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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  May 16, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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congressman chaka fattah head to trial on federal corruption charges, 29 of those charges as a matter of fact. the what is expected to happen/day number one, in the courtroom, down on market street. difficult day back to school after two students were killed in a car crash following prom. how the heartache was felt even more over the weekend. mid of may for goodness sakes. don't forget your winter coat? maybe a coat is in order. at least that is the weather. chilly start to this week. when will it warm up? there is good news by mid week, according to sue. you are already weighing in on the sixers announcing moment ago they will be the first team in the four major sports leagues to have a sponsorship on their jersey, not yet. it is small. >> but it is there. >> it is there. a little stub hub patch. there it is. >> there it is. >> yes. >> it is small. >> they are in the doing it this season but the following season. so, what do you think?
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i have a little poll going. so does alex on our twitter accounts. i'm saying it is leaning to i don't like it. really don't think jersey sponsorship is so bad as long as it is tasteful and in more than two logos per uniform. >> we have responses but make sure you use the #fox 29 good day and so we can show it on tv. we will have a representative from the sixers, we will ask them about this people are wondering why stubhub. maybe not wondering why stub hub but if you have any quotes. >> interesting marriage. they sell tickets to the sixers games. >> that is right. >> so there you go. >> yes. >> rumor has it, it is 5 million for three years, 15 million. keep them coming. majority says i don't like it, i don't like it but you one from philip says it is okay. >> we always see a change. >> that is problem in philadelphia, so interesting, we are the first city of all of the cities because we don't like change. >> the city that hates change
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is first one to change. >> well, it is happening anyway. so is this? an eight out of ten today in your weather by the numbers. it is really chill toy start but it will be a beautiful day. we still have a eight. bus stop buddy, we have put mittens on him because it is so cold out there. temperatures are in the 30's and 40's here it is, the middle of may, so a nice warm fleece is a good idea. thirty-one in mount pocono. forty-three in wilmington. 44 in atlantic city. it feels colder then. that wind chill in the it the i is 38 degrees. we are heading to i a high of 65 today. 10 degrees cooler then average. breeze tie with wind, at 15 to 20 miles an hour. 49 degrees with increasing cloud overnight, not quite as cold, we will talk about the next chance of rain, coming up in the seven day forecast, any better on i-95, bob kelly. >> unfortunately not, sue, 70:00 2a rough go here as we get started on i-95. here's a live look from skies fox, the at exactly the situation. it almost a half an a half ago
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an accident involving two tanker tractor trailers, on i-95, and this fellow here obviously ran into the back of the second one. this could have been a lot worse though, gang because all we have right now is just a fuel leak, from the fuel tanks of this tractor trailer. we're not getting word from the fire department as to how many gallons are leaked but obviously this could have been worse. they are leading traffic through but only one lane just squeezing on by right now, south on i-95. lets go to the maps, getting ready to leave in northeast philadelphia, it is bumper to bumper from cottman avenue all the way through center city. it typically opens up there. even folks from center city trying to go south this morning or having trouble, the accident is right there, at washington avenue. so a couple of alternate from center city, don't get on that seventh and race street on ramp work your way through and get back on at front street. if you are coming from the
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great northeast and trying to get to the airport on time forget that there is a river here and go over tacony or betsy ross bridge. take route 130 south, come back in over the walt whitman and that ill with get you down to the airport in time for your flight. another situation, water main break market between forty-second and forty-third and it is sun glare every where, normal spots like conshohocken curve and northbound i-95 coming from delco, mike and alex, back to you. strap in may you may be sick of this story over the next few weeks. the corruption trial of congressman chaka fattah, begins this morning, down the street in the federal courthouse. >> fattah is charged with misusing cam paper fund and grants to pay off loans from the failed philadelphia mayoral run. >> steve is on the story, down the street, hi there, steve. >> reporter: i think tv viewers here in philadelphia are sick of seeing corruption trials, period here in philadelphia they happen as regularly as mummers parade does every year. just three months after his son chaka fattah junior, got convicted here and sentenced to five years in the federal
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pen, fattah senior today starts facing a jury and his 29 count federal indictment. he he is going on trial were four aids at the same time, so we're talking lots of lawyers. today for instance you'll get prosecution opening statement and five defense opening statements. six opening statement in one day, means lots of charges, lots of confusion for this jury of 12 non-legal will scholars to listen to and then sort out months from now. fattah just got elect, or voted out of office after being elect 11 times as a congressman, 22 years in congress, now most of the final days in the courtroom not in congress. and maybe he will end his time as a congressman by starting his time as a convict. all this as philadelphia state senator larry farnese just got indicted, farnese you'll recall replaced state senator vince fumo who got indicted, convicted and went to prison. fumo, long time philadelphians will know replaced buddy cianfrani who got indicted,
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convicted and sent to prison. long line of corruption cases continue and so does that other continuous parade to prison for politicians in philadelphia, parade that starts right here at the federal courthouse just eight blocks from where the mummers parade starts every year. >> do you see up in new york state, there are nine congress people who are in jail now, just in the last year. >> reporter: look at powerful people in the the state house, state senate president, a all those guys just getting indicted too. corruption is is all over this country unfortunately. >> 7:07. come ber day for students at this south jersey high school. this morning they returned for the first time since the tragic death of two classmates. >> it has been only hours since it happened. two teens were killed in the car crash coming home from the prom. bill anderson, at bridgeton high school, bill. >> reporter: good morning. students and teachers administrators are starting to arrive for the first time here at bridgeton high school, since one of their, two of their classmates were actually killed this weekend returning
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from whom activity in over city. this morning grief counselors will be speaking to students, teachers and friend of daisia assault on and mikayla mostly when they were killed when they lost control of a car and slammed into a tree. the sign behind me on campus that i noticed this morning that reminded, student going to the prom to be, respectful, act responsibly and inspire higher. that sign may have been inspired by the fact that brink ton was still mourning another student killed in the car accident, just two weeks ago. >> we are in mourning. especially knowing that today, we had the funeral services for one of our senior students who was tragically killed in a car accident, approximately two weeks ago. >> in response to that elect officials started to will into this. senate president steve sweeney issued a statement with the all too common warning for parents and students. he said this time have the of the year is a special one for
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students and their friend but it must also be a time of great caution. i urge parents parents to talk to their children about the importance of safe driving especially when traveling at night. as student come back to school today talking to grief counselors trying to put together the pieces, elect officials are looking into this. three people in two weeks, way too many and they are starting to figure out whether there may need to be policy changes for these tragedy so that they don't happen any morey was talking to one of the bridgeton teachers on twitter. she was saying actually on facebook that she was a teacher for both of these girls that were killed in the car crashes over the last two weeks. you know the post through keep putting up, says cousins, do you know if they were cousins, can you check into that? >> reporter: i will look into that. we have not confirmed that yet and a lot of the student were kind of calling each other that so i don't know if they are by logically cousins or just close friend but we will look into that and continue to
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pray for two students who are still in the hospital, hopefully recovering. >> back of that car. >> officials, say how close they were, even if they weren't family they felt like family. 7:09. well, police are investigating after a 17 year-old was shot. tell me about this, lauren. >> ten times in, grays ferry overnight and taken to presbyterian medical center in critical condition. police in the area heard gunshots. several people called 911. they believed that the victim was targeted, south detective, are currently looking over security cameras footage, for help identifying this suspect. and a man is being held behind bars after police say he killed his girlfriend by pouring gasoline on her, while she smoked a get. officials say 46 year-old melissa bacon was burned alive at the lincoln motel yesterday in bensalem. police say bake object's boyfriend sketch small, confessed to his family members, about that attack, and the motive remains unclear and officials say small is being held, without bail, and no one else was injured in that fire. and crews cleaning up the water main break near the fire station at forty-third and market in west philadelphia, officials say that this
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happened around 4:00 a.m. in traffic delays have been reported in that area. and extra excitement, security during commencement ceremony at university of pennsylvania yesterday. vice-president joe biden and republican presidential candidate donald trump were at franklin field for that ceremony. both had a connection to the 1500 students graduating class. biens's granddaughter niomi and trump's youngest daughter tiffany. they were sitting in the main row in the front. trump and biden have previous ties to penn. trump graduated from wharton school of business in 1968. two of his other children were there as well. biden's late son beau attended under grad at penn. hundreds of students from rutgers camden, go the to be a part of history yesterday. two younger students travel to the main campus in new brunswick to see president obama. he is first sitting president to deliver a commencement speech at rutgers and during his speech he took a swipe at donald trump, and his plan to build a wall along our border and isolate muslims . >> it contradicts the evidence
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that our growth, and our innovation and our country has always been spurred by our ability to attract people from every corner of the globe. that is how we became america, why would we want to stop that now good president owe bam delivered a keynote dress at the university's commencement as part of the year long celebration of the the 250 anniversary. mike and alex. well, also the president was going to go back in d.c., as a matter of fact because he will award the nation's highest honor for law enforcement to philadelphia police officer sergeant robert wilson the third. >> he will be honored for his heroic efforts during a armed robbery at a game stop in north fill race year. he was killed in the gun battle trying to protect customers from two armed men. sergeant wilson will be awarded the medal of valor given to officers who have exhibited exceptional courage in the a tempt to save or protect human life. he is one of the 13 officers being honored today and that is highest honor given to a police officer.
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>> his family there been there. >> i wand fur his son will be there too. >> would i imagine in the white house. all right. coming up at 7:12. sue, lets get right to the point. >> you are talking about deceiving sunshine out the there today, it is chilly but you very, very bright, because of the clear skies we have had overnight. if you think this month has been cool, you are right. we should for the average of the in so far as of the 16th be at almost 64 degrees, but 51.3 is where we are right now. so it has been a cold month but this morning that we just had is not the coldest we have ever had. 28 degrees in 1966, on may the 11th was the coldest we have ever been in the month of may. so in comparison, it is so balmy, 44 degrees in philadelphia 31 mount pocono. forty-three dover. forty-one lancaster. forty-two in trenton. the wind chill map in may, it feels like the 30's out there. mount pocono has a wind chill of 21. and so, keep that in mind when you are selecting your outer wear, this morning.
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something warm if you are going to wait for a bus, wait for a ride outside. freeze warning and frost advisory still in effect until the north and west of us. ultimate doppler is showing that is there snow falling in upstate, new york and new england this morning. that is how cold it is. so, we do not have that in the forecast. we have sunshine and 65 degrees today. and make sure you bring a nice warm jacket in if you are going to the phillies game tonight. tomorrow you may need an umbrella with 62 degrees. sixty-four on wednesday with showers in the morning, and then, thursday, is when we will get to 70 degrees, mid 70's by friday, and then we can end, we will stay in the 70's, as well, that is a look at your seven day forecast, bob. >> hey, sue, good morning. we still have problems on i-95 here. this is i-95, in center city philadelphia just south of center city, two tanker trucks involved in a crash. it happened at 4:00 or 4:30 or so. luckily this could have been a lot worse. the there was no fire. just a minor, leak of gasoline
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from the actual fuel tanker, and one of the tractor trailers but here's the problem, only one lane is opened, on i-95, south just south of center city philadelphia. so we got our normal jam from the northeast, all the way into center city. then we're still jammed from downtown all the way through tunnels under penns landing down to washington avenue. and then to add a problem to it, we also had an accident on the vine expressway ramps. if you are leaving the house right now from northeast philadelphia or bucks county and you are trying to get through center city to get to the airport, go into new jersey. forget that there is a river there and use tacony or betsy and take 130 all the way down to the walt whitman. if you are leaving say neighborhood or center city, avoid getting on i-95 in center city, work your way down to the front street ramps, and then that will hook you up with a nice easy ride all the way down to the airport. again, there is another accident, totally separate then the tanker truck, at the seventh street ramps, to the
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vine street expressway, and so again, leaving town, trying to get to i-95, forget about it, you will want to head down to front street. mike and alex, back to you. had phillies won they would have been in first place in the nl east. that is unbelievable. >> it was an impressive weekend until yesterday. >> yes, that is true. this was the play of the weekend though, look at this, on saturday, you've got to make a perfect throw. he did. that is fantastic. >> tyler goodell, with a perfect strike, into rupp's glove, and you're out, double play. reds lose. phillies win. we will go for the sweep yesterday but that didn't go as well. >> right new we're in second place. >> by one game. >> matt lombard owe is here from 97.5 the fanatic. i will tell you was that one of the most impressive plays you have seen. >> i think you under sold that, that was play of the year, how about biggest play of the last five years at citizens bank park. who knows how they are doing
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this. obviously top prospects like jp crawford, nick williams are still not up in the minor leagues but it is an exciting team to watch, with rupp making the tag giving of the body that was exciting and it is a fun team to watch right now. >> nick williams is outfield. >> they need his bat. >> yes, they do. the reason you cannot get all in on this team is games like yesterday where you see they cannot score runs. pitching has been great. aaron nola has been great. hellickson was spot on he had a great outing but they need to bring up a bat. they need crawford, williams. they might be up by june or so. >> we will have to see. >> how about ryan howard? nice one. >> if he keeps, striking it like it is right now he might be someone you can deal to bring a young bat in here. >> somebody will take that 25 minute. >> probably not. >> okay. we're asking the same question as john smallwood, is today in the back page of the daily news? are the phils, what the record
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says they are? well, let's just wait and see because they have a ten game road stretch. another long road trip in the beginning of the june. lets see how they survive. that they cannot hit. there is no power in the outfield. pitching has been great. top prospects are in the here yet. they are a fun team. lets take it for what it is. >> lets talk eagles. it is a very big day. >> joey voto. >> yes, did you see what he was doing. >> yes. >> yes. >> faking everybody. >> quick way to make yourself the least popular man in philadelphia one thing to fake out a group of fans but then he does it again and goes over to a little kid and he doesn't throw the kid the ball. i have been there. that is no fun. would i boo him if i were that kid good he did get boo. >> and he is taking heat on social media he does it again. do you want this ball. do you want this ball. >> i hate, that because he
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is such but he is looking directly at an adult, a guy that was given him so much fits. >> yes. >> all game long, he was yelling, you know, stuff at him. >> when you fake out the little kid. when little kiddies there with the glove, staring him down, and kid has a glove. little kid love for that sort of thing. take the glove hoping to get a foul ball or ball from a player. >> the adult says i don't want that. >> get into that. >> mike schmidt does what. >> he gives the kid indabas ball. >> the kids win in the end but does the kid know mike schmidt. >> but such a cool moment, cool gesture from ben davis and mike myth submit to give him the ball. >> mike signed it and got to love that. >> yes. >> now we're ready. >> just exited to see how this goes down because we are expecting carson wentz to meet sam bradford for the first time. >> yes. >> that goes down today. >> we saw carson wentz at
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rookie camp throwing a couple passes the other day and there were more reporters in the building then there were players. that is how it goes in philadelphia wentz showed off a lot of arm strength. i would love to be a fly on the wall in that first meeting between sam brad forward and carson wentz because i don't think it will be amicable but i think eventually, sam brad forward will realize that this is ultimately going to be wentz team and needs to be good solder and help the rookie. >> i say the total opposite. >> you think they will be nice. >> i think they will be friend, they will hug, ape everything will be fine. >> did you see how their lockers are set up. >> they put chase daniel in the middle. >> yes. >> you have sam bradford, chase daniel. >> and carson wentz. >> yes. >> just in case. >> where is poor golson. >> he is on the other side, i don't know if he is still there. what he is in the try out. we will see if he stays. >> yes, talked to him the other day.
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>> from myrtle beach. >> played at notre dame and florida state. >> he is about 5-foot ten. >> he is that small. >> so good in notre dame. mattes, good to see you. >> yes, good to see you. >> 7:20. forget the iphone seven being released this september, there are new rumors already swigger about what the iphone eight will look like. >> i'm witting for the ieven if 29. >> really. >> yes. >> making headlines this morning chaka fattah heads to court today and as opening statements are expected in this long federal corruption trial, 29 charges, um, um, um. but first we have a few numbers
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you say happy birthday to my son owen rocket hoist ten today. >> absolutely not. for get iphone seven released
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in september. >> i was going to wait for the next one and rumors are coming out what the next one will look like, iphone eight in 2017. >> it has in rim. >> it just floats in the air, right. >> that what's we are hearing all glass, and it will have a edge to edge display meaning there is no borders or buttons or anything on the phone, that everything, the cameras home button is all under display screen. >> cool. >> latest rumor, you drop it, you are done. >> yes, it is one expensive screen. >> what happens to apple this year when they release iphone seven. hearing all these cool things about the eight who will buy the seven. what will the company do in the meantime. big problem for them. >> isn't that how it always is, constant debate do you hold honor wait because another one will come out in another year. >> yes. >> i got an extension cord yesterday for my iphone. >> fifty bucks. >> extension cord. >> a charger. >> 10 feet long for a charging
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cord. >> 10 feet long. >> do you got that one. >> i do, it is helpful. >> yes. >> it is good. >> because my apartment is so small, i can sit on my couch in one room and then use the same cord to go on the other room and sit on the bed. >> my thought exactly. >> his phonies always dying hopefully this means you will keep your phone charge. >> never be dead again. >> hey lauren did you ever see the movie top gun. >> yes, i have, why? >> we are going to take within of the famous scenes and recreate it here in our "good day philadelphia" style and we will put it on our web site so you can see it. >> tell me when to start looking. >> what time. >> okay. yes, we will. we are doing it, there is no, um, um. >> we can post it, this time. >> good luck. >> and your acting debuts. >> thank you very much. >> because, lauren, thank you because you 30 years ago today, top gun, did hit movie
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theaters, and now, which scenes, which iconic scene, should we recreate. that wasn't bad. >> that was good. >> how about the the volleyball scene where they are all name playing volleyball. >> yes. >> forget that one. >> how about this one, by the down and jumps, and then there story of the day chaka fattah ace accused of using campaign and federal grant machine toy pay off an illegal one million-dollar campaign law, and, about five different other schemes. >> we will break down the trial of the congressman as it begins today.
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chaka fattah heads to court in the corruption trial of the veteran pennsylvania congressman. and jada a pink it smith is joining us on good day we will talk about what is next for her on the hit fox show got ham we have been waiting for perfect return. >> i thought she was killed off. >> oh, she's probably coming back. it is fish moon i. >> and when she and her husband will smith, they find time to get back to philadelphia. >> her character's name is fish, sue and she fell in the river so maybe she's swimming away. >> stranger things have
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happened on that show. >> quite chill which temperatures in the 30's and 40's. we have put bus stop buddy in mittens. if you are outside for a while and not in the sun, it is chilly out there. look at these temperatures, 31 in mount pocono. still below freezing there only 42 in allentown. colder than that in pottstown. here in the city, it is 44, 43 in dover, and it feels like 38, in philadelphia right now, thanks to these westerly winds at 13 miles an hour, so, plan on being maybe around 50 degrees by 9:00. sun will take care of that. 57 degrees by lunchtime with breezes of 15 to 20 miles an hour, so we will be, similar to yesterday, little bit on the blustery side, 65 is our high temperature today. we will warm backup in the 70's a. we will tell you when in the seven day forecast. how is it going, bob kelly. >> that tanker truck accident involving two actual tanker trucks still causing delays on i-95. we will get to that in a a second. another accident just popped
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up here causing delays on the eastbound schuylkill expressway, between vine expressway and 30th street station. we have a lieutenant of sun glare this morning and now problem on i-95, southbound bumper to bumper from pretty much approaching cottman all the way through to center city where about 4:30 or so we have had an accident involving two tanker trucks on i-95 south. could have been worse. we have a little will fuel spill that is from the gasoline tank of one of the tractor trailers. penndot is here trying to get those tankers off to the side, bottom line only one lane squeezing on through, as you leave center city and head southbound toward the airport. that is causing grid lock from folks from center city trying to go south on i-95. your best bet do not get on i-95 enter at front street in south philadelphia. coming from say bucks county or northeast philadelphia and try to get to the airport. look at the delay back to woodhaven road here. for get is there a river and
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go across the bridge. betsy or tacony and come back into philadelphia over the walt whitman and that will give you access to south philadelphia and access to head south down the airport. >> lets get this thing started. corruption trial of the congressman chaka fattah begins this morning in philadelphia federal court. just down the street here. chaka is charged in the 29 count, indictment in youl campaign and federal grant money to pay off an illegal one million-dollar campaign loan when he runs for mayor. that is just one of the ledge schemes. congressman is accused of using money to pay his son's college dent. chaka fattah has denied these charges, and has held office for american 30 years but lost the primary last month. jeff cole has been following this case for years. also our legal analyst ken rottweiler is with us. i will rip off a phrase from an article i saw over weekend by our friend george anastasia who said this is a trial about
7:33 am
politics, pay offs, and a porsche. >> yes. >> you saw you that too, jeff. >> yes. >> five major schemes, lets talk about the one back in 2007, running for mayor, he has all this money, he has a 600 you this dollars bill he has to pay off, how does the government say he paid off this bill, how. he is running in the primary for mayor in 2007. he raises, gets a million-dollar, in illegal campaign loan way over the limit says the city rules and what he does is, he takes charitable money that than controls and ear marks federal money, rolls tonight to a non-profit and then begins to pay it off that way, illegally, say the federal government and then works to hide it. >> so, how do you start this, ken, is he and what four other co-defendants, basically assistants, where is the prosecution starting here. >> where they start, the key here is follow the money.
7:34 am
there will be a paper trail for all this. jeff's right, he he took this million-dollar loan, he paid back 400,000 of it because it wasn't used in the mayoral election. other 600,000 he had a non-profit call the educational a advancement alliance. the none i was supposed to go to that non-profit but instead he paid off the loan. thaw cannot do. that is what the prosecutor is going after. here's a very important thing, two of his former associates have pled guilty and will testify against him. his former chief of staff and his former political consultant. both have pled in this case and both will be government witnesses. i think they might be first witnesses to testify in this. >> his attorneys have a lot have of work to do. >> so say again. >> his attorneys, chaka fattah they have a lot of work again. >> you do not want the federal government, u.s. attorneys office going at you. all they can do is sit and work and build documents and come at you. his attorneys have a lot to do but i think fattah has in some way telegraphed what his
7:35 am
defense will be and that is i have been here for 22 years. i sit on the house appropriation committee. i have helped, millions of people, in and what you are to go here you will argue is criminal icing what his politics and governmental process. that is what he will argue. ken is right. there will be a lot of documents here and two of his people including this guy mailer, a close personal friend, will testify begins him. we have seen him once before in the trial of his son who is in jail right now. >> defense is just suggesting, ken does that fly. >> i think chaka fattah, you know, his political career goes back to 1983. he has been in philadelphia politics for 33 years. he started out in the house of represent in the state house, then went to the senate and then to congress. he he has done a lot of great things in his 33 years and been very popular. he will rely on that reputation, i'm sure his lawyers will try before the jury all of the good things he has done in those 33 years and in the end he will hope that carries the day. >> where is the porsche coming
7:36 am
in. >> so renee fattah, former anchor person at channel ten, in longer there, the allegation is by federal government it was a bogus sale of that vehicle for $18,000 to a man who i think wanted an ambassador ship. $18,000 was a bogus sale, 18,000 was used to secure a mortgage allege the federal g so they could buy a vacation property in the poconos. fattah, who no longer works at channel ten says that is ridiculous, i did sell the car, it simply sat in my garage because guy who bought it didn't have in i room for it. it is a completely miss interpreting good allegations of paying off sons student loans. here's a term i have never heard and you would know that because you are street smart, jj ole. $200,000 in street money on election day. >> that is the philadelphia way you put money the street, to get your voters out. it is always been controversial here and the federal are saying that
7:37 am
literally 200,000 was put on the street, street money, organizational money the day of the election to get folks to the polls. >> real quickly here will we see high profile witnesses, ken. >> we may see high profile witnesses, senator casey may testify, governor rendell may testify. initially when i read this i thought they would be testifying for chaka fattah. no they will be government witness's begins chaka fattah. senator casey may testify with regard to chaka fattah trying to get this even dear. that jeff cole spoke about where there was $18,000. he was trying to get him a political appointment and chaka fattah submitted an application, to senator casey's office to get him this position in the government and i think senator casey there will testify all about that good that will be a huge moment if a sitting u.s. senator, a democrat takes the stand in this trial. that would be remarkable here. >> nationwide attention. jeff, ken, thanks, good to he
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sue. could what you eat at your summer cook out if you like your meat rare like i do, there may be a link to road rage and i'm not kidding, doctor oz is here live to explain that.
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that move which tom cruise, top gun, let me put it this way tom took the highway to the danger zone. >> i am going to send you up against the best, and you you two characters are going to top gun. >> i feel the need, the need for speed. >> need for speed. >> we can do that scene. >> this happened in 1986, 30 years ago. so, we here at "good day philadelphia" will recreate this jerry brookehimer film a little bit later on in the show. but which scene? this is a good scene too. i just don't know.
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i just don't know. >> there is a lot of good scenes. >> yeah. >> which one should you do, you can suggest which one we will do, or do the one we taped friday anyway. >> you can try to guess which one we pick. >> sixers making a major announcement an hour ago that they will be the first team in u.s. leagues to have sponsors on their jersey, small lego for stub hub we have an executive here to explain her case. and celebration for the still family, nfl player devon still, ties the k in the but his daughter stole the show, what leah said to the crowd about her battle with cancer
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7:45. good morning everybody. here's a live look at this tractor trailer accident on i-95. what a mess. it happened just a couple hours ago, southbound lanes of i-95, or just south of center city, two tanker trucks collided here, and it has been tying traffic up, all morning long. what they have going on right now is only one lane opened, southbound i-95, as soup as you come out of those penns landing tunnels. what you see here is penndot blocking the on ramp from center city so they can get big tow trucks in and hall these tanker trucks out of here as part of the cleaning up. the southbound i-95 is jammo,
7:46 am
over an hour from woodhaven into downtown and all because of this accident right here, at washington avenue. getting ready to leave the house from center city or neighborhood your best bet, work your way sun to front street and get on i-95 there. coming from bucks county or northeast philadelphia, forget the there is a river here go over anyone of the bridges and come down route 130 in over walt whitman. speaking of the walt whitman, happy birthday to the walt whitman, opened up 59 years ago. check this out, a picture from dot ferrell, she said they allowed the... the marist girls to walk across the bridge on opening day, only halfway and then spin around and then come back into philadelphia a so happy birthday to the walt whitman what do you say free tolls today on the the walt whitman. >> that is what i her. >> wouldn't that be great. >> ask for it when you get to the toll booth. cup cakes and free tolls, we
7:47 am
will get on the even if and work on. that sue has the forecast though coming up in 15 seconds. phillies back in action tonight, different opponent, the miami marlins are in town and it should be, pretty nice, but also, chilly, we will start off cool and then get to chilly, game time temperature about 62 degrees. definitely sweater weather, you might want to bring a jacket. there will be people at the park tonight. forty-three in wilmington. forty-three in dover. but, we have wind chills, and they are out there it feels like it is in the 30's almost every where. feels like 21 degrees up in the poconos mountains. we don't have anything to show you just yet on ultimate doppler radar.
7:48 am
the system for tomorrow is still out there in missouri, so we will not see any action from that until the afternoon, tomorrow. maybe right after morning rush, the showers will roll in. dry, sunny but cooler then average to take 65 degrees. sixty-two tomorrow. morning showers on wednesday, and then sun comes out wednesday afternoon 64 degrees. the there is 70 degrees, on thursday beautiful day on friday maybe a little rain in the middle of the weekend. best weather day of the week mike and alex, friday. >> hitting road friday, and our first stop, this summer and spring, doylestown. you're first. party begins tomorrow may the 20th, we will be there from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. let me tell you where we will be, the exact location. it is state road in between pine and main. we will see you out there. alex and i will be there by 6:00 o'clock in the morning. >> come out if you want to see
7:49 am
us, seven to 10:00. >> come on down. >> 7:49, alex. >> well, sixers making history this morning and everyone is talking about this. they are the first team of the four major american sport leagues to have a sponsor on their jersey. >> yes, here to talk about it. >> it is laura. >> laura pricey will call you executive vice-president of the business operations for sixers and i think that is accurate. >> it is, thank you. >> thank you. >> of course. >> let's put up a picture of what it looks like. the you made a deal at stub hub. >> correct. >> it is pretty small. >> it is two by five, that is the size of the space that we're allowed to put the loge on owe. >> you will have it on the white uniform, red one and blue. >> yes, correct. >> first team in history, you history maker you. >> you like to be first at everything, we like partners that are innovative and think like we do. >> when did you make the deal. >> so the board of governors voted on this earlier this
7:50 am
year. >> nba. >> nba has to approved that. stub hub was a partner. they were likely partner for to us do this deal because they were innovative, they like to be first. we work on that deal shortly after we knew. >> will alex has one. i mean it is subtle. >> it is very small. >> i hate to be kras but can i bring up the money. >> sure. we consider it, this is, a first, for the four major sports leagues. i know soccer has already done it but this is first. we have been conservative, testing it around the league. they had it on all jersey this is year, with kia, wnba and d league had them on there before. >> why are you doing it so sixers organization can make more money, someone says ticket prices will go down. >> well, it is, considered beach front property so this is, what is happening globally and we need to be able to compete in a ever changing landscape. this is a new revenue stream for us. >> some people are concerned is this just the beginning, we will see this starts small and could we see several patch
7:51 am
necessary different places. >> like nascar. >> you know, adam silver and the league have been very conservative and we have done testing and i don't think you'll see, that kind of growth but you never say never but for right now this is what we are doing and this is next three years. >> we have been getting responses from people who watch the show. one of the question was so this will be on my fan jersey. i want to buy a sixers jersey will it have stub hub on it. >> locally it will be in our team jerseys, not nationally because league has protect partnerships, so we will have a jersey for fans and we feel jersey that the players are wearing, and the stub hub patch will be there, they will want the exact same thing that they are wearing. >> more legitimate, more official. >> you mean literally at wells fargo center or anywhere in philadelphia. >> you know you you will take some heat for this. >> hopefully not lot because we keep saying so. >> we don't like change, but
7:52 am
that is what you are up against. interesting we are first city to do this. >> but philadelphia was the founding, you know, founding fathers were here. we have donna lieutenant of first in history so this goes right with it. >> you are so good at this. >> another first. >> lets get to it. >> ready. >> mike, says on twitter,. >> every team will have this eventually. i hate it though. >> i hate it. >> jeffery branch says doesn't look bad, unobject truce i have. works for me. >> michelle said take away uniforms we have enough advertising already. this is just too much. >> thanks, ann for that. >> jason say soccer jersey have sponsor forever. they allow to us enjoy game without commercials. that is right, it is billbo. >> philadelphia union. >> yeah. >> but that is pretty big. can you ever see it getting this big. >> i do not see commissioner adam sell versace going for that. >> here's the thing, this gave us an idea.
7:53 am
i thought of this instantly. if you are making like 5 million a year, or 5 million per year, by the way, somebody said stub hub, is getting the shaft here because the team is in the playing very well. >> we're a on a upswing and stub hub saw that and they have been with us a while. >> everything will change tomorrow night. >> yes, draft lottery ball. >> absolutely. >> they could get four picks in the first round. >> what do you think of this? >> um-hmm. >> what do you think that stand for. >> i'm's not sure. >> krasno, krasno. >> they advertise with us. >> i love that. >> i love that. >> okay. >> everybody should get in new way to go. >> by the way our full bodies are available for billboard, you know what i mean. >> let us know i'm just saying. >> i'm sure your bosses will love that. >> yes. >> they are freaking out. >> we will see you tomorrow
7:54 am
night for that draft lottery party. see you then. >> thanks very much. >> good to see you too. 7:54. technical kko, krasno, krasno, and onwudinjo. >> you need to update the patch good could eating under cooked meat give you rode wage? doctor oz joins us to discuss the possible connections, here. >> what a wean i. >> jen, what are you talking about. >> not only complaining about sixers logo situation but it is joey voto they want a piece of him in the big way and in the 40's and memorial day is two weeks away. what is up with this weather. weak talk about other things people are crying about on monday. vote owe.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
so that was a little jenky so i got a better logo there,
7:58 am
krasno, krasno, onwudinjo. >> check this out. >> hold please good does that look better. >> yes good much better. >> yes. >> question is, we get that permanent marker out. >> well, there is that. >> look at this one, let me walk away here, ready, we need lighting over here. >> yes, maybe if we had had some actual lights but is that too far away. >> we're already. >> how about this logo. >> i like that, natural sponsor. >> yes. >> i have one to reveal too. >> okay, okay. >> all right. here's mine. >> my bilo. >> thank you to our sponsors, we a appreciate you. >> yes. >> how much did you get for that, plenty. >> jen fred what are people complaining about today. >> absolutely nothing after
7:59 am
that. >> let's go home. so there are a couple things that they were complaining b you can see it right here. it is the weather. i already sent sue serio an e-mail. i will show you the e-mail but can't she customers on tv. basically this weather is bleeping me crazy. yesterday a great day for yoga on the art museum steps and yes not a great day weather-wise. everyone had to bundle up, yoga a teacher was in a park, i need to hear from you guy. ape, winter, in may. i am a winter baby, wishing for it to be beginning of the winter rather than summer. people are talking about that on facebook, and twitter what else are they talking about? you cannot mess with philly fans right now. especially playing for the other team. joey votto was messing with the fans, you saw this earlier. he was taunting the fans. >> what does he have to say
8:00 am
about it. listen in. >> they give me a hard time during the game and my way to give them a hard time back. just me playing around. >> so you hear, and see it right here, shamus who we hear from on twitter. joey votto a wash up baseball player who occasionally runs into a hoe run is a total lose are and man yak. he should ab shamed of himself. but there are some positive people, right. our next one it says, we will show it to you, it is i watch it, was loving every second of it. way to go joey a lot of people love, that, the opposing team, gets, who we are, as a fan base, right but we love, you know, harass the heck out of them. and people are like ago this. overwhelmingly people think this guy is a total tool, clown, loser, needs to be run out of philadelphia shame is, he didn't see that yesterday, the red won. >> he was zero for ten.
8:01 am
what are you doing now.. >> good day, monday may 16th 2016, here we go. i feel really good about myself. >> a local woman find a new focus life. >> that is what i want to try to do. >> how her grandmother's dying wish inspired her to help others. could your food be to blame. why the way you cook the at your summer barbecue could make it dangerous behind the wheel. and, a big celebration, for the stills, nfl player, devon still, ties the knot but
8:02 am
his daughter stole the show. what lea said to the crowd about her battle with cancer that got her a big round of applause. jada a pink it smith is on good day we're talking about her big return to gotham and we will get personal. local restaurant getting recommendation from her husband, will. jada is on the the show. >> yeah. >> she's from baltimore. >> that is right. >> boom. >> lets go right to the number of the day, it is eight out of ten. even with how cold it is this morning and i know you don't like tonight may, it will be a gorgeous day, it is, just temperatures in the 30's and 40's. you have bus stop buddy who is wearing gloves this morning because of how cold it is outside. it is 45 degrees in, pottstown, allah even town, lancaster, 35 in mount pocono, and, 50, already in millville, so the sunnies doing its job, it is 47 degrees, feeling like 41, and we had even colder
8:03 am
wind chills this morning. by 9:00 we should be at 50 in the city. by noon time we will be in the upper 50's we should top off at 65 degrees for a high temperature today. in the bad, even with the cold start, but what do you see how warm it will get? we will let you know, coming up. 8:03. couple accidents in the area a brand new one here, live look at the blue route, 476, tractor trailer accident, as soon as you come out of the toll plaza here, out of the mid county, heading south, down towards the schuylkill expressway. we still have, a left over from that double tanker accident, this morning, on i-95, bumper to bumper from woodhaven all the way in through center city. the accident clean up is right up at washington avenue, and own only with lane through. and downtown, trying to get to the airport forget bit, you want to use front street ramps and coming from say bucks
8:04 am
county, northeast philadelphia and trying to get down to the airport use the bet thecy or tacony forget that there is a river there and go across the bridge, and poop back other whitman and you will be in good shape. corruption trial of the congressman chaka fattah begins today, in philadelphia federal court. and he is charged with 29 counts, using his campaign funds, and federal grants, along with charities, he controlled, to pay off an illegal one million-dollar campaign loan, when he ran for mayor. that is just one of the five schemes allegedly. the congressman also accused of misusing funds to pay his son's college loans. fattah has denied all of these charges. he has held office for more than 20 years. matter of fact he has been in public service for 33 years here in philadelphia the trial will begin this morning. what should have been a magical night end in tragedy for high schoolers in south jersey. now a community tries to come
8:05 am
together to cope after two teens died in a crash as they were coming home from the prom. >> grief counselors are on hand right now at bridgeton senior high school, that is where bill anderson is right now, bill? >> reporter: yeah, mike and alex, a difficult morning at bridgeton senior high school. as we pointed out all morning grief counselors are here, students are making their way in and the superintendent from bridgeton doctor thomassina jones, school officials did come out and speak to us. we appreciate that. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> when something like this happens, grief counselors are here, obviously a tragedy, how do you respond and what goes on, campus. >> our immediate response toys reach out to the parents to let them know that we are here to support them. we have to rally around our students and our staff. everyone is very emotional at this time because what we experienced is a tragedy. >> reporter: questions that came up this morning, are there any policies in place, you know, was there, should they have even been out after the prom, and are there some things you can do going
8:06 am
forward to try to make sure students are not out after the prom. >> we don't have a policy in place in terms of a policy regarding what students should do or not do, and, the prom, it was scheduled for 6:00 o'clock p.m. and it concluded at 10:00 p.m. students will always have after party school district party we cannot control. we will continue to encourage our students to go home after the prom, and maybe, consider having, control, after party for our students. >> reporter: i was just in the school, somber, the students seem very sad. almost a brother and sister hood. >> this is a very close community, a lot of our students are related, we have a lot of extended family members who also are part of this community. it is a very somber time for all of us. >> reporter: any update you can give us. we're obviously saddened by loss of life but there are two
8:07 am
students fighting to are their life. any update on that are status. >> we have two students one is currently at cooper hospital. she's in stable condition. we have one student is who in jefferson hospital. one is stable, one student is in critical condition so certainly we would like to ask everyone to continue to pray for those students in the hospital at this time. >> reporter: thank you so much for coming out, spending time with us. mike, we are still trying to confirm that they are in fact cousins. these two young ladies. i will confirm that before i come back to the station. we will keep you updated about a typical day here at bridgeton high school. >> so sad after prom, everyone is excited, showing each other pictures and everything, talking about their night and then to have to deal with that. >> that is what they were doing posting pictures before they got in the car. very sad. all right. president obama, will award the nation's highest honor for law enforcement to 13 police officers recognized, those who put their lives on the the line for us. >> so late sergeant robert
8:08 am
wilson the third will be honored for heroic efforts during armed robbery and suffering a deadly wound as he kept store employees and customers safe last year. white house says that president obama will present the medal of valor to office hours exhibited courage regardless of personal safety, in the attempt to save or protect human life. this is highest honor given to a police officer. speaking of the president, 200 students from across the river, rutgers camden's campus boarded a river line train all to themselves to see the command inner chief. >> so, chris murphy. >> yes. >> you will tell us about the speech. >> reporter: how cool is that to have a president speak at your commencement. he delivered the speech in rutgers in new brunswick as michael eugene jerrick told us. president obama encourage the 1200 graduates to pursue positive change in the world. he also attacked some of donald trump's favorite talking points and said experience matters for doctors and pilots, so shouldn't it matter for politicians as well.
8:09 am
>> it is not cool to not know what you are talking about. that is not keeping the real or telling it the like it is. that is not challenging political correctness. that is just not knowing what you are talking about. president encouraged all students to vote. there was more than the usual excitement during commencement ceremony at the university of pennsylvania. why? because vice-president joe biden, and republican presidential candidate donald trump were sitting in the same row. both had a connection to the 1500 students graduating, biden's granddaughter niomi and trump's young daughter tiffany were graduating. trump was in familiar territory, two of his other children graduated from penn and he graduated from penn's wharton school of business in 1968. beau biden's owe he joe biden's late sun beau attended penn as an under grad.
8:10 am
the georgia me to thinking i cannot remember who my commencement speaker was from uc san diego. mike you went to the university of kansas. and then alex went to university of missouri. >> mine was a woman and she was in i think the state house in kansas. that is all i knowy remember the student speaker but i don't remember our speaker for graduation. >> if you had president obama, oh, would you remember. >> would you remember. >> for sure. >> you you know that rutgers asked him to do it for three to four years, and said you finally wore me down. he made at agreement a month before the commencement. >> this is 250 anniversary president maybe he wanted a big marker. >> 250 years. >> wow. >> chris, nice job, man. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> and entitlement, that is what steelers running back deangelo williams wants, why he took away his daughter's participation ribbon over would weekend and yes wants others to do the same thing.
8:11 am
you cannot give a ribbon for showing up. crazy stories of road rage like the one we are about to show you. this happened in houston. >> man, man. could your food be to blame, why the way you cook, may make you dangerous behind the wheel. >> don't think alex is nuts. doctor oz told bus this and he is live, next. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
8:12 am
8:13 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
8:14 am
it is 8:14. there is a new study that suggest that the food you eat could trigger road rage. i mean eating your steaks or hamburgers, rare. i love rare meat. >> yeah. >> well, you like tuna, tartar. >> doctor oz, that is why i'm so angry. >> doctor oz, this explains a lot. >> listen to this. >> it turns on pleasure center and turns it on in a way thaw are angry. you are flipping out. angry at foulke. you get this pile on and that is not supposed to happen. in the study folks affected with parasites were six times more likely to have a car accident. >> it is not type of the meat that is rare but you have it cooked away parasites in some
8:15 am
cases, doctor oz is that right. >> all pregnant woman know they are not supposed to touch kiddy litter because it has chemicals in it. it is not just in the poop but in the meat of animals. if you are eating under cooked beef, animals those same parasites can be in there. here's the part that caught me off guard. there is intermittent explosive disorder. that might be what mike has by the way, alex. the intermittent explosive disorder a psychiatric diagnosis. people have mood changes. they get frustrated because they are so moody all the time and it is twice as likely that you'll have an infection in a par side diagnosed with a psychiatric illness. researchers say what if our condition being intermittently explosive liz angry might hurt you as being in the the car accident. as you mentioned earlier six times more lakely to have this parasite. we have to cook our meat. best way to do that, and we will get reaction. here's the thing i will tell you how to do it so you don't over cook it. i called america's test kitchen and got best experts
8:16 am
involved. we have to use temperature probes, and bash cure that i have, started with a temperature profile in meat. you want chicken ton 165. your meat can be 145. but, that doesn't mean they are over cook. they can still be nice and medium rare but you have to get them to that temperature to kill off these parasites. >> whenever mike and i go out to eat i order stuff. seriously you might as well order a shoe. it takes out the flavor. >> just eat your pumps. >> we make mistakes cooking food that make it so we over cook it. i used to think if i left the mar made on my meat it was better for meat. it doesn't work so well. you have to actually cook the meat more to burn off marinate. so pat dry the meat. when you begin to being company it you are cooking outside, inside stays medium rare. i share your concern over cooked meet and fish is like shoe weather, cardboard, why bother. you can eat your food in a healthy wayne if you just make
8:17 am
a few minor adjustments to how you make it. >> i need to get center probably warm instead of the cold pink center and buy a meat thermometer. >> that is the key. >> thanks, doctor oz. >> you are more than welcome. >> we will talk about shrimp today, you should know 90 percent of the shrimp is not from this country. we will talk about how to buy the right kind of shrimp, local, raw and a wild. >> we put a graphic, let's put that up again what you are covering this week, and really interesting besides the shrimp because i had no idea that 90 percent came from outside the country. gas stations. i get gas station food every now and then. you will discuss that this week. fat burning tricks which i love, and tea taxing, that detoxing using tea. >> it is, some of these products are expensive. we will show you homemade versions of things like dandy line tea, inexpensive and they work well for different conditions thaw are trying to
8:18 am
manage. >> good in the tea now. >> i know, now i have to watch the show every day this week. >> we will. >> thanks, there goes the week, doctor oz. >> see you later. >> take care. >> that is great news about the mar made. my dad use to put it in the bag overnight, take it out, slop it on the grill. >> you have to cook it longer, sue. >> i just learned that myself. it makes sense when you think bit. so, chilly temperatures out there this morning but getting better. we will start off in the the 30's and 40's every where. thirty-five in mount pocono. up 50 in millville in the city it is 47 degrees. we have been using wind chill map this morning but not as bad in the mountains, it still feels like it is 25 degrees. so yeah, we don't have snow like they do in canada and new england, vermont, new hampshire, maine all getting some snow this morning, so things will get better but tomorrow by early afternoon we have rain around and that rain lasts through the afternoon.
8:19 am
then we will see another round coming in the morning hours, morning rush, of wednesday, so, enjoy this dry day, even though it is, chilly, and 65 degrees today, 62 tomorrow with those showers, which lingering into wednesday morning and then we will get in the 70's, starting on wednesday, on thursday, and then on friday, friday definitely the peak weather day of the week, a few showers possible over the weekend but we will not worry about that bob kelly until it gets closer. >> we have other stuff going on right now, sue. 8:19. good morning. on a monday rough go here i-95, hot mess from woodhaven all the way through to the neighborhood, through center sit the eye. it is all as a result of the double tanker accident earlier this morning, south on i-95, right at washington avenue. look at the travel times, ouch, 85 minutes from woodhaven, into downtown, i would put another pop tart in the toaster ape stay right where you are. a couple options if you have to get out of the front door
8:20 am
right now and past center city, if you are coming from northeast, bucks county forget there is a river here spend a couple bucks and go into new jersey and come down route 130. that will bring you over walt whitman bridge and avoid this entire parking lot right here, if you are leaving center city, avoid i-95, and enter down along front street, that will get you you on and heading south. now car fire, south on route 55, just south of route 40, and then there is also an accident northbound, 295 at 561 and another one southbound at route 73, alex, back to you. a teacher, is stunning social media this morning she tells students not the to worry about tests. why she's hoping they learn from her big failure. and it is a big celebration for the still family, nfl player devon still he ties the knot but his daughter of course steel the show what leah said about the battle with cans their got her a big applause. ♪
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
i'm just a dope. >> why? >> because this friday we will be in doylestown from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. whole show will be their life. i kept saying state road. of course, it is state street, between pine and main. state street. >> yes. >> so join us because we are going to be out their life from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. we want to see you, meet you and i'm sure you want to get on tv. >> we will see you friday. >> she is one of our favorite here six year-old leah still stole the show at her dad's wedding. >> he business the houston texans and also from wilmington. devon still shared this touching photo, from the ceremony on instagram. >> look at that she's crying. >> happy tears. >> flower girl. >> and she was diagnosed with life threatening stage four cancer two years ago. devon still and his fiance they put off their wedding to focus on leah's fit but new that she's cancer free, well, she had this to say at her reception.
8:25 am
>> unaudible. >> so, this wedding, and reception was at new york public library. >> that is, movie sex and the city that business where carrie brad shaw was supposed to get married. >> beautiful building at fifth avenue knew and between the second street. >> after the ceremony they went to the dance floor and ffl tweeted out this video. on the the nfl snap chat the devon still wedding take over, i was glued to it this weekend, seeing them getting ready, seeing the party, it was lavish. you know, his wife, she had three wardrobe changes.
8:26 am
>> she's like cher. >> yes. >> and congratulations to the doctors and nurses and everybody over at chop, for fixing up little leah. changing the face of cancer a local woman find a new purpose in her life how her grandmother's dying wish inspired her, to help others, it is a good story.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
steelers running back deangelo williams wants, why he took away his daughter's participation ribbon and why he want other parents on dot same. plus, 30 years, since this. >> i will send you up against the best. you two characters are going to top gun. >> i feel the need, the need for speed. >> maybe chris murphy and i could recreate this. >> you feeled need for speed. >> so we will recreate a
8:30 am
famous scene, have you guessed it yet? >> um-hmm. >> listen to this. >> day after day, we see people, constantly here and they are all, hit with cancer and they are fighting for that are lives. >> jeanine slater witnessed these women fighting standing by her grandmother's side during her battle with ovarian cancer. >> it eventually did take her life but in the before leaving jeanine with an important purpose as our lauren johnson explains. >> she was, tiny, feisty, and loud and loving. >> she was what jeanine slater called her but she was more like mom. >> she raised me my whole life, she was my mom to me. >> reporter: her life suddenly changed in the blink of an eye. >> we found it was stage four ovarian. >> reporter: the cancer spread quickly through her frail body. >> it was really difficult. he didn't necessity day from night. she started having seizures. she needed transfusions.
8:31 am
in and out of the hospital. >> hospital, and thoughts of this so-called sent her to shutter. >> what she went through and also being at the hospital and watching so many people come in and really it effects you, day after day, you see people constantly there and they are all sick with cancer, and they are fighting for their lives. >> reporter: she lost her fight in 2012 but in the before a quirky promise between the two. >> she is funny. she makes maine laugh when you think bit because she made me promise not to let them take her to bury her without her brows being fix. >> she kept her promise and took it a step further. >> it is like tiny needles. >> reporter: she left her with money, machine that i she used to get certified in cosmetic and corrective make up. >> i feel like, you know, she's kind of watching me. i'm at peace when i do it. she would be very proud.
8:32 am
>> tears of joy, of course, knowing her granddaughter had has become a bless to go so many other women, this busy mother of four recently added micro blade to go her resume. the procedure is call eye brow em roidry and cannery store what cancer patients have been taken away. >> they cannot believe it is in the the their hair because it looks so natural? special pen to draw an extra vok one by one. jeanine moved slow and precise. two hours later. >> all right. yah. >> really truly makes me happy that they feel really good about themselves. >> reporter: effects are long lasting up to two years for some but happiness that she feels will last a lifetime. >> as much as i try to help some one. >> and some of clients will have cancer survivors and champions of the disease that sometimes. >> you know, when they deserve
8:33 am
to feel really good, and that is what i want to try to do. >> reporter: something as simple as a few strokes that leaves a much bigger mark. lauren johnson, fox 29 news. >> brilliant. >> wow, amazing. >> this speak where she works 3,000bc spa, has a give back series and they hepp to provide a micro blading service to a surviving cancer survivor. it is an essay contest, just go on the scene on tv tab, on fox >> yeah, nominate somebody. >> that is amazing. >> wow. >> come on, sue. >> yeah, what a boost. the results are amazing. the results of our sunshine is it is still cold outside, bus stop buddy, if you are standing in the shade waiting for a bus or a ride, you might need to actually have some gloves this morning. but it is getting better. forty-five in pottstown. chilly 35 in mount pocono. forty-seven in the city.
8:34 am
49 degrees in dover, with at least, plenty of sunshine, so, by 9:00 o'clock, we should be around 50, we are close, 57, and then breezy, by lunchtime, wind should calm down later on and we might see a few extra clouds and high temperature of 65 degrees, cooler then average but it is a lovely daze and sun will not set until 8:11. it the may feel will like october, bob kelly but days are nice and long. >> good luck trying to get those kid to bring jacket or sweat shirt back home, as you put on them this morning. 8:34. good morning. jammo on i-95 southbound. bumper bumper from academy to center city as they are trying to clear up this early morning double tanker accident that occurred, south on i-95, at washington avenue. within lane squeezing through. look at the travel times 75 minutes from woodhaven into downtown and a lot of these folks are trying to get through center city down
8:35 am
toward the airport. we have a couple options from the neighborhoods. avoid i-95 at all cost from downtown center city, exit or enter 95 at front street. if you are from the far north east and you have that 75 minute ride ahead of you, think outside books, cross river and get down route 130 and come back into philadelphia a over walt whitman bridge and save yourself a ton of time. south on 55 in new jersey, a vehicle fire, just south of route 40 and we're looking at two separate accidents on 295, one is northbound at 561, other one is southbound at route 73. alex, back over to you. thanks, bob. teacher is really stunning social media this morning. she tells student don't worry about tests, why she's hoping that they will learn from her big failure. ve you some green.
8:36 am
whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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check this out, speaking of wilmington, the the 2016, u.s. news and world report rankings of the best high schools, in the country are out, alex. >> and two schools in our area made top 100, julia reynolds masterman was number 46, out of more than 21,000 schools nationwide, masterman, wow. and, charter school of wilmington ranks 70th nationally. >> um-hmm. >> great to hear. >> nicely hear, masterman is always up there. children's author and former english teacher is telling youngsters not to worry about their sat scores. >> her name is abby. >> she posted an image holding up a sign explaining that she tested herself with current the sat takers ape failed. adding kids, you don't need to know what a verb or subordinating conjunction is, to get where you want to go in life.
8:40 am
>> a subordinating conjunction. i know what that is. i'll explain later on twitter. >> nicely done. >> her post received thousands of likes and was praised by parents of children who are currently feeling stressed out over sat test. sat's were the worst. >> i know that time. >> you have so much more than that. they want to know your essay and your grades. >> they time you on a saturday morning when you are cranky because you could in the sleep friday because you are so worried about it. >> just pressure of it. no one is talking to each other. you are in this room. >> it scared me, because i was than the done on any of of it when they said times up, pens also down. >> you didn't get to finish. >> in. >> is that why you went to kansas? >> that was a good one. >> i went the two university of kansas state school because my parents were very poor, they had six children and they could not afford to send me anywhere else. >> he always pulls the guilt
8:41 am
card. >> that is not the what he says. >> i had to go, and i had to walk to college every day, 10 miles and it was 20 millions back to my apartment. >> how toss that work. >> 20 miles back. >> did you take long way home. >> i took the long way home because i had to go through the woods because i had had in chose and i was naked. i was poor, yeah. >> a lot of graduations, i saw a lot of caps and gowns over weekend. >> so many people, graduating we love to see that though. >> many grads are leaving college with hefty debt. >> yes, of course. >> that is true. >> so there is a big chance you will be moving back in with mom or dad. >> oh, boy. >> greg number of parents are picking up tabs for millennials returning home broke and struggling to pay bills. 74 percent of them are receiving financial support from their baby boomer parents right after college. >> ugh. >> 63 percent of millennials move home after college to save money. study find mess parents are please todd provide it, 80 percent are.
8:42 am
typical grad carries 35 you this dollars in debt, experts say, they point to fewer job opening and also low entry level salaries. >> things are better this year about 10 percent more jobs for college grads in the delaware valley then last year. >> but still what does it matter if you get a job if you are in the making enough to pay off debt, 35 you this dollars in debt. >> it took me ten years to pay off my student loans. >> you know what do they call it. >> yes. >> people are doing decorations on them and they are saying please help me with my debt. >> you look at the above photos, lot of dollar signs on the board. >> yes. >> one is on the top, the debt is way too high you need to cut it. >> cut it. >> cut it. cut it. >> no wonder bernie sanders is so popular with young people even though, there is no way you will get free tuition. >> jada pink it smith, man she's good looking. she has great skin. do you notice that. >> it is amazing. >> flawless. >> she's on good day philadelphia the she's returning to got ham tonight.
8:43 am
i thought she had been killed off. she said not so fast, fish face. she joins us. >> you say fish face because her name is fish. >> moon i
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
all right. isn't that pretty, that is a live shot outside of logan square, fountain there, looking so beautiful, with the sunshine. deceiving though because it is chilly outside. it was president chilly on saturday though before those thunderstorms hit. but look at what happens afterwards. what a great start to their life together, this was a rainbow and this is photography on wedding day of this couple and this is audrey and charlie starting off their marriage with a rainbow, beautiful pictures, look at this, running along the grass with the rainbow. yeah, photographer's ramy and nancy were shooting the wedding in hillsborough township this weekend and they escape the rain and then took pictures of the rainbow. i was at a wedding too on saturday. everybody into the reception before the rains hit. so congratulations to stacy
8:47 am
and matt as well. very changeable wedding, day on saturday and now, chillier temperatures as a result of that cold front that came through. 47 degrees in philadelphia 35 in mount pocono. fifty in millville. 49 degrees in dover. we should be at 74 for an average high. we were above that on saturday with 76 and we only managed 59 on sunday, so today, we will meet in the middle with 65 degrees. sixty-two tomorrow with rain in the morning, rain in the afternoon, and rain in the morning on wednesday. thursday, looks good, with 70 degrees, friday the best weather day of the week with a high of 74. we will, that was the last time i saw fish moon ey she falls in the river.
8:48 am
good thing, your name fish you should be able to survive that. >> people are wondering, jada pink it smith we were hoping it wasn't last thing we would see of you. >> thought you were dead. >> well, i did too, actually. but strange came along and then a nice little resurrection job over fish. >> do you think that fish can swim. >> well, yes, she was, she was swimming with the fishes there for a minute there but, yeah, he brought her back. he resurrect her. >> if you get resurrected by this dude. >> yes good will you still be fish. >> well, let me just say this, she is fish 2.0 style. >> do you remember your name. >> my name is fish mooney. >> if you think fish was wick before. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> well, i have an issue then,
8:49 am
jada. if fish is new and improved why does she only have one eye. >> well, she should have two eyes. >> fish wants to keep that eye, no, she has to keep the blue eye because that is a memory of when she was gangster enough to take that out out with the spoon. that seems to remind everybody what she's really about. >> you have to let them know. >> all right. >> so how often do you get back to philly. >> we were just there. >> come on. >> i was just there maybe four or five days ago, yeah, we were there visiting some of will's family. we had the whole family there. >> we love them all, so nice. >> yes, yeah. >> are there any go to places that you go to philadelphia beside over the at the relatives house. >> well, will just went to a restaurant, i forget the name, it is a restaurant in a house that he was like next time we come back i got to take to you
8:50 am
this restaurant, it is a restaurant. >> it is in west philadelphia over in your city, west philadelphia area, it is in a house. >> it is in a house. he really loved it. he said i have to take you there. >> yes. >> you eat and eat and eat and eat. >> it is 15 course is. >> he said you have to go. >> we will be watching got ham tonight and say hello to will and the kids. >> i will, you got take care, have a great day good for sure. >> bye, jada. >> bye-bye. >> love her, she's a queen for sure. well, attacked out in the water, something by the a with man's arm and won't let go. what was still clamped down on her arm even as she went to the hospital.
8:52 am
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still jammo on i-95 from approaching cottman avenue all the way into center city. still only within lane opened, past this morning's tanker accident, which occurred southbound, right here near washington avenue. look at the travel time here well over an hour from woodhaven into center city. if you haven't left the house yet dent do it, void i-95 by all means, even on ramps from the neighborhood are now blocked as folks are trying every which way to get themselves south of center city. you can enter at front street, that will get yourself down in the airport. leaving bucks county, northeast philadelphia, jump across one of the bridges here and use route 130, a take are take that down to the walt whitman, and then another accident, this is also involving a tractor trailer, blue route 476 south of the mid county tolls. mike and alex, back over to you. unusual trip to the emergency room in florida.
8:55 am
shark bite victim taken to the hospital with the animal, the shark, still attached to her. >> the victim was 23 years old, had a small nurse shark attached to her arm. baton raon captain says he has never seen anything like this he was able to remain came. crews put a splint on her article and she was taken to the hospital with the shark where she was treated and she's expect ton released soon by my goodness. >> will the shark be releasedy think the shark indict while it was still hanging on to her. >> oh, no, wow. >> at least if i read it correctly. >> thank goodness it was a nurse shark a nurse was standing by. >> i don't want one around me. >> hold on, don't move, don't anybody move. let talk about the sixers because you are responding on twitter. do you see what they are doing they are doing a logo on uniforms that said stub hub. >> this guy doesn't like it, he says disrespectful to
8:56 am
everyone involved. are players property? >> and this one says saw this coming years ago when they moved nba logo. every team will do this and it will be horrible, terrible. >> way to make extra money. >> should have been wawa, people have within saying, wawa, come on. >> and then greg say, the sixers are the first to announce it but every team will debut it at the same time next season. >> would i guess so that as well. >> chris says it seems like they can make it a tad more tracktive, it looks like their mom sewed it on for them. >> wow. >> hi, colleen. >> untapped market waiting to explode, i wonder if the league will determine the type, location and size. they have requirements for how they want it to be. it says it the is like soccer insuring big deal. >> it is just like soccer. our union has billbowa cross their union. what is wrong with the idea. make extra money who are and there. the dump. >> these are our sponsors so makes sense to me.
8:57 am
>> yes, that is how i feel on monday. >> she's a mattress professional that alex holley. >> yes. >> so lets end entitlement that is what a football player wants to say. steelers running back deangelo williams wants to stop it. he took his daughter's appreciation ribbon way from her. thinks we all should do this. thirtieth anniversary of the film top gun. >> so, we are going to recreate maybe this scene, would you like to see me with my shirt off all oiled up? no. what are you talking about. we have to take a quick break so we will do it the when we come back, with the the "good day philadelphia" players. next.
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