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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  May 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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here it comes, thunder, lightening, the way you love me is frightening. i will knock, i will income on wood that it doesn't rain but it will start raining probably before noon. sue has the forecast. there goes my weekend. three people tied up in their home in the middle of the night, what three masked men took before just leaving the scene. and then this... >> how is it okay with them executing my brot their way and then them getting a way with it. >> a man in the wheelchair shot to death by police, why none of the four officers who shot him will be charged. plus, a woman brutally beaten in public, in philadelphia. what is not happening causing even more concern this morning. how about that... cameron rupp, erupting, key hit, phillies in the tenth inning.
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they won again. they won again. good day everybody, it is friday the 13th. >> yes. >> wow. >> so get on twitter and facebook and tell us what are you superstitious about. >> i don't have any. >> you don't. >> in. >> i was saying last hour we weren't allowed to put new shoes on the table. >> no new shoes on the table. >> my father always put the salt over his shoulder. >> yeah. >> yes, get on facebook and let us know what you are superstitious about. later chris movie dressed as a black cat. >> that is worth waiting for. >> you won't need to wait for the number of the day. with the rain on the way we will give you five out of ten. a half ape half kind of a day. we are starting out nice with sunshine but it will in the last for long. the bus stop buddy says it is dry for now. it is mild out there. temperatures in the 50's and 60's to start your day. you can see the rain heading our way from west to east, it is moving with the cold front, and so we will see showers in our area, within the next hour
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or so, and we have a temperature in the city of 60 degrees and we're looking at a high of 73. we have scattered showers and midday thunderstorms here and there. tonight a few left over showers, 56 degrees overnight, another round of rain tomorrow, we will time it all out for you coming up, hi bob kelly. >> good morning, sue. 6:02. kid didn't think it was fun when i went in their bedroom last night with my michael mask on. >> what is wrong with you. >> check this out. >> somebody sent me this and looking at the crooks, do you see it, with the holes. friday the 13th, good morning. live look at 422. hello valley forge n problems at all yet working your way in toward king of prussia. live look at ben franklin bridge a little haze out there this morning but no problems coming across the bridge. an accident on 422 eastbound in pottstown right at arm and hammer boulevard fire location
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in norristown. mass transit looking g mike and alex, back to you. few hours people air sleep but then a few more hours there is i gunman in hear house this happened in the some are ton section of the sit they were tied up and terrorized. >> woken up in the middle of the night. >> so steve, all neighborhood i wouldn't have chose hen this one to break into somebody's house. >> reporter: this is as far as you can drive to the far north end without leaving city limits and this street according to the victims is loaded with police. he said 97 percent of his neighbors are police officers, that is why this family has a burglar alarm but did not bother turning it on before they went to bed. you have to wonder who was the supposed target of this crew of home invaders last tonight because, one of the robbers said to the other, family overheard them say we hit the wrong house. family is okay. mom dad, 37 year-old son. they have lived in this house all 37 years of the son's life, back home now in the far northeast. never had a crime before.
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never even had soap put on their windows on halloween. they said that is the reason because all of the cops live here. reasons they did not have that alarm turn on which they will have on, when three armed guys, come in prepared, they have a crowbar to get in the through sliding glass door in the back, they have gloves, mask and ties to tie the family up. >> all three had masks covering their faces, all three were wearing gloves and they began ordering family members to tell them where the money is, where is the money. family was saying they don't have any money in the house, that is when the three perpetrators, started to ransack the entire house. pulling out drawers and overturning drawers and some furniture on all three floors of the house. >> we have seen cases before where they will torture people because they didn't find any money but these guys were
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probably pretty nice even though they held up his family they didn't hurt people. never hit them once. even though they showed a gun they never pistol whipped them as we have seen in other cases. family back home, in the hurt, not shaken up too bad, considering what happened to them and all they got away with was the cash in the son's wallet. they didn't even find dad's wallet but they got son's cash out of his will wallet, 19 bucks. >> even they weren't hurt still being tied up in the middle of the night. >> so scary. >> which house were they looking for. >> true. >> 6:05. couple more stories, in norristown right new some people have been forced to evacuate after an underground transformer fire. it happened around 3:30 this morning on main and barbados street. right now fire officials are checking carbon machine oxide levels in several buildings, happening right now, no word on what caused this fire. we will keep an eye on it. developing news out of bass river, new jersey in burlington county. fire officials are battling a
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forest fire that started 6:30 yesterday evening. right now, officials tell fox 29 that the blaze is only about 65 percent contain. we have learned that in homes and businesses are in the line of fire but more than 450 acres have been burned in this fire. >> as soon as we get light we will send sky fox over this scene. see this guy he is facing multiple child rape charges. new castle county police say an adult contacted them after a young girl came forward claiming that guy, carlos villa, inappropriately touched her, the alleged incident happened between december of 2010 and march of 2011. during the course of the up investigation, detectives learned, of another similar incident, the concern right now is that there may be other victims horren couraged to come forward. delaware justice department says that no criminal charges will be filed against the wilmington police officers involved in the fatal shooting of a wheelchair bound man. officers say they believe their lives were in danger, the shooting death of jer mist
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mcdole was captured on cell phone video. the investigation did find serious deficiencies in the police department's use of force, policies and training. mcdole's family tells fox that they are devastated with this decision. >> how is it okay with them executing my brot their way and then them getting a way witt? i have no faith or anything in our system, at all. it is not right. it hurts. it really does. >> the family of mcdole filed a lawsuit begins the city saying he was unarmed. police say they have found a gun near his body. >> um-hmm. coming up on "good day philadelphia", simply locking your car may not be keeping thieves away. what outside of your car, that bad guys are after.
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. i will show so video from philadelphia. >> thinks phone video where you can hear people laughing and people standing and watching, as a man beat a woman. this happened in northeast philadelphia. >> yeah, it came in from one of our fresco users. we're going to show you the scene. it happened, yesterday morning, in the 200 block of ontario street in the cities
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kensington neighborhood. the beating goes on for about, get this, 20 minutes. and someone eventually, puts on and down their phone and calls police. man who shot this video does not want his face shown on camera, but did say this. >> the guy was actually object top of the girl beating on her. >> did anybody try to help the woman. >> no one. just standing there. just laughing, and standing around like a normal day. you know, like nothing was even happening. >> did you try to help her. >> no, i was just doing video, i was just recording, no. i didn't want to get in it. >> that is the thing, he didn't want to get involved. nobody did. woman was treated at the hospital and officers want a full statement from her, once she's able to talk. >> goes. >> what do you think. >> 6:11. >> it mirrors what happened in delaware at howard high school. >> this has gone on for years
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people not getting involved. how about this, nasa making a huge announcement this morning. >> are there other people out there? >> the proof we may not be alone in the universe, mike. >> what? bob kelly. >> et phone home. phone home. >> good morning, everybody. southbound i-95, little fender-bender right here near cottman avenue. lets take a look at the radar, it is the rain train, on the way, sueby has the coffee and we will be right back.
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it is springtime now because dad vail regot ace this weekend, it is today and tomorrow. the forecast is just about the same for both days, with temperatures, that will end up in the 70's but you have to keep an eye on the sky for those then are storms. today around middle of the day, tomorrow later on in the afternoon, two or 3:00 o'clock. we are very mild temperatures. sixty in philadelphia. fifty-seven in dover. we have the big nascar weekend coming up. 56 degrees in mount pocono. so again, for all of your outdoor activity, we have to watch for cold front number one which is today and then cold front number two which is tomorrow and we do have some showers starting to move into harrisburg right now, very, very light at the moment but we will see showers here, before the morning is through, maybe by seven or 8:00 o'clock. by noon there are more showers
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moving through and an occasional downpour and isolated thunderstorms within those, within that cold front. air behind the first one isn't that much cooler then we had in place right now, it is tomorrow's cold front that could be more severe with thunderstorms and they move through between three and 5:00 . later at the shore. that is it for precipitation but tomorrow we have some showers trying to move in on sunday i should say but big difference sunday will be how much cooler it. let me show you the numbers we're talking about. seventy-three today. seventy-four tomorrow. high of only 60 on sunday and the wind will make it feel even chillier then that. 62 degrees, on monday, and then we have a warm trend, as we head in the middle of next week. but with these thunderstorms today one kelly, it looks like we will get phillies game in tonight. >> that is good news. bad news that those thunder boomers will come through earlier and, impact everybody trying to get to the phillies
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game. we're good to go right now. live look the at the schuylkill expressway, clicker out of my pock, eastbound side on the ride starting to see volume on the right from center city. road are dry right now. some problems on the rails, the delair bridge is stuck in the upright position here. so the atlantic city rail line, suspended services, between philadelphia and pennsauken. they are providing shuttle buses, and you'll be riding bus over the bridge as opposed to the train at least this morning. pottstown east on 422, an accident at arm and hammer boulevard on ramp. that transformer fire we spoke about a few moments ago, main and barbados in norristown just watch for local detours. we mentioned dad vail regatta races take place today and tomorrow and keep an eye to the sky, going down to the dad vail regatta down load our fox 29, and, thunder boomers, and,
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and, metal rods by the kelly drive here, and watch it, vehicle traffic is detoured off of the kelly drive so for morning and afternoon rush hour you'll to have use mlk or the schuylkill expressway, mike and alex, back to you. 6:18. authorities say 17 year-old girl will be tried as an dult in the shooting of the 13 year-old boy. nathanal plum are junior became years first homicide victim of the year in camden, new jersey. prosecutors say girl had her murder case waved from juvenile court to adult court. he was found january 7th, on the sidewalk and died the very next day. 6:18. new to the so-called bridge gate scandal, involving new jersey governor chris christie. there is more info, today a list of the names people involved in the traffic jam controversy is set to be released but some are trying to stop that process. yesterday someone filed a late court motion to block release of the names arguing it would unfairly brand them as criminals.
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bridge gate scandal happened three years ago over lane closures of the gwb in new jersey causing a massive traffic jam. the list was set to be released as i mentioned around noon time today. we will see if it happens. public schools must now how transgendered students to use bathrooms ape locker room consistent with their gender identity. department of education and justice sending informal guidance to school districts today with the rules. the letter is not imposing any new legal requirements but federal officials say guidance is meant to clarify school district's obligation toss provide students with non-discriminatory environments. this comes after north carolina dispute over house bill two. school district in texas voted to rename seven schools previously name for confederate leaders. use of the school district voted to strip schools of the names of the confederate generals like robert lee. now embarking renaming process district says it wants names to represent its modern values and also diversity. >> they're involving in texas.
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6:20. nasa made a huge announcement, what do you think about this, are there people like us, out there. >> you mean like us, because you might be some... >> nasa found 1200 new you plan nets our galaxy. >> 1200. >> they were spotted by kept lar space telescope scanning our galaxy since 2009. two of them are the most earth like planets yet discover. because of the proximity to the main star they orbit they can potentially harbor liquid water and support life. >> i wand fur they have kardashian people on those people. >> oh, no. >> your first word were. >> take me to your leader. >> take me tour leader. >> yes. >> isn't that what you said your first words. >> take me to your leader. >> when i landed here on earth. >> i like that. >> it is backward. >> yes. >> is it this way. >> this way. >> you weren't a treky. >> no, bye did a show on the
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sci-fi channel for seven years and knew nothing about science fiction on. >> sign, sealed but will he deliver, carson wentz officially signs with the eagles, they is, and today he will get his first taste of the nfl at rookie camp. will he be the hero that the team and fans are hoping for? is he a franchise quarterback.
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if the phillies are a good team this year they should not struggle against team with the at plant braves. they found a way to make final game of the series a tough one. let's go to atlanta phillies had a four to nothing lead. tenth inning, tied at four. bases loaded. phillies had two batters strike out with man on third with less than two outs but cameron rupp saved them. two out double. scores three runs. unbelievable. phillies win it seven-four. they win two out of the three in the series but that was not a good earth tonight. velasquez gave up a four run lead. more of the formality with rookies these days signing contracts and eagles top draft pick carson wentz died, a rookie wage scale, four year contract with a fifth year option. the contract worth 27
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million-dollar, 17 million of it in the signing bonus, not bad for a guy from fargo, north dakota phillies open up a three game series tonight against the red. that is sports in the minute. i'm howard eskin. you know that nascar driver martin truex junior, good looking dude shall so is his girl friend. he made a pit stop in camden, new jersey. all to see what his very generous donations looks like. what he is doing for ronald mcdonald house there. there they are. >> so nascar driver and his foundation they donated money to build brand new room design for families getting treatment in hospitals in south jersey. truex junior's fun days focuses on raise ago wearness and funding for childhood and ovarian cancers. he started it with his long time girl friend who has battled ovarian cancer for almost two years. >> isn't martin from south jersey. >> would it make sense. >> nascar driver. yeah, he fridays south jersey. i can't remember the town. i will look it up. at 11:00 o'clock today
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this morning our very own, tom sredenschek will go live on facebook from dover international speed way, there is tom. he will give you a live behind the scenes look at the speed way, the monster mile, garages, pit row, and all on fox 29's facebook page. it is like a tv show on facebook. xfinity series race airs right here on fox at 2:00 p.m. saturday, main sprint cup race airs right here on fox at 1:00 . >> at 11:00 he will do facebook live. >> at 11:00 this morning. >> yes, you can get the update if you like it, he will send a net case when he goes live. >> if you like us, like us. >> do you know who i like. >> i like sue because she's very definitive on these thunderstorms. when will they hit. >> would i say smack in the middle of the day to day, a and then later then that tomorrow, round one and round two. we will talk all about it coming up after the break.
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rain, is heading our way today, and tomorrow, but will it affect our entire weekend. >> we have thunderstorms and lightening. three people tied up in the middle of the night in their home wakened by three masked men? what did they take from their house. a bomb shell ruling in the controversial case, a man in the wheelchair, shot to death by police, why none of the four officers, who shot him
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will be charged. it has been, compared to, nasa car, pit crew, they are just in and out of there in a hurry. >> these dudes are fast. simply locking your car may in the keep thieves away. what is outside of your car these guys want so badly. good day, everybody it is friday the 13th. are we getting any superstitions. sue, have you got any. >> not yet but i did post what the fear of friday the 13th, the word triskaidekaphobia. >> more of sue in just a second. >> i want to tell you this because i put it on on twitter. "good day philadelphia" is on the road again this summer. so, a week from today, ladies and gentlemen, our first stop, doylestown. >> hey, doylestown. >> it begins may 20th, mark your calendars. we are going to be live in doylestown. we are going out there taking the show on the road. seven to 10:00 a.m. get there earlier before
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7:00 so you you can get positions to be on tv. >> starting next monday we will give you exact location in doylestown where we will all meet at 7:00 in the morning. >> just mark your calendars, okay. >> okay. >> sue serio. >> easy to do because it is just a week from today. it is friday, it is next friday. you see the rain moving in the central part of pennsylvania, very heavy rain, upstate new york right now, rain extend down in west virginia but, of course, we're concerned about us and we will see a lot of cloud cover increasing from west to east and a few showers around harrisburg. buddy has rain gear with him. it is dry for now with temperatures in the 50's and 60's to get your day started. enjoy whatever little peak of sunshine you will see this morning before the rain hits us. 60 degrees right now. we are heading to a high of 73, probably coming early in the day but we have left over showers throughout the evening rush. i don't think it will completely dry out after
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thunderstorms roll through but we should get phillies game in tonight. sun does not set until 8:08. >> ushers will be, giving towels a work out, you have to wipe the seat off. spot them a tip there to do that. good morning everybody. live look the a the benny, not bad at the moment, little hazy, next couple days will be rough with the storms hit and miss and rolling through. here's the 30 bypass. good morning to downingtown, in problems at all coming in on the bypass heading in to kop. however, problems on the rails. the atlantic city line suspended between philadelphia, and pennsauken. that is because the delair bridge has some issues, probably, stuck in the upright position, here. so they are using shuttle buses, so that means those shuttle buses have to contend with traffic on the ben franklin bridge this morning. east on 422, an accident at arm and hammer boulevard. early morning transformer fire has some local detourness norristown at main and barbados and good morning,
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welcome to philadelphia have been in town for the weekend's dad vail regatta, to kelly drive closed to vehicle traffic. if you typically use kelly during the rush hours you'll be forced to take that detour through the ball field, stick to the martin luther king drive for today and then tomorrow, both drives will be closed, so all that extra volume will be pushed on to the schuylkill expressway. it is nascar weekend in dover. expect a lot of extra volume along route 13, for friday the 13th and also along route one in and out of the race, you know, speed way there, mike and alex, back over to you. developing right now in the somerton section a frightening home invasion in the middle of the night. >> i can't imagine. three masked men forced their way in to a home and they tied up everybody and terrorized the whole family. steve is on this story. steve? >> reporter: we are in the far northeast. i cannot hear you guys back there, having trouble from back at the station but we're
6:34 am
on a nice quiet street... >> even more quiet now we have lost his microphone. we can tell what you happened. this neighborhood, 97 percent of the people living on this block are police officers. so, the home that was invaded did not have police officers inside but they tied up family members, asked for money and realized during the whole thing when the family said we don't have any money that they hit the wrong house. the thieves even said to each other this is the raining place. >> yeah. >> they only got money from the son, they didn't get money from the dad. they didn't get much. they did leave the scene. nobody was hurt. people came into this home, tied up this family and was demanding money in the middle of the night. >> all they got was $19 out of the son's wallet. we will check back with steve in a bit. 6:34. in norristown, this is kind of scary, right you this some people have been forced to evacuate after an underground transformer fire. it happened around 3:30 this morning on main and barbados
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street. right now fire officials are right there, checking out carbon monoxide levels in several buildings in the area. no word on what caused the fire, but it probably was, the carbon monoxide. 6:35. this is out of bass river, new jersey. fire officials are battling a forest fire that started yesterday evening at 6:30. officials tell us that the blaze is only about 65 percent contain. we have learned that no homes or businesses are in the line of fire but more than 460 acres have been burned in this fire so far. basically the pine land out there. homicide detectives are searching for a person who shot and killed a man on the 1300 block of somerset around 10:00 last night. the victim who was shot twice in the head was pronounced dead at the scene. the crime right now police now have not given a description of the possible suspect or the vehicle that was involved. and a man died after being hit by a koran roosevelt boulevard at 11:30 on the northbound outer lanes of the c street and roosevelt
6:36 am
boulevard. the 20 year-old victim was hit while walking down the street. the driver, also 20, staying on the scene, police tell us that the driver was not at fault in this case. >> 6:36. >> no criminal charges against wilmington police officers involved in the fatal shooting of the wheelchair bound man. >> the dead man's family understandably is devastated over that decision by the state justice department. here's dave kinchen in wilmington. >> reporter: mike and alex, that family has been waiting for this, report and now that report is out, of course, they are very unhappy about it and voicing their outrage. candles lit outside home of the 28 year-old jeremy mcdole the wilmington man shot and killed by police last september as he sat in his wheelchair. now the delaware department of justice says in its findings that the four officers who shot and killed him will not, not face any charges, cell phone video captured the incident, mcdole sitting in his wheelchair, police say that the paraplegic had a gun,
6:37 am
officers yelled for him to put up his hand and then eventually opened fire. according to the d o.j. report, three of them believed that their lives were in danger but report singles out senior corporal joseph dellose seen firing his shotgun. the report says that although d o.j. is not able to pursue criminal charges against senior corporal dellose it is d o.j.'s position that the senior corporal dellose's conduct in this case was extraordinarily poor, police work that endangered both the public and fellow officers. it also says that quote the d o.j. does not believe that senior corporal dellose should be employed by the wilmington police department in any role where he would be carrying a firearm in public. >> that statement that they put the out right there clearly states that there is a problem in this whole case, and then you put that out there and you didn't do anything about it. you said in your report that the officers were wrong, and what he did his whole way coming to the scene but you
6:38 am
are just saying it is okay for him to do that. that is a problem. >> it is like we are living over there, like... unaudible. >> reporter: delaware d o.j. report slams wilmington police department saying that police officers are not properly prepared to handle, situations, like this, dealing with force or use of force continuing issues. mike and alex, back to you. >> well, you know, there is a civil case coming there. in atlantic county police need your help to find a driver who they say nearly hit a police officer. >> now watch this video, it comes this close to getting killed. body cam he has on his chest lin wood police officer. my goodness. it happened wednesday night, on new road. the officer was getting out of his patrol car when another driver sideswiped his cruiser. the officer is okay, wow but the driver who crashed into
6:39 am
his car kept on going. police think is a nissan altima. they are looking for that car right now. frustration running high after tire thieves target a car dealership and neighborhood in berks county. >> this guy in the story is right, it is like nascar, pit crew, police say crooks are well organized and very fast, swiping all four wheels, off of cars in a matter of seconds leaving them on sinned are blocks. they hit the mitsubishi lot, in muhlenburg early thursday morning that would be yesterday morning, and a quiet street in schillington. the thieves stole thousands of dollars in tires, leaving the owners with a hefty cost to replace them, and no way to get around it. >> to show my tire was gone and i looked around and there were cinder blocks right there. >> in tires. no tires at all. >> it will be upward of $3,000, the tires, and rims alone are probably 2,000 plus they did damage from where they sit the car down on the
6:40 am
cinder blocks. >> the high end wheels can cost more than a thousand dollars each, costume rims bring the total up to 2,000 each. police say best way to protect your tires is to put a lug nut on each one and that cost you 50 bucks but at least you will protect your tires. >> there are some lug nut locks but they do the thing and put it on cinder blocks and yank the whole thing off. judge is set to hear testimony on whether former professional wrestling star jimmy super fly snuka is confident to stand trial. >> snuka facing several charges including third degree murder in the death of his mistress, three decades ago. the nancy argentino was found dead in the allentown area hotel room. she was sharing with snuka in 1983. autopsy determined she died of brain trauma. snuka's lawyers say the 27 year-old has on set dementia and post concussion syndrome causing the former wwe star not to fully understand the
6:41 am
charges that he now faces. could taking tie len until or similar medications be doing more than just numb your pain, how the little tablets could be affecting your relationships, your romantic relationships. plus the fast food chain is finding a new way for customers to relax while enjoying their meal where you can order a burger with the side of pampering. >> really. from five guys. >> i don't know. >> that is weird. >> here it comes, oh, yeah, it is inevitable thunderstorms are coming up.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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good morning. look at that deck. wouldn't that be nice. >> let's do it. >> i see, a party all over that. blue mountain, the pocono mountains up there. come on lets go up there. open up their umbrellas, wake things up there in the poconos. good morning to you. good morning to conshohocken. here's a live look the at an accident, with the blue route 476 ramp to the westbound schuylkill expressway. you think you're having a bad
6:45 am
start to the day. look at this fellow, in the bushes here. >> oops. >> on the ramp. that ace tight ramp too because you can see the alert signs for the tractor trailers, the sharp curve trying to keep the speed down. so we have had light volume so far this morning. even here on i-95, no jammo yet heading southbound between cottman and bridge but as the rain starts to move through, not just today but through the weekend watch in all of the work zones. now new jersey transit having a rough start, the atlantic city line is suspended between philadelphia and pennsauken because delair bridge has issues, we all know about that having some issues this morning. it is just stuck in the upright position. they are using shuttle buses but give yourself extra time because the buses of to of course navigate traffic across ben franklin this morning. with the weather, coming through here over next couple days be prepared for weather delays at philly international. septa's are no is town high speed line they are using
6:46 am
shuttle buses through the weekend from the transportation center down into gulph mills. only one accident really, on the blue route in pottstown eastbound 422 at arm and hammer boulevard. rain is on the waste, what time will it get here? sue has the answer in 15 seconds. so, it is 6:46. we've got the forecast for your nascar weekend, which is pretty much the forecast for all of us, thunderstorms rolling through in the afternoon on saturday and it is a much milder day with the high in the 70's. by sunday, it is dry, sunny but windy and whole lot cooler with a high around 60. make your plans accordingly. right now it is 60 degrees in philadelphia. fifty-six in mount pocono. fifty-nine in dover. we had cloud cover overnight.
6:47 am
temperatures didn't drop too much, and there is a look at our cold front, at cold front number one coming through and then there is another one tomorrow. you see maybe a few showers that will be starting soon in lancaster county. everything moving from west to east. you see this progress coming in by the end of the morning. we will have rain around here. then it lasts through lunchtime when we could see those thunderstorms, firing up, say between noon and 5:00 p.m. everything exits after that. here comes cold front number two on saturday and this one hits between anytime after to second o'clock. later in the day. but these thunderstorms maybe around five or 6:00 could be stronger because of the cooler air that is behind the front. that is what we have got going on with the future cast. it should stay dry on sunday but you will definitely notice the temperature difference. average high is 73. we will be above average this week with a high temperature yesterday of 76 degrees. we will keep it in the the
6:48 am
lower 70's today, with the thunderstorms, tomorrow around 2:00 and then 60 degrees on sunday, we have, of course, our reach and raise on sunday morning for living beyond breast cancer, so we will do yoga on the art museum steps, alex and mike with the jacket on. >> jacket the and umbrella. >> yes. >> i have my very sheer yoga pants. >> i cannot wait. >> the state of delaware continues to push for tougher guidelines when it comes to painkillers, so under this new proposal, doctors would be limited to prescribing a seven day supply of opiates for the patients initial visit, alex. >> patients with chronic pain would need to sign a treatment agreement and take drug screenings twice a year. >> taking painkillers may do more than just numb your pain by the way, it may numb your internal feelings. >> oh, really. >> yes. >> this is weird. new study found when people
6:49 am
took that acetaminophen, they were less likely to empathize with others experiencing pain or misfortune in their life this is from ohio state university and involves 80 people. researchers admit other factors could have played a role in the result. it was only 80 people. what do you think. >> it numbs the pain or feelings as well, as well as physical pain. >> i should take one every morning. >> really. >> so many feelings, you know. >> feelings. >> nothing more than feelings. >> hey, world health organization, by the way, i want an apology from carli lloyd. >> why? >> she kind of scoffed at me when i said are you afraid to play with the zika virus. this is what happened yesterday. world health organization is telling people to travel to
6:50 am
rio to take precautions so they don't get the the zika virus. >> she will take precautions and use bug spray but recent report warns that the games are not postpone, relocated or even canceled there could be a health crisis. so experts warn those traveling to the games this summer they need to practice safe sex, sustain during the stay and pregnant with man should avoid traveling there all together. president of the brazil's olympic committee says games will take place as scheduled. >> they will not cancel them or anything. >> but should they? >> doctors are starting to recommend it. at what point do you listen to your doctor. >> can you imagine if they said move it to another country people with flip. we will keep an eye on it. >> they spent so much money, trying to do so much to get ready. >> they impeached their president yesterday, all of that breaking news down there. big changes coming to wendy's restaurants what the chain will be installing in response to minimum wage hikes across the country. um-hmm. here it comes.
6:51 am
let's put it up. here come the thunderstorms, the lightening, the rain, yes. >> coming our way.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:53. you ever see a donkey on broad street. you ever see, well, a donkey, on broad street. >> yes. >> this will be happening this summer, you will see a donkey on south broad street. host committee of the democratic national convention coming to philadelphia this summer is making sure
6:54 am
political junkies have plenty to keep them busy come july. >> so it has been announced philadelphia will host political fest this summer. it is non-partisan festival will celebrate political history, government elections. the activities are designed to entertain locals and convention attendees. >> was this the announcement yesterday. >> yes. >> mr. mayor. >> he says philadelphia is shining on the world stage. political fest first happened here, back in 2,000, when philly hosted republican national convention. >> we are looking pretty darn good. i will show thaw donkey. >> you are excited. he has been talking about this donkey, all morning. >> yes. >> i like donkeys. >> i have been called a donkey over the years. >> no, the a word. >> yes, but interesting thing is where they are going to put it. >> it is all about placement, folks. >> listen to this, eating your favorite comfort food is not
6:55 am
comforting enough, how about this at burger king. >> burger king recently opened up a spa, in finland, right. in one of the fin land locations. it features sauna and steam rooms and according to the web site the 15 person sauna ideal for social gathering, birthday parties and other events and if they get hungry during their, while they are here, they are expect to be in the sauna and in the restaurant. you have to book it i think. >> there is nothing better than the image i have, like big, bloated, big belly guys in finland, sitting there eating a whooper and starting to get all wet from the steam and starts run down their face. >> yes, i thought they were dry. >> yes. >> i thought you said they can go in the steam room too. >> that is why i was confused but i never been in the steam room. they are separate. >> yeah.
6:56 am
>> but even in a sauna. >> okay. >> our producers said we have to go. >> imagine that image. >> and ice cream. >> no. foul falls down. whooper juice all over the place. >> whooper wraps. >> yes. >> instead of the body wrap. >> so lets get back to this because people are upset. a bomb shell ruling in a controversial case in our area. this guy in the wheelchair shot to death by police, you remember this story. why none of the four officers, will be charged in this case. here it comes. we will have rain throughout the day.
6:57 am
6:58 am
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great opening home invasion, they are tied up in their home and home is then ransacked but it may have been a mistake in the first place. and then this... >> he was on top of the girl just beating on her. >> so why didn't anyone try to stop him? the disturbing video shows a man pummeling woman in the middle of the street while others stand around and watch and we ask what would you do. >> it is compared to nasa car pit crew. they are just in and out of there in a hurry.
7:00 am
>> yeah. >> tires, wheels, rims, everything being stolen. thieves are using cinder blocks to jack up your car and these guys are farce. where it is happening. sign, sealed but will he deliver? carson wentz is officially signing with the eagles. today he will get his first taste office nfl at rookie camp. will be the hero, the team and fans are hoping for. >> carson, no pressure. >> no. hi everybody, it is friday 13th. are you soup stir bus anything? i just got one from norma who watches every day. she says that her mom, would not touch anything in their house if they had to go the two funeral. when they came back from the funeral home or where ever funeral was she wouldn't touch anything in the house until she washed her hand. i never heard that before. >> never heard of that. >> a lot of them are born here. look for chris murphy dressed up as a black cat near the clothespin. >> i like to let y


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