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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  May 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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nba draft goes to the philadelphia 76ers [ applause ]. >> well, somebody is happy. everybody is happy. we're finally number one about something. sixers win the nba lottery and get the top overall draft pick. the big question now is, who do you want? ben? or brandon? >> and bradford opening up for the first time since he left camp. why the quarterback left and why he came back. and what does he have to say to the fans? >> and teen rushed to the hospital after shot multiple times. why officials investigating this shooting now as arson cas case. unusual. >> hey, good day, everybody, wednesday, may 18, 2016. >> we are number one. >> we are number one. >> this is what alex holley wants to do because we're number one in something.
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kind of a one theme. songs that have one in it --. >> one is the loneliest number♪ . >> like that? >> we're not lonely, feeling lonely this morning, i feel good. >> is one the number of the day? >> it is not. because one is bad on our scale of 1 to 10. we're going with 6. cloudy this morning and few showers around especially out north and west. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s with bus stop buddy and there you see quick look at ultimate doppler radar with showers and mostly berks country and lehigh valley. we'll see if they make it here. stray shower' thibl morning, cloudy and cool throughout the rest of the afternoon. hoping to see increasing sunshine and high temperature bob kelly of 66 degrees. >> looking good at 6:01. there's one for you. there you go on a wednesday, hump day, north haven road philadelphia between 95 and
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route 1 roosevelt blvrd a live look at i-95 southbound heavy academy to cottman avenue. and then, of course, girard avenue construction zone. 51 on schuylkill expressway. we're rolling here. no problems on the blue route. looking good in and out of south philly. however a downed tree actually kind of overhanging tree bala avenue at montgomery driver in bala-cynwyd and mass transit looking good with no delays. michael exback to you. >> 6:02. a 19-year-old was shot several times at his home in overbrook and the teen was targeted and the teen knew the shooter. it is being investigated as an arson. the shooter set a chair on fire outside of the house in order to lure the young man to the door. officials say the shooter is believed to live nearbych the vick system in the hospital in critical condition this mornin morning. >> police camden investigating another shooting happen around 1:45 this morning at the intersection of 36 and pierce
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avenue. a man was taken to a nearby hospital in extremely critical condition. right now no word on who the shooter may be or who the motive was. >> sixers giving fans a new reason to get pumped up for next season. >> we have one good reason to be pumped up. >> one. >> one. >> yeah. >> so we have the first overall draft pick in nba lottery. people are still so excited. >> well, dave, he is picture of excitement. >> and he has the one hat he likes to wear. >> my hat is happy that's how happy i am about this the hat made a return from winter brea break. you know, forget about a troph trophy. let's go with the win right there you know? first round pick, when you have a bad record that usually means you have a good chance at firs first-round pick. >> second pick will be made by the loss ankle less lakers. and that means that the number
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one pick in the 2016 nba draft goes to the philadelphia 76ers. >> the big announcement we've been waiting for the biggest victory the sixers had quite a while and two big names to decide upon on june 23, nba draft will they go with ben sill mondz or brand dan ingram of duke. we know what the first mic means to the fans. listen in. >> they need a good power forward. maybe size like lebron james, something like that. not someone that say whole lot of athleticism but somebody that can throw in the paint. >> we're talking about simmonds from lsu or ingram what do you think. >> sim monday. simmonds looks like he fits in the system and i think they'll do all right if they pick simmonds. >> i think ingram have a better
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choice and better fit for sixers. >> tell me why. >> he's a good player i think he can like jordan starred they have to build around him. after that maybe they can make the playoffs and move forward after that. >> a lot of sports blogers like ingram and philly but simmonds is in lsu and is think about big shoe deals. it's already a big win for philly. >> 6:05 now watch city hall today. this morning a group around a possible sot soda tax and protests outside city hall. action united is the name of the group. three a hearing is scheduled for today. officials talk about the plan which would charge a 3 cent per ounce tack on sugary drinks. mayor jim kenny says that money would allow 6500 additional children to receive a pre k education each year. we'll have cameras there.
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>> coming up 6:06 they'll vote toe allow drink on the boardwalk between albany and massachusetts avenues copping this summer. and under the proposal drinks would have to be in a cup that has logo of approved boardwalk bar that poured the drink. having alcohol on the streets or beach would be band. those that do business on the boards love the idea and others worry about too much partying going on. >> legislation that would require all pennsylvania high high schools and middle schools to write anti-having policies. it includes any public or private school. penalties could include fines holding transcripts and probation, suspension, dismissal or expulsion. >> and an effort to help doctors and patients find treatment alternatives for highly addictive painkillers so many people are hooked on.
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doctor's group is recommending steps that position to take online they say 80% of heroin addicts started out on opiate precipitation from a doctor. and that nearly 11 million prescriptions for opiate medications were 23eu8d by filled by patients last year alone. >> and dot voting on definition of family. >> it cleared the house 35-4 vote yesterday. the measure eliminates husband and wife from among the relationships that constitute a family and inserts the word spouses. the bill also strikes language referring to man and woman cohas been tateing with a child and replacing it with the word couple . >> how about that? 6:07 have to move along here. your suncreen maying giving you less protection than you think. new research everyone should know about before heading to
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the shore there's this summer. >> and the car gets well over 5, 10,000 hours. >> two young kids caught vapdizing car after car and why cops say there's nothing they vapdizing car after car and why cops say there's nothing they could do.
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than playing whapennsylvania millions,ing with top prizes of one million dollars? winning, ...on the spot. play pennsylvania millions from the pennsylvania lottery, and you could win... ...on the spot. keep on scratchin'
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♪ 6:10, you're the one. >> if you know songs let us know.
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any opportunity we'll be saying the word one. >> it is 6 six, one, one, right now, 6:11. >> nice. >> thank you. >> sgrukttive free vandalism and the kids responsible are just 7 and 9 years old. >> 7 and 9? this is on the 6100 block alma streetcar owners are fewer use after police say these two little kids are vandals. they scratched up 10 cars on the street. the incidents were caught on a surveillance camera by a neighbor there. police found the kids responsible and since they are 7 and 9, officers say they cannot be prosecuted. officials say the car owners must pay for repairs themselve themselves, file insurance claims or go after the kids' parents in court. i would imagine that will happen. they'll be somebody talking to the mom and dad today.
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>> for sure. >> a home goes newspaper flames. >> with a young woman trapped inside what neighbors saw as firefighters pulled her out. >> hey, bob. >> hey, good morning, everybody, as we go for a ride, 295 leaving south jersey. watch for building down at the construction zone and let's go to the parkway, downtown as we listen to brian mcknight, back to one, one, because we have the number one pick. we'll go get one cup of coffee and come right back. we'll go get one cup of coffee and come right back. ♪
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>> 6:15. phillies game today. not tonight, today. it's first pitch 1:05 looks like it will be cloudy. can't rule out a stray shower. 63 when the game begins. we'll call it sweater weather it should stay cool and cooler than average throughout the game which we hope we win the match of this series with the marlins. we have rain in the area. it's just not here in philadelphia. it is north and west of us. berks county, lehigh valley, little bit of the poconos and little lancaster county and couple stray showers in southern delaware and we're watching chester county to see
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if anything comes there. it really doesn't look like it though. future cast we'll stay cloudy and not a lot of precip throughout the day today. and really not a lot of sunshine unless you're south ever philadelphia. and it looks like tomorrow and friday will be excellent as well. so we have to watch th coastal storm as we get closer to the weekend because it could give us rain on saturday. i know that's bad news for folks going radnor hunt and rittenhouse rope festival saturday, so many things going on saturday i hate to forecast rain but it looks more and more likely. at least you can make plans accordingly. move everything to friday. ten out of ten on friday. >> well i mentioned it earlier and anybody that has kids out there you know what i'll talk about. you get your tickets for the movies today for saturday. because don't wait until you realize that it's a washout on saturday and all the kids' games are cancelled. what are we going to do today?
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grab tickets today for saturday's movies. a live look at i-95 southbound starting to see volume cottman into girard. what's that, mike? the kids can come over your house saturday? that's a great idea. >> that's actually fine, i'll be out of town. >> i was going to say, you won't be there. south of 95 that delay cottman to allegheny no problems on 202 coming up out of west chester and we'll slide on up to yardley here. old mill and oxford valley road with an accident. sue mentioned there's haze out there. maybe a light drizzle in some areas. and we had an overhanging tree branch montgomery drive just outside of bala-cynwyd. watch for delays there and south on the lincoln drive disabled begincy lane. otherwise mass transit looking good. back to you. >> 6:17 delaware state police released name of construction worker killed after being hit by a car on i-95 wilmington. 36-year-old alexander of
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wilmington was putting up construction warning sounds south of 202 monday night wearing a reflective investigate when he was hit. the impact threw him into the air and he was pronounced dead at the sglapt another woman is claiming bill cosby sexually assaulted her this time it involves playboy hugh heffner. 26-year-old chloe says she was sexually assaulted by bill cosby at playboy party in 2008 and that hugh heffner had some knowledge of it. prosecutors are rejecting her sexual battery lawsuit because they say they cannot in any way corroborate her story. a teacher, a student and a cemetery and now charges of institutional sexual assault. in northampton county police say they caught kelly al vi nger having sex with 1 17-year-old male student at easton cemetery the 4
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49-year-old, married, was a substitute teacher at easton high school and reportedly also recently served as official at her church. according to court papers both she and the teen admitted they have been having sex since fall of 2015 when the boy was just 16. a new york man is convicted on kharns he used a fake facebook account to coerce teenage girls to sexual situations. federal prosecutors say clifford wares was convicted of several counts including child pornography he communicated with a 13-year-old girl using social media. and he had send photos of he herself engaging in sex acts. >> to stories making headlines around the world u.s. senate has allowed families of victims of 911 to sue suede arabia. >> president already said he would veelt owe it. under this legislation families would be able to sue the
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country of saudi arabia in u.s. courts for any role the countr country's government may have played in the terrorist attack attacks. saudi arabia has threatened to pull billions out of the u.s. economy if the bill becomes law. we'll keep you posted. 6:20, genetically modified foods are safe to eat with no ill effect on your health. they reviewed data and found gmo foods did not lead to increase in cancer, obesity, gastro intestal illness, kidney disease oraler juries. the four main crops are corn, soy beans, cotton and sugar beans. >> many in this country would dispute those findings. >> your sun veen maying giving you less protection than you think consumer reports investigation found spf presented on bottle may not be amount of protection your skin
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needs. in annual test of 65 water resistant lotions, sprays and sticks with spf of 30 or highe higher, 28 suncreens tested below advertised sun protection level. so who can you trust? >> well, sam bradford opening up for the first time since leaving camp. >> why the quarterback left and why he is saying he cam back and what is she saying in the fans now. >> first less look at lottery numbers from last night. >> first less look at lottery numbers from last night.
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>> good morning i'm howard and the fans get excited with ping-pong balls the sixers with the worst record this season has best percentage of getting number one pick in the draft and came down to final two picks of one and two. >> the second pick will be made by, the loss ankle less lakers. and that means that the number one pick in the 2016 nba draft goes to the philadelphia 76ers. >> oh, the sixers could have gotten the lakers out of the top three and both players go one and two and that would be ben simmonds and brandon ingram out of lsu and duke and sixers get miami pick at 24 and oklahoma city at 26. sam bradford and carson wentz worked out together on the
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practice field and bradford the first time since walking out. it was agent's idea to leave camp and still at times looking over shoulder he came back because he talked to the players while out and felt the team wanted him back. that's sports in a minute. . >> you know that shawn brace guy he's coming buy in a few minutes. >> that shawn brace guy. >> i'm sure he'll have a lot to say about that. >> we'll show clips of sam at the press conference. >> you have to listen then raid between the lines don't you? yes. kind of sandwiched in between two weather systems and rain south and north and will it make it here and what about the weekend. we have the forecast coming up with you along with bus stop buddy. dave. >> you heard from howard. philadelphia is first in the nba draft. we'll hear from the coach and nba draft. we'll hear from the coach and hear from fans after the break.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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>> we have a lot of firepower around our organization that will dig in and make a calculated decision, huge decision. >> huge. >> we have number one let's
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make it count. i feel like i won the ot lottery. do you feel like you won the lottery. >> a little bit. >> we get top overall draft pick, the big decisions facing the team coming up june 23. >> let's get back to regular news. a teen rushed to the hospital after shot many times. why officials now are investigating this as an arson case. weird story. we'll explain. >> i have seen bullying and bullying doesn't have to be as a child but you have to get over it. >> so, kelly versus trump. the tough talk between the two. one-on-one. oh, one-on-one. there's the rule. >> oh, one. . >> so, we'll play more of that. you can call that dude a bully anymore. front page of daily news calls trump the testify lon don. no matter what he says it just, slides right off. it's wednesday, may 18, 2016. >> "good day" every one.
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>> "good day" every, one, we'll see you friday in doylestown. we're taking "good day" on the road every friday throughout the summer. >> this is first sglun rights another number one right? >> we'll be on what's you call it -- what do you call it. >> state street. >> between main and pine we'll see you at 7:00 we'll be out by 6:30. >> this will be a big one guys. >> weather will be fantastic. great job on friday. saturday, not so much. you can see the sun trying to burn through the clouds. get used to that. i think we'll see a lot of cloud cover and little bit of sunshine that's the deal and of course in some places we cannot rule out a shower. that's what's happening on ultimate doppler ray bar and shower or two here than north to us and to the west out in lancaster county and berks county you see rain in sussex
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county delaware. bus stop buddy has just in case umbrella and phillies short and they have a game today and cloudy and damp temperatures in the 40s and 50s we expect with enough sunshine to goat 56 by end of day sunset time is 8:12. we'll talk about what is happening over the weekend. hoping for half a good weekend at least. bob kelly make your plans accordingly. >> half a weekend is better than no weekend. right? 6:31 on a wednesday morning, oh, let's do ohh and ahh shot, three, two, one, ready, ohh, ahh. >> how do you go ohhh on the ahhh. >> you know how this goes. >> i'm a rebel. >> good morning to you to the schuylkill expressway westbound side watch for delays starting to appeal belmont avenue and look at i-95 southbound swep
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cottman and girard as you head down to center city philadelphia there and we'll go to the -- we're going to go. >> we're going to go. >> i'm going to go get a new battery for my clicker. >> do you need one or? >> i think i need. >> one and one. >> one and one i'm having trouble with my clicker i hate when that happens. let's go over to make and alex. >> thank you, 6:32 back to this store write a 19-year-old girl several times in over book why was the fire department called. >> it is because the person that shot him did something to get them out of the house. >> new mentioned phillies and you go three or three and not good if you're a shooter and go three or three with a group and we're and hitting the guy on the other side and trying to
6:33 am
keep it slammed shut. when the gay was in the hoution he set fire to the plastic white lawn chair. you can't make out what it was. it is melted in black. fire department showed up and pulled it from the porch. it spread. when they saw he had a begun he fired through the door. >> at that point the victim and another residents of the property forced front door shut on the shooter. the shooter then fired three shots. all three shots wept through the front door and after going through the door, all three shots struck the victim in the chest and torso. >> well it looks like from front door he shot two shots chest hite and another shot by the nobody which hit him in abdomen he's critical but alive thanks to his room mates and
6:34 am
again midnight this guy going after them for some reason due it a previous incidents tried to kill at least one of them. the people got an i.d. and they told police who the guy is and where he lives. he is not at that house. but he is probably in silver mercedes and has hey gun and more gasoline and a bottle with him. police have to be careful. if you know him don't approach him as they say call 911. >> thank you for that. police in camden are investigating shooting that happened around 1:45 this morning and at the intersection of 31 and pierce. the man was taken to the hospital in extremely critical condition. no word on the shooter who what what the motive was. >> and in the deadly amtrak
6:35 am
interrogatory they failed to consider alternate reasons why the engineer may have sped up the train. national transportation safety board says brandon last track wrv he was because he was likely distracted one lawyer wouldn't ferz they chose to speed up to get through the area quickly. hoping to avoid also, getting a rock thrown on the train he was on. >>. amtrak train 188. >> 76ers with the worst record in the league are bringing back hope to the team now. where are you doing that alex. >> because we have the number one pick. that's my one dance. >> i hear you. >> this after they were able to secure the pick last night in the lottery. >> did you feel like you won. >> did you see the fans, they went nuts. >> they went nuts and even i tweet aid video from an
6:36 am
organization where it looks like sixers stob when you have the lowest record it usually means you get the number one pick. the second pick will be made by the lonk ang less lakers -- the loss ankle less lakers and that means the number one pick goes loss ankle less lakers and that means the number one pick goes to the philadelphia 76ers. they were going crazy. clearly the biggest victory they've had in a while. that means two big names. will they go with sim monday or ingram out of duke. we don't know yet. we know ma what the first pick means to pretty brown. >> it violates the hard experiences we have gone through as an organization and fan base and city. >> i think free agent destination and brand new practice facility october for multiple draft picks existing
6:37 am
mraishz viz that i love coaching you know, all over the place, how you cannot look at the program and feel like it really has a heck of a lot priingter future than it used to. and so we understand we still have to coach it and there's a lot of work to be done and how can we not be excited about tonight. >> it great,. >> they're choosing between shoe contracts between mike and add he'd as. back to you guys. >> we shall on june 23 all right 6:37 thanks. exwrestler jimmy super fly snooka returns to court a second day of compensatory -- compensatory -- oh, competency thank you can we put these words in normal english than a normal shum an would say. snooka happy birthday, is avoi
6:38 am
avoiding to face trial and involuntary manslaughter charges. this was for the death of his girlfriend 30 years ago. nancy argentina was found dead in may of 1983 after authorities were called to the hotel room near allentown. back in court today. 6:38. >> this morning grouped across pot i believe city taxes. action united is uming them to shoolt down the proposal. they will talk about the plan for a 3 cent per ounce on sot a. >> remember this is got a grocery tax despite what the billionaire companies have been dmoyng putting stuff on our screens and i'm sure the networks have happy they're buying up this time. it's not a duggar test or water test. if you want to make a choice not to buy that you buy something else and same companies that make the other
6:39 am
products are the same companies that make the sugar sweetened products you're not missing anything. >> mayor jim kelly says that money would allow around 6,000 additional children to receive a pre. >> investigators hoping better video helps them find two dangerous police that tried" rob a man april 30. during the struggle one of the robbers shot the victim in the chest critically injuring him. here's clear video of the suspects if you happen to recognize them. right there you're asked to call police. >> funched in the face and ripped out. had happened monday night 300, one of those men was knocked unconscious and the other lost a tooth. one respond ring officer was involved in the crash. she's expected to be okay.
6:40 am
police later arrested the man accused of throwing punches. >> christie is set to face new numbers. the budget gap could mean law make worz need to shave money from some programs or potentia potentially the state public pension. christie treasure scheduled to unveil the exact estimate today and they're saying the gap for 2017 more than 621 million dollars. . a federal appeals court delayed release of list of unindicted coconspirators in the 2015 washington bridge scandal and ruling from third part after peel calling for today, one of the people on the list arguing due process rights will be violated. ft. list is published and he'll be brand aid criminal. two former allies were invitesed in trial this fall
6:41 am
and third pleaded guilty,. >> thanks mike, lauren, almost 6:41 now. >> and trump sat down with kelly and addressed a range of topics with trump. and he said bullying victims may saw strong and retalliate against their attackers. >> really? >> most raise their conditions to not pully or lame how can they bring a message when the front runner from republican nomination does all those things. >> i'm responding, and i they been respond times maybe ten i don't know i respond pretty strongly in just about all cases i have been responding to what they do to me. so, speaking of the way he responds to questions which snow looking back he absolutely has regrets without going into major detail. but he did say if he had not
6:42 am
conducted himself in this bold, brash okay he would the not have come out on top. probably has a point. >>p. >> we'll bring in shawn brace to talk about this one. did you like to hear what he to talk about this one. did you like to hear what he said about being
6:43 am
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6:45 am
>> patients make horrific claims about a local psychiatrist. he said he did not do it so why did he give up his license tonight at 10. >> sam bradford is back and talking. he faced media for the first time since little holdout. >> thanks for coming in from philly >> good morning. >> your web site has been taken off. >> nicely done. >> we appreciate that. >> let's talk about sixers, no, no, let's talk --. >> let's get this out of the way. the first question at the press conversation sam, why did you leave? why did you leave? >> when i first found out about
6:46 am
the trade i was frustrated and you know i felt like i needed time. you know i could have stayed here and continued to work her here. but i'm not sure my head would have been here those two weeks. you know sometimes what i break up in a relationship, yeah, i need time. >> you need space. >> ki go back to the initial trade chip kelly made on that draft day when he got rid of nick foles and got rid of second round draft picky promise you this 80% of eagles fans had nothing to do with sam bradford i'm sorry but it took me back to the day when i wanted nothing from sam bradford. are you kidding me, sam? first of all, he knows. the fans base doesn't think that highly of him, number one, number two it's only a two year deal and doesn't tell you anything about the future they don't want him at all.
6:47 am
>> and all aall it's eye one year deal. and that's where it comes down to. sam bradford, i don't think he likes it here. but this was his only option. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. in a press conference he said he wanted to be here forever listen. >> okay. >> my goal was to play well for the next two years and create that stability that i talked about pretty much my whole career. you know, philadelphia is the place i wanted to be. i wanted to play well for the next two years. create that stability and then sign longer term deal and say here for the rest of my career. >> he wanted to say rest of his career. so, don't you have a little bit of sympathy for him. >> immediate oak oweer. >> he's a mediocre quarterback at best. you can imagine will happen the first time this guys throws interception week one. we know what will happen. look he came in and wanted to play for chip kelly.
6:48 am
that's fine. chill kelly is no longer here. he wants nothing to be --. >> nothing to do with philadelphia. >> made the whole mess. >> will he ever get the fans back, sam, what do you think. . >> oh, lord,. >> right. >> to be frustrated the only thing can do going forward is continue to get better and go out on wednesdays in september and play good football and win football games and hopefully win them back. >> more importantly you know what i think of the comment let's go to xfinity live the sixers. [ cheers and applause ]. >> back to sam bradford, so we took our kax raves out on to the field and talked to carson win. >> was he naked. >> here's what he had to say about sam. >> it's been really good with
6:49 am
we're trying to help this team get better. we're learning this system. but it's been really good atmosphere. i don't think players don't care that fam left. >> it's night and day reaction. jordan matthew he's a microphone in fronts of him and saying carson is slippinging i it. >> at the end of the season they said he would be the agency. >> and they went to carson wentz. >> did you whaer the seattle sea hawks player said. >> bottom line i'm not sicking up for sam brad ford that's for sure. he should not be in an eagles ub form. you should have went with chase daniels and wentz as your backup. >> i've been to many charity
6:50 am
event with sam. >> you have. >> yes he's a nice man but average water back at west. >> number one in the draft. number one draft picks don't mean anything. >> 76ers. someone said yesterday i don't know if this is good things or sad. >> you know what's sad? >> what. >> when he to suck so bad on all sports to be number one. >> what's sad is sam hivrpingy won't be here to enjoy this. >> hello. . >> unfortunately he's no longer here i'm not big fan of the owners for the 76ers and they made decisions i realize what they did and soom deserves all the credit in the world because look he had to hide. he had to hide himself in a bubble and for him to do it right now 2016 incredible. >> bay the way say hello to
6:51 am
scott o'neal on the way out for the sixers. >> sam hanky deserves credit. >> we made history byit way. sixers bob kelly look at this sixers they have the number one pick. phillies will have the number one pick in the baseball draft and eagles had the number two pick. first time ever one city will have top two picks in three sport one year. that's because, we stink. city of winners, baby. >> not anymore going up. >> up from here thank you, shawn. >> that's right the future is bright. >> first time all the teams in one city stunk that bad. >> we were named poverty sports sit gli sglerk changes in washington d.c. could mean big pay races for millions of workers, go you get over time. then you may change that.
6:52 am
workers, go you get over time. then you may change that. we'll be right back.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪
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standing by for fun. ♪ >> good morning, 6:54. a live look at the blue route 476 coming through delco. no problems or delays on the blue route. normal delays on the schuylkill expressway eastbound. no sun glare at the moment. heavy conshohocken to belmont and southbound lanes heavy betsy to downtown philadelphia. septa is using shutsle bus as long a portion of the route 101 trolley through media and that's all a result of tonigh tonight's dining under the stars along state street in media, delaware country, no problems at the airport. when will the sunshine start
6:55 am
popping up. we've got the answer in 15 popping up. we've got the answer in 15 second snrvr cloudy start this morning. sandwiched between two weather systems this one to the south than to the north. a stray shower is not out of the question. it depends where you are today whether you'll see a little bit of rain. we can promise quite a few clouds and sun trying to get through there. 66 degrees today. we finally crack 70 tomorrow and pretty nice day thursday and nice day on friday. saturday we can't get this rain out of the forecast unfortunately and we're hoping it does not linger into surprised and at least we have a warming trend as we head into the middle of next week and then mike and alex do you realize next weekend is memorial day weekend. >> no. >> already? >> thanks, sue.
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let's get out to sea now. >> we're on a story where a guy did two things at one house two major crimes. one lured a guy out to kill him and we'll tell you how he did one lured a guy out to kill him and we'll tell you how he did it coming up. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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>> finally something to cheer
6:59 am
about. sixers fans in a frenzy this morning after learning team will have the first pick in this year's draft so. who do you want? >> police how could it happen distracted until near partly to blainl in last year's deadly amtrak derailment. a closer look at how this did happen and why that train was going so fast around that curve. and what is causing your run any nose. we explain how you can tell the sdivrps between a cold and mess beingy allergies. >> the big story the sixers oh, the ball bounced our way finally.
7:00 am
one sticking balloon that's it? >> that's all we need is one. >> one balloon. we're number one. did you see the reaction basically xfinity live. >> they're packed in there. nuts, nuts. >> so a tweet was sent 4:30 yesterday afternoon. are we doing this now? so this is what is weird. 4:30 yesterday average i'm looking at twitter feed and one former player in 2001 remember katumbo congrats to sixers own grabbing number one spot in nba draft wait a second. >> i was confused this sounds final wait a minute. >> it doesn't happen for 3 1/2 hours he works for nba and apparently this is my theory i look at it with scott o'neal from the sixers i think he had a tweet and got


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