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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  May 17, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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brain cancer. why doctors are new looking at the polio virus as a possible cure. and, bottoms up on the boardwalk. the big change that could becoming to the shore, the plan to let you stroll the boardwalk with the drink in your hand. let get right to the weather at 7:00 o'clock. we have so much to get to at this hour, hi. >> excellent idea. >> it is not raining yet but it will be. it will be a half and half day with five out of ten in weather by the numbers. bus stop buddy has the umbrella later on. so enjoy dry weather, temperatures in the 40's and 50's but not as cold as it was yesterday. there is radar to show where rain is coming from the west and southwest, just kind of socked in with included right now, it is 55 degrees, right now, and 62 is all we will manage for a high temperature today, probably by middle of the day.
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showers on and off throughout the afternoon, we will tell you when sunshine returns, coming up in the seven day forecast, how is it looking bob kelly. >> 7:01. good morning. we are seeing beginnings of the morning rush hour, the schuylkill expressway, right here near conshohocken curve starting to see volume pop, no sun glare today though. forty-two, roads are still dry, but as sue mentioned make sure that umbrella is by your side throughout the day. 422 coming from the burbs starting to see delays oaks from king have of prussia so far so good, 202, an accident in bellmawr black horse pike at route 168, right at kings highway and in wilmington an overnight accident they are investigating northbound i-95 a at brandywine river bridge. two of the lanes are closed. coming from the south and heading through wilmington, stick with 495 this morning to save yourself sometime and septa is uses shuttle bus's long portions of the 101 trolley beginning today through mid-june between providence and orange.
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mike and alex, back over to you. he was at the controls when amtrak 188 came around the bend and went off the rails. now federal probe points to the engineer. >> it looks like it. ntsb is expected to say engineer was not paying attention at the time but also there were people throwing rocks at a septa train that also need to be involved here. there is steve in port richmond. >> reporter: public will hear what one d.c. official heard yesterday, hearing starts the at 9:30 and what the investigators who will talk to the board today briefed one official who leaked the reporters that is radio talk between amtrak and september's train engineers that night and track dispatchers about those people throwing rocks at the trains and smashing their windshield distract the amtrak engineer and that caused him to lose track where he was here on his way to new york and wrongly sped up to 106 miles an hour just before the big sharp curve here in frankford losing situational awareness is the official
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term. investigators will also say what is already well known, now of course that the automatic system to slow down speeding train before a dangerous curve or a collision with another train had been in place this crash would have been prevented. we know it wasn't installed until december, seven months after the accident. wall street journal also reports today that investigators will recommend that the federal railroad administration, ordered changes to railcar windows the failure of the windows on that passenger car will be cited as adding to the death and severe injuries because many were thrown out during the crash and even under the train and killed. racially recommendations will be made to officials here in philadelphia alex and mike, general reports that philadelphia officials will be told to better handle and prepare for mass casualty event. it sound like they will criticize the way philly handled it. a lot of people thought philadelphia did a wonderful job keeping number of death and injuries from being even
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worse. >> we just saw an acela go by on that a same curve right behind you through. we will look for the report at 9:30 or 10:00 o'clock. we have a reporter there, ntsb. now to this other story police say a fellow office are will be okay after getting into a crash on south street right to the left of south. >> police cruiser, collided with a bread truck and dave kinchen is at the scene, and it looks like they just took away the cruiser. >> reporter: cruiser is gone except for debris left here at 11th and south street, debris from that mangled police car. we will show thaw in just a minute here. we know that female officer with the police department's third district was traveling east on south street to a priority call when she collided with the bread truck heading north on 11th. it is in the clear who had lights but police cars lights and siren were activated, officials tell us, the officer was bleeding from the mouth and complained of pain from her left side. she's alert walking around and is communicating and will be
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okay we're told. the driver of the bread truck was not hurt and is cooperating with a id, as well. the officer was responding to a foot chase of the suspect wanted for assaulting two men at third and south streets around 2:00 a.m. an overnight argument that took place where one of the men was knock unconscious and other had facial injuries but was able to tell, police at that scene the at third and south streets about the suspect, that is when the suspect took off on foot. police says officers put out a radio call and this accident involve in the accident was respond to go the call but never got there because of the accident that happened here, the collision into a bread truck. we are told that officer will be okay and we're also told that there was an arrest in that assault case. so that is all good. as we come back live we will show you this real time camera real quick. that why is police call it a real time crime camera cyst them that feed in the central date base that recorded this incident at this intersection at 11th and south street,
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police are reviewing that video to get a better idea of how this crash happened. back to you alex and mike. >> it looks like bread truck t boned that police officer. thanks, dave. lets get to lauren. >> good morning. this morning, investigators try to figure out how a construction worker was hit and killed than on i-95 in wilmington last night this happened 7:30. construction worker was rushed to the hospital where he later died. dell dot the tells us that victim was in the a dell dot employee but worked for a contractor. delaware state police say the driver did stop. corruption trial for u.s. representative chaka fattah continues this morning, the 11 term congressman is accused of misusing federal grand, campaign fund and money from a charity for his personal and political gains. fattah says he has done nothing wrong, the biggest charge is that fattah took an illegal one million-dollar loan while running for mayor of philadelphia back in 2007. fattah was able to keep his spirits high entering the courthouse for day one of of his trial yesterday. >> i want to say thank you to the voters and the citizens
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who supported me, and for their prayers over these many, many years. i'm thankful and grateful for the strength and love of my family and i'm extraordinarily appreciative of the great legal team from the scnnader who will be leading my effort here. >> four others are charged, a long with the congressman f take recently lost his bid to return to office and now fight to go hang on to his freedom. bucks county couple behind bars accused of abusing their two month-old twin girls, one of the babies now hospitalized with broken bones. michael shale and his 25 year-old wife melissa of tulleytown both jailed on half million-dollar bail each. both babies were malnourished and showed signs of being violently shaken with prior broken legs and ribs. police started in march after melissa called 911 from their home. according to court record melissa admitted doing certain things to those babies out of and inner front of her husband just to get a reaction out of
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them. >> it breaks your heart, disappointing. it is a shame the kid have to be born to people like that. >> pitiful how can people do that to a little baby. >> the couple has a two-year old son in protective services, with his baby sister. authorities say there are in signs he has been abused. police and residents in olney coming together to try to track down whoever smashed windows and break nothing to cars in the neighborhood. police say they have had 66 incident over the past month, in the area of rising sun and front street. seven of those happening yesterday morning alone. last night 36th district had a community meeting to address peoples concerns. they shared picture of the person of interest in the car break ins. police say suspect usually hits between four and 8:00 a.m. they are adding more plane clothe officers to the area, mike and alex. >> nice job, thank you. it is kelly trump round three tonight, live. it is not live but it is on fox. >> it is her first sit down interview with the presumptive
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republican presidential nominee. this has been since last august, g.o.p. debate. you know afterward trump criticized kelly for her treatment of him and refused to participate the in the late debate where kelly was a moderator. she confronts trum been his comments after that debate. >> you say you you didn't feel that the moderators had been nice but do you think it is journalist role to be nice to presidential candidate and at a debate. >> fair. i don't care if they are nice. >> you used the word nice. >> no, i don't think so but that might have not said they have to be nice. >> the full interview airs tonight at 8:00 right here on fox 29. >> and in our next hour megan kelly will be here on the show, joining with us more on what to expect tonight for this special. >> all right. >> 7:09. atlantic city leaders are considering a new measure to attract tourist and all of the rest of us to the boardwalk once again. >> society i council will vote tomorrow on a plan that would
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let people 21 a and over carry open containers of alcohol on the boardwalk. now this will be between albany and massachusetts avenues come this summer. under the proposal drinks would have to be in the cup with the logo of the approved boardwalk bar that poured the drink. you know where it came from having alcohol on the streets or the beach would still be banned, and only on the boardwalk. it the is a measure that passes will go in effect on the trial base these summer. interesting now sue learned years ago that you simply when she's down there in atlantic city, she gets a coffee cup, it looks like she's drinking coffee, it is vodka. if you see her on a sunday morning. >> water bottle filled up. >> water bottle, sure. >> who doesn't know that. >> please. >> come on. >> you know, really. >> allergy report, it is not good for the tree pollen and now we are seeing an increase in pine tree pollen according to the asthma center. the grasses are moderate, very high mold, spores outside and
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now we have got some rain moving in. mold is your problem, rain could be a not good thing, or not be a a good thing for a tree pollen this will probably help a little bit but it its unclear whether this is actually making it to the ground. this area of green in new castle county delaware, southern chester counties, probably just verga which is rain that stays in the clouds and shows up on radar but doesn't actually hit you. but it will by lunchtime and even just before by 11 or 12:00 o'clock we will see rain, scattered to the south of us, where we will see steady rain. it takes a break for a bit in the over tonight hours, comes back tomorrow morning. the breezy and cool yesterday and we got the to 67 degrees but today the high is 62 degrees with the clouds and showers around, on and off throughout the day and maybe lingering into wednesday morning but then sun comes out tomorrow afternoon. we will get up to 68 degrees. sunny and nice on thursday, 70, friday the best weather
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day of the week, did we time this out right? because we're going to doylestown friday taking the whole show out there. that is happening, and then the rain rolls in by saturday afternoon and then sticks around for sunday. so let the perfect weekend, bob kelly, at least we are giving you time to get ready. >> the first 50 parents to drop their kids off here getting to in the news van with mike. >> yeah. >> please. >> do you want to see that on the prompter. >> just kidding, of course, 95 southbound stacked up from academy in through girard working our way through the construction zone. typical for the morning rush hour. ben franklin looking good so far, road are dry but we have that rain on the way and an accident in the neighborhood at butler and morris. we are slow go on the turnpike from fort washington in toward mid county there. we have just normal volume delay. in sun glare this morning. lauren mentioned this accident last night, north on i-95 at
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brandywine river bridge in the construction zone, not only do we have construction but they are investigating that accident that occurred last night. north this morning i would use 495 to avoid that delay. crash over in south jersey the black horse pike, at kings highway and we will pull that parachute cord and plop down on to i-95 southbound through the construction zone, watch for delays in girard avenue but mass transit is looking good. the future of the sixers, is it in the balance tonight. >> it will be determined by ping-pong ball. >> oh, lord. >> it is nba draft lottery. sixers have the best odds, 26 percent of getting that topic and 65 percent of pick getting a pick in the top three spots. 26 percent over the other 13 teams. the sixers could also end up with the lakers first round pick if it is not in the top three. best case scenario for the sixers and our fans they end up with the number one and
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number four pick. that would be the ultimate. they also have two later innings in the first round, numbers 24 and 26 which they acquired through trades. so, four, possible picks in the first round almost a whole time. >> last year timber wolves had best odds of getting number one and they d sixers had third best chance and they ended up with the third overall pick and that is when we drafted jahlil okafor. >> will we go for another duke player, couple dukes back to back. sixers end up with the number one pick, one or top two picks they will end up with either one of those top players, two best players in the draft, lsu guard ben simmons from australia, and, duke forward, brandon ingram. both players coming off impressive freshman seasons. i say ingram may be over ben. >> yeah. >> is that who you want, in
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gram. >> not necessarily. >> ben simmons is a beast, no question about it. >> ben the beast. >> but lsu didn't even get in the 68 teams ncaa tournament. >> it is a team sport you can only help so much. >> true. >> how about this game last night, i was surprised, i thought warriors might sweep thunder, or at least win at home, sticking with the nba, lets go to this story. statement win for oklahoma city thunder. >> they beat golden state warriors in game one at home. >> at home. >> yeah. >> so it was close throughout but thunder are able to hang on and pick up that win, 108-102. step curry had 26 points, russell westbrook of the thunder lead all scorers with 27 points. >> he had a good game. >> do you see how he dresses too. >> who, russell. >> his fashion choices. >> yeah. >> steph can't do it all, every time. it was a miracle other night when he had 17 history making points in an overtime.
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and i will be root tonight believe it or not, for toronto raptors, philadelphia native, will be head together playoffs, leading the toronto raptors verse lebron james and cavilers in the eastern conference finals which start tonight. >> kyle lowery. >> yes, cardinal doherty. >> i think he went to northeast high, cardinal dougherty high school for the last three years and then went on to villanova before being drafted in the first round, that was 2006. >> so, lowery and raptors meet heat in game seven against finals, lowery had 35 points that night and he tried to start a war of word with lebron james calling him one of the best players in the league besides step h curry. >> ouch. >> we have pictures of russell westbrook. >> look at the this. >> what happened. >> and also when he walks in the arena. >> threw up on the shirt. >> fishing. >> they are called lures.
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>> lures. >> hooks. >> yes. >> look at that. >> yes. >> this one is him walking in wearing a cap ri pants, cut off a little bit. >> you can almost see his calves. >> i don't remember. >> i just remember. >> dwayne wade started that. >> talking about it then too. >> wow, they are not any anymore, heat not in it. >> true. big day for the eagles as well, ot a's start at the novacare complex. man, the media throng out there is unreal. it is first time we will hear from sam bradford, that is the plan, that he will go to a podium and speak. rookies, and would that be the first question for him. >> for sure. >> carson wentz and sam will be together day. practice start at the 11:00. coach doug pederson will dress the media the at 12:45. sammy is expected to held his press conference between two and 3:00 this afternoon. >> do you think bradford and went will walk out together,
7:18 am
you know, like that. >> i doubt if it will be hand holding. >> best of friend. >> here's cara son. >> and, sammy. >> i'm sure most of the questions will be about that for sure. >> about the draft pick. >> yes, we will be great, fine. >> maybe get behind this later today. >> yes. >> please. they are professionals. they are grown ups. >> okay. phillies looking to get back on track, tomorrow, last night after losing sunday to the red. so the phillies, would need a come back if they are going to win this one. they came this close. justin borne of marlins hitting a long home run in the sixth giving marlins a three-one lead. it was five -two in the ninth inning. miguel franco he hits it to the warning track. if that goes out it is tied. oh, poop. phillies with go on to lose five-three. same two teams play tonight,
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at 7:00. at the bank. well, is it a debilitating virus, is it the secret to cancer? >> how is a polio vaccine, helping with brain tumors. what it means in the race to find a cure. >> this is a big, big break through. >> and coming soon we have been talking about this for a while, calorie counts on menus, well we now know when restaurant will be required to display those calorie counts on the menu. >> i don't mind that. i kind of like to see calories. >> you can feel guilt bye what you order. >> lottery numbers.
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lets get to lauren right away. i have been waiting. i have a count down clock. i have been waiting to find out when the calorie count will be on menus in restaurants, do you have an update. >> reporter: i do. next may, next may. >> yes, they keep pushing it back. >> you know, back, back, back. >> lauren, i know it is probably the government being too intrusive but i kind of like to know what calories i'm shoving into my big fat face. >> well, you know, think of when you are here in new york, mike abe eat at the our restaurants and our star bucks you have seen calories. >> that is true. >> does that stop you from getting your skinny vanilla latte. >> no, i got my mini frappuccino. >> oh, yeah. >> it is 120 calories. >> i don't care how many calories are in it i'm eating
7:24 am
it. >> listen to me, lauren, a at that star bucks on forty-seventh and sixth. >> yes. >> they have that lemon pound cake with that white icing, do you ever get that. >> no, but maybe i will. have you had the coffee cookie. >> i don't know i go to dunkin' donuts. >> do i too. >> it is secret star bucks sensation but we digress, yes. >> affordable care act passed a couple years ago one of the requirements to battle bulge was to tell people how many calories are in the food and drinks that they consume. >> yes. >> this is a deadline that keeps getting pushed back. we have major chains like, mcdonald's pushing calories where city ordinance require it. but the national requirement is going to be may of 2017 now. just so you know, you could eat your bacon, egg and cheese, blissfully blindfully happeny another go to for me at dunkin' donuts is the pink
7:25 am
doughnut. it taste the same as the white one but the pink one. >> yes, pinkies in the dunkin' colors. >> it goodies stuff. >> dunkin' donuts coffee, the best. >> the best. >> hey lauren, guess what we will do later today. >> i have no idea. >> we will boil my banana. now we have them here, i brought my banana in. reason we are going to boil it, if you have trouble sleeping at night. >> boil bananas. >> boil banana, make tea out of it, but you drink the water that is left after boiling banana. >> um-hmm. >> okay. >> really. >> so we will do this. >> interesting, okay. i would love to have have know the science behind it we will give you science during the segment. we will not blow it all right here. >> you have to watch. >> it will be on line, fox, lauren. >> okay. >> sorry, i'm just trying to
7:26 am
see how you they are related. >> we will explain. >> boil a banana, water, tea bags makes you go to sleep. >> i learned something every day. >> i know, no question. >> i love her. >> but there is no tea bag. >> there is no tea bag. >> it is banana peel water. it has appeal. we will see you tomorrow. >> bye. >> f.d.a. gets a break through, they call it break through status, but what does that really mean. that is not even the important part? we are treating brain cancer with a polio virus? how does that work. i'm telling you, this is a big deal. but first, another big deal jen? okay, so when you work out segments what about this adorable human is different from any other person, why is she uniquely qualified to get you back in shape. coming up in a few minutes,
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you will love her and respect her. yes. the just look at her. real cute with more.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ well, more answers expected today about what caused the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia last may. what sources are saying led to the tragedy ahead of the report that is coming out from the ntsb.
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and then feeling tired this morning, then you will want to hear this grab a about a nan a some say they are secret to feeling well and rested in the morning. what you may want to start doing with the fruit before you head to bed, if it sound too good to be true. it is okay, we will test it out live here on "good day philadelphia". you should be drinking banana water, boiling banana water. >> it sound like bath water. >> yes. >> so, today, bring the umbrella. you do not need it now. you do not need the umbrella new but you will need it the later on. thank bus stop buddy later on. lots of folks thanked him yesterday for bundling up. it is not as bad today but you can see, right here, there you can see, lots of rain, heading our way but what about our area. plenty of cloud cover but not much of this green is actually rain that is making it to the ground. you can see we're socked in with cloud.
7:31 am
55 degrees. i like my banana pointer. southeasterlies at 6 miles an hour. 45 degrees mount pocono, better than yesterday when it was 29. fifty-five in dover. headed to a high of 62 degrees, today. look at your sunset time with the banana, 8:11 p.m. bob kelly, do you want to bureau the banana. >> sure. >> it is all yours. >> good morning, everybody. here's a live look at 7:31. grabbing your banana and heading westbound on the schuylkill expressway. remember banana splits. >> sure. >> the crazy, fury characters in the morning this were good. westbound heavy from city avenue out toward belmont have avenue coming from new jersey, north on the freeway, you'll find delays from 295 in toward that walt whitman. scheduled opening any minute now, set for 7:30. burlington bristol bridge, grabbing your coffee and your keys, either grab an extra doughnut the on the way or
7:32 am
head for turnpike connection bridge or the tacony palmyra. some construction, on the schuylkill expressway, approaching the walt whitman bridge here, in south philadelphia, look out for that, a crash out in fort washington at butler and norris. delays from the fort washington pretty much all the way toward mid county and delays north on i-95 a at the brandywine river bridge, two lanes are blocked from an overnight accident and mass transit looking good, mike and alex, back to you. well, food and drug administration gave us a break through status for a treatment using once feared polio virus to target a aggressive form of brain cancer. >> treatment was developed by doctors and biologist at duke university in north carolina and so far, doctors are seeing amazing results. doctors here in our area are also excited and hopeful about this break through. joining us doctor stephanie white, she specializes in brain tumors at fox chase cancer center on cottman
7:33 am
avenue in the the northeast and doctor, thanks for being on "good day philadelphia". >> thanks for having me. >> doctor, we have a challenge here for you you need to explain this to us especially me so i can understand it, what type of brain cancer are we talking about first of all. >> so, we're talking about the same tumor that ted kennedy had, it is a glioblastoma, it is or gbm for short and it is a tumor that starts from cells in the brain. you think of this differently from tumors that let's say start from a lung cancer and spread up to the brain. >> so when it comes to the polio virus and not to get too technical here so basically they are taking out certain parts of the polio virus that make it a concern in order to combat brain cancer. >> so what they, first thing they do, first thing that the f.d.a. makes them do is be
7:34 am
sure that the virus, which is essentially used as a vector to target the tumor is inactive, so in other word it the is not functioning polio. it should not cause the same kind of damage that polio would. >> so what do they do they take a polio vaccine from back in the 50's and 60's and inject that in your body somehow. >> actually no they take the virus itself. >> my goodness. >> and that is what makes it very risky and they in activate in that it shouldn't a act like polio anymore and that took years to demonstrate that they were able to do that and it was safe and essentially what it does, it acts as a vector a missle as well as the missle's pay load. it attacks the cells, reasonably specific for tumors, which is normal tissue
7:35 am
and virus itself as it replicates in those cells it releases a toxins and kills those cells but then second part of it is what is really i think it is part and parcel of what makes it work, it stimulates the immune system to recognize these are infect cells and immune systems. >> would it work on other cancers. >> absolutely, and they are looking at that. >> that is why this is so huge because when it is break through status that means the government is trying to speed this up to get this out here, right. >> break through status is a very particular meaning in this context. it is and important piece of framing here. we have a tendency when we deal with cans tore want to hear break through and think of it as we do in the common world sense. what break through status actually means in this status is there is a drug out there in very preliminary studies
7:36 am
has shown some signal. it looks interesting. it looks like there may be some promise. so it is fast tracked for larger study nationally in a disease that is essentially lethal and that is why we allow it to be fast tracked. >> that is what it means. >> we have been running footage of the duke university, they shot this as they have been doing their experiment. they are very excited about that. that is not very exciting but there is exciting stuff. >> every day sit accepts, doctor this is where we run into trouble we just want this to run through as fast as possible so our loved ones won't die. >> sure. if you look at the report, they did a preliminary report a year ago and then they did a report this weekend and this if you watch both you will see why it is not kind of rushed
7:37 am
to market. they found toxic inflammatory response can be just as dangerous as the the tumor itself. if you really put it in hard and fast terms it is the brain doesn't have enough room and it is not functioning it doesn't matter what is causing that. so you have to have a therapy that is working but is not worse then the disease itself. >> don't bring us down doctor, we're all excited. >> sorry then. i'm excited too. there is a lot of other vaccine trials out there just to give you a perspective this time last year another gbm vaccine trial was granted break through status and just a few weeks ago it is that larger study that i spoke about, in the national study, it actually met what we call futility, it didn't work. >> it will work this time. >> we're excited. so we're excited.
7:38 am
it is definitely worth the time. >> thanks doctor white. >> great job. >> let's have her in she's g. >> 7:38. future of the sixers depend on tonight's ping-pong balls. >> coming up we will do our own version of the nba draft lottery, to see where the sixers, would fit. >> it is a "good day philadelphia" version of the lottery and it is old school, alex. >> don't jinks us. >> we're already getting tweets. >> we are just having fun, don't get all freaked out, old school ping-pong balls next. >> and then this. >> meet shane, he business to run a triathlon how ol lon boy beating the odds will inspire you tonight at 10:00.
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hi everybody. 7:41. this is how it goes. the nba draft tonight, it is so complicated, you have to have a, well, an algebra degree to figure this out. >> is that what you have. >> i have none of it. >> i just do tv.
7:42 am
so we have 14 teams that we have displayed, in the dixie cup form. we will do this the old fashion way. we have 14 teams, all in this sixers hat. okay. here we go. so let's go with number 14. who will draft number 14. we have to pick up the pace or we will be here forever. >> raptors. they are still in the playoffs. number 13. the knicks. we want sixers in the to be drafted or pick until way down here. what does that say, the kings. >> this segment comes to an end rapidly. >> number 12. >> twelve. >> this isn't the way it is going to work but way it works tonight is so complicated. keep going. >> okay, okay.
7:43 am
>> bulls. >> maybe i didn't jiggle the hat enough. >> jiggle my balls in my hat. >> celtics. >> it better not be the lakers >> magic. >> go. >> suns. >> jazz are they still in the league, the jazz. >> you are terrible. >> pelicans. number four. >> bucks. >> the stinking lakers, are even lucky in our stupid little thing here. >> lakers number three. >> at least they didn't get top two. >> we get the two best players are there: the suns. the last ball is the timber
7:44 am
wolves. >> timber wolves. >> stupid. >> maybe this was good it worked out this way here, it will work out bet are for us tonight. >> true. >> that would be "good day philadelphia" whammy that we put on the sixers there. >> thank you for sixers for sending us this good luck cake. >> lets pull it up so people can actually see it. >> there we go that is a cool sixers came cake. >> it is ping-pong balls every where. >> 7:44. time for jen fred everybody. >> okay. i will help you work off the cake but she will help you work off the cake. have you figured out what is uniquely different about my new work out friend. do you want to see is what normal, this is normal. she won fitness award. the what is unique about her we will talk about her coming right back.
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7:47. we have an accident here eastbound on the 30 bypass, coming out of downingtown, right at the route 322 interchange. the rescue squads pulled up here so everybody pushed off to the right. that will slow us down, again, heading eastbound. slow down on the bennie here, almost jammed the upside up and over in to downtown again. tuesday mornings there is always that crazy busy morning. monies lighter, there is everybody that shows up and
7:48 am
head to work on a tuesday. now the burlington bristol bridge in the middle of an opening right now. traffic stopped on both side, so throw another pop tart in the toaster hang honor head for that tacony or turnpike connection bridge. septa's 101 trolley they will be using shuttle buses for next month or so between providence road and orange street. give yourself a few extra minutes to make that transfer from the trolley to the buses. possible weather delays as we move through the day and in the evening rush hour down in philadelphia international, and throughout the day, the turnpike off ramp to route 29 slip ramp that e-z pass only ramp will be close from ten to two. they will have have have to go all the way out to valley forge, all the way over to downingtown in order to exit the turnpike today and tomorrow, they are making repairs to that e-z pass contraption. sue has time line for rain on the way coming up in 15 seconds.
7:49 am
perhaps you have have heard some rain in the forecast, there is also a phillies game tonight, trying again with the marlins. the clouds are here more today then yesterday and there is a chance of rain. i would bring rain gear and get ready for cool temperatures in the 50's. there will be showers around but i do believe that we will get that game in tonight. at citizens bank park. look at the this radar you say what? there will be breaks in the action, as the day goes along, so you will see a little bit of green in the a area but again, as we keep telling you mostly what we are seeing at this point is not yet making it to the ground. it is midday we will see steadier rain, showers on and off the rest of the day high of 62. showers and maybe some clouds in the morning and then sunshine in the afternoon tomorrow with a high of 68.
7:50 am
seventy on thursday. friday, 75 degrees, perfect weather day on friday, not so much, mike and alex over the weekend. >> well, i'm more concern about friday. 75 degrees. we will be in doylestown friday, taking the whole show there we will be their life, come out and meet us may 20th, seven to 10:00 a a.m. live. >> on fox. >> there is some people tweeting us what time should we come? we want through the whole time. we will be hanging out. >> why not. >> 7:00 to 10:00. >> lets meet a very interesting woman, pillates, cross fit and now you this. jen said she has found i would call a unique trainer in our area. >> and she's in the king of prussia with her right now. >> let's go who is this. >> this is erika walsh. i have been stalking her for a couple weeks. you are a west chester university student. >> yes. >> you got your training to be a fitness teacher, physical education teacher but we have to tell people is there more to your story, check this out.
7:51 am
erika walsh might be the cute but touch coach through her king of prussia client but she is so much more than these great arms. february she left high school and head straight to basic training. her goal was to be a military police officer and would it happen quick, just months later, walsh was inside the detention camp at guantanamo bay, cuba next year she's on on guard maximum security. cover re, baghdad and more followed. in 2015, she says good bye to the uniform but she is still focused on helping our heroes. i'ming to go cry. you're a rock star. thank you for your service. >> thank you for your support. >> first of all lets tell people. you didn't think you would be in the fitness industry. you thought you you were going to be a military police
7:52 am
officer. what changed. >> i saw you that i wanted to change people. i love people coming up and saying i see you in the gym, you know, i see you you, benching 45. so it became a hobby. i started studying to become a personal trainer. i love the ability to make a difference in somebody else's life. >> that is the difference. this is your technically your hobby because you are going to west chester. you want to be a teacher. >> yes you will be a teacher. >> other thing you are doggies raising thousands of dollars to end female veterans home lessness. >> yes. >> how are you doing that. >> pretty much, by word of mouth, i rally in the community talking on the news and radio. i'm putting flyers out there, facebook is awesome. >> you are actually trying to be miss veteran america, right. >> i am, yes. >> so that involves being in a beauty pageant but to get there you have to raise money, you have to go to the
7:53 am
regionals and you want to sianni do and is it a work out thing or more of a beauty thing. >> it is little bit of everything. you want to encompass all that women are. you want to be strong. you want to be poised. want to have grade. you want military knowledge. you want to be tough. there is a push up challenge. is there a down part. you want to be the every woman i guess you are every women. you are a rock star. so coming up at 8:00, memorial day next week. >> its is. >> you want to stick to the military theme. >> absolutely. >> mike and alex, she will give us a work out to end all work out all of the stuff that worked at boot camp we will show that. pretty cool, right. >> i like her shirt. >> what a story. what an impressive woman. >> i want to learn more about her. >> this is a first, we have to talk about this, whole country is talking about this, first for the united states, what a medical miracle we have. thumbs up, darn right.
7:54 am
darn right thumbs up. doctors complete the first successful people us transplant how did they do it. what is his prognosis. we will talk to doctor mike. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
all right. three minutes before 8:00 o'clock. we have to pull up a a picture of guy, big thumbs up, why? he is part of the history making surgery. doctors right here in the united states, in massachusetts has successfully transplanted a a people us from a cadaver for this man. he suffered a devastating loss, of this organ from cancer. his man is thomas manning. he says this is a new chapter in his life. filled with hope and hope for others. >> the doctors that did it, they feel pretty good about it too. >> it is still early days and in his course. we have learned a lot already. but we're hopeful that with this, it is a experimental surgery can move forward but so far we are doing okay.
7:58 am
>> there was no choice. there was no choice. this is a story that makes me so proud to be part of medicine. this is big news, folks. because what we're doggies getting better and better at micro vascular and micro surgical techniques. we have known about anatomy since the beginning of time when we studied our bodies but what we're realizing is anatomy of organs lycopene us are much more complicated. let's go back in history, in 2006 it was attempted in china and failed because they didn't connect the right arteries. they did it again in 2014 in south africa and guess what that patient fathered a child and is still, going strong. >> when i heard about this remind me a story we did a year ago they had a double hand transplant at chop. >> yes it seems like the same issue with come to bear here.
7:59 am
trying to attach a hand to the wrist. >> yes. >> all those artery. >> the a macing number of teams, vascular. i have another picture but i don't know if you can see it but is there so many complex things that have to be put together and they have studied and studied with cadavers on how to do it and get it right. >> look at these arteries and all to come together and function. >> and it has to be the right arteries. they hooked it up wrong in china you think arteries were in the correct. they have learned. this has dramatic impact for service member, that have have sacrificed their time and almost their lives, and suffered tremendous injuries. now we have a way to restore, a lot of function to men. it is amazing. this just goes on and on good what has to happen now to stay successful for this guy in
8:00 am
massachusetts. >> things you worry about with a transplant are infection and rejection. he will be on medicine, to prevent rejection, and we keep an eye on it to make sure there is in signs of infection but i'm telling you technique will get better and better and this will some day what will happen when you have a donor card you will have to decide, what organs you want to donate. >> this organ came from a cadaver, someone who lost their life recently, right. >> right good there is a possibility that everything is okay. he is in his 60's. he doesn't want any children but there is a possibility because guy in south africa had kid. >> thinks for servicemen in their 20's. average age of of injuries in the 25 years old. you can imagine how devastating it is. from a ethical point of view suicide rights are so high among our young servicemen that have suffered dramatic injuries, this could be life saving. life saving.
8:01 am
>> big four letter word is hope, it gives hope. >> hope and technology and it is great, to be part of the whole thing. >> proud to be a doctor. >> i love this. >> i should have went to medical school. wait a minute, never mind. here's the thing, doctor, good day, it is to tuesday, may 17th, 2016. cancer, -- answers, new details in the amtrak crash, focus on radio calls and a septa train. going toe to toe with donald trump. >> it doesn't just have to be a when they are 55 years old. >> you can have them at 45. >> "fox news" megan kelly joins us live on good day, what she says about her one on one with the presumptive republican presidential nom minute knee.
8:02 am
and cheers to this plan, the push by shore leaders to bring alcohol to the boardwalk. what do you think? there is a catch here. what you'll need in your hands other than your drink. getting an edge in the rat race, five quality, candidates need to land that perfect job. working that song, aren't we. it works for almost every story there is another song, work, work, work. >> people like that one too. >> yes. >> here's s-u-e. >> we need to work on figuring out the number today, consensus in the room. >> i would go a six. >> i could have but i didn't. everybody says, no, five, sue and i said, okay. >> here's bus stop buddy with the umbrella a for later on. temperatures are in the the 40's and 50's, it is not as cold as it was yesterday but you do need to be ready for that rain.
8:03 am
it is really not falling yet in our area but we're probably got an hour or less away from the first showers. you can see the clouds already already 56 degrees. it is southeasterly breeze at 7 miles an hour. 48 degrees in mount pocono and everybody else is listen in the 50's, for our current temperature, and showers will be around on and off throughout the rest of the day. 62 degrees for our high and 50 for our low tonight with more showers here and there. that is your tuesday forecast, hopefully you you enjoyed that sunshine yesterday bob kelly a lot initial to that number of the day, when you hear in the morning sue yells out what do you think numbers should be. we yell back, whoever is paying attention and she takes an average of all of them just like you did and come up with the number five. tacony palmyra looking live, getting ready for a bridge opening at 8:35. watch the clock, use betsy in the background as an alternate. nasty accident here, definitely a couple folks
8:04 am
hurt, eastbound 30 bypass at route 322. we have police, rescue here. there is only two cars involved but only right lane getting on through there this morning. east on 422, again a 16 minute trip at king of prussia heavy coming out of west chester on 202 in the construction zone. we're now seeing weather delays, thunder boomers rolling through atlanta and that is coming our way and that will cause delays throughout the day at philly international. mike and alex, back over to you. well to day we should get new details about what led to last years deadly derailment of amtrak 188. >> federal investigation points to the the engineer and whether he was paying close enough attention to his job but also there is an issue of jerks throwing big rocks at the a septa train, steve. >> reporter: all of this stuff that we already know, and a lot of the lawyers we have been hearing all week really blaming this engineer and there is no huge revelation here, they are just saying, he
8:05 am
lost track of where he was, kind of like when you are driving down the street even in the hand free kind of a phone call: your mind is on your conversation, you drive by. the same thing they think happened here, the investigators will tell the national transportation safety board at the hearing today, according to the wall street journal, that this guy just lost situational awareness, the official phrase, because of the rock being thrown. he was on the radio along with the septa engineer and previous amtrak engineers is discussing this vandalism here. when he hit throttle up he didn't know that curve was coming up. other recommendations will say had that positive train control, ptc been installed, that would have slowed the train we knew that. they will say some other things that are new, and that is that the windows apparently on the railcars failed. there are special safety windows. they will other changes if they get their way because people were thrown out of the
8:06 am
railcar because of of those windows failed and that made more people dianne get seriously hurt then they were. some recommendations, even for philadelphia, on how to handle will a mass casualty event. it sound like criticism in the way philadelphia handled this thing but when you think back how could you chris sigh anybodying in that dark hell and sorting out what it was, nobody knew you what they haddon their hand because they could not see. we have had two weekend now in this city. i work this weekend. previous week men bucks county people throwing rocks, at the pennsylvania turnpike hitting truckers. the last weekend you had a knuckle head over university city throwing railroad spikes through windshield. and now this will be back in our mind. that is the big problem you here, we have to stop these vandals from getting above bridges and throws thing dungon moving target. these creeps, people out there, who watch this coverage, they realize that they are responsible in a big way for killing eight people and injuring 200 because they threw rocks at a septa train.
8:07 am
8:06. >> an honor at white house for fallen philadelphia police parked and metal of val ire. sergeant wilson the third's grandmother accepted the honor. president obama took an moment to remember the huge sacrifice. >> he gets choke up. >> he gave his life when two men opened fire in a video game store where sergeant wilson was buying a son a birthday present. his family who is here, his grandmother constance his brother a and sister, please now how deeply sorry we are for your loss, how grateful for we are for sergeant wilson's service. >> twenty family and friend made to it that ceremony. sergeant was only 30 years old.
8:08 am
8:07. atlantic city council members where to vote on changing up the shore town's boardwalk. that will allow alcohol on the boardwalk. >> city leaders are considering allowing open containers of alcohol on the boardwalk there. >> that open container will depend on what kind of container. also under the proposal drinks would have to be in the cup that has logo of the approved boardwalk bar that pouredded drink. drinking alcohol would be allowed only between albany a and massachusetts avenue coming this summer but having it on the streets with the beach will still be banned. only the boardwalk, folks. for those who do business at board they love the idea while others worry about things getting out of control. >> it is a great idea. >> why? >> because people will do it anyway. they will do it anyway. it is the boardwalk, atlantic city. >> i think people will get rowdy on the boardwalk if they let on containers on the boardwalk but it would attract a lot more people. >> or nantz would have a trial period and will go in effect for this summer season.
8:09 am
keep you updated. >> four weeks away from that. >> we want to know your thoughts, use the #fox 29 good day, use your comments later in the the show, do you think it is a good idea. do you think it will. how do they keep it contain for people off on the street. how do they make sure that doesn't go off in the street and beach. >> chill police, that is what. >> is that you. >> i don't know, maybe, if i have to, i will serve. a major movie change, the villain in the iron man three movie, was supposed to be a woman. i did not know that. the surprising reason the director says he was forwarded by movie company to make a change to a man. >> let get to quincy, he is in the pit. >> in the the pit. >> yeah. >> i'm always a wanting to be nasa car driver. i will be in the pit crew changing tires in less than 20 seconds coming up. connections.
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
8:13 am
we have lots of rain heading our way but once it gets here it won't add up to a whole lot. remember how windy and dry it was yesterday? all this rain is trying to get into that air mass but it will take he a while before it saturates the atmosphere and gives us decent rain. probably in the until after the morning russias we look here, just a few little spots of green on our radar. the timing by noon or 1:00 we do see rain in the area but it is on and off and cloud cover, and then by wednesday morning we will see the exit of the rain but little bit more and then we are left with clouds the rest of the day, maybe some sunshine on wednesday, thursday, friday, looking good. that is the timing of the rain, temperatures will stay on the cooler than average side because average is 74, it will be 62 today and 68 tomorrow. we will finally crack 70 by thursday, mid 70's by friday and then back to cooler and more rainy weather bob kelly, over the weekend.
8:14 am
>> yuck. >> yeah. >> bad news for soccer a and baseball, gang. good morning. 8:13. we will call it 8:14 exactly. live look at tacony palmyra, traffic moving right new but any minute now we are getting ready for a shut down for a bridge opening. same freighter that impact the burlington before it toll. if you get ready to leave the house right now, happening tight or head for betsy ross as an alternate, jammo leaving downingtown, eastbound on the bypass, this accident here, eastbound 30, right here near 32 two been out here for an hour, with only that within lane open and that is causing a huge backup heading eastbound leaving chester county, weather delays out of atlanta, thunder boomers coming our way, already impacting flights in and out of atlanta, that is a big hub, that will eventually roll up hill to us here, maybe even before we start to see the rain, we will see delays at philly international. now septa's 101 trolley they are using shuttle buses for next month or so between
8:15 am
providence and orange, give yourself some extra time to transfer from the trolley to the bus, and then throughout the day-to-day, the turnpike, e-z pass connection ramp at route 29, will be closed for some maintenance, alex, back over to you. quincy harris is about to get his drive on this morning. that is because he is trying to do the job of the pit crew member which is a major part of nascar, of course, quincy, i know you have been waiting for this moment, are you ready? >> welshing alex, growing up in germantown we were so big on nascar. so i'm excited, to get to within nasa car driver. this is the lebron james of nascar. brandon jones. how are you doing. you you are 19. >> i'm doing great. good to be here in philadelphia supporting the pocono race coming up here. we will have some fun here today. >> june 4th you come to the poconos and you will race. you can see the race here on fox. you you never driven on the pocono track. >> i haven't, man.
8:16 am
nascar has a rule, 18 and above you can do mile and a half and over track. just turning 18 last year i ran part season in the series now with them full-time 2016 doing the xfinity race. trying to get a taste of every track that they go to this year and poconos just being one we have not seen so far. >> what is the key because next hour i will hop in, what is the key to racing. >> and just driver, last one really, these guys get after it, and they wanting to at it and you have to take everything you can get abe go. >> i will learn how to do a pit crew because you can drive but you need these guys to drive. >> you do. >> that is 90 percent of it, man, getting out of the pit stop and getting out front. they will make that happen and you you can really determine if you will win the race. >> we have the pit crew, this is brody. >> yes,. >> brody. now you guys have to change tires fast. >> that is correct.
8:17 am
>> ten or 152nd. >> anything under 12 seconds is a good pit stop. >> can you teach me. >> yes, i can. >> i will get on it good let's do it the right now. >> so what is the first thing. >> can we do this one. >> i like the front tire, front tire kind of guy. we will get down. a all five lug nuts off. >> the yellow things are the lug nuts. >> all five of them sometimes you just keep doing it. >> what is this. >> you need knee pads. >> real guys. >> jack it up. >> ready, go.
8:18 am
>> there it is. >> go, q, get that tire off of there. >> you are hired. >> don't we look like a boy band. >> let me see some moves. >> there we go. >> next hour i'm hopping in, we will drive. i don't know if we are driving but we will start it up. >> yes, get in there and shake it up. >> this is a lug nut. >> now you know. >> hey, q. >> you are our favorite lug nut. >> you too, mike. >> does that mean he is lead singer. >> total lead singer. >> well, single game ticket for all ten eagles home games they go on sale this morning. >> so that would mean two preseason and eight regular season games. if you want tickets, you better move fast because the sale will begin at 10:00 o'clock this morning and
8:19 am
every year they sell them out in minutes. >> so mike master. >> i'm in the buying your season tickets. >> i don't want season tickets. >> just we can get to the opener or something. >> who do we play first. >> dallas. >> cleveland. >> cleveland here. >> yes. >> wouldn't that be great. >> we can win that game. >> rg quarterback for cleveland browns against who will be our quarterback be opening day. >> bradford or daniels. >> by the way, this friday if i don't see your face i will be very upset. >> you don't want mike upset. >> have we crash landed here, good day on the road, every friday, pretty much throughout summer. we start in doylestown first stop we will see you at 10:00 o'clock. i mean 7:00. >> we will be here from 7:00 to 10:00. we will on state street between main and pine so we will have have more details on the big trip later this week but we want to see new doylestown, we are coming for you. >> who need a job? we have the five qualities you
8:20 am
need to will develop if you want that perfect job and then there is jen. >> oh, yeah. >> it is getting warmed up. we will see military mommas showing us military moves getting us ready for memorial day. i feel sorry for them. i feel sorry.
8:21 am
at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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intromercedes-benz c-coupe, redesigned with its athletic prowess and sleek new body. it doesn't just raise the bar...
8:23 am completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. in new jersey, let's talk about good news for workers in the garden state. a democratic led senate labor committee advanced a bill yesterday that would increase new jersey's minimum wage from $8.38 an hour to $10.10 per hour, 10.10 alex. >> that will go into effect, next year and increase further
8:24 am
annually through 2021. >> so come on, trenton, what is the decision going to be? speaking of jobs by the way if you are looking for one, experts say there is five top things that hiring managers look for in you. >> according to the study, from future work place and beyond, the employee referrals best way to land your dream job is to be currently employed and actively seeking work rather than being unemployment. >> really catch 22. >> yes. >> also be prepared by reading up on the company thaw are interviewing with. >> of course good get alerts on line so you can see what is happening, the site sergeant to stay off your computer even if you are taking notes. >> pay attention. >> managers will think you are on social media and not paying attention to them. >> have have a plane background and those skype interviews to get dressed up and instead of being in the middle of a clutter room, distracting to the news room. they dent want to see the
8:25 am
underwear on the bedroom floor behind you. >> lastly you will remember to see an e-mail and handwritten thank you note after your interview. >> there is nothing like a handwritten thank you note. >> that means i have to find a envelope and stamps. you know what a stamp is. >> yes. >> you lick it, and put it in the upper right-hand corner of the envelope. >> send mail. >> it goodies to send e-mail to get something directly right after and couple days later you are still on their mind in that thank you note that so many like something would you do. >> well, my mother send a thank you note. >> sharon was teaching you right. >> do you send thank you notes. >> no. >> when was last time you sent one. >> not even a thank you e-mail. >> i don't even have stamps. >> a thank you text. >> that is in the good either. >> i like to just drop by unannounced. >> that is a thank you, all right. >> okay, tonight i will be watching at 8:00 o'clock, donald trump megan kelly go
8:26 am
toe to toe. i will say they will go face-to-face. why he told her she did him a favor during their heated first debate together. she did donald trump a favor. ♪
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
kid are climbing on everything and that is exactly why a local mommies angry, her sons were told to stop, climbing trees. what she resorted to so her kid could be kid. go bananas, they may help you sleep. why preparing the fruit a certain way before bed may actually help you feel better in the morning. well, here's what we will do. do you ever see anybody boil a banana? we will boil a banana for some tenth minutes. >> and then drink not the
8:30 am
banana but the left over water. >> yes, basically banana tea you don't take the peel off or anything like that. i'm's not talking about rice peeloff, we will boil a banana a the first for morning television. >> yes. >> if you want to post a picture or a link with that twitter post, that had too many characters, listen to this, there are big changes coming to twitter. >> i'm so excited about this. twitter users will have more flexibility in writing tweets because the company is planning to stop including photos and links as a part of its 140 character limit. don't you hate trying to tweet out the a photo and you can because you are trying to put these word in it and move it all around. >> photo takes up too many characters. >> now just tweet those photos, and say as much as you want or as much as 140 characters. >> did you see this, facebook is going to start a, well, like a talk show, it will be on every morning, facebook tv.
8:31 am
>> really. >> yeah. >> it would be like watching "good day philadelphia" but it will be on facebook. >> who is doing that ryan seacrest. >> probably, mark brunette or some rich dude. we should beat them to the punch, every day a at 11:00 we die half an hour talk show on facebook mentions he we use to do have a the show, show at 10:01. >> what were you going to say. >> blame it on you. >> yes. >> lets do one today. >> yes. tonight at 11:00. megan kelly is going head to head with donald trump. to you remember what happened when they faced off in fox's first debate, months ago, yeah, i know you remember this. >> you called woman you don't like fat pigs, dogs. slobs. and disgusting animals. your twitter account. >> only rosie o'donnell. >> for the record it was well beyond rosie o'donnell. >> megan joins us here on good day philadelphia megan,
8:32 am
welcome. >> hi. >> great to be with you, how are you mike. >> i'm feeling pretty good. >> you and i over the years have talk to done will old trump inside the building up there in manhattan at the network. for a time donald was coming on fox and friend like once a week. so we got to know him pretty well. were you surprised when he took offense to that question at the debate. >> not exactly. trump does not like to be asked pointed questions. it wasn't a complete shock. aftermath the extent of the question was surprising. as i said earlier, i think we overestimated the extent of trump's anger management skills. we get into that in the interview. were you angry that entire nine months or was that a tactic, used to generate media buzz. >> let's see what he says, here's a clip from tonight. >> i never said they weren't nice but you that doesn't mean they have to be nice. >> you are not in a cocktail
8:33 am
party. >> it might have been a favor because, i felt so good about having gotten through, like i said if i can get through this debate with these questions you can get through everything good do you feel like you did him a favor. >> in a way, yes, i think that this issue was coming. it wasn't, that comment from me about trump's language on women was in the hey megan kelly thinks thinks bad. what say you mr. trump. it is hillary clinton will come after you. that opening round we with the candidates was with they're electric ability and what problems they may run into. as we sit the here with trump having 70 percent a travel rating with american women, it is clear that some of these comments became an issue. i'm in the saying it is a all attributable but hillary will make that an issue. >> i have known you so long now. is it weird you are now part of the 2016 presidential campaign, your name comes up all the time. >> yes, although, i have sort of gotten used to seeing
8:34 am
myself mentioned in these ads about trump and these, people sort of list the crazy things that he has said, i'm used to hearing my name mentioned. it is very bizarre in the beginning and there i am have you accepted his excuse for that blood comment the next day i think it was on cnn, well, it could have have been no blood coming out of her nose and her ears. >> it is not for me to accept or reject, it is up to the voters, right, and i think people can make their own mind up about what he meant with that comment. but have tried never to get into specific comments trump has made about me. it was much better not to respond to any of those. i will say this there is one moment in tonight's sit down where there was no avoiding it, and that was probably the most uncomfortable moment of the interview and viewers may feel a little bit of that when that happens but i try not to comment on that stuff.
8:35 am
>> let's play another clip this talks about, if he will change his tone. >> millions and millions of people that have been disfranchised from this country. >> it the is true but they are listening to you and they are taking their cue from you so that is the question is whether now so close to the oval office whether you will take that responsibility seriously and change your tone to try to be more unifying and less divisive. >> but here's the thing, megyn they are trying to unify the g.o.p. but doesn't that mean they want him to be all like the people he just defeated? >> yes, that is the banner story on have this election year is that the republican party tried to bring the voters to heel, and instead voters brought the party to heel. and said we will not be told once again, we need to support and what we need to favor. instead we will tell you who we like and you will get in line and republican party
8:36 am
elders are having a lot of trouble dealing with that reality. but the voters have spoken, and in november, the general election will have its say. the republican party has got a tough choice to make now because in particular the true conservatives have ideal logical objectives to trump. he does not stan for their principals. so there is still serious talk about running a third party or trying to defeat him. the party and trum have work to do. >> big head line for your show, conn great the eulogieses on big fox tonight. >> thank you. >> i really want to hear this robert shapiro interview because i thought he got a bad rap in that mini series that they did. >> i love this interview. trump thing is fascinating but you robert shapiro interview is my favorite. i watched this case golf to gavel when wayness law school. it happened in 194. it was a third year law student. he was guy first guy o.j. hire. he was there from the beginning all the way through.
8:37 am
i ask him everything. he answered everything. he hasn't spoke men 20 years much less since o.j. simpson series aired. and he was so forth coming about, well, guilt or innocence issues, about o.j.'s sort of private whisperings to him and moments we all saw on cameras race card being played, you name it, he answered it. i think people will be glued to their seats. >> when i moved back to philly, i think you took over my office. did you find anything weird in there. >> i cannot say it on television. i don't want to humiliate you. >> i love you too, megyn. >> life sized poster of yourself. >> stop it. >> oh, man. >> i keep it, i hug it, i kills it every night i'm sure you do. megyn congratulations very proud of you, on vanity fair, you have your own show on big fox. you are doing well. >> i miss you mike. >> i miss you too megyn. >> see you. >> okay, watch it tonight 8:00 g
8:38 am
fox. you have heard justin timberlake's new song, haven't you. it is in your head. now time for the official video, are you ready for this. how justin is proving he still has some moves.
8:39 am
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8:41 am
we have some breaking news at 8:41 on this tuesday over at central high school in olney. >> the school is activated due to police activity. we have a crew that is heading to the scene and working to get more details but we do know there is police activity at that high school. >> it is low but we will try to get sky fox over the school.
8:42 am
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8:44. as we continue, to look at the sky, and wait for some rain, they are, in the country inn in the pocono mountains not too much rain to the north, the heavier rain as you can see here is probably going to lied into the southern portion of our viewing area, but we are going to see green, starting to move in, but again, as we have been saying all morning, not making it to the ground, just making it and
8:45 am
saturating it to the atmosphere but won't be long, and by lunchtime we will have steady rain in the area around dover, you might see a sprinkle will or two there, temperatures mid 50's every where, upper 50's in dover, millville, 48 degrees, mount pocono getting to a high, little cooler then yesterday's 67. it will be at 62 for today. sixty-eight for tomorrow with the sun in the afternoon, first thursday and friday look great mike and alex. wish we could say the same about the weekend. >> well, you could just say it. >> yes. >> but i would be lying. >> so many things outdoor this weekend. >> yes. >> preakness at piazza. >> it will be nice. >> do you want to meet this very impressive woman again. what did she do, hey jen what did this women do at guantanamo bay was she a guard. >> she was a guard in the detention center, right, at guantanamo bay.
8:46 am
you are there with the rifle. they listened to you i'm assuming. >> yes good were you ever nervous. >> no, i was trained very well. >> you had it. you got it. >> yes good how long were you there. >> a year. >> you went through basic training, at get mow, fort levinworth kansas. >> you know thousand make a military body. >> ladies and gentlemen, in honor of memorial day, coming back we want you you to show us military moves that will make us look military fabulous. >> first one i have to say is a soul crusher. what is it call. >> were you to 20th pound heavier when you left. >> no. >> so you you say, you know he how it feels to want to be fitter, want to look better. >> a absolutely. >> so, go. >> go. >> what is it. >> here we go front, on the
8:47 am
floor. >> use your hand, go, get up, get up. get up. >> here we go. >> get those feet up, up, up, up, up. >> go to your left. roll right. get back on the floor, let's go. >> at home on the carpet with your kids. >> get on that back. >> get it up. >> up down, up down. go, on your feet. let's go, move it, move it, let's go. get the these knees up, up, up, up, go, go, go. >> all right, okay. that is amazing, you say had for one or two minutes. >> are you done or can you do more. >> this is what they are calling a what with the weights. >> a man maker why do you call it a man maker because it will make you you a man.
8:48 am
>> so explain what it is. >> you say, soup cans anything at home. >> soup cans, diapers, if you have a heavy diaper container. >> so, everybody get down. start in that down position. do a push up. right arm up. left arm up. jump your feet in. that is it come right back down, wait, kick back. >> what is number one thing we are doing at home. >> at home it is form. if you don't have a mirror to look in you sag your bag, you get loose, you want to engage that forum. so when you are coming down you don't want to use your back you want to make sure everything is engaging with and
8:49 am
never lean over. always have a tight spine in your core. >> have after doing this in the military. you went in 20-pound off your weight. how many weeks dit take for to you get to be fit where you felt good. >> probably about four to six weeks until i was really starting to kick some butt and getting in to it. once you start seeing results you are in. >> you guys are rock stars. thank you. you have only just begun. she knows this. we want our arms, toned out and we want to get into what i call my wine barrel. >> it is not bad. >> you will help me do that. >> yes. >> i just love those shirts they are so cute. >> we're about to eat cake. >> we have a huge cake in front of us. >> we will cut into this and replay that video. you know song by justin timberlake that everybody is
8:50 am
humming. >> can't stop the feeling. >> so now music video is out do you want to see it. >> yeah. >> do you? seriously. >> i really do. >> do you? >> crank it up. >> ♪ >> doesn't that guy in the green shirt look like me. >> he heard about the banana segment coming up. >> did he. >> pretty cool. >> this is justin's first new single. to you realize this in three years. >> he has been waiting. >> he recently revealed he is working on a follow-up album to 2013's the 2020 experience. by the way, it is weekend ferrell and timber land are
8:51 am
all helping him in the studio. >> i love how he is dancing. >> i love that thing. >> earlier we showed a quick video, with the celebrities. >> yes. >> these are every day people. >> every day people. >> i am every day people. >> yes, that is not good. >> by the way i have a lazy person's dream bed. >> do you. >> how a spanish company. >> someone knows what lyric you are referring to. >> how a spanish company is making it easier to make your bed. go. do it, by yourself.
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong
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to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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morning, everybody. 5:54. eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, slow go from city
8:55 am
line on into downtown. roads are still dry, at least at the moment but we have an accident here, this is on the 42 freeway, it looks like we have smoke here in the background too. i'm not sure what is going on, just looking at this here, this is 295 and 42. smoke approaching the walt whitman bridge on that 42 freeway. i'm in the quite sure fit is that far. let me try to move cameras up. >> check the airport camera see you if you can pan way right you might be able to see it. >> this is 42 in toward philadelphia, you you got 295 there so that would be off to the background and we will try to swing camera around and see what is going on. the south on 295 an accident, right at route 70, and then weather delays speaking of the airport coming out of atlanta and throughout the day we will see weather delays once that rain starts to roll rel through, mike, back over to you. can we punch up the
8:56 am
airport camera. >> if we pan way right. keep going, keep going. >> smoke was getting kind of thing. >> could that be over in new jersey. there it is. >> that is new jersey. >> delaware in new jersey. cheers to this plan alcohol on the boardwalk what do you think about that in atlantic city. >> fox 29 good day, some people think it might be too much, others say it is a great
8:57 am
idea. major movie change, villain in iron man three was apparently supposed to be a woman. surprising reason why director say owe was forced to make a change. got to be a man. because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america.
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spent more than 30 years in the public schools. we're retired, but we like to stay involved. you think he's going to learn to fly? we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
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9:00 am
updating breaking news we spot that had smoke, from our camera on the freeway, what we found out, this is a tractor trailer fire, on i295, right here near the 42 freeway. it the sound like it is south of 42 and right now all lanes are blocked. that is on 295 in both directions we're getting word that not only is the truck on fire as well, but it is burning on the roadways, so we have chopper on the way, to the scene, again, 295, south of the 42 freeway, all lanes are block and we will be bringing you update as soon


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