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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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♪ right now on fox 29, sunny skies turn into clouds and rain. lots of rain. you're looking live at market street in old city. yeah, we saw some sun, first half of the day, but all of that has changed. now there is rain. good evening, everybody. i'm joyce evans. >> i'm dawn timmeney. rain is not the only weather story. it's going to get really chilly. let's get right over to fox 29 meteorologist mike masco. fill us in, mike. >> this line will pack a punch guys. we're looking at the airport shot right now. we reported over 60 miles per hour wind gust at philadelphia international airport and that line of showers and thunderstorms now pressing into delaware bay on its way for atlantic city, down towards cape may and into the dewey beach area right around bethany beach special marine warnings for the entire bay. also, included is the atlantic
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beach front. that's because of this line of storms moving through delaware at this hour. it's going to make a run for ocean city at 60:00 sick. millville coming in at 6:27 and dennis at 6:31. this is a line not packing severe storms, however, it could pack severe wind gusts and we're talking about wind gusts in excess of around 40 miles per hour. so mariners take notice of that. if you somebody on the bay or at atlantic at this hour they need to seek safe harbor much watching another line of showers and thunderstorms across the upper lehigh valley this will run into the poconos and we are anticipating this line to kind of fall apart a little bit as it races off towards the east. take a look high resolution future cast around 7:30, 8:00 o'clock, that broken line of showers may be a clap or two of thunder will be into the city. and then it's out of here as we go into tonight and that sets up some fantastically chilly air that is going to be just a noteworthy annoyance if you may as we go into sunday as all of this canadian air pushes in across the delaware valley and
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that is going to sing our temperatures down into the 40s and 50s keep this in mind. it should be 75 this time of the year. we are going to be nowhere close to that. we'll take look at philadelphia most accurate seven day forecast coming up in just a little bit. guys? >> all right. thank you, mike. to developing story now. south jersey community is in mourning after a prom night tragedy. two teenaged girls were killed in a car crash early this morning in cumberland county and two others were injured. >> the group had just attended their high school prom. fox 29's brad sattin live at the scene in maurice river township, really sad story, brad. >> reporter: terrible story for sure. the girls in a vehicle four of them coming around a curve here and i'm going to step out of the way. they slammed straight into the tree where a balloon an small memorial now sits. this happened as we mentioned about 3:45 this morning. the four girls coming back from ocean city after their prom. they were on their way home. we have some pictures to show you of the chrysler pt cruiser
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they were in veering off route 49 here straight into the tree here in maurice river township. no sign apparently of the driver hitting the brakes. may have fallen asleep. we don't know yet. students attended bridgeton high school headed home. there were apparently boys they were with in a vehicle in front of them. the two killed we know have been identified tonight as 17-year-old sol ton the driver and 15-year-old mckail la mosley. two other girls injured. one critical, one stable. the vehicle crossing the center line slamming into that tree. we spoke to a witness to a* short time ago who woke up upon hearing the crash. >> it's gut wrenching because they just graduated and, you know, their life just begins and in a flash their life can be over. and it's sad and my heart goes out to their families and their friends. >> my heart goes out to the families involved.
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>> reporter: really terrible here. investigators are on the scene till about 7:30 this morning. new jersey state police investigating telling us at this point it's too early to know for sure what caused the crash. we're about i wasn't witness or so miles from the high school. so, again, the girls were on the way home. word of this crash still getting out. via social media through the course of the day only handful of classmates we understand have actually come by to pay their respects again many of them just finding out about this over the last few hours. joyce and dawn. >> all right, so so tragic. thank you, brad. 18-year-old man is facing aggravated assault charges for throwing railroad spikes and other objects off a university city overpass. four cars driving on university avenue last night were hit. it happened about nine could clock. a railroad spike went through the windshield of one of the cars and was lodged in the dash. police say the driver pulled over, got out of his car and saw the suspect blake bauers above him on the train tracks.
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bauers was champed this morning. we talked to mayor jim cymae about the scary incident this morning. >> sick people in the world, and there's always been sick people in the world and i assume there continue to be sick people in the world. we have to get to them before they hurt or kill somebody. what would possess anyone to do that i have no idea. i assume there's some kind of pyschosis or psychological issue. but we have to make sure that we keep people like that away from our citizens so we can be safe. >> one of the drivers was treated for an eye injury but no one was seriously hurt. a house party turned violent when somebody pulls out a knife and goes on the attack in north philadelphia. tonight, one man is in the hospital and another on the run. crews rushed to the scene at west erie avenue north 19th street around 1:00 a.m. witnesses say two men got into an argument and then one of them pulled out a knife and stabbed the other in the chest. the victim is in stable condition. no arrests have been made.
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a gun fight in nicetown ends with one man critically injured and several other people in police custody. bullets started flying on west hunting park of a near the cocktail bar tasha's this was around 2:00 o'clock in the morning. investigators say four men were firing shots at each other. officers are still investigati investigating. but they believe the man who got hit was a bystander. police are investigating the cause of a violent crash in mayfair. two cars colliding on rows roosevelt boulevard just after 6:00 this morning. the impact causing this car to veer out of the control and flip over in the southbound lanes. one person was taken to the hospital. police and local teenagers come together for a little competition and a very important conversation. >> fox 29's steve keeley with a look at an event that could change the course of a young person's live. >> just be respectful any way, okay, even though sometimes you get mad. you know what i'm saying? >> reporter: it was a little round table talk between mayor and maybe little future mayor.
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in fact lots of round tables and lots of talks, lots of conversations on lots of topics with lots of cops and lots of kids. it was anything goes here on a basketball court at cobbs creek rec center to get an open dialogue before looking for the open man on the court in game. >> part of the problem community policing we've had the relationships between our kids and our officers have not always been good and sometimes they've been bad. >> reporter: that was the feeling outside by some kids not inside talking. >> i feel if i do something wrong they just pull out gun and shoot me for no reason. >> reporter: are you afraid of the police? >> i'm not afraid, but i just don't -- i don't like them. i won't communicate with them. >> reporter: they're in there talking table to table on the basketball court. will you talk to them in here? >> i mean, yeah, i'll talk to them as long as, like, as long as they don't like threaten me. >> reporter: sad to hear two good, 16-year-olds doing good in school but not feeling so good about the police. the reason why another former 16-year-old in this neighborhood who failed algebra two in school was here talking. district attorney seth williams.
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trying to live up to his role model, his dad who didn't just think his job was done every day after teaching in philly for 33 years. >> he work at this rec center when it first opened until he retired. he ran a day camp every summer for fairmount park. and i tell people even though i'm the da i know my father did much more than i'll ever do to prevent crime. because he made a direct impact on the lives of young kids. a great role model and gave them alternatives. >> reporter: little guys as young as eight learning they could talk to police. are you going to tell police what you saw if you saw something bad? >> i will tell my dad so -- >> reporter: you'll tell somebody. >> i'll tell somebody. >> reporter: but for the older kids, a start at least being open and honest about how they feel even if that feeling is a hard feeling. >> you're 16. do you respect police? >> i respect them but like the way they handle they matters, i don't like it. i don't. i don't agree with it. >> reporter: being 16, is that something you've heard or is that something you've seen with your own eyes? >> i've seen it. i've seen it.
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like, they'll completely bruise and abuse their power. >> these kinds of things with seth williams and the da's working in there and the police officials working in the will begin to make young person feel that their respected and that this is their neighborhood and that the police are there to serve them and there won't be that tension hopefully we can break it down over time. >> reporter: more time and more talking like this should help. in cobbs creek, steve keeley, fox 29 news. runners and walkers lace up in honor of heroes for 5k run in media. hundreds turning out for the ninth annual event to benefit wounded warriors. it kicked off at rose tree park early this morning. it wrapped up in the afternoon with a picnic. this year's event paying tribute special tribute to philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett who was wounded in an ambush shooting in january. south jersey is using nature to fight the zika virus. more than 10,000 fish are being released in gloucester county
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basins to keep mow toes at bay. abby huntsman shows us how the plan is going to work. >> reporter: summer weeks away that means muggy and warmer temperatures and also means more mosquitoes which has lot of people thinking about the zika virus. cities and counties around the united states are trying to get ahead of it including gloucester county in new jersey. this week more than 10,000 fish about the size of a gold fishery leased into some of their lakes and ponds as a way to kill off mosquitoes carrying diseases including the zika virus. they're called gap about is a fish or in this mosquito fish and once their released into the water they love to feed on larvae in hopes of killing these diseases before the insect is even born. >> what's also attractive about this method the fish are more environmentally friendly than chemical options. >> it's a very clean way to control the mosquito population because the fish eat the larvae of the mosquito. they eat them before they become mosquitoes. >> reporter: this is just one preventive step and it's not the first time this new jersey county has done something like this.
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the new jersey department of environmental protection which provides these fish has used them in years past to combat other diseases including the west nile virus. >> even more important this year with the increase of zika virus coming this way and we're star starting to see the effects that that is having on human life and unborn lives. >> reporter: some cities are even giving out mosquito eating fish for free to people who want them. there are now 507 cases in the united states alone of the zika virus according to the centers for disease control. however, so far every case has been travel related none of them have been transmitted by an actual mosquito. as we've seen the effects of this disease are absolutely heartbreaking. abby huntsman in new york, fox news. still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00 a young woman stays incredibly calm in the middle of chaos. >> she sure did. her actions impressed police and mother's day diners. >> hey, i'm sorry, we have gunshots in our dining room. >> the call for help.
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emergency workers say we all can learn from. that's coming up. >> plus si cade dose are taking over one more woman's house. why the experts say they are targeting her property and why it's actually a good thing. >> business owners in new jersey get a real life lesson on what it's like to serve our country. their fascinating day at fort dix is next. >> nascar in dover this weekend and young fee mom kyle larson tall talks about the young begin of his home taking his 17 month old from track to track much that's coming up later in sports.
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>> prom caught off to really scary start for group of teens near boston. their limo went up in flames. the luxury ride was sitting at an intersection last night when the teenager smelled some smoke and they say it went right up in flames seconds after they got out of it. the cause of the fire is under investigation. nobody was hurt. civilians are getting a chance to see what it's like to serve our country. >> that's right. fox's antoine lewis was at fort dix as business owners were given a crash course in the military. >> reporter: rarely do bosses trade places with their employees. >> we were able to work the joy sticks. the guy on the computer would bring the other jet up to us and i nail it for a shot. -- first shot. >> i'm just saying. >> reporter: friday morning at fort dix, need ham was one of 30 try date business representatives who participated in the annual boss lifts program two-day event civilian employers
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can experience some of the training their employees who are in the military go through. >> i find great satisfaction it's my wave giving back to the country helping the veterans and the people that are still employed with the military to -- so that business owners understand what people are really doing. >> reporter: the employee support of the reserve coordinates the even. department of defense created it in the '70's reservists come back home for meaningful employment as well give employers another avenue to support the u.s. military. >> they are true patriots. they understand what it takes for a civilian to come in one day to work and then the next day put in a set of fatigues and be sent over to iraq or afghanistan to fight the war on terrorism. >> reporter: businessmen are watching medics demonstrate the triage of a wounded soldier while the victim is a practice dummy the scenario is still impactful. >> u.s. burr rove labor statistics reports the job less rate for american veterans is right now at four-point 6%.
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while it's on the decline that's still a very troubling number for many which makes the signing of this pledge to hold jobs for our servicemen and women even more honorable. from fort dix, new jersey, antoine lewis, fox news. >> people looking for work in philadelphia are taking a chance at comedies. new comedy club punch line philly in fishtown held a job fair today. the club is looking to fill 50 positions from bartenders to servers and security. hundreds of applicants turned out to interview and hand out their resumes. punch line philly getting ready for its grand opening next mon month. atlanta police release the 911 calls made from a crowded restaurant on mother's day after shots were fired. fox's morris digs reports law enforcement officers say there's a lot we all can learn from that call. >> hello, hello, hello? anybody -- go-go! >> i'm sorry i'm a manager at sin burger. we have gunshots in our dining room. >> ma'am, what is the address?
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>> we're playing restaurant patrons running from burger spot because of gunfire that just happened inside. a lady holding a young child for deer live makes it out. there is atlanta 911 audio of the first call that came from a manager. >> everybody come this way, please, come this way. if you're not an employee come this way. >> are they still shooting? >> i don't know. i just got everyone out in the parking lot. >> reporter: police say the shooter slaps an aquaint dense array cross the head. there's gunplay. he evidently drops a weapon then gets into a struggle with another employee before calmly gathering up his belongings while everyone else is in panic. everyone except for that manager on the 911 call. listen as she continues to deliver instructions. >> okay. i hear sirens. are you still with me? i can't hear you. >> i'm still hear, ma'am. white male, blue shirt r is he now? >> jong, ma'am i have all the restaurant guests behind the
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restaurant. >> you will hear atlanta dispatch tell hershey's doing a good job. >> anyone hurt? everyone got free? is it anyone hurt? >> no. >> okay. i've got another valet saying no one was hurt. no one was hurt? >> you're doing amazing ma'am. >> my other manager is flagging me over. >> security expert listen to the call to emergency communicatio communications. we wanted to get his take. >> her remaining calm like she did and directing and taking charge it's especially important to do that. especially when you're the leader because if you panic, all the other employees and patrons or customers will panic and then it just really goes downhill from there. >> reporter: police say the shooter identified as alexander mcdaniels did not go free for long. you see he paid with a credit card before he allegedly picked up that gun. still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00 a flight attendant is accused of stealing get this 1500 little bottles of booze. investigators say she did with
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them that got her in even more trouble. plus, wild hogs are costing a fed up farmer a fortune. >> it makes you lose your religion. you kind of have to ask for forgiveness. >> that's fed up. what he claims his neighbors are doing to protect those disgus disgusting creatures and the drastic measures he's willing to take to get rid of those hogs. >> good evening i'm karen hepp along with bill anderson coming up tomorrow at 7am talk about a super mom. >> we've got the world's greatest mom and number two coming into the studios to spend some time with us. >> at least in the nation. stay off your devices when your kids are playing. the important reasons why. >> and the simpsons doing something they've never done before. make sure you're watching "good day philadelphia" sunday morning.
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spent more than 30 years in the public schools. we're retired, but we like to stay involved. you think he's going to learn to fly? we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings,
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like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
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♪ and there she goes. a piece of texas history disappears in a cloud of dust. the old stadium for the baylor university bears implodes without a hitch in waco texas this morning. the historic floyd casey stadium opened 66 years ago and it has been replaced with a new one. the city plans to use that land
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for future development. a flight attendant from memphis gets arrested for swiping those little bottles of liquor and wine that are served on planes. 28-year-old rachel trevor accused of of stealing nearly 1500 bottles and then get this she sold them according to police on craigslist for a buck a piece. she worked for delta airlines and was buffed during undercover sting. authorities say she would hide the mini drinks in her bag after flights, taking everything from rum, vodka to whiskey. she has been fired from her job and faces up to 15 years in prison. one southeast ohio family is dealing with some end will come visitors. thousands upon thousands of th them. they're cicadas. people in our viewing area know them well but not like this. this is athens county. cicada central. they come out every 17 years as you know and they like to lay their eggs in soil 64 degrees or cooler. making this landowner's hillside property an ideal spot.
6:25 pm
experts say the cicadas and shells make great fertilizer but the homeowners dogs like them as snacks. >> i sweep the front porch off because they're hanging on the porch furniture. they're hanging on the door. they're hanging on the columns and the front of house. i can't step outside without crunching on them. >> cicada invasion is expected to last four to six weeks. then they're gone until those eggs hatch again 17 years from now. still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00 massive delays at airports across the country. why it's expected to be a difficult summer travel season. plus, charlie leduff travels north to the canadian border. his comical look at plans to build a wall that you don't want to miss. >> mike. >> tracking a line of gusty showers across southern new jersey, making a run for egg harbor, atlantic city. winds around 25 to 30 miles an hour some gusts around 40 and
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all eyes turn to the canadian assault. get ready for some wild chilly weather for tomorrow. we'll talk more about that inside your forecast coming up.
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♪ if you have any flights book you'll want to plan to leave very early to get to the airport. >> the tsa announces new steps to ease wait times at airports security but as fox's will car reports, it's little comfort to travelers a mid a growing public backlash. >> reporter: waiting three hours for what may be a two hour flight or a 90 minute flight is not acceptable. travelers at airports across the country are facing hours of wait times just to be checked in through security to get to their gate. >> there were so many people that you couldn't get to put your stuff in the bins and move. everybody was just in this big blob. >> reporter: increased travel volume is straining a system that already screens nearly
6:30 pm
2 million passengers a day. homeland security secretary jay johnson is announcing new steps increased tsa manpower to lessen the wait times but little relief to passengers in a growing public backlash. >> long and painful. >> flying from to laguardia. i waited to .5 hours. >> reporter: congress approved the request to cover more higher times and higher more screening officers. >> we will not compromise aviation security in the face of dark sayings of this as a national crisis. >> reporter: adding insult to injury, technical glitches like phoenix airport luggage screening system breaking down thursday causing more than 3,000 checked bags to miss their flights. normal screening resumed there friday and those bags since been sent to their final destinations. the advice now, same across the board. noon get to the airport very early. >> we're asking the american people to be patient while we bring on the added resources and
6:31 pm
we are asking the public to have the appropriate expectations when they arrive at the airport. >> reporter: passengers are being urged to sign up for tsa's pre check program which is an expedited screening process that's generally much faster than regular security. in los angeles, will carr, fox news. ♪ >> on to your fox 29 weather authority. mike masco here. we're into part two of today's weather and it's not as nice. >> no. and it's going to linger right into tomorrow. it's going to be whiplash. i mean tomorrow -- today was 76. tomorrow barely to 60. >> so pretty earlier. >> i know. i know. >> now look. >> let's stop talking. i want to show i was cool picture because you know how some of these storms packed a punch that is a shelf cloud down in ocean city. that's ocean city, maryland, but one of our fox viewers down there snapped a picture sent it to my facebook. that's an indication of the cold air rushing out of the mid levels of the atmosphere as it rushes down it kind of shows
6:32 pm
that you shelf. that's why you see the folds in the clouds that's an impressive picture. impressive wind gusts across the region. 40, 50 miles an hour. the a airport clocked a 60 miles per hour wind gust and right now ultimate doppler we're showing scattered showers moderate rains right around cape may as you get into lewes and bethenny beach. sadded showers a quick downpour certainly possible high resolution fox future cast through 8:00 o'clock showing you another downpour possible in the city. we really can't sound the all clear until at least around midnight as this cold front pushes through the region and then we turn rather chilly. take a look at the shot at the airport. camera now bobble link around with southwesterly wind at 10. now, once that wind switches out of the northwesterly direction, that's going to usher in the much cooler weather. so the winds are now backing down briefly now that's going to change tomorrow. look at millville popping sustained wind at 28 gusting to 40. so as you get into south jersey things are still pretty wild.
6:33 pm
60 in town right now. who do you know in mount pocono 52 degrees. and we are hanging on to near 70 degrees but atlantic city give it another 45 minutes and that's it for the warmth. 76 degrees, man, i hope you enjoyed it normally 73. that's three above normal and we're not going to be anywhere close to normal at least for the next two to three days. so 8:00 o'clock few showers out there, 57. breezy and cool if you're staying out late 11:00 o'clock temperature at 54 and chilly tomorrow morning. 50 that's in the city. you get into the outer suburbs and even into the pine barrens looking at 40s and this system is just abnormal. it's a huge storm. low pressure pushing off the coast. high pressure now this is a canadian high building out of the northern prairies of canada and that is going to punch in a lot of chilly air. i mean it's not normal to see these temperatures into the 40s for 6:00 o'clock or 5:00 o'clock in the evening in detroit and that's the cool air mass that's going to push on down. look at this.
6:34 pm
freeze warnings into chicago. green bay and now the national weather service thinks the poconos carbon and monroe county maybe addressing the idea of 30-degree weather that's sunday night going into monday morning. look at fox future cast. wild. tomorrow morning upper 40s to around 50. few spots are into the 30s. maybe a pop up shower tomorrow. not really tieing that being the big deal. the big deal is the fact that we're not even getting to 60 degrees. it's a gusty wind all afternoon long. setting up a monday morning where it's nearing the freezing mark in mount pocono. folks it's may. it's mid may now. so we shall not be seeing this. fox future cast is going to show us the winds tomorrow, 30 to 40 miles an hour. so it's going to be gusty. 48 in town for tonight. 44 in our suburbs early rain going to slow clearing and then we're wind whipped tomorrow. maybe briefly touching 60 with a westerly wind at 15 to 20 miles per hour. look at the seven day forecast. man, it is just chilly on the boards. 60 tomorrow and we'll stay below
6:35 pm
average on monday and we'll do that again on tuesday with more rain because we need more rain, not. sun is back on wednesday and we're finally back to normal by next thursday. >> very strange. >> very weird. we did this last year, too, we never broke out of the this chilliness. >> really. >> we don't remember that. >> we don't, right? >> i want more of what we had earlier. >> we'll get it if we wait a few days, right? >> right. right. >> yeah, right, okay. >> thank you mike. still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00 the app that acts as eyes for the blind. how it is changing lives. >> plus a farmer fed up with wild hogs. he says they're costing him thousands of dollars and why he says his neighbors are part toll blame. that's coming up.
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♪ pfizer taking a stand against lethal injections. largest us drug maker taken steps to make sure none of its products are used in executions. pfizer is limiting distribution of seven products to a select group of wholesalers and distributors. the company companies must agree they will not resell these products to institutions for lethal injection cocktails.
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ground-break new technology is making every day live a whole lot easier for the blind. >> a new app is turning smart phones into must have devices for navigating the world. fox's laura ingle with the sto story. >> you are looking at a new app. >> hey, wow. that is all right. >> reporter: an app that acts as eyes for those who can't see. eye poll identify objects, colors and brands for the blind or visually impaired. my michael moran use it to help orient himself in unfamiliar setting like airports and stores. where he would otherwise need assistance. >> there's nothing like knowing like i can do this by myself and of course it might be easier if someone assists, but it's nice to know that i can do it myself. >> reporter: the free app uses artificial intelligence and the camera on your phone to take in what it sees and translate it in
6:40 pm
real time for its user. >> we thought it could be something like a parrot standing on your shoulder describing the surroundings for you. we want to create sort of narrator for the real world. >> reporter: this parroting app currently knows about a thousand words and constantly learning as users input information about objects viewed. update due out soon brings its vocabulary to 5,000 words and counting. eye polly in isn't the only option fort visually impaired other apps and devices like glasses with cameras attached to read texts are opening up a whole new world for their users through technology. in new york, laura ingle, fox news. and still ahead, fox's charlie leduff at the canadian border where there's a movement to build a wall. >> that's right. he talks to some canadians about their plans to stand up for their neighbors to the south. this you've got to see. plus, a bison for sale and she loves the great indoors.
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how this bhutto could be yours for the right price. ♪
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♪ a texas farmer is fed up with wild hogs. he says they ripped up and destroyed more than 25 acres of
6:44 pm
his land. he had to replant corn after the hogs doug up the seeds twice. the farmer wants to hire hunters to shoot the hogs from a helicopter. but not so fast. his neighbors don't want the chopper flying over their land. so he's now hoping the state of texas might get involved in this swipe fight. to me they're nothing but a bunch of thieves moving into the state. i have two neighbors who are harboring these hogs. see if we can't get a law passed. the helicopter came by. >> harboring hogs. the farmer says so far the hogs have done about $16,000 in crop damage. texas lawmaker says he's meeting with several state agencies to see what can be done about those hogs. and you can be the new owner of a 1,000-pound bison named bullet. it's true. bullet is for sale on craigslist and, well, she is no ordinary
6:45 pm
bison. the eight-year-old is domesticated and she's free to roam inside a texas family's home. her current owner however says she has her hands full and wants bullet to have better home. craigslist ad is generating a whole lot of interest but so far no one has made an offer on bullet. >> i just think she deserves better, some better space, some bigger grass land, um, i just think it's best for her. >> the asking price for bullet $6,000 and the new owner must allow her to continue to interact with people. keeping illegal immigrants out it's a huge issue for presidential candidates. last week fox's charlie leduff was at our border with mexico where the us government has spent billions trying to keep the illegals out. >> now this week charlie heads north to the canadian border where there's no fence, no wall, no passport control. it's international relations leduff style. ♪
6:46 pm
>> in this world we are living it's hard to trust your neighbor any more ♪ a couple of canadians post add video on facebook recently dogging the state of things in the united states. it was viewed more than 60 million times. ♪ >> hello, america. it's us, canada. as your whitest neighbor we realize you don't think about us very much that's okay. sometimes being on your radar isn't such a good thing. but we've been thinking about you and i think i speak for all canadians when i say, what the bleep! >> we are once again declaring our candidacy for president of the united states of america. >> they're running for president. they're building a wall. they're even going to help us with our agreed, our racism and our fat kids. real funny guys. but the funny thing is, the guy in the bad sweater grew up mile from michigan while his partner was actually american who served
6:47 pm
in marine corps before turning into a pan dee and running away up north with the canadian chicks. we took a trip out west and up north to set them straight. if you think the mexican border is the wild wild west, then the canadian border can guesting described as, well, canadian. ♪ >> reporter: what is that a prius? >> that's prius. >> my man. that's how you roll. >> reporter: what the bleep is your problem? you're going to build a wall. >> we're not going to bring it right there. the united states spends billions on trying to guard the border and our strategy is simply to be uninteresting. we don't have to guard the border. we try to be boring and no one wants to come across. all that money saved. >> reporter: this is the
6:48 pm
border as we speak now but it's not working because we got 800,000 of you people living over here and 80,000 working here illegally. so before you build the wall take them back and start with ted cruz and justin beiber. >> ted cruz is texas' problem all right we may have birthed him but texas raised him. so don't put that on us. >> when is this wall going to be done? >> that's top-secret. >> who is paying for it? >> we're happily paying for it. >> we have no problem with that. >> you have to pay for it because we're running $150 million a year trade deficit with you. >> um-hmm. yeah. >> reporter: your money is worthless. how that c that be. >> this is a good looking dude. who is that. >> she's starting to morph into -- husbands and wives are together long enough they start to look like the same person. >> yeah. >> she's starting to take on prince philip's attributes just a little. >> why would you have the queen -- hold on we have canadian border patrol coming
6:49 pm
through. >> we're canadian people standing up for the american people. we don't represent the canadian government and we are not criticizing the american people. we're standing up for our brothers and sisters across the border. >> but you are american. you're in a an marine. you took an oath to defense the united states constitution. >> i took an oath to defend the american people and i'm still living that oath. >> how long have you been a citizen? >> what, 22 hours. >> jeez, probable 22 hours. >> this time yesterday. >> reporter: 22 hours. >> look how well versed he is in the canadian -- >> reporter: i know. >> this is just exam stuff. random exam stuff you had to pass. >> reporter: what's the capitol of newfinland? >> what's that. >> reporter: what's the capital of newfinland. >> newfinland city. >> saint john's. >> he just took the test. capital of arkansas. >> little rock. >> i might have got that. >> clinton's origin. >> let's talk real quickly about canadian contributions to world culture.
6:50 pm
cuisine. tim horton. >> you're welcome. >> it's owned by burger king brother. >> it's bought by burger king. it was invented by canadian. >> reporter: sporting scene. synchronized swimming i'll give it to you. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: double luge it's weird but i'll giving it to you. >> curling, well done. ice hockey. how come not one canadian team made the nhl playoffs this yea years, boys? we own it now. >> i think what we did wrong we didn't pup enough canadians on the canadian teams. >> they wanted to work over here. we're neighbors, we're friends, we're brothers. you need something you just call. country code numero unknow. >> shout over the wall. >> we'll come here and start yelling over. >> don't get too close. >> it's a pleasure. >> thanks charlie. >> come home soon. >> i am home. >> i'm going home. >> usa! usa! usa! (laughter).
6:51 pm
>> kyle larson brings lucky charm to every single race track. check out who he brings with him next. eagles rookies learning live is harder than they imagine. full-time job and full-time playbook. the guys talk about learning the plays next in sports. spent more than 30 years in the public schools. we're retired, but we like to stay involved. you think he's going to learn to fly?
6:52 pm
we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
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♪ when it comes to the eagles everyone is worried about carson wentz making a transition from a small division one double a school to the big times. to the nfl. but it doesn't matter what college you came from really because it's a whole new world. whole new monster and running back went daal small wood is quickly finding that out. fifth round pick came from west virginia. big school with laundry list of pros but nothing to really prepare you for this. the playbook is five times as big as it was in college and they're giving a short amount of time to learn.
6:54 pm
small wood talks were you what he first thought when he saw that big playbook when he came to philly. >> when i saw it i was just like -- it's no way they want me to know all of this stuff, all these formations, all these plays. i thought it was like we're going to do these and that will be it. when i came in they said you got to know all of these and i was just like -- i just had to sit down and start looking at every single one. >> way differ than college. close to what goes on nfl. >> mills has another thing to worry about when it comes to adjusting to the nfl ethos shake off questionable rumors about his past. he was accused of assault when he was at lsu but was never actually charged. accusations dropped mills from third round pick to the seventh round pick. so now mills is in camp trying prove what he is on and off the field. >> i had a chip on my shoulder. regardless of i went first round or seventh the attitude i play on the football field.
6:55 pm
i always want to prove myself to my teammates, to the coaching staff i want to be the best on the field. >> i really think that kid has chance of really come in and actually start because he's that talented. all right. phillies keep on keeping on. they won five out of their last six and continue to be the king of the one run game. today manager pete mackanin talk about the team's ability to just keep on wiping. >> one thing i'm very impressed with and real proud of is our guys have played winning baseball in such -- such circumstances where every night it seems to be you have to come up with a big hit. you can't make a mistake. the pitchers can't make a mistake but we've thrived in that. so if it trance spires and for the rest of the year, and we keep winning, you know, i'll take it. >> all right. when people first have child they either want to stay home with their child or they like to work so they can actually pay fort kid much nascar driver kyle larson found a way to have the best of both worlds and our tom srendenschek found out how.
6:56 pm
>> reporter: this is one of kyle larson's family. and this is the other. come weekends he's a driver. seven days a week he's a dad to his 17 month old son owen. >> our days are pretty short at the race track. so having him it's found get to hang out tote good play around much he's got lots of toys here. >> there's no cars. he and his girlfriend kayla made the decision to make the race track a home for owen. now every race weekend becomes bring your son to work day. >> he doesn't know if i have good or bad race so he's always smiling when i get back to the motor home. sometimes it's late and he's cranky or something but no, it's good to you know like you said it keeps it in perspective. >> reporter: kyle's ride this weekend, owen's ride this weekend. owen didn't have lot to say on this day.
6:57 pm
>> he says vroom vroom. >> what's race car say? >> reporter: dad becomes the spokesman for the family. owen is just along for the ride. >> i think bringing him to the race track helps him in traveling all the time helps him, you know, grow up and mature even quicker because he's getting experience a lost things other kids don't get to. >> reporter: in dover, tom srendenschek, fox 29 news. >> quickly owen races, he keeps him away he's not actually down there. he keeps him safe so nothing flies out of there. >> good to know. >> all right. >> well be sure to join us tonight for fox 29 news at 10. a brave man rushes in to help a driver trapped inside his burning car. what police say caused that crash that has the driver in hot water. and from texas all the way to the new york city on board a paddle board. why this veteran is spending his summer paddling more than 3,000 miles up the east coast tonight at 10. that is our news for this saturday night. your life lottery drawing is next followed by tmz.
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