial case, a man in a wheelchair shot to death by police, why none of the four
5:27 am
officers, will be charged. a live look at the radar, rain on the way, sue's tracking this all morning long.
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spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ good morning. breaking news overnight terrifying moment for a local family masked men forced their way in the home, what they did
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to the three people they found inside. plus wild fire burns out of control in new jersey. how many acres is burned already as fire fighters try get the upper hand. good day everyone. it is, friday the 13th. may 13th, 2016. sue serio are you superstitious, young lady. >> i grew up very superstitious. my mother would never let us put new shoes on the table when we came home from the store. that was bad luck f we sang at din are table we would marry a crazy man. that was a superstition. >> you must have sung at the table all the time. >> i did. my father used to throw salt over his shoulder. >> who cleaned up all of the salt. >> my mother didn't like when she did that. >> now we're looking at the cold front that will be making its way, through our area, probably earlier then we anticipate ad which means we have a better chance of getting phillies game in.
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we don't see any rain at the moment. it is coming. we will see clouds and the sun trying to burn through. sunrise is official at 5:47. not too much longer from now. 60 degrees with a little bit of sunshine to start the day and then rain rolls in. very mild, outside this morning. fifty-five, in mount pocono. 57 degrees in trenton. lancaster has 61. so does wilmington. 56 degrees at atlantic city. with the wind coming from the south and south east that is where milder air is and that is why it feels, warmer then any other morning we have had this week. so cloud, possible showers this morning. thunderstorms come in the middle of the day, by the time you're driving home we will have a few left over showers but we will also probably see some sunshine. we will stay in the 70's during the day, it is tomorrow's cold front that will make a big difference and we will talk about the arrival of both round of rain, coming up in the fox future cast. so bob kelly, it is friday the
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13th what do you think. >> good morning, everybody. we are looking good on the vine street expressway, kind of quiet so far. we're opened for business. overnight construction clear. come on down into downtown but coming into downtown also you can drive or row. we have dad vail regatta taking over philadelphia this weekend. kelly drive close todd vehicle traffic. they are pushing everybody through ball field and races begin today and tomorrow, and that will remain closed all the way through tomorrow evening. and remember, through the weekend we have a lot of events here on the parkway and on the drives. martin luther king drive is closed on the weekend. the just give yourself plenty of extra time if you are coming in or out of the city especially today on the kelly. nascar weekend also with a lot of volume heading in and out of the dover speed way with the weather, sue just mentioned on the way, it is constantly changing as far as pattern. first of all make sure you have your fox 29 weather app and be prepared for weather delays down at philly international. southbound i-95 in problems yet but when we get these
5:33 am
heavy downpours all of the work zones like i-95 here at cottman and at girard, 202, out there in malvern they have a tenenscy to quickly flood out and the big ponding, hydroplaning occurs in the construction zones and speaking of construction this weekend you'll see crews out here on the northeast extension between quakertown and lehigh valley, chris, back over to you. breaking news right now you from overnight, philadelphia somerton section, a terrifying home invasion happened there. three masked men forced their way in the home while a family was asleep. the steve keeley is on this one live, steve, good morning. >> reporter: well this happened on one of the most nicest quiet street in the entire city. police cannot remember last time they had any crime report here in the far northeast section of philadelphia, and probably the reason for that is 97 percent have the people live on the street according to the victim in this case are cops. so, anyway, that makes it stand out that they don't get
5:34 am
any calls or crime here. 1:00 a.m. mom, dad assault son, 37 years oldies asleep. they have lived here since the son was born for 37 years. three guys break in quietly by prying open backsliding glass doors. one of the three robbers has a gun. they wake up the family. they tie up the family. families came together. in the only did they have crowbar but they had macks, gloves, they had sip ties to tie the family up asking where is the money repeatedly. family kept saying we don't have any money. three ransack all three floors of the house turning overall of the furnished, opening up all of the drawers, spilling everything out on the floors. only finding cash in the son's wallet after being inside for close to an hour, not finding the dad's wallet or his cash really even. they leave. family is not hurt at all. it took them a thankful an hour to get free and call police. chris, father says he over her one of the robbers tell the other we hit the wrong house. so that explains maybe why
5:35 am
they came here but police want to know if that was wrong house but right street, what house were they intend to go hit. >> will they try to hit it later? how scary is that? how scary is that? 5:35. man has died after being hit by a koran the roosevelt boulevard this happened around 11:30 on the northbound outer lanes of c street and roosevelt boulevard. victim a 20 year-old man was hit while walking down the street. the driver, also 20, stayed at the scene. police tell fox 29 that the driver was in the at fault. homicide detectives are now searching for the person who shot and killed a man on the 1300 block of somerset around 10:00 last night. victim who was the shot, in the head was pronounced dead at the scene. police have have not given a description of the suspect. developing for you this morning out of the bass river, new jersey in burlington county, fire crews are battling a fire burning for hours. fire started around 6:30 yesterday engineer field road. right now officials tell fox 29 that the fire is only about
5:36 am
60 percent contain. we have learned that no structures are in the line of fire. more than 460 acres however burn in this fire. delaware state department of justice, has released its fine goes in last years police shooting of the wilmington man in the wheelchair. officers involved will not be charged. the shooting death of jer mist mcdole was captured on cell phone video, bystanders, phone video shows police repeatedly telling mcdole to raise his hand. eventually police opened fire believing that their lives were in danger. the department of the justice investigation did find serious deficiencies in the police department's use of force policies and training. mcdole's family lit candles outside their home last night saying the report is unfair. >> how is it okay, with them executing my brot their way and then them getting a way with it. i have no faith or anything in our system, at all, it is not right and it hurts. it really does.
5:37 am
>> family of mcdole filed a lawsuit begins the city saying he was unarm. police said they found a gun near his body. 5:37. how about this song. it is appropriate. sign, sealed, delivered, i'm yours. eagles signed their future franchise quarterback and number within pick for birds for millions of dollars. howard will break down how much carson wentz is getting on the birthday of the singer of the song, stevey wonder, who is 66 today. [ soft music ]
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1.
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as sam bradford's agent tom candon continues to make himself look stupid in the national interviews quarterback in the future in a couple years is carson wentz. he sign his rookie contract yesterday. it is more of a formality with rookies these days signing their contracts. numbers are on a scale and carson wentz sign a four year contract that has a fifth year option. contract value 27 million-dollar, over 17 million in the signing bonus that is guarantied money, not bad for a guy from a town with only a thousand people in fargo, north dakota. phillies found a way to make it tough with the braves. to atlanta bases loaded in the tenth. they blew a four to nothing lead. four-four. two batters that struck out for phillies but man on third less than two outs, cameron rupp saves them with the double, clears bases, phillies win seven-four and they win
5:41 am
two games of the three game series. phillies open up against the cincinnati reds that would be tonight and that would be the at home. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. go fightin phillies. >> hey, that is martin truex junior, who made a pit stop in camden, new jersey all to to see what his very generous donation did for the local ronald mcdonald house. nascar driver and his foundation donated money to build a brand new room design for families getting treatment at that hospital in south jersey. truex junior foundation focuses on raise ago wearness and funding for childhood and ovarian cancers. he started it because his long time girlfriend, has battled ovarian cancer for nearly two years now. good formatter inn. speaking of nascar at 11:00 o'clock today, our very own, tom sredenschek will go live on facebook from dover international speed way in the state of delaware and he will be giving you a live behind the scenes look at the speed way, the garages, pit row, on fox 29's facebook page.
5:42 am
xfinity series race airs right here on fox 29 at 2:00 o'clock saturday afternoon. main sprint cup race airs on "fox sports" one at 1:00 o'clock sunday. all right. thanks, tom. direct order from president obama, letter to schools across the country that may effect your child's school.
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♪ >> i love stevey wonder, this is my favorite song of his. well, one of them. it was released in 1977, off the album and song key of life. this is a later performance. sue is dancing to it. happy birthday stevey wonder, 66. >> you can feel it all over. actually, you can feel humidity all over. bad hair day to day. next few days we have got two cold front, count them, two, one today, one tomorrow, today is a roughly between noon and 6:00 p.m. with gusty then are storms possible. not everybody will get one but quarter inch to three-quarters of an inch of rain. tomorrow between, let's say anytime after 2:00 o'clock with a stronger thunderstorms possible, with that one, because sunday will be so much cooler, wind gusting up to 30 miles an hour, on sunday,
5:46 am
and temperatures, cooler. we will be lucky to get to 60 degrees on sunday but that is where we are in philadelphia we are mild inner reading with 63. 57 degrees in dover, delaware. fifty-eight in millville. here's the rain coming our way with that cold front so we will start to see showers in advance of the front, anytime now, really but probably by six or 7:00 o'clock is when we will see showers move from west to east and then eventually that front comes through, here's noon, you can see rain in the philadelphia area, here's 4:00 o'clock and actual cold front that comes through, skies, clear behind it, this evening. we may see some sun before sunset but here comes tomorrow's front anytime after 2:00 is when you get those then are storms firing up. so hopefully that won't ruin your day but be prepared for that cooler day on sunday with that high of 60 degrees, as we reach, and raise at the art museum steps, yoga on sunday morning, might be a little breezy, might be a little
5:47 am
chilly to try to do that tree pose bob kelly where you standing on one leg, wind might blow you over. >> the tree pose, stand on one leg. >> yeah, like a tree. >> there you go good you got it. >> sister le verna used to make me do this in second grade. it wasn't called ohio, exactly, in the corner. >> back to the class. >> exactly. >> good morning, everybody. god bless sister le verna, live look at route 309 right here near pennsylvania turnpike. hello fort washington and hello to the bennie. live look at ben franklin bridge. a little hazy coming into downtown philadelphia hit and miss again today, one of the crazy weather days and weather weekend, today, tomorrow, sunday. stick with sue and make sure you have the fox 29 weather app in your pocket ready to go. we mentioned yesterday it was national nurses day. i got a group shot here from all of the nurses, that work
5:48 am
the four east wing at ai du pont hospital for children. they take care of babies from the tiny new borns all the way up to the teens. great group of young ladies, down there at du pont and it is national nurses week. we are still celebrate to go day. keep those pictures coming to facebook and twitter. norristown high speed line will be using shuttle buses from the transportation center. down to gulph mills. dad vail regatta in town. kelly drive closed to vehicle traffic through tomorrow night and mass transit is looking g the chris, back over to you. >> he was supposed to manage fund of the local fire company but authorities say that he stole nearly $200,000. delaware state the police arrested 36 year-old justin oakly, of dags boro. after an audit, investigators determined that oakly used 190 you this dollars of fire department money for himself.
5:49 am
he is charged with with with theft and falsifying business records. in berks county district judge timothy dougherty is facing, theft charges. yes, a judge, facing theft charges. prosecutors say that the 56 year-old pictured here on the web site for berks county government, took 15 you this dollars from his court, and another 90 grand from the wyomissing fire department where he once served as treasurer. prosecutors say the judge had trouble paying his own bills, including his mortgage. turning new to you decide coverage 2016, philadelphia is gearing up for the dnc as thousands get ready to come to our city, there is an announce b. another big event taking place this um iser. yes, philadelphia will host political fest, this summer. mayor jim kenney made that announcement yesterday at the national constitution center. this non-partisan festival will celebrate political history, government, and elections. exhibits and activities are designed to entertain local residents and convention attendees, unlike, mayor kenney says, it will help
5:50 am
philadelphia shine on the world stage. >> it is always nice to kind of reestablish and rebrand your city, in front of the world. obvious hi this is not just a a national event but international event with journalist coming from around the globe to cover philadelphia and cover the convention. >> political fest first happened here back in the year 2,000 when philadelphia hosted the republican national convention. president obama is planning to order public schools across the country to how transgendered student to allow bathroom to match their gender identity. letter will be delivered to schools today. details what schools should do to ensure that none of the students and schools are discriminated against. order comes in the middle of the president's fight with north caroline, over this issue. any school that failed to follow the president's order could face lawsuits or perhaps worse, a loss of federal fund and aid. big news out of the vatican, pope francis is creating a commission to study whether women can serve as deacons in the catholic
5:51 am
church. they are ordain ministers but they are not priests. they can preside at weddings, baptist manies and funerals. what they cannot do is celebrate mass. married men who are mostly excluded from the roman catholic priesthood can serve as deacons but women cannot. >> that is big news, chris murphy. >> you have big news coming up on good day philadelphia you better believe it. >> hi everybody i'm mike jerrick. >> i was reading in the news room new study that says if you want to start a career just out of college, if you want to start a career, you probably need to move out of the philadelphia area. i think that is just wrong. we don't rank very high as launching careers. >> um. >> you know cities out west and midwest. we have a financial expert coming in danry cot owe will come in and combat. that i will not suggest anybody move out of this area this is so great. he has tips how to fight that off. >> progressive place. >> exactly. >> more people moving here. new yorkers are moving here.
5:52 am
we are so close to being able to go down the shore, weather is warming up, and we have to get that swimsuit on. we have found these five suits. if you have something you want to hide, your perfect suits for hiding it. what about tattoos? >> we can help you there. >> and so we will take the show on the road. let me just say this we will take the show on the road mostly on fridays throughout the summer. i will give you a heads up, doylestown and all of bucks county, i would suggest you stay for 6:00 o'clock news here in about eight minutes. we have an announcement about doylestown. >> doylestown, such a great downtown. >> isn't it. so quaint. >> quaint. >> adorable. >> i like those little cross streets there and old movie theaters. >> great little restaurants. >> doylestown i have an announcement for you. >> mike jerrick. >> chris murphy. >> you will make fun of me later today good by the way, it is friday the 13th, so are you soup stir bus anything.
5:53 am
get on twitter, facebook and dress up like a black cat. >> yes. >> thanks, mike that was your idea. >> it was. >> it doesn't have a tail. >> a local dog, this dog, you know, was beaten, faced all kind of obstacles. it is becoming a the national contest the dog at the center of this how he could make a huge difference for other animals in need straight ahead.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
good morning. that is a beautiful picture. one local puppies making one big splash, across the nation all having to do with the joy he brings to others. his name is a laden, a certified therapy dog, and the only local dog that is finalist in the 2016 american humane association hero dog awards that recognize is here owes on both end of the leash. from his weekly visits to a philadelphia ronald mcdonald house to his national campaign to prevent animal cruelty a laden and his human mom schedule is pack. south jersey rescue lilo's promise saved a laden after he was abandon, emaciated with
5:57 am
broken legs and tail but as you can see in the a broken spirit. we will continue to follow breaking news, masked men forced their way in to a local home overnight what they took after tying up people that live there. bomb shell ruling in the controversial case, a man in the wheelchair shot to death by police, why none of the four officers who shot him will be charged.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
here it comes, thunder, lightening, the way you love me is frightening. i will knock, i will income on wood that it doesn't rain but it will start raining probably before noon. sue has the forecast. there goes my weekend. three people tied up in their home in the middle of the night, what three masked men took before just leaving the scene. and then this... >> how is it okay with them executing my brot their way and then them getting a way with it. >> a man in the wheelchair shot to death by police, why none of the four officers who shot him will be charged. plus, a woman brutally beaten in public, in philadelphia. what is not happening causing even more concern this morning. how about that... cameron rupp, erupting, key hit, phillies in the tenth


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