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tv   Chasing News  FOX  May 19, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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killed. >> hundreds of lives lost. >> nissan all the mud just about took off my door. used to be but what now? to read that is a good question and is a the mall profile chapter 11 the sister of a legend held the barge singing in honoring those who were victims of child abuse.
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>>. >> you can see the body camera of one of the officers tried to help the disabled vehicle on the side of the road then he turned around in his almost killed as he sideswiped by a passing car perhaps neckar almost ripped a the door off. >> headed northbound almost knocked my door of. >> you know, a lot. move over. the main function is to have the motorist to have those
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officers that are pulling those officer went -- those under assisting the disabled vehicle. this is her car right back year. she is holding assemblies all day to teach the young driver were those then are not driving it to it is over 70,000 people so far. >> i started this after my son who was a trooper killed in the line of duty while helping to help the police department. he was outstanding. he had everything going for him. with the education he had his master's degree clearly
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had a future set out for himself and very well liked by everyone. >> people don't realize the move over law is basically go to another layup or slowdown but it is just people that are so fascinated they don't realize they are being attracted to it. people get tired were working longer hours. if you are busy you can laugh over the door to try. it was common courtesy long before was ever written. if you have room you are supposed to move over. but that car was too close there was no swerving. >> exactly. the young man plowed into%
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they did an extensive investigation she has no ill will towards him that he was not paying attention no drugs or no alcohol no radio or texting. >> house any farther rose altogether? the shoulder still seem to be adequate for the cops to do their job. >>. >> people posting gruesome pictures after the officer shot and killed a man going crazy with the knife happening just blocks away from times square wednesday morning. sadly this on a set -- is a woman was struck by a stray bullet and injured. >> 25 years later his mother was convicted of his murder today in a courthouse he was gone for one year before authorities found his party
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police suspected she had something to do with her son's disappearance and murder but did not charge for until 2014 when she left the area prosecutors said the key was a blanket found near the body that only could have come from her. >> the mayor said the day was coming and they delivered a crackdown on the dirt bike riders terrorizing the streets of new york city. check out this video. you can see a bunch of dirt bikes and a huge bulldozer crashing every single one of those bikes. >> obviously trump's interview with reagan kelly on tuesday but there was a story he did not want anybody to repeat right now.
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>> victoria claim she went on a date with trump and when he found out he tried to get the editor to kill the story. we have this audio at the time of the ideal in 2006 he was the editor of stepping on magazine. >> i never took a ride over she is. by the way i would never take her. she looks like. [bleep] >> and says victoria is a penthouse pet not the type of woman he would the. >> tool once a penthouse pet? the image she claims she went on for dates. >> she is a 35 years eggs at penthouse pet? to read that is bathetic. >> rinaldi editor and after this fall called they decided anyway but that he got an interview with
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victoria on the podcast she has the distinction to be both a playmate and a penthouse pet. they play audio to go on a date. >> this is typical donald he ruffles feathers he did not like the fact that he was too self consumed. >> she also described the date seniti would put his arm around me i said no do not want to see your residence. >> he believed they did they become she showed him a picture of she and the trump inside delano i tried to get access to that picture but she does believe they did the one debate she did not go all the way but said he would be mad at her.
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>>. >>. >> when i was speaking to her the issue is the way victorians treated her as a very educated woman and did not deserve that type of treatment. same as she was just a cow as an animal. >> seriously either now she is credible or any hollywood gossip person that is out there in hollywood are they the credible source? that is ridiculous. >> it used to be before that
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the bridges but what now? >> a good question as the pacific somewhere filing chapter 11 in the past month sports authority will also be shutting down experts say one problem is retail relevance. >> if retailers in malls don't keep up with the changing nature of the consumer then they will be left behind. >> online sales from the amazon of the world are factor as well maybe not as big as some but. >> we don't over think it we just work together with our teams. >> they have been in that car sales service for years. >> edits the way we make the living.
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>> i had a technician in take care of it. don't try to change our own oil with the previous. the retail dynamics have not changed the car repair business you still need oil change in your car fixed you combine things online like tires the delivery and service charges it makes it cheaper to buy them and quality of service has always been a factor may be just unloading a lot of leaves? that is the air intake. [laughter] you knew? >> if the date you were good at what you do in treat people right. >> but the consumer is king. >> the consumer is not dying they have money there will always be winners and losers
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>> just ask the ghost behind the counter that has turned into a bp gas station nobody is there now cinderella is sweeping up. >> i would say the last four christmases everything amazon it is easier. >> when it comes i love to go shopping a love to go somewhere i don't need them but i can't pick it. >> as a woman with up pocketbook you have a choice you could go to 1,000 different stores that is the x factor. >> panera you can look in the store and a skean it and tell you every place that had it if it is cheaper of
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mine that is where i am going. ♪ 1% of the u.s. population served in the u.s. military. >> will whole family is army navy. >>
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>> once upon a time on saturday getting kicked at a nightclub in philadelphia he decides to told them punched me in the face and then they should be allowed back yen but in a shocking turn of events police are investigating but no charges have been filed. tuesday was a rainy day but it was a great night for baseball. during the first pitch at the gate was awful it was in a year-old little boy hoping
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we will have a shot for redemption on thursday. >> will family is army navy with the bloodline. >> 1% of the u.s. population served in the u.s. military men and women just gained 60 new recruits from southern new jersey. >> as you can imagine not only for those that are a listing but also for their parents it is quite a decision to join write out of high-school. >> the nonprofit had there eighth annual recognition ceremony to tell those families their decision was a good one and the military has there back. ♪ the room was filled with over 400 people from the
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highest of professionals are mainly because kurds and air force. >> is a sense of community. >> sit down with the acting secretary of the army patrick murphy. >> those that are committing themselves to our nation it is special to be here with our countries to bomb their part spent the first iraq war vet elected to congress serving as acting army secretary for about one year we were talking to those registered in their career but this is a story about veterans for when they come out of the service and that one vet who burned himself alive.
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>> but 80 of those are in the system for when they serve in the ranks but when they leave many to make sure they have the resources. >> the army is working to make the transition easier and start while the soldiers are still in uniform. >> we make sure we have the emails to keep in touch and said it we will ask please, back to the career center and diane patrick murphy is bad debts and serving in iraq at west point can i be helpful? the neck that was my first interview because after that it's the senate voted to confirm him to be secretary fortunately patrick murphy is undersecretary was only acting secretary and will stay as the top ranks of the defense department bringing the veterans' point of view to the military which is
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rare in tops of william levels today. >> what i love is very rarely do talk about the transition in young patriotic faces and they see great opportunity ahead of them. >> i went to the arms straight out of high-school i was accepted to college i didn't know what it wanted to study but when i was veteran i came out with a better idea. >> it really advance my resume a. >> a rare sight to see meteor across the sky even more it to catch it on video. the police department was looking for speeders on the side of the road when his dash camera caught a meteor crossing the sky for the
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world to see. >> the sister of the tops sold music musician for victims of child abuse. >> sexually abused. >> but we're not forgotten
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>> coming up next the world's highest shop.
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>> there are five guys they went after the world record for the highest basketball shot 530 ft. building.
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♪ ♪ >> of pop star of the sister of the night? >> this sister of pop soul music legend el de barge singing with her siblings. ♪ ♪ and those known for her song the dream. ♪ seven she sang that very
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song at the philadelphia at pyramid club honoring those two victims of child abuse and despite their odds overcame adversity she shares her very intimate story growing up as a child and her own father was her worst nightmare. >> with abusive of family by father sexually abused me. growing up and never dealing with any of that never dealing with the things in my childhood. >> so that hits home for so many children in the audience had benefits the beautiful foundation it is set up by her and her husband and they make it so that they can have a better life to achieve success.
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>> see you are inspired so she is not forgotten then we're not forgotten. >> she has been through what of ups and downs with drug addiction in and out of rehab and today she is focused on her new album and eventually going on to work -- to worse. >> 1/2 to learn how to live and love and then you can come to yourself to say it is on me. it is on me to take this to indicate may or break me. >> how did you find her? when she emotional? >> she is very into religion
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right now with a lot of gospel music because she once other people to find jesus because that is what she did. >> our people familiar with her? >> i in the song but i was excited to see those the you to tell really taking it herstory and she kept telling them you can be in a new one to be a lot to show you if i can do you can't do it. >> unmanageable plays an id these are jobs that human beings could be doing to earn a living. >> a hard worker who obviously is taking care of some business
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