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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  May 16, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> all we hear is the alarms going off and lady coming up there and saying everybody get out. >> somebody set the fire. >> a local man accused of allows dousing his girlfriend gasoline and setting a fire in the bucks county motel. reason he says he did it. >> plus class is back in session for high will school suffering after two teenagers were killed on prom night over the weekend what students and staff at bridgeton high school are doing, to heel the pain. chaka fattah heading back to court as opening statements are expect in the federal corruption trial of the veteran pennsylvania congressman. good day, it is monday may 16th, 2016. it is cold outside to make matters worse the pp thea is messing with lauren johnson. >> i was telling chris, i'm on the list, i got a notice that a says you are on the boot and towing list. >> i'm on the list. i have to make sure i pay all new fines today.
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>> yes. >> how much do you owe. >> been there, been booted, been towed. >> it was a $26 ticket that i for got to pay that is now 101 and a separate ticket for 20 or $26. >> such a good cause though, you know, donate to the city. hi, sue. >> well, we knew that money was going to the schools, right. well, weather by the numbers, we've got, i'm still going with an eight today, that is really cold this morning, it is beautiful, this have afternoon, we have a freeze warning in effect and frost advisory in effect. light blue where it is frosty, frozen in carbon and monroe counties, and temperatures in the 20's. hardly a cloud in the sky which is why they got so chilly offer night and snow to the north of us in new england. for us, no precipitation at all. beautiful sunshine, at 5:45, see the beginning of that, 44 degrees, and is that 39, we will get to that record low,
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the record is 40, last hour of 43. new at 44. that is probably it. temperatures to the north of us, and 35 in millville, and wind chills, we pulled out wind chill map all of our wind chills are in the 30's this morning. the that is what we are dressing for. nice recovery up to 65 degrees later on with a few breezes. we will talk about a next chance of rain coming up in the seven day forecast. 5:02. >> grab that shirt, make sure you have heated seat warmers going on this morning. 5:02. hello to king have of prussia, live look at the schuylkill as we see beginning of the sunrise there in the background, no problems there in kop, looking good on the new jersey side of the ben franklin bridge, actually all of the bridges are off to a good start this morning. philly international as we are getting ready to pull that jumbo jet around and come in for a landing, first flights to and from philadelphia are looking good on the tote board, mass transit is off to
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i good start here this morning, market frankford and subway, trains just started rolling for the beginning of a machine morning rush hour. now the vine street expressway is opened this morning, crews did not work last night, so we're good to go as you work your way in to south philadelphia, out of south philadelphia but heading up toward poconos, not only do you want to grab your parka but watch for construction crew is here working northbound between q town and lehigh valley, chris and lauren, back over to you. thanks very much. a community in south jersey tries to cope after tragic death of two teens killed in the crash on prom night. >> grief counselors on hand on the school where girls went to school in bridgeton. bill anderson is there. good morning, bill. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren. i'm not sure what else you can say to students, teachers to friend who have lost three classmates in two weeks all in tragic car accidents but grief counselors will be here at bridgeton high school to try to help them cope. we are still not sure what caused the crash, early saturday morning that killed
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daisia sulton and nikkei lah mostly on maurice township. they were returning early saturday morning when they lost control of the car and hit a tree. witnesses say that responders did, that they could but sadly it just was not enough to save them. >> they could not get the doors opened and then, all of the rescue and fire came and they got the three girls out and the driver didn't make it. >> devastated, of course who wouldn't be. >> i know i am. i cannot even measure their pain right now. >> now two other teens remain hospitalized, one still is in critical condition. grief counselors will be here throughout the day to try to help these students cope but we also are hearing reports from locally electric official whose say that they may need to do some investigation into whether or not the is there anything more that they can do to try to educate and protect students, particularly during this time that is supposed to
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be all about celebration. chris? >> yeah, what a turn off events that has been, bill, thanks very much. all right. first in grays ferry there, we have told you about a 17 year-old who was shot ten times overnight. this was the scene, so, he was taken to presbyterian medical center in critical condition, some police were in the area and heard gunshots. police had multiple 911 calls, they believe the person shot was targeted, south detectives currently looking over security camera footage. one person taken to the hospital after a late night shooting in chester this happened on the 1400 block have of richardson terrace, just after 10:00 p.m. no word on the person's condition right now you and so far no motive and no arrest have been made. take a look at this scene in south philadelphia, several cars, damage, some wrecked, late last night, this is the a area of ninth and pass kerr streets. police got the tip around 11:00 o'clock that the driver smashed in the cars, even sending one person to the hospital, right now, it is unclear how much this crash
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will cost. all that repair to all of those vehicles, lauren. this morning one man is behind bars after police say's tack his girlfriend by setting her on fire. officials say melissa bacon smith was burned alive at lincoln motel yesterday morning in bensalem. they say when police and fire personnel arrived flames engulfed the the first floor. bacon's boyfriend kevin smalls confessed to family members he committed that attack. guest is a at the hotel did not know anything about what happened. >> all we heard was the alarm going off and the lady coming up there saying everybody get out. when i came downstairs, all i seen was fire, smoke, coming out. >> we have seen at wawa, prior to this event, buying gas and walk back across the street to the lincoln motel, walk in the room, with the gas, and then something transpired in the room where he doused the victim with gasoline and set her on fire. >> the reason he did it it was because quote he lost it. he is being held without bail and no one else injured
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in that fire. 5:07. corruption trial of the congressman chaka fattah begins today in the philadelphia federal courtroom. >> fattah charged with misusing campaign fund from a failed philadelphia mayoral run in 2007. steve keeley live, in center city with more on this hi steve. >> reporter: bring got in tv news when i was growing up watching philadelphia television i like everybody else got so used to seeing a lot of philadelphia apologytitions being walk in here in to federal court. it has been continuing since i started doing this for a career. philadelphia political trials happen way more often then philadelphia sports teams winning championships. chaka fattah the latest, like vince fumo before him faces federal trial after decade in public office. voters just reject him after 11 wins for his congressional seat just days ago and now he has 12 more vote tours face in a federal jury. at age 59 fattah fists starting his 60's in a federal prison and maybe a lot of it,
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if convicted. twenty-nine charges of fattah using federal government money intended for public service for his private use. this case, chris and lauren, already has cost fattah their life their long careers in the public eye. the question is now will it cost him his freedom and is what left of his reputation good wow, what a turn off events for that whole family. unbelievable. thanks, steve. now to a warning, from the delaware department have of health, officials want patient whose went to wilmington clinic to get tested for possible exposure to hiv and hepatitis? the division of public health says patients of the concord medical spine and pain center, need to contact their health care provider about blood born diseases. in the the letter to patients it says that the facilities was unable to confirm, proper sterilization, it also says it investigated and revealed a possible issues with unsafe injection practices, are now a concern and those findings are what shut down concord medical spine and pain center
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march 7th. this week we could learn new details about what caused deadly amtrak train derailment one year ago. eight people were hurt and two died. the train was going twice the speed limit for that curve, ntsb is scheduled to release a new report on the the crash this week. victims hurt in the crash tell us that they want to know why the engineer has not been charged with anything related to that crash. and today, president obama will award the nation's highest honor for law enforcement to 13 police officers recognizing those who put themselves in harms way to protect the public. >> the late sergeant robert wilson the third will be honored for his heroic efforts during an armed robbery and suffering a deadly wound as he kept store employees and customers safe last year. the white house says that the president, will present the medal of valor to officers who have exhibited exceptional courage regardless of personal safety, and the attempt to save and protect human life. over the weekend the president encouraged this years graduates of rutgers university to receive change
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in the world. he addressed 1200 under grads in new brunswick yesterday. during his commencement speech obama used his comparison of his experience in politics to the challenge of students in post graduation life, paying off that college loan debt. >> when you you hear someone longing for the good old days, take it with a grain have of salt. >> the world is more inter connect then ever before. it is becoming more connect every day. building walls won't change that. >> the president saved his most harsh criticism for the end directly attacking some of the donald trump's favorite talking points. speaking of trump. >> graduation day was just as exciting at university of pennsylvania with a couple special guests in the audience. >> donald trump and vice-president joe biden sitting in the same row. secret service all over this at franklin field. both men had connection to the 1500 students graduating. biden's granddaughter niomi and trump's youngest daughter tiffany. there they were, not
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necessarily hand and hand, but sitting, right near each other. biden and trump received cheers and a friendly welcome by the audience many were eager to catch a glimpse of both of them. two of trump's other children are graduates from penn and he graduated from penn's wharton school of business in 1968. bow biden also attended, under grad at penn. >> wow, amazing. >> most of the people they talk to afterward, we had a camera there were so exited to see both men, trump and biden. nothing about their kids graduating. oh, yeah, our son henry graduated. >> by the way, there is joe biden. >> true. >> too much excitement, they forgot they were there. coming up a memorial was held yesterday for prince as gentleman hoffa witness kingdom hall in minnesota, why local police were called to the services. and then, there is this. >> the challenge here is no the to isolate anybody but to assure our schools are as
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inclusive and respectful and safe, as they can possibly be. >> republicans vow to fight the white house directly for transgender students. why the law is called the latest example of executive over reach by the obama administration.
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fire fighters called out to a home in center city early this morning to put out a heavy fire inside a multi telling home. this happened on the 200 block of south tenth street around 4:00 a a.m.
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>> crews have this under control in a half an hour, so they had it under control at 4:30, 45 minutes ago. they are still lag into how this started. good news, in injuries to report and we will keep an eye on that. >> sue, we can probably guess though because it is so chilly, maybe there was a space heater involved. >> it could be an issue with that because it is mild i cold. we have a phillies forecast for tonight, phillies have a new opponent, they almost had a sweep yesterday, they are in second place in their division. so exciting, right. >> if the phillies had won and nationals lost yesterday phillies would have been tied for first. >> yes. >> marlins come to town tonight. it will be 62 degrees at game time. we will be cool to chilly. temperatures will drop after dark in the 50's. so definitely sweater weather at the ballpark tonight. right now, look at these temperatures, 44 degrees in philadelphia. only 30 in mount pocono, below freezing, 38 in lancaster, 41
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in dover, 41 in atlantic city and wind making it feel chillier. the all of the wind chills are in the 30's and we have frost advisory for berks, lehigh, northampton county, carbon, monroe under a freeze warning. we were below freezing in mount pocono. that is the deal from the chilly air coming down from canada and bringing snow to upstate new york, vermont, new hampshire and that is just how cold it is, but we will recover nicely with a temperature of 65 degrees today, and cloud, and some showers, tomorrow. we might have to talk about a rain delay for the phillies for tomorrow, double-check that timing, rain in the morning, on wednesday, but it should be gone by the afternoon. then we will start to talk 70's for our temperatures, wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday and sunday. maybe a little rain over weekend but we have time to fix that. that is your weather authority forecast. we always think we can do that we can change the weather. >> we are all counting over on
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you over there, your weather crystal ball 567:89:17 on a monday morning. we have a live look at an accident here southbound lanes of i-95, right here near washington avenue. we have the city sky line, here in the background but southbound i-95 heading toward the airport. it looks like a couple vehicles involved at washington. it is just south of penns landing. starting to see a little bit of sun popping up here in the upper, corner here i-95 coming up from delco. road drying out from any rain we had over weekend. fire activity at seventh and race here in center city philadelphia a so just watch yourself trying to use this seventh street ramps, to get access to i-95, and out of center city this morning. pennsylvania turnpike, excuse me, the schuylkill expressway eastbound between the turnpike and conshohocken. just watch for right lane taken out overnight work crew is still out there. otherwise mass transit and air port looking good.
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coming up at 5:18. an appeals court in new jersey dismissed an attempt to overturn policies on police body cameras. policy described when officers, would turn the cameras on and off, and how the footage would be used. state police union argued last year, to delay the start of the regulations put in place by the attorney general's offers. the court ruled policies were implemented properly and do not impact rights of the public. lawyers for bill cosby are asking for another chance to get his case thrown out. they are in front of the state supreme court arguing that the current district attorney cannot go back on the word of his predecessor who promised cosby would never face any charges in the the case. the cosby's lawyer says he relied on that pledge when he testified in a related lawsuit. a preliminary hearing is scheduled for may 24th unless the supreme court tosses the case out. a memorial was held yesterday for a prince at jehovah witness kingdom hall in minnesota where the laser advertise once studied. the invitation drew clouds of up to 500 people.
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the police department was asked to control traffic. the prince died april 21st at his home in paisley park. the cause of the death is still under investigation. republicans are threatening to fight the white house every step of the way, over its the new guidelines regarding transgender students. >> on friday the department of justice and department of education sent school districts across the country a lawyer state ago this transgender students have full and equal access to both facilities and activities based on their gender identities. the obama an ad perfection made it clear refusing to follow these guidelines could result in the loss of millions in education funding. republican leaders in at least 12 states are vowing to fight the rules in court. >> the entire policy is vague. it is also, we believe unconstitutional because they don't have statutory authority or constitutional authority to change the statute, that was done by congress and it need to be changed by congress this need to be a debate in congress, not with the administration, just unilaterally changing the law. >> white house is defending its action saying policy was in the works for years.
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horror on the highway when a charter bus careened out of control and rolled over in south texas. >> federal investigators are trying to piece together what happened to figure out what went wrong. at least eight people died, 44 others hurt when this tour bus flipped on highway 38 in web county saturday. most of the passengers were latin o americans in the 50's and 60's on their way to a casino. it was raining and roads were slick but authorities say they do in the know if that is what caused the crash. >> you know, accidents happen and tragic accidents, and it is very unfortunate but when something hits home like this, it hurts, and it makes you think about what is and how precious life is. >> according to the records the bus company was ordered twice last year by inspectors to take one of the buses off the road to fix brake and emergency exit problems. >> family and friend interested in their social media, who else could be checking your status, that could spell trouble for you,
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later. you might have a talker or two, if you are rich, and hit the lottery, what are you doing this weekend, money, honey. connections.
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you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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more public schools looking at naming rights as a way to raise money, an idea that started with professional sports teams. it can help cash strapped
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public schools around the country. a school district in northern indiana has sold naming rights to more than $600,000, worth of athletic fields abe classrooms and is looking to do even, more. >> little will bit later on good day philadelphia, today, we will have a little debate about this because the 76ers now are going to be the first professional sports team, major sports team, to have have a advertiser on their uniforms we understand. it will be stub hub. what do you think of that. >> interesting. >> it used to be holy grail you don't touch a uniform. >> that is real interesting. >> all of the social media lovers you have to listen up before you have have your next twitter weren't because investigators can now post twitter, facebook and other site as part of the background check for security clearances. >> director of national intelligence allows investigators to collect publicly available social media information, on any person who is background is being check, unless they are the national security concern or the need to report a crime. any information pertaining to
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people who appear in the subject's social media, will not be investigated or persued. >> that is interesting. >> yes. >> i don't know about that. everything is changing, with social meade. >> i have a quick story to tell you. i was contacted by an investigators once to get some information because he saw my name mentioned in a social media post. so, it is so very true. they go on there and look for very different things. when someone is posting. i saw lauren dawn johnson at this event. oh, were you there with him. so, i deleted this. >> trip you up a little bit. >> i didn't post this but someone else said it. new lets contact her and find out if thinks true because we will put together some pieces. >> did you circle back to that person. >> absolutely. >> and did you do it via social media. >> no. >> i did the old fashion phone call. >> what were you thinking, when you did that. >> yes. my goodness. okay, let's talk to bill anderson hoist covering one of our sad stories this morning.
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hi, bill. >> hi guys, three students, in two weeks have been killed in car accidents, here at bridgeton high school, grief counselors will be here for what can they possibly say, to make everyone feel better and try to prevent this from happening again.
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right now on fox 29 morning news class is back in session for a high school suffering after two teens were killed on prom night, over the weekend. what students and staff at bridgeton high school are doing, to heel. chaka fattah heads to court today as opening statement are expect in the federal corruption trial, the veteran pennsylvania congressman. good day everybody it is monday, may 16th, 2016, but we have some big plans for friday, right. we are heading to doylestown, and this friday lauren said may the 20th. we will be live from 7:00 to 10:00 in the morning. we have much more by way of details on the big trip a little later this week. so sue, what we're hoping is we are not in sweaters and coats and scarves, like we are today, right. forty something degrees outside in the middle will of the may. >> that was the case, yesterday. before we show you bus stop buddy we want to show thaw brady bunch picture we were talking about at the art museum yesterday for reach and raise, yoga on the art museum steps. it was a wonderful time,
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yesterday. i have never been to that event before, but it was chilly. a lot of folks were wearing fleece out there, as they stretched and did an honest day, well, maybe not ready for right now. okay. what a vision. >> lyme disease challenge, lyme challenge, we will challenged you on friday. we talk about that. >> i just brush my teeth. >> that is coming up. >> thirty's and 40's, our temperatures. freeze warning in effect. frost advisory in effect. that is how cold it is, outside. it is 40 degrees in the city. feels like 39 out there as we anticipate our sunrise moments from now at 5:45 and other temperatures are in the 30's and 40's, throughout the region, but we actually are using the wind chill map this morning. it feels like 20 degrees in mount pocono with that breeze
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this morning. thirty-seven is your wind chill in trenton and feels like 36 in wilmington delaware and 36 atlantic city. just craze think morning. but there will be plenty of sunshine and that is good part about today. 57 degrees, by lunchtime and 65 should be our high temperature, the sunset at 8:11 this evening. that is your monday planner, and we will, warm things up for you in the seven day forecast we will tell you when, coming up, good morning bob kelly. >> it hits you in the face like a stale bagel there. chill in the poconos, below freezing, hold on tour plants and let's go, southbound i-95, accident at washington right at the washington columbus boulevard, interchange, so if you are heading from center city, going south, here's off ramp for columbus boulevard and washington avenue. here's that crash, right here, which would be in the right lane. heading south out of northeast philadelphia, we have the construction at cottman, construction at girard and
5:32 am
then we will hit the brakes right here for ben franklin bridge down to the accident scene in right lane. otherwise we're starting to say good morning to bellmawr as we are seeing volume pop here. headlights coming toward philadelphia a we have a water main break at forty-third and market street. so just watch for local detours for some lane restrictions, throughout the morning rush hour, and have the shower pressure is not the what it should be, on a monday, that is why. fire activity at seventh and raise here in center city. that will cause a delay for folks getting on i-95 at seventh street. an accident at cheltenham and washington lane, or wise, bridges and mass transit looking good. chris and lauren, back over to you. thanks very much. a somber day for students at a south jersey high school. they returned for the first time since the tragic death of two classmates. >> boy, two teens, killed in the car crash, coming home from the prom. bill anderson now in bridgeton with more, bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren. if you can see it behind me as
5:33 am
it cycles through this sign here outside of bridgeton high school, and it cycles through we noticed it is erie, it says be respectful, act responsibly and aspire higher and promotes the friday may 13th prom that two bridgeton high school students were returning home from when they lost their lives. daisia sulton and mikayla a mostly were returning home and two others were returning from a memorable event in a young person's life when they lost control of the car. sulton and mostly were killed. two others injured including one teen in critical condition. today grief counselors will be here at bridgeton high school in is what is sadly not even first time this month as the school superintendent told us yesterday they buried another student also killed in a car crash and accident. >> we are in mourning especially knowing that today we had the funeral services for one of our senior students who was tragically killed in a
5:34 am
car crash accidentally two weeks ago. >> reporter: it is cycling through right now. you will see that as ate comes up here. grief counselors will be here, and they are just looking for some sort of comfort, for students, faculty and friend, who have had to deal with way too much tragedy in, way too short of a time. chris and lauren. and lives way too short. horrible story. bill, thank you. 5:34. let's turn to this. it the is developing news for you this morning. first in grays ferry there where we are told a 17 year old was shot, ten times overnight. he was taken to presbyterian medical center in critical condition. now you some police were in the area and then hurt the gun shots. police believe the person shot was targeted. one person was taken to the hospital, after a late night shooting in chester. this happened in the 1400 block of richardson terrace. just after 10:00 p.m. there is no word on a person's condition this morning. no motive and month arrest has been made.
5:35 am
take a look at this scene in south philadelphia. several cars damage some wrecked last late night in the area of ninth and tasker. police got a tip around 11:00 p.m. that the driver smashed in the cars even sending one person to the hospital. right now it is unclear how much this will cost by way of repairs. the corruption trial of congressman chaka fattah starts today in philadelphia's federal court. fattah is charged with 29 counts. for using his campaign and federal grant money and charities he controls to pay off an illegal, one million-dollar campaign loan, he ran for mayor. congressman also accused misusing fund to pay his college loans for his son. he has held office for more than 20 years but lost primary election last month. pay raises could becoming to the workers in the garden state. they will take up a bill that will give workers a minimum wage of $10.10 an hour, an increase from $1.72. those who oppose the bill say the raise will put extra strain on already struggling businesses, especially small
5:36 am
businesses. let's go to delaware where a man is in jail after a crash friday night. he is charged with dui, but most interesting part of this though, this is his seventh dui charge. >> yeah, wilmington police say richard chamberlain rear ended another car, pushing tonight to traffic, that car was then hit head on, two people were taken to the hospital, their injuries are not yet considered life threatening. chamberlain is charged with his seventh dui with vehicular a salt and reckless driving. >> how does he have a license. >> big question. >> eighteen year-old facing aggravated assault charges for allegedly throwing railroad spikes off of the university city overpass hitting several cars below. >> four cars driving on university avenue were hit friday night, railroad spike went right through the windshield of one and was launched in the dash. police say that driver pulled out, got out of car and saw that suspect. one of the drivers was treated for a injury. no one else was seriously hurt. >> so dangerous. >> stupid thing to do. still ahead honoring first
5:37 am
responders, who died, trying to save others, we will take you inside the grueling stair climb, to keep the memory of 9/11 heroes alive.
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i'm sean bell. phillies won six out of seven, including their last three but every once in a while a young team will throw up a stinker, and that was last night. against the reds, fourth inning, bases loaded, adam morgan could not get anyone
5:40 am
out. lost a batter on four pitches bringing home a run. pete mackanin decides to leave him in the game and that wasn't a a very good idea. that is a deep shot to dead center by flores, a 420-foot bomb that made it seven to nothing. morgan went three and 23rd giving up seven earned runs. phillies lose nine-four. blue jays and rangers. these two hate each other. they had that whole, fight and look at the what happens here. on the double play he doesn't like the slide in. odor, look at that. i'm surprised he didn't go straight down, the brawl ensues, and i love it. rangers win seven-six. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. did you see the chicago white socks game yesterday? >> no. >> snow. they played the game, with snow. >> on sunday, i always like check weather for the week so i can pick out what i will wear for the week because i hate having to do it in the
5:41 am
morning. >> you did a fine job for monday. >> so sweet. >> i saw 40's, 43, 50's. i'm like isn't it the middle of the may. >> they will get snow up in maine today. >> can you play baseball in snow. >> they played the game. >> yeah, rain is a problem because you can slip and slide and ball can slip out of the pitchers hand and hit the batter but snow is kind of like dry, water so it melts. we can play in that. it just hurts. worst part when it is cold for hitters, that guy throwing 97 miles an hour and ball comes in and jams you and your hands sting, horrible. >> yes. >> look at this. >> look at this, snow, our producer are so great. i love candace for finding this on the fly. they say yeah, let's play. the don't you wish were you trade todd play for dodgers in l.a. but stuck here in cleveland playing in chicago. look at this.
5:42 am
>> that is crazy. >> all right. attacked in the water. something by the a woman's arm and will in the let go. what was still clamped down on her arm as she went to the hospital. >> wow. >> we will tell you about it.
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can you name this artist. >> this is. >> you didn't give me a chance. >> you had to do it quick. >> it is over 2,000 people, that want to say something to you, ready, one, two, three. >> good morning, everybody. >> good morning, everybody. >> bob kelly. >> yes. >> you know how to get the crowd working. but fox 29 took it tie new level because thousands of people are there to reach, and raise in ohio. and then got a chance to hang out in their health tent which everyone that you did before and after the yoga event had a chance to walk through the tent, say hi, and when we walk up the steps, it was like i was walking on the beach in ocean city. >> really. >> you you were walking around their mats.
5:46 am
>> yes. >> quincy trying to do yoga. >> he did good. >> there is brody. >> i stretched a little bit. >> does bill show up to this event, does billy stretch. >> no, he was dealing with some other things, like seeing the inside of his eye lids. >> late night, evening before. >> yes. >> so, you know, to stand there, that is the best view of philadelphia looking down the parkway from the art museum steps and to see all those people, it was so, inspiring, talking about your dreams and visualizing your dreams there is our brady bunch picture. >> there is joyce. >> sean bell. >> you have schratwieser to show up. >> yes, baby. >> and the whole gang. >> well, sue, weather yesterday, far more enjoyable then the weather today. >> well, it was but i will say this do you think we have
5:47 am
jackets on, it was chilly. >> it was. >> we're moving, stretching, getting things going and sun was shining. our average monthly temperature so far in may, is 51.3 degrees and we should be at 63.9. it has been a chilly may so far and we are continuing that today but it is not the coldest morning we have ever seen in may. may 11th, 1966, in the city, it was 28 degrees, so, here's where we are right now, 44, the record is 40. we are almost there but new that the unis is coming up that will in the happen. 30 degrees in mount pocono. forty-one in dover. wind chills, believe it or in the the we're talking wind chills are in the 30's. wind west at the 10 miles an hour in philadelphia. this advisory, the frost advisory continues, until 8:00. freeze warning until 8:00 in the pocono mountains and then we will warm up with sunshine. in the too warm, we should be in the mid 70's, but we're
5:48 am
talking mid 60's for today, cloud, showers, around, tomorrow, and then it looks like we will wait until after the morning rush hour though, and then we will have some rain in the morning, on wednesday, we're still in the 60's. then we will crack 70 degrees on thursday, and we should stay into the 70's through the weekend. that is your seven day, forecast, and a nice day, bob kelly. >> definitely a chilly start this morning. 5:48. live look here, accident south on i-95 right here at washington avenue, as soon as you come out of the penns landing tunnels, we will call that and head southbound, on i-95. so out of northeast philadelphia, we have a delay right here near betsy ross, delay at girard and then jammed in toward columbus boulevard. with that accident there. schuylkill expressway, in the bad at the moment but guess what today is? it is national mimosa's. >> hey. >> my new t-shirts, doughnuts
5:49 am
and mimosas, good morning, everybody. we are saying good morning to the freeway as we work our way in towards philadelphia. forty-two heading in towards 295. we have a water main break here along market street between forty-second and forty-third. so watch out for local detours. we have a camera on the way to the scene. we will show you some picks of that the minute that they arrive. then we also have fire activity here at seventh and race street, downtown philadelphia. a crash at cheltenham and washington lane. the chris and lauren, back over to you. we have breaking news this morning. crews on the scene of the water main break near the fire station at forty-third and market in west philadelphia officials say that happened around 4:00 in the morning no traffic delays have been reported in that area, however. woman bitten by a shark off the coast of florida, races to the hospital. get this, the shark is still attached to her arm. >> take a look, these pictures are from boca raton.
5:50 am
>> yes. >> it is raton. >> rat on. >> so here's the deal, this is a 23 year-old sitting on the beach surrounded by people trying to help, and on her arm, a small nurse shark, is there a shark. rescue captain says he has never seen anything lick this. crews put under her arm and shark and she was taken to the hospital. several beach goers said they saw the woman and her friend antagonizing that shark. >> good thing a nurse was close by. >> yes. >> hello. >> get it. >> hi mike jerrick. >> good to see y'all. >> what are you doing with the hat. >> hold on a second. >> we will get to that in a minute. >> might as well put it on now. >> it may not feel like it right new but we are heading in the summer grilling season. that means enjoying hamburgers and steaks. but could eating your meat rare like i love to do. >> ughy want it to still mo. >> it may cause red rage, you
5:51 am
you are going what? >> doctor oz is on our show today to explain connection between rare meat and road rage. >> to you like beef tartar. >> i can do beef tartar with egg on it. hold on, everybody. jada pink it smith is on "good day philadelphia". >> yes, yes we will talk about what is next for her on gotsham. she is returning. i thought she was dead. i thought she was thrown in the hudson river. she said no, mike not so fast. >> yes. >> they are still together. >> she's going to go talk about that. >> okay good 30 years ago today, the film top gun hit movie theaters and this morning the mighty "good day philadelphia" players are going to be reinacting one of the famous scenes. >> we will get in airplanes and fly. >> maybe not that big deal.
5:52 am
>> but you mean me. >> you will not be involved. >> okay good. >> lets go to the teams right now. first responders trying to save others, inside the staring climb to keep memory alive of the 9/11 heroes.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
sun coming up over new york city, a thousand people came from all over the world, to race to the top of one world observatory. >> "fox news" correspondent abby hunts man explains. >> reporter: this year marks the second annual continue toll tower climb to honor fire fighters and first respond who lost their lives saving others september 11th. it is not an easy climb at 5:00 in the morning. it is 104 floors and 2,226 stairs to get to the very top but as we talk to the runners at the finish line they say this is nothing compared to what first responders do every day to keep us safe. >> it is a very emotional day going up the stairs. i'm hot. i down have 70-pound of gear. they have oxygen tank and support for or people and to think they carry people up and down these stairs, i cannot complain at all. >> reporter: morning what's motion willal for michael berk who lost captain billy berk who stayed behind to save others on the 27th floor of the north tower. his brother never get it out.
5:56 am
>> get to the 40th, 50th, 60th floor you can hear billy, keep on going. i start thinking bit. you really are thankful. >> reporter: tower climb raises $300,000 to build smart homes for service members catastrophically injured in war and scholarships for fire fighters, children. >> the injuries, that when they come home that they are homes are not adequate the for them anymore. so we are so proud that we are taking a lead on building these homes and putting in smart technology, for them, so they can get back some of their independent. >> that was "fox news" correspondent abby huntsman this morning. class is back in session for high school suffering after two teens were killed, on prom night over the weekend, what students and staff at bridgeton high school are doing to help heel the pain. chaka fattah back in court as opening statements are expect in the federal corruption trial of the veteran pennsylvania congressman, next up on good day.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. what happened in the hotel. you lost it. >> he lost is all right. his girlfriend is new dead because of it. she was burned alive. in a hotel room. more on. that. and it is sure to be one of the most highly publicized cases this city has seen in a long time, when to expect pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah, entering court today
6:00 am
for his day one of his federal corruption trial. he makes the catch, here is the they to the plate, it is in the air, he is out. cameron rupp hangs on. >> what a play. >> yes. >> phillies fans, how about the play, saturday, we're still talking about the phillies showing their toughness over weekend taking two out of three from the red and moving to the second place. they are within game out of first place. >> what. >> we promise it is mid-may at that, it is chilly out there this morning. it feels more like february. so, who will get a break? someone told me spring here is just a tease. >> it is, back and forth. >> we do this every year. good day everybody it is monday, may 16th, 2016. 5/16/16, are you ready to go. >> i'm ready, are you. >> another week. >> what is the temperature now. >> mid 40's. >> but the recor


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