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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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i just want to see her face. lynn watson is beyond worried for her 16-year-old daughter brianna. the last time she and her husband jim saw the teen was friday night at their clifton heights home. >> i just want her home safe. that's all we want. >> it's been five long days and her mom and dad fear for brianna's safety because she's been without her medication. >> that's a huge concern of ours. you know, she needs that -- she needs it to be okay. >> reporter: lynn and jim continue to search the diamond street park by their home. that's the last place brianna was seen when a friend dropped her near the steps saturday afternoon around 2:00 o'clock. her parents say she has left before but never longer than 24 hours and always contacts someone. >> she's just not that type of a kid not to have any type of interaction with one of us. >> reporter: brianna is 5 feet two, she weighs 145 pounds and has red hair and brown eyes. her mom says she has no idea why she hasn't reached out.
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>> she's my buddy. she's always been my buddy. >> reporter: watson family has posted flyers all around town and the clifton heights police department is actively investigating the teen's disappearance. >> we are in the process of tracking down couple of leads from a few people that have given us some information but at this time nothing is really panned out. >> reporter: her parents are not giving up hope that she will be found safe and sound. >> the doors are open and the light is always on for her. and they will continue to stay on at night so that she can just -- she can just come home. >> reporter: now brianna does not have her cell phone with h her. she has not been on social media at all since she vanished so right now there's no trace of this teenager. anyone with information is asked to call the clifton heights police department. lucy. >> let's hope it happens. thank you, dawn. breaking news out of burlington county new jersey let's go live to skyfox over route 70 this is in medford where dispatchers tell us this
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crash has blocked the road in both directions. it does not look good. and we do have reports of injuries. now, how many people are hurt or the extent of their injuries we don't yet know. but if you are about to head into this area along route 70 this is near main street in medford try and find yourself an alternate route because you'll be blocked for quite sometime. a community in mourning after two young girls died over the weekend in a terrible car crash. they were on their way home after prom. >> tonight the shaken community of bridgeton, new jersey, will hold a vigil in memory of those two students. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in bridgeton tonight where that vigil will start soon. shawnette? >> reporter: the vigil is schedule to start at 8:00 o'clock tonight. it will be held on the athletic fields here at the high school. in the meantime, we are still waiting to hear what caused the crash. the community is mourning the loss of these two pretty young girls 17-year-old daisia sulton and 15-year-old mikayla mozing.
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they were killed coming home from prom early saturday morning after prom friday night. the car hit a tree on route 49 in morris township. two other girls were in the car. they were hurt we're told they remain in the hospital today. now published reports say drugs and alcohol have been ruled out as the cause of the crash but state police have not confirmed that to fox 29. we did put in a call to them this morning. they have not confirmed that information. and back here live, though, again the vigil starts at 8:00 o'clock tonight. we're told that grief counselors have been on hasn't at the school to help the staff and students cope with the loss many we will be here for the vigil haven't a full report for you coming up tonight on the fox 29 news at 10:00. back to you. >> all right, shawnette, thank you. it's day three of the corruption trial. u.s. representative chaka fattah rough one for the 11-term democrat. this afternoon, thomas linden felled took the stand. he is the political consultant who has been flipped by the feds to testify against fattah. linden felled who plead guilty to wire fraud linked fattah to an illegal $1 million campaign
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loan. he testified he spoke directly to fattah about that loan and how it would be paid back. fattah's lawyers claim the political consultant a ranged for the lone without fattah's knowledge. we're waiting for warmup in your fox 29 weather authority. chief meteorologist scott williams tracking the changes ahead. scott? >> yeah, lucy, temperatures today were stuck in the upper 60s. we were close. so close to hitting 70 but 70-degree temperatures are going to be back for your thursday and friday. yesterday's high only 62. 69 degrees was the high temperature today. but by thursday and friday, we'll have temperatures at or slightly above that normal for this time of year which is 74 degrees. so if you're stepping outdoors for your evening, looking pretty good. comfortable temperatures. 70s back tomorrow. but by the weekend it looks like a saturday soaker. we're talking about a coastal system that will bring rain from the carl leap nass through the mid atlantic and right toward parts of delaware, south jersey,
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along with southeastern pennsylvania. once again as we move toward the weekend. mostly cloudy skies out there. a couple of spotty spring kills into mercer county most of that is now moving on out. item which are wise 66 degrees in millville. 64 in allentown, 60 right now in atlantic city. so once again there could be isolated sprinkle north and west but otherwise we'll keep the clouds around. temperatures by 9:00 o'clock 61 degrees. 60 at 11:00. with mostly cloudy skies. coming up we'll time out those temperatures climbing into the 70s. along with that rain that could impact your weekend coming up. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. teenager shot in the chest in west philadelphia this afternoon. police say it happened in 100 block of around 3:30 we're toll the victim is 16 years of age and was a passenger in a red ford taurus when he was shot. he is in critical condition at presbyterian hospital. officers are on the scene but they have not yet made any arrests. >> to a developing story in berks county. a reading police officer is
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facing criminal charges. he was caught on camera in a violent confrontation with a woman during a traffic stop last month. now the district attorney says not only did the officer throw punches at a woman and throw her on to the sidewalk he lied to fellow officers. fox 29's karen happen with a look at the video and the charges. >> reporter: this officer jesus santiago de jesus of the reading police department wrestling a cell phone from a woman. investigators say you can clearly see him slam it on the ground so hard it bounces up. next, there's a struggle where he punches her investigators say and then grabs and throws her over to the sidewalk so her head smacks a pipe cutting her so badly she needed three staples. what started all of this? the district attorney says a lie. >> he used that false information to escalate a situation. >> victim garr see yann her boyfriend are in this car. you can see the blinking turn signal on the right side. but the officer claimed they
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didn't properly signal. >> it's clear as day that this individual used a turn signal. >> reporter: this incident happened back on april 5th and the victim open went to prison. but when police started digging deeper, they found all of this new video that contradicted the officer's story. so now he's the one facing charges. >> arrest tension seizure, miss treatment and inn trip many damage personal property are in violation of the statute entitled official oppression. report. >> karen reports the officer is on administrative leave and expected to turn himself in. prosecutors have dropped all charges against the victim and her boyfriend. philadelphia police are trying to track down the guy accused of setting a fire at an overbrook home and then shooting a man. investigators say a man used something to set the chair on fire early this morning along the 5600 block of lebanon avenue. police say the man waited for a 19-year-old to come outside and opened fire. the teen was shot three times. he's in critical condition tonight. investigators say they know who
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that shooter is but they have not been able to find him. you'll remember the huge traffic jams last month because of emergency repairs on the delaware memorial bridge. well, those jams came with a big cost evidently. the delaware river and bay authorities say -- says that 34,000 fewer cars crossed the span during the construction. now that means a loss of more than $200,000 in toll revenues. officials say people saw the delays wanted nothing to do with them. understandably. so motorists took the commodore barry bridge instead. amazon says it expects two new fulfillment centers being built in new jersey to open in the fall. amazon plans to built 800,000 square foot center in middlesex county where it already operates a warehouse. the internet giant says the center will employee 1500 workers. second warehouse is plan in burlington county. it will employee another 500 people amazon says increasing demand is behind latest expansion in the garden state. if you play the mega millions and recently bought your ticket in delaware county,
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listen very closely. because someone bought a ticket that match all five white balls in tuesday's drawing. it didn't match the yellow mega ball number but that ticket it is still worth a cool million dollars. the marcus hook newsstand saw it. if this is ringing any bells, look in your pocks, don't do laundry. the win are in has one year to claim the prize and don't forget you can watch the lottery drawings right here on fox 29. coming up new at 6:00 west philadelphia neighborhood taken over by turkey vultures much the trouble spot where the birds have been hanging out and the big change coming in a master hours. >> tens of millions of dollars pouring into part of philadelphia international airport. and the big changes have nothing to do with planes. howard? the phillies had another first today. they're on role and they are in an unfamiliar position. nba commissioner adam silver tells all the sixers fans don't crown the sixers champs just yet. that's all coming up in sports. >> we have breaking news. burlington county, new jersey, we go. this is skyfox live right now
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over a big crash. route 70 medford. dispatchers tell us this crash has blocked the road in both directions. completely shut down. we know people are injured. we don't know how many nor the extent right now. you got to avoid the area. we're back in a moment.
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>> continuing to follow breaking news burlington county new jersey. sky fox live over route 70 in medford. this crash has block the road in both directions. we have reports of injuries. but we're not yet sure how severe those injuries are. if you of course are about to head out along route 70 near main street in medford you can prepare for some major traffic delays. sounds like the plot of an alfred hitchcock movie turkey vultures have invade add west philadelphia neighborhood and apparently set up house in abandoned row home. at least that's the claim that brought our bruce gordon to the 400 block of north 50th street today. >> sometimes things don't work out the way you planned.
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>> reporter: in this neighborhood, all eyes are skyward. everybody it seems has a grainy picture no show you. they all have stories of meeting creepy raptors face to face. >> what did you think it was at first. >> i don't know. i asked my cousin was a flying turkey? (laughter). >> reporter: flying turkey. >> flying turkey. turkeys don't fly. >> reporter: neighbors tell me committee of turkey vultures a group of them is called showed up about three weeks ago seemingly living in a veigh captain and crumbling row house on the block. here they are next door. the vultures sometimes called buzzards scene particularly active on trash day digging around for free meal. ingrid bullock lived on this block for years and says whatever they're called, they've developed a bit of an attitude. >> you feel like they're taking over. >> i'm fine as long as they stay up there. but when they come down here, i'm done. >> reporter: first time you ever saw them what was your reaction? >> what is that? >> right. >> and why is it around here. >> reporter: cameo ali bay and his wife christina live next door to the squatting vultures
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they hear them all night long. >> it sounds like humans like people walking in the house and just scratching noises. >> we actually -- >> reporter: a little creepy. >> like a horror movie. >> reporter: tea cup yorkie rocco nodes a bodyguard when he goes outside. >> i'm scared the buzzards will try to -- >> scoop him him glop scoop him up and make him dinner. >> reporter: nothing. pictures and videos they're all fine but i want to see an actual turkey vulture out here. they're said to have incredible sense of smell and so this half eaten cheeseburger ought to do the trick. ought to draw them out of wherever they're hiding. just half an hour later presto a turkey vulture -- no, just regular bird pecking on our bun. there is some good news. that crumbling house that's apparently hosting the vultures i called licenses and inspections and -- >> coming down on thursday. >> yes. >> reporter: that's great news. >> the turkey vultures everyone swears were here but we never
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actually saw will now be homeless. says cameo -- >> about time. >> right. >> it's about time. >> reporter: i wouldn't if i can get the rest might have cheeseburger back n west philadelphia, bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> itty bitty turkey vulture right there. masquerading as sparrow. big changes are coming to terminal b at philadelphia international airport. >> but it's not about the planes, rather food and shopping. so check this out. the $30 million project will transform the terminal operated by american airlines it will offer travelers a at any time of local flavors with the help of several local chefs and high tech amenities. american says its customers will have access to more than 1,000i pads throughout the restaurants and all the gate lurches. you can check all that out. the hospitality group otg is leading the project. construction will happen over the next 18 to 24 months. all right. 18 to 24 days i'm hoping we get a warmup. is that a possibility? >> get it by memorial day.
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>> there's some hope. average for this time of year is 74 degrees. so temperatures over the next couple of days will actually be in the 70s. so a warmup is headed this way. but by the upcoming weekend, it look like it could be pretty wet across the area. right now as we look at ultimate doppler with precipitation along with the clouds, it's movely cloudy. most of us are dry but a couple of sprinkles moving into lancaster county. also some activity has been moving out of mercer county but most of us will stay dry for tonight. for tomorrow, a couple of spotty showers during the afternoon. friday the pick day of the week. but then look at the rainfall chances for saturday. then lingering into your sunday we're talking about a coastal system that will bring a lot of heavy rainfall our way to kick off the upcoming weekend. the high temperature today mater up to 69 degrees. that's 5 degrees below the normal for this time of year which is by the way is 74 degrees. but back in 1962 look at this.
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yeah, it can get hot. 94 degrees that was the record high on today's date back in 1962. 66 degrees right now. the sun will set this evening at about two hours. we're looking at a comfortable evening out there across the region. look at the temperatures right now. wilmington 65. 61 in dover. 60 in atlantic city. but it is a little cooler once you move toward the boardwalk. only 55 degrees right now there. 59 in wildwood and 54 degrees in beach haven. so we have an area of low pressure out to sea. high pressure around the great lakes. so most of the area will be dry for tomorrow. but in between these two syste systems, we're kind of get a little trough some lift in the atmosphere tomorrow. so that could be enough to spark off couple of spotty afternoon sprinkles but once again the theme for tomorrow and moving into friday will be high temperatures in the 70s. then we get ready for this coastal system that will move out of the carolinas through the mid atlantic bringing with it
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heavy rainfall across our area for much of the day on your saturday. so saturday kind of looks like a soaker or a wash out either way you put it looking at about an inch of rainfall around philadelphia. likely over an inch down the shore. so for tonight upper 40s low 50s. high temperatures tomorrow 72 degrees. that's close to the average for this time of year which is 74. it's even better friday. it is definitely a 10. 76 degrees and then look at that wet weekend forecast. rain likely or saturday. keep that in mind for your plans. it looks like bouts of rainfall at least the first half of the day then lingering showers lighter rain on sunday. high of 70 and then look at th that. 80-degree temperature by the middle of next week. >> here we go. >> all right, scott, thank you. >> all right. basketball -- >> yeah yes. >> baseball. >> yes. >> everything is going on. nba commissioner adam silver was not happy the sixers tanked the games for three seasons to
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finally get the number one pick but warns fans about thinking the process will bring success. and the phillies are on a role and now have one of the best records in baseball. another first for the phils today. all that's coming up in sports. ♪ to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas,
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♪ your phillies won another series phillies won the first two series at home so far and
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remember it's only may but the phillies are tied for first place in the national league east. even with lack of offense the phils wouldn't again. let's go to citizens bank park. phillies were down two to nothing and that andres blank company in the third inning, doubled down the right field line. that will score one. that make it two-one miami still leads. after franco walks, cameron rupp a two run single up the middle gives the phillies a three-two lead. all right. three-two in the eighth and tyler goodell a first for tyler. and that is deep. and that is not playable except for the fans. his first major league homerun want normally happens you get the silent treatment in the dug out. then the players say, okay, enough. they come over and say all right everything is great. >> tyler likes the feel in the clubhouse. >> we show up every day expecting tock in the ballgame. and we've done a great job of finishing games lately and we believe we can continue to do that throughout the season. >> the sixers living large today after trying to lose for three
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straight seasons they finally, number one pick in the nba draft after the ping-pong balls fell the right way. the sam hinkie admirers praised the former gm for making this happen but, remember, any idiot can try to lose by putting together a horrible team. now it's not a given the first pick is franchise player or game changer first pick will be either ben simmons after his one year at lsu. i'm not overwhelmed with simmons or the pick could be brandon ingram who played one year at duke. nba commissioner silver allowed the sixers to tank these games but it's not given the sixers are on their way. >> nobody should fool themselves thinking woe woe we got the first pick now it's instant. it's day by day. you got to build. okafor is a wonderful player. but, again, you know, he's got to get his reps and come together as team. so i'm anxious to watch. i love seeing these stories around the league. >> i'm anxious to see some wins.
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141st preakness is this saturday almost doesn't matter because nyquist is the favorite out of the three spot. ex saturate in the second favorite in the five hole and strad idvai. >> like stratt various. >> nyquist if you bet anything. >> good advice. >> any idiot can say that, too. (laughter). >> be sure to join us to fight for the fox 29 news at 10:00a woman and her dad called male carrier a hero. he heard gunshots in their home and raced inn sigh. what he did next that saved their lives. that's coming your way tonight at 10:00. >> all right that. does it it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a good night. april side edition is up next. have a good night. april side edition is up next. ♪ connections.
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have a good night. aprilyou're not just in thext. ♪ classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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ivanka trump defends her dad. >> he's not a groper. >> and what this beauty queen is saying about the "new york times" trump expose. >> they totally twisted it and made sought negative. and blown away. man versus wind. is this really the month of may in america? then, the woman who says she survived ted bundy. >> ted bundy said, i can kill you anytime i want. >> her darkest secret kept hidden for decades. how she escaped america's most notorious serial killer. and designated survivor. the new tv show about a national calamity. could it really happen here? >> there really is


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