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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  May 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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well, what we expect to learn today as ntsb releases a report on last years deadly amtrak derailment. how long they will stick around. >> yes. >> sort of. >> she seems like she's having like separation anxiety. >> every morning when you leave for work. >> no, from after people come over and then they leave, she just stand by the door and stairs at the door or lays by the door. >> ahh, why don't you go home, and i'll take over and you can be with diamond. >> in a perfect world. >> yes. >> sue serio, all of the people out there might get wet
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later, right. >> you might need a little bag for business and little umbrella for yourself because, eventually some of those showers will spread in the area. it would be just drippy throughout the morning with cloud cover and a lot of little rain, if any, but rain picks up intensity. the number today, we took a consensus in the studio and we decided it is going to be a five out of ten. it is 55 degrees with 8-mile an hour breezes out of the southwest. 57 percent relative humidity. sunrise happens a at 5:44 officially but we will not see any sunshine to start the day. 45 degrees mount pocono. in reading, it is 51. we have gone down to 49 in allentown and lancaster which is cool but not as cold as it was yesterday. fifty-three in wilmington, and in dover. wind are again out of the southwest, most of them, but nothing too dramatic with the wind this morning. so let's plan out the day.
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by 9:00 o'clock, cloudy, milder, some showers will be around and then they will stick around on and off for the rest of the day. it won't rain every single minute but we will have that rain, with necessitates the umbrella. 62 degrees our high temperature. send set time 8:11. that takes care of tuesday. we will talk about a brighter even of the workweek in the seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> wish folks at home could see how we strategically come up with that number of the day. sue just mentioned it, and however is listening to her, make it a five, make it the a a four. round it the out, sister le verna, make it a 5a lieutenant of scientific evidence goes into that. we're opened on the vine street expressway. i just saw the guys move the signs off the side of the roadways. we're opened both directions, on the vine street expressway in and out of philadelphia, good morning to bellmawr. live look at the freeway, starting to pick up some volume, all of the construction cones are pushed off to the side, so we're ready for rush hour there in
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south jersey. otherwise good to go on the blue route no problems there on the schuylkill, into south philadelphia, and dave has more details on the accident that involved a philadelphia police officer, earlier this morning but watch out for some local detours around 11th and south and there is also some construction northbound i-95, left over crew the on the ramps, to route 202. if you are going down there to ai du pont hospital, checking in there watch out for the work crews. and then i-95 as we work our way out of northeast philadelphia, much easier ride hopefully today then we had this time yesterday, no problems at the moment from pretty much cottman avenue through girard in toward downtown and both market frankford and broad street subway are back on track and running with no delays, chris and lauren, back to you. we have some breaking news, from washington square, police say an officer is recovering this morning in the hospital. >> she was injured in an accident right around 2:00 o'clock in the morning. dave kinchen is live from the scene with more on the crash,
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dave, good morning. >> reporter: chris and lauren, good morning to you. that officer will be okay. when we take a look at this wreck here, you can probably get an idea of the injuries here. she had a bleeding, bleeding from the mouth and also some pain on her left side after she was hit the by a bread truck here, that bread truck is gone but, of course, police car still here and mangled up as investigators continue to work the scene. here's what we know, a 45 year-old female police officer injured while traveling east bound on south street for a priority call, she collided with a bread truck heading north on 11th. it is in the clear who had the light but police tell us that the cruiser had lights and siren activated, when this all took place, the officer, is communicating is alert, will be okay, the driver of the bread truck cooperating with officers and was not hurt, the police officer was responded to a foot pursuit of the suspect wanted for assaulting two men at third and south, there was some kind of an altercation on the street there, one person was punched and knock out and other person
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also punched and had facial injuries. the motive of that case is unknown but police tell us that one of the victims in that case, notifies officers on the scene of the suspect and that is when the suspect had taken off on foot, running away, so, the police put a radio call out and officer injured in this crash was actually heading to try to find that suspect who was on the loose but never got to that case because of the crash that had happened here. as we come back out here live i want to show you a real time crime camera here that captures everything that takes place with the vicinity of the 11th and south street. police are trying to get video from that that will give them a better idea of what happened inside this case here. and is recovering from the injuries that driver of the bread truck was in the injured, and they did arrest a person who was connected to the a salt. at third and south street. so, traffic is opening up here, just waiting for this
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car, this police car to be cleared from the scene. >> dave kinchen live in south philadelphia a. >> developing news out of brewerytown fire crews called out at new kirk and cecil b. moore avenue. flames broke out just after 1:30 on the second floor of the three story home. >> in cobbs creek emergency crews were able to get a store fire under control, in 20 minutes. this happened late last night. officials believe it started in the stove in the back of the building. the it is on the 6100 block of walton avenue. there is in word whether it is suspicious or whether or not it was just an accident no one was hurt. construction workers hit and killed in i-95 in wilmington. that crash happened 7:30 last night on the brandywine river bridge. the construction worker was rush to the hospital where he died, delaware state police say the driver did stop, and delldot the tells us he was in the a dell dot employee, and that victim works for a private contractor. he was at controls when amtrak 188 came around the bend and flew flew off the
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rails. several probes point to the engineers. >> ntsb is expected to say whether the engineer wasn't paying enough attention, was perhaps distracted, steve keeley now looking into this, on the morning of this report. steve, good morning. >> reporter: they will hear a whole lot of stuff today and it is formality but cause won't be officially determined until the board votes at the end of the meet to go day but during this meeting investigators who will talk to the board today briefed one official and told reporters that radio talk between amtrak and septa's train engineers and the dispatch their night about people throwing rocks here on the trains below distracted the amtrak engineer, causing him to lose track of where he was, as he wrongly sped up to 106 miles an hour, before the big sharp curve here in frankford losing situational awareness, as it is called, and that automatic system to slow down the speeding train before a dangerous curve, or a collision had been in place, the crash would have been
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prevented, and it wasn't installed until seven months after the accident. now the wall street journal also reports that investigators will recommend that the federal railroad administration, ordered changes to railcars windows, failure of the windows will be cited as adding to all have of the deaths and severe injuries. when he they failed and many were thrown out and even under the train. lastly recommending even going to the officials here in philadelphia a, the general reports on how to handle and better prepare for a mass casualty event like they had that night. , steve keeley live for us, thank you. bucks county couple remains behind bars, this morning accuse of abusing their two month-old twin girls. >> we're talking michael shale and his 25 year-old wife melissa of tool i town. they are jail pending half million-dollar jail for each of them. the accusations range from severe physical a boost to mal nourish. according to court record melissa admitted to do suggest things to the babies out of
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anger in front of her husband on get a reaction out of him. officers interviewed neighbors who saw one who saw the baby's face turn blue. >> we understand there was stuff stuffed in the ones mouth they were trying to get it out with flyers. it was terrible. >> sickening. it makes you sick to your stomach and i'm just glad they are finally lock up. >> the couple has a two-year old son now in protective services with his baby-sitter. authorities say there are no signs he has been abuse. new developments in the death of the young boy who disappeared from his haddon township home last october. judge denied a defense attorney's request to toss first degree murder case begins brand an creato's father david. investigators say he killed his son because his girlfriend didn't like kids, and then dumped the boys body. defense argued that the medical examiner mislead the grand jury, the judge and prosecutors disagreed. >> there has been great effort in litigation of this matter,
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and quite frankly in some of the coverage to discredit doctor fiden. in looking the at the case though, he did in the do a single thing i am presently. >> the judge will consider whether to throw out text messages and photos police say creato handed over before he says he knew he was a suspect. people in olney are fed up with whoever is smashing windows and break nothing to cars in their neighborhood. police say in the area of rising sun and front streets they have had 66 break ins over the past month with seven of those happening just yesterday morning. last night the 35th district had a community meet to go address peoples concerns and shared surveillance pictures of the person of interest in those car break ins. >> we have plainclothes officers in the area and other highly motivated officers in the area trying to do quality pedestrian stops. if you see someone in the middle of the night, walk up, ask them do you live in this neighborhood? >> what are we supposed to do we keep spending money, hundreds of dollars to get
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windows replace and they keep busting them out. >> police say suspect strikes between early morning hours of four and 8:00 a.m. they asked people to report anything that they might see. >> walking outside, see that car, it happened again, so mad. >> so mad. >> chaka fattah, we're having the very latest on his trial, what the u.s. representative is claiming as prosecutors say he misused fund for personal and political gain. and special honor for one of the philadelphia's fallen heroes, sergeant robert wilson a warded medal of valor who was on his there to accept it on his behalf.
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chris, you mentioned, talking about diamond. >> diamond gets separation anxiety. >> so i posted these pictures because yesterday, i said my poor pitiful puppy cannot stay away from the door. she keeps going by the door and just sitting there. other day she had a 45 minute nap right by the door. >> so who is she, missing, lauren johnson, who has been your house guest. >> that is the big mystery. >> really. >> that is a mystery. >> who is she after. >> i know. >> who is she waiting to come through that door. >> the mystery deepens. >> in the meantime, it is no mystery we did a little mass. may the 30th, two weeks, only
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34 days until the actual start of summer june 21st, 56 days from the fourth of july and now summer is gone, good bye. here's the precipitation here is, you can see it coming from the west, and we are looking a little will action, maybe some light showers, and southern chester county, southern lancaster county, maybe around east nottingham, again, some of this green is not even making it to the ground. even if you are seeing showers this morning it is not going to be much. the steadier rain moves in, toward the end of the morning around lunchtime through early afternoon. it looks like by evening most of this will be off shore and then we will get another round perhaps early tomorrow morning, going through pretty quick lip and then sunshine in the afternoon through thursday, it stays dry and then rain tries to move in and probably through friday as well. so it will be rain, and then nice weather, unfortunately next round of rain after that comes in time for the weekend.
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it is 55 degrees in philadelphia. forty-nine in lancaster. forty-five in mount pocono. your average high is 74 degrees. we had our ups and down especially on sunday when it got to 59 degrees. very windy on sunday and chilly. yesterday was chilly but the sun was out and it ended up being a pretty nice day, 67 degrees, just a little sweater weather for the breeze, for today, 62, with showers around on and off all day, cloud in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon on wednesday, and thursday, looks good, friday, looks fantastic, with a high, in the mid 70's, now, saturday the rain rolls in, and hopefully in the until the afternoon, maybe get some activities in on saturday morning, but more showers possible on sunday as well, hopefully drying out by monday, so not the best look for the weekend but you can go to the movies, bob kelly. >> movies and good game of monopoly. good morning everybody.
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5:16. we are keeping an eye out west as sue just mentioned some of that green popping up on the radar. it doesn't look like it is making it to the ground there, this is route 100 right by barb's harley davidson light by the turnpike. road conditions will change as we roll through morning rush hour. forty-two we are seeing volume coming in toward philadelphia a, through the work zone and then later on today, the pennsylvania turnpike route 29 off ramp, that is e-z pass only exit in chester county will be closed both today and tomorrow during the midday so they can make repairs to the e-z pass sensors there, and if you are using northeast extension, construction crews are out there from lansdale up to that lehigh valley interchange as nasty weather moves through, we will probably start to see tote board, at philly international show delays throughout the day. so keep that in mind if you are heading down to the airport. good to go, in problems on i-95, schuylkill looking good
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and mass transit off to a good start as well. the chris and lauren, back to you. fallen philadelphia police sergeant robert wilson. >> president obama awarded wilson medal of valor, wilson's grandmother accepted that honor. >> police say robbers gunned down sergeant wilson at a game stop in north philadelphia but they say he went down fighting protecting people inside that store. wilson had stopped into buy a gift for his son's tenth birthday and for doing a good job in school. president obama took a moment to remember that not all 13 honoraries at the ceremony could be there. >> we grief with the families who carry the fallen in their hearts forever. we have been moved deeply by their anguish but also by their pride, and the lives that their loved ones lived and in those moments we are reminded of our enduring
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obligation as citizens that they sacrifice so much for that we do right by them. >> sergeant wilson was just 30 years old. 5:19 is the time. trial for u.s. representative chaka fattah continues this morning. the pennsylvania congressman appeared in federal court yesterday for start of his corruption trial. eleven term congressman is accused of misusing federal grants, campaign fund and money from a charity for his personal, and political gain. meanwhile, fattah says, he has done nothing wrong. the biggest charges that fattah took an illegal one million-dollar loan whale running for mayor of philadelphia in 2007. fattah was able to keep his spirits high as he entered the courthouse yesterday. >> i want to say thank you you to the voters, and the citizens who supported me and for their prayers over these many, many years. i'm thankful, grateful, for the strength and love of my family and i'm extraordinarily
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appreciative of the great legal team from the firm that will be leading my effort here. >> four others are here charged alongside the congressman, fattah recently lost his bid to return to office and is now fighting to hang on to his freedom. former university of pennsylvania professor quick of killing his wife ten years ago will stay in prison. the prosecutors announced yesterday that a parole board denied early release for six five-year old rafael robb. robb was convicted of killing his wife ellen inside their upper merion home in 2006 while she was in the kitchen wrapping christmas presents. former penn economics professor pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter. he was sentenced to five to ten years in prison, and now he will serve that entire sentence. >> we're grateful for the parole board for making the correct decision in this case and hearing our objection to his parole as well as objections of ellen's family and many others. >> rob now is expected to be released in 2017 wants out of
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prison and will be on ten years of supervised probation. did you hear about this? a boston hospital successfully performed the first ever people us transplant surgery in the u.s. why doctors are calling this a real game changer for cancer patients. big change best to hit amazon what you will be able to buy on the site for the first time in just a a few weeks. winning lot theory numbers. here they are.
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massachusetts man received the first successful people us transplant in the united states. >> sixty-four year-old thomas manning underwent 15 hours of surgery late last week after previously having mess of his people us removed while battling an aggressive form of cancer. >> doctors said at this point normal urination should go possible in a few weeks and sexual function should happen within, well, a few months. it took a team of surgeons three hours, to prepare for this transplant. >> we're hopeful that with the success going forward that we will be able to open this up
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to other patient populations such as wounded warriors returning from iraq, and afghanistan, who suffer these devastating injuries that can leave them so disponent that they consider taking their own lives and often do. >> the penis was transplanted from a deceased donors. doctors hope it will eliminate stigma associated with cancer and injuries affecting the genitals. stay tune, our own doctor mike will be here at 7:00 o'clock to show us how the transplant was done. this story makes you love people donate their organs and b, love doctors. >> amazing just nice to have hope, right, especially after cancer. on line giant amazon getting ready to add some more household products to its on line store but this time products are made by amazon. >> okay, wall street journal reports that the site will release its own line of groceries around around a the house items like laundry detergent and diapers. products are expected to hit
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the site in the next couple weeks. here's the catch, is there always a catch, they are only available to amazon prime members. applebees is making a change to ohio down declining sales, the company is, installing wood fired grills in the 2,000 locations, grills will impact 40 percent of the items on the menu. any dish featuring meat including variety of salad will have a different taste. applebees says they hope change will help them stand out from other chains. pretty soon you could ab lud to have alcohol on the boardwalk but there is a catch, what you will have to carry around with you, got to have this with you you so that you don't get busted. >> you know what you need today with you? an umbrella look at the radar. sue serio tracking rain in your forecast on this 17th day of may.
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spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ an officer is in the hospital, where she was head ed when a bread truck smashed in her cruz are. closure could come as we are expect to learn the fatal amtrak train derailment last may. tea tails will be released ahead of the ntsb's official report. good day, it is may 17th, 2016. i already feel my allergies sort of acting up paw usually
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they act up, right before the the lane. >> the nose knows, sue is there a barometer for you. >> asthma center puts out a report every day and they talk about outdoor mold spores, and with the rain coming maybe that is what you are allergic too. >> you are saying right new there is mold spores on lauren's nose. >> there is all kind of gunk in the air we don't even know and right now you there is rain on the way. that is good. for some, not so much. we are seeing a little bit of green in chester county, lancaster county but we're not getting any reports of any rain making it to the ground. this is what we call verga which means precipitation that is in the clouds and showing up on radar but not yet falling to the ground. our number today will be a five out of ten. dry for new but rain coming later on and bus stop buddy has best advice of all bring the umbrellas with you because you will need it. rain is on the way.
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the cloudy at the moment. temperatures in the 40's and 50's, it is not as cold as yesterday, 55 degrees as we get ready for that sunrise at 5:44 officially. so maybe you'll see tiny sunshine to start but included will take over very quickly. 45 degrees in mount pocono. fifty-three trenton and pottstown and wilmington and dover. forty-nine in millville. fifty-three atlantic city and pretty calm wind out there at 8 miles an hour in philadelphia so plan on cloud cover, mid 50's, still, by 9:00 a.m. we will reach an early high of 62 with that rain by lunchtime it starts to get steady, or toward evening drive and stays around 60, 62. much cooler then it is supposed to be this time of the year but we should be a at 74. so our cool month of may, continues. we will talk about when this rain end coming up in the seven day forecast, been kelly, how is it looking. >> not bad at all, 5:31. good tuesday morning. hello downingtown. here's a live look checking
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cameras out west as sue just mentioned but green is on the screen, not making it to the surface level here. so road are still dry, but again it looks like it will be a rough days as we move on through the day and into that evening rush hour, make these plans accordingly. t ball, soccer practice could be rained out later tonight. hello northeast philadelphia i looking good on i-95. what a mess yesterday with that tanker accident. we are off to a better start this morning heading south in toward downtown philadelphia. however, septa using shuttle buses on 101 trolley through middle of the june from providence up to orange street due to construction. then on the blue route 476 we are looking good the at moment. just a heads up click it or ticket campaign went into effect yesterday. eighty-seven police departments across the state enforcing the seat belt laws. we all know that is good for everybody. don't be surprised if you see an extra enforcement out there beginning today, and
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pennsylvania turnpike, e-z pass off ramp for route 29 will be closed to day beginning at 10:00 o'clock for some general construction and northeast extension crews are still out there between lansdale and the lehigh valley, chris and lauren. and overnight,. and, dave kinchen has been there all morning and dave, what led to this big crash. >> reporter: well, what was that question, again, lauren. >> i was just asking what led to the crash. >> reporter: there was a situation involving a assault that happened at third and south street, we will get to that in a bit. let me step out of the way and show you what is happening here. this is the car that the officer was in, that crashed here at 11th and south street. it crashed into a bread truck, the tow truck actually took that bread truck away a while ago. forty-five year-old female officer injured while traveling east on south street
5:34 am
on a priority call, she collided with the bread truck heading north at 11th. it is in the clear who had the lights. police say lights and sirens were activated and a officer was bleeding from the mouth and complaining of pain on the left side. she is alert, and is communicating. we are told she will be okay. driver of the bread truck was not injured and is communicating with officers. he was not the hurt. the officer was responding to a foot the pursuit of a suspect wanted for assaulting two men at third and south streets. one guy was punched out, and knocked unconscious and other had facial injuries. apparently the person with facial injuries told officers at third and south street about the suspect and that is when the suspect ran. police put out a radio call and that officer hurt in this crash was trying to answer that call on the way to that scene when colliding with the bread truck here at 11th and south street but the officer will be okay and we also know as we come back live here
5:35 am
there is a real time crime camera, one of the systems that the philadelphia police cameras had has in different parts of the city. they have a camera that captured this incident and they are looking at that video new to get a better eye tea of had happens inn this case. it is in the clear if video will be released but we can tell you that police were going a after in that assault has been arrested as well. back to you. >> dave, thanks very much. distract, by radio chatter that is how federal investigators described amtrak engineer moments before the the last year deadly train derailment. >> details are expected to be released in a report later today. they were leak to the associated press by a source close to the investigation. according to the report engineer brandon bostian had been listening to radio transmissions seconds before the train derail last may. the officials say bostian recalled radio traffic from a commuter train operator who said a rock had shattered his windshield. ntsb will not confirm the report and says in probable
5:36 am
cause is final until board members vote. the atlantic city leaders considering allowing opened containers of alcohol on the boardwalk, they say, drinking would be allowed between albany and massachusetts avenues, coming up this summer. under the proposal beverages would be in the cup that had logo of an approved boardwalk bar that poured that drink. having alcohol on the streets or the beach would still be banned, those who do business on the board love the idea while others worry about too much partying. >> it is a great idea. >> why in. >> people are doing it anyway. they will do it the anyway. it is the boardwalk, atlantic city. >> i think people will get rowdy on the boardwalk if they let open containers on the boardwalk but it would attract a lot more people. >> the ordinance would have a trial period and go into effect for the summer season. all right, now to a different kind of draft, are you okay? sit your allergies. >> yep. >> next in sports, nba draft is quickly approaching with
5:37 am
the lottery taking place tonight, how sixers are get thing ready for what could shape their future.
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. phillies had been playing well but lack of scoring is really catching up with these guys. the lets go to citizens bank park last night, and with the phillies, down two-one justin
5:40 am
borne second of two home runs off jared eickoff and both home runs were crushed. phillies down five-two in the ninth. miguel franco, almost gets it. almost is not good enough, miami wins it five-three with the phillies. this team has to score to win and that is not what this team does. >> we had plenty of base runners but could not get production and to drive-in. ten hits, nine singles. game is all about making good pitches and making the plays. coming up with clutch hits. we really didn't get any. >> nba draft lottery is tonight. sixers have a 26.9 percent chance of getting the topic in next months draft. yesterday sixers had players in for predraft work out including three, big five players, deandre bemly, josh hart and jaylen bond. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. weather is so nice tiger woods decides he will hit a few balls in front of the cameras. >> not just anyplace, either.
5:41 am
i miss him. he was at congressional country club, a golf tournament he is hosting next month in the state of maryland. wood hasn't played since august since under going two back surgeries. after the first he thought about calling it a career but woods says he is now stronger but there is no timetable as to when he will return to the tour. he is currently ranked 524th in the world. he won 14 majors, jack nicholas is all time record holder with 18 majors and tiger said yesterday i can still surpass him, i can win five more majors. >> that is good if he needs to. >> but he is 40 now and he had surgeries on his back, his knee, we will see. >> he will be fine. still ahead presidential candidates gear up for another round of primaries, the plan hillary clinton has to end her recent losing streak with bernie sanders. >> shut up and drive, good day
5:42 am
is heading down to doylestown or up to doylestown, and the party begins friday, may 20th, we will be live from 7:00 to 10:00 along state street between main and pine. we have more details later in the week. showers making their way in the area, sue serio is tracking when this will all hit, drive slowly through the rain.
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we have check the asthma
5:45 am
report, allergy report from the asthma center. it looks like mold spores is very high. tree pollen, pine tree pollen in particular, very high, and right now, moderate for grasses, weeds aren't an issue at least not yet this time of the year. that is what is happening if your allergies are acting up. we have rain on the way. look at how far back this stretches from our area, all the way to oklahoma, and texas, a whole lot of rain is on the way. it will be on and off throughout the day we are seeing green, on the radar but in of what we are seeing is making it to the ground. it is cloudy, and then again maybe a sprinkle or two in chester county, new castle county but i doubt you will see anything this morning. future cast confirms that this rain is not expected to move in not until after eight or 9:00, probably by ten we will see widely scattered showers, that is when we will need the umbrella, through lunchtime, through the afternoon, and a beyond. so then we will get a break
5:46 am
for a while and then in the overnight hours the rain kind of amps up again. the here's wednesday morning at 6:00 o'clock when we have a little bit the more rain and that rain continues just through the morning. it looks like we will have sunshine by end of the day, on wednesday. thursday and friday are looking good as well. we're checking temperatures, 49 degrees in will allentown. here in philadelphia, excuse me, it is 55. we will check that seven day forecast and show you only 62 degrees today and 68 tomorrow, we're at 70 by thursday, mid 70's by friday. cooling off on saturday. bob kelly. >> rain over the weekend. >> allergies, there is your proof. >> through go that report brought to you by claritin. 5:46. good morning, everybody. make sure you take your allergy medications, it has been crazy, the whatever the doctor is prescribing for you make sure you take it this morning. have a glass have of water
5:47 am
standing by if you do a lot of talking like we do and good morning to the schuylkill in the far from your conshohocken curve. no problems or delays this morning rolling in or out of the city at the moment. looking good on the ben franklin bridge. sue mentioned some of the green on the screen, radar that is coming across, not hitting the ground yet but you can never rule that out role through the morning. we will get rain all around the board as we move through the day. septa's 101 trolley using shuttle buses all the way through to next month from providence road up to orange street, all due to track work but weather delays are most likely occurring throughout the day at philly international. looking good though along the freeway and 55 heading in toward the walt whitman bridge, in problems coming out of the voorhees heading up to lieutenant 70 marlton in through shaders, down in south philadelphia at 11th and south we are watching for an investigation, dave has been on the scene, scene of that police officer that was injured in that accident this morning around 11th and south.
5:48 am
left over crew north on i-95 right here at route 202 but otherwise we're in good shape to kick off our tuesday morning, chris and lauren, back to you. day that the u.s. attorney's office in new jersey will release unindicted coconspirators in the bridge gate scandal. governor christie became engulfed in that shortly after winning a second term. officials say e-mails and text message from his his top aid show they requested two lanes on the bridge be shut down causing massive traffic jams in fort lee have after the town's democratic mayor declined to endorse christie's reelection. christie has always denied having any knowledge of that plot and has never been charged. democratic led senate labor commit i advanced a bill that would increase new jersey's minimum wage from $8.38 an hour to $10.10 an hour. that raise would go in effect next year and increase annually until the year 2021. time is running or for you to vote for june 7th primary
5:49 am
in new jersey which includes selecting candidates who will run for president in november. today is registration deadline. it is also last chance for vote tours switch political party affiliation. unaffiliated voters must declare party affiliation nerd to participate in that primary. you decide 2016 coverage continues with this, voters go to the polls in oregon and kentucky for their primaries today. donald trump the presumptive g.o.p. nominee but democratic candidates are still fighting it out, hillary clinton is hoping to end her losing streak by tapping into her husband's popularity. >> my husband who i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy because he knows how to do it. >> the 90's did boom. after a couple days in kentucky bernie sanders has left the united states all together. he is campaigning in puerto rico hoping to garner more lath upo votes f elect sanders says he would push puerto rico to be the 51st state.
5:50 am
>> it is morally unacceptable that billion air hedge fund managers have been calling foreign more austerity in puerto rico. >> all right. so evidently the clash between sanders and clinton supporters erupted in nevada, democratic convention, backers tried to shut down the event when they became sus fish thaws party official where is favoring clinton. wow. mexican drug cartel kingpin. >> el chapo, yeah, joaquin guzman is coming closer to the you had. judge ruled that guzman's tradition can go forward, that is second judge to issue that ruling in the week. next step is for mexican foreign ministry to approve the extradition request, one that happens, when that happens or when that happens, guzman's lawyers will start the appeals process and it all could take another six months or so. colombian authorities made the country's biggest cocaine bust ever, 8 tons of coke
5:51 am
found inside of an underground hole, on a banana farm. 359 bags have of cocaine belonged to the country's largest coke trafficking organization, the drugs were ready to be sent to central america and eventually to the u.s. authorities arrested three people touring that seizure. you always say i don't know how to inflict. >> latin o names. >> so alex holley and i grew up in areas that have largely latin o populations, southern california, texas. we can say name like joaquin guzman. >> yes, you have to roll role the tongue. >> i see, you take it the a step further. >> puerto. >> yes. >> you can't speak spanish. >> speaking spanish. >> we will be speaking more later on good day because it is on in ten minutes.
5:52 am
keep talking, chris. you have to be ready. you know i love drinking tea obsessed with tea. what if i told you all you need to do if you are having trouble sleeping, get a about a nan, put tonight hot water and boil it. boil it before you you head to bed. that will taste interesting, right. no, we will do this. we will test it out on the show. then it is a big night for sixers. no, they are not revealing another patch, but the nba draft lottery. what needs to happen and who do you want the sixers to get. we have these two guys here are options, you know, who will we get. we could have goss or wentz but this time we have these one guys, but i think our chances are 25 percent chance we will get that first pick. are you feeling luck think morning. >> i hepp so. >> we need luck. >> we need to be healthy and ready to play. >> because we are first to
5:53 am
come up with the stub hub patch and get response ordinary and hopefully we will be first to get that pick so we can go to victory. >> yes, for the first time in a long time. >> stub hub tickets i'm just saying. are you kicking me out. >> okay. >> bye-bye. >> still ahead, coastguard saves the day off the coast of atlantic city where french sailor was heading when his boat started to take on water.
5:54 am
after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious.
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a french sailor had to be rescued off the coast of atlantic city. coastguard said oliver gel, trying to sail from new york to the uk, on on his 21-foot boat but his both bet hit a submerge object and began sinking early yesterday morning. he used an emergency radio to alert the coastguard of the distress. he was not hurt. care free day at the beach took a scary turn when a man got stuck in the sand with the tide coming in group of friend was visiting san diego and took a break from surfing to bury a buddy in the san, having fun. he was neck deep when the fun turned, frightening. the tide was coming in, water began to surround the friend's neck and they thought he might drawn. >> the tide was getting bigger and bigger, and then he got stuck and we thought we could get him out.
5:57 am
>> all of the pressure and suction the from the water and sand made it all bad. >> half dozen life guard came in and saved the guy. next up on good day a officer hospitalized after a over tonight crash in south philadelphia where she was heading when a bread truck smashed in her cruiser. could there been close another on amtrak's deadly train derailment, what we're expect to go learn later today.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
well, red lights and sirens, cop car slams in the bread truck on south street, the copies in the hospital. she was bleeding from the mouth. we have an update. he was distracted by septa, the ntsb is expected to release a final probable cause of last years deadly amtrak derailment that killed eight people and injured hundreds more. and, how about some boardwalk alcohol? atlantic city is considering a new policy, that would allow alcohol on the boards. does that mean more money for ac? is that the point. it the is seasonably cold weather wasn't bad enough, how about some rain. >> all right. >> when you can expect to pull out that umbrella coming up, better keep it handy. >> do you see that little box down there? an update on our trip to doylestown on friday. >> oh, look who is in the car together. >> yes, good day, everybody the. it is to you, may


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