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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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their apartment was in deplorable condition and investigators even found ammunition for a 223 arrival win the reach of one of the childr children. >> 25-year-old melissa shales and her 30-year-old husband michael are behind bars on half a million dollars bail each in what investigators say is a horrific case of child abuse involving their two month old twin girls. >> half million, that ain't enough. >> reporter: look at the couple's facebook page shows dozens of pictures posted of them with their kids. including pictures of the newborn girls. the pictures appear to show fairly healthy looking children in the first few weeks after coming home from the hospital. however according to court documents, that's not what doctors say they found. >> i don't think they deserve to have children if they're going to treat infants like that what would they do to an older child report roar this where investigators say one of the children sustained a broken leg that was so bad doctors told police the infant could have died if she didn't receive
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treatment when she did. >> it was just horrifying what happened there. we couldn't believe it. >> reporter: police say they also found evidence of prior fractures to the leg of the second baby girl. one of the girls is now saint evident its cliff% hospital under going treatment. the second child and her two-year-old brother are in the custody of the bucks county children and youth social services. >> it's pitiful how can people do that to little baby, man, i mean i couldn't. i could never do something like that. >> report roar according to police melissa shales told them, she did quote certain things to the babies out of anger ton get a reaction from her husband. >> we understand that there was stuff -- stuff stuffs in the one's mouth tried to get it out with pliers and, yeah, it was just -- it was terrible. something you don't -- you don't even think about doing an infa infant. >> reporter: now, doctors also told police that the injuries were non accidental in nature. and that the children appeared to be malnourished. we will have much more on this
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investigation coming up tonight at 10:00. lucy? >> just heartbreaking. all right. dave. breaking news in the amtrak derailment. us official briefed by ntsb investigators say radio calls had distracted the engineer and that led to the crash of amtrak 188 last may. the officials spoke to the associated press on the condition of anonymity because he's not towards authorized to speak publicly. ntsb will not confirm the reports distracted engineer and says no probable cause is final until its board members vote on it tomorrow. the crash killed eight people and injured more than 200 othe others. monday morning after a high school prom is usually about swapping stories and sharing happy memories but it was a different scene at bridgeton high school this morning. that's because a tragic car accident took the lives of two students and severely injured two others. >> the teens had just left an after prom celebration. our bruce gordon is live at bridgeton high school. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, lou cease,
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the cause of this one-car accident still under investigation at this hour. we do know this was 17-year-old driver and three teenaged passengers in the car. we don't know whether the drive was speeding, was impaired or distracted. we just don't know. what we do know is that teenage... throughout the day they ca came. mourners drawn to his roadside memorial where two teens died. the latest casualties of a prom night car crash. tamika turner took her lunch hour to visit the scene. she had stopped by the bridgeton high june roar senior prom friday night to see her cousins. she's a friend of the victim's families and remembers how prom night began. >> i see their bright smiley faces and them taking pictures with, upping, their classmates and stuff and then to see that, n night change -- it's just changed for the worst. >> reporter: nearly six hours after the dance ended 17-year-old daisia sulton and 15-year-old mikayla mosley were
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dead. two classmates were badly injured. when the pt cruiser sulton was driving failed to handle curve on route 49 left the road and rammed a tree. the teens had reportedly driven to ocean city to meet with friends after their prom. and were on their way back home when the deadly crash occurred. at bridgeton high school the flags were at half staff and counselors were on hand to support a student body still reeling from the death of a senior in a car crash two weeks ago. >> very melon coley. bleak somber day for all of our students and staff. we suffered a tremendous loss. >> reporter: daisia and mikayla described as good students, more important as good people. who thought others before themselves. >> your reaction when you heard this news? >> i was just devastated because i didn't think it was true. >> reporter: you couldn't believe something hike this could happen. >> yup. >> if anything the school instead of having this vibrant energetic feel it to instead of it had kind of that his dark somber gray aura to it.
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if anything school didn't seem like itself. >> bruce gordon reporting from bridgeton high school. a water rescue in delaware county. nothing to do with flooding here. everything to do with a man who lost control of his pick up. just past noon on state rout route 291 in tin my come township. police say when he lost control of his truck he hit a utility pole then crashed in creek. rescue crews actually had to use a ladder to reach him. get him out. he's at the hospital but authorities tell us he should be just fine. take live look outside the fox 29 studios old city right now. don't let that sun fool you. it is still chilly out there and the wind not making things any better. there is some hope for little bit of a warmup later this week. here's kathy to tell us about that. >> we're talking about warmer temperatures. it's even warmer this morning or i should say than it was this morning. take a look at the morning lows. temperatures in the 20s in the poconos. millville 33. doylestown 35. we tied the record of 37 in allentown and trenton we have a new record of 40 degrees on this
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date. temperatures rebounding very quickly this afternoon. about 20 to 25 degrees as far as the rise in temperatures is concerned. in philadelphia it's 66. that's the high so far for the day. mount pocono 56. 66 in wilmington and 63 degrees in millville. still seeing that wind out of the northwest in the poconos. sustained at 20. philadelphia out of the west sustained at 12. that slowly will be danishing in this evening. temperatures falling through the 50's by the 11:00 o'clock hour with some increasing clouds then our next weather maker will be moving in just in time for tomorrow. so we are expecting the rain to move in during the late morning early afternoon hours with another area of low pressure coming up we'll time it out and show you finally when the warmth moves in to that seven day forecast. i'll see in you just a few minutes. >> all right. kathy, thank you. us representative chaka fattah appearing in center city federal court today for opening statements in his corruption trial. prosecutors say the 11-term congressman misused federal money and campaign funds.
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>> but fattah claims investigators are just not treating him fairly. fox 29's jeff cole was inside the courtroom today. he's now outside the federal court in center city. jeff? >> reporter: the federal government says that chaka fattah was involved in a conspiracy to steal money. the defense attorneys say the feds have it all correct me if i'm wrong. they're relying on two guys they flipped who are now felons trying to stay out of jail. wearing his ever present smile and striding confidently representative chaka fattah offered a sunny message as he entered federal court for his trial. >> i'm thankful and grateful for the spent and love of my family and i'm extraordinarily appreciative of the great legal team from the schnader firm that will be lead mike effort here. >> reporter: inside assistant u.s. attorney paul gray opened a broad side on the 11-term congressman. accusing fattah of being at the center of a conspiracy to steal federal funds, campaign cash and money from a charity for his
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personal and political gain. in total the second district representative is facing 29 counts including conspiracy, bribery and fraud. the biggest charge is this. that he took an illegal $1 million loan when he was running in a failed effort to with the 2007 democratic primary for mayor of philadelphia. and then used those funds to pay the bulk it back. four others are charged with him. >> i want to say thank you to the voters and the citizens who supported me and for their prayers over these many, many years. >> mark lee fattah's attorney said the congressman had nothing to do with the big he will legal loan and the government is relying on two men formerly close to fattah who have cut deals to save their own skin. this mornin morning fattah tooko questions and had little to say as he left this evening. >> so listen parks at a has already lost his bid for
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re-election as of today he's now fighting to stay out of prison. expect this trial ting eight weeks and expect at some point there to be some pretty heavy firework. live at the federal court i'm jeff cole, folks, iain, lucy, back to you. >> jeff, thank you. slain officer sergeant robert wilson was honored today at a ceremony in the nation's capital. >> president obama posthumously awarded him the medal of valor. wilson's grandmother septembered it. >> for giving his life to protect innocent civilians sergeant wilson put himself in harm's way during a an armed robbery drawing fire from the ace sale atlantic city and suffering a mortal wound as he kept store employees and customers safe. (applause). >> police say two robbers gunned down sergeant wilson at a game stop in north philadelphia.
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but they say he went down fighting protecting the people inside that store. wilson had stopped in to buy a gift for his son's tenth birthday and for doing a good job in school. the president also honored 12 other law enforcement officers today for their acts of valor. a philadelphia funeral home will be closed permanently after inspectors found it to be in deplorable conditions. the pennsylvania state board of funeral directors fined blair anthony hawk cups $100,000 recent volk the license for his funeral home in west philadelphia. inspectors found decomposing remains of two people inside the funeral home on the 5300 block of vine street. they say the bodies also had bags of trash on top of them. center city seeing increase in the number of homeless people? what the city is doing to help those who call the streets home. early morning water main break makes a huge mess in west philly. why this break will be keeping some firefighters from working out for while. howard? >> will tiger woods play golf any time soon? well he spoke
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today. and a shot that shows you he's just not ready yet. that will be coming up in sports.
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♪ crews are working to repair water main that broke this morning in west philly. it happened around 4:00 near the 4300 block of market street. all of that water left a whole bunch of damage. in fact the engine five firehouse that roughly 5 feet of water in the basement which is where their work out equipment is and nearby dialysis clinic had no water today. so hit to relocate patients for the day. the water should be back on later this evening. new developments today in parole hearing for the former u penn professor who was convict evidence killing his wife. >> prosecutors announced today that parole board has denied early release for 65-year-old raphael robb. he kill his wife ellen inside their upper merion home in 2006. the former penn economics professor pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter. a judge sentenced him to five to
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10 years in prison. he will now serve 10 full years with his release expected next year. the mayor's office says there's ban spike in the number of homeless people in center city. today mayor kenney announced the details of a new homeless out reach strategy. goal to target four center city hot spots where home allegation people pan ham and once they're located uniformed out reach teams were offer options that will help them get emergency housing and access to other services like drug rehab and medical treatment. >> philadelphia is a world class city and it should be a world class city for everyone who lives in it no matter what their circumstances and we're committed to preventing ending homeless out reach is an important first step. >> the out reach began immediately after today's announcement center city area will serve as pilot program throughout the spring and summer months. can you believe hundred fifth graders learned about the dangers of bowling and had lot of fun all happened today. children from seven area elementary schools gathered at bonner prendie high school in
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upper darby for anti bullying presentation. there were experts there telling them about the harmful effects of bullying and cyber bullying and the students had a chance to take part in team building games and they also got a check out the vehicles of first responde responders. here's live look at fountain at logan square and you can see it's still windy out l wouldn't be good if you're playing golf. you'll want to still have that jacket on if you're headed out despite all of that sun butylates good to see the sun. but it's going warm up. kathy has promised thus. >> eventually. it always will. i'm going for august. >> the phillies game keep those line drives. >> that's right. >> no pop ups much the wind can take that as well. winds gusting to about 20, 25 miles an hour. no delays at the airport, thou though. see that deep blue sky. our camera shaking a little bit in the wind still winds gusting to the north at about 30 miles an hour in the mountains. temperatures 66. that is the high for the day unless we go one tick warmer sunset not until 8:11.
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we shall be at about 74 degrees this time year. temperatures mainly in the 60s throughout the keystone state and south jersey to the north in new york also new england some 30s and some 40s get out of this fall like pattern and it will turn warmer but still we have more rain to talk about. you can see right now just a real deep blue sky. well one weather disturbance to the north but the main threat is going to be an area of low pressure that will be moving to our south. it will bring this rain by late morning and it's going to continue on and off through the afternoon. so high pressure moves offshore louse the clouds to filled build in a few overnight but more during the early morning hours the rain moves in. by noon it will be raining. during the afternoon two, 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon for any practices it should be raining as well and a few showers lingering along that i-95 corridor to the south and east into the dinner hour. so please beware of that. we time it out hour by hour, dry but cloudy through tuesday morning for the morning rush. late morning, until the noon hour the rain over spreads the region from the southwest toward the northeast.
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and then mainly along the i navy corridor to the south and east that's where we'll have the heaviest instead yesterday rain then finally moves out late during the evening period. when you look at the forecast for the entire region for rain amounts tomorrow you can a couple tenths of an inch from philadelphia north and west. not muching of anything in allentown. down through interior south jersey and central delaware we have half an inch to an inch of rain as that is where it will be most of the day. overnight in the city 50 suburbs 45 degrees. big improve many from last night. the winds will slowly be diminishing. thicker rains and clouds with high temperatures around 62. as you plan your day in the morning dry as you head out the door. temperatures mainly in the upper 50's during the afternoon with rain and during the din are in hour temperatures still in the 50's. on the exclusive fox 297 day forecast from your weather authority, wednesday a lingering shower possible. otherwise sun will break out and it will warm up to skate.
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thursday looks nice partly sunny 71. friday 75. that's my favorite day of the week. that looks like it will be warmest most consistent and a sunny day. saturday i'm very concerned about. as well as sunday. there could be a low in tennessee valley that turns into a coastal low by sunday. that would mean periods of rain saturday and sunday and right now it looks dry for monday. don't like that. >> no, exactly. >> talk more about that tonight. >> we've had a few wet weekends. >> all right. >> remember she called that one big thing it was in the pacific and you called that hitting here exactly. >> that was the snowstorm. >> i know it was. i was like how can you even predict that? it's like 3 million years away. >> i ask howard. (laughter). >> he usually knows the answer to everything. howard knows all things. >> there was a funnel cloud
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there. >> the weather. >> i knew he was going to say that. >> sixers are getting ready -- i love it n sixers getting ready. ping-pong balls do for their future and what's up with tiger woods? he tells us where he's at with his game. yesterday the reds joey votto aggravated phillies fans after they aggravated him. that's all coming up in sports. ♪
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♪ the 76ers they could have a big night tomorrow night with the nba draft lottery for the third straight year they have a chance to get the number one pick. that part of it's not good. that's what you get when the fans suffer with losing for three straight seasons. sixers head coach brett brown will be in new york for the lottery draft. and told us -- told me actually he's not superstitious. no rabbits foot, no favorite tie, none of that. today the sixers had players in for the pre-draft workouts. three big fives there. st. joe's bembry, nova's josh hart and temple bond. many players will pass through. joel embiid how about him on the floor working out with one of the coaches this season will be different. no sam hinkie trying to help this team lose now the coach will have better players. >> how can we not look at the resources and get excited about
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next year? >> not fact also is we don't know who our draft picks are. we don't know what free agents we've attracted. we really don't know what the team is. i think once we know the team we can all step back and say, wow, this team has chance to chief x. >> yeah guaranteed me they would be better next year. phillies open series tonight against the marlins. again it comes down to pitching. i can off pitches for the phillies. they poorly pitched game yesterday that's disaster fort offense but fans got all worked up when reds first baseman joey votto to the got back to the fans who were heckling him during the game when he teased them. didn't toss the baseball in the stands. you give it, you got to take it. the good news the phillies are a game out of first place. >> they've been playing very good baseball and no matter what happens down the road, we can always look back to these six weeks and remember that, hey, we're capable of competing and winning games.
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>> tiger woods he says he's, well, he's not quite ready yet. still thinks we can win the four major to tie nicholaus. >> i need to be able to go out there and play and recover each and every day, until i get to that point i feel comfortable doing that, then, um, i'll make that decision then. >> you sure he's not ready here. 102 yards away and watch the kerr plunk in the water. >> he said he didn't have enough warm up. he's not ready to play golf yet and he's not going to win those four majors. he had a great career. still can play but not at that level. >> exactly. >> incredible. never thought i'd see that. >> you just saw it. >> i know. >> two in the water g that's it for us here in the 6:00. >> have a great name inside edition is up next. we'll see you at 10:00
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defending donald trump. >> what trump's ex-girlfriend is saying about the shocking "new york times" article about trump's treatment of women. >> i'm extremely upset. they lied to me. then, the so-called rolex girls. they're interested in just one thing. your expensive watch. >> hundreds of men across the country have fallen for just this kind of a scam. >> the rolex girls. >> she said, i don't like boys, i like men. >> wow. >> and, cruise ship mystery. how she fell overboard. plus, the tv meteorologist told to cover up because her dress was too sexy? >> you want me to put this on? why? >> was she shamed by her colleagues? >> i look like a librarian.


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