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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  May 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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for his day one of his federal corruption trial. he makes the catch, here is the they to the plate, it is in the air, he is out. cameron rupp hangs on. >> what a play. >> yes. >> phillies fans, how about the play, saturday, we're still talking about the phillies showing their toughness over weekend taking two out of three from the red and moving to the second place. they are within game out of first place. >> what. >> we promise it is mid-may at that, it is chilly out there this morning. it feels more like february. so, who will get a break? someone told me spring here is just a tease. >> it is, back and forth. >> we do this every year. good day everybody it is monday, may 16th, 2016. 5/16/16, are you ready to go. >> i'm ready, are you. >> another week. >> what is the temperature now. >> mid 40's. >> but the record is 40, we
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were coming close, we got as low as 43 degrees. let's check our number. i'm rolling an eight. beautiful, sunny, a little cooler than average but we will take it the because it is a good looking day. make sure you have enough on. bus stop buddy, we have put mittens on him just to prove how cold it is. we have temperatures in the 30's and 40's out there and freeze warnings in the poconos mountains, frost advisory for berks, lehigh and northampton counties. right new we have 29 degrees in mount pocono. 45 degrees in philadelphia. forty-one in dover. atlantic city. and here is what it feels like, in the city, it feels like, 39. so yes, we have a wind chill, on may 16th, so clear and chilly, 50 degrees by 9:00. we should be at 57 by noon. pie 5:00 o'clock it is sunny and cool but below average by 10 degrees, today but a high of 65 degrees, and bob kelly, now we're talking sun glare. >> yeah, we have got sun glare and a couple of accidents,
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good morning. 6:01 on a monday. we have sun glare above, look at the brake lights here southbound lanes of i-95, jammed from center city all the way down to washington avenue, where there is an accident taking out the right lane. so we're quickly building up here like a stack of pancakes, and another crash, south on i-95 at cottman avenue. double trouble this morning, as you leave northeast, accident south at cottman and then we're jammo from girard, through center city under the tunnels of pens land to go that accident at washington avenue. a water main break a long market street between forty-second and forty-third, it looks like they have got water turn off but just watch for some delays through that area, crews will be out there later this morning to make repairs. we have a crash at cheltenham and washington lane and an accident on the new jersey turnpike, it is the north bound side of the new jersey turnpike up near exit number eight, otherwise, mass transit
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and airport looking good, mike and alex, back over to you. 6:03. police are investigating after a 17 year-old was shot ten times in the grays ferry section of the city overnight. he was taken to presbyterian medical center in critical condition. some police officers were in the area heard the gun shots, and police, also have multiple 911 calls. they believe the person shot was targeted, south detectives are currently looking over security camera footage for help identifying the suspect. fire fighters called to a home in center city early this morning to put out a heavy fire inside of a multi family home. this happened on the 200 block of south tenth street, very few homes along there, mostly hospitals, this is around 4:00 . crews a had flames under control by 4:30 and they are still looking into how it started. no injuries thank goodness. crews on the scene of the water main break near forty-third and market in west philadelphia. the officials say it happened around 4:00 a.m., no traffic delays have been reported, in
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the area. big day, in court. corruption trial of the congressman fattah, begins today, this morning at the philadelphia federal courthouse. >> fattah is charged with misusing campaign fund and grants to pay off loans from the failed philadelphia mayoral run back in 2007. >> steve keeley just down the street from frustrates here, st. >> reporter: mike, you have been here long enough that philadelphia political corruption trials happen as regularly as mummers parade. just months after his son chaka fattah junior got quick here and sentenced to five years in the federal pen, fattah senior now faces a jury and at 29 counts in a federal indictment. he is going on trial were four aids at the same time so lots of lawyers, lots of charges, and lots of confusion likely for a jury of 12, non-legal will scholars to listen to and sort out a few months from now. fattah just got voted out of office three weeks ago losing a primary election after 11 terms, 22 years in congress. now most of his final days will be in court and in the
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congress. maybe he will end his time as a congressman by starting his time as a convict. all this is as philadelphia a state senator larry farnese just got indict i had, farnese replaced state senator vince fumo who got prison, fumo replaced buddy cianfrani. you get the idea. long line continues. so does maybe that continuous parade to prison as politicians march through philadelphia's federal court, one after the other. parade starts here just eight blocks from where the mummers march every year. ken rottweiler will be on with jeff cole to try to sort this all out because this will be a long confusing trial when you have five people on trial at the same time. >> and 28 counts, my goodness. we will check back with you. a man is being held in jail, this morning after police say that he killed his girl friend, by pouring gasoline on her while she was smoking a cigarette. she burned to death. officials say 46 year-old melissa bacon smith was burned alive at the lincoln motel
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yesterday morning in bensalem. they say when police and fire officials arrived flames engulfed the first floor, motel room. police say bacon's boyfriend kevin small, confessed to family members that he did set the fire. meanwhile guests at the hotel didn't know, what the heck happened. >> all we heard was an alarm going off and then the lady coming upstairs saying everybody get out. when i came downstairs, all i seen was fire, smoke, coming out. >> we have seen, at wawa, just prior to the event buying gas and he walk back a cross the street to the lincoln motel and walk into the room and then with the gas and then something transpired in the room where he doused the victim with gasoline and set her on fire. >> unreal. >> officials a say that guy told them that the reason he did it because she said something he didn't like and she laughed at something he said. he is being held without bail. coming up at 6:07.
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grief counselors will be at bridgeton high school after a weekend tragedy claims the lives of two students. police say 17 year-old daisia sulton and 15 year-old mikayla mostly died in the prom night prom cross in maurice river township new jersey 46789 people were in the car when they crash in the tree friday night. two girls that survived are still in the hospital. new jersey state police are still investigating what went wrong. he gave his life for protecting us and now he is being recognized by the president of the united states. the special honor being given to the late philadelphia police sergeant robert wilson the third. plus there were some special guest is a at penn's graduation, the connection both donald trump and vice-president joe biden have, to the class of 2016. oddly they both got yellow circles.
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my giant. approximation that went to the wilmington clinic need get tested. division of public health say patients a at concord medical spine and pain center they need to contact their health care provider about blood born diseases. >> wow. >> and in a letter it says facility was unable to confirm, proper sterilization. >> it also says, that it is investigating, all aspects of the the case and revealed possible issues with unsafe injection practices. can you imagine?
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those findings are what shot down the concord medical spine and pain center, on march the seventh. we are wondering why. 6:11. history over at rutgers over the weekend. hear from some of the local students, who took the trip to see president obama address the class of 2016. >> those or bright robes. >> what a speech he had, he was taken some shots there. >> yes, a at donald trump. >> 6:11. sky fox over the scene of the two tanker trucks that collided on i-95. look at this fellow rear ending, the other tanker, both of them from the same company, and this is a live look at i-95, southbound, just south of the center city, we will have all of the details, sue with the forecast when we come right back.
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whole month of may has been cooler than average. our average temperature of the month should be at 63, 64 degrees. we are only at 51 when you average in the days and nights of the month so far. so, the coldest may morning that we have ever, ever, ever had was 1966, may 11th, when it got down to 28 degrees. the compared to that it is in the so bad. it is 29 degrees right now in mount pocono. it is 39 in will allentown. forty in wilmington. forty-one in dover. here in philadelphia we are at the 45 degrees but we have a bit of the breeze so it feels like it is in the 30's. it feels like 19 in mount
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pocono. this is middle of may and we are still using the wind chill map, kind of crazy, we have even got advisories, freeze warning for carbon, monroe counties in the poconos and frost advisory for lehigh, northampton and berks county as well where those temperatures as you saw are cold. it is so cold that we're seeing snow in upstate new york, vermont, new hampshire, northern maine, accumulating snow as well and we do not have that. looking at the future cast it is not until tomorrow have after the morning rush hour that some rain, rolls in, and it looks like we will have rain throughout the afternoon on tuesday, and then, tuesday evening, wednesday morning, more rain rolling in and this is not looking like much and it does look like it will be over by lunchtime. here's your seven day forecast, 65 degrees today. even cooler tomorrow with that rain and wednesday morning, we will start with rain, but we should sunshine to take us back to the mid 60's by the afternoon. 70 degrees on thursday, friday
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looks excellent, best weather day of the week on friday with 74 degrees, late showers on saturday into sunday morning and that is your weather authority forecast, bob kelly, did i hear you say big trouble on i-95. >> big trouble, sue. 6:16. we are looking live from sky fox over the scene of this double tanker accident, on the southbound lanes of i-95, right here at washington avenue, columbus boulevard. the off a ramp. the just south of center city. go ahead sky fox roll back here. it has been out here for about an hour and a half now as that one tanker crash in the back of the second one. they are both from the same company, so i wonder if they were following each other, here's the jam, that is begun from i-95, center city, heading southbound. thinks on ramp. so if you are getting on in center city, you will be okay. you will basically eventually hit the backup, little further
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up, and if i were you, leaving center city right now would i avoid getting on the at market street and i would avoid getting on at the vine street expressway. you really want to work your way down into south philadelphia, and get on at front street, again, southbound i-95 from jammed up from center city to washington avenue. we have trying to get word whether there was a fuel leak. the it looks like a fuel leak from the actual tanker truck evening bin but no puncture in the fuel tank itself or how much fuel those trucks were carrying at this point. a water main break on market street, and you will need your sweat shirts today, as sue just mentioned, big thanks to the gang, out at corpus christie school in lansdale. they gave me a brand new sweat shirt when i went out to visit the the kids on friday, the school administrators, the kid, thanks for inviting me out to your day of excellence there on friday. a crash, in the neighborhood, at cheltenham and washington lane. mike and alex, back over to you. boy, it was jumping in university city yesterday.
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more than the usual excitement, during the commencement ceremony at penn. >> so in attendance at franklin field yesterday vice-president joe biden and republican presidential candidate donald trump. >> look at the security, man. >> both had a connection to the 1500 student graduating class. biden's granddaughter niomi and trump's youngest daughter tiffany. >> is there the vice-president, leaning over shaking hands, taking pictures. hello, vice-president biden. >> now the two they were it ising down from each other in the same front row. >> there they go, scroll over a little bit. do the pan. we have the same hair due. >> it looks like he is looking at biden. >> i think he is too. >> trying to see what he is doing. >> trump received cheers ape friendly welcome. biden was greeted with a standing ovation. >> when trump came in there was applause, energy, he was waving. when biden came in the entire place road to the feet and started clapping. >> it was amazing to see. >> it was great to sit behind them actually.
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>> did you catch a glimpse. >> yes, we saw biden, we saw trump. it was exciting to see all of the good details. >> trump was in familiar territory, to other children graduated from penn and he graduated from penn's wharton school in 1968. and biden's late son beau also went to penn for under grad. >> that is right, many connections. hundreds of students from rutgers camden had the day of their lives, they got to be part of history yesterday. they took a train up there. light rail, 200 students traveled to the main campus in new brunswick to see president obama. he is first sitting president to stand up and deliver a commencement speech at rutgers. that little river line train, was where rutgers camden students only and did in the stop until reaching trenton. where it picked up more students and then they went over to the main campus at rutgers. >> they invited the current grads from newark and camden. i said i hope i get to see it
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on tv or something just knowing we will be rutgers alumni. good to be accepting that invitation. >> of course, president delivered keynote address at university's president as part of the year long celebration of rutgers, 250 year anniversary. >> what a speech it was. >> yes. >> he was taking some shots at trump. >> got a little political. >> yes. >> we will play those bite later. 6:20. phillies could in the complete the sweep but it was still where the series victory with the red have them, in the eastern, nl east rankings. >> that is right. fight night. or call it fight day on the diamond. what led to this ugly brawl between the rangers and blue jaws yesterday, and we will show you the punch, heard around the country, one of the best baseball punches ever we will show you. he connected. lottery numbers.
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phillies are on a roll. they have won three in eye row, six out of their last seven and they tried to sweep the red this weekend but reds had other plans. fourth inning, bases loaded, adam morgan just could not get anyone out. he walks the the batter with just four pitches, bringing home a run, making it three to
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nothing. pete mackanin decided to leave morgan in the game and that wasn't a very good idea. deep shot to dead center by flores, 420-foot bomb. that makes it seven to nothing. morgan went second three and two thirds and giving up seven earned rubs. phillies lose nine-four. in nascar triple a400 in dover, plenty of restart, jimmy johnson's car just would not the go, look at that, mechanical failure, cars just pile up behind each other and everyone seems to be involved in that wreck, somehow some way matt kenseth avoid that drama and gets his first win of the season. that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. >> monster mile was a monster yesterday. you know the banks there in dover are three stories high. >> yeah. >> that is how you can combo over 200 miles and in the fly off the track, three stories high. boy, bad blood, what are you going to do, dating back to last years mlb playoffs, boiling over in hot texas.
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>> so, jose's rubs rangers players the wrong way. he gets hit by pitch in the eighth inning yesterday. the later in the inning he slides hard in second base and rangers second base man. >> yes, ned odor is taken out. >> so he gets up and clocks him in the jaw. >> here it comes. >> that is rare in baseball. >> and then, everybody came up and joined in. several players got ejected after that punch. >> there will be plenty of fines suspensions dulled out later today. quite heavy as a matter of fact. >> who won the game? ranger won seven-six. >> look at that. >> he will feel that today. >> as he was walking back he is rubbing his jaw, moving it back around like this. >> is it still there. >> you are not supposed to hit
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me just grab me that is how baseball fights work, sue. >> maybe he played who can any a previous life. >> man. it is so cold out there that it is upstate new york and new england we are seeing snow. it is no the that bad here but it is chilly. we will tell what you to expect as you walk out the door coming up, bill? students at bridgeton high school come into school this morning grief counselors will be here to help them cope with two classmates kill on the way home from prom, what can you done to make sure this that this doesn't happen again in the future.
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from congress to court what to expect in the federal corruption trial of the chaka fattah begins, here in philadelphia. national recognition for laying down his life the word president obama will give to philadelphia police sergeant robert wilson the third today in recognition for his heroic actions during an armed robbery last year. and, is it really may? >> it can't be. >> we keep going back and forth. it is cold this morning. we are bringing out a little jacket. when will it finally feel like it is supposed to feel i don't remember how it is supposed to feel. >> it has got to be better because that flag is limp. >> yes. >> yesterday it was straight out over there by federal courthouse. >> we were doing yoga on the art museum steps yesterday, it was blowing every which way. >> everybody was wearing fleece outside, and i understand the year before it was really hot.
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so same time of the year. we put mittens on bus stop buddy, just to emphasize how chilly, it is. actual temperatures are in the 30's, and 40's, did despite sunshine. carbon, monroe counties under a freeze warning until 8:00. frost advisory, berks, lehigh northampton until 8:00 this morning. the actual temperature in mount pocono is 29 degrees. it is only 38 in reading. forty-one in trenton. we will go down to millville, new jersey where it is a degree above freezing nothing cumberland county and 40 degrees in wilmington. it is a chilly morning for sure. forty-five feels like 39, yeah, we're still talking wind chill in mid-may and by 9:00 we should hit that 50-degree mark. by noon, about 57 and breezes will be picking up, sunny and cool, all afternoon with a high of 65 degrees. 10 degrees below average. we will warm back in the 70's. we will tell you when in the
6:31 am
seven day forecast coming up, hey there, bob kelly. >> exactly 6:31 on a monday morning, we have got problems, on i-95, here's a live look from our penndot camera, southbound lanes of i-95, bumper to bumper to bumper from center city all the way down, into washington avenue. all because of an accident. it happened about an hour and a half ago. here's a live look from sky fox involving two tanker tractor trailer. it looks like here is this fellow, rear ended the back of the first guy. i'm not sure whether the first guy was on the shoulder, they are both from the same company so i'm wondering if they were maybe following each other and a quick stop by one, we have the penndot trucks out here. we don't see any signs of a fuel spill so that is good news. if anything, maybe there is just a little bit of aisle from the actual engine of this second tractor trailer that is kind of squeezed in the back but think about it, this could have been a lot worse.
6:32 am
you figure two tankers loaded, you have homes right here, and, of course, busy stretch of i-95. the fact that they are letting traffic through, in school buses tells me that there is no immediate danger here, with a fire, explosion or gasoline leak, as we have the philadelphia fire fighters on the scene right there. see, probably that sand, from the oil, and it looks like, look at how close he is to puncturing the back of that tanker there on i-95. lets go to the maps. the heading southbound i-95, we're jammed, pretty much from girard avenue, all the waste through to center city, and, down into washington lane. now that accident is as soon as you you come out of the tunnels, the penns landing, tunnel there. this is on the way to stand by anybody try to get to philly international. i know it may sound crazy but if you are coming from northeast philadelphia or bucks county, go over one of the bridges and come down the
6:33 am
jersey side, route 130 and come back over walt whitman bridge and that will get you down into south philadelphia. fuzz are leaving center city, don't get on i-95, work your way down to front street to get on to i-95 and no eta when that will get cleaned up. water main break in the city market and forty-second and forty-third. one out in the neighborhood here cheltenham and washington lane. by the way any septa bus that he is use that stretch of i-95 will be delayed as well. mike and alex, back over to you. well, opening statements are expect today in the corruption case of chaka fattah. >> this case go on a long time. after a serving 11 terms, over 30 years of his life in office he recently lost the primary election. >> steve keeley is at the federal courthouse right now, steve? >> reporter: it sound like a court story throwing out stats. how about these stats, 11 terms but five defendants tried at once, and see this number, 29? that is our station but it also matches the same number
6:34 am
of counts, congressman fattah is facing facing including racketeering, bribery, conspiracy and fraud being tried with the four staffers and friend. two former political aids of fattah have pleaded guilty and agreed to testify. now as we go back nine years, to 2007, you'll remember he ran for mayor. that is the year michael nutter beat him and others in the primary and first got elect in this town. that nine year-old fattah mayoral can campaign is part of the wide ranging case. the government says fattah took an illegal one million-dollar loan to run for mayor of philadelphia, and then stole federal grant money to pay off that loan. the government charges fattah used federal tax money to pay off his now imprisoned sons college loans. opening statements today, possibly lots of weeks and testimony and lots of cross-examination. you have got five teams of defense lawyers, since fattah and his four aids all being tried together. well, to help cut confusion good day staff lawyer ken rottweiler will be on in about an hour, along with our
6:35 am
investigative reporter jeff cole to dissect day one and this case. jeff cole has been reporting on fattah long before the charges ever came about. alex and mike. >> we will wait for. that ken and jeff will be in as well, we just saw him talking to chaka fattah right there. 6:35. they have had many conversations over the years. police investigating after a 17 year-old was shot ten times, in grays ferry, overnight. he was taken to presbyterian medical center in critical condition, as you can imagine. some police officers were in the area, heard the gun shots, raced to the scene. police had many 911 calls. they believe that the person was targeted, south detectives, are currently looking over security camera footage for help identifying the suspect or suspects. well, community in south jersey tried to cope after a tragic death of two teens killed in the crash and this is as they are coming back from the prom. >> early in the morning. >> grief counselors will be on hand when the girls went to
6:36 am
school in bridgeton. the that is where bill anderson is. bill, it will be a tough day. >> reporter: it really is. anybody, all of house went to the prom understand the special memories, the happiness that is supposed to come with it, but you also understand the challenge, that grief counselors will have at bridgeton high school trying to make sense of an unthinkable tragedy. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the crash early saturday morning that killed daisia sulton and mikayla mostly at maurice river township. they were returning from after prom celebrations when they lost control and hit a tree. witnesses say that first responders were there, quickly but could not save them all. >> they could not get the doors opened and then all of the rescue and fire came, and they got the three girls out and then the driver didn't make it. devastated, of course who wouldn't be. i know i am. i cannot even imagine their
6:37 am
pain right now. >> now we said grief counselors will be here throughout the day trying to help students. mike and alex, i know you have had some questions about whether or not there are any after prom policies. i looked into it. there don't appear to be any restrictions that would require students to stay or require student to go straight home but elected officials in light of this, third car accident in two weeks said they may need to start looking into additional policies to try to keep students safe. >> that car went directly into that tree. thanks for checking on that. if your a parent of one of the kid there is what the policy of the prom. some schools around the country lock them into gyms or public facilities where they can have their party until the sun comes up, and parents can come get them. >> it is safe, they call it after prom, there is no drinking, there is adult there and they keep you until six or 7:00 to make sure you are okay to go home. >> these girls had gone from the prom, down to ocean city.
6:38 am
>> which a lot of people do after prom to celebrate. >> so it is a special night. >> yeah. >> so sad. >> very sad. >> all right, lauren 6:38 on this monday. how are you doing. >> i'm doing well. we have horrific crimes in bensalem where police are being held after he doused his girlfriend with gasoline, inside of a motel. forty-six year-old melissa a bacon smith was burned alive at the link object motel yesterday in bensalem. police say bacon's boyfriend kevin small poured gasoline on her while she was smoking inside. that started a huge fire that claimed the life. police say he confessed to family members about the attack. although motive remains unclear, officials say small is being held without bail, and no one else was injured in the fire. several cars were damaged, some wreck, late last night in the area of ninth and tasker streets in south philadelphia. police got the tip around 11:00 p.m. that a driver smashed into the car, even sending one person to the hospital. right now, it is unclear how much the crash will cost those need to go repair their vehicles. fire fighters work quickly to put out a fire at a home in
6:39 am
center sit the think morning. this happened the on the 200 block of south tenth street around 4:00 a.m. the fire appears to have started on a porch and then spread. crews had the flames under control at 4:30. they are still looking into how this all started. luckily in one was hurt in this fire. crews on the scene cleaning up a water main break in the fire station, at the forty-third and market in west philadelphia officials say that it happened around 4:00 a.m. no traffic delays, have been reported, in that area. and bill cosby's lawyers are asking for a chance to get his case just thrown out. they are in not of the state supreme court arguing that the current district attorney cannot go back on the word of his predecessor who promised cosby would never face charges in this case. and cosby's lawyers say that he relied on that pledge when he testified, in a related lawsuit. a preliminary hearing is scheduled for next tuesday, unless the supreme court tosses out that case. workers in the garden state could be in store for a pay raise this morning. new jersey state lawmakers taking up a bill that gives workers a minimum wage of $10.10 an hour. that is an increase of a
6:40 am
$1.72. those who oppose add bill say the raise will put extra strain on already struggling businesses, especially, mikes and alex, those small businesses small businesses, yes, always a concern when you talk about minimum wage. >> 6:40. just into us here at fox. >> sixers have announced they will be the first team in the four major sports leagues to have a sponsor on their game jerseys. we are looking at what the jersey will look like right now a stub hub patch will appear on the left side of the jersey. it is not just this sees on but next season starting in the 2017/2018 season. the nba approved the sale of the jersey sponsors last month, as part of the three-year pilot program. it is starting with us, the sixers. >> representative of the sixers will will come in and explain this in the 7:00 o'clock hour. we want to have her arrive, with plenty of tweets and facebook mentions from you. this is the first of the four major teams to a how a sponsorship, albeit small on
6:41 am
their june. but could this be a start of beginning of more. >> toothpaste is out of the tube now, horse is out of the barn. >> it is all about money, more money, bigger, better. >> five million-dollar over three years something like that. >> a a lot of cash good let us know what you think, they have posted on our facebook page and twit tore see a closer look at different angles. >> it is small but it is big, that is the thing. >> do you find it tacky. some people will say this is tacky. i don't have a problem with it. think about it, i was watching nascar they are covered head to toe. >> that is nascar. >> this is different. >> how about the soccer team billbo. >> philadelphia union. >> yes. >> but this is first one in history for one of the four major sports teams. >> and philadelphia union, that is big, it is a all across their chest. >> it is a big billbo. >> i'm sorry, it is a bakery. today president obama will award the nation's highest honor for law enforcement to a philadelphia police officer
6:42 am
who was kill in the line of duty. >> sergeant robert wilson the third will be honored for his heroic efforts during an armed robbery at a game stop in north philadelphia last year. sergeant wilson went into get a birthday gift for his son but instead was killed in a gun battle trying to protect customers, from two armed men. sergeant wilson the third will be awarded the medal of valor, given to officers who have exhibited exceptional courage regardless of personal safety, and highest honor police officer can get. and this is an day to protect human life. he is one of the 13 officers being honored today. >> he was going to that game stop on that snow i day to buy a birthday present for his son. >> um, um, um. speaking of the white house, the white house's new guidelines on transgender students touching off a fire storm, over the weekend. who is threatening to push back, against the obama administration, as federal funding, could be in yep difficult.
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we are live over i-95, sky fox
6:46 am
taking a look at this one, one tankers, within guy rear ended another fellow south on i-95, just south of center city philadelphia it is right at the columbus boulevard, washington avenue off ramp that last like we only have one lane, squeezing through here. this could have been worse. think bit, two tankers, there is your homes, is there front street, old downey's right there at front and south street, right there, but we are bumper to bumper new heading south on i-95, south of center city. let go to the camera. my penndot camera which shows the grid lock leaving center city here heading down. the as soon as you come out of the tunnels there at penns landing. leaving the house right now, this is going to impact everybody, that is using i-95 south. first of all even if you are just coming into center city this backup is already there down to 10 miles, 12 miles an hour and the accident is just south, of center city.
6:47 am
if you are getting ready to head to the airport, or anywhere south of center city a couple of options, from the neighborhood, or center city. dent get on i-95, downtown here, you'll drive right on into this gridlock, so go down to front street and entering i-95. if you are watching from the northeast or bucks county and head south of the city, i know it sound crazy but you forget that there is a river here go across one of the bridges, and come down right here route 130, go back over the walt whitman. i will bet you a jelly doughnut it the will save you sometime and get you there without a delay, again, no eta when this is going to be cleaned up. thankfully it is in the worse then it could have been with two tanker accidents. remember back, i may be showing my age here but when that tanker accident happened on i9 five down at delaware county, mike, you probably remember that, sue when it destroyed the roadway, and it had to be rebuilt down there
6:48 am
in delaware county. a water main break on market and forty-second and forty-third, and then there is lots of sunshine today, how long will it last? sue has that answer in 15 seconds. we finally get the a day with sunshine. trade off, it is chilly. and it will be chilly at the ballpark. the lots of folks going to the phillies game. marlins are in town. we have three games with them coming up. tonight it will be about 62 degrees at game time but it will be cool to chilly as temperatures fall through the 50's. definitely sweater or jacket weather tonight at the phillies game. right now 45 degrees in philadelphia a. twenty-nine mount pocono. forty in wilmington. forty-one in dover. look at this temperature in millville only 33 degrees, and
6:49 am
we dragged out the wind chill map again. we have 36 degrees wind chill in pottstown. feels like 19 in mount pocono, and it feels like the 30's with all that sunshine here in philadelphia we have wind, our freeze warning and frost advisories in effect until 8:00 o'clock this morning. nothing on radar, at least, we don't have the snow that we're talking about in new england. looking at the future cast rain doesn't role in until early afternoon or late morning tomorrow. rain through the afternoon, we will get a break and then a little bit more rain on wednesday, morning, there we see, during morning rush we will get some rain, so it is on the way but not to day, sunny, breezy. sixty-five. sixty-two tomorrow and 64 with morning showers other than wednesday. try on thursday gets to 70 degrees. by friday, this is the west weather day of the week with sunny skies and 74 degrees. mike and alex. >> 6:49, sue. >> well, white house new guidelines on transgendered students are touching off a
6:50 am
fire storm. >> wow, main topic all weekend on the talk show. the obama administration is threatening to withhold federal money and republicans are threatening a fight, big time. lauren, give us details. >> all right. department of justice and department of education sent out a letter to school districts all across the country. in it it states transgender students have full and equal access to facilities and activities, based on the gender that they identify with. so this includes bathrooms, locker rooms, college dorms, the administration also said that failing to follow the guidelines could result in federal lawsuit and loss of millions of dollars of education funning. now a growing number of republican leaders are expressing outrage over this new directive saying it is the latest example of executive over reach. >> entire policy is vague. it is also, we believe unconstitutional because they don't have statutory authority or constitutional third to change statute. >> the challenge here is not to isolate anybody or to discriminate against anybody it is not to make anybody unsafe, it is actual toy
6:51 am
ensure that our schools are as inclusive and respectful, and safe, as they can possibly be. >> well, the white house is defending it actions and policy was in the works for years now, and a growing number of administrators are reaching out for guide abs. how do they handle an issue like this. officialness 12 states are vowing they will fight this in court, similar to what we are seeing happen in north carolina. >> wonder what hillary clinton's campaign thinks of this because would it seem to me it would just drive republicans to the polls just on that one issue, you know what i mean. >> yeah, absolutely. >> i doubt if she's happy of the timing of this. we will talk more about this for sure over the next few weeks, stealing the show. >> special moment for the still family as devon still, he is a big friend to the show, he maris his long time fiance and leah plays a big role in the ceremony of course. >> yes.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ we willing live on the air from seven to 10:00. we will be out there early probably 6:00 o'clock. we have more details come up. do i want to tell you the exact location, this friday, state road, pine, between pine and main. so state road, between pine and main. you know that intersection. we will be right there. >> we will see through. >> let's talk about one of our
6:55 am
favorites because she's leah strong. >> yes. >> leah still is six years old. she stole the show at heavier father's wedding. they got married. >> roll the tape. >> he is a houston texans defensive lineman. really all throughout our area. >> pretty picture. >> devon still shared this photo on his instagram. his daughter was the flower girl, of course, and of course, you will remember she was diagnosed with life threatening stage four neuroblastoma two years ago and still and his fiance, they put off wednesday to go focus on leah's fight. new that she's better and in remission they got to celebrate. >> they danced the night away. >> the youth family, busted out some moves on the dance floor, the nfl tweeted out this video, leah who was treated at chop here in philadelphia, beat the odds and declared cancer free in march of last year, leah got her own piece of jewelry to compliment the wedding ring a
6:56 am
bracelet adorned with butterflies representing her trans form nation, into this new life, cancer free. >> beautiful wedding. >> i feel like i was there because nfl tweeted out on their snap chat the they had inside look from the wedding and everything and it was so beautiful to see them. >> nicely done. >> when was the wedding? i don't know when and where the wedding was. >> the knot response ordinary it and put it together good yeah. i'm in the sure. all i necessity is they were having a great time. they didn't care where they before. >> a player for cincinnati red, he plays first base, made himself a instant villain here in philadelphia. see what he did to, well, to fans in the stand right here, do you want this ball? do you want this ball? well, he never threw it in the stand. he is taking heat from philly fans, joey voto. here's steve. mike, lieutenant of sports people have been villains to
6:57 am
philadelphia sports fans but true villains have been politicians, how about this number just since the year 2,000 about 50 politicians have been investigated, many charged, many convicted, of crimes, the latest trial starts today.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
congressman chaka fattah head to trial on federal corruption charges, 29 of those charges as a matter of fact. the what is expected to happen/day number one, in the courtroom, down on market street. difficult day back to school after two students were killed in a car crash following prom. how the heartache was felt even more over the weekend. mid of may for goodness sakes. don't forget your winter coat? maybe a coat is in order. at least that is the weather. chilly start to this week. when will it warm up? there is good news by mid week, according to sue. you are already weighing in on the sixers announcing moment ago they will be the first team in the four major sports leagues to have a sponsorship on their jersey, not yet. it is small. >> but it is there. >> it is there. a little stub hub patch. there it is. >> there it is. >> yes. >> it is small. >> they are in the doing it this season but the following season.


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