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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  May 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> after being shot outside of his home, how police say the shooter lured him on to the doorstep. >> we're number one. >> we are. >> well, at least we're picking first, right? we learned that last night, in the draft, how about that? so, what's this mean for the sixers future? >> and, bernie sanders pulls out a win in the latest rounds of primary elections, but is his recent wing streak enough to catch up to frontrunner hillary clinton? we'll tell you. >> he is about to keep fighting all the way to philadelphia in july for the democratic national convention be to will be fun here this summer. >> fight until the ends. >> sue serio, on this day in 2016 we're fighting for better weather. we're not going to get it until friday though? >> we'll have perfect day on friday, but things will start to improve today. so instead of yesterday's five we go with a six, probably ends up with a seven by the end of the day, right now pretty cloudy, priest i misty, there is some rain in the area
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watch the rain to the south of us, lehigh valley, berks county lancaster county right now to see if this holds together, and enters the philadelphia area. so little damp outside right now. you will feel it not seeing as many problems with fog, millville reduced visibility, there pottstown, as well. but it is not a big deal. not dense fog or anything, 45 degrees mount pocono, at 50 in reading, ooh in trenton, these temperatures not too much different than they were yesterday. forty-nine atlantic city, and here in philadelphia, it is 52 degrees with 86% relative humidity, not far from sunrise time, a 43:00, these are the longest days of the year. those days leading up to the first day of summer in june. so, we will enjoy that part of it, anyway, but still below average temperatures, should be at 74 degrees, we will get, we think, to 66, with increasing sunshine as the day goes along. and sunset time is 8:12.
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so, with that afternoon phillies game we got to remember about that traffic on i95 and the schuylkill. >> making repairs to next pension join, but look how quick this traffic and these trucks are going by, in the work zone, just be careful. these are guys that are out there working on the overnight, they only got couple of bathrooms that are blocking the traffic from their work zone. but that's eastbound, in conshohocken, hello to delco, i95, up toward philadelphia international airport. good morning to langhorne. no problems or delays at all up here, in bucks county, looking good as you work your way down the boulevard, but we pull that parachute cord and, bamm, paratroop down into northeast philadelphia. where i95 is, again, a hot bed of construction between the betsy and girard avenue. they're become g up the cones,
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and getting ready for the rush hour, sue mentioned it, phillies 1:05 is the start time. so, we see some volume headed into the stadium area at lunchtime, the bigger impact that's going to occur when that game is over, and that's going to impact our evening rush hour. septa, using shuttle buses along portion of the 101 trolley. for the next couple of weeks or so, otherwise mass transit looking good. chris and lauren back to you. >> developing news out of camden this morning, police investigating a shoot that happened around 1:45. this was at the intersection of 36th and piers avenue. man was taken to nearby hospital in extremely critical condition. right now, no word on who that err might be. now to another developing story. teenager shot several times overnight. >> police say the victim and the shooter new one another. steve keeley now on this for us. steve, good morning. >> reporter: let's go right to the video if we k because 19 year old shows up at midnight at another 19 year old's house, this is overbrook, lebanon avenue, to be specific. he shows up with two weapons:
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one, to lure him outside, one to kill him, once he does go outside. here's the scene again, and instead of knocking at the front door, you will notice this: fire set to the chair on the front porch. once those inside came outside, when that smell of smoke and flicker of flames, they then saw the real danger, and the real reason for the fire. >> in addition to this shooting there is an arson, preliminarilly we believe that this inch send area device was thrown on to the front porch in order to get the attention of the residents of the property, and when the 19 year old resident came out of the property, that's when he was confronted by the shooter. goes bark in the door with a
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woman, one of two that live in the house with him, he is holding the door shut. three shots you see fired point blank right through the front door, all three hit the 19 year old on the other side, holding the door shut in the chest and abdomen. he he's critical but alive. the woman and the other man in the house that got him help also got police an i.d. and address and make and model on the shooter's car, silver mercedes, lives close by, police have been at the house, he hasn't showed up yet. now looking for him in this silver benz, and they know he's armed and ready to fire and likely fire again. and who knows, if he's got another one of those molotov cock tames with him, too, so this guy is dangerous driving around right now. chris, lauren? >> make or recorded cell phone video, firefighters bringing the woman out of the home on marvine street and hunting park yesterday evening. firefighters and ems workers say the woman who is said to be in her 20's, was suffering from smoke inhalation.
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burgess says, he saw flames, shoot from the back of the home, and he was worried. >> like a fair started in a kitchen, all the sudden everybody was screaming and hollering, you know, i lost it little bit. >> everyone who lives in that home is accounted for, the cause of the fire still being investigated. national transportation board has found that the train's engineer was apparently distracted, investigators announce that a meeting in washington, d.c. yesterday, he can near brandon bostian, was focused on word that nearby train had been hit by a block, and that he had lost track said that had positive train control been in use, technology can automatically slow trains, the accident would never have happened.
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>> part of me adam track, part of me resigned that there is something that happened, and have to endure and survive and move on. >> amtrak has accepted a list of recommendations from the ntsb, as for the engineer, brandon bostian, he is still with amtrak but on leave. >> ex wrestler jimmy super fly snuck a returns for day of competent is he is he hears, fighting to avoid trial on murder and involuntary manslaughter charges. he faces those charges in the death of his girlfriends more than three decades ago. nancy argentina found dead in may of 1983 after authorities were called to their hotel room near allentown. snuka pled not guilty. his lawyer said he's mentally unfit partly because of the head trauma he suffered over long career inside the ridge. new sexual assault. claiming cosby sexually abused her at the playboy mansion back in 2008.
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lawsuit takes aim at founder hue never nerve, he should have known cosby drugged and sexually abused women and unable his behavior. how much, prosecutors rejected filing a case, since there was nothing to support those claims. >> the philadelphia 76ers, getting fans a new reason to get pumped up for next season. >> the team clinching the first overall draft pick in the nba lottery dave kinchen live in upper dare with what could be next for the team. hi, dave. >> yes, what could be next? well, let's just what we have right now. a win, finally, right? >> worse record, usually goat you the number one pick. >> the second pick will be made by the los angeles lakers. and that means that the number one pick in the 2016nba draft goes to the philadelphia 76ers .
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>> popping up in the june 23rd nba draft, will be sixers, going with ben simmons out of lsu or brandon ingram out of duke. we don't know yet but we do know what the first pick means to coach brett brown. >> i think does val dade, i think free agent destination, badge new practice facility coming in october, multiple draft picks, the existing players that i have, that i love coaching, you know, all over the place, how can you not look at the program and feel like really has heck of a lot brighter future than it used to? how can we not be excited after tonight? >> no doubt about that, player ben sim operation one year at ls, currently debating between two big shoe deals offered up by adid as, nike, but many
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sports bloggers love the idea of brandon ingram for philly and of course who ever we don't pick, well, la will take a shot at them. 6:00 we'll have reaction from fans, back to you. >> not really great jump shot. see if they go for defense, offense. >> thank up, sir. want to talk politics? >> turn to you decide 2016. latest rounds of primary elections, bernie sanders comes out with a win in oregon after finishing neck and neck with hillary clinton in ken tuck. >> i sanders still needs blow out wins in the final stretch of the primaries and caucus toss catch up to clinton. clinton is on track to win the democratic nomination, and hoping to clinch this on june 7th when the polls close in new jersey. june 7th, also, is the date that california goes to the polls. sanders really counting on. that will the battle too close to officially call in kentucky, but clinton's camping victory there. however, sanders fresh off another win is now looking ahead to california.
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>> we have won 19 state primaries. and over 9 million vote no one can predict the future, but i think we have a real shot to win primaries in a number of the states that will be coming up. and go tell secretary clinton she might get nervous. i think we'll win here in california. >> says not dropping out of the race, will hang in there until last ballot is cast and hang in there until billy in july. >> meanwhile donald trump already looking ahead to the general election last night, sent out tweet saying he is looking forward to debating quote crooked hillary clinton. the loan gop candidate won in oregon and kentucky, trump now within 77 delegates, clinching
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the nominationment the next caucuses in the virgin islands, puerto rico on june 5th. >> still ahead two, young kids caught vandalize ago car, and then another car, and another one after. that will why police say there is nothing they can do about it. >> and local teacher accused of having sex with a teenager, you will not believe where police say the alleged acts took place. this price is so lo. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. >> making rare weekday appearance, weekend wendy with a work of art behind her, because today is museum day.
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so i thought i would tell the list of local museums participating shall brandywine river museum in chaddsford, pen museum right across the street from h.u.p. there, on the penn campus, institute of contemporary art, also on the penn campus, philadelphia museum of art is wednesday, so, after 5:30 it is pay what you wish, and i just saw yoga every wednesday 6:00 p.m. at the philadelphia museum of art. plus the works of art, and of course there is phillies game today as well. and the first pitch is at 1:05, looks like around that time, it will be about 63 degrees, we will see mostly cloudy skies, maybe little sprinkle or two, but nothing to delay the game or cans tell or anything, sweater weather i would say at the phillies game today. probably be mostly cloud way peak of sunshine here and there. now, we are watching an area of rain trying to move into our area. it is making it as far as lancaster, and berks counties. we're not seeing any rain in the philadelphia region. and we did see some earlier in
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chester county. so, the future cast has us socked in with clouds for most of the day, as the sun will be trying to get through those clouds. they'll be pretty thick, mostly cloudy day, hardly any rain, if you see any at all. that's today. improvement for tomorrow. talking coastal low that start to move in, very early saturday morning. and stays with us, with that precipitation, through most of the day. so what we have, 66 degrees today, 70 tomorrow. and 75 on friday. which is going to be the best weather day of the week, i said it on monday, i stands by it today. unfortunately, we cannot get rid of the possibility of rain or probability on saturday. we just hope it doesn't linger too long into sunday morning, and then we stay in the 70s on monday, and tuesday, of next week. bob kelly? >> good morning, sue be, 5:16 on a wednesday morning. live look at the 422
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interchange. right near route 23. the lights are still on. construction crews are still out there. so just watch for the speeds on the onramps and as you are headed west on 422, there is a valley forge casino there in the background, just to casino of give you an idea headed westbound this morning. we're open for business, both directions, on the vine street expressway, good to go coming into or out of the city this morning. see be mentioned light drizzle, maybe some patchy fog, no big delays right now at philadelphia international airport. but just be prepared, as we move through the day, maybe minor delay, depending upon where the flights are coming in from. pennsylvania turnpike, work crews here between the delaware valley interchange and the philly interchange, which is route one, no problems coming down the new jersey turnpike, or i-295. we zoom on over to toms river, new jersey, route 70, at whitesville road just outside of lbi. watch for an accident. they are actually an investigation from an overnight crash. and we will go for a ride.
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southbound 95, out of northeast philly, starting to see some pockets of volume into the betsy ross, and into girard avenue both of those areas of course with the work zones, but mass transit looking good, kris and lauren back to you. >> destructive spree of vandalism in one philadelphia neighborhood and police say they can't do anything about it. let's take you to the scene, 16100 block every alma street. car owners furious, police say two young vandals scratched up ten course on that street, luckily caught on surveillance camera, look right, there you can see them, neighbor garrett samples caught this. police found the kids responsible, and, guess what, they are only seven and nine years old. since they're so young, police say, nothing they can do. >> talking five, ten cars, well over five, $10,000. do we even get it back? something we just have to eat? >> i came outside, talk to the guys, what are you doing, guys? next thing they say, nothing, not doing nothing, next thing you know they start booking down the street.
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>> officials say the car owners must pay for repairs themselves, file insurance claims or try to go after the kids parents in court. >> big fact yuck on this one, session assault charges filed against a teacher in northampton county. that's not all. caught kelly having sex with a 17 year old male student at a cemetery, easton cemetery to be exact. forty-nine year old who is married was the substitute teacher at easton high school reportedly also recently served as official at her church. according to court papers both kelly and the teen admitted they've been having sex since fall of 2015 when he was just 16. huge drug bust in delaware, state police there say a two year investigation just taken more than 100,000 bags of heroin off the streets. police say it is worth more than a million bucks, it is the largest seizure of pre-packaged heroin in the state's history. police arrested eight people and are still looking for five others. >> the fbi now involved in the search foreman who has hit multiple banks in center city. police say the man demanded
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money from first republic bank teller at 16th and market earlier this month. surveillance video gets real clear look at him after he fleece the scene. and you might be able to notice a red stain on his hand. the fbi offering a cash reward for information leading to his arrest. >> accused bank robber in new jersey off the streets. this woman, 42 year old josephine sorry the woman behind two bang robberies last week in the township, investigators say tips from the public helped them identify her. she is now in jail, on $200,000 bail. did she say i'm soree? not really, that's my name, sorry, i'm sore. >> i new surveillance video released in disturbing robbery, hoping better video will help them find two dangerous criminals. police say these men try to rob a man on april 30th, near 24th and clifford street in north philly during the struggle, one of the robbers shot the victim in the chest. that person's in critical
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condition. >> police ask you to give them a call. >> twin brothers from chester county, facing charges accused of detonating bombs. prosecutors say 22 year old daniel and caleb tate blue up mailboxes and sheds in both chester and lancaster counties in december. crime spree gannon december 20th, when authorities say the two blew apart a mailbox in highland township, surveillance video helped police track the twins down police linked bomb making materials to items purchased on one of the brothers debit cards. >> 5:21, still ahead: booze on the board. how a vote today could make atlantic city one step closer to allowing open containers on the boardwalk. >> in sports, sam bradford, carson went, worked out together for the first time, why bradford said he left the team for workouts for two weeks, why he decided to have a change in heart and come back.
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>> just need to be better than seven and nine this year. that was a losing record. winning lottery numbers here now.
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this is fox 29 sports. >> sam bradford under the microscope yesterday on the practice feelment sam bradford and carson went, worked out together for the first time on that field. bradford also spoke for the first time since coming back, from walking out. bradford said it was the agents idea to leave camp and although he's still at times
5:25 am
looking over his shoulder, he came back because in talking to the players, while he was out, he felt the team real did i want him back sixers got the first pick in the draft nba draft lottery, 6ers also could have gotten the lakers pick who was out of the top three, both the players would go one and two, 6ers also get miami's pick at 24, and oklahoma city's pick and that would be at 26. phillies and marlins again last night, to the ballpark, that's tommy josephment and that line drive, hits the foul powell. why do you call it a powell pole if it is fair? nonetheless, it is a help run, think about that for little while. homerun in first in the major leagues, phillies beat miami who were there three-one, that's sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. >> howard made mention of this, ben sim operation from lsu, then brandon ingram from duke. they're saying that ingram might be the choice here could
5:26 am
come down to we need a sheeter, haven't a shooter in how long? since ai? >> who do you figure out how you win? we have the big guys, right? specially if joel beats can get healthy. we have the big guys. we have the defense in new orleans noel. i think we should get ingram. anyone care? >> yes, let us know on twitter. still ahead protest set to get underway at city hall (some are urging city hall to shoot down the soda tax proposal. >> the teenager rushed to the hospital overnight. now police have shooting investigation on their hands, want to tell you why the fire marshall also was caulked in to investigate. >> and good day hitting the road. head today doylestown. party start friday may 20th, live from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. along state street between main and pine. coming on out and join us.
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>> teenager shot overnight, how the shooter got him to come out. >> bullying and hazing may soon become more difficult to
5:30 am
do in schools. more legislation, cracking down on what you are identifies do what tile area there. good news, the struggling sixers, awarded first overall pick in the draft. what it could mean for the future of the franchise. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday shall may 18th, 2016. >> if i talk you going to the citizens bank park, where the phillies play baseball, do you think we would jinx the team if we went to for a few innings today? >> yes, i don't think we should do it. >> you are saying last time you went to a phillies game they didn't win the game? >> , no we jinxed whole season. went to the opening day had the worse record in all baseball. >> buddy wouldn't mind if you stayed away. >> we're not going. >> it is an afternoon game today. now he's got the umbrella, it wouldn't be bad idea at the ballpark to maybe have upon show in your pocket. i don't think you'll need it but it is casino of cloudy and damp throughout this morning. temperatures four's, 50's, little area every rain it the
5:31 am
south another one to the northwest, sandwiched inbetween with not much precipitation but seeing some lehigh valley in particular around the allentown area. >> 50 degrees in reading and allentown and trenton only 49 in pottstown and atlantic city, here in philadelphia, it is 52 degrees, as we anticipate our sunrise, at 5:43, again, not a lot of sunshine, pretty socked in with clouds right now, 86% relative humidity. breeze of about 7 miles an hour, while we do have a chance of sunshine, i think we will stay mostly cloudy for the balance of the day. 66 degrees, our high temperature, still below average, which is kind of the theme, cooler temperatures, probably ends one month of may cooler than it is supposed to be, sunset time is 8:12, that is your weather authority forecast. so it is hump day, bob kelly. >> hump day, mike, mike, mike,
5:32 am
a 32:00, we call it on a wednesday morning. here is a live look, hello ft. washington, no problems at all into or out of the turnpike interchange, but if you like kind of close looks kind of hazy there. that's really what we are dealing with right on the fence where we'll see fog or not, sue mentioned little drizzle in some areas. coming in from new jersey, starting to see some pockets along the way, that ramp had the tractor-trailer, no flight delays at the moment but rain could be some arrival delays, southbound gypsy lane, watch for disable, blocking one of the two lanes there, otherwise good to go on the schuylkill. up and down 476, slide on over, down the shore here. toms river route 70 right at whites ville road. overnight accident, that's closed right now. as they're investigating that.
5:33 am
>> next couple every days along the 101 trolley, mainly between providence and orange street. to get off the trolley and back on the bus, otherwise looking good on mass transit. >> nineteen year old shot multiple times over night in overbrook. standing in the doorway every his home when all of this happened. more on what happened, steve? >> one, 19 year old shot through front door the other 19 year old was trying to keep shut to keep the guy from barging through into the house, in overbrook, setting about midnight $1 year old shows up being object to get the other 19 year old to come out of the house. so what does he throws a molotov cocktail on the porch chair, plastic lawn chair, it goes up in flames.
5:34 am
four people inside, guy and girl come out to investigate what's on fire, they smell smoke, see the anything err of flames, and find out this other guy over, there and they see him start to pull a gun and they try to run in the house and keep the door shut. >> appears some sort of glass container, some type of accelerant, possibly gasoline, or another flammable liquid. according to fire marshall. in addition to this shooting also an arson. and preliminarilly we believe this inch send area device was thrown on the front porch in order to get the attention of the resident the property, when the 19 year old rest dent came out. property when he was confronted by the shooter. >> well the people in this house not afraid of that no snitching thing going on. they call the police, police call the fire department,
5:35 am
fires put the police get on the case right away. they gate the name, address even the car this shoot is her driving, have been over at the house which was just few blocks from where all of this happened. >> neighbors in fact, guy hasn't shown up at the house yet, at last check, in a silver mercedes, the house where this happened, three bullet holes, through the front door to remind them how close they came to getting killed. but only one person shot, even though, four people were on the other side of the door. scary stuff. >> steve keeley thank you so much. >> 5:35. group will protest outside city hall the action united urging city council, hearing scheduled today for officials to talk about the plan, which would charge three sent per ounce tax on sodas. mayor jim kenney says the money would allow six an additional children to receive pre k education each year. >> led ers to allow open containers on the board walk drinking alcohol would be
5:36 am
allowed between albany and massachusetts avenues, coming this summer. under the proposal, drinks would have to be in a cup that has the logo of approved boardwalk bar that poured that drink. having alcohol on the streets or the beach would still be banned. >> legislation would require all pennsylvania high schools and middle schools to write and enforce anti-hazing policies waiting to be signed guy governor john wolf would apply to any public or private schools that include grades seven through 12. penalties could include fines withholding diplomas, transcripts, probations, suspension, dismissal or even expulsion. >> still ahead, month after they went tow to tow in the presidential debate megan kelly sat down with donald trump. what the presumptive presidential nominee on the republican side admitted to this one-on-one interview
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>> well the 76ers win the mba draft lottery, first overall pick next month. >> big daddy graham, what do you think of this? do we go for ben simmons of lsu or brandon inch grab gram? >> going with ben simmons at the moment. supposedly there are rumors going around, he doesn't even want to come to town. when they bring him in, interview him, it turns out to be the way it is going down, then i'm going with ingram. >> big news, can i spend one second? >> you know, we did everything we could to get the number one pick the last couple of years. >> you know what?
5:40 am
>> we did get it. >> go ahead, lauren? if someone doesn't want to be here we don't want them. >> direct correct. and i'll get to that. and actually get to go that right now. that would be sam bradford. who was asked yesterday, okay, speaking of guys who don't want to be here. >> right. >> sam bradford was asked yesterday, if he had any regrets about those comments, about want be to be traded, not coming to the ota's, and all of that, did he not say no go not say yes. he could have went i could have handled that differently, in retrospect, being paid a lot of money to quarterback the philadelphia eagles, and that organization that's been very, very nice to me, sorry do regret make, that but he didn't. >> oh, he'll get booed. they don't come out of the gates 33 and zero he'll get booed. >> he him and hauled himself around it, and blamed his agent.
5:41 am
>> so simmons, turns out to be bradford in anyway. >> eggs' hoping, these sneaker -- >> the thing with la, always, always there, you snow. >> so here, we look having the first pick, but do we? is it almost easier to have second pick? then we don't have a choice. we get ingram, simmons, who ever the lakers didn't pick if they are first? >> if our general manager, do not want the number one pick, get out of the business. all right? i hear what you are saying. you're talking about the three of us. would we rather have someone else make that decision? but if you're co-angelo, you want that decision, and if you don't want it hit the road.
5:42 am
>> three hits? first homerun of his career. everything about this squad, now six games. this keeps getting bigger. >> six games over 500. >> half game out of first place. what are we a, may 17th, may 18th, somewhere in there? just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. >> big daddy, thank up, sir, a lot going on. >> thank you, i'm sends awe check.
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>> ♪ >> happy birthday, george straight. >> we have knee producer, megan. >> yes? >> she lovers country music. so when she saw that it was this guy's birthday, she got all excited. straight released 18 consecutive number one hits, and was called the king of country. how about that? >> he's 64 today. >> oh, okay. >> that was the important part. it is his birthday. >> congratulations. sue serio? >> handsome man. >> oh, ya, nice hat. you like a man in a nice 10-gallon hat there? >> depends on the hat and depends on the man. all right, here is a look, just for lauren, at what we're dealing with allergies from the asthma center. they say it is predominantly oak tree pollen out, there it is very high levels, not too bad with the grasses, mold, though, pretty high. and weeds, not real a issue, at this time of year.
5:46 am
it is a daytime phillies game today. a business person's special, as they sometimes call it, clouds, maybe a sprinkle or two, 63 degrees, at the first pitch sweater weather for sure. and just a little bit of sunshine possible lilt rain, it could go either way what we're saying, because look we're sandwiched in between two systems, watching the one out to the northwest bring little rain into berks county and lehigh valley. shouldn't linger for long. not seeing the future cast anything moving into the area this morning. >> maybe thinning out little bit to the south of us, at times, but, it looks like mostly cloudy day, one of those where you see the sun trying to burn through those clouds. that's the way it will be throughout the afternoon. looking much bitter for tomorrow. not so much for saturday as we have this coastal storm with counter clockwise flow around the low pressure system. casino every drawing in the
5:47 am
moisture from the ocean. >> we have the rittenhouse road festival, so many events this is not good news, but we're going to keep ion t that's the way it is looking right now. 74 degrees our average hi, 62, all we managed yesterday. little better today. and then into the 70s, at least through friday. saturday, doesn't look good. but sunday, could improve with some sunshine in the afternoon. soap, bob kelly, maybe half a good weekend? >> you know what you need to do if you have kids? go on line today. and get your movie ticket. >> right. >> for saturday. because you're not going to be the only one looking to go to the movies on the weekend.
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5:49 am
>> or potentially payment and exact estimate and meantime, right now a major funding during washington. law makers in in heated debate over how much government should sfond fight the zika virus in u.s. and helping state and
5:50 am
local governments they're threatening to veto 'zika bill that could pass in the house this week that would give 1.1 billion to the cause. this bill requires funding to be offset with spending cuts and fund zika fight but for shorter period of time. >> this is a question whether or not you're committed to ensuring that you are doing everything possible to protect pregnant women and babies in the united states of america. >> house republicans claim their bill plus the millions the whitehouse shifted from unused ebola funding would provide enough funding to zika through late september. >> republican presidential nominee donald trump goes one-on-one with megan kelly. it is the first interview between the two since trump questioned past remarks of republican debate last august. trump says he may have mid mistakes but doesn't dwell on regrets and choice of words and actions during the republican primary trump says it worked. >> there's nothing wrong with
5:51 am
being presidential if i would not have fought back the way i does i don't think i would have been successful. >> it's do or die. he added if i don't win, i will consider it to be a total and complete waste of time, energy and money. >> interesting. >> little contrition there from mr. trump. sounds like my life. >> good day philadelphia starts in nine minutes. >> yes. >> let's talk about this. we have a fun way to wake you up. wake up wednesday we call it. this morning we're waking up a woman afraid of clowns. how do we wake her up. we send in the clowns. >> send in the clowns♪ . >> and going in with a horn and wake this woman up. >> that's not very nice. >> should we cancel it. >> no. >> sure. >> we still have to do it. >> do i have a summer cold? spring cold? oraler juries? >> i know some of you are suffering from allergies.
5:52 am
it's the worst season ever. we'll have a little quiz. do you know the difference between a spring cold and allergies? what we'll do is get a color code out a color chart out. my apologies at 5:52 we're going check the color of your snot. >> you may think it's phlegm but it's not. >> you're going to gross everyone out. >> it's snot funny. >> these allergies are not funny. >> how about the sixers? >> three years, yeah,. >> who do we pick ingram or simmonds. >> i think simmonds. scott coming in. >> scott o'neal coming in from the sixers. >> yes brett brown say handsome man. >> he is. >> trouble is, he will never have a winning record the poor guy. >> oh, no. >> we'll see. >> they put him up there
5:53 am
yesterday. >> he has 199 losses in three seasons. >> why are you inching away so fast? >> where are you leaving us? >> do you want me closer? >> do i. >> go find alex. >> and congratulations to hr person. >> yes. >> mess an. yes. >> megan. >> yes. >> we have new interns in the building. >> he likes to look at new interns. >> we like having them here. >> he needs somebody to go get his coffee. >> still ahead. help nowhere nearby and how their small cooler saved their lives. their small cooler saved their lives. >> it's just a small cooler♪
5:54 am
5:55 am
fatigue can add years to tso sleep with this!n. garnier skinactive miracle sleeping cream. like a lightweight mask of continuous hydration, it works while you sleep, so you wake up to refreshed, younger-looking skin.
5:56 am
miracle sleeping cream. from garnier skinactive. ♪ 41 years old today. 56 degrees a boat starts sinking in texas and two people on it credited with saving the themselves with something really unusual. jared caraway and morgan ma mayfield were on a fishing trip offer the texas gulf coast when 23 foot boat started taking on water. they knew they did not have much time so they used cooler as floattation device couple and two dogs clung to this to survive. >> it is like what you snow movies. we're going to drown. i'm confident i might have
5:57 am
drown philadelphia we didn't have that. >> the couple says they made it to debris pile and finally got shore safely. they're okay seen are the dogs. and we'll have the latest and the sixers have the first overall pick. who willing they take? overall pick. who willing they take? take a look, next, on good day.
5:58 am
5:59 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. >> number one pick in the 2016
6:00 am
nba draft goes to the philadelphia 76ers [ applause ]. >> well, somebody is happy. everybody is happy. we're finally number one about something. sixers win the nba lottery and get the top overall draft pick. the big question now is, who do you want? ben? or brandon? >> and bradford opening up for the first time since he left camp. why the quarterback left and why he came back. and what does he have to say to the fans? >> and teen rushed to the hospital after shot multiple times. why officials investigating this shooting now as arson cas case. unusual. >> hey, good day, everybody, wednesday, may 18, 2016. >> we are number one. >> we are number one. >> this is what alex holley wants to do because we're number o i


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