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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  May 19, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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>> breaking overnight, off the radar, egyptian plane missing without a trace, now the hunt is on for possible survivors and debris in the crash, three separate shootings, one fatal in our area watch camden officials now think all of these crimes may have in common. plus, developing overnight, philadelphia housing officer taken to the hospital after an accident, the latest on his condition next. >> good day is hitting the road, head today doylestown tomorrow. and we have a huge announce, giving away one of the biggest prizes in history, you have chance to end tow win if you join just doylestown or watching us at home live from 7:00 to 10:00 between state street and pine, do you not want to miss this. >> oh, i wish i was eligible for what is being given a i
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weigh. i need it. good morning, lauren dawn johnson is off. she was yelling so shroudly for the phillies to win yet again, she lost her voice. >> well it, worked, right? >> because they did win, they took the series, rubber match of the self ears. here's what's going on, we have a little rain around, not much, but just enough for the intermittent windshield wipers, did you get that? yes, some heavier rain down to the south of dover, and few drips, kind of misty inbetween, but we do see some clearing, slow clearing, from northwest to southeast, which we will watch throughout the morning, so a 5 degrees right now, with calm winds, and 74% relative humidity, 5:42 is your sunrise time. winds out of the north, that means, drier air trying to move into the area. we're expecting high today of
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around 70 degrees. across your fingers, expect to go get rid of the clouds, bring in some sunshine, 53 tonight, with cloudy skies, that is your thursday this looks pretty good, friday looks even better, saturday, bob kelly, not so much. >> looking good, sue, over, there call you the laid any red. >> it is phillies red. >> we'll try to get through it, live look at the schuylkill expressway, here, eastbound, crews still working out near the blue route, 476, only the left lane is available. hey, guess what? the vine expressway is open. go ahead. >> i want to thank bob kelly for the text message i got early this morning, say the vine was open. you saved me some time on my commute. >> i said you know what, this
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will save some time. vine expressway open for business this morning, good to go, as sue mentioned, rain coming up from the south. could be game changer on the roadways this morning, mass transit, though, looking good with no reported delays. chris, back over to you. >> very thoughtful of you, bob, thank you. we do have to get to the breaking news for you, egyptian flight heading from paris to cairo has crashed after disappearing from radar. egyptian air tweeted the flight 804 from par toys cairo had 56 passengers aboard, ten crew members, according to the tweet plane flying at 37,000 feet when it disappeared 10 miles inside egyptian air space. egypt's prime minister said he can't rule out any possibility when he was asked if it was terrorism related. he said there was no distress call but a signal from the plane was received. no word on the cause of this crash or if there were any survivors. we will continue to update this breaking news for you throughout the morning. meantime, back here at home, police say three separate shootings in camden over the past two days may
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point to one person, we learned one, 19 year old has died as a result of one of the attack, live at camden police headquarters with more on this. >> our daily viewers remember you leading with the stories, camden now with spring spree of murder and mayhem, violent crime, 18 murders already in this new year 2016, that is double the number they had this time last mid-may. and the latest murder we were leading with good day newscast yesterday, police now think the third shooting in three days likely involving the same guy, and they have a surveillance picture, they put out to the public, it is pretty good, too, if you recognize this guy, they would really like a tip call, darren films 19 found lying dead on peer street yesterday at 1:30, and they think this guy in the surveillance picture linked two previous shootings on monday and tuesday, boy there is sounds awful, like son of sam stuff.
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somebody walking around the street of camden shooting people between like 11 p.m. and 1:30 a.m. when this murder happened. now, there is a surveillance picture also of an s.u.v. they think the guy that you saw in that previous picture, may be involved and linked when this suv. unfortunately, it is in the dark. you can see it as front plate but can't make out the plate because of the headlights and darkness, but that tells you it is a new jersey suv. maybe you can recognize it from the roof or from the side. to the video from yesterday, where phillips found shot lying on the street, they had this shot spotter system, microphones around the city that pick up the sound every gunshots, but this spot shot err has been picking up gunshots every day this week, except today, fortunately, but on south eighth street, tuesday, 11:26 p.m., then 3100 berkley street, the day before, and chris, somebody with a shot begin goes up to two people in a car and fires the shotgun into the car,
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fortunately, doesn't hit anybody, but blows out the windows, then guy the next day walking on the street says a guy point a shotgun at him and takes a shot at him. fortunately you can see a shotgun better than pistol most cases and you have time to duck or run, and fortunately that guy wasn't hit either. they need to get this guy off the street. they don't know what any of the shootings were about, whether motive, on or somebody shooting people but three straight days, three separate shootings all maybe linked to the same guy we showed that you picture of. >> yes and a lot of people nervous in camden right now. meantime 4:06. two of the teens officials say involved in the beating of deadly teen inside school bathroom are set to have first court appearance today. amy joyner francis died april 21 after investigators say she was assaulted inside the girls bathroom of howard high school of technology. wilmington police still investigating the teen's dead -- death. one charged with criminally
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homicide. will seek to have her tried as an adult. two other 16 year old girls charged with misdemeanor conspiracy. those are the two expected to be in court later this morning. presidential hopeful donald trump will be in new jersey today, meanwhile, former pennsylvania governor, ed rendell, facing some major backlash over comments he made to the washington post. dave kinchen live in lawrenceville with both of these stories, dave, good morning. >> good morning to you, a lot of development here on the political front surrounding donald trump as he makes his way to the garden state to raise money for republicans, presumptive nominee further adapting to role as party standard bearer for fundraising, here at the new jersey national guard lawrenceville armory, trump will join governor chris christie tonight also an effort to help pay down debt from the failed presidential run, may and trump christie event this evening, but new pole says 72% of new jersey
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voters do not want a trump-christy teak, meanwhile, it is former pa governor, and hillary clinton supporter, ed rendell, taking some heat for talking trump by saying, quote, there are probably more ugly women in america than attractive woman. made the statement while talking prospects in pennsylvania, he said trump's past comments about the quote un attractive necessary of certain women could cost him vote among women in general. but rendell told us his comments came out wrong. >> what i said was incredibly stupid and insensitive. when i read it in the article, did i say that? dumb and stupid and insensitive and if i offended anybody, i apologize sincerely. so we all have those questions about ourselves, and by attacking someone's looks, he was attack ago awful lot of people, more than people who are necessarily satisfied with
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how i look. that was the pointy was trying to say but i sure picked a lousy way of saying it. >> rendell told us he was trying to say trump's come don't offends many americans because so many people are insensitive or rather insecure about their looksment and he said that's also insecure about his loss of hair. so, interesting dynamics here in the latest round of the political presidential round up. >> 2016 just gets more interesting in every turn, i mean, stuff that you wouldn't expect to come from people like ed rendell, this is crazy. all right, dave, thanks so much. >> you know, they also say politics is chovanist for ugly people, but that's the one quote i thought of an old school quote when looking at this assignment today. >> i think we will have all kind of newspaper quote we looking g at for years to come after this presidential psych nel 2016. 4:09. covering several developing stories, a lot going on, a philadelphia housing officer rushed to the hospital after
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being injured in a accident, officials tell fox 29 the accident happened around 1:00 this morning on front street and girard avenue. the office her minor injury to the arm but expected to be okay, no word on what caused this accident. right now police are investigating early morning shooting. >> this happened just after 1:00 this morning, on 59100 block of master street. philadelphia police say a man was shot in the groin. he was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition or if arrest has been made. and now to olney where 31 year old man was shot in the chest last night. shooting happened on the 2100 block of colin street. victim rushed to einstein in critical condition. no word on the suspect or the motive behind this shooting. so a lot going on. we'll keep you updated on all of those. 4:10, heavy hearts filled the stadium at bridgeton high school for vigil remembering three student killed over the past week. seventeen year old mikhail a mostly, 15 year old killed coming home from early it, the prom early saturday morning. their car crashed into a tree
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on route 49 in maurice township on april 29, 18 year old liz delacruz antonio also killed in the crash in salem count when she hit utility pole. vigil was held last night. >> like i'm still dreaming, i literally can't believe it. >> big lost for us. >> the cause of the crash that killed the two girls is still under investigation. published reports say alcohol and drugs have been ruled out. two other girls who were passengers in that car remain in the hospital surveillance video of ugly confrontation that has local police officer facing charges now, what authorities say this video does not show
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so we're still looking at left over showers this morning, on radar, we just can't get rid of showers. now, there is an area down to the south that we don't have to worry about. this little bit of rain is just going to be slow to exit today. so we're looking at some showers through central delaware, over into cumberland county, new jersey, part of burlington, and camden counties, as well. for a loft us on the way into
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work today just little bit of the intermittent windshield wiper drizzle around. so you see down in kent county, delaware, there is that one cell that's moving across the bay into cumberland county around millville, there might be few light showers this morning, but future cast showing just clouds for the rest of the morning, sun emerging in the afternoon, few clouds, maybe sprinkle here and there, but it does look like it will be getting better today enough to get news 70s, saturday the deal with this low pressure system coming out of the gulf of mexico, and moving through on saturday, when you talk about coastal low, and this county clockwise circulation, you mean the flow off the ocean, and that means, rain and not only rain but the possibility after lot of rain on saturday, we look a little later at the possibility how much rain we get. five a degrees in philadelphia, 52 lancaster, 55
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in dover, right now, so not bad morning temperature wise, winds are pretty calm, coming out of the north when you do get a breeze. seventy-five is now our average hi, and we should get closer to that today. we almost made it to 70 yesterday, the high of 69, today, we are thinking about 73 today. and 76, still going with ten out of ten for tomorrow. but then that coastal low with possibility of some soaking rain on saturday, and just heyed to say it because i know it is may, and there are so many events with the party and the graduations and the radnor hunt, you know what's going on this weekend, but if anything that can be postponed until sunday, we should have left over showers in the morning. but sunshine in the afternoon. so, that's the good and the bad of it, bob kelly. >> the good and the bad. good thing, don't have to cut the grass this weekend, one way to look at it, right? live look, downtown we go, the vine street expressway, open for business this morning. the actual penndot crews, they
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finished up the week's project, putting those beams across, couple of days early. so, we're open this morning, they'll not close it tonight. so chris murphy, you will be early for work tomorrow. by being able to come in. >> define early. >> few minutes earlier, i guess i should say, bridge check, good morning to the platt bridge from our airport camera, no problems down at philadelphia international airport. again, if you are headed down there, with the sprinkles coming up from the south there, maybe however to the parkway, burlington bristol bridge set for opening at 4:35 this morning, so keep that in mind. what a cool pretty shot, postcard style, of the ben franklin franklin parkway, you got the logan circle here, the cathedral off to the right which by the way the archbishop will be ordaining four new priests, to the priesthood on saturday morning. but, otherwise, we are in good
4:18 am
shape into and out of the city on the ben franklin parkway. mass transit looking good, as well, chris back to you. >> 4:18 is the time. upper darby woman's lucky night at the casino ruined by one man after police say he followed her home and robbed her of her wings. investigators say this guy, gary taylor, watched the 59 year old woman cash out from harrah's in chester, where she collected nearly $7,000 in casino wings. taylor then followed the woman to her home in upper darby. as she walked into the house, police say, the robber pounced on her, but was luckily able to call 911 as he drove off. superintendent chitwood says despite tight security at area casinos, he's worried for patrons. >> everyone of these places, no matter how long they run, have these preditors in them that are lock to go rob people who won. >> after a brief chase officials say the suspect was captured and the woman got all her money back.
4:19 am
office nerve reading facing serious charges after police say he was seen on camera getting violent with women. investigators say the incident started over officer jesus santiago, pulling over every a woman and a man during a traffic stop for allegedly not using a turn signal. the video indicates otherwise. police say the officer was also caught wrestling a cell phone from the woman, punching her, and then throwing her to the sidewalk. investigators say the woman hit her head on a pipe and needed three staples. santiago and dejesus said to have lied to fellow officers. >> the officer said the turn signal was not used. we have overwhelming video evidence that in fact may use a turn signal. >> charged with official oppression, tampering evidence, and filing a false report. >> route 70 in medford township new jersey now back open after being shutdown for hours after an accident last night. this three car crash injured five people.
4:20 am
, seriously enough, chop hers to fly three of those people to the hospital. medics loaded two other onto ambulances. no word as to what caused the crash. what a mess, though. construction in south philly has residents in one neighborhood annoyed as crews are replacing underground pipe on tenth street, neighbors say there is a lot of sand pipes bulldozers, all blocking the street, gas line replacement project, what's going on here. now, streets around tenth and fit water is been closed now for the past two months making parking a big problem. residents really getting fed up. >> doesn't really bother me that much. but it is still really loud. >> i understand things need to be done. but i don't understand why everything is being done at once. >> although the signs say work should have been done by may 15th, pgw tells us the repairs will cost or take most likely the next month, maybe more. i mean, they have to delay work with the bad weather, right? they got to get it all crammed in during the warmer month.
4:21 am
firefighters paul man from a burning home in south philly. crews were able to get him from a second floor bedroom of the house on the 900 block of wharton street yesterday afternoon. that man was raised to the hospital where he remains in critical condition. >> and the phillies continue their winning ways, they take another series this time from pretty darn good team too. i love them in all red. sue serio was so excited, wearing the same colors this morning. >> also, for the serious news to catch you up on, we continue to follow breaking news from overnight, egyptian flight headed from par toys cairo crashes after disappearing from radar. what egypt's prime minister says he can't rule out right now as a possible cause. >> here's a look at your winning lottery numbers, as well.
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>> good morning, the phillies won again yesterday, and it came down to pitching, jeremy, six innings, two runs, let's go to the ballpark. phillies down two-one in the thirds, that's cameron rough who knocks in two with this single. phillies go up three-two, then tyler has first in his major league career in the eighth inning with the phillies up three-two, his first is a major league homerun for tyler goodel. phillies go up four-two, they win four-two over miami, and temporarily they win first place.
4:25 am
going to new york look at the night new york. it is a bark in the park. it is the best thing you could -- heck with the ballgame. the mets and washington played, but who cares about the mets and washington, it is about the dogs washington won seven; move back no first place. stanley cup playoffs, to that tampa, late in the second, second left offer the rebounds, carl scores, pittsburgh wins it four-two, lead the series. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. that was so cool that bark in the park up therefore the met game. >> from the football field to the playground, the philadelphia eagles teaming up with local artist toss spruce up a local school. eagles players and staff spent yesterday planting flowers and painting at this elementary in talcony, also installed playground equipment and astroturf at the same time artists brought beautiful murals to life. partnership between the eagles and the mural art society of
4:26 am
philadelphia. >> feels great. you know, to be able to give back to the community of philadelphia, and spend some time with these kids, these teachers, really means a lot. not only to us as the eagles organization, but i know people in the community, as well. >> the artists say the vision for the murals came from the students themselves. how cool is that? and thank you eagles for giving back to the community. we continue to follow breaking news, egyptian flight headed from par toys kai owe, what egypt's prime minister says he can't rule out right now as a possible cause.
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good morning, at 4:30, braking overnight, offer the radar, egypt plane goes missing without a trace and crashes. was this terror related? the latest as officials try to piece together what happened. plus, string of recent violence has camden police on high alert. what they think three shootings all have in common. >> plus, polarizing comments from former pennsylvania governor ed rendell, what he is saying about donald trump's voters, that has him in some hot water this morning. man, this has been such an interesting psych nel 2016. good day everyone, it is thursday, may 19th, 2016. lauren johnson is off this morning. let's go to sue serio, sue,
4:30 am
the phillies not only won yesterday, they're half game out of first place in the nl east behind the nationals, but big night tomorrow night if you're a dog lover. >> right, now would you have already had to register ahead of time. but at the bark at the park for the phillies. you saw it was in new york last night. but, it is already sold out. they take the first 300 dogs, i guess you can bring your cat, too, no, bark at the park, probably a dog. >> and perfect night for baseball tomorrow. >> oh, purrefct, yes. tomorrow looks good. today just few showers around, more of nuisance than anything else. you need the intermittent windshield wipe first anything, clouds around this morning, we have 55 degrees, in the city, with 74% relative humidity, planum son sunshine eventually today. but stray shower around this morning. woe could even see one this afternoon, but we will have increasing sunshine, and we should get into the 70s today.
4:31 am
your sunset at 8:13, if we get enough sunshine, see that sunset, we will talk about the weather for the weekend, which is good, and bad. so, it is it is like life, bob kelly, little bit of rain, little bit of sun. you. >> take the good and a little bit of good and a little bit of bad. put it all together, bamm, we've got a thursday morning for you. live look at the schuylkill expressway, crews are still out, left over, leftovers, from last night, at the eastbound schuylkill, right near 476. not causing any delays, but just be aware, they're still out there. and the speeds reduced when you see the blinking lightsment speaking of lights, we have no lights on the benny, again this morning. the overhead lights are out. so it is not causing any delays, but you will notice something is different coming across the span. something is going to be different for you here, opening set for the burlington bristol any minute now. 4:35, so getting ready to head out the front door maybe delay that trip hopefully it is a quick i as you head south,
4:32 am
will go downstream, impact the talcony palmyra bridge. we row the boats this weekend, stotesbury rag glad a comes into town, they're going to shut down the kelly drive beginning today, at 11:00 all the way through saturday night. of course the races will occur on friday, and on saturday, so if you typically use the kelly after 11:00 use the martin luther king drive or the schuylkill expressway. chris, back over to you. >> bob, covering breaking news for this morning, egyptian flight headed from paris to cairo has crashed after disappearing from radar. now, egypt air tweeted that flight 804 from par toys cairo had 56 passengers aboard and ten crew members. according to the tweets, the plane was flying at 37,000 feet when it disappeared 10 miles inside egyptian air space. egypt's prime minister said he can't rule out any possibility when asked if it was terrorism related, i said no distress call but signal from the plane was received, no word on the cause of the crash, or if
4:33 am
there were any injuries or survivors, we should say. now we will continue to update you on the breaking story as we get more information. residents in camden on edge this morning, police look foreman who they say could be responsible for three shootings in the area. steve keeley on this one now live in camden. steve, good morning. >> reporter: chris, these three shootings happened just before midnight and just after yesterday. talking tuesday into wednesday, starting at 11:26. and then going to 1:45. and one of the three shootings, somebody was killed, but, fortunately, we don't have four dead, because they were trying to kill four different people. and we say they because they think they have three guys together but surveillance picture of one, and here it is, very recognizeable, if you know this guy, here in camden, he was the one they suspect who shot and killed 19 year older it end phillips of camden who was found shot dead on peers street yesterday. leading with the story our daily viewers will remember.
4:34 am
now, there is a second surveillance picture, they think that guy had a shotgun and was walking around or driving around with two other guys in this suv and they're hoping somebody if they don't recognize that guy will somehow recognize this suv for anything that may stand out on. and police heard a gunshot before terrence phillips was killed on south eighth street. what happened was when they go over to south eighth, two people in a car, a guy tapped on their window, with two other guys, and the guy that tapped on their window then fired a shotgun into their car blasting the window, but miraculously, not hitting either person. they don't know why somebody shot at them. these three guys together also put a shotgun to another person on berkley street. that will guy just said he was walking down berkley, this is right after midnight. so inbetween the two shootings, and he sees a shotgun, dives out of the way at the last second, and he wasn't killed. so the video on pearce street,
4:35 am
that's where this young man was murdered. the police found him lying on the street, one whether 30 in the morning, rush him over to keep, pro nuns him dead, 13 minute later. spree of three shootings between 11:26 and 1:45 last night. they have no idea why these people were out. they don't know if they were joy riding around looking for people to kill. who knows what. but they realize they have some dangerous people on the street. they are hoping for a tip call to help get them off the street. chris? >> would sure help, steve keeley live in camden. meantime in philadelphia, a school employee hurt when a boiler exploded inside an elementary school and died. fire broke out inside the boiler room in january, where christopher was working on it, the 25 year veteran with the district died yesterday from his injuries. >> a vote on measure that would allow booze in atlantic city right there on the boardwalk has been tabled by the city council. ordinance would allow anyone 21 or older it carry open container on the boardwalk, proposal would only allow that
4:36 am
booze to be bought from a licensed business right there on the board walk, i guess a bar, and the cup would be required to have the logo of that business on it. the council was set to vote last night, but officials say that zombies cents are concerned about the policy, members will vote at a later date. >> dave, some interesting words now in this presidential election from none other than the former governor of pennsylvania, ed rendell. >> yes, that's right. he was talking about donald trump's comment and got into some hot water of his own. we'll tell you about that after the break.
4:37 am
4:38 am
4:39 am
dave kinchen, let's get out taught right away. former pennsylvania ed rendell said something very interesting when it comes to donald trump's connection, with the women voters of this great nation. >> yes, he really d we'll get to that as soon as we also talk about that on drum's visit here to the garden state this evening. he'll be raising money tonight. the presumptive republican presidential nominee further adapt to go his role, by fundraising for the state gop at an event this evening at the new jersey national guard, lawrenceville armory, trump will join governor chris christie tonight, an effort to help christie pay down his debt from his failed presidential run, so this may and trump-christy event this evening, but new pole says 72% of jersey voters don't want
4:40 am
him, don't want a trump-christie ticket. meanwhile as were you talking about, it is former pa governor and hillary clinton supporter end red del taking heat for talking trump by saying, quote, there are probably more ugly women in america than attractive women. he made the statement while talking to the washington post about donald trump's prospect in pennsylvania, he said, trump's pass comments about the quote un attractive necessary of certain women could cost him vote among women. but rendell told us, his comment simply came out wrong. >> what i said was incredibly stupid and insensitive. and when i read it in the article, i said did i say that? dumb and stupid and insensitive, and if i offended anybody, i apologize sincerely. so we all have the sort of self image questions about ourself, and by attacking someone's looks, he was attacking an awful lot of people, more than people who are necessarily satisfied with how they look.
4:41 am
that will was the pointy was trying it make, but sure picked a lousy way of saying it. >> rendell went ton say that he was trying to say trump's comments could offends many americans who are insecure about their looks. rendell also added he's insecure about his loss of hair. back to you. >> aren't we all? >> i am, too, but, women -- >> how about bob kelly he has like the nicest hair in television? >> it is great. >> just perfect. all right, 4:41, a west philly neighborhood taken over by turkey vultures, the trouble spot where the birds have been hanging out. and the big change coming in a matter of hours, and good day is hitting the word. head today doylestown tomorrow. so we will do this beautiful museum, in a cast em, just one of the many supports tomorrow. but the fun doesn't stop there. oh, ya. we have huge announce. of the we're giving away one of the biggest prize in the good day history. it is in 20 year history by the way if you've been keeping
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>> we start off with a look at the forecast for tomorrow. in doylestown, pa, that's where we will be, for the first of our friday summer adventures. and it looks like we will probably be in the early part of our visit, around
4:45 am
50 degrees, but by 8:00 the sun will have warmed us up to 55, and by 10:00 we will be in the lower 60s, as you know, on friday. we've been telling you all week long, we are headed into the 70s as high temperature, today, some annoying showers around, the very last gasp of a system that's taking it time getting through our area. soap, we have a little bit of rain in kent county, delaware, headed across the bay into cumberland county new jersey, atlantic and cape may counties, not much, and for the rest of us, the rain that isn't showing up on radar, just the intermittent winds sheep time. smyrna delaware, getting little bit of the rain around the morris river, around millville, going to get little more rain probably before the morning is through. but we do see some clearing in our fox future cast, by about 10:00 this morning, the sun should be out. few extra clouds, as the wrap around moisture comes through, maybe little sprinkle or two in the afternoon, no big deal, not unlike what happened yesterday. now, we've got that coastal
4:46 am
storm starting in the gulf of mexico, and arriving, still looks like, on saturday. now, the exact track of this storm will determine how much rain we will get, and how long it sticks around, but does look like mostly saturday only event. we see the storm pulling away by sunday morning, and maybe we get little wrap around moisture mid-day on sunday. but as far as how much rain, we are looking at close to maybe between half inch and an inch, if it moves little closer to the coast, we could get more rain. but that's the deal for saturday, make your alternate plans. 55 degrees in philadelphia, 53 in reading, and 53 in allentown, headed to high of 73 today and 76 tomorrow. mid 60s with the rain on saturday, back to 07 on sunday. and by monday, still at 70 degrees, with another chance of showers. now, we are starting to head into memorial day weekend. and look what happens on wednesday, bob kelly. we hit 80 degrees. >> yes, that's looking good.
4:47 am
i was thinking about that, looking at all of the rain there. so i will take the rain this weekend i guess if that's what we have to do in order to get sunshine following weekend. good morning shall everybody, 4:47. up up and delay. the burlington bristol bridge in the middle of a opening right now. so as i mentioned the last time around, that freighter is headed south. so give it about an hour, 45 minute to an hour, before it impact the talcony palmyra bridge. as long as they don't stop for cup of coffee there at the bids burying yacht club, wissinoming yacht club. goes where we're going for breakfast today. you will love this some i'm going italian to you, to larsen so's cafe, princeton avenue, northeast philadelphia, family-owned and operated, the portions are hunk uncle us, you know i'm bringing back some. >> can we eat cannoli for breakfast? is that a breakfast intoed? >> oh, ya, ya. >> nice. >> you're getting me started. i'm ready for a cannoli now.
4:48 am
we will send chopper for a pick up, all right? hard hat thursday, 422, working out along sanatoga, sanatoga interchange, out toward route 100. and there is some crews still left over here on the freeway, 42, as you head in toward 295. mass transit though looking good. chris, back over to you. >> one of the best parts about being an adult, you can have dessert for breakfast. no one will stop you. resulting story out every canada, two weeks after the massive wild start forcing more than 90,000 people from their homes, finally, some good news. as the monster fire continues to burn, some of those evacuated will soon be allowed back home, in fact, officials say this will happen starting june 1st, but it is now all good news this morning, it is not, the blaze continues to oil production, shutting oil output by a million barrels a day. >> how much is someone willing to pay for the gun george zimmerman used to kill trayvon martin? according "tmz", about
4:49 am
$120,000. the gun was sold at auction on the website united gun group. com when seven people participated in the bidding. back in 2013, zimmerman was found not guilty of second degree murder and manslaughter in the death of the 17 year old trayvon martin, in a interview this week, zimmerman slammed martin's parent saying they tried to capitalize off of his death and they treated him like a dog without a leash. someone needs to find a muzzle. >> 4:49. sounds like the plot of alfred hitchcock movie. turkey vultures have invaded a west philly neighborhood and apparently set up a house in a abandoned row home. at least that's what they claim, and we've let our bruce gordon to the hundred block of north ' street for this store. >> i in this neighborhood all eyes skyward. everybody it seems has grainy picture to show you. they all have stories of meeting a creepy raptors face-to-face. what did you
4:50 am
think it was at first? >> i don't know, i asked my cousin was it a flying turkey? >> flying turkey? >> i said turkeys don't fly. >> harbors tell me a committee of turkey vultures, that's what group of them has called, showed up about three weeks ago, seemingly living in a vacant and crumbling rowhouse on the block. here they are next-door. the vultures, sometimes called buzzards, seem particularly active on trash day, digging around for a free meal. ingrid bullock has lived on this block for years and says whatever they are called they've developed a bit of a attitude. >> you feel like they're kinds of taking over? >> look, i'm fine as long as they stay up there. but when they come down here, i'm done. >> first time you ever saw them, what was your reaction? >> what is that? >> right. >> and why is it around here? >> cameo and his wife christina live next-door to the squatting vultures. they hear them all night long. >> they sounds like humans, like people walking in the house, and just scratching
4:51 am
noises. >> little creepy? >> right. like a horror movie. >> needs bodyguard when he goes outside. >> because i'm scared that the buzzards will try to -- >> scoop him up? >> scoop him up and make him dinner. >> nothing. pictures and videos, they're all fine, but i want to see an actual turkey vultures out here. said to have incredible sense of smell. so this half eaten cheeseburger ought to do the trick. that ought to draw them out from where ever they are hiding. presto, turkey -- oh, just a regular bird pecking on a bun. well, there is some good news, that crumbling house that's apparently housing the vultures? i called licenses and inspections, and coming down on thursday. >> yes. >> that's great news. >> so the turkey vultures everyone swears were here, but that we never actually saw, will now be homeless. cameo? >> about time. about time. >> wonder if i can get the rest of my cheeseburger back?
4:52 am
west philadelphia, bruce gordon, "fox 29 news". >> what if that was a turkey buryinger? all right, tens of millions of dollars pouring into part of philadelphia international airport, and the big changes have nothing to do with the planes, pete townsend's 71 years old today, he rocks this song for the who. >> ♪
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> pete townsend playing the guitar and singing offer the great albumn, who is next, i believe that came out in the year 1971, just one more. >> ♪ >> speaking of travel, big changes coming to terminal b at philadelphia international airport. it is not about the planes either. this is about food and shopping, the $30 million project will completely transform the terminal operated by american airlines, who will offer travelers taste of local flavors, with the help of several local chefs, and high-tech amenities. america says it custom letters have access to more than 1,000 ipads, positions throughout the restaurant and gate lounges, hospitality group leading this project, construction will happen over the next 18 to 24 months. all right, if you play the mega millions, and recently bought your ticket in delaware county, listen closely. someone bought a ticket that matched all five white balls in tuesday's drawing it, didn't match the yellow mega
4:56 am
ball number, but the ticket still worth a million bucks. the marcus hook news stands sold this, the winner has one year to claim the prize. don't forget you can watch the lottery drawings right here on fox 29. all right, 4:56. you can file this under only in philly. a crowd waiting in line for cheese steak on south street, well, they break out to boyz ii men. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> all right, women, you do the math. here is the weekend, 3:00 in the morning, on south street, some people have been drinking? the guy who posted this on line wrote quote this is why i love this city. it has been shared thousands of times, many sharing the same sentiment. they having fun or what? still ahead, string every recent violence has camden
4:57 am
police on high alert. what they think three shootings may all have in common. and still ahead, we continue to follow the breaking news from overnight, egyptian airplane goes missing without a trace, and crashes. was this terrorism-related? we'll take a look straight ahead.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> breaking news, plane crash overnight, what went wrong in the sky and in search for survivors. one lucky's night, ruined by this man, what police say happened after the woman hit it big. plus ... what i said was incredibly stupid and insensitive. >> pennsylvania former governor apologizing this morning, ed rendell's comments about ugly women in america? oh, man. as political discourse dissolved in 2016? good day everyone, it is the, what, 19th day of may, 2016 at this point. sue serio, doesn't feel like it, with this weather, though. >> oh, it has been pretty cool, most of the month of may, we're way below average, where we should be in temperature. we hope to help that a little bit over the next two days. so, for today's number, we will go to a seven, because we expect to get into the seven 70s by the end of the day. little better. at least it will be than yesterday. but we do see some


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