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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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concentration. >> he went in a matter of seconds from distraction to disaster. >> reporter: ntsb has concluded that amtrak year brandon bostian was not fatigued, impaired or on his cell phone at the time of the crash. the train signals and track were all in good order. but moments before the amtrak derailment, a vandal or vandals through rocks at a nearby septa train. breaking a windshield and injuring that engineer. series of radio transmissions followed but investigators say bostian followed closely while distracted bostian accelerated his train to 106 miles an hour. believing erroneously he was already past a sweeping curve at frankford junction. traveling twice the posted limit the amtrak 188 train derailed killing eight and injuring nearly 200 more. >> with his attention divert the to the septa train, the amtrak engineer may have lost situational awareness. >> reporter: the safety board made repeated references to
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positive train control. technology that would have automatically she'd the train down to a safe speed at that curve but was not installed test crash. >> ptc had been in place at frankford junction on may 12t 1h 2015 we would not be here today. >> reporter: amtrak officials were on hand and accepted the ntsb's list of safety recommendations. as for the passengers -- >> we immediately said we were responsible. we took responsibility. we know that there is pain and suffering. we understand that. >> reporter: also on hand an amtrak 188 passenger injured in the crash. temple university professor on his way home to north jersey when his world was turned upside down. >> part of me is mad at amtrak. part of me is resigned that there's something that happened and i have to endure and survive and move on. >> reporter: after all of this carnage, all of the accusations, all of the investigating and all
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of the conclusions, what has become of the man at the center of it all bon dan bostian? amtrak officials say he's still with them on leave. in washington, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. we are on top of breaking news along i-76 now. this is a look from one of our traffic cameras near girard avenue where tractor trailer overturn right around 2:30 this afternoon. the eastbound lanes were covered in debris from the truck and traffic has been backed up at least one lane is open now letting some traffic by, of course, you want to avoid the area. medic took one person to penn presbyterian hospital. no word yet on what the truck was carrying or why it overturn. a backyard shooting in philadelphia's wissonoming neighborhood killed a man. skyfox over the scene on the frick hundred block of higbee street. police found the man behind a home right in the middle middle of the afternoon. >> details are developing right now. let's get out to dawn timmeney at philadelphia police headquarters tonight. dawn?
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>> reporter: well iain and lucy just got off the phone with homicide and they tell me the homeowner where this all happened is currently april side police headquarters being questioned by detectives as they try to unravel just what happened. emotions spilling over in the 4600 block of higbee street in wyssonoming this afternoon as news spread a man had been shot to death. his body found in driveway behind one of the houses. >> i heard the shots going ovine walk around the corner and i'm like wow. >> how many shots did you hear. >> about six. about six. >> reporter: it happened just before 12:30. philadelphia homicide detectives and the crime scene unit arriving minutes later. a 28-year-old man discovered in a driveway with a gunshot wound to the back of the head. police say a gun was found by his body. we'll look into everything and find out exactly what happened. at this point we're not sure exactly what transpired. >> reporter: police recovered a gun from inside a car at the
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crime scene and trying to determine who the car and the gun belong the to. >> we have several people that we are talking to at this time. >> reporter: while some in the neighborhood were rattled by the shooting, one resident says it's not surprising. >> this neighborhood has gone down the tubes and i mean down. i've been living here 54 years. all we heard was bank and that's it. >> reporter: now police tell me at this time no one is under arrest. investigators also saying that someone turned up at frankford hospital shorely after this all happened with gunshot wounds to the leg. police are trying to investigate if he may somehow be connected. he's on his way down here right now to be questioned by police investigators also looking at surveillance in the neighborhood to see if it also may yield some clues. that's the very latest iain and lucy, back to you. >> dawn, thank you. in your fox 29 weather authority. cloudy day out there for most of the day. we're getting used to this cool and dreary weather.
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>> live look along the ben franklin parkway. meteorologist kathy orr is tracking more of the same right now. hey, kathy. >> i know it's like we're caught in a rut and it's been that way fort entire month. i looked at all of the numbers and temperatures well below average for about 90% of the month so far. on ultimate doppler you can see the whole eastern seaboard seeing a lot of green on the radar screen as we get little closer, still seeing some showers along that any of i95 corridor. most of this focus through south jersey and as you head down the shore. as you can see on our triple sweep not a lot of rain if you're heading down to the phils game in south philadelphia. we do have some showers but they will be ending within the next hour or so. so if they will play in a little light rain and mist the game will go on. you can see through philadelphia some showers. mt. laurel little bit to the south toward tabernacle heavier rain as well in gloucester and burlington light showers over in norristown and over in pottstown as we're drying out. a little bit of a bell curve in temperature today. some ups and downs at 5:00 a.m. 54. we piqued with a warmth at 11
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a.m. when the rain came in the temperature back at 5:00 o'clock to 54 degrees. right now it's 53. 60 in allentown where it's been dry pretty much the entire day. and this evening temperatures will be bump to 54 degrees when the clouds are just hanging around and the rain is gone. but there could be a lingering shower tomorrow. not a lot. a spotty sprinkle here or there that's just about it. we will get back in the 70s but i am concerned about the weeke weekend. if you have plans on saturday, could be a wash out. we'll take a closer look coming up with the seven day forecast later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> all right, kathy, thank you 49-year-old teacher facing charges to night after police say they caught her having sex with a student at a cemetery. kelly aldinger charged with institutional sexual assault. police say they witnessed her having sex with a 17-year-old male student at eastern cemetery earlier this month. the 49-year-old who is married was a substitute teacher at easton high school. reportedly she also recently served as an officer at her church.
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according to court papers both she and the teen admitted they've been having sex since the fall of 2015 and when the boy was 16 years old. testimony continued today in the corruption trial of u.s. representative chaka fattah. the 11 term congressman accused of misusing campaign funds and federal grants. fattah says he's done nothing illegal. the trial is expected to last at least six weeks. we're learning more tonight about the construction worker who died last night after a drive hit him on i-95. he was working on i-95 in wilmington just south of rout route 202. police say mini van hit the 36-year-old around 7:30 last night. medics did what they can at the scene before taking thyme a hospital where doctors pronounced him. the driver of that mini van is cooperating with investigators, and is not injured. twin brothers from chester county are facing charges to night accused of detonating bombs. prosecutors say 22-year-old daniel and caleb tate blue up mailboxes and sheds in both chester and lancaster county in december. the crime spree began on
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december 20th when authorities say the two blew apart a mailbox in highland township. investigators say surveillance video helped them track down the twins. they also linked bomb making materials to items purchased on one of the brother's debit cards and say they've matched one of the brothers fingerprints left behind at one of the scenes. accused bank robber is off the streets tonight. cops in hamilton township new jersey arrested 42-year-old josephine sorey. the woman behind two bank robberies. tips from the public helped identify her. she's in jail on $200,000 bail. you decide 2016. oregon and kentucky voters deciding on candidates for the democratic presidential nomination. hillary clinton is hoping to stop the momentum senator bernie sanders has been gaining in previous contests. although clinton is on track to win another delegates to earn the nomination. primary defeats could make her appear weak ahead of the general election.
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meanwhile donald trump is competing in the only gop contest in oregon unopposed. new jersey voters head to the polls on the primary in three week. if you did you get to the post office in time drop off your election form at your local county board of election office until nine to night. we have to be registered way party to participate in the new jersey primary. >> lawmakers in delaware expected to vote on a bill that would change the definition of family in the first state. that vote was supposed to happen were today but we've yet to hear if lawmakers voted the registration would get rid of the words husband and wife from relationships that constitute a family and use spouses instead. it's also references to couples gender neutral. >> in west philadelphia a scary rescue after the floor collapses inside a home. tonight, what officials have to say about this property and the man trapped in the rubble. along the east coast cyclists are riding hundreds of miles in virginia to massachusetts. they're ems workers with a very
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important message why they say they're losing so many first responders. sean? lucy, once again we're waiting on ping-pong balls. i'm in midtown manhattan waiting to see if we get the right lottery answer. coming up later in sports, brett brown talks about what his approach is to this lottery game. trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?!
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. ♪ a question tonight about what you're looking at right here. first responders in west philadelphia rescuing a man trapped in a collapsed home. why that man was on the property which l and i had tag. >> bill anderson went looking for answers and is live tonight at the scene of the collapse. bill? >> reporter: iain, the building behind me was the scene of a scary rescue today.
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a dozen first responders came and had to rescue a man in the basement when the fire floor collapsed on him. thankfully, he seems to be okay right now, but there's still more questions than answers. the building at 108 north salford street in west philadelphia according to neighbors has been an eye soar for a long time. they've complained that it was dangerous and wondered why nothing was being done. >> it was bored up for at least three, four years. i've been here since 2010. and my neighbors say it's been in this condition at least 20, 25 years that's back -- date back to the '90's. >> construction workers were on the scene surveying the damage when fear became reality. the first floor collapsed on top of a man in the basement. >> we had workers inside the dwelling two-story dwelling up the street here. 108 north salford. the building was under demolition and the first floor collapsed and we had a person trapped. >> reporter: rescues workers took over an hour to free the man from the debris.
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and while neighbors applauded the rescue, the questions quickly turned to why the man was in the house that authorities say he had no legitimate season to enter. >> person who was found in the basement was illegally on the proper. was not lawfully on the property at the time. >> he was not a part of the construction crew. he was not associated with the owner. >> reporter: with the house in such bad shape and a collapse just hours earlier, neighbors were relieved to hear that their adjoining homes were not damaged and they were eventually allowed to return. >> before they let us back in the house l and i did a walk through so we're structurally sound so they gave us the okay to come back in so our is okay fortunately. >> reporter: taking a look at this truck that has been parked here since the accident, actually before it, several neighbors told me that believe that that truck belongs to the man who was inside the building. leading to some speculation that he may have been in there looking for scrap metal or salvaging. it does appear he's going to be okay. we'll sit back and wait for the
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results of this investigation. there's definitely more to come, iain, so we'll stay on top of it. >> whoo! cheers today at penn's landing for hundreds of bikers riding from boston to virginia to honor fallen ems workers. the national ems memorial bike ride made a stop in the city of philadelphia for lunch and memorial service. >> to remember all of our fallen brothers and sisters, and also to raise awareness for ptsd and suicide awareness that we've had a lot of deaths due to that in our profession, and, um, support and bring recognition to it. >> after lunch riders got back on their bikes they'll finish up their ride saturday in arlington, virginia. to your fox 29 weather authority now. cool day, gray skies, i like it. i do. >> i know do you. kathy, when? oh when will we see the sun. >> for an extended period. >> exactly. we haven't seen the sun for an
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extended period since late april. remember we were called in that omega block pattern it wasn't a good thing? since then it hasn't been a good thing weather wise. you can see at the airport it is wet, it is foggy and it is chilly temperatures in the 50s again. 53 degrees right now. the normal high is 74 degrees. so if do you the math then that is 21 degrees below normal. sunset 8:11 and despite the foggy conditions and wet weather, no delays at the airport from washington through philadelphia jfk into boston much that's actually some good news. the spotty showers over philadelphia will be moving out within the next hour. so rainfall amounts, not that impressive in the city. but we just pick up close to tenth of an inch with around of rain that moved back in. allen nothing. the heaviest through dover, southern parts of delaware and south jersey. millville .20. wilmington nearly two terms. ac a term of an inch. dover a quarter of an inch of rain today. ultimate doppler you can see this piece of energy rained
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right through the philadelphia area getting smaller and smaller moving eastward. so it will be drying out by about the 7:00, 7:30 hour or so with this area of low pressure pushing down toward the south. as we see the rain slowly come to an end skies will stay cloudy tonight and during the day tomorrow, a few spotty showers around but not really much of anything. high pressure builds in for your thursday. it will be sunny and it will be dry. as we go hour by hour you can see tonight mostly cloudy night. tomorrow morning we'll have the clouds. some rain to the west. but pretty much falls apart as it moves eastward. so a shower here or there but really not everyone even seeing a shower during the day tomorr tomorrow. temperatures 4 degrees below normal for the month of may so far. you can see temperatures below average today. and tomorrow and thursday going above normal by friday. overnight, the low 50 in the city. 45 in the suburbs with few spotty showers otherwise mostly cloudy. mostly cloudy tomorrow but improve many the high 66. as you plan your day tomorrow,
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temperatures will be rising through the 50s into the 60s. with possible al break in the clouds by the end of the day. and on your fox 297 day forecast, there it is. 70s are back thursday and friday but it could be a weekend wash out for saturday as our next storm moves in. lingering shower possible sunday drying out next week. still no consistency in that seven day. >> you know what a little bit for everybody. how about that? >> you're right. >> thanks, kathy. >> thank you. let's get out to new york city now where sean bell is about to tell us what's coming up in sports. sean? >> i'm at the nba lottery and this night could be epic or it could be very very bad. brett brown will talk about his approach to this whole lottery system coming up next and sam bradford, carson wentz talk about the whole quarterback situation. that's coming up next in sports.
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♪ this right here is the last time the 76ers had any luck at the nba draft lottery. the 1996 they got the number one ping-pong and guess what, they got allen iverson. allen iverson came in and changed the fortune but now we're back to the low point and we've been at this low point for the last three years. honestly, i don't want to be
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back here. i'm in midtown manhattan for the nba lottery looking at the ping-pong and hopefully unless like the last three years we get a little luck and get the guy we want and get the number we want. now, brett brown is here and he doesn't really believe in luck. but he's hoping everyone in philly has their lucky charm and he's talked about his approach to this whole nba lottery fias fiasco. >> it's a vanilla approach, um, you sit there and the ball will go one way or the other way. and despite where it goes, i hope that everybody really recognizes that we're in a really good spot. you know, we get what it would mean if it was the first pick versus the fourth pick. but nobody i don't think can disagree that we're in a really good spot to help move our program forward. >> now they only have 26% chance of getting that first pick. we need it badly and hopefully the lakers fall out of the top three so they can get one of those picks.
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all right. sam bradford decided to put on his big boy pants and come back once he realized there's no trade value he's not going anywhere and the eagles are keeping you. sam bradford practiced this week and we heard from him today. he didn't son very g he sees the writing on the wall. he knows carson wentz is the future guy. he talk about his approach and this season and the season to come. >> my competition is what it is if i continue to play at a high level each week on the field, you know, if we continue, um, you know, to win games, if we are winning games, you know, i think that i will be the starting quarterback and i will be out there. i expect it to be great run. same game back. he was ready to go. he was eager to go. and, um, you know it showed today. the motivation that he has. >> a lot of good opening conversation. we're all trying to help this goal get together. sam and i are the same system.
6:26 pm
chase has been in obviously really good atmosphere. >> a lot of people are upset with how sam bradford sounds. let's keep it real. he notices what it is. he know he's out of here. he's coming back for year to play some ball hopefully get picked up by somebody else. get some trade value. later on i'll have -- later on tonight at 10:00 o'clock we'll talk about this whole lottery thing. are we lucky or bad luck still all arounds? back to you guys. >> interesting. >> sean, thank you. let's go for lucky. >> let's hope so. >> it's about time. >> all righty. that does us it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a good night. inside he had decision up next.
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trump strikes back. >> why he is calling a former top executive a nasty woman after what she says about him. >> will you vote for donald trump? >> and did trump really try to whoa princess diana. >> i thought she was lovely. >> and, airport chaos. >> are you kidding me, tsa. >> a beast to the rescue. >> using animals to calm down furious passengers. world exclusive. the doctor blamed for the death of pop idol michael jackson. what he is saying about prince's death. >> many people believe there is a parallel between michael jackson's death and prince's death. >> then, mommy shame. why internet trolls are shaming this "dancing with the stars" contestant. >> hard


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