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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  May 18, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> good morning, allentown, oh, my gosh the streets have been abandoned. this wednesday, may the 18th, 2016. >> this is what we have this hour for you. go ahead.
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calling it quits? >> newlywed husband asks for divorce on their wedding night. what his bride was doing on her phone that he could not handle. >> and i can't wait. the season finale of empire is tonight. recap the seasons and the questions that we hope get answered. >> the perfect woman, well, there really isn't one. what the ideal body looks like, in all different countries. karen, you look fan that is nick blue today you. >> know i love empire so much i just turned yellow. >> first time i've ever hosed the show. sue, how am i doing, sue? >> my favorite guy, with couple of strands every hair. i wish this was the forecast for today, not the baby part, the sun part of course.
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from the teletubbies, this is lala. you don't like it when is it raining, do you? no, you prefer a sunny day, well we will have some sunshine in our forecast coming up in the seven day, maybe for friday, would than good? we can't wait to see the teletubbies, they're back, right? >> teletubbies coming back to tv. next generation. we got here pinky going to be there? >> pinky wing i, po, and our friends lala is here. updating tummy screens. touch screens, just like the device as loft kids used to. >> very 2016. >> uh-huh. now you can see teletubbies lands. how cool is that? so the revamp series premiers may 30th on nick junior, sue, of course little sun in the forecast, right? >> don't forget f.o.p. u, the
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vac aoun cleaner. >> you know what? we have the forecast not only for the baby in the sun and lala but for the phillies game today. you know what, lala the phillies playing the miami marlins. that is day game. bamm. we are hitting it out of the park. we've got clouds, maybe a little sprinkle in the forecast, and maybe little bit of sunshine for you, okay, lala? it will be about 63 degrees, when the game begins. >> # day forecast coming up. >> thank you, lal. , too, franklinville, i love franklin. >> did you see franklin? already updated new and improved. >> stub hub, already. >> hi, karen? hey, hi, guys, good morning. >> i thought you turned into a dog therefore a minute. >> i have my blue on, my franklin blue. >> 9:04, is there too much
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sharing about our personal lives on social media? >> oh! >> specially the new thing that i've been doing lately after the show, i live stream on facebook. >> yes and what do you do when you live stream? >> chris and i walk around old sit. >> i chris knows that over share. >> for sure. >> but here is the thing, karen. >> yes? >> al next. >> yes? >> would you ever do this? a man in california went live on facebook, as his wife was an active labor. now, we can't show you the whole thing, but it was a wide shot. you saw it on it, went on for 45 minutes it, ends with a baby, the crowning, we saw it all, the baby pops out. the clip was viewed thousands and thousands of times. a lot of people just watched the whole 45 minutes, now, i watched some of it. but i couldn't make it to the
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end. >> i think pretty need when you watch a live event. it is not like do you have watch -- you know what's happening, you know what you're looking at, so i don't mind it. >> karen, say brian, your husband, walks into the delivery room. >> no. >> whips out his phone. >> no. >> no, you don't want it? >> you don't mind that someone sells showing that. >> he will well, if they want to and they're comfortable with it, did i have my sister had a friends with her when i was in the delivery room, had the rooms color coded, like i was in the green room, like the green room getting ready, all the fud end my friends and my sister and her friends come in. they have a view like the whole s moosal. they're trapped, can't get out of the room. one of those things i don't want her in here. i don't need her in here. but everything falls away, you're like whatever. at this point whatever happens happens. >> that happened to me, too, when jessica was being born, i was getting bound and the mask and nurses were helping. so i bus through the doors. thinking that i would be like
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her head would be here. as i come in. >> no? >> as i come in, whoa. it is all that. and it was happening. and there was -- oh. then what did you do, did you run? >> i went around to the top. >> good. >> then i go around to the top of her head and there was a dang mirror there. it is again. >> you couldn't get away from it? >> i think it is casino every good. all of russ born, everybody in the whole planet, that's how we get here. good to sort of normalize it, if you are into watching. that will but we had a lot of comments. >> michelle said if it is done privately, awesome. the majority of you said the video was too much. >> too much? yes, i posted that on my facebook page. and got thousands of responses >> i would say 990% say too much. but they would never do it. but this woman was very comfortable with the fact that she was on basically live tv on the phone. >> speaking of that, over
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sharing, many different situations. >> get back in our chairs? magic. >> yes. >> with so many americans addicted to smart phones, by the way, where is mine? >> i made sure i put mine on the set. >> stop. >> i know. >> talk about this couple. their wedding night. what happens? >> okay, so, they got married in the morning, around noon. okay? a man in saudi arabia divorced his wife, just hours later. like that evening, because she was too busy responding to congratulations. >> oh, my gosh. >> text messages, twitter messages, she was on instagram, she was on facebook. so media outlet in saudi arabia said he tried to get intimate with his new bride back at the hotel but she pushed him away because she wasn't done texting her friends. he said he told her he want add divorce in that moment and that her friends were more important than he was and he pout dollars about it and
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wants a divorce, on the day of his wedding. >> take that with a grain of salt. after all, it is saudi arabia, where they don't allow women to drive. >> yes, and that's part of it. >> please. >> what are people saying? >> i don't know. i didn't -- share, that's all -- >> the real thing. like, well, i mean, not that, but just not to that extreme obviously, but people are so addicted to their phones and stuff, because mike always gets on me, and he says that i can't make it through a dinner without looking at my phone. >> yes. >> people want us connected and want us to responds so do you have take the part to do that. >> do you know your part of the body that i know the best? >> what, the top of my head? >> the part in your hair. because every time we're out
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to dinner, whatever, or even in the meetings, look down, look down. >> i'm looking down. >> look down further. that is the number one view of alex holley in my life. >> stop. don't say that. don't say that. ya. >> i can be out with her and i'll say did you notice that my left leg fell off? about a half our ago? and i've been limping? >> that's not true. sue, did you say it is true? >> okay, let's talk about the lunch. you know what they do, the competition to see what will touch their phone first, do that. >> put your phones in the middle of the restaurant table, who ever touches it first pays. >> the other day out it lunch with someone, you no he when you call an uber, pull up an app and see where the aoun is her coming? always when dow that i like sit and stair and just watch it. >> they thought that was so strange. like why? i like to watch the little
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cars. >> me too. >> make it challenge. >> no, who ever -- has to pay the bill. >> only one time there is one, from to react to it could be a drinking game which would have more longevity. >> even better. >> right? >> you mean for people at home right now, they can watch with us, see when we look at our phones. >> that too. >> responds to tweets when you guys tweet us during the show. >> we're supposed to be inter active. >> see like michael he says texting at the dinner table ... >> that is a deal breaker. >> that means if you're out and date with someone, will you really end the date because she picks up her phone? >> in saudi arabia. >> sorry, i'll put my phone away. then wow we will know each other. >> no, no, no. who are you dating now? >> not dating anyone. >> my point. >> okay, there is no such thing as the perfect woman except i get to work with two of them every day. >> well, thank you.
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>> each de society seems to have their own perception what when it comes to woman. >> show you one photo first. >> super drub asked design presser 18 different countries to photo shop in different ways to show how each culture sees beauty. >> oh, i like this idea. >> slows curvey figure, pretty similar to kim kardashian with wide, you know, back side trunk and all of that kind of stuff. that's what the american -- >> i'm surprised wouldn't be even thinner. >> things have changed, kim changed things up, people really want a huge, you know,. >> different bod. >> i legs and thighs, the thigh gap. >> okay. next country? >> going to italian china. >> wow. >> really skinny mini for both of those countries. which, you know, may make
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sense, they think is the best body. >> part in their hair, hair down both sides, in china put the hair on the other side. >> one on the right looks like walking candy apple, big head, skinny body. >> let's go to spain in the uk. >> curvey model, and in fact the models could be considered according to this, you know. >> so basically the same. >> yes. >> in the uk there is a flat stomach and petite -- interesting. >> cool. >> the pregnant woman varies, but depending where you live, what you think is you're pit any of beauty. >> inside what count, guys. >> could celebrities and, well, i just want to go through one day without seeing social media. impossible. that's all we're about now.
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just robots. could celebrities and social media be feeling a post-baby body obsession? >> trying to explain, celebrities, they have a baby, two weeks late, look at me, so great. kim kardashian, the other, get right back into shape. that's not reality for so many moms. >> true. >> our biggest fear. >> say number one concern having your first child, are you going to get your body back in shape? even more than your relationship, your career, but the issue is of what that whole group, one in five works out regularly, if you don't work out before it is much more challenge to go work out later. so -- >> who is that on the right? >> that's cocoa. >> oh,. >> i would like some cocoa now. >> my goodness. >> , no i haven't had any coffee today. that makes sense. >> keep seeing these people, they don't have the personal
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nutritionist, personal trainers, have all of the people that help them with their baby, nancy is and stuff, so they can do all that. >> a the low of them don't have full-time job they go to work every day, this is their job. they want to make sure they get their body going, 100% of their time goes to that. >> would you worry about getting your tv body back? >> i certainly did, but i don't work out a lot but dow yoga and some stuff. whatever do you before you have the baby is what you can do up through the whole pregnancy, then coy keep doing t so i walked a lot, did stuff. but if you are not doing it before, there some magic trick. so much more challenging. >> well the survey said 52%, the number one thing, worried about getting their body back over vomiting and morning sickness? >> and carreers, i think the tissue when you have a baby like oh, still haven't lost the baby weight, five years later haven't lost the baby weight. and it is not easy. >> no, it is not, i'm telling
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you. sue? avenue question. people talking about doylestown. now, are you confirming on friday when we're in doylestown, that it will be into the 70s by the end of the day? no rain during our show because we are outside for three hours. >> the thing i should emphasize, 75 degrees, the high temperature of the day. we will be there between 7:00 and 10:00 in the morning, so it will be a little cooler than that but in the 60s? with sunshine in the morning? i think at this time's pretty good. real quick, show you still wedged between two weak weather system. we zoom in little closer, weather at the moment is in east nottingham, fairly light rain, tredyffrin chester county very light rain. lower salford, as well, as pottstown and reading where it has been raining g all morning, seven day forecast does brighten up eventually, see quite few clouds today. quite few tomorrow.
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type friday. saturday not so much. we have coastal storm coming that should take out the whole day on saturday. basically just hoping for quick exit saturday night. so that we can get sunny day sunday. so some, italian festival, both days, i think, we will do better on sunday than on saturday. because of all of that rain. >> okay, this is special edition of the empire rap. can you believe it? the finale empire is tonight. >> i'm excited. >> you're excited? >> super excited. >> well, there are at love questions from this season that we hope that this finale will answer. so of course i have quincy harris, normally does the empire rap with me, we will break it all down. things you should be looking for tonight, okay? so, for the first mystery, who pushed rhonda down the stairs causing her to lose her baby? >> really, who do it?
9:17 am
so, they've been hinting at boo-boo kitty. our theory all along has been it is not her. >> she didn't do it. come on, man. that's too obvious. that's not the culture of empire. oh, this person did it. no, who do youy? >> who is your snuck. >> bubbles. >> the lawyer? >> the lawyer, doing a lot of his dirty work all season long, came out move where, i so i think bubbles. >> this is random. i think andre had an episode and didn't even know he did t wearing shoes, has to be a woman? >> doesn't have to be a woman. maybe took the shoes off? i think bubbles. >> all right, we'll see. next what's going on with the fbi detective who showed up reese inchly in the past couple of episodes. >> looks like my cousin, my brother. >> what does he try to depends on the lion? >> lucious has done so much dirt in the past it, can be number of things, he's done murder, i think he said it, murder, drug dealing. >> but do you think boo-boo kitty will tell on him?
9:18 am
>> she will not tell. >> onto mama lion, lucius mother. what kind of dirt does she really have on lucious, so much so he would want to pay to keep her away so no one knows she exist. >> we've seen previous episodes the ladies slightly touched. >> he lied about it. he said he was -- i wonder how much he lied about what it comes to his childhood. >> see, he forced her to eat the cake. well, she forced him. we can see, you know, a hint that she hasn't been nice to lucious. she threatens. i wish i would have killed you when i had a chance to. >> simply he is hiding her because she not fully there? >> yes. >> i think there is more. >> and now because of the ace awards, i don't know why they don't say grammys, ace awards, you know, that's yes got nominated. he got nominated because lick this thing with his mother, touching like oh, my mom's not here. ya. >> all right. and then finally, the big, big question. did jamal die at the end of the episode?
9:19 am
we know he got shot. did he die? your prediction? >> justy kind of gave it away. he's not coming back. >> here is the thing. some people still believe it. he tweeted out and said it's been real, i enjoyed, but never said he was leaving, but did he say now i have time to make movies and also an albumn. here is the thing. we had some great people who love our empire rap. someone sent me a dm. >> oh? >> ya, but they said i think he's still a lime you want to know why? they went back in his instagram, through all of the videos, posted an instagram video back when they wrapped up season two filming. and they think based on how he looks here, they think he is still alivement take a look. >> it is a season wrap. yes. tray.
9:20 am
>> take a look, we know there is a begged. we see he is wearing a bow tie. yaz is there. i'll go around, andre is there. >> right. >> then you see lucious. obviously the family gathering. neither look dead to mement look like he is fully there at the wedding. >> they may do too back flashback, maybe all of next season may be flashback. >> maybe put him in a coma while doing movie and other stuff and then bring him back? >> well, it is. we need him. we need him on the show. >> of course we will be live tweeting tonight. so, tweet me alex holley fox 29 or go on facebook, also alex holley fox 29. have the empire wrap and very big guest, star of the show empire will be doing the wrap with us tomorrow. >> i'm glad i didn't give it away. >> the dress it, caused controversy, but is it finally over? >> blue and black dress?
9:21 am
>> or white and gold. quincy? >> here is a tweet that may explain it all. and coming up: pray for dominick. you've been to doylestown. you've seen these signs, all over the town. why they are so important to one family in particular.
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>> ♪ ♪ how cute is this? these are joint billboards, that frighten people in front of everyone every day. so, this class, they went to the national constitution center, and they walk through old city, on their way back to the buses, that's madison, angelina, and miali. adorable, all three of them. >> and they say we're their favorite news family. >> so cute what they wrote. so nice. they say alex so relating, what's that when they love
9:25 am
about you. mike you keep us all laughing. suebe such a sweet spirit. >> oh, isn't that nice? >> well, they've never met sue. >> oh, don't say that. >> she is adorable. a photo on twitter may finally put an ends to the dress debate, once and for all. now, put up the picture. i see blue and black. >> what, diana? >> i see white and gold. >> you see white and gold, our floor director said she sees white and gold. >> i've always seen white and gold. >> you see white and gold? >> yes. >> sue? >> blue and black. >> see? >> see that sweet spirit? >> blue and black. >> i see blue and black. >> you said blue and black. >> yep, blue and black. >> i heard you. >> i heard you. >> okay. >> photo of the dress has some -- >> in natural lighting. >> natural light, it is sunshine on there, may explain why everyone sees it differently. so explain this to me, karen?
9:26 am
>> there is the dress in bright sunlight, colors in the part that seem washed out are white and gold. >> but the parts that that are in the shadow appear black and blue. some say the contrast really explains, mystery of how the dress plays with your eyeballs. >> karen, you say in the original photo you saw gold and white. >> yes. >> let's put that picture back up please. in the sunlight. give me the sunlight picture again, just up. >> yes. >> common, baby. so what is the color of the dress in the sunlight to you. >> white and gold. >> what's the color in the back side of her butt? >> i know, actually just white and gold in the shadow. >> you don't see blue and black? >> i do but i know it is a shadow, i do see blue and black. >> there go. >> blue and black. >> so not such a weird owe from outer space. >> you're the weirds owe from outer space, the dress actually happens to be white and gold. >> no. >> really?
9:27 am
>> it is blue and black. >> so the debate rages on. >> if this isn't enough to prove it, i don't know. >> i don't get it. megan, can you punch yourself up? >> there go. >> now really messing with us. >> yes. >> we'll never know. >> let's do this. for tomorrow's show, let's -- what would it be an a.m. thal million gist? >> eye doctor comes in to explain why it plays tricks on us? >> yes, what's going won my rhetin a, then, my cones, if i see blue and black? am i the weird owe? or are you the weird owe karen? >> i'm quite sure, i'm the weird owe. >> you're as weirds as i am. you see what i see. >> do you see what i see ♪ >> a star. >> a star. i see a star. from the daily news, the newspaper every day, big rube is here. >> something to settle here on the show, mike. >> you still aren't fighting,
9:28 am
are you? >> i won't say fighting. >> it got pretty intense on the radio. >> oh, that's what i hearder. >> what was the issue? >> this picture appeared in the daily news. we'll discuss the argument and see if we can separate these two after the break.
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spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ ♪ >> what is going on here, alex. >> there was a tease for dnce new video tooth brush. >> right. >> joe jonas posted on twitter. >> he sings in that group, joe jonas, i'll be darned. >> leading lady is model ashley graham. >> all right now. >> ashley was the one who made one of the three swimsuits
9:32 am
sports illustrated covers. >> yes. >> she did. >> looks good. >> all right. in the daily news every single day i open it up one of the first things lie at is big rube's pictures. >> street shots. lets look at for today. this is what we do every morning. >> gorge. >> pretty and published. look at her, she's fancy. do you see those heels. >> yes. >> yes, valentino. >> yes. >> and he is known for going around seeing the fashion for people around philly, right. >> yes. >> the other day i was out, and it was raining and everything, and he asked to take a picture of me. i don't look so cute. he said it will be fun, it will be fun. there is me. >> well, you look adorable. you never take a bad picture. >> that is nice of you, mikey was wearing my old college t-shirt, i had some combat boots, you you know, basically a parka. i was running out really quickly. >> yes. >> so this is just a street
9:33 am
shot. this is like fashionable people of philly. i said my gosh this could have been my one shot and i messed it up. you know when you go to the grocery story will run out quickly just to get me something quick. you throw on something and go and you see everything that you know and they are like hey, hey, because if you had dressed up, you wouldn't have seen anybody. >> it is big rube. >> how are you. >> so, what i did, big rube, i posted it on my instagram, right. >> yes. >> the picture. >> what did you say. >> i felt like i had to explain because people are used to seeing big fancy heels and valentino so i said that moment when i is raining and you know you have to step out real quick and so you throw other than an old college shirt and some combat boot. then you end up on the paper. knicks time big rube, i'm going to dress up. people started commenting, right. even big rube put on he is laughing at it, what are he was funny. but then it got interesting.
9:34 am
so many people, i guess they heard or saw what i said and they took it wrong. >> did you take offence to what she said. >> the emoji i was like, i mean from everybody, you know, celebrities, you know, they love what i do and when i saw the sad face i was like, i didn't do a great job, you know, she didn't like it. >> but you know what that is no the what i was saying. >> then it wasn't. you were here. people start tweeting me, wip is talking about you. i said is what wrong. big rube came on wip and he called me out. >> silence, silence. >> i just said my silent because she didn't like what i did. >> that is big. >> you know, i'm uplifted her style. to me what i saw was, yeah, is wasn't the fancy, but she still was doing it and then look at that beautiful face. you see it every day.
9:35 am
>> he said every day. >> but once again people made it bigger than what it was. oh, big rube talking about you, they are trashing you. >> maybe what it was when big rube said she's dead to me. >> i didn't say that. >> no, no, no. >> i will never be on his cameras ever, ever again. >> he has brought a peace offering. >> an olive branch. >> olives have nothing to do with it. it is his famous fried chicken. >> that is even bigger. >> yes. >> that is my famous fried chicken with my famous baby momma a sauce. >> yes. >> it is on a plate, shaped like a heart. >> big rube, because you know i only wanted to look good for you. >> no doubt, and you are killing it today. >> thank you. >> she got 5-inch heels on, so she's bringing it today for me. >> i did it today for me. >> where can we get this. >> everybody knows about his fried chicken, today you have a pop up.
9:36 am
>> today at joe's, 201 spruce street from 6:00 to 10:00, everybody come out and eat some chicken, some sweet waffles, you know, with my favorite strawberry butter and you will love it. it will be the best. everybody come out, we always sellout, so get there early and, you know, have it, and put some baby momma sauce on the side, so y'all go in. let me hear that crunch. >> oh, yeah. >> you have to hear the crunch. >> squirt some sauce on it. >> i was scared at first but i thought it was spicy but it is just good. >> i'll tell you this, you have a a great life, you just walk around town taking pictures of beautiful women. >> i cook for them as well. >> big rube can i get a right do. >> no doubt. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> i'll see you tonight. >> we will put that on the cover. >> go ahead, alex, have some. >> i thought this was my peace offering, mike. >> thanks, big rube. >> isn't it good. >> drizzle that on there.
9:37 am
>> and remember, if you don't see a greasy bag of fried chicken, it is not worth it. it has got to be greasy. >> it sound like my nickname in high school. >> hey, leave baby alone. one mom admits she leaves her ten month-old home loan when she goes to the store. are you out of your mind? is that okay. let's discuss.
9:38 am
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9:40. a mother asking, oh, that is pretty. a mother asking if she can leave her ten month-old child home alone? so, she can go to the store, and so this is on -- she put
9:41 am
this idea on facebook she put is it okay to go to the store and leave my ten month-old a loan. >> no, it is just such a problem for a mom. i went in for a second. baby is asleep. this is one of those message board. she said her baby naps reliably at the same time every day and this does happen. you know baby will get down at two and sleep for these hours. she wand third she could run to the store for seven minutes. it is against the law, you do not want to do it but it is a huge issue if you are a single mom. i don't know how they do it. let us know, you have to run out, get something, bring them in and out of the car or whatever. >> well, maybe i'll change my mind here a little bit. so this store must be right next door to her house, leave house, go to the shore, stop and get back in seven minutes, your convenience store right next door. >> this happens in the city. you are a single mom with a couple kid and they are playing, watching tv, baby down for a nap.
9:42 am
i need 2 gallons of milk. you go run out, go grab it. by the time you can the in the carry groceries back. i think it is a challenge. >> i don't think you can do it. too risky. >> it is against the law. >> well, that is a problem. >> jen? she's working. >> here's jen. >> i found some new kids, and we're in doylestown, these two are two of dominic's best friend, do you know about the pray for dominic movement. we will go surprise him, right. second grade. we will have some fun. everybody is waiting for us. come back you will want to know about this special new friend of mine, hi guys.
9:43 am
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9:45 am
is that christ church, joe? high voice. yes. all right. christ church needs a paint job, the steeple. >> yes. >> it is getting rusty up there. >> that is history you just captain do any paint job. >> you have to check with the historical society, or historical society. by the way, as you know, friday, day after tomorrow, we will be live in doylestown for good day philadelphia we were driving around up there to check out locations and kept seeing the sign pray for dominic f you live in bucks county or doylestown you have seen this over and over for
9:46 am
months now, right. he is second grade their has everyone from fletcher cox from the eagles to darren dalton with the phillies pulling over, for him and pulling for him. >> he is front page news and not just in doylestown, eight year-old dominic has eagles. >> i gotti ball for you next time. >> other pro athletes pulling for him more specifically praying for him. >> i want you you to feel better, big man. praying for you you. >> dominic is waging war against brain tumor doctors say a tumor that just won't go away. it all started in march when mom noticed his arms just wasn't working. >> what are you doing. >> in just a few months he has endured radiation and more. all of it, he has under like a pro. after all he spent years watching this little guy, his brother charlie go in and out of children's hospital himself. he was born with a severe
9:47 am
disability. >> people pray for me. >> well, jen is up in doylestown right now. jen? >> hi, guys, okay. we are in second grade. are we in second grade. >> yes. >> whose class are we in? >> miss engel. >> we wanted to come here because you guys mentioned we will be in doylestown on friday and we heard about these pray for dominic signs and i said you know what i got to meet dominic. good morning to you, budd. >> good morning. >> thanks for helping us out. willis here. you know he gets shy. you have been his best friend, best buddies for a long time, you have seen him through everything, this whole thing started in march, before march, give me one reason yes has always been one of your best buddies. >> because he plays with me when i'm left out. >> excellent athlete i hear. >> yes. >> big time basketball, baller.
9:48 am
>> um-hmm. >> we grabbed you out of your other class, or toy say nice things in front of you but you are used to it, but why is this guy one of the coolest guys. >> because he is funny and silly. >> so, we felt like we're going to be in doylestown, everyone will be talking about it but we felt like you needed a bigger moment then just a saying hi to you in doyletown. you are okay with us coming today. >> yes. >> sometimes if you are getting treatment, or whatever, you cannot be here you are at children's hospital. >> yes. >> who is this guy behind us. >> a monkey. >> what does the monkey do what is the deal with this monkey. >> he takes dominic's place whenever dominic is getting his treatments so that we know dominic is with us but he has dominic on his wheelchair. >> what do you do with the backpack. >> when somebody has something to give to dominic they put
9:49 am
tonight his backpack and then now and then somebody will give to it dominic and dominic gets to look at all of the stuff in it. >> you must have have been so excited he backpack came, right. >> yes. >> what is the best part about school. >> i have really nice teachers. >> are you sure you are not the just saying that for extra credit. >> no. >> really. >> um-hmm. >> what is your favorite subject. i know you you like your ipad. >> yes. >> are you better in math or reading. >> math. >> mommies here. we can't do any of this without mom. you have a good mother, by the way. you started pray for dominic movement. we're in a happy place but tell me why you want people to necessity about the #and to pray for him. >> well, because he needs prayer. this is a very big battle he is fighting and we need to keep hope alive. the more prayers, the better, we know is there only one that
9:50 am
knows what will happen and that is who. >> jesus. >> right. >> so when you see that the head coach of the philadelphia eagles, darren dalton was here yesterday, i'm no big deal because darren dalton was here. when you see pro a athletes rally around this smiling goofy a awesome looking kid how does it make you feel. >> it makes you feel amazing. he is such a sweet boy and it has been so wonderful to be embraced by all of the athletes that we love to watch and together. >> and children's hospital, knows him very well. >> he is on their billboard right now. >> you are kind of steel the show a way from him are you okay with that. >> yes. >> i mean you have had -- >> there is competition over the house over who is more famous. >> i would say this guy. >> okay. so are you more famous now you. >> yes. >> we want people to know about the #. we will see you on friday, from one mom to another keep
9:51 am
kicking, you you know, fanny. >> you can find pray for dominic on facebook. >> happy to meet you. do you want me get out of your hair so you can go back to will school. >> yes. >> thank you guys for being great friends. ladies and gentlemen, if this isn't the best story you have seen all week. >> story of the year. >> of the year. >> dominic is so cute. >> great attitude, always making jokes making everybody laugh. >> when you have kids you can feel what that family is going through. >> yes. >> wow, the little will boy, with spina bifada, that is what he is dealing with too his little brother. >> yeah. >> lets take a break, all right. we will be right back. connections.
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you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
9:55 am
that is a new song thaw can hear tonight on the season finally of empire. >> it is called cribs in and performed by yas. >> um-hmm. >> all right. sometimes i'll watch dish nation in the afternoon because i like porsche, that is one of the main reasons i watch, i always like to see whether she has on and what her hair looks like. when you have your hair done you feel good. >> yeah, really good. >> good feeling. >> really good. >> what. >> are you trying to say i just got my hair done. >> yes. >> ♪ >> so i noticed this on instagram have after you got your hair done, it gets that exciting. >> stinted of running man it is sling it challenge. sling it, sling it, that is what they are doing in the hair studio good that is a great shop, my fiance went there saturday good do you want to see porsche's hair today. come on lets see what you got, she's slinging it. >> oh, yeah, yeah.
9:56 am
>> don't you think we should call it the sling it. >> exactly. >> yes. >> you are killing it, girl. >> thank you. >> okay, let's talk about this because we don't have too much time, music producer you talk about all the time doctor luke is reportedly causing more trouble for kesha, is what up. >> i wish he would leave my kesha a loan. ways looking forward to kesha performing at billing board award, doing a tribute to bob dylann but instead, doctor luke who had given her written consent rescinded that. he heard rumors that she would get on stage and say derogatory things about him so he went back and said you cannot perform there. she has to do whatever he says because she's still under his record label. at this point, the courts are saying that they have denied her she cannot leave the record label, she has to work with the producers, perform where she can and cannot perform. it is a real difficult
9:57 am
situation for her. she sent a touching message to her fans. i hope he releases her because i enjoyed kesha music. >> so does everybody. >> now black china criticized for her pregnancy, what is going on with this. >> omg this is why these young girls have low self esteem and why adult women are going overseas getting these things put into their body. she's pregnant, you know, she posted a picture and she clapped back at these haters saying she's fat, this that and the third. if you look at her she's around five months or four months, she looks great. her arms are still tone. he didn't have make up or heels but if they did they with call her a diva because they talk about kim kardashian when she was dressed up. now a woman that looks every day and they are being so perfectible to her. >> you cannot win. >> you can win by watching dish nation right here on fox.
9:58 am
>> sling it, girl. >> yes. >> thanks for watching us. >> yes. >> i will get my hair done
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live from the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? you we've bloent what i-- you w believe what i'm about to tell you. my girls are always turned out. slam bam, thank you, ma'am. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! ♪ these boots were made for walking that's just what they'll do ♪ ♪ one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you ♪ >> wendy: yes! thank you! more like these boots are hard


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