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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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good evening, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. there's certainly is a lot to prepare for so let's get straight over to meteorologist kathy orr on this friday night. kathy. >> good afternoon. yes, the rain is out of here moving offshore with a few spotty showers through interior south jersey but look at that dry line. the sunshine moving in to our north and western suburbs and most of us seeing that sunshine before sunset. as we take a zoom in you can really see where those temperatures are warming. where we have the sun in reading and lancaster. still have the clouds. some sunshine through high clouds moving into wilmington up to 70 degrees philadelphia 68. that's the high for the day the same in pottstown. allentown 69 degrees. the dew point is that true amount of moisture in the atmosphere and when we see dew points in the 60s that's actually humid and you'll notice that as you head outside. but in places like lancaster and also read wrack that drier air and those clearer skies are moving in, that's where we have those lower dew points it will be much more comfortable later this evening as that dry air work its way into philadelphia and south jersey. mostly cloudy at 7:00 p.m. with
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a temperature of 67. by 9:00 mainly clear and moonlit skies at 11:00 with a temperature of 62 degrees. our next weather system moves in tomorrow afternoon with showers and thunderstorms. some of these could be severe and that marks more changes in our forecast. so coming up we'll time out those storms. show when you the gusty winds will move in and the much cooler air behind it were it that seven day forecast. >> all right, kathy, thank you. stay prepared for the rain and the cold by downloading our fox 29 news app. get live radar and alerts sent right to your phone just search for it in the apple or google play stores. developing story tonight, a family tied up and robbed in their northeast philadelphia home. the victims say there was intended target but it wasn't them. our bill anderson tells us it's a crime that has many in the somerton community on edge tonight. >> reporter: residents of far a day street in the northeast feel they live on save friendly block but after one family awakened with a gun pointed in their face, the whole neighborhood is wondering how
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could this happen? >> just after 1:00 a.m. the family is asleep. they're awaken to the fact someone is standing there armed with handgun demanding money. >> farah day street is viewed as one of the safer mock in the city. several police officers live on the block but last night a terrifying situation proved at least for the moment none of that mattered. >> somebody tapped on me and they said w is the money. >> i'm looking at them as i wok up i'm looking at him. i have no money. >> a random home inn vague itself would be scary but the victims who didn't want to be seen on camera told me the suspects clearly had a targeted house in mind and it wasn't theirs. >> then in the meantime they brought my son in. he -- we were laying on the bed. they laid him across the bed. and then one said to the other that we don't think -- this isn't the house, man. this isn't the house. >> reporter: a couple and their adult son were bound at gun point while the suspects demanded and searched for money.
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thankfully they weren't hurt. but that didn't make it any less scary. >> scared to death. i said -- i thought this guy had begun pointed at me. i said, you know, what's going on? i ain't got nothing to give you. >> reporter: the block was remarkablely calm on the heels of the home invasion. most of the residents i spoke with told me, yes, it's scary but they won't let one incident ruin how they feel about their neighbor. >> it may be this is psychologically for us we're kind of thinking it was fluke. >> okay. >> and, you know, we all love it here. >> reporter: police have very little to go on. so they're hopeful there's surveillance video in the area that may be helpful. until that time, if you know anything, please contact northeast detectives. in northeast philadelphia, i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. police in the city's kensington section are trying to find this guy. investigators say he pride his way into the village laundromat on wednesday night on aramingo avenue. once inside, police say he grabs a laptop and then takes off. if you know who this guy is or
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have any information police want to hear from you. police have arrest add woman who they say pre 10ed to be a utility worker and some delaware residents latino baker charge width two counts of felony theft recent lated charges. detectives say she went to the homes of at least two elderly people in new castle county, said she was going to upgrade their service and then accepted money nor upgrade. authorities were lead to the 30-year-old baker after they say someone she knows tried to cash a check stolen from one of those delaware homes. solemn day in the campus of temple university today. former university president peter liacouras has passed away. he was the university's seventh president from 1982 to 2,000. he'll be remembered for elevating temple into a nation nationally known public research institution and leading the major transformation of the north broad street campus. of course, the main venue on campus the liacouras center is named in his honor. temple's current president
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kneel theo bold remembered him today saying in part there's no doubt in my mind he laid the ground work for nationally respected university that temple is today. he was 85 years old. president barack obama will honor a philadelphia police officer who was shot and killed in the line of duty. sources telling fox 29 the president will posthumously award officer robert wilson ii. with the public safety officer met medal of valor on monday. investigators say wilson was buying his son birthday gift inside a north philadelphia game stop back in 2015 when two men came in and fired shots during an attempted robbery. wilson was shot and killed. developing to night the obama administration is sending a letter to every public school district in the country telling them to allow students to use bathrooms and locker rooms corresponding with their gender identity. joint letter from the departments of education and justice went to schools with guidelines to ensure that quote
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transgender students enjoy a supportive and non discriminatory school environment. the announce many comes a mid heated debate over transgender rights and school and public life. the white house says the letter includes some advice for schoo schools. >> that advice includes practical, tangible, real world suggestions to school administrators who have to deal with this issue. >> alongside the letter the school districts officials will distribute a list of what they call emerging practices. a black bear and a big one at that was spotted swimming in the wissahickon creek in fairmount park this morning. executive director of the friends of the wissahickon laura mccarthy saw it swimming through the creek and then disappeared into the woods. it's unclear where the bear came from and bears are known to be in southeastern pennsylvania but mccarthy says it is pretty rare for one to make it all the way to physical.
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well the lives of eight people in new jersey have been forever changed. eight family members are winners of a $429.6 million powerball jackpot. >> wouldn't you want to be one of them. >> yes. lottery officials introducing the lucky winners to the public today. our karen hepp tells us what they plan on doing with that huge stack of cash. >> reporter: they've got 429 million reasons to smile. but before the smiths met all of us, they wanted to make sure they had a team of financial advisers. so they could use their new found wealth wisely. >> it was a big shock when we first learned that we were powerball winners. it was a bigger shock when we learn we were the onl ticket ho. it was like -- it was like an affirmation from god because we each have dreams that we want to fulfill in this girl. >> kathy helps at risk girls in atlantic city.
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mom pearly bought the winning ticket. she says the numbers came to her in dream. >> we had divine interception gave us the numbers. >> yes. >> that's the only way you can explain that. >> reporter: they all have strong faith. steven says no fancy cars for him. >> i have family. i'm planning for my family much it's not about clothes and cars and spending frivolously. >> reporter: so they will pay off student loans and mortgages and heck, yeah, they'll travel. here's all eight of new jersey's newest millionaires by name. >> marsha, tracy, jackie, by brother steven my sister renee', my mother pearly and my other sister catherine. >> how about this, the mom pearly, she's a pastor in trenton. she ended up taking the cash on this one. that's $284 million. they all pray that they spend it wisely and they say friday the 13th it is a blessed day for the smith family. outside the lot row headquarters i'm karen hepp fox 29 news.
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those prayers are answered. now could you have the same luck as those lucky winners? get your powerball tickets then watch the drawing right here on fox 29 every wednesday and saturday night. a proud day for some villanova students. well now former villanova students. the university holding its 173rd commencement today. >> george raffling delivered the commencement address. he was awarded an honorary degree. new at 6:00 a man makes run for it at a local apartment building he's not being chased though. and police want to find out where he went. what he did inside the building that has authorities worried. plus -- >> i'm bruce gordon at the philadelphia children's play ground looking at evidence that this slide could do some real serious damage to your kids. i'll tell you about it as fox 29 works to get results coming up. >> we get our first look at carson wentz in an eagles uniform. sam bradford may not like it, but we love it, and wentz is
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ready to go and speak on the whole sam bradford situation later in sports. ♪
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♪ philadelphia police are trying to identify a man in this video and they are hoping you can help them. they say the man here is wanted for breaking into an apartment along the 8100 block of verree road back in april. investigators say he may have tried to break in another time in march. if you have any information, give police a call. fox 29 getting results tonight. a playground used lie lots of southwest philadelphia kids has a dangerous piece of broken equipment some say. this is a slide that some say should not be used by the children. it concern daycare owner contacted fox 29 to get results. >> our bruce gordon went looking for answers. let's get right out to bruce who's live for us at the that play ground. bruce? >> reporter: actually at city hall where we did some of our best work today. you know, a playground day for
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kids ought to be full of fun and laughter but we were alerted to dangerous equipment that could cut a child or tear their clothes. not good enough. so i made some calls. >> home daycare owner lesley abbott brings her kids to sherwood park at 57th and baltimore all the time but one part of this otherwise great play set is strictly off limits. >> you can't use the long slide. only the short slide. >> reporter: larger slide here is coming apart at the seams. jag metal seams. that have already torn clothing of those riding the slide. note the material caught in the gaps. >> like a serrated blade. >> it is. it's scary. absolutely scary. i have my own kids along with daycare kids. >> reporter: lesley says she called the city to report the problem back in march. was told it would be look at win 48 hours. then nothing. she called again in late april and again thursday. still, nothing. >> how frustrated is that. >> it's very frustrating for the kids especially.
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they want to play on that long slide. but no long slide. >> reporter: you reach out to us. why? >> because i've heard before how good you guys are with things like this. so my last resort. >> reporter: i took some photos of the jagged edges and sent them off to the city's department of parks and recreation. followed way phone call. >> it is truly a serrated edge like a steak 95 kind of thing. >> reporter: within 90 minutes parks and rec workers were at the playground taping off the dangerous slide. i've been promised it will be repaired or replaced asap. the parks and rec commissioner says that controversial soda tax proposal well it would bring $56 million over tie years for up keep and repairs on city playgrounds just like this one. >> i've been around so many of our facilities throughout the city, and to be completely honest, the conditions are not where they need to be, and there's an awful lot of inequity in our city especially in our under served communities of not having the roo sources at the facilities they need. >> reporter: lesley's reaction
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to the promise avenue safer sherwood park. >> i'm glad about that. i don't want nobody's child to get hurt my problem is, why did it take for mow to have to call you for them to come out when i called them several times? >> reporter: it's a legitimate question. obviously tight budgets make repairs difficult but dangerous situation like this that ought to get a prompt response no matter what. chris, latest word is that weather permitting that slide will be repaired on monday. >> i'm sure we'll get a follow up from you, bruce, thank you. back to your fox 29 weather authority. kathy, 10 minutes ago there were umbrellas out there now we look out on market street, sunshini sunshining. >> it's beautiful. >> i just stepped out during the break and i'll tell you it's beautiful. a little bit of humidity out there. but, hey, we'll take it at this point. take look at ultimate doppler the rain showers moving offshore. that sunshine line very close. already through the lehigh valley, berks county, chester county, the northern part of the montgomery county and also
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cutting through delaware as we take a zoom in you can see some sun popping out in the suburbs. marple, chester, norristown, even philadelphia some breaks in the clouds so west deptford, haddon heights, haddonfield, whiff ton, you will will be seeing some sunshine before sunset. this is what it looks like. the roads already drying. you can see how green everything is from all the rain. the temperature 68. that is the new high for the day. could make it to 69. with little bit of sunshine. you can see where we have the sun wilmington 70 degrees. dover 69. drying out for the races there. 66 in trenton. the mild air the warm air through the deep south 90 in orlando. 88 in new orleans. we will see a piece of this moving in tomorrow ahead of a front but look what is behind the front. minneapolis 44. winnipeg 41. business mark 45. this cold is coming our way by monday morning. so here it is. our next front moves through tomorrow afternoon into the evening. it clears the coast by nine,
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10:00 o'clock tomorrow night. and much cooler air with strong gusty winds behind it for sunday and into monday. severe storms a possibility late tomorrow afternoon and evening the main threat damaging winds and also the possibility of small hail associated with this. so dry right through tomorrow morning into the afternoon. no weather issues. the clouds roll in afternoon and about two, 3:00 o'clock we start to see some showers and storms firing up. five, six, seven, eight, and you can see the storms clearing the coast and then we slowly dry it out through the evening. so anything between about four and 8:00 p.m. is fair game to see a shower strong or possibly even severe thunderstorms so please be aware of that. 50's overnight. 70s tomorrow. 76 degrees the high in philadelphia. it will be warm, it will be humid feeling like a summer afternoon. late showers and storms summer like storms as well. take look at the seven day forecast from your fox authority. look at this. sunday it will be windy and cooler. the morning low 47.
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the afternoon high only 60. monday morning 44 degrees. that's in the city. and that's being kind. in the suburbs upper 30s expected. sunshine monday afternoon. tuesday partly sunny. near 70 for wednesday with a chance of a shower. another rain threat on thursday. and then by friday, sunshine, drying out, 72. so still in a pattern that's kind of like in and out of a threat of showers and i do think though as we head toward the next week, which is memorial day weekend, preview, i think we'll be up there in the 80s. >> that would be great. >> i'm loving this sunshine receipt now. looking out the window. >> enjoy the evening. >> that's good news. big man on campus i guess in town today. >> got a little sunshine with our quarterback coming in much that's all that counts. give me my quarterback. carson wentz continues to impress. he's been well coached because he says everything right to the media, but let's see if he can actually do what he needs totter on the field. plus nascar goes to dover and they don't wait till sunday to start crashing.
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danica patrick gets into little scuffle. that's coming up in next in sports. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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♪ we finally get to see our quarterback in eagles uniform. rocky mini camp kick off this
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week. over 50 guys there we only care about five or so and four will actually make the team. but when it comes to our future, only one matters and that's carson wentz. wentz took in snaps from our third round pick isaac, wentz trying to learn the playbook but the question is, will he get any help. will sam bradford get brett favre aaron rodgers treatment. you know, the i want nothing to do with you. i'm going to get my treatment. but wentz seems to think there won't be any problems. >> it's out of my control, and people want to make eight big situation but i think like i said earlier we'll have really good working relationship and i think it will benefit the team because we'll compete and really everybody in that quarterback room everybody in the entire organization will compete and push each other i think it will only benefit the team. >> he says everything right. i'm sure sam bradford he's not a bad guy he won't give carson a hard time. all right. phillies are actually not that bad if you noticed before the season started you could barely name five players off that team and now play offs started today
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they'd be the second wild card in the national league. not even manager pete mackanin thought they'd be this good. >> i was hoping we could compete at a 500 pace and we've been doing better than that, and as you said, as the manager, i choose to believe, you know, take the positive side and i choose to believe we're good and not just lucky. >> all right. let's talk nascar. it heads to dover this weekend usually they safe all the crashes for the actual race but, no, nope, danica patrick decided to start it off today. this is practice. no one around. danica' cars went up in smoke and started to catch fire. even before she hit the wall. goes nuts on her crew. not only did she damage her race car tony stewart and mcmurray crash from the oil left from her
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car. >> let's go to little bit of golf. will will cock making history the players championship on the 17th hole look at this beauty. wilcox great shot and he gets the lucky bounce and it goes in. that's the first hole in one on this course when that hole in 14 years. making a little bit of history. >> looking a little excited. >> hey, anybody made a hole in one before. >> i know i haven't. if i make one i'll be doing any type of dance i can do right after. >> i do that in mini golf. >> i feel sorry for your daughters. >> the little thing. >> that will do it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00 o'clock. have great night. inside edition is up next. we'll see you at 10:00. ♪
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the trump tapes. >> did he really pretend to be someone else? >> what's your name again? >> john miller. >> trump's emphatic denial. >> is it you? >> no, i don't know anything about it. >> what our voice analysis revees. >> are you able to determine if this is donald trump? clinton campaign bombshell. >> the close clinton friend who lives just seven minutes away. >> could she be the mystery woman known as the energizer? >> energizer comes to the house, she'll stay for a week. >> see how long this thing. >> airport line from hell. the fed did you know passenger who had enough. >> are you kidding me, tsa? >> the line goes up the escalator, comes back down and wraps around twice. carjacking


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