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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  May 20, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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tragedy strikes again, another teen has died from the same wilmington school where a teen died after a brutal beating in the the bathroom what officials at the school are doing this morning to make sure students are okay. woman grabbed from behind in the local park, her attacker wrestling her to the ground but she fights back and why police say her attacker was able to getaway. fire burned for hours at a local apartment, rescuer pull out of building. good day, it is friday, may 20th, 2016. weekend is finally here. >> by the way, black, exciting day. >> a cord to go kathy orr, late looks need today will be an incredible day in the weather department which is good since our crew is heading to doylestown. >> if that said, lauren dawn beyond son we are heading to doylestown.
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party begins this morning live from 7:00 to 10:00a men between state street and main and pine. we have a huge announcement. we will give away one of the biggest prize in good day history. we have been counting at home we have been on the air now for 20 years. this is one of the biggest things we have given away in two decade. >> was it a day alex? >> you know this weird request. >> they will start rolling in here. twenty years. today, well, kathy said it wases night last night no change this morning. lets look at our number of the day, pinned up there at number ten. beautiful start with the nice clear sky and fairly comfortable temperature. maybe cooler in the surrounding suburbs but getting warmer. the it is bike to work or school day. buddy has his helmet. temperatures in the 50's. it is cleared this morning. so perfect day to get out and do that. the numbers drop a bit when you get to these surrounding suburbs. it is in the 50's, close to 60
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in the city here but dropping in the mid 40's. maybe just a brief little chill this morning, when you step outside. the it will quickly warm up to day. south and east we're in the the 40's and 50's. not a bad start. in doylestown 50 to 55 to 63, but that is by 10:00 a.m. we are quickly warming up here this morning. along i the five, 76 with a few clouds. few cloud to the north and west. the nice sunny day south and east, temperature about 70 degrees. i would like to say this will continue through the weekend but will not though because we are watching this storm developing, here across the south and that will present i in some rain, heavy rain, and we will track all this and have the latest timing when i have the complete seven day forecast coming up in a little bit. but coming upright now a lot at roadways with bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 4:02, a and we're off to a quiet start so far here on a friday morning. a lot of construction still out there. getting ready to head out the front door live look 95
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northbound coming up through center city between ben franklin bridge and girard avenue. bennie looking good coming in from south jersey, no problems, there, and 95 couple of work crews near cottman. the work crew, work zone down here near girard avenue. the schuylkill expressway, we will talk about construction there in a second but an update for the gang in warrington, your york road which is 263 blocked right here at bristol pike. 611 is opened heading north bound, up towards, doylestown, to see the gang up there in doylestown this morning. and the closure is right here near york road 263 at the bristol pike. now crews are still working on the schuylkill, eastbound, left lane blocked, right at the 476 overpass. they are replacing the expansion joints there, so light volume, no big deal at least at the moment. kelly drive clothessed stotesbury regot, everybody
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arrived yesterday so kelly drive close todd vehicle traffic. they are pushing everybody off through the ball fields and you only have access to that area unless you have a permit and you are part of the regatta. use the martin luther king drive and give yourself extra time because you will not be the only one pushed over to that alternate drive. then tomorrow both of the drives will be closed for the weekend. that will be a hot mess. 422 looking good. coming in from kop. as i mentioned in problems on the schuylkill, and, 422, watch for some construction out near sanatoga. the chris and lauren, back over to you. another teenager dead in delaware. now wilmington mourning yet again. >> this time a 15 year-old was killed in the shooting, students at the same high school where another teen died after a fight in the bathroom. dave kinchen standing by again, at howard high school in wilmington, dave, good morning. >> reporter: we are near that location, we're where this incident took place just a very tragic case here, grief
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counselors will be at howard high school and they will be back again today as students deal with yet another young life lost to violence. candles marked the area where unidentified 15 year-old boy was found shot in the head in the 900 block of clifford brown walk thursday afternoon. he was taken to the hospital where he died. officials at howard high school of technology confirming that the rick tim was a ninth grader there. very same school where you said just last month 16 year-old amy joyner francis was beaten by three girls in the school bathroom and later died. three classmates charged in that case and they are out of the building, of course, that investigation continues, and as if students parents and teachers of howard high have in the been through enough already the school's principal is asking for prayers for this latest tragedy. we are back here live on the 900 block of brown walk, where this tragedy had taken place. police have not released identity of the 15 year-old shot in this case, pending
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family notification. we are hoping to get more information on this victim and this case, today as the day progresses, back to you. >> real shocker out of wilmington. meantime trial date has been set for two teens charged in connection with the death of the student that we talked about in delaware high school. >> sixteen year-old amy joyner francis died after a fight in the bathroom at howard high school of technology in wilmington last month. autopsy showed fight triggered a preexisting heart condition. trial has been slate todd start june 15th for 2, 16 year-old charged with conspiracy. a third, 16 year-old accused of hitting amy faces a charge of criminally negligent murder. egyptair says it cannot confirm that the debris came from its stricken plane as hunt for clues continue. >> that jet liner crashed in the mediterranean, 66 people on board including kids. there are no signs of survivors. officials say plane swerved wildly in flight before it came down halfway between the greek island and egypt's
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coastline. egyptians officials are suggesting terrorism is a more lakely cause for the disappearance then mechanical failure but others caution that it was premature to make that judgment. a warning, this morning after a brace's tack at a popular park in south jersey. >> a jogger just jumped and in broad daylight. luckily she for the him off and got away. steve keeley is live where it happened in berlin park. good morning to you, steve. >> reporter: berlin park off the main drag here, this is white horse pike where it border berlin park and the guy, not caught, but this young woman showed that staying in shape pays off because she was able to fight off, her attacker. but don't expect a sketch from any police artists or even too specific of the description. that is because the guy attack her from behind. she never really got the a good look. never saw him coming. so without that good look, because she was startled, she screamed, kicked, punched and
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ran away. she dropped her phone in the struggle, so she wasn't able to even call for help immediately. she ran to her car. she had her keys, locked herself in, waited for next person to come by, told them what happened and that person called 911 but by then detective out here in berlin camden county estimate this attacker had at least ten minutes but likely up to 40 minutes head start on his getaway. >> never go by myself. i don't anyway but still you never know what can happen. you don't think going for a run by yourself anything should happen. it is really terrifying. >> reporter: another reminder that no matter how safe you think a place and police say they have never had any reports of any crimes in this park it shows you crime that can happen anywhere to anybody for a first time. so you can bet women down here will use this park every morning for exercise may be, won't be running alone for a while at least until maybe this guy gets caught. but, until then, this woman probably won't be running
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alone for sure, chris and lauren, she's out of the hospital. she went there to get treated for scrapes and abrasions but good for her for fighting off she did what she was supposed to do when somebody attacks you, scream as loud as you cannot middle of the woods and punch and kick and then she showed her running ability by being able to runaway from the guy. >> unbelievable it happened in broad daylight though, steve, thank you. tenants forced out of their homes after an apartment building goes up in flames in camden. sky fox over the scene at north 26th and crammer street. fire started inside a three story building around 6:30 quickly growing to three alarms. rescuers pulled one man from the burning building overcome from smoke and taken to the hospital. it took three hours for crew toss get the blaze than control. they stayed on the scene throughout the night watching for hot spots. >> a lot of fires there, lot of fires there, like they would put one out and then they would break a window out and another one will come. it was a real bad one when we first came. it looked like it had gotten
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better and then it got real bad. >> roof event hi caved in but there were no other injuries. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. chester county hunt continues for a driver who crash in the police car and then took off, sky fox over route three in willis town, township earlier last night. the driver slammed in the cruiser and then got out and then took off. right the now police are searching through, ridley creek state park for that person. the reading police office's accused of lying about what happened during a traffic stop turned himself in and was arraigned yesterday. prosecutors say 27 year-old jesus dejesus pulled a woman over but video shows a turn signal was on. the district attorney said officer punched would the man, tried to break her phone. an office for otters say the the woman assault had him first. local mom desperate to get her wheelchair bound son at assistance he needs. how you can help without leaving your home or spending a dime for that matter.
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bob kelly, what is going on. a lot of construction still out there on this friday morning as we go for a ride, on the north east extension, between quakertown, and mid county, dave's got the forecast if you are heading to doylestown we will show you how to get there when we come right back.
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hey, good morning here i'm dave war men for sue on her way to doylestown this morning. starting at 6:00 you will see her there but it is off to a
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nice comfortable start. fifty-seven dropping to 47 between philadelphia and pottstown. the little cooler in the suburbs this morning. then mid 40's. not a bad start. maybe a little chill in the air. doylestown all clear there, the day crew you there starting at 6:00 and continuing all the way through ten. philadelphia is clear with ultimate doppler but we want to check the computer forecast and show you what is happening. it will stay clear today. beautiful start to this weekend, you can see friday afternoon the start but then things go downhill tonight, by midnight, clouds will be increasing and here comes some rain working its way in the western suburbs by noon. this is steady rain heavier at time as storm develops off the coast north carolina don't want to see it there. that will give it northeast wind a cool breeze tomorrow. we will be in the 70's today but by tomorrow, timing by 4:00 maybe not making it out of the 50's for one day with periods of rain, heaviest to the south, of course. what to expect today? we are in the 70's between
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12:00 an 3:00 o'clock. up to 76 degrees. the just a few clouds there by 6:00. light breeze, variable at five to 10 miles an hour. that is a rainy day here on saturday. much cooler here with 76, dropping down to 56. 20-degree drop. we will try to rebound on sunday with just a few showers and then maybe a thunderstorm. not steady rain like we're getting saturday. we will get sunshine by end of the weekend. shower chance monday and tuesday. wednesday and thursday looking nice. temperatures back above 80 degrees with bright sunshine. so we will see a nice improvement on days six and seven, and days two and three there, not so much, bob kelly. good morning, dave. good morning everybody. getting ready for the weekend. a lot of soccer games, t ball, outdoor activities can be impacted by that weather, the green on the screen there. here's a live look at the crews, we have cones down, eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, right at 476.
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you can see them working right here. only that far right lane is opened so working your way out of king of prussia in the city. hit the brakes. these guys are right on that dividing line there opening up downtown, vine street expressway opened up, crew did his not work last night so no problems coming off of the schuylkill or coming off have of i-95. coming in from south jersey north bound on the 42 freeway, still got that construction zone, ahead to 295 they are working on 295 itself as you head in towards bellmawr. otherwise we're in the 50's across the board on your major roadways. we have one accident, up between warminster and warrington right here along york road which is route 263, just above street road no problems. heading up to doylestown to see good day gang this morning mike, alex, sue, jen, rest of the gang right off of the turnpike you go north on 611 and right on into doylestown. good to go.
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heading down to delaware, south on i-95 right at route 896, two of the lanes are blocked with construction. that is all south of wilmington. there is stotesbury regot a, the rowers start today and tomorrow, the kelly drive is closed this morning to vehicle traffic. it was opened yesterday morning not the case this morning. so we will see some jammos coming into downtown. we will to have use martin luther king drive and then tomorrow keep in mind they closed both the kelly and martin luther king drive. all that volume will be push on schuylkill, chris and lauren, back to you. a chester county man is in prison accused of sexually assaulting three young children. christopher gueaccepte molested three children under the age of ten. district attorney's office says at goose happened between january 2014 and april of this year. at alleged abuse happened inside of his parent's home according to prosecutors. oh, man, all right.
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this man faces murder charges for shooting a man trying to break into his home. investigators say roberto martinez, convicted, or at least is a convicted felon, hoist not supposed to have a gun. police say he fired several shots at two men trying to get into his home on the 6,000 block of ditman street on tuesday afternoon. twenty-eight year-old darryl gordon died, and other man ran off, police say he found marijuana and $6,000 of cash inside martinez's house. two gay men hurt in the center sit a salt are suing their attackers. zachary hess and andy pots filed a civil suit in common pleas court. they want more than half million-dollar for assault, bat theory and negligence, and infliction of emotional distress. violence erupted in september 2014. group of people screamed gay slurs attacking the couple. williams and sketch harrigan pleaded guilty. jury quick catherine knott of simple assault and three other misdemeanors. she's serving five to ten
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month prison sentence. a local mommies on a mission to help her teenage son severely disable and you can help make a huge difference in this familiar a life without even leaving your own home. fox 29's dawn timmeney shows us they are easy to help. >> reporter: jeanine, takes her 16 year-old son nicki outside her northeast philadelphia home as a special taxi drops him off from school. >> i want to be here to help him. >> reporter: nicki was not breathing and has serious medical issues, scoliosis is, cerebral palsy and angel man complex a complex genetic disorder affecting nervous system that is mark by seizures. >> part of the damage that he will never roll, sit, crawl, walk. >> reporter: income i cannot eat, he cannot the chew, he cannot talk but his mom says he will melt your heart. >> when he looks at me and smiles, he was brightening my day. >> reporter: jeanine tries to
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do as much as she can for nicki, last summer even taking him to the beach to surf. >> he was just laying down on the board. he loved it. >> reporter: daily life is a huge struggle, single will mom does not have a handicapped accessible van so getting nicki out of the house is very difficult. >> it has been a long road, and it is getting harder as he gets older. >> reporter: nicki weighs 77-pound and jeanine often carries him to her vehicle will. >> he complains. >> reporter: this determined mom has entered a contest as part of the national mobility awareness month to win a handicapped accessible van. >> i live every day with a very difficult care for him, it would make a huge difference. >> reporter: contest is response ordinary by national mobility equipment deal's so, dedicated to making a difference for people with
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disability. if jeanine won. >> would it mean everything. we can get out more like a family and do things, somewhat ease year. >> our dawn timmeney reports. nationwide contest and nicki needs lots of votes to win. >> we have put up a lincoln fox where you can find it in the seen on tv section. let's switch gears here and talk sports because the eagles still have two veteran players not the in mini camp. you know about malcolm jenkins, right? well, he speaks his made about what he thinks about these players that stay out of these camps coming up next in sports. but first your winning lottery numbers. good luck to you.
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guess accept i. goodies accept i. every dish, every time. only finish has the power ball to take on anything.
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eagles still in the middle of their voluntary mini camps, only to players not at camp, fletcher cox who wants a new you contract although fletcher still has a year remaining on his contract, darren sproles also not in the about has spoken to the head coach. doug pederson says he sees no problems with joins the team for mandatory camp. tweet indicated in problem. how do teammates look at these players that are missing. >> just like a player get cut before his contract is up, team has in loyalty
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necessarily to their players, when players, it is all business. we don't ask how or why they do anything. i don't ask anybody why they hold up. >> i will. >> another good game by leader of the national league east, washington. they are up on matt harvey with the mets. with the bases loaded in the third, not a good play. they ruled it a double. should have been a error. washington wins nine-one over those new york mets. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. staying with the sports, we had not much good to report about the 76ers the last three years. under brett brown they have had 199 losses in these three seasons but finally, some good news and it has to do with jahlil okafor. >> tell me more good this is the thing, despite playing only 53 games, okafor was still voted on to the all nba rookie first team. >> that is nice. >> cool. >> he played at duke, right. he averaged 17.5. and seven
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rebound per game for your philadelphia a 76ers and 51 percent shooting from the feel. he can drain it. you may remember he had trouble with the law with the speeding thing but other than that, he turned it around. >> yes. >> and there was video from tmz sports showing the rookie punching a man in the street. whatever. i think that he has cleaned up his act. he is a young guy. awfully good on court. i think he and we will see who it is whether it is ben simmons or anybody else, leads them to the promise land. >> sue. >> let's hope. >> we're sick of saying sixers lost last night, innings isers lost last night, right. >> i just love honestly with all of the off the court stuffy love that they got to him early and say don't do it and he hasn't. >> cleaned up his act. good for him. >> how ben franklin bridge could help solve some of our problems, because this is a collective problem you know. >> get your car booted yet.
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>> in the yet.
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another teenager tied from the same school where a teen was people in the bathroom. what officials are saying about this death. finding parking may be
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easier in olde city, and it is all thanks to the ben franklin bridge. you can see it right there, a beautiful shot. the donald back in the campaign trail. how his appearance helped new jersey governor chris christie pay off some debt. it is friday, may 20th, 2016. >> so good day is heading to the doylestown. everybody is ready to pile into cars. party starts around 7:00 o'clock to 10:00 along state street between main and pine. big, big announcement at the top of the 7:00 o'clock hour. apparently we will give something away that is biggest prize ever in the good day history. don't miss it. we will check in with mike and alex, right as they helped to doylestown in a few minutes. i think that is what i was toll. >> bob kelly was told there is no easy way to doylestown to olde city. it will take a while. meantime, beautiful driving weather, we saw that ben franklin bridge a couple minutes ago in that file video. that is good luck today.
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the just gorgeous. >> yes, north of the city, 202 bypass, beautiful road to bypass. >> if you live up that way. >> maybe you to. >> maybe. >> i have been that way before. certainly nice day to do that. nice day to bike to work, or school, that is what today is, it is off to a clear start. just a little cooler in the suburbs but it is clear and we will quickly warm up this morning. the here's some work there in olde city. 57 degrees there. cooler in the suburbs. a light breeze, relative humidity and 51 percent. look at how quickly these temperatures warm up. doylestown one example, 50, 60, 67 by 11:00 o'clock. the just before noon. really warm in the 70's in no time today despite numbers in the 40's in many suburbs, even mount pocono at 34 degrees. forty's to the south. cooler in the surrounding suburbs. a lot cooler every where
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tomorrow. a lot a the approaching storm in the seven day information case. here's bob kelly, good morning. >> 4:32. tgif. crews are still working trying to wrap it up for the weekend eastbound on the schuylkill. right at the 476, overpass, and they have been repairing that expansion joint, bottom line right now coming into philly only far right lane and right shoulder are opened here so just watch it, speeds are reduced driving past the work crew, otherwise the bennie looking good, in problems at all, roads are dry for the moment, so kelly drive shut down because of the stotesbury regatta in town, race occurs today and tomorrow. so anyone coming in on the kelly drive you'll have to be pushed off through the ball field, take that detour, for the rush hour all the way in through tomorrow night, so stick with the martin luther king drive for the morning rush, accident up here between warminster and warrington, york road which is 263 right at the bristol pike.
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heading out early to join us up there in doylestown here's 611. right off of the turnpike that takes you right into the heart of the downtown doylestown and we will see you there. that is way to go. if you are traveling via philly international today will be a good one but i would check flight status there over the next couple days with the weather, rough weather on the way. chris and lauren, back over to you. another teenager died in delaware, in wilmington yet again mourning. >> this is unbelievable, this time a 15 year-old was killed in the shooting. he is a student at that same high school where another teen died after a fight in the bathroom. the is there developments on. that lets get to the latest case with dave kinchen standing by live in wilmington, dave, good morning. >> reporter: chris and lauren good morning to you. this latest case will bring grief counselors back in the howard high school of technology as students dealing with another young life loss to violence. can also mark an area where unidentified 15 year-old boy was found shot in the head in
4:34 am
the 900 block of clifford brown walk thursday afternoon around 3:30 is when it happened. he was taken to the hospital where he died. officials at howard high school of technology confirming the victim was a ninth grader there, this is the very same school where just last month 16 year-old amy joyner francis was beaten by three girls in a bathroom. school bathroom. then later died 36789 classmates charged in that case, one with the actual murder, and two others with conspiracy. they are now out of that building and as if students and parents and teachers in the howard high community have not been through enough already the school's principal is asking for prayers to they're latest tragedy, again we're trying to get more information about the victim in this case a 15 year-old boy who was found shot in the head and then died. we have not received his name from authorities and the circumstances surrounding this but beer trying to get all that in this morning as it progresses. >> dave kinchen live yet again
4:35 am
in wilmington, thank you. egyptair cannot confirm whether the debris discovered from the missing plane, as the hunt for clues continue. >> by know you know that jet liner crash in the mediterranean sea. sixty-six people on board and including three kids. there were no signs of survivors at this point. officials say the plane swerved wildly in flight before it came down halfway between, the greek island of create, and egypt's coastline. egyptian officials are suggesting terrorism is more likely cause then mechanical failure at this point but other caution, not to yum top conclusions. it will be easier to find parking in old sit. a new lot opens up 170 spaces. the delaware river port authority is authorized the project. paid lot could be ready for use as early as september. we could use that lot, september when the pope was here. >> wouldn't that have been nice. >> all right. >> steve keeley on the hunt for a man who grabbed a woman in the local park.
4:36 am
>> reporter: you will in the get much description because he grabbed her from behind but berlin park is a very popular place and bob kelly, it is along one of the main roads in many of your traffic reports, right here on the white horse pike here in camden county. >> definitely will see police activity this this morning. so beware of. that otherwise heading south on i-95 maybe going down to the delaware beaches for the weekend or heading through wilmington right now we have construction out there, little further south down near 896, and dave's got the forecast and we will show you the spot the where you can join us today, in doylestown, stay there we will be right back.
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we have a warning after a brace's tack at a popular park in south jersey. >> talk about brazen, i mean this jogger was in broad daylight. luckily she was able to fight this person off. good thing she was in shape. you are right where it happened in berlin park? >> reporter: yes, you can hear motorcycle engine, corvette engine just roaring by you can see where we're by a very busy street but berlin park starts here on the white horse pike but as we pan left it goes deep into the wood. there is a trail that runs through the wood near berlin park which is very safe, according to police, in problems ever reported here. that is why so many people, including this woman here
4:40 am
yesterday never thought it was dangerous to run through the wood here alone even in the day light, when music playing in your ears but they don't feel that way anymore obviously. >> he grabbed at her, her shirt, we don't know if she fell or was pushed to the ground but with her kicking, punching she was able to getaway from him. >> so close to home it makes it scary. something we do every day. just thinking about that, that it is terrifying it could happen to any of us. >> so, police at home from four other departments, they hope to seal off the park neighborhoods around it here but because she dropped her phone, 911 wasn't called until long after she ran back to her car, will be herself in and waited for next person to show up in the the parking lot. by then when 911 was called maybe as many as 40 minutes passed and this attacker likely had too much head start in his getaway. also police and public had no description to go on, he
4:41 am
grabbed her from behind. she never saw him coming. never really got a good look at him fighting him off. they don't have a height, weight or clothing description, chris and lauren. they have white guy with a scruff i face and that basically fits everybody here in south jersey. >> all right. we will see what happened here, steve keeley. thanks very much. let's stay in new jersey where big money was raised last night, for, well, chris christie, and at a donald trump rally. was it enough to pay off his run for presidency. campaign debt. we will let you know. >> it is almost pool water. should you jump in the pool waters what experts have just released that might have you thinking twice before you take a dip. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. good morning, dave war men for sue on her way to doylestown. it looks like i great start. fifty-seven and 47. cooler in the suburbs. that will change quickly with the bright sunshine these numbers will quickly warm up. little high on the pollen counts today, the tree pollen, grass pollen is high, mold is high, weeds medium. it will improve tomorrow but it is improving because we have rain coming in. thanks to this storm off the coast of north carolina, now this is tomorrow morning at 6:00 o'clock. we have to go all the way to then before we see any type of weather moving in. today is all clear in the 70's with sunshine and a few clouds. tomorrow different story, rain develops in the morning. the it could be dry until about nine or 10:00 o'clock.
4:45 am
then these showers will develop and we will have steady period of heavy rain, especially south, of i-95, some of that heavy rain will work its way north. it continues until about say midnight tomorrow night, and it will, start to dry out briefly on sunday but we're still looking at chance for a shower sunday but not steady rain. rainy sat the day heavy in the a afternoon and evening. much cooler. temperatures in the 70's. may in the climb out of the 50's tomorrow. the showers may linger on sunday. 20-degree, drop from today to tomorrow. enjoy, this number today. seventy-six, just a few cloud. light breeze, variable at five to 10 miles an hour. there it is, dropping to 56 tomorrow, 65 we are backup to that on sunday but there is still showers in the forecast even a few storms. there could be a little bit of sunshine here and there so not steady rain like saturday, off and on rain on sunday, a chance of a shower monday and even tuesday but then the big day there are wednesday, and
4:46 am
thursday in the seven day forecast. we are backup to 80 degrees, with sunshine, got to wait to get through this rain on saturday before we see that good morning, bob kelly. >> the pain before the gain with the rain on the way. 4:46. a live look at the schuylkill expressway, light volume so far, but, crews are still working here eastbound right at 476, only that far right shoulder is opened now. light volume right now but if you are coming from king of prussia just watch it, slow it down here's a police officer making sure you do go below the construction speed limit there this morning. hello, northeast philadelphia, a live look at i-95 south, no problems at cottman down through girard avenue. speedometer readings in the the 50's across the board. looking for something to do today? come on, lets go down to doylestown, stay street between main and pine is where we will be set up, right there
4:47 am
in the heart of the doylestown, you cannot miss it, we will be out there mike,al he can, sue, jen, rest of the gang, q up there as well right there at the intersection where we are taking over that entire block between main and pine. i don't want to hear any complaints about a little tea tore you have because we're coming to have some fun have there in doylestown today, and what a great the day to get out and b let the kid go into school late, bring them back we put them on tv and then send them off to school. kelly drive closed as we say good morning and welcome to school. everybody in town for stotesbury regatta, the biggest high school regatta taking over kelly drive both today and tomorrow. so no traffic inbound on the kill think morning. you have to use the martin luther king drive as the alternate. chris and lauren back over to you. let's talk politics, shall we? two of the most polarizing figure in the presidential primary scene were together in would be room last night. likely g.o.p. nominee donald
4:48 am
trump stopped in the garden state for a combination rally and fundraiser for his former opponent. our bruce gordon was in the crowd. governor christie noted he was early passenger on board the trump band wagon. >> skeptics, critics at the time who criticized, my decision but they can come meet the next president of the united states with me. >> reporter: as for presumptive republican nominee trump reminded christie how he had returned the favor a $200 a head. >> you know, chris paid off his entire campaign debt tonight. and you cannot even give them a table and seat that is terrible. >> reporter: crowd use the bulk of trump's 30 minute
4:49 am
speech like great is hits show. you heard the the song before but they are still fun to experience in person. talk of building the wall and rebuilding the military. repealing owe pam a care and improving trade and at what cost? >> trade war? we're losing 500 billion in trade with china who the hell care if there is a trade war. >> reporter: criticize companies like nabisco for moving operations to mexico and used his host to make a point. >> i'm not eating oreos anymore, anymore, neither is chris. don't feel bad for either of us. >> reporter: this crowd was entirely white but trump promised he will score big with minority voters come november. >> we're doing great with the african americans because they know i will create jobs. i will bring back jobs. >> reporter: when it was over the crowd rushed the stage for a photo, handshake and his supporters sure they have gotten their monies worth. >> so real and he speaks to us directly. it is not just politician
4:50 am
speech. >> a banner read dump christie trump. across the street several dozen protesters called out to passing motorist. >> you know, i am just so disgusted with donald trump quite honestly. i am embarrassed as an american. i cannot believe that he is the front runner in the republican party. that was bruce gordon reporting. we will talk your health right now. here's the thing, heading to the pools to beat the heat is there a big warning for you. >> yes, water may not be as clean as you think there. centers for disease control and prevention, reviewed pools, from states and 40 percent of the nation's public pools found they discovered nearly 80 percent of the inspections had been affected. it prompted an immediate closure of the pool, hot tub or water, play ground uses serious health and safety violations. cdc encouraging people to test
4:51 am
the water themselves to make sure that water is clear enough to see through the bottom of the deepened of that pool. >> that is a safety issue there, but why is it cloudy and merky. >> how many of those kid get out, towel off and go use the poddy, yes, and yuck. a fans from the tribeca film festival is making its way to our area where you'll be able to see a controversial film on vaccinations next.
4:52 am
after trying brookside crunchy clusters,
4:53 am
@carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
4:54 am
look at that moon. >> i will give you $876 to name the ban. >> don't worry about the band look at reading, pennsylvania. >> do yourself a favor, and get the final sticky fingers album. great album. controversial film is coming to philadelphia. >> we're talking about documentary vacs. >> a documentary about the suspect confer up by centers for disease control and prevention based on a 2004 study that found a link between measles, mumps, right bell a vaccine and as you advertise many and how that led increase in autism.
4:55 am
film was pulled in march but will play this weekend at ritz five. ritz five is right down the street here in olde city. 4:54. young patients at children's hospital of philadelphia, chop are waking up with smiles this morning after a very special night. >> they took a break from all of those doctor appointments and they went to the prom. kids put on their fancy new outfits for last night's big event. clothes provided by chop and kid get to keep those dresses and suits that they wore. after walking the red carpet they enjoyed plenty of dancing, some food, fun, and organizers say it is all about giving them something to smile about. >> tonight, it is really all about the kids, forgetting where they are. you would never know you were in a hospital. when you see these kid smile and see party they are about to to have, the beauty of tonight is nobody is sick. >> he created the annual prom in memory of his son josh who passed on after his battle with cancer back in 1997.
4:56 am
look at how cute they are. >> so adorable. >> 4:55. get ready, ladies, country music star and faith hill's husband is making a stop in the city of philadelphia we're talking about none other than tim mcgraw. >> ♪ >> ohio, get ticket on wednesday. producers of the president decided to extend presale hours so from 10:00 until noon today. get your hands on discounted tickets to do that show. celebrate america weekend is going down, july 1st to the third in wildwood, the weekend will feature the beach, festival, philly pops solute series, battle of the bands and ending with that tim mcgraw concert. >> sound like a fun weekend to me. woman wrestled to the ground, at a local park but she fights back, how her and the attacker both managed to
4:57 am
get away. >> or how she managed to get away.
4:58 am
4:59 am
a local school hit by tragedy just weeks after a young girl is beaten to death at howard high school. another teen dies in the shooting. plans in place to help grieving classmates. also, a a tack in a local park has resident on high alert how a woman for the back
5:00 am
when she was brought to the ground. search for clues continues as terrorism, to blame? the latest on the aviation mystery. it is may 20th, 2016. dave warren is filling in for sue serio as sue is heading up to doylestown for this great fun event. here's the thing though, today is the day, you have to come up with some sort of an excuse not to be home, not to have the kids, this is your day. >> absolutely right. >> it is perfect. >> then i get called by like the sixth or seventh hole, are you done yet. >> what a violation. >> it is 18 holes, golf. >> yes. >> and then the rest of the ten holes are ruin because you are racked with guilt. >> or you are just running home like you are told to. no, i wouldn't do that. >> it is a ten. if you wait to do it tomorrow it will


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