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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 14, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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♪ right now on fox 29 news at 10:00, breaking news in university city tonight. police say a man has been tossing metal railroad spikes from an overpass at cars traveling on university avenue. good evening, everyone, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. this happened a short time ago and very active scene. let's get out to shawnette wilson live in university city. shawnette. >> reporter: dawn and chris, it is still very much an active scene. take look at where we're standing. pan up and show you the overpa overpass. this is where police believe the suspect danger many people driving cars on university avenue at 76 west. they believe someone was standing on that overpass throwing things over that hit cars passing by. we'll take look at video here of what we found as we tell was police believe happened. again they say it was around 8:00 o'clock tonight someone was
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standing on the overpass at university avenue just before 76 west blowing railroad spikes over the over pass we're told that police found six of the railroad spikes on the road. four cars were hit. fortunately none of the drivers inside the car were seriously hurt but as you can imagine just a very scary thing as you look at some of those spikes driven right into the windshield of a car. we talked to lieutenant john walker with southwest detectives about the investigation. >> very dangerous incident that happened out here. if you see these spikes, the fact that they are nailed into the ground they are very sharp edges being thrown at cars. you can see the damage caused to these cars and one impaled into the actual dashboard of a car. it couldn't much worse. >> reporter: it could have been much worse. what we know in terms of injuries most of those people were not hurt. we were told one gentleman in one of the cars did get hit in the eye with some glass. he is being treated at a hospital ninety four new jersey where he lives. also, at this hour, police
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telling us they do have a man in custody right now they are just questioning that man. they tell us he was found walking along the railroad tracks again they do not know if he's a person who did this because of the timing he was found there, they do have him in for questioning at this moment. dawn, back to you. >> pretty scary stuff, thank you, sean n. looking live at the franklin institute after yet after dreary day the rain has moved out and it's a pretty nice friday night. sunshine came out. a lot of people out and about. but saturday could be rocky. fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr is here to tell us the timing on this. kathy. >> what else is new, right, dawn. >> yeah. >> take a look at ultimate doppler. drying out with the clearing skies but we do have more showers and thunderstorms to talk about. right now still 65 and humid in philadelphia. mount pocono 53. drier air working into reading and lancaster. but we do have moisture along the country side. some patchy dense fog. so if you're in the trenton area also bucks county you can see that highlighted in gray that means dense fog. through parts of the country side and also the pine barrens
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as you head through burlington county wrightstown a quarter mile visibility 10 on only half mile. you can see atlantic city this is inland at the airport only three quarters of a mile visibility please be aware if you're in south jersey or bucks county into the late night hou hours. we have very warm air and sunshine ahead of our next coastal -- i should say next front that will be moving off the coast tomorrow evening but this will be providing showers and thunderstorms and some of these will be severe by late tomorrow afternoon and into the evening. so coming up we'll time that severe threat. we'll talk about gusty winds returning in the forecast and behind those winds, temperatures falling back into the 30s for some of us. i'll see you later in the broadcast with that seven day. >> all right. got it all for us tonight, kathy thanks. happening now meet america's newest millionaires. the smith family. they are splitting a huge 429 million-dollar powerball jackpot and the winning ticket bought right in trenton, inform. >> lottery officials introduced
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the eight lucky winners to the public today. >> our karen hepp tells us what they plan on doing with that huge stack of cash. >> reporter: they've got 429 million reasons to smile but before the smiths met all of us they wanted to make sure they had a team financial advisers so they can use their new found wealth wisely. >> it was a big shock when we first learned that we were powerball winners. it was a bigger shock when we learned that we were the only ticket holder, um, and it was like, um... it was like affirmation from god because we each have dreams that we want to fulfill in this life. >> like kathy who helps at risk girls in atlantic city. >> mom pearly bought the winning ticket. she says the numbers came to her in a dream. >> we had divine intervention that gave us the numbers. >> yes. >> that's the only way you can explain that. >> reporter: they all have strong fame. steven says no fancy cars for
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him. >> i have family. i'm planning for my family. it's not about flash she clothes and cars and spending frivolously. >> so they'll pay off student loans and mortgages and heck, yeah, they'll travel. here's all eight of new jersey's newest millionaires by name. >> marsha, tracy, jackie, my brother steven, my sister rene renee', my mother pearly and my other sister catherine. >> reporter report how about the mom pearly she's a pastor in trenton. she ended up taking the cash on this one that's $284 million. they all pray that they spend it wisely and they say friday the 13th it is a blessed day for the smith family. from outside the lottery headquarters i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. so happy for that family. now, could you be the next millionaire? get your powerball tickets and watch the drawing live right here on fox 29 every wednesday and saturday night. a family in northeast philadelphia is tied up at gun
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point and robbed in their own house this happened last night on the 1400 block of farah day street in philadelphia's somerton section. the suspects broke in, tied up the terrified couple in their 60s and their 37-year-old son. they wore masks and gloves hadn't a handgun. they repeatedly asked the family where was the money while they ransack the place. well, the victim spoke to fox 29 saying the suspects clearly had a house in mind but it was not theirs. >> then the one said to the other that we don't think -- this isn't the house, man, this isn't the house. and that's real whole they turned around and they left. whole time the guy was standing there with his hand right at my face. >> pretty frightening. no serious injuries reported. police are reviewing surveillance video in the area hoping to catch the men responsible. philadelphia police officer who was shot and killed in the line of duty will receive an honor from president obama.
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sources tell fox 29 the president will posthumous award officer robert wilson iii the public safety officer medal of honor on monday. wilson was buying his son a birthday gift inside a north philadelphia game stop last year when two men came in and fired shots during an attempted robbery. wilson was shot and killed. developing now, students at public schools must be allowed to use bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their gender identities that is the new directive being issued today by the obama administration. so, will a transgender girl born as a biological boy be allowed in the girl's shower? brad sattin is live in the newsroom with some answers. brad. >> reporter: dawn, school district have a lot to sort out here. we talk to the deputy director of student rights for the philadelphia school district. she says a lot of what is in this directive coming from the white house is already being done in philadelphia, and the answer is no, boys are not showering with girls. this is the letter the obama administration sent to every
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public school district in the country instructing them allow transgender students to use the restrooms and locker rooms of the gender they identify with not necessarily the one they were born with. >> what the framework does provide is advice for how school administrators can protect the dignity and safety of every student under their charge. >> it's policy philadelphia of philadelphia district put in place 11 years ago and will fine tune this summer. >> if the student is not comfortable we could find an staff bathroom like a single person bathroom or bathroom in nurse's office. >> reporter: in a bathroom there are stalls but a locker room. >> we got our tops off and got on our underclothes. you're a man. settlely feel uncomfortable. >> conservative pennsylvania family institute grease. >> we of course want a
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considerate society but no child should be bullied by the government into losing a personal privacy. >> reporter: but the philadelphia school district says personal privacy is not taken away because every case is handled individually. >> this is a balancing act on some of these things with gender. we have to make sure all students are comfortable. >> reporter: pennsylvania school board's association today offered legal guidance to its hundreds of school districts telling them that while the directive is not a law, it's now officially the us government's position and districts that don't follow it could face a civil rights investigation, advising the districts to simply do what they can to meet all students needs. it's now an issue that's in schools as it's being battled out in courtrooms. something alice rider just doesn't understand. >> it's a bathroom. it's not a political statement. we just want to be comfortable. >> reporter: again, this is not a law but it does seem to be inferred by some that schools don't follow this directive could potentially risk their federal fund. >> dawn, brad, thank you. philadelphia's arson task
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force is trying to figure out who set two cars on fire in north philadelphia. investigators releasing this video they say shows the cars being torched. it happened early thursday morning along the 3200 block of north 11th street. firefighters arrived and quickly put out the fires. now police are on the hunt for the woman who they believe set the fires and then ran off. fortunately no one was hurt. a former pro wrestler facing murder charges suffered so many blows to the head during his long career he doesn't even realize he was arrested. that's what an expert told a lehigh county judge today. jimmy super fly snook accused of killing 23-year-old nancy argentina at a hotel nearly a len town back in 1983. he was arrested in 2013. today, at a hearing a psychologist for the defense testified snook today suffers from dementia and is mentally incompetent to stand trial. the experts says violence in the ring and years of alcohol and cocaine abuse most likely caused that impairment.
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prosecutors argue snook careenly appeared to be lucid during a taped interview. it is a sad day on the campus of temple university today. former university president peter liacouras has passed away. he was the university's seventh president from 1982 to 2000 sand. he will be remembered for elevating temple into a nationally known public research institution and leading the major transformation of the north broad street campus. of course the main venue on campus the liacouras center is named after him. temple's current president remembered lee i don't corals today saying in part "there is no doubt in my mind that he laid the ground work for the nationally respected university that temple is today. liacouras was 85 years old. police surround a schoolbus and pull their guns. the wild chase that ended with this dramatic scene on the side of the road coming up. and this popular waiter's regular customers noticed that something was stressing him out
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watch they did next nearly brought the young man to tears. they're unexpected acts of kindness. >> plus, what is that taking a swim in the wissahickon creek? a creature you don't see often in fairmount park.
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shocking video out of north carolina. police officers with their guns pointed at a schoolbus this morning. that's because they say the driver stole it and led police on a chase through several counties. eventually police used stop sticks to blow out the tires. the driver told officers, get this, he was -- he wanted his
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last hoorah. no one was hurt. every so often we get bare sightings in the area, but usually it's in the suburbs. >> yeah, this one turned out to be in my neighborhood. getting quite comfortable in philadelphia's largest park. let's get straight out to joanne pileggi live in fairmount park tonight where apparently there is a bear on the loose in the chestnut hill area. joanne. >> reporter: apparently so, dawn, and chris. we've been out here since late afternoon and there has been no additional sighting or spotting of that bear. but of course there are more than 9,000 acres here in fairmount park of wooded area and park area. so the bear could be anywhere. hopefully, keeping to himself or herself right now or perhaps making its way back home wherever that may be. >> if you were a bear, won oatlike live here? >> reporter: these photos proof positive a lone black bear had been roaming in fairmount park today.
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roaming and swimming in wissahickon creek. denise's boyfriend was an eyewitness. >> he was here fishing and he said that he sited the bear. he saw the bear. he said it went right across the water in front of him. >> reporter: officials call it unusual that a black bear would find its way to the park and while they recognized the fact they share the park with wildlife, the regulars here were still surprised. >> i love this park. i run here all the time. probably three or four times week. i haven't seen a bear yet. >> reporter: the bear was first spotted near valley green and game officials believe it may be the same one that was seen in upper dublin in montgomery county yesterday. they you were people in the park to stay away if they come in contact with it. would you give him his fish. >> probable physical he wanted them. >> you'd drop the fish and run. >> he could have the fish. i like my life better. >> reporter: well, of course, it is bare, it is wildlife, it is dangerous if anyone should
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see it tonight, tomorrow, call 911. now there was a search earlier today that search was suspended. stay game officials say if they see it, they will trance quill lies the bear and principle it to a more suitable location. for now we're live in fairmount park, i'm joanne pileggi, fox 29. back to you, chris. >> thanks, joanne. popular southwest philadelphia playground has a dangerous piece of equipment according to some neighbors. sherwood park at 57th and baltimore has this slide which neighbors say is coming apart at the seams. you can actually see jagged metal a local daycare worker contacted fox 29 to get results our bruce gordon took pictures, call the parks and rec department about 90 minutes later it was taped off. but the concerned citizens why didn't this happen sooner. >> i'm glad about them, i'm happy. i don't want nobody's child to get hurt but my problem is, why did it take for me to have to call you for them to come out when i called them several
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times? >> the commissioner of parks and recs acknowledge inequality in the city's playgrounds. she says the controversial soda tax proposal could bring millions of up keep and repairs in playgrounds. well, the regulars at a texas restaurant bring one of its popular waiters nearly to tears. >> they all pulled together to help get him out of really tough spot. john reid has been working at the plano restaurant for about five years. he knows most of his customers by name. well two weeks ago they noticed that he seemed to have something on his mine he look stressed out and when they found out that he had fallen behind on his rent, four of his regular customers pitched in and they left him a $700 tip. >> i literally went to the table and picked up the credit card receipt and look at it and like literally dropped it. i was shocked. so i had a big smile. kind of teared up. watered up a little bit. >> wow. reid said he paid it forward a bit by buying co-workers around
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of energy drinks to help them through their shift. proud day for villanova students. former students new college graduates. university holding its 173rd commencement ceremony today. basketball hall of famer and alum george, delivered the commencement address. raffling was awarded an honorary degree. on your radar tonight, it was certainly nice to see a little sunshine later this evening, kathy orr. >> yes. most of us seeing some sunshine before sunset a pretty sunset in philadelphia. right now on market street pretty quiet. but we are going to be seeing more showers and few more thunderstorms late tomorrow and into the evening. right now still 65. the high for the day 67. that was late this afternoon around the dinner hour when the sun popped out. winds out of the west southwest at 7 miles an hour. ultimate doppler we have one shower the bethlehem area moving over into northern jersey. elsewhere just a mainly clear sky and some mild temperatures. 64 in reading.
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53 in the poconos. 63 in wrightstown with areas of dense fog and wildwood it is 63 degrees. there is a lot of warm many on our weather map in the deep south where temperatures are still in the 70s and the 80s. but behind that warmth, we have so much cooler air. 30s and 40 40 in the nor planesd southern canada this is going to be moving in behind tomorrow's cold front. so here it is. this is what we are anticipating. the front moves through late tomorrow afternoon. ahead of it warm and humid air. some showers and storms associated with this. behind it, windy conditions. winds gusting to about 30, 35 miles an hour by sunday and the colder air lags behind so we'll be feeling that by monday morning. we do have the slight risk of severe weather throughout the region. we're talking about potential for damaging winds and even small hail not everyone will see this but there could be a few gusty to severe storms. on the fox future cast you can see clear skies through the morning hours. some areas of dense fog especially down the shore so be
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aware of that. if you'll be walking the boardwalk or right riding your bike tomorrow morning. showers and storms get underway after 3:00 o'clock. you'll see the clouds roll in ahead of it and then by four to the north and west of philadelphia, 5:00 o'clock some heavy rain possible storms in the city and then heading down the shore by 6:00 but then another line possibly holding together between 7:00 and 8:00 o'clock clearing the coast by about 9:00. so just if you hear a rumble of thunder make sure you bring everybody inside and wait until these storms pat pass. take look at the temperatures. sunday morning waking up mainly in the 40s. monday morning a different sto story. temperatures in the 40s in philadelphia. allentown, reading, lancaster, some of our interior suburbs the poconos waking up to temps in the 30s. overnight, low 56 in the city. 52 in the suburbs. mainly clear and comfortable. less humid. 76 degrees tomorrow. feeling like summer. with late showers and storms. then we dry it out in the evening sunday windy, cooler for
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the phils. partly sunny tuesday a few scattered showers midweek and then warming up by next friday. next week at this time we'll be talking about beautiful sunny day. >> we like that. >> let's hope. okay. >> sean bell first day on the job for some eagles today. >> that's right. we finally got a glimpse of carson wentz in eagles uniform. we talk to him about that whole sam bradford situation and the phillies are the kings of the one run games. they won another tight one with the reds and try continue their
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♪ low key the phillies are actually pretty good.
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like fourth best in the national league good. 20 of 15. they keep finding a way to win in close games and they found a way to do once again. bottom fourth. phillies down two. he rips run down the line. that's going to be a triple. to runs score. and that ties the game. very next batter, the pitcher comes up to the plate. you never see this. all right. suicide bunt. the catcher read it too late. he couldn't do anything about and that gave the phils a thre three-two lead. and guess what? basically win by that score because gomez comes in the ninth and shuts it down. guess what 80 phils remain the kings of the one run game with that beautiful suicide squeeze. all right. we've finally see the future hopefully the future is bright. eagles are going to live and die with carson wentz at least for the next five or 10 years and today we got to see him in eagles uniform for the first
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time. wentz has been here all week with the rest of the draft tease and undrafted rookies and wentz has already expressed he doesn't really care if he starts or sits. guys clearly know exactly what to say to the coaches. so that they love him and sam bradford that whole drama he seems to think it won't be a problem. >> it's out of my control, and people want to make it big situation but i think like i said earlier we'll have a really good working relationship and i think it will benefit the team because we'll compete and really everybody in that quarterback room everybody in the entire organization will compete and push each on the so i think it will only benefit the team. >> i don't know if he's been coached but that guy always knows what to say. >> he does. >> always says the right things. >> very mature. >> that's a great look. he won't be a drama queen like some other guys that left town for a little bit. >> all right. that's our news for this friday night. >> the fox 29 special report empire wrap is next followed by the live mega millions drawing.
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>> don't forget good day weekend starts at 7am. have a great night, everyone.z p
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♪ >> we know you just cannot get enough of cookie, lucious, lyon family and, of course, empire. so get ready for a look behind the scenes, some deleted scenes, and interviews with the actors who play all of your favorite characters. good evening, guys i'm alex local holley and this is a special long addition of the empire wrap up. >> i'm excited. i'm quincy harris. season two finally is just days away. you got to know we have a lot of connections here in philly with the mega hit show empire. the genius behind the whole series lee daniels is from philly. >> we like to claim him, don't we. >> of course, we do. we wanted to trace roots of the man who makes all of the magic in fox 29's dave kinchen sat down with the woman who brought him into this world, lee daniels mother, for a look behind the man behind the empire and tragedy that she says, helped shape his future. >> i'll be dam if somebody


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