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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  May 13, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> yeah. >> tires, wheels, rims, everything being stolen. thieves are using cinder blocks to jack up your car and these guys are farce. where it is happening. sign, sealed but will he deliver? carson wentz is officially signing with the eagles. today he will get his first taste office nfl at rookie camp. will be the hero, the team and fans are hoping for. >> carson, no pressure. >> no. hi everybody, it is friday 13th. are you soup stir bus anything? i just got one from norma who watches every day. she says that her mom, would not touch anything in their house if they had to go the two funeral. when they came back from the funeral home or where ever funeral was she wouldn't touch anything in the house until she washed her hand. i never heard that before. >> never heard of that. >> a lot of them are born here. look for chris murphy dressed up as a black cat near the clothespin. >> i like to let you know
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phillies win. top the of the tenth inning, atlanta, cameron rupp, he erupts, watch it, boom. >> base hit, left center field, two runs will score, maybe more. >> herrera, galvis heading home. >> yes. >> two run double in the top of the tenth inning, the phillies retake the lead. >> and they kept the lead, in the bottom of the tenth. >> our big story to day of you seen radar today, bob. >> yes. >> that rain is coming our way. >> we have a five out of ten. even they it looks decent right now, bus stop buddy is ready, we will show him in a second. here's radar we were talking b you can see rain coming from the western part of the state, nothing much in our area at the moment but just you wait. it is dry for now. temperatures are in the 50's and 60's, but buddy has phillies hat and rain gear on.
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61 degrees with 83 percent relative humidity. not the best hair day with these showers and thunderstorms coming around middle of the day. for the drive home we could get left over showers but probably not as dramatic as those who do get the thunderstorms. not everybody will get a storm but they will be around around the middle of the day and that is your weather authority forecast, here's bob kelly. >> just in time to mess up that afternoon rush hour and those friday evening events and through the weekend. rough go. we have an accident southbound i-95 right there approaching the betsy ross bridge. so we're stack up from say cottman avenue on down to the betsy, it is in the left lane and then as we go to the next camera, no problems here near cottman avenue. turnpike looking good. eastbound on the schuylkill starting to see morning volume, from conshohocken to downtown. accident north on 295 approaching the 42 freeway. i want to mention that once we start to get heavier rains both today and tomorrow, be careful in all of the work
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zones. all of those drainage grates are all moved around and we quickly, flood out there. we will get so much rain in such a short period of time and we are traveling through the lanes with those drains are located. atlantic city rail line, services suspended at least at the moment between philadelphia and pennsauken. delair bridge is stuck in the upright position. they are using shuttle buses. that will throw an easy 15 or 20 minutes on to your trip. busing from philadelphia to pennsauken but you have to make your way up and over ben franklin. dad vail regatta rowing on the river both today and tomorrow. we will keep an eye to the sky. make sure you have your fox 29 weather app going down to the dad vail and be ready for the closure of the kelly drive through the rush hours, both today, all the way through tomorrow, and until about 6:00 t is over and all that volleys using the schuylkill in and out of the city. mike and alex, back to you. >> you know somerset section of the city.
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>> faratake or fairday. >> f-a-r-a. is it faraday. >> faraday, 97 percent of the people living on this block are police officers, but thieves, what three of them broke in the house in the middle of the night. family is asleep, on this street. i don't believe it was a police officer's home, ransack the place and tied them up. >> took the family, tied them up, started asking for money. family said we don't have any money. then the masked guys. >> yes, can we show the street. >> they say maybe we have the wrong home and then they even up leaving. >> so, family, of course, is grateful for that fact but son didn't have any money. the son had $19 in his wallet. they took that money and ran. luckily in one was hurt but this he were tied up, in their own home. >> this is 1:00 o'clock in the morning. all three of these guys were tied up. in the middle of the robbery when they realized they had a wrong house. they said you don't have any money? they say to each other, we
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invaded the wrong home here. they admitted it to the the people that were tied up. everything seems to be back to normal new but what house were they looking for on that street. 7:05. crews are working to control a forest fire in bass river, new jersey. it started 6:30 last night. officials tell us that the fire is only about 65 percent contained. got news is that officials say there are no homes or buildings in danger from this fire. more than 460 aches have been burned. if you live in the area and watching the show and you see smoke from your house let us know on twitter. 7:05. people on norristown forced to evacuate their homes earlier this morning after an underground trans former fire happened around 3:30 this morning at main and barbados street. fire officials, spent time checking carbon monoxide levels. no word on the fire. it probably has something to do with carbon monoxide would i get. family of the wheelchair bound man killed by wilmington
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police is devastated by results of the justice department investigation. >> yeah, four police officers involved in that shooting, dave, none of them criminally charged. >> reporter: that is right, they are not facing charges, according to a new report, findings by delaware department of justice here. it certainly has the family of this man who died in this situation, voicing their outrage. the candles were lit outside the home of the 28 year-old jeremy mcdole wilmington man shot and killed while in his wheelchair last december. now delaware department of justice says that the four officers who shot and killed him will not, not face any charges. cell phone video captured the incident. mcdole a paraplegic, sitting in his wheelchair, and police say that he had a gun, officers, yelled for him to put up his hand and eventually they opened fire. according to the d o.j. report, three of the officers, believed that their lives were in danger but the report singles out senior corporal joseph dellose seen firing a shotgun. report says quote although d
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o.j. is not able to pursuit criminal charges against senior corporal dellose, it is d o.j.'s position that senior corporal dellose's conduct in this case was extraordinarily poor police work that endangered both the public and his fellow officers. it also says quote that the d o.j. does not believe senior corporal dellose should be employed by the wilmington police department in any role, where he would be carrying a firearm in public. >> that statement that they put out right there, clearly states that there is a problem in this whole case. you put that out there but if you didn't do anything about it. you said in your report that the officers were wrong, and what he did, his whole way of coming to the scene but you are just saying that it is okay for him to do that. we will not charge him. >> one officer didn't just shoot my son, four of them did. all of them should be held accountable. >> reporter: family says that they are planning to sue.
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meantime the d o.j.'s report also blasts the wilmington police department saying that there are serious deficiencies in the way officers are trained to handle situations like this one, especially in terms of the use of force. back to you mike and alex. >> all right. 7:08. >> chris, somebody got hit on the roosevelt boulevard. >> yes, one man is dead after being hit the on the roosevelt boulevard. this was late last night, this happened around 11:30. a man was hit walking down the road near c streets. the 20 year-old was killed. the driver stayed at the scene. police tell fox 29 that the driver was not at fault. police also trying to track down the person who shot and killed a man on the 1300 block of somerset street, it happened around 10:00 last night. the victim was shot once in the head. pronounced dead at the scene. right now police have not given a description of the a possible suspect. and a barrage of bullets in north philadelphia, police are hoping you can help catch the person, the two men, that shot the at a group of people have the the scene, the 3700 block of north seventh street on tuesday. shots came from a minivan.
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at one point the driver of the van got out, and then opened fire, the suspects then took off. the bullets hit a bunch of cars and no people. police are not sure as to what motivated this. and a newark delaware karate instructor is facing multiple child rape charges. new castle county police say that an adult contacted them after a young girl came forward claiming that carlos villa seen here inappropriately touched her. the allege incident happened between december between the some, march 201 16789 during the investigation, investigators learned of another similar incident. they are concern there may be other victims out there and they want them to come forward. and pause to go honor those injured and killed when an amtrak train careened off the tracks one year ago. can also were lit at the site where, eight people lost their lives and 200 others were hurt in port richmond last year. first responders, neighbors and those directly affect by the tragedy gathered to remember the victims. the names of those who lost their lives were read allowed. the vigil was also meant to remember those who survived and they are still suffering a
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year after that derailment. mike, you talk to one of those victims yesterday. >> yes, i did. he was so open about it too. we have breaking news, well, breaking news of sorts, i guess, because we have been looking for this family. new jersey lottery officials announced a news conference will be held today, to reveal, last weeks power ball winner. >> you'll remember winning 429 million-dollar ticket was bought at a trenton 7-eleven. this jackpot is sixth largest in power ball jackpot history. largest single jackpot winning ticket sold in new jersey. so it will be set for 3:00 this afternoon the news conference. we will have economy details on fox and on fox 29 news at five. 6:00 and 10:00. everybody wants to know do we know this person. maybe they owe me money. >> i will go to the news conference at 3:00. >> 3:00. >> lottery officials at their offices. >> probably. >> take a diamond ring and propose. >> if it is a woman?
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>> i don't care fit is a man or woman. >> that is true. >> i will propose at 3:00 this afternoon. i ill just pop in the press conference. it is 7:11 right now. people in berks county trying to figure out how tires were stolen right off their cars, and nobody noticed it. thieves leaving vehicles up on cinder blocks, man, they work like a pit crew at nasa car event. >> police say a well organize group is stealing tires of cars and making off with all four in just a matter of minutes. like mike said almost like nascar. tire thefts are fairly rare but there were two cars hit yesterday morning. one outside home in schillington. another at a car dealership in. >> i looked around and there were cinder blocks right there. >> in tires. >> in tires at all. >> it will be upward of $3,000. the tires, and rims alone are probably 2,000. plus they did damage from where they sit the car down on the sinned are blocks. >> reporter: police say best
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way to protect your tires toys put a lug nut lock on each wheel and those cost about $50. but it will save you money in the long run if people are stealing cars like this. >> i'm not accusing anybody of these things but nascar is in our area. >> maybe they needed to bureau tires or something. >> we will give it right back. >> within of the teams lost their tires. >> they won't notice. >> no, that is not nascar people. they are having a great race on fox saturday and sunday down the at the dover speed way, the monster mile if want to see behind the scenes, tom sredenschek, he will do a facebook live show, around 11:00 o'clock. you need all access. >> it is if unto watch. go to the facebook, no, our web site, and fox, and then click on our facebook page. >> exactly. >> yes. >> george zimmerman's attempt to auction off the gun he used to kill trayvon mart and peers to have backfired a little bit overnight. but it seems to be back on line, now. >> so original site where he posted it, they took it down. minutes after the auction was supposed to start yesterday,
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the site gun removed the post saying they want nod part in this deal. then hours later another site, united gun group, posted an ad and this morning, bid are up to 47 million-dollar. >> which has to be a joke, of course. >> they don't seem to be serious bid. >> zimmerman got the gun back after acquitted in trayvon martin's murder. he has every right to sell the weapon even though, it has drawn criticism. >> he has the right, yeah. >> listing of the gun ends with latin phrase that translates too if you want peace, prepare for war. >> brilliant. >> house speaker paul ryan and donald trump, both leaving their meeting yesterday, trump gave the old thumbs up. it was nothing but positive things to say about each other. but paul ryan has yet to officially support donald trump's presidential bid. trump and ryan pledged to work together despite their differences and try to unify
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the g.o.p. yesterday's meeting came after ryan, said last week, that he is not quite ready to back donald trump, if he wins the nomination, and it sure looks like he will get it. people have been asking on twitter, will you show me the darn, donkey? there it is. that is going to be on display in july when the democrats come here for their convention. >> um-hmm. >> hold on, is there another version. it will be more than one donkey by the way. we will be, knee deep in -- you know what i'm saying -- in donkeys. thinks the reared part. i believe that donkey or one that looks like that donkey will be placed in front of the union league. now, i don't want to, you know, say but to generalized but a lot of republicans hang out at the union league, where they have agreed to have a big donkey in front of the union league. >> will the donkey be facing the streets, and therefore. >> his butt would be facing the union league.
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>> here's another version, of the state of the pennsylvania. where did he go. it has the state of pennsylvania. i think that is state of the pennsylvania on the side. doesn't that look like what that is. >> maybe placed it along with the sidewalk so that way everyone gets to see the side of the donkey so no one is on the back. >> is that the position. >> positions is everything. >> well, sure, look at where we have positioned sue in front of the weather thing. >> wonder when the donkey was going to come in, transitions, to me. meanwhile, we have got weather changes on the way. i hope you enjoyed dry weather yesterday. it was cloudy at times but pretty nice, and then today thunderstorms are in our weather future. most likely between noon and 6:00 p.m. if you are at the shore you'll get them last. you know how they go from west to east. then saturday, tomorrow, a little bit later between two and 8:00 p.m. is when we're expecting thunderstorms to roll role n these could be stronger then the ones we will experience today. windy and much cooler on
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sunday. dramatic weather difference with wind up to 30 miles an hour. that is a preview of coming attractions. lets look at right now 61 degrees in philadelphia 56 mount pocono. sixty in wilmington. sixty-one in lancaster. and here it comes, the rain, it is moving in the central part of the state. we are not seeing much in the our area just yet but eventually, here it comes, and it is by eight or 9:00 o'clock, some showers around, and the heavier rain, mentioned around noonish between then and 5:00a p.m. it will match across the state. we will get a break until tomorrow have afternoon. anything you want to do outside if you have a choice, morning would be the best time to do it because around two or 3:00 o'clock here comes some more thunderstorms rolling through and some could be strong. the that is the deal. let's talk numbers in the seven day forecast. zero seven's today and tomorrow but only 60 degrees on sunday. and 62 on monday. and still in the 60's on wednesday, and then maybe getting close to 70, by thursday bob kelly, we should get the game in at least but a lot chillier on sunday.
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>> this afternoon i know they have a lot of promises on, we have afternoon, my daughter had a track meet, scheduled for this afternoon, they luckily postponed that. so that is good news. keep your eye to the sky, and fox 29 weather app will be able to track those thunder boomers as they roll through. southbound i-95, jammo as we head in toward the betsy ross bridge. an accident in the left lane, engine 33 and 52 there fire fighters on the scene there in bridesberg. watch for an accident north bound lanes of the the blue route 476 at that sharp ramp, to go west on the schuylkill. guys off into the ditch there. and then north on the freeway, starting to see delays coming in towards, philadelphia, on the freeway, no rain just yet, at least roads are not wet yet but it is on the way. north on 295, an accident approaching 42 and when we get that heavy rain look out in the work zones. 295, 42, i-95, we have a quick
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tendency to get flooded out quickly where those drainage grates are located. the atlantic city line suspended between philly and pennsauken, new jersey transit using shuttle bus these morning. mike, back over to you. >> the deal is done, alex. >> yes, last eagle will draft pick has sign with the team, perhaps most important, carson wentz, and everyone takes that picture when they sign. that is how you know it is official. we signed a four year contract worth 27 million-dollar. >> hello. >> with a 17 million-dollar signing bonus. >> how old is he again. >> twenty-two. deal comes just in time as eagles will start rookie cam top day at the novacare complex. >> we will hear from carson wentz today. >> oh, yeah, he will have a press conference. >> you know they will be asking about bradford, of course. >> let's ask gentlemen decamera about this. joe, good to see you me man. >> good to see you. >> you were talking about this yesterday. i was listening to you. well, look at the paper here. i mean, the pressure is really on this kid. he hasn't even pick up a fat
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ball and his face in the daily news, higher education. these quarterbacks no matter who they are, article about bradford, article about carson. bradley knows what he is in for. >> bradford. >> him too. >> yes. >> intensity of eagles fans and philly. >> well, he will find out soon enough. look, we will find out exactly. obviously bradford has the job, out of the gate, we will see how long it last. this is situation where obviously where there will be pressure on sam bradford to perform and perform early. if he doesn't perform well, one, boos will rain down and head coach could consider making a change. when that happens? we don't know. we know in 1999, halfway through the year, and bradford has the job but if he doesn't play well, man, it will getting youly. >> is carson and sammy, have they talk. >> i'm in the the sure. >> have have they had lunch.
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>> they better figure it out. that will be interesting room. die man nick that room and then chase daniels. this is first season i can ever remember in my last time here, three different quarterbacks that could be starting quarterback of the eagles week one. sam brad forward could still get traded. i don't think he will. if he wants to get traded, daniels start? does wentz start. >> how many quarterbacks do you need. now they have started camp they tweeted every everette golson will be one of the people trying out too. >> four. >> lets put it this way. eagles season or eagles future gets in the hands of the edward golson, things have gone dramatically wrong. >> yes. >> notre dame guy, florida state. >> meant will beach. >> but fittings there, bam. >> we're in trouble. >> yes. >> why even have him there. >> you always need backups. >> how many backups do we need. >> what was my question.
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>> the money. >> no, not the money. >> he got standard amount of money. >> yes. >> ironic, because bradford said that when he was drafted. >> here's the deal. bradford was the last quarterback, actually last player to be taken number one overall before nfl change their salary structure. about a decade ago they got together and said enough with the rookies making all of this money, topics in the draft. we want veterans to get it. instead of the guy getting 60 million they will get what carson wentz get which is 20 million. >> what was bradford. >> bradford was 60 million. >> i'm talking about now. >> now it is 22 million guarantied, and 18 million this year. >> he will be fine. >> how many millions per touchdown has he done in his career. >> well, i have to dot math, i don't know the exact number but millions per win. >> no. >> you know what i'm saying. >> we're talking about a quarterback with less than a 500 record. he is 13 games under 500 for
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his career. >> i wouldn't doubt, he has been paid 500,000 per touchdown. >> yes. >> i want your life. >> and he has good hair. >> yes. >> your hair is all right. >> it is all right. >> thanks, joe. >> you are so good on the air, joe decamera. >> appreciate it. >> it is in the fake. >> no, fake looking. >> all right. >> lets get back to this because man are you responding on social media one brutally beaten and in fun in the streets of the philadelphia this went on for about 20 minutes. people videotaped it. but nobody stepped into stop it. there were plenty of guys around if they had teamed up, nobody did. >> big changes. >> what the wendy an "s" restaurant chain will be stalling in response to minimum wage hikes across the country. >> your lottery numbers from last night.
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we have breaking fabric news out of manhattan. lauren simonty has lost one of her sleeves. >> what happened.
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>> you just caught me so off guard. yes, it is friday 13th it gets scary here. >> my gosh. >> yes. >> hopefully you are already. >> she's like the second amendment, right to bear arms. >> anyway, wendy's hamburgers, said minimum wage, wendy's hamburgers says minimum wage increases have led to changes at their restaurants, what do you mean. >> when you have to pay your workers more money and this is a conservative argument and other people make to this argument too when you pay workers more money and we have seen it in states and cities across the country, you have to cut back in some way because more money is coming out of your pocket. many big companies, mcdonald's, wendy's, you name it, they are owned by small business owners, they are franchises. that small business owner says if i have to pay so and so $15 an hour i will not hire another cashier i will use a computer, kiosk. my customers can come in, put their order how they want it in that kiosk.
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is there usually no mistakes. things will work smoothly. that computer doesn't call out sick and i win in the end. the this is thinking that is going on in many places including wendy's. later this year they will start to roll out self-serving kiosk in the stores across the country and most wendy as are franchises. >> liking to go wawa. you put in your order. >> yes, i have not been to wawa in ages. >> yes. >> it would be like that then. >> hold on, lauren. are you sure this isn't just an excuse to automate. >> partially. but i think this is going to have unintended consequences because everything is automated. people will create real human interaction. you might see some of the old school places, who are kind of not welcoming computers at all get really popular. human beings will want contact with other human beings and gravitate to those places. >> i don't know. >> this whole computer thing. >> i was in the fast food place the other day, everybody in there was miserable and
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surly. sometimes i would rather talk to a machine. >> people want to talk to a person when there is a problem. i want to talk about when my order is wrong, what do i do. >> yeah, right. that makes sense. >> i don't know, it is for fast food workers demanding higher wages because company always finds a way paying people more money especially around small businesses when really operating on slim profit margins to begin with. >> true. >> so, sue, the dry cleaners. >> i have to find my other sleeve. >> bye, lauren. >> have a good weekend. >> you too. >> bad news for local college graduates, we have to rectify this problem, why you may want to move out of the fill a area. that is not an option for a lot of people. if you cannot move out to start your career, we will negate this problem for you. and yes, it is friday the 13th. are you superstitious? when your right palm inches,
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money is coming. when left itches, you have to kiss it and keep it from leaving. >> my left is itching can you kiss it for me. >> you can kiss it yourself. >> we will have more, at fox 29 good day.
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the whole thing may have been a big mistake. plus a major order expect from the obama administration, message delivered today in regards to bathrooms and gender identity. and it involves our schools, across the country. 7:32. man, is that going to create a debate this morning. hey sue. >> we have no debate bit, rain is coming and bus stop buddy is ready for it. we are dry for now. bus stop buddy has some rain gear with him. temperatures are mild though, a mildest morning of the week. we are in the 50's and 60's. you can see there the cold front, well, you cannot see the front but you can see the rain associated with it. it is in the western part of the state moving towards central pennsylvania, heading here real soon but we are still not seeing too much in the way of rain but the clouds are starting to increase in advance of the rain and we will see we're socked in olde city with 61 degrees to start your day, and 73 by the middle of the day and that is when we expect if you get a
7:33 am
thunderstorm, that is when it will happen. a few left over showers towards evening but we should be able to get phillies game in tonight and whatever you are doing this evening as well. sunset time bob kelly, 8:08. >> make sure you have the the dollar for the usher in phillies game because you'll need your seat wiped off this afternoon from the rain. good morning northeast philadelphia southbound i-95 stacked up from the the betsy ross bridge from an accident in the background taking out what would be the left lane there. right near the betsy ross bridge. we are seeing volume coming in here on the 42 freeway. we have an accident in that same area northbound 295 on the ram tops 42 in bellmawr. now new jersey transit using shuttle buses on the atlantic city line. services suspended between philadelphia and pennsauken because of the delair bridge has had some issues. it the is just stuck in the upright position, and the dad vail regatta taking over our city both today and tomorrow welcome to all of the folks in
7:34 am
town and that leaves the kelly drive closed, to vehicle traffic, during the morning and evening rush hours, today and all day tomorrow, so martin luther king drive will take that volume. mostly pushed on to the schuylkill expressway. mike and alex, back over to you. i remember back in the 60's, hearing about a situation in manhattan, in new york city. i believe 60's or maybe 50's. a woman was brutally murdered. people were hearing it from buildings. nobody went down to help her. >> they called 911 or they thought someone else called 911. >> we didn't have 911. nobody called police. nobody helped her. all these year later, the same thing is happening but now we have cell phone video. this video was sent to us via our fresco app. it is raising questions. it shows people standing by and a lot of them, some laughing, not stepping into help.
7:35 am
as a man for 20 minutes, beats on a woman on the street in kensington. >> video is hard to watch. victim was hospitalized but dawn timmeney went out to the 200 block of ontario street to try to figure out exactly what happened. >> reporter: man who shot this video of the brutal beating on the side of the street does not want his face shown, on camera but did talk to us. >> the guy was on top of the girl and just beating on her. >> reporter: woman was on the ground and you can see the man repeatedly slapping her and punching the victim. witness who shot the video said the beating went on for some time, maybe 20 to 30 minutes. >> did anybody try to help would the man. >> no one. just standard. they were laughing and just standing around like a normal day, you know, like nothing was even happening. >> reporter: did you try to help her. >> no, i was just doing the video. i was just recording, now. i didn't want to get in it. >> reporter: someone did call police. officers responded and they say they caught up to the guy
7:36 am
and said he was one assaulted. >> male gave a completely different story. it goodies thing this video was sent to us because we sent police back out there. >> reporter: lieutenant john stanford says video is very disturbing and says the fact that in one stepped into help is equally appalling. >> there is ten individual watching this and five males watching this and in would be intervening and a female being beat this way in the middle of the street in the middle of the day. >> reporter: we don't know why no one jumped in and whether they feared for their own safety as the man who shot the video tells us he did. >> i didn't want to jump in and be a hero and just get hurt, you know. it is bad out here. >> reporter: do you know the girl. >> no, i do not. i'm used to seeing stuff like that around here. it is sad. >> very sad. >> good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> hi, i understand people being afraid but there were so many adult male there that if you got four or five of them together and rushed the dude
7:37 am
and knocked him over, that didn't even happen. >> you know what, there is a thing called bystander effect which is, very prominent when there are more than one person around, bearing witness to violent. >> what sit bystander effect. >> yes, more people are in a group, the less there is a chance for a person to step in. >> because you have passed the responsibility. >> exactly. >> they will do it. >> or people feel like their shared responsibility. i don't have to take initiative to do that. also people feel like if i step in am i making right decision or wrong decision. >> how about if one guy makes a move to help do you think other ones would have the bystander of helping maybe. >> could be. it is a connection of what one person doing one thing and then we jump in but if there are people that are not jumping in, that could be a problem for person being victimized. >> and then someone else, those this video this he said what if they have a gun, or fight you off. >> i call it fear factor.
7:38 am
people fear retaliation or they feel if they step in there is something that will happen to them. >> well, yeah. >> they did say somebody call police but you don't know who did that and how long it took because this happened for 20 minutes. i think we need to pay attention to is we don't bear witness to violence every day all day but in communities where there is feeling like there is no hope and people are desensitized to violence often times this is what they are seeing is their normal. >> i think we're seeing that certainly in this country by now. >> yes. >> desensation, desensitized, too many violence in the world. >> yeah, and so subsequently it becomes normal and so we say this is appalling that no one would step in but if you see this day in and day out, and you have a sense of hope, desperation and despair in your community where you don't feel like people will step in, that becomes a problem. you know, there is that feeling that we're already hopeless. no one really cares about our community. why should we care. >> even more than that for
7:39 am
younger people, maybe not even then but people want to put this on social media and get this on my snap chat, put this out there, but we saw this the case in wilmington with amy joyner francis. >> i'm talking about that with a bunch of teen girls about that on saturday. you saw that. it is a youth summit. how do we talk to children, young people about the ways in which you can create a movement for helping, verse, you know, sort of creating more and more violence in these environments. we have to think about the rage that these people are under. they are feeling like they are under attack many times and there is a sense of rage. so subsequently if people have been disdisenfranchised they don't feel there would be somebody to have their back. >> i just think those people were scared this was going on a long time ago back in 1964, the case of kathy again vees and there were 38 people that were watching out of their apartment buildings in manhattan. do you have a picture? there you you go. there she was, raped and
7:40 am
murdered in front of the 38 people. >> where were the police. >> only one woman ultimately called police, but, they heard her. they happened her happening in the alley, in one went out. >> do you remember years ago community policing meant police were walking around and they knew everybody in the community. you didn't to have wait for 20 minutes to call police, they were already there. >> good to see you, doctor. >> 7:40. could summer olympics being postpone? one professor say it is time to stop the real olympics because of the zika virus. sick a.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ it is friday 13th. we have weird ideas. mostly alex. a lot of people are soup stir bus black cat. let's dress movie any a black cat outfit and send him over to the clothespin. let's take that camera right over there. >> oh, no, what is that. >> what in the world. >> halle berry. >> that is the outfit. >> no, no, over. >> yes. >> that was outfit we originally had but it wouldn't fit so we went with what did we call it a blackout fit with a little mask. >> it looks like a onesy.
7:44 am
>> why do i have to do this all the time. >> go where ever you want to go. >> this is up here. >> mike, alex. >> boom, put that on. >> watch for him around the philadelphia area. >> i can't see anything. >> black cat. >> we will see you outside. >> now do that pose, chris. >> lets get out to q because dad vail regatta is on the schuylkill river. >> listen, drexel has already won a race already. we have direction ill right here. we have lasalle back there. we have to preview the race coming up.
7:46 am
7:47 am
good morning everybody. unlucky ride here on the westbound schuylkill expressway heavy from the boulevard out toward conshohocken. roads are dry right now but all scenario will change as we move through the day, live look at the vine street expressway, stacked up, trying to get over towards 30th street station. q is down on the river to tell us all about the races but kelly drive close todd vehicle traffic all the way through the end of tomorrow, six or 7:00 o'clock. coming in or out of the city and typically use the kelly, you will be pushed through the ball field. today, stick with the martin
7:48 am
luther king drive. tomorrow, both drives closed to vehicle traffic and that will push volume on the schuylkill expressway. atlantic city rail line services suspended between philadelphia and pennsauken. delair bridge is stuck, in the upright position. so they are using shuttle buses and probably throw an extra 20 minutes in the trip. throughout the day as rain moves through, both today and tomorrow, just watch for weather delays down for philly international. what is time line for the rain? sue has got tonight 152nd. we have nascar week men dover delaware but forecast we are about to see is forecast for all of us. afternoon thunderstorms on saturday. a high in the mid 70's, and
7:49 am
then, on sunday, things change, as soon as those thunderstorms roll through it is much cooler and much more windy on sunday. sunday's high temperature only around 60 degrees but we will be seeing some sunshine, as far as the rain is concern, well, that arrives in a little bit. temperatures are in the 60's and 50's. it is on the mild side, and oh, no i saw a black cat, does this mean i will have bad luck today. >> he didn't go in front of you. >> owe, okay. we were lucky yesterday we didn't get the rain. today in the so much. tomorrow not so much. and then that cooler temperatures on sunday, we will warm up by middle of next week. my acting, i guess i got to work on that. >> yes. >> and the oscar goes to... we will do it again this year. i love doing this. have friday we will hit road ape take our show "good day philadelphia" to your town. first up, doylestown. week from today, alex. >> party begins may 20th. this is your day. we will give you more specifics about where we will
7:50 am
be but we want to know you make sure what is coming. clear out your morning. seven to 10:00 a.m. live you will be on tv. >> machine morning on the show we will give you exact intersection, location where we will be. it might be a park. >> sound good. >> dad vail is on, ladies and gentlemen. >> quincy harris is here to give us a preview of the local teams taking part and now, it is show time. >> quincy? >> it is. you know, right here we have jim hand, president of the dad vail regatta organizing committee. how are you doing today. >> fantastic. we have been waiting for this all year. kid have been crossing days off that are calendar dreaming of winning a dad vail gold medal, for some their senior year, their last opportunity to win. why is this important? it is the largest collegiate regatta in the united states. we attract crews from a far away as can inadequacies, west coast and florida. big item, today are the semi finals. tomorrow is final races. great thing for the general public this is free but as far
7:51 am
as what the kid have been waiting for and working for is five things. we tell them their fate, second their family, third is their studies. fourth is rowing. and fifth social life. distant fifth. so forget about social life and concentrate on rowing. so anyone who can here today first requirement should not be skill set. was this kid a rower. if they are a rower you are already in a winning situation. as far as this, find a row tore come to work for you. dad vail alumni would be even better. history of the regatta we have been in philadelphia since 1953. this is our seventh eighth regatta. it is formed in 1934, by rusty, a coach of the university of pennsylvania said we need regatta for smaller schools. he and a close friend of his kept the regatta alive, really catered to small programs. as we do today. as well as programs in
7:52 am
transition. >> you have a lot of information. this is eric fullmer, athletic director of drexel, you guys have like a big race, big race coming up. will you win back to back to back, what will happen. >> there is over 3,000 student athletes here who are trying to find out a simple question today which is who is the fastest. we're delighted to be here partly because dad vail is a quiessential, philadelphia event. the part can will val, part regatta and part race. we will show up. >> i heard you won a race already. >> yes, he won a heat. >> yes. >> we have some parents down here. parents, are you excited. >> yes. >> are you ready. >> we're ready. >> who are you rooting on. >> drexel. >> okay. >> girls varsity eight. >> second varsity eight. >> yes. >> i was killing it with
7:53 am
drexel. >> yes. >> lasalle. we have lasalle. are you guys okay. ready for the race. >> yes. >> lasalle is ready. drexel is ready. i don't know where temple is. i'm with the blue and yellow people. blue and yellow, make some noise. >> yes. >> 7:53. concerns over that zika virus getting so serious now. >> one professor is saying entire summer olympics should be postponed? is he right? we will bring in our doctor, doctor mike to weigh in on this. if you are looking to start a career you may want to consider moving out of the delaware valley. i don't think that is an option. too great to live here. how do you counter act this new study that says this is not a good place to start your career. we have great idea, five perfect tips for you you.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
summer olympics people, are talking about postponing, to prevent a zika virus catastrophe. that may be over stating it. but i got a why not change
7:57 am
where olympics are being held. it is a valid reason with this virus, is there, you know, is there a shotty can take if i would still want to go to the olympics. >> professor came out saying they should postpone the olympics. >> yes, the professor. >> he is from canada. he is not the only one. the there is a lot of ethical issues here. i have some concerns about it. so, we were having a epidemic in the city of philadelphia. then we say we will invite everybody in to have a conference or have some kind of athletic event, people would really be concern about that and i have some issues about hundreds of thousands of people going into a country, where there is an epidemic, going on. remember the zika virus causes brain damage, it causes all kind of problems. it can be sexually transmitted and can lead to a lot of problems. >> do you think it is enough for them saying we will just tell everybody to sustain from sex and make sure they are
7:58 am
wearing bug spray, is that enough. >> i studied humanity for the last 23 years in my office. i am telling people not to do things like that is forget about it. >> especially sex. >> i just think it is probably ill advised maybe we can move it or pope point -- postpone it. is what the value of one child. if one child is, one pregnant woman gets infect, while she's down there and the child develop microcephaly then were the games worth it? i don't think so. >> oh, man, money talks, doctor mike these days. >> owe, please. >> do you think they will talk the government out of the government of brazil. >> we have to make choices in this world. bottom line is what is the value of life. value of life overrides economics in my opinion. >> lets me talk about something else then. i have been lately, you know,
7:59 am
i have been having stomach pains. so i take those what do they call them heartburn medications. >> right. well, there are several kind of heartburn medications but one that seems to becoming up, all the time in the news are these medicines called pro ton pump inhibitors, prilosec, it goes on and on and on. it is more and more literature is coming out stating that these drugs, while life saving, in conditions like a bleeding ulcer used long term they have lots of negative effects. that is what this new study showed. it showed that these drugs may make the lining of your arteries get old, quickly. >> well... >> that can lead to dementia, kidney problems, and all sorts of issues. >> so what should i take. >> if you don't have a condition that requires these medicines like a bleeding elser, et cetera, in my own practice i have been telling people to switch over to other medicines like zantac, h2. >> i do that. i have done that.
8:00 am
>> yes. >> they don't have the same side effects. >> thanks, doctor mike. >> thank you. >> you look fantastic. >> holy cow. >> would i kiss you right on the mouth if i didn't have this... ? i'm sick. >> we're a mess. >> it is friday the 13th. let's do another hour. terrifying moments for a local family, masked man forced their way in the home in the middle of the night while they were asleep. family then tied up. what the robbers took and why the whole thing may have been a mistake in the first place. and bad news for recent college graduates, the city of brotherly love may not be the best place to start off your career. why the deck is stacked against you by the time you get out of college. take a bite out of lime? i said lime. how eating a sit trust fruit is raising awareness for what
8:01 am
some called is a miss understood disease, lyme disease. em fire scandal? >> a main cast member really leaving the show? what this star revealed that has a lot of fans worried. this is big. >> when you tweeted that out, i nearly dropped my phone. >> a lot of people freaking out. >> 8:01. here's sue. >> we have a number of a day which is not the as high as yesterday. i hope you like yesterday. >> i did. >> it was nice. we had clouds but it was dry. today not so much. the rain is on the way. bus stop buddy is ready for it. phillies cap, umbrella, check. rain coat, check. temperatures in the 50's and 60's to get us started this morning. and quick look at radar shows us that we have plenty of cloud and now we are seeing rain moving into central, delaware and cumberland county in new jersey. more on the way, yeah,
8:02 am
61 degrees right now. the just a tiny bit of the breeze. seventy-three our high temperature and possibility of a few thunderstorms along with scattered showers, right in the middle of the day. we will talk about more rain, tomorrow, bob kelly, in the seven day forecast, and then, both today, tomorrow, sunday all in the city. we have baseball, soccer, t bull games. live lot schuylkill eastbound. slow go from city avenue on into center city. in problems over the bennie. we have dad vail regot, one of the big events both today and tomorrow, taking place here along the schuylkill river. kelly drive closed to vehicle traffic, all the way until tomorrow night at about six or 7:00 o'clock when this event is over. everyone pushed through the ball fields there. if you typically use kelly drive even for rush hours you want to use martin luther king drive or schuylkill through the weekend. mike and alex, back over to you. >> terrifying ordeal for a family, as they slept. this happened at 1:00 this morning. >> they woke up to three
8:03 am
masked men coming into their home and then they tied them up and asked for money that they did not have. >> kind of surprising, the block they chose, steve keeley. >> reporter: you wonder how you would react to this because you are sound sleep and somebody has a gun in your face with mask over their face. stuff nightmares are made out of. i can't believe how cool, calm and collect. mom dad and 37 year-old adult son. they have lived here for 37 years. their home, they are unhurt and obviously shaken up. they have a lot of cleaning up to do. their twin house here you see on this street in the far northeast, where it is mostly cops on this street. we have met five of them so far today. they cannot believe what happened. here's one of the cops you see on tv a lot inspector scott small. >> all three had mask, covering their faces, all three were wearing gloves, and they began ordering the family members to tell them where the money is. where is the money. the family was saying they
8:04 am
don't have any money in the house. that is when the three purpose traitors started to ransack the entire house, pulling out drawers and overturning drawers and some furniture. on all three floors of the house. >> reporter: they never bothered the family. they didn't torture them. they realized they had the wrong house. the father heard one of the armed robbers say we hit the wrong house. you see how these are, these are twins. well, neighbors knew what house the people wanted to hit, it was next door, the other house on the right, where coincidently, last night, believe it or not, that family suddenly moved out at 11:30, 90 minutes before these armed robbers came. they knew something was coming. >> even so, we will to investigate that. interesting point. there will be no charges, criminal charges, against the wilmington police officers involved in that fatal shooting of the man in the wheelchair. >> and that is from the state justice department. death of jeremy mcdole last
8:05 am
september was captured on cell phone video. four officers say he had a gun and believed their lives were in danger. the investigation found deficiencies in the police department's use of force policies and training. mcdole's family tells us they are just devastated at these results. >> i was than the okay with them executing my brother that way and then them getting a way with it. i have no faith or anything in our system. in our system at all. it is not right. it hurts. it really does. >> the family of the mcdole has filed a lawsuit begins the city saying he was unarmed. >> 8:05. philadelphia residents looking to get rid of prescription drugs, they have more options to safely dispose of them. >> city launched a pilot program in six police districts. since the launch, police have collect two hound pound. >> that is in four months. >> these are all unwanted, unneeded drugs you have laying around your house. so they are expanding the
8:06 am
program because it has been so success follow to seven more police districts. and in our district attorney he is here, seth williams. it is going well. >> very, very well. >> did you think it would be this successful. >> it is very personally my friend, bernie grandson died of an overdose when someone gave him wrong medicines. people don't know what to to with these old medicine. you cannot put them in the toilet, trash. we don't want kids to get them, digest them or to sell them. well, we have had 655 overdose deaths in philadelphia, in 2014. more than twice the number of homicide. majority of the people overdosing, on heroin, began their addiction to prescribed painkillers. >> yes. >> they become addicted to the prescribed painkillers. then they get cheaper version which is heroin and people die. so this is a event. we will do lots of things. we will go after people that sell the drugs of course. doctors with pill mills. but thinks an easy way for philadelphians to take old medicines out of the home, bring them to now the 13
8:07 am
police districts that we have had these in. >> in the lobby. >> total of 23 like a mailbox. >> do you think that is the key, it looks like a mailbox, it is obvious what you are doing. >> no questions ask. bring those old medicine. anything you have in the house. and we will destroy them. we have had 200-pound, like you said, since january. >> wow, since january. >> welshing i'll tell what you, it brings up a story we covered yesterday, and we were talking about it. and, in philadelphia. and,. >> but that means there are a ton of people in our area right now on these pills, that are not licensed. >> well, that is correct. we have a lot of people that are making a profit off of this death, and the scourge of addiction. but often, like i had three wisdom teeth extracted a long time ago. the doctor said here's a prescription for 30 millions. you will need three. why give me other 27.
8:08 am
people of medicine. they have medicines in their hems they have in the used. then this is a way to get rid of them safely so that children, and others don't become addict. >> we were talking about it too because of the prince death. >> correct good he was on percocet. it looks like he just got trapped in that addiction. >> yes. >> so once you have taken the pills and you no longer need it, to kill the pain, that is when addiction begins. so again we want philadelphians to take those medicines out of the home. this is a safe way. we are continuing to do other things. >> when will new mailboxes be up in the other districts. >> we have put up another seven as of this monday. so we have ten more police districts. philadelphia has 23 police districts. we have ten more to go. hopefully those by summer. >> you can't flush them down the toilet. >> no, that infects water. >> people are doing it. stop doing it. >> let's do this basketball thing this weekend. >> well, we will have, it is tried and true to have basketball between police and d.a.'s.
8:09 am
this is a twist. we will start with 60th and owes age where officer hartnett were shot. we will have people from the community. there were anti muslim sentiments. we will have members there. christians, muslims, everybody meet there. we will walk, to the cons -- cobbs creek rec center. i used to play basketball as a kid. we will have conversations with kids, adults, police and concerned neighbors around circles. small circles tomorrow. tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. >> okay. >> it is called speak up, lace them up. >> where will you play ball. >> cobbs creek rec center. >> you will get on the court too. >> yes, that is right. >> okay. you box, play basketball what don't you you do. >> it is all about the kids you are in good shape, man. >> i'm trying. >> i survived. >> i came in second. >> look at these arms. >> look at those guns. >> you were getting hit in the face. >> my arms look good but the face in the so much. >> you look good again.
8:10 am
>> you get ice pack and everything. >> i ran broad street run the next morning. >> it is true. >> you are the man. >> you are. >> see you tomorrow. >> hopefully you feel better. >> thank you, i appreciate it. bad news for recent college graduates. city of brotherly love may not be the best place to start a career. that is what it says in the new survey. well, there has got to be an advantage, or an alternative to moving out of philadelphia, and i think we have it. >> fishaw. >> yes, this is friday the 13th, boom. is anybody followed our black cat? the tail this black cat, it looks like he is in olde city. >> he is going up, under a ladder, oh, no. >> he is not superstitious about anything. he creates superstitious, of course, that is chris murphy, looking for food probably. >> no. >> we didn't feed him apparently.
8:11 am
trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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♪ ♪ and squeeze some magic into it. yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
8:14 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. now do you steer clear of black cats. he just walked in front of this guy. that is chris murphy dressed as a black cat. this guy seemed unphased. he is in the superstitious. >> now, walk in front of this guy. unphaseed. >> yeah. >> here comes a dog, aren't you afraid of the dog. are you afraid, chris murphy. the doggies freaked out. >> yes. >> okay. >> don't go in the bank because they will think you are a cat burglar. >> all right, this is too funny. >> we have a look at look who is here, weekend wendy
8:15 am
visiting to tell us about dad vail regatta today and tomorrow 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. already started to day with quincy and today's forecast is for a high in the lower 70's but unfortunately a chance of showers and thunderstorms. for all of us whether at the dad vail or not we have to keep an eye on the sky. we are heading to a high of 73 s again tomorrow and another round of thunderstorms saturday afternoon. sunday dramatic difference, windy and much cooler. we will get to 60 degrees. because of the wind gusting up to 30 miles an hour it will in the feel like it and then gradual warming trend toward middle of the next week. that is your seven day forecast, big changes over weekend. >> big changes and big events too. 8:15. good morning everybody. schuylkill expressway eastbound, little jammo, exiting at city avenue. there is an accident at the off ramp for city avenue and then a delay, further into the city. keep in mind with the kelly
8:16 am
drive closed because of the dad vail regatta, all of that extra volume using the schuylkill expressway. that is the case both today and tomorrow. no problems here on the blue route. live will here dry at least for the moment, delays coming in from new jersey on the 42 freeway, in toward walt whitman. again, today and tomorrow we will use martin luther king drive and with the schuylkill expressway to avoid getting pushed through ball fields with the kelly drive closed with the dad vail. mike and alex, back over to you. your kid are graduating from college and you want them to get a job. oh, man look at this survey done by wallet it rang best and worst sit toys start a career. top 150 cities. >> while the hub evaluated and ranked philadelphia, 142 on a list of 150. >> oh, man. >> yes. >> we are the ninth worst in the country. >> so only other pacitti, pittsburgh came in at 42. >> that is in the bad. >> new jersey, newark ranked
8:17 am
132. >> and jersey city was rated higher still at 78. delaware cities, they were not on this list. topping the list though outside of pennsylvania in our area, salt lake city, followed by denver and then austin. >> we're not moving to salt lake city. dan, i don't, we don't want people to move. they don't want to move. >> in sports in salt lake. >> no. >> well, they have jazz. >> in sports in the lake. >> so, give me, just give me the rest of the bad news and then we will get in good news. >> here's the deal, job market is pretty good for college grads as we reported on before but in philadelphia, we're lagging, right. if you look at unemployment rate, philadelphia 6.5 percent. national average is only 5 percent. we are definitely lagging when it comes to jobs. >> a little bit. >> especially for these new jobs. these survey measure quality of life. there are some factors that we need to pay attention to. for example they ranked
8:18 am
philadelphia, 128 out of 150 where family friendly. they rang us 137 when it comes to singles scene. >> really. >> they also look at things and these are things that project future population growth, project future job growth and we didn't rank there. all is not the bad news. we were just talking about another survey done by bank that ranked us number ten for best cities for new grads. >> okay. >> they are right. >> they used different criteria. we have proven we can build stadium and build apartments in this city. we are doing great. we have not yet proven unfortunately that we can create a lot of good jobs. we have to work on that. >> here's the thing. they say move to austin, texas. we are not going to salt lake city. there are four cities in the top ten. denver, austin, texas. >> austin is a great place to go. great college town. >> capitol, yes, politics.
8:19 am
>> well, would we actually make that much more money in a paycheck for it to be worth us to leave the delaware valley and go to austin. >> nothing is worth to leave the delaware valley to go to austin but mike, good segway. here's the deal. one of the factors they look at us economics. your paychecks. here's our little paycheck, for austin texas. if you are a fox employee at fox seven, in austin making a a thousand bucks a week. you are going home with $674. look at the bottom line there. >> in philadelphia, however, if you are that same new employee here at fox 29, dan and you are making a thousand bucks. guess what you are only going home with 604. that is 70 bucks less, guys because of the taxes. over the course of the year that is $3,600 out of that new grad's pocket that could go toward paying off those student loans the size of wyoming. so it is not completely insignificant. >> cost of living is important, guys. >> a lot cheaper.
8:20 am
>> good news is these are things we cannot change our climate unless we all start driving suv and move to these warm places but we can control these quality of life things like cost of living, education, crime, those sorts of things. we can control that in philadelphia. we can do better and create more jobs. >> i just change my mind. no, we are staying here. >> yeah, i will become a texas long horn fan. >> they say keep austin. >> whatever it is. >> i think that is mountainly crew. >> it is this. >> ozzie osborne. >> heck with austin i'm staying in philadelphia. >> we love the city. >> so, career or family, lebron james had an interesting question, if your children, lebron, asked to you quit basketball, would you. and then empire extras, everybody is now talking about what happened and could this really be going on in real life? is main cast member really leaving the show.
8:21 am
jamal, can owe really die. >> it seems like he is dead. look at 'em!
8:22 am
8:23 am
they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good.
8:24 am
well, a settlement has been reached in the wrongful death suit of the comedian joan rivers. >> so, the amount of money is confidential but in the millions. under the terms the doctors admitted guilt. the 81 year-old stopped breathing during a routine outpatient procedure on her throat. rivers died from brain damage caused by lack of oxygen in 2014. >> boy, that didn't have to happen. >> yes. >> is he dead or not. >> here's the thing, everyone, hopefully watched by now, in the spoil era leather, if you watched empire on wednesday night they have been saying that someone would die in the show. well, we all saw jamal got shot, right. so jussie smollet he plays jamal lyons but fans are worried that he will die. we had a big discussion. would they kill off the biggest character who sings every week. he tweeted out something in the middle of the night, after this up so the happened and now people are starting to
8:25 am
figure out what is going on. he said, i certainly enjoyed my time with empire, fox, i love all, truth. time to make record and some movies. #empire and single rose. if jussie smollet tweet that had out about his real life experience maybe he is really leaving the show. some people do believe this is a publicity stunt, trying to get in all this drama going outside the show but i don't know. according to entertainment weekly, smollet is not leaving the show but why would he go so far as to tweet it. >> read it closely. i they arely enjoyed my time with empire fox. that doesn't say anything about quitting. >> time to make a record and movies. >> why can't you do that and still be on empire. >> why even tweet that at all. >> for publicity. >> to make you think he has quit. to make you think he is dead from being shot, and now you think it will be a extra
8:26 am
surprise next wednesday night when he is in the dead. >> i don't know, i have met jussie, and he doesn't seem like the star to do something like that to get people to talk about him. people will talk but either way, jussie. >> please, pr department at fox. pr department at fox got him to do it. >> do you think so. >> yes. >> we will see what happens. then a big debate. we will have to watch of course and tonight at 0:30 we are a empire wrap as we look ahead to the season finally 306789 minute special. it will air after 10:00 o'clock news. >> 0:30. >> we will talk to taraji p henson. quincy harris is joining us. >> i will be watching at 10:30 tonight. >> thank you so much. >> i have enjoyed my time here at "good day philadelphia". >> um-hmm. >> what does that mean, time to do what. >> i have enjoyed my time here just like he did, see. i didn't say anything about quitting. >> let me necessity what you think, tweet me. >> let's watch sue serio squirm. she will take a bite out of lime. how eating this lime is
8:27 am
helping raise awareness for what some call is a miss understood disease, you know what i'm talking about lyme disease which is quite prevalent in the state of pennsylvania and new jersey. ♪
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
how this could effect, your child, in school. >> oh, man. >> and ladies, it the is almost time to hit the beach. time to get summer time fine. we have just what you need, perfect swimsuit for anybody's body type no matter what you wear, or feel, or have, no matter what you have going on we have something to look good on you. >> i was talking to the models. they have swimsuits that will even has your bust if you don't have one, number within. >> that is amazing. >> we have one special
8:31 am
ordered. >> mike, really. >> but more importantly if you have something to conceal, too much belly, maybe you have a little something hanging up over here. >> you need to conceal some. >> next week, we will have a male swimsuit fashion show. >> yeah, um-hmm. >> bob, let's get in shape quickly. >> i have last years fox 29 speedo. >> do you. >> yeah, just need some adjustments. >> yes. >> logo needs to be moved on that. >> 8:31. schuylkill expressway, go for a ride, eastbound exiting at silt i avenue, is there that westbound delay. a lot of extra volume this weekend on the schuylkill because of the dad vail regatta folks in and out of town, you can use the kelly drive but it will cost you an extra half an hour because you will get push through the ball field. atlantic city river line service suspended between philly and pennsauken. delair bridge has issues so they are using shuttle buses which have to navigate ben
8:32 am
franklin. weather delays possible today and tomorrow at the airport and as i mentioned with the dad vail now. today you can use martin luther king drive. tomorrow, both drives will be closed, and, for the, for the portion of the day so all that volume will be pushed on to the schuylkill expressway. i know we have to keep a close eye to the sky, because the dad vail regatta is aren't those boats metal, tents they are hanging out in metal, sue. they have to watch out for thunder boomers. >> that is right, not to mention all of the folks sitting in the stand which are also metal. so bus stop buddy is ready with the rain gear. temperatures are mild this morning, and it is dry, for now. but as we look at ultimate doppler radar we will see a few showers that have have moved into central delaware. it is 61 degrees at the moment but we're heading in the 70's by lunchtime but that is also when we're expecting those thunderstorms. we will have an early high have of 73 degrees and probably for the drive home, some left over showers. so that is your weather authority, forecast, and yeah,
8:33 am
we're taking a bite out of a line, because may is lyme disease awareness month. so in newark, delaware there is a group of woman doing something really cool to raise awareness about a disease that many say is, misunderstood chances are on main street in newark, delaware you have seen parking meters looking more colorful then usual. that is because of this woman. fifty year-old mimi easton has suffered with chronic lyme disease for the past 18 years. mimi got together with dozens of support tours mix green covers and yarn parking meet tours raise awareness about lyme. in addition to the yarn, they are participating in the nationwide take a bite out of the lymety cecil challenge. many celebrities like yolanda hadid, other beverly hills housewives, gigi, erin andrews and doctor oz have all taken a bite out of lime. now challenge is on for me.
8:34 am
>> um-hmm, yes, all the way from delaware, mimi eastman is here in person. thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you. >> the reason you contacted me is because you knew that i am a a kn iter. >> yes, i have seen some of your knitting. i'm excited to challenge you. >> this is your hobby. i don't know if people necessity what yarn bombing is but it is when you make a scarves, and then you wrap it around something in the public place. >> it is something that i have always wanted to do. i found out about it about two years ago and it is an international form of street art, using yarn rather than paint or chalk or something. so it is a great way. this gave me a chance, this gave me a chance to use the things that i love to do which is knit and also raise lyme disease awareness. >> how many people helped you with this. >> twenty-nine women.
8:35 am
eleven of us install the yarn bombs. >> you got permission first. >> we got permission from the city of newark. we are grateful, the mayor there, gave us permission to do that and we yarn bombed 86 parking meters. >> eighty-six parking meters. >> it must look fabulous when you see them. >> it looks good good you have been suffering from disease, unfortunately for a while. >> i have been suffering for about 18 years. there are 700 peer reviewed studies proving the existence of chronic lime disease after being treated for the disease. the bacteria can persist. >> so we have a couple of myths, that we want to bust and the first one is about i think it is one about getting a rash. >> yeah. >> abc's, lyme disease. you don't have to have that bull's eye rash. >> no, 50 percent of people even recall, of patients,
8:36 am
recall a tic bite or a rash. >> and as for lyme disease, not necessarily reliable, you could still have it and have have a negative test, right, right. >> over the winter virginia just passed a law stating that doctors and physicians, labs, must require their patients to be notified if they receive a negative lime disease test that does in the necessarily mean they do not have lyme disease. >> wow. >> and then antibiotics, that might not do it. >> well, right. treatment failure rate for early stage of lyme disease is as high as 36 percent and late stage lyme disease treatment failure rate may be as high as 50 percent. >> eighteen years. >> eighteen years. 63 percent of patients suffer even after treatment. >> everybody kind of knows somebody that has lyme disease. >> very widespread. it remind me of a, like weird
8:37 am
because it is a silent epidemic and the senator from australia had the nail on the hid saying lyme disease patientness australia are medical refugees in their own country. so i would say the same for u.s., canada and uk. we need to spread the word and lyme disease lime juice will challenge is a way to get attention. >> what do do i. >> we take a bite. >> yes. >> you have to will challenge, three more or challenge one more, and then -- >> yes. >> go. >> don't. >> i challenge mike and alex. >> here's my -- hi mimi. >> come over here, stand with us. >> okay. i don't know, do i this every friday night, before i do a shot. >> okay.
8:38 am
>> here we go. >> well, we can do it over here. >> over here. >> are you ready. >> yes. >> i challenge chris murphy the black cat. >> i challenge lauren johnson. >> oh, yeah. >> you do this every week. >> it is my turn. >> look at the that face. >> that is beautiful. >> read the next little tease there in the prompter. >> okay. >> wow. >> where you can go this weekend, to hear from experts all over the country and five products you must have in your cabinet. >> two or 3,000 people will be at the convention center for this huge national hair convention. we will tell you about it.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. than playing all about the bens
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all right. it is 8:42. we have just learn, a few minutes ago that former temple university president, peter liacouras has died. >> he served as university's president for 18 years from 1982 through 2,000. school liacouras center was renamed and dedicated his honor and back in february of 2,000. his son told that his father passed away last night. he was 85. >> more on that on fox tv, fox, and of course, full report at five, six and 10:00 o'clock. all right. 8:42. we will take a quick break and come right back. apparently the black cat is on the move again. be careful.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:45 on your friday the 13th, visiting the morris animal shelter the oldest in the country by the way, yeah, morris animal refuge is chris murphy, oh, no, he is afraid of the dog. he is supposed to be scarring other people but i have a feeling they are laughing more than they are afraid. wait, wait, wait, he is going in. he is going in. look out, dogs and kitties.
8:46 am
it could be a scary time. all right. having some fun, this should be fun on friday the 13th. we have rain the on the way. there is cold front number one, on our doorstep and cold front number two which arrives tomorrow afternoon. for to take's rain we are seeing it spread in delaware and southern new jersey. very light showers to start in advance of the actual front. once we warm up in the 07's then we will get cold front and could get thunderstorms around wildwood just a few scattered showers. we will look at the seven day forecast and get you ready for weekend with 73 degrees today. seventy-four tomorrow. another round of afternoon thunderstorms on saturday. sorry about that. then on sunday a dramatic temperature change we will make it to 60 degrees during the day but with the wind gusting to 30 miles an hour it will feel chillier then that. so when you and i are doing yoga on the art museum steps sunday morning we will need to move to warm up. >> okay. >> we will have to keep it moving. thanks, sue.
8:47 am
for now we will go to quincy but camden, new jersey is home to the group of champions. but only smart but they have a whole lot of game. >> there is in doubt bit, boys basketball team at kipp middle school had a dream. >> one, two, three. >> that was to bring a championship to their school and they dit. basketball team went undefeated and finish the season with a perfect ten-zero record. on the court is not the only court these middle schoolers have excelled. they have also done well, in the classroom, and ten of the 12 players have been on the academic honor roll all season long. >> of course, they are very proud of them and so are we which is why quincy is there. >> guys, make some noise. you guys won. you guys are winners. >> they are so cool. >> coach, the girls team only lost one game.
8:48 am
boys team undefeated. for first year of the school. how does that feel. >> very exciting for our school and for our city and something that we're most proud of, our 12 boys, we had ten of those boys on the honor roll to continue to push themselves inn the the classroom. >> you have said that a lot of players have saturday practice and they would stay after practice. >> we could not get them out of the gym. would i say you guys got to leave. they wouldn't listen. they are a great group of kids and they are a great kids for our school. >> you are an eighth grader. i have to check your birth certificate. what does this team mean to you. >> my team, i love my team. they mean so much to me. they are like my family and i just, where i'm at right now i wouldn't be where i'm at if it wasn't for them. >> i just played new basketball. you tried to cross me over. whatever. you are an eighth grader here. ten of the 12 students are on
8:49 am
honor roll. you push each other in the classroom as well. >> we all push each other because we want to succeed and make it big in life. we wouldn't really be anywhere. >> congratulations to you guys. we cannot forget the female team, because the girls, you guys, you only lost one game, this year, right? >> right. >> right. >> this team means everything to me because we all just work together. we are like stone. we make a good effort. no matter how many times or like if we lost or anything, like we still work together and we still give our hearts. >> it is your birthday tomorrow. happy birth the day. >> thank you. >> is what your name. >> okay. what we want to do because i am with a bunch of winners here. we have to have a celebrate. we will do the running man
8:50 am
challenge. >> hit the toss. >> come on guys. >> i was trying. >> i love it. i like your moves. >> thank you. >> they are doing wonderful things. >> 8:50. testing can be hard on kid but a local teacher has a creative solution. how she's using their desk to inspire them to reach for success.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
so, there are cats that do
8:54 am
not have tails and black cats that don't have tails. >> wow. >> we found one that is moving around i think olde city still. maybe in center city now. it is friday the 13th. chris murphy is dressed up in a tailless, blackout fit. and i swear we have him. i do. wait a minute. he is with the white dog. he is walking a white dog. >> um. >> um. >> he has moved on. >> yes good see it is friday 13th and he has been walking in front of people and they don't seem bothered by it. >> they are more bothered by him. >> tight suit, isn't it. >> it vice tight. >> how did he get into that. >> not easy. >> why is he walking like that. >> little tight in that area. >> you no he what happened yesterday, caterpillar. >> by the way, i think you have an admirer outside the building, hi, hello. >> let me bring this chair out. >> he is interested. >> he was doing, well, okay, let's move on.
8:55 am
>> there he is. >> we will see. >> he is peering in at you and he had has been doing the eye thing, fingers up to his eye balls up to you. >> riley curry. >> he is just watching the show. >> any kind of woman you would go out and introduce yourself. >> with security. >> 8:55. fifth grade teacher in new jersey is gaining major praise for the way she is inspiring her students, using furniture. >> she proves it only takes a few words of encourage. to make someone's days. >> images like this using #growth mind set are all over social media, starting here at evergreen avenue elementary school. she wrote personalized uplifting message as cross her student's desks. she says, remember there is no elevator to success you must take the stairs, you got this. >> fifth grade teachers explains it was inspired by growth mine set idea. philosophy that states abilities can be develop through heart work and dedication rather than brains
8:56 am
and talent. >> it would be news nice if our news director jim driscoll, it would be nice to walk in every morning and have a message on our desk. >> like a sticky note. >> even write it out. >> yes. >> what do you want to it say. >> another great week of "good day philadelphia". i appreciate it he you. >> you want to feel appreciated. >> how about that comment you make, even though mike didn't laugh at it, it was great. >> you kept coming in even though your throat is filled with phlegm good talking about me. >> you work through the phlegm. >> spell phlegm. >> phlegm. >> you are the best. >> yes, sanitizer. >> wow. >> bathroom debate is on, raging after what happened last night. president obama announced plans to order public schools, to allow kids to use bathrooms, that match their gender identity. as opposed to just their
8:57 am
genitals. how this this could affect children's behavior. ladies, it is time to hit the beach. we have just what you need. you will be summertime fine. do it in a swimsuit, of course. we have perfect swimsuit for anybody's body size whether you want to complete or enhance. we can enhance certain body parts. >> why are you using that hand motion right now.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
we have some breaking news out of wissonoming section of the city. as you can tell, wow. >> we have a factory on fire. sky fox over this building, the 2200 block of frailly street, no word on what business this is inside. if you happen to work in this area or work in that building, let us know what it is. is it a working factory at this point. up and running


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